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Wing Luke Museum
1997.024.016.349 Article Members of Seafair Commodores act as temporary partners for 3 of the 31 district princesses who've been briefed in royal protocol for roles during Seafair. Among them Kathy Luke, whose sponsor is the Chinese Community. EVERYONE'S IN STEP FOR SEAFAIR
1997.024.016.350 Article Dr. Henry Luke kissed his daughter, Kathie, after she was chosen queen of the Seattle Chinese Community. PROUD PAPA: Kiss for New Queen
1997.024.016.351 Article Lilly Woo, Sherrie Lew, Sandra Foy, Tricia Mar and Madeline Wo eating strawberry shortcake after the Marysville Parade.
1997.024.016.352 Article HEADLINERS: Ping Chow and his niece KwiPui Heong had lead roles in "The Romance of the Jade Palace". LEADING ROLES: Opera Presented By Chinese Community
1997.024.016.353 Article WINNER: Joyce Yee, chosen as Miss Chinese Community, donned her crown to pose with her favorite tennis racket and a collection of trophies won the courts this summer. Choice of Chinese
1997.024.016.354 Article 120-foot Goom Loong Monster Is Favorite of Seafairers MAKE WAY FOR "HORRIFEROUS" CHINESE DRAGON
1997.024.016.355 Article Dressed in rich Oriental costumes and wearing ornamental headdresses, the Chinese Girls' Drill Team march proudly in Seafair Chinatown parade. Colorful Costumes In Chinese Parade
1997.024.016.356 Article "Robbed So Many Times-Maybe They Will Stop"- -Bettie Luke, comforts her father, Lung Sing Luke, a grocer at King County Hospital where Lung was receiving medical treatment after beating by a robber. -Police Officer questions Albert Clarke for the robbery. Robber Picked Wrong Grocery For Holdup Elderly Chinese Proves He Is Rugged
1997.024.016.357 Article Miss Chung Mae Kwi and Mr. James H, Charlton are among the models of a fashion show at Ruby Chow's Restaurant. The show is sponsored by the Women's Auxiliary No. 2 of Central School (for mentally retarded children). East and West
1997.024.016.358 Article WINNERS: Four members of the Chinese Community Girls' Drill Team looked at one hand-made banners that helped them win a sweepstakes award in the Seafair Grand Parade. They were Cheryl Chow, Wendee Wong, Tricia Mar and Helen Chan. BANNERS ADMIRED: Drill Team to Be in Parade
1997.024.016.359 Article Miss Janice W. Hing exchanged wedding vows with Mr. Dick F. Eng of San Francisco.
1997.024.016.360 Article Miss Virgie Lynne Eng exchanged wedding vows with Mr. Stanley Gee.
1997.024.016.361a&b Article Fran and Coleman Mar and Cordelia Eng with a ricksha to haul Cantonese food to diners.
1997.024.016.362a&b Article Mrs. Harry Wong cooked Chinese food daily said it's easy to prepare Chinese food but American cooking very difficult. DOROTHY NEIGHBORS PREPARES FOR SEAFAIR: Chinese Woman Shares Recipes For Tasty Dishes
1997.024.016.363 Article Mrs. Shirlee Mar and Miss Denise Lee were previewing gowns to be modeled and one of the paintings to be shown at an art exhibit during the Chinese Community Seafair celebration. CHINESE STYLE
1997.024.016.364 Article Cheo Chun Wong, his wife Annie and their 3 daughters, May, Katie and Lily sworn in as new US citizens at naturalization ceremony in Seattle federal courthouse. It's Just Wong Happy Family
1997.024.016.365 Article Robin Morgan, Joan Catlett, Daryl Connery, Sue Murotani, Carol Heino, Kwi Pui Heong, Phebe Porras were the 1963 queens of different communities of Seafair. Golden Gown For Golden Year oif Seafair
1997.024.016.366 Article Reunited Here After 24 Years- Exchanges of gifts and greeting marked the arrival of the Kwi family from HongKong.
1997.024.016.367 Article Robert J. Block, committee coordinator of volunteers to promote major-league baseball for Seattle, attached a baseball-booster pin to the dress of Lilly Woo, Miss Chinatown. Chinatown For Big-League Team
1997.024.016.368 Article Henry Siegl and members of his string quartet got a taste of Oriental thanks yesterday for their recent musical efforts at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School. The students presenting thank-you banners (in Chinese ) are Janet Woo, Rosa Lo, Kenneth Aoki, Douglas Lock. ORIENTAL THANKS: Pupils Appreciate Quartet's Concert
1997.024.016.369 Article Janice Mcphee with letter writers, April Chan, Debra Rogers, Letitia Pound, Willie Kent, David Lancaster and Colleen Luke. SORRY ABOUT BOMBING: Pupils Write Victims' Parents
1997.024.016.370 Article
1997.024.016.371a&b Article Benjamin Woo and other Chinese Community Service Organization are coordinating all kinds of activities to celebrate Chinese New Year of 1963 (Chinese Lunar Calendar 4661) in Chinatown. -a: Mrs. Jick Chan, Henry K.W. Chin, Ping Chow, Mrs. Winfred Chin, Candace Chin, Cookie Chin, Cindy Chin and Mark Chow. The photo depicted family preparation for Chinese New Year. -b: Benjamin Woo
