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Wing Luke Museum
2001.046.004.048 Magazine China Airlines magazine vol. 11, No. 3 Paper gods of the new year Dynasty Magazine
2001.046.004.049 Booklet Guidebook to the Seattle World's Fair. Official Guide Book Seattle World's Fair
2001.046.004.050 booklet George Catlin: Painter of Indians of the West
2001.046.004.051 Magazine American Heritage issue with article on genelology. American Heritage
2001.046.004.052 book Chinese students atlas Note on the interior on Wing Luke Book plate: Used by Husband - born circa 1895. Donated by Mrs. Quan Lee New Student's Atlas
2001.046.004.053 Magazine Chinese language magazine Kexue Huabao
2001.046.004.054 Magazine 5 - issues of Chinaweek magazine Chinese language publication published in New York. Chinaweek
2001.046.004.055 Magazine Magazine of the Lung Kong Tien Yee Association Lung Kong
2001.046.004.056 Paper Paper by Roger Woo for Sociology of Asian Americans class. Second In America: the Chinese Second Generation
2001.046.004.057 Paper School paper by Brian Chow Yellow Cry
2001.046.004.058 document Reprinted article on Confucius from Asian Culture Quarterly and pages of color images with Confucian proverbs. The Life and Thought of Confucius
2001.046.004.059 Notebook List of herbs in Chinese and Latin List of herbs in Chinese and Latin
2001.046.004.060 Notebook Schedules transcribed from microfilm copies of the original census schedule. Miscellaneous census of King County (South) Washington Territory 1860-1887.
2001.046.004.061 Notebook Collection of information on Christmas Christmas Legends and Others
2001.046.004.062 Notebook Compilation of information on insects by Willard Jue Insects
2001.046.004.063 Notebook Collection of information on orchids compiled by Willard Jue. Orchids
2001.046.004.064 Notebook Compilation of information on Chinese culinary use of meat and seafood. Meat & Seafood
2001.046.004.065 Map Four color map of Shanghai area in Chinese Battle of Shanghai 1936 - 37
2001.046.004.066 Map Color map of China and areas of combat during WW II in Chinese. China War Fronts during Worl War II
2001.046.004.067 Map Chinese map of Peking (Beijing) in the 1920s. Peking: Forbidden City
2001.046.004.068 Map Southwest Asia
2001.046.004.069 Map Middle East and Early Civilization in the Middle East
2001.046.004.070 Map Cultural Map of the Middle East
2001.046.004.071 Map Map of various governments in control of the Middle East. Two Centuries of Conflict in the Middle East
2001.046.004.072 Map Map of the Middle East Christian Judeo religious sites. Holy Land Today
2001.046.004.073 Map Kowloon and Tsuen Wan Kowloon and Tsuen Wan
2001.046.004.074 Map Map of China China
2001.046.004.075 Map Taiwan Taiwan - Tourist Map
2001.046.004.076 Map The People's Republic of China
2001.046.004.077 Map Map of mainland China People's Republic of China
2001.046.004.078 Map Sketch map of distribution of the National Minorities in China National Minorities in China
2001.046.004.079 Map Map of Nanjing (NanKing)
2001.046.004.080 Map Map of Nanjing China Tourist Map of Nanjing
2001.046.004.081 Map Map of Southeast Asia Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand
2001.046.004.082 Map Map of Southeast Asia Southeast Asia
2001.046.004.083 Map Map of the people of Southeast Asia the Peoples of Mainland Southeast Asia
2001.046.004.084 Map Map of Hong Kong Hong Kong
2001.046.004.085 Map Map of Vietnam Cambodia Laos and Thailand Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand
2001.046.004.086 Magazine Chinese English magazine published in Hong Kong. The Cosmorama Pictorial 43
2001.046.004.087 Magazine Chun Qiu (Spring Autumn)
2001.046.004.088 Magazine Local news of Four Districts area of Guang Dong province Guang Dong Si Yi Kwong Tung Four Districts News Canton Four Districts Overseas Chinese News
2001.046.004.089 Magazine Xing Dao Weekly Xing Dao Weekly
2001.046.004.090 Magazine Zhan Wang (Look) Magazine
2001.046.004.091 Magazine 3- copies of Zhong Yang Magazine Zhong Yang (Central) Weekly Bulletin
2001.046.004.092 Magazine 1 - copy of Hong Kong Hua An Chamber of Commerce Annual Report Hua An Chamber of Commerce Annual Report
2001.046.004.093 Magazine Xiang Tu Magazine (Home Land)
2001.046.004.094 Magazine Magazine from Sun Publishing Co., New York., New York No. 135, 174 Sun (Guang Ming) Magazine
2001.046.004.095 Magazine 7 - issues of Deng Ta magazine. Deng Ta (Light Tower)
2001.046.004.096 Magazine Hong Kong published economic magazine Economic Bulletin
2001.046.004.097 Flyer Pink Bow Wah and Co. Flyer in Chinese and English. Chinese merchandise, 24 K. Jewelry and Goldsmith Bow Wah & Co.
2001.046.004.098 Ledger Hard cover ledger. Signed Lawrence Moran Possibly used at Rialto Court
2001.046.005.035 Card, Greeting Red with black printing New Years card. In Mandarin is is from:"Long Gang Qing Yi Gong" New Years Greeting
2001.046.005.036 Invitation Red card with gold lettering of Willard Jue's invitation to grandson's 1 month anniversary. Willard Jue's invitation to celebration of grandson's 1 month anniversary.
2001.046.005.117A_J Letter Letters in Chinese
2001.046.005.133 Map Color Physical and Political map of China by A. Richard. Sold by Tsuewei Press, Shanghai Map of China
2001.046.005.396 Card, Flash 100 Flash cards in box. Compiled by Willys R. Peck Chinese English Sentence Cards
2001.046.005.397 Card, Flash 100 flash cards with phrases concerning the military in Chinese and English. Chinese English Phrase Cards
2001.046.005.435 Pamphlet History of Seattle's Colman Dock Historic Old Colman Dock Exhibit
2001.046.005.436 Pamphlet Pamphlet on the Skagit County Historical Museum in La Conner Washington. Skagit County Historical Museum
2001.046.005.437 Pamphlet Pamphlet on Burien Highline area of Washington State Historical Sites Burien Centennial
2001.046.005.443 Clipping Newspaper article in the Three Character Classic. The San Zi Jing (Three Character Classic), written in the 13th century, is not one of the traditional six Confucian classics, but rather is a distillation of the essentials of Confucian thought expressed in a way suitable for teaching young children. Until the latter part of this century, it served as a child's first bit of formal education at home. It is written in couplets of three characters (syllables) for easy memorization. One might call it a Confucian catechism. George Yeo, then Singapore's Minister for Trade and Industry in an address at the Chinese University of Hong Kong described the work thus: For centuries, Chinese children, before they could read or write, were taught to recite the San Zi Jing through which the Confucianist idea of society being one big happy family is programmed into young minds. The three-character phrases are like strands of cultural DNA which are passed on from generation to generation. The author of the San Zi Jing is said to be to have been Wang Yinglin (1223-1296), but this fact is not universally accepted; see, for instance, "the only genuine Wang Yinglin page on the whole WWW!" The only translations I am aware of are by Herbert Giles, originally written in 1910, and subsequently republished in a corrected version in 1963, and one published in Singapore in 1989 (EPB Publishers) by S. T. Phen. Giles book is written for students studying Chinese and uses the San Zi Jing to as an introduction to the Chinese characters. Giles' barebones translation can be found at a web-site . Three Character Classic
2001.050 Print p. 157 of Harper's Weekly colorized engraving of the Anti Chinese riot in Seattle Washington Seattle Anti-Chinese Riot
2001.051.001 Documents Insurance policies issued to the New Washington Oyster Co., Booth Fisheries Corp., lessee, to insure the company and its assets. Insurance brokers are Dever & Dever , LaBow Hayes Co., Inc., and Snap-Broadfoot Co.. Insurance policies
2001.051.002 Documents A - J: Insurance policies and some statements and a promissory note issued to the New Washington Oyster Co., Booth Fisheries lessee, to insure their buildings. Insurance policies
2001.051.003 Documents Letter, receipts and deeds relating to sales of oysters, purchase of a Dodge pickup truck & purchase of property by the New Washington Oyster Co. Sales and purchases
2001.051.004 Bankbook Bank account book of the New Washington Oyster Co., Inc., with the National Bank of Commerce of Seattle from 11/6/1931 - 3/5/1935. National Bank of Commerce book