1997.024.016.372 Article Sergt. Thomas Reagan and Staff Sergt. Alfred Mar were training the soldiers.
1997.024.016.373a&b& Article Seattle's Chinese Community hasn't seen a 'Leong Beong' (bride's reception) like this in many years: In the picture, Mr. and Mrs. N. Mon Wai, Yakima offered cakes to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chinn, Seattle while the Chinn' daughter, Arlene, looked on. Faces of the City: Quiet Wedding? Not Quite!
1997.024.016.374 Article Rev. Lincoln Paul Eng finished barbecuing 50 pounds of beef at a Rogation Sunday service at St. George's Episcopal Church, Lake City while children looked on. Clerical Knee Shows At Rogation Day Outing
1997.024.016.375 Article Mrs. JOhn Woo and Mrs. Peter D. Woo displayed props for Chinese opera. East to Meet West
1997.024.016.376a&b Article Mrs. Raymond Yuen and Mrs. Edward Fong sampled Chinese pastries.
1997.024.016.377 Article Four young misses of the Seattle Chinese Community, Jean S. Eng, Janet J. Wong, Lily Woo and Beatrice Lu are vieing for the title "Miss Seattle Chinese Community Queen". Seek Chinese Queen
1997.024.016.378 Article Lilly Woo, new queen of the Chinese community, was kissed by Ping Chow, president of the Chong WA Benevolent Society, after she was crowned. China Doll: Lilly Woo Gets Crown and Kiss
1997.024.016.379 Article Miss Lilly Woo will reign as " Miss Seattle Chinese Community". Queen Lilly
1997.024.016.380 Article International Basketball Clinic: Kirby Wong, Leland Lew, Brian Ogishima, Loren Lew, Craig Hom, Dale Hom, Michael Marr, Willie Chinn, Craig Fukuma, Gary Yee, Steven Fung, Quinn Chinn. JEFFERSON PARK RECREATION
1997.024.016.381 Article Mrs. Robert Chinn (Ruth Jung Chinn) an active volunteer not only in Chinese Community but other venues as well. Job Needs Doing? See Mrs. C.!
1997.024.016.382 Article Mrs. Shelton Chow, Ruby and Ping Chow. Baby Melissa was held by Ruby, Melissa was also known as Snowflower. Faces of the City: Chinese Christening Promises Colorful Rites and Festivities
1997.024.016.383a&b Article Oriental Beauties- and Cuties: Linda Wong, Philip Wong, Janet Wong, Vera Ing, Jean Eng, Lilly Woo, Arlene Chinn, Ellen Furukawa, Beatrice Lu. Cuties and Beauties Chinatown Prepare for Moon Festival
1997.024.017 Scrapbook One of two Brown leather cover with string binding. Clippings of International District life Chinese Community News Clippings
1997.025.001 Announcement Beige color paper with blue design outline. top is gold presidental seal. May 1997. Signed by William Clinton Second document is a State of Washington Proclamation signed by Mike Lowrey Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
1997.026.001 Invitation A: Wedding Announcement of white embossed with gold lettering in English and Vietnamese. B: Reception invitation of white paper embossed in gold lettering. in English and Vietnamese. C: Invitation to Wedding Banquet. Red heavy card stock card with embossed gold design of heart with double happiness symbol and a dragon and phoenix . At the top and bottom is band of double hapiness wth cloud moitfs. Inside this is a pink card insert held by elastic gold cord around the spine. For the wedding banquet on Saturday November 13, 1993 at the Four Seas. D: Red envelope and red textured paper with gold embossed symbol for double happiness with dragon and phoenix in bottom left corner. Wedding Banquet Invitation
1997.026.002 Invitation Birthday Invitation for Cian Nguyen Chew Birthday invitation
1997.026.003 Ticket Pink paper with black ink. Stylized thunder line frame. Chinese characters announcing the Lung Kong Tin Yee Association's annual New Year's meeting. Lung Kong Tin Yee Association
1997.030.246 Pamphlets 4 copies of 1 pamphlet and 1 copy of 1 pamphlet by Senke Seishin School One piece of white printed folded paper inside folded cardstock cover; front cover "Senke Seishin School, Seattle, Washington Presents "Autumn Garden" Scottish Rite Temple...September 29...September 30, 1984..." printed in black; inner sheet has information about "Hana Kago (flower basket)". A: Green cover B: Red cover C: Creme cover D: Orange cover E: Folded yellow cardstock cover; front cover "Senke Seishin School, Seattle, Washington Presents "Aki no Ikebana" (Flower Arrangement in Autumn) Scottish Rite Temple October 4 ...October 5, 1975" printed in black with kanji at left; inside is a poem and names of school officers, and on the right is an explanation of autumn celebrations.
1997.032 Puppet, Shadow Plastic cut-out figure (11" x 6.75") colored red, black, blue, yellow, green. The image is of an Indonesian style dancer playing a round drum and surrounded by smoke and flames.
1997.033.001 Inventory glossy white paper with black ink gives history of the International District, Special cultural characteristics, Small Map, Large Color map of the area, black and white photogrpahs of the buildings, common types of buildings and urban design elements. International District: An Inventory of Buildings and Urban Design Resources
1997.036.001 Documents Letter and Proclamation A: Letter from Governor Gary Locke giving best wishes on the Wing Luke Asian Museum's 30th Anniversary , signed. B: Letter from Seattle Mayor Norman Rice congratulating the Museum on 30th anniversary. C: Letter from King County Executive Ron Simms on official stationary congratulating the museum on 30th anniversary. D: State of Washington Proclamation of June 28, 1997 as Wing Luke Asian Museum day. Dated April 14, 1997. 30th Anniversary of Wing Luke Asian Museum
1997.037 Journal "Sino American Relations: An International Quarterly", Summer 1997, Vol. XXIII, No. 2. Published by Chinese Culture University and the China Academy. White cover with blue lettering, Taiwan and U.S. flags in red, blue, and yellow. Pp. 11-20 "A New Era: Plans for Our Future", Gary Locke inaugural address.
1997.043.165 Certificate Gray paper glued to a piece of cotton cloth. Partially legible. Certificate of Identity
1997.043.166 Business Cards/Letters Business Cards and letters A: Box top B: Business Card - Chinese Garden C: Business Card - Lion Hardware D: Business Card - New Asian Cafe E: Business Card - The Rainbow F: Business Card - Don Ting Cafe G: 5 - Lai See Envelopes H: Purser's Check - Steerage, S.S. Cathsome I: Container label - Bitter Melon J: Letter and envelope - To Hong Chong from Toi San, China
1997.043.176 Documents Receipts & bills All from Portland, OR Receipts, customs declaration, business cards, Product labels. Wing Wah Chong Sang Yuen Portland Gas and Coke Receipts & Bills
1997.043.177 Letter 1997.43.177 A. i This small envelope has a red stripe in the center with the name of receiver Mr. Wu hong Xue written in ink with chinese brush on it. On the right is the Chinese characters for "United States".On the left . the red stamped Chinese characters is the name of Yuan Yi ( Yuen Yick) Co., the sender. 1997.43.177 A.ii This letter is written on the Yuan Yi(Yuen yick) Co. stationary. The company located on Dong Hua Road in Tai shan Ning city. translation of the letter: I have received the letter and the enclosed $300 dollars. I have given $72 dollars to Xin Qiang. Plese don't worry.I will deliver the bag of the clothing you sent to the family. Wish you great peace. Hong Xue Ren Weng(respectful way to call an older man) just like seening you. signed by shi Mei( the red stamp is the compay stamp) letter written on the 13th of (I am not sure about the month), the 18th year of the Republic of China(1929) The small Chinese characters printed on the bottom of the letter said: Tai Shan City West Gate Road Xi Hua Book Printing Co.prints. 1997.43.177Bi This small envelope has a red stripe in the center , The two characters written on the right side of the envelope is the words:"United States" The characters written on the red stripe is the name of the receiver:" Wu Hong Xue Ren weng"On the left. the red ink printed characters is:"Yuan Yi Hao stationary" 1997.43.177Bii I have received your letter and the enclosed $400 dollars. One hundred dollars have been delivered to Xin Qiang, please don't worry.Cang fan School has been robbed on the fifth. The school has twenty nine staff and students.The school is so close to the town, the robbers are so reckless and the school is also lack of precaution.To Hong Xue Ren Weng , just like seeing you. Shi Mei on the eigth of September( This is written on top of the red ink stamped characters which said Yuan Yi Hao stationary) 1997.43.177.c This letter is written with pencil on the brown color paper. The letter translated as following: Xin Qiang, I have received the two hundred dollars you have sent through Yuan Yi Hao of Tai Shan. Xin Qiang please make sure put family on your mind, don't waste your time, whether you choose the river labor work or learn to be a doctor, please write to me and let me know.This November you have sent three hundred dollars through Yuan Yi Hao without a letter to explain, may be you have forgotten. On th back of this letter, same things were written half way, I believed this is just an incomplete letter and the person rewrite the letter on the other side. 1997.43 177.d This smaller envelope also has a red stripe in the center , on top of it ,the receiver's name is written : Luo Chong Huan my father to receive. On the right said: ten dollars enclosed.