2001.051.005 Ledger Book of hours on the job of the employees of the New Washington Oyster Co., The first page includes October 1939 and December 1941 and then the rest are from 1940 - 41. Wage scales in the front and the back. Time Book
2001.051.006 Journal This issue Winter 1994 is on the oyster growing business around Willapa Bay. The Sou'wester, quarterly publication of the Pacific Historical Society
2001.051.007 Documents Cloth binder with onion skin paper balance statements, profit and loss, of the New Washington Oyster Co., From December 1931 - to January 1937. Trial Balance Statements
2001.051.008 Certificate, Stock Binder of stock certificates of the New Washington Oyster Sales, Inc. Starts with Harry R. Hatate and ends with T. Fujiye. Stock Certificates
2001.051.009 Check, Bank The check register of the New Washington Oyster Co., listing all the checks written from September 16, 1946 - August 8, 1950. Checks from the Seattle First National Bank, signed by Robert Y. Nakao. Seattle First National Bank Register/Check book
2001.051.010 Documents Documents include Tax letters, 1938 Property Deeds Insurance contracts Receipts and bills of sale
2001.051.011 Documents Miscellaneous papers spanning the years from 1932 to 1966 to 1988 that include statement, repair order, stamps, newsletter, newspaper clipping, letters, agreements, telegram pertaining to the Wash. Oyster Co.
2001.051.012 Documents Miscellaneous documents, many legal including list of stockholders, letters from state of Washington, list of officers and board of directors, notices of meetings, balance sheets and trial balances, ind. inj. time sheet, etc., spanning the period from 1933-1970 of the New Washington Oyster Co.
2001.051.013 documents Miscellaneous documents such as letters to and from the Internal Revenue Service, sales contract (to purchase refrigeration unit), assignments, promissory notes, etc. of the New Washington Oyster Co. during the late 1930s.
2001.051.014 Documents Documents relating to the Dept. of Justice and the Office of Alien Property and the return of property seized during WWII from the New Washington Oyster Co. Papers cover period from 1945 through 1962.
2001.051.015 Documents Documents of the New Wash. Oyster Co., AKA New Wash. Oyster Sales Co., Inc. Includes stockholders list, articles of incorp., by-laws, an agreement; rest are minutes of meetings (stockholders, trustees, annual).
2001.051.016 Documents Newspaper article about Richard Murakami, who had an oyster business at Willapa Bay before WWII and later worked for the Coast Oyster Co. after WWII. There is a letter to the editor attached that Murakami wrote and is dated 1-6-1988.
2001.051.017 Documents Miscellaneous papers, including letters, leases, legal documents, affidavit, etc., both personal and business, relating to the Washington Oyster Co. and its stockholders. One letter concerned the return of a camera; others dealt with the return of money/stock, while some letters related to returning home and finding work or housing. Written by Harry Hatate, Robert Nakao, George Yanagimachi, Nobuko Suzuki and Eugene Bell of the law firm Bell, McNeil & Bowles.
2001.051.018 Documents Miscellaneous letters such as the sale of business stock, sale of Harry Hatate's car, sale of company boat, George Yanagimachi's letters to his attorney Eugene Bell regarding personal and business matters.
2001.051.019 Documents Letters, business papers, financial statements, lawsuit, lease agreement, sale of car, and misc. and personal letters pertaining to the New Washington Oyster Co. and its officers and shareholders.
2001.051.020 Documents Letters, rental agreement, sale of Hatate car, house rental or sale of Yanagimachi residence, loan payments, and misc. business letters and personal business matters.