1997.043.178 Envelopes Paper envelopes Unused white envelopes with a red stripe down the center.
1997.043.179 Invoice Herb Invoice Tin Yut Herb Co. see 1997.043.180
1997.043.200 notes 1997.43.200.A This is a note of Ying Xue's funeral expenses. The note was written in Chinese with black ink brush on a piece of red lined square paper. Following is the translation of the note: Ying Xue died at 8:00pm on September 23, 1918 paid Bai Wei lucky money 50 cents paid Yuan Xin lucky money 50 cents paid He Chang brown sugar money 10 cents paid Ben Xin Tang brown sugar money 10 cents paid Wen Hao lucky money 25 cents for writing on the tombstone paid stamps 15 cents paid for hat 1 dollar paid for ink bowl 10 cents paid for white rice 25 cents paid for sausage 50 cents paid for horse carriage 0ne dollar and 50 cents paid for card 10 cents paid for funeral lucky money 1 dollar and 30 cents paid outstanding rent 35 dollars paid government fees 25 dollars paid lawyer fee 45 dollars paid newspaper 12 dollars and 50 cents paid insurance 7 dollars and 50 cents paid for tombstone 6 dollars paid for coffin 75 dollars paid for bicycle 4 dollars 1997.043.200.B This note was written in Chinese with black ink on a red lined rectangular shaped paper. The content of this note is almost the same as 1997.043.200.A Following is the translation of the note: On September 23, 1918, Shi Cheng, Yuan Xin searched the body and found 135 dollars and 10 cents. Died at 8:00pm paid medicine 25 dollars paid for bicycle 4 dollars paid for tombstone 6 dollars paid government fee 25 dollars paid lawyer fee 45 dollars paid newspaper 12 dollars and 50 cents paid Yuan Xin lucky money 50 cents paid Bai Wei lucky money 50 cents paid He Chang brown sugar 10 cents Paid Ben Tang brown sugar 10 cents paid Wen Hao 25 cents for writing on the tombstone paid stamps 15 cents paid for hat 1 dollar paid for ink bowl 10 cents paid for white rice 25 cents paid for sausage 50 cents paid for horse carriage one dollar and 50 cents paid for cards 12 cents paid for funeral lucky money 1 dollar and 30 cents paid for the rent 35 dollars 1997.043.200. C The notes were written on both sides of a smaller piece of paper. The paper has red line on one side. The note on the lined side said: medicine 25 dollars coffin 50 dollars bicycle 4 dollars tombstone 6 dollars The note on the other side said: total expense 41 dollars and 40 cents remainder 93 dollars and 70 cents 1997.043.200. D The notes were written on the the back side of a small printed receipt. The notes were written in Chinese with blue and black ink. The notes in blue ink: paid government fee 25 dollars paid lawyer 45 dollars paid newspaper 12 dollars anf 50 cents paid storage fee 7 dollars and 50 cents total 90 dollars The notes in black ink: paid tombstone 6 dollars paid coffin 75 dollars
1997.044.001 Business Card Black in on white business card, Saigon Gourmet. "Seattle's finest home style cooking/ Vietnamese Cuisine/Sandwiches/502 S. King St./Seattle, WA 98104/Tel: (206) 624-2611 Open Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m. - 8 p.m."
1997.044.002 Restaurant Review 1995 Guide to Dining in Seattle from Seattle Times Pacific Magazine, Saigon Gourmet restaurant review by Terry McDermott. Taped onto white letter paper. Article is yellowing. Full color photo of Vietnamese crepe on tray with lettuce leaf and dipping sauce. Bowl of soup with mussels, bowl of noodle dish with shrimp and won tons. Glass with berries and milk(?) Two bottles of beer: Saigon and 33 Export. Watercolor in background of Southeast Asian village on river, boat in river, and person on single log bridge. In large lettering, "Little Saigon", than pasted next to photo but from different page is Saigon Gourmet description.
1997.044.003 Restaurant Menu Saigon Gourmet paper menu. Computer generated, xerox copied, folded 8.5" x 11" paper menu. Black letter "Saigon Gourmet" in cursive, "Seattle's finest Vietnamese Resaturant". Picture of wine, wine glass, cheese and bread. Lists hours, address. Inside lists food items in groups: "Appetizers, Rice Noodles, Egg Noodles, Specialties Served on Tray, Rice, Vegetarian Dishes". Forty menu items in all. Prices range from $3.75-$6.95.
1997.045 Bonds Two sheets of white parchment stapled and cloth taped across the top. Front is outlined in ornate scrollwork in brown with two engraved landscapes of China at either side and one of Hermes in China contemplating the "wheels of industry". Below it reads, "The Chinese Government/Five Per Cent Reorganization Gold Loan of 1913 for [pound sign]25,000,000, or Marks 511,250,000, or Francs 631,250,000, or Roubles 236,750,000 or Yen 244,900,000". Terms of the bond are in English, German, French, and Russian. Large red seal at bottom center, of Chinese government, signature of the Chinese Minister in Paris. On the back in brown scroll work are the conditions of the bond in English, German, French, and Russian and at the bottom an amortization table. The second page consists of Interest Receipts Coupons. Originally 48, 5 are missing. Plus a third page with numbers 1-46. Coupons are 1.375" x 3". Each has picture of Hermes, serial number, due date for interest. On the back of each coupon is date of redemption and coupon number.
1997.047.014 Card, business White card with black printing and image of the building. Terrace View Hotel, 605 Yesler Way, George Woon, manager. Terrace View Hotel
1997.049 Wedding Invitation, etc. A: Wedding Program. L: 11"; W: 4.25". Blue speckled paper, cardstock, with top page of white parchment tied to it with blue netting. Printing in black ink. B: Same as above. C: Double sided paper, 5" x 5", with printed directions to wedding and reception. D: Wedding invitation, white card stock, 7" x 7", with left side embossed with floral motif. Black italic lettering. E: Wedding invitation envelope 7.25" x 7.25". F,G: Wedding favors. Gardenia scented votive candle wrapped in blue netting, tied with purple ribbon which has Charlene and Eugene and wedding date printed in silver. Two white silk flowers in ribbon knot two origami cranes, one silver, one gold, in top of netting.
1997.051.001 Ledger Accounting ledger of the Furuya co. Written primarily in Japanese but also in English. Covers a period form 1901 - 1906. White paper with blue and red lines in a bolt bound volume. It is water damaged. appeards to be an accounts payable ledger arranged by Japanese alphabetical order of creditees surname. Individual name and comapny names are also included. Pacific Commercial Bank
1997.052.013 Souvenir Book Scrapbook style souvenir book, tied with cord for binding, with "Beautiful Nippon" embroidered on cloth cover; published by the Japanese Culture Promoting Society. The book covers are cloth covered with a tan colored --- and a brown and gray brocade strip at the binding edge. Embroidered at the top is "Beautiful Nippon" in blue thread and in the lower right corner, an orange and red wallet with brush. The left edge is embroidered in red thread with four Kanji. Glued to the center is a paper cutout in the shape of an open book showing two prints: a mountainous scene and a village scene, both with Mt. Fuji on the horizon. Inside the front cover is an image, in brown ink, of a peasant crossing a bridge toward a small hill and two buildings. The artist's seal is in the lower left corner. The first page is an interleaf with "Donated to the Arillia School by the Watanabe Family--Then to the Museum by Stan Greene 5-7-84".[see NOTE in Comments Field]. The second page has glued to it another brown ink drawing, perhaps by the same artist featured on the inside cover, of a man navigating a river, beneath a cherry tree, on a wood raft. The third page has printed on it in Kanji two large characters, four smaller ones, and three seals in red. The fourth page has glued to it a mass produced page with Kanji and English titles, "Beautiful Nippon, Published by the Japanese Culture Promoting Society" and handwritten in blue ink at the bottom, "[dona]ted by Mr. And Mrs. Watanabe. March, 1940". The fifth page contains a preface, in Japanese on the front and in English on the back, written by the Director of the Board of Tourist Industry. The sixth page contains a forward, in Japanese on the front and in English on the back, written by the President of the Japanese Culture Promoting Society. The seventh page contains an Editor's Note, in Japanese on the front and in English on the back, written in Tokyo in 1937.The eighth page is a color map of Japan. The ninth page is labeled "Contents". Two pages listing contents include scenes listed under the following general subjects: Scenic Trio of Japan; Eight Celebrated Views of Japan; National Parks; Celebrated Castels; Shrines and Temples; Parks and Gardens; Three Famous Bridges; Seasonal Flora; Military and National Sports; Modern Sports; Annual Functions and Customs; Theatrical Performances. The book contains an additional 96 pages, featuring a variety of prints, photographs, and title pages; as well as occasional interleafing sheets which give information about the depicted subjects or protecting prints (these interleafing pages are not included in the page count).The inside back cover contians a brown ink drawing of grasses in the foreground, with two building structures and two clumps of trees in the background.The artist's seal in the lower left corner is different than the one included in the drawing on the inside front cover.