2001.051.021 Documents Corporation licenses, proxies, notices of meetings, minutes of 7/19/69 meeting, lists of officers. Now known as New Washington Oyster Sales, Inc.
2001.051.022 Documents Corporation licenses, correspondence regarding business matters, lists of officers, notices of meetings, minutes of stockholders and board meetings. Company appears to be called Columbia Oyster, Co. Inc. temporarily in the 1950s.
2001.051.023 Documents Financial statements for years 1969 and 1973 prepared by Aiken & Sanders, CPA, of Aberdeen, WA for New Washington Oyster Co. Inc. (1969) and New Wash. Oyster Sales, Inc. (1973). In graybinders. Includes balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and source and application sheet. One holiday greeting card showing a painting of 2 boats and seagulls overhead.
2001.051.024 Documents Miscellaneous papers relating to the business of New Washington Oyster Sales Co. such as list of officers and directors, notes for meetings, minutes of meetings (1968, 1969), articles and by-laws of the company, income tax correspondence, proposed sales of shares, proxies, Giro Nakagawa's resignation from the board.
2001.051.025 Documents Documents such as letters re: meetings and corporation matters, balance sheet (6/30/62), financial statements (10/31/66), accounting work sheet (6/30/70), sales agreement and lease between New Washington Oyster Co. Inc. and New Wash. (Oyster) Sales Co. (1969), statement to dissolve corp. (1973).
2001.051.026 Documents Documents such as stock certificates made out to Eugene Bell from Jackson Fish & Oyster Co.; papers relating to Wash. Oysters' lawsuits against Edwin P. Odion and his wife and also against Clem Sargent and his wife and the disposition of the suits; photocopies of newspaper clippings relating to the industry; report of the Pacific Oyster Growers Association.
2001.051.027 Documents Papers relating to Larry McVey's (employee of New Washington Oyster Sales Co.) appeal to reopen his industrial injury case saying his injury was aggravated and deserves a greater disability than the 33% the state granted. His injury was 10/10/68; his appeal was denied in 1976.
2001.053.003 Advertisement Apaid political ad in the Washimgton Post to SI Hayakawa on his opposition to redress and compensation for the internment of Japanese Americans. An Open Letter to the Honorable S.I. Hayakawa from Japanese America
2001.053.004 Book Three blue cover books on the US citizenship test. A: Lessons on the Constitution and Government of the United States for Use in the Public Schools by Candidates for Citizenship. B: A Home Study Course C: Suggestions for the Person Who is Helping the Student And Final Tests for the Student. D: Naturalization Questions. Document. Federal Texbook on Citizenship: Our Constitution and Government
2001.053.006 Bill A House of Representatives bill introduced in the 68th Congress Mr. Johnson of Washington State introduced the bill to be cited as the Immigration Act of 1924 that would effectivley end immigration from Japan as they were then aliens ineligible for US citizenship. A Bill to Limit the Immigration of Aliens into the United States and for Other Purposes.
2001.053.007 Letter Letter to Mr. Yoshito Fujii from HE Dickerman, principal of the Edison Technical School on Mr. Fujii's plans to become a US citizen and the process, fees and classes available to him at Edison Technical School. Edison Technical School
2001.053.008 Booklet Two booklets dealing with freedom of movement and housing The Constitution and the Right of Free Movement Residence Laws: Road Block to Human Welfare.
2001.053.009 Document Immigrant perception by US citizens. Section on behaviour of Japanese and how this is viewed by US citizens. Understanding the Immigrant
2001.053.010 Calendar Date by sold by Fuji 10 Cent Store, 1924 No. 45th Street My Keep in Touch Book, 1974
2001.053.011 Stamp, Postage Sheet of US Postage stamps. 25th Anniversary US Savings Bonds 5 cents. US Postage stamps
2001.053.012 Program Program for the Music Man at the Orpheum Theatre Aug. 15 - 27, 1960 in Seattle. The Music Man
2001.053.014 Envelope Two envelopes with image of Holland Hotel in upper left corner. Holland Hotel
2001.053.015 Notebook 2 - calendar and notepads - 1960 - 1965. One has information inside. Northern Pacific Railway Notebooks
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