1997.052.016 Monthly Digest 90 page black and white periodical with color cover, "Ti Ling Monthly", October 1984 issue. The front cover depicts a painting of a locamotive moving past a city gate. The back cover features an advertisement for the Sun Ning Trading Company. A note found with the book reads, "Book commemorating Chinn Gee Hee in his reconstructed village. His statue was used for scrapmetal during WWII. New statue and ----(?unclear word)---- rebuilt. Ceremony 9-26-84." Written on the front cover in blue ball point is "Sept 26 - 1984 Chinn Gee Hee Memorial Revised Issue".
1997.052.017 Leaflet Leaflet titled, "Learning to Fly: A Brief Outline of Instructions for Student Aviators", by R.T. Robertson. A single piece of white paper, folded in half and printed on both sides to create a four page leaflet for student aviators. At the top below the title and author is, "Distributed by the Washington Bureau, 1322 New York Avenue, Washington, D.C. Frederic M. Kirby, Director. On the back at the bottom is, "Copyrighted, 1928, by F.M. Kirby, Director".
1997.052.018 Calendar Paper wall calendar published for Tuck Shing Trading Co., Inc. Single sheet paper backing with printed color image of woman under blossoming tree, wearing orang, yellow, and white floral cheong-sam. With her are two children and a cat: a girl wearing a red jacket and a boy wearing a green shirt near their mother's feet along with a white cc at. The family is in a Chinese garden, perhaps, near a lake across which there is a pavilion. Attached to the single sheet backing with two staples is a stack of smaller rectangular sheets of paper, one for each month. Two rows of Chinese characters are printed in back on both the left and right borders of the single sheet backing. At the top is a row of characters printed in red. In the top left corner, printed in red, "Telephones: ELIOT 1939 - 1840". Below the color image of the family, printed in red, "Tuck Shing Trading Co., Inc. 675 - 677 King St. Seattle 4, Washington, IMPORTERS of CHINESE MERCHANDISE and ALL KINDS of CHINAWARES, SILK - TEA - CANDIES, ETC. We have a complete line of Chop Suey supplies all direct from China Wholesale and Retail at Reasonable Prices. Free Delivery on City only". The small calendar sheets are printed in green and red and give the days and dates in both English and Chinese text.
1997.052.019 Weekly Magazines Two Japan Times Weekly magazines, one dated December 7, 1939 and the other dated March 21, 1940. Japan Times Weekly publishing information: "Published every Thursday by the Japan Times & mail, Hibiya Park, Kojimachi-ku, Tokyo." A: Vol.IV, No.14, Thursday, December 7, 1939 issue has an aubergine colored border with a color image of a black car and a woman wearing kimino and carrying an umbrella on the front. Printed in orange lettering is "Japan Times Weekly". Printed in white lettering is a list of the featured articles, "Storm-tossed but Smiling; Soldier's Last Moment; Manchoukuo Movies; Rain in Japan; Michio Ito et Freres" and "Printed in Japan". On the back cover is an advertisement for Mitsubishi Products. B: Vol.V, No.12, Thursday, March 21, 1940 issue has a blue cover with a color image of two Japanese Zero airplanes in flight with cherry or plum blossoms in the foreground. Printed in blue lettering is, "Japan Times Weekly." Printed in white lettering is a summary of the magazines contents, "New Days New Methods; Talking It Over; When It's Cherry Blossom Time". On the back cover is an advertisement for Mitsubishi Fan.
1997.055.062 Letter and Envelope Letter and Envelope from James V. Storey to Quong Tuck & CO. A: Letter, 10.5 X 8", Letterhead printed in blue ink, "James V. Storey, 17 State Street, New York, NY, ..." File number ST & T 1. Dated September 21, 1920. Type written letter regarding baggage. B: Envelope, 4.125" X 9.5", manilla colored envelope with James V, Storey written in upper left, type written Quong Tuck Address, New York postal mark and a 2 cent stamp. Black ink Chinese characters written along the bottom, Summary of the letter, "Person from New york asking for lost luggage".
1997.055.063 Bank receipt Deposit slip from the First National Bank of Seattle, dated September 27th, 1933. In the amount of $68 and 44 cents. Stamped duplicate, printed disclaimer on back.
1997.055.064 Purchase orders A & B: Two pads of full sized purchase order sheets with black printing on white paper, upper half shows "Seattle Wash. USA," a place for date and customer's name, beneath this "To QUONG TUCK CO, Dr." Five Chinese characters and then "IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS, DEALERS IN CHINESE GENERAL MERCHANDISE, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, RICE, TEAS, & NUT - OIL. CANNERY CONTRACT 721 KING STREET, TELEPHONE ELLIOTT - 3273, " Below the heading are grey lines with a column on the left and two on the right. The invoices are attached to cardboard backing with adhesive at the top.
1997.055.065 Letter Head Stationary 13 pieces of white paper with blue letterhead printed in middle top, "CHINESE CONSULATE, GOON DIP, CONSUL, HOTEL MILWAUKEE, SEATTLE WASHINGTON"
1997.055.066 Letter Head Stationary and Envelopes 39 sheets of Onion skin paper with printed blue letter head in upper left, "IMPERIAL CHINESE CONSUL, 114 1/2 12th AVENUE SOUTH, SEATTLE, WASH." 3 envelopes, H: 4.125", W: 9.5", yellowed white paper with blue return address printed in upper left, "IMPERIAL CHINESE CONSULATE, SEATTLE, WASH."
1997.055.067 Census Forms Census Forms for Overseas Chinese White paper with water mark "Glendon Bond", black printed columns with Chinese characters printed on the right. One sheet has black ink Chinese characters written at the top. Far right column "Chinese People/country Date of investigation". Second column from right, first row "Native place/Classification", secon row "Address inforeign country", third row "Academic type", Fourth row "Business type", fifth type "industry type" sixth row "others", seventh row " Men", eighth row "women", Ninth row "total".
1997.055.070 Booklet Booklet made of blank white pages stapled at the top to cardboard backing which has stamped on the back, "Chinese Mutual Trading Co. Ltd. L.C. Smith Building, Seattle, - Wash." Blue cloth tape strip across the upper back and the front cover has been ripped off.
1997.055.074 Package Labels Reem of paper labels Printed red and green, " Fine Salt Mustard, Two Pounds, Made in Canton China" at the top. Below a green design with red flowers contains frame with three Chinese characters in white on red background ( Name of Company). Below is another frame with three columns. The outer have red Chinese characters and the inner has green Chinese characters. the outer columns are the address of the company and the inner column says "Fine Salt Mustard".
1997.055.076 Gold Leaf A bunch of beige colored paper rectangles folded in half and containing a piece of gold leaf.
1997.055.079 Lottery Ticket Booklets Four Booklets of Lottery tickets for the "Havana Long Draw" Rectangular shape with mottled brown cardstock covers stapled at left hand side. Each has pages perforated in two places creating two identical tickets and a record of name and address and agent. Tickets printed in black, "Twenty thousand Dollar limit, price 50 cents", Shows two boxes of numbers. On back is "This drawing is conducted by the Benevolent Association. It is the oldest and most reliable form of drawings known to civilization..." A: Ticket numbers printed in red 10276 - 10300. Number 10276 have been removed. B: Numbers 10301 - 10325. C: Numbers 10351 - 10375. D: Numbers 10602 - 10625. Two tickets are missing and they are 10602 and 10603 have numbers marked on remaining tickets and the names and addresses and agents names on the left. Dated Dec. 1931.
1997.055.094 Calendar; Booklets A: Torn Calendar page, H: 9", W: 15.75" Black and red printing on white paper in English and Chinese. Title at top "1931 August, Quong Tuck Co. 721 King st. Seattle, Wash. " i: Large triangular center piece, two squares on the right have red illustrations of ships. ii: Upper left triangular shape. ii: Upper right triangular shape section. B: Account and Employee Record Book, L: 7", W: 4.25", D: .25" Cardboard backed booklet with paper tablet, blue binding extends over top, black printing "Pacific Stationery and Printing Co., 107 2nd St., Portland, Ore.", on front written in black ink are Chinese characters; on the first page are Chinese characters written in black ink, remainder of pages are blank. C & D: 2 Loan Record Books, H: 7.625", W: 5.125", D: .125" 2 copies of paperbound booklets, heavier paper cover, bound with traditional Chinese binding in cotton thread, pages have red inked columns; inside pages are filled out with black ink characters; both have a page marker with Chinese characters written in fountain pen ink; C: 2 columns of black Chinese characters on front; has a green cotton string through top hole in binding; D: 1 row of characters written on the front in black ink E-G: 3 Blank Booklets 3 paperbound booklets, doubled paper cover, bound with traditional Chinese binding in cotton thread, folded paper pages with fuschia inked columns, inner pages have not been filled in.
1997.055.095 Receipt Cards Receipt Card Beige colored card stock is a square which has been scored down the middle creating identical tags with a hole at one side. Printed in black ink with numbers from one to 50 running across the top of the tag and the numbers from 51 to 100 running along the bottom. . The fractions 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 are printed on one side. In the center in large capitial letters are "G. D. Y. CO." and the below this "Date ________ 1909" and below this "Name____________" Numbers match up if card is folded out so one could punch the same number on both sides.
1997.055.096 Lottery Tickets Chinese Lottery ticket News print paper stamped with green frame and green Chinese characters. Some characters have been blocked out with black pen and purple strokes. On the right side characters have been written in purple, blue and black. Blue characters are Tai an (safe and sound).
1997.055.097 Magazine Look Magazine April 7, heading has white lettering on white and grey background, photo of red star on steeple with blue background. Feature story " Inside Russia"
1997.058 Envelopes and Slogan A: Slogon, L: 14.75", W: 1.75", black lettering on white card stock with two gray parallel lines, above and below, "4U 4ME 4MAYOR 2E". B-P: Envelopes, letter size, top left corner black lettering framed by red lines, "LIEM TUAI", in small print below this "(Pronounced 2E)" Along bottom of envelope is ink drawing of Liem Tuai, in black lettering, "Committee for LIEM TUAI for Mayor. Hugh McGough, Campaign Director, 1106 Seattle Tower Building, Seattle, Washington, 98101"
1997.059.001 Thesis masters thesis Chapters: Introduction, Review of Literature, Mien History, methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Recommendations. Food Patterns and Anthropometrics Relating to the Nutritional Status of a Group of Mien Refugees.
1997.060.002 Poster A: Deems Tsutakawa - "Planet Deems" B: Northwest Asian American Theatre, 20 Years A 20th Anniversary Gala. C: Chinatown/International District Summer Festival, 20th Annual. D: Toru Takemitsu, composer -in-residence "the Imagery of Sound" 1992. E: "Refocusing: A Conference on Asian Stereotypes and the Media" 1983 F: The Joy Luck Club Film. Asian American Posters
1997.200.001 Tape Arellano, Margot
1997.200.002 Tape Bombia-Seadik, Bekelech
1997.200.003 Tape Hicks, Helen
1997.200.004 Tape Kerns, Gerald
1997.200.005 Tape Marshall, Brad
1997.200.006 Tape Morgan, Doris M.
1997.200.007 Tape Musse, Jama
1997.200.008 Tape Nguyen, Dai Giang
1997.200.009 Tape Ryan, Mary
1997.200.010 Tape, cassette Vielle, Robert and Gail Marie
1997.200.011 Tape, cassette Warren, Sarita
1997.200.012 Tape, cassette Yun, Bunly
1998.001.001 Pressbook Press Packet for the film the Color of Honor. A: Folder B: Cinevue reprint of review of the film C: Film Reviews D: Photograph of MIL personel; Gen. Merril with two MIL men, 1944 E: Credits F: Presss Release G: MIS background H: BAckground on Japanese American resistance to internment I: Background of National Asian American Telecommunications Association J: Bio of Loni Ding K: Credits of Loni Ding L: Business Card - Loni Ding The Color of Honor
1998.004.004 Booklet Glossy catalogue of the Wong FAmily Association Oakland branch Special edition of the 14th National Convention and the first World Wong family convention. Opens left to right. Front cover photo of convention. Large gold Wong character in circle in the center top, bare tree to the left, outline of the US to the right. Gold Chinese characters across the top.
1998.004.005 Booklet Glossy catalogue of the Wong Family Association Sacramento branch Special edition of the 20th National Convention. Cover has red and black lettering with a photograph of the Wong center. There are Chinese characters along the bottom.
1998.004.006 Banner Three red paper signs with large black printed Chinese characters A: "The Plum Blossom on the Hills Divines Early Spring" B: "Innumerable flowers of Innumerable Colors Means spring" C: "Four Ethical Principles and Eight Cardinal Virtues are precious" Three paper banners red on one side and with large black printed Chinese characters. A: the sign reads: "The plum blossoms on the hills divines early spring." B: The sign reads: Innumerable flowers of Innumerable colors means Spring" C: The sign reads: "Four ethical principles and eight cardinal virtues" (Propriety, faithfulness, honesty, sense and shame; loyalty, filial piety, benvolence, love, good faith, peace.
1998.004.007 Booklet Eng family association 8th National convention. Booklet opens left to right. It has a broght red cover wioth gold printing. Upper right is Eng character over 5 overlaying circles. There are two vertical rows of Chinese characters to the left.
1998.020 Newspaper One Page of Chinese Daily Newspaper Printed with black ink and Chinese characters written in pencil along the top and outside margin. One quarter of the page is torn out and paper is yellowing.
1998.021 Newspaper Two Pages of a Chinese American Newspaper "United Voice Weekly", July 10, 1948, New York Published by Chinese American Press Co. Written in Chinese with some advertisements with addresses in English. Black print on yellowing paper.
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