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Wing Luke Museum
1998.072.015 Letter Letter of receipt from Matsuji Nagasawa of Stockton CA for $15.00 regarding the Kagu Maru
1998.072.016 Card, Membership 18 - 3x5" cards some white, some very yellowed, printed with black Kanji. They list the annual fee, origin of members, present address and initiation date. Membership cards
1998.072.017 Note Note with Shakai Hoji Kwai written on the front and stamped with the date June 28, 1924 Shakai Hoji Kwai
1998.072.018 Letter Envelope and letter for doantions to the Kagu Maru. A: Association envelope has a note in Kanji on it about a document to give money to ill or injured regarding Kagu Maru. B: Letter Lists names of those donating money for people returning to Japan. Kagu Maru donations
1998.072.019 Receipt From K. Asaba Co for magazines and books.
1998.072.020 Receipt Receipt from Pacific Printing for a journal. Pacific Printing
1998.072.021 Receipt Receipt from Taishodo Co. for magazines Taishodo Co.
1998.076.001 Documents A: State of Washington Application for Assistance Department of Public Assistance for Chan Mu Chung, born 6-27-1890. B: Envelope, with writing: "Age 24yrs., Chan Mu Chung, May 13, 1914 entered at Port of Seattle, Washington No. 31696, the original - No. 15507. C: Computer Card: 1965 Alien Address Report D: Application for social security account number, Moo Dong Chinn, June 27, 1890, dated Oct., 8, 1941" Application Documents
1998.079.001 Proclamation Cream colored apper with black printing Presidental Gold Seal at the top. This and the text is within a blue scroll frame 1 " from the edge. It proclaims May, 1997 as Asian?Pacific Heritage Month. Facisimile signature of William Clinton. Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
1998.079.002 A+B Program A: Program is white apper, folded, with large Chinese character + translation in English in upper right corner "Victory." In Blue at bottom is "Chicago's Tribute to Madame Chiang Kai-shek, Chicago Stadium March 22, 1943." The inside has program with red dragon running down the cneter. On the back are list of citizen's committee. There is an 8 page insert, separate. Glossy apper, stapled, with black and white photo of Madame on cover. Inside is the address by her given in Washington D.C. Feb. 18, 1943 and in New York March 2, 1943 B: is same excpet at the right is name stamp: "Joel S. Johnson, 5245 N. Christiana Ave. Chicago Ill." and at top left signature of Joel S Johnson in blue ink. Chicago's Tribute to Madame Chiang Kai-shek
1998.079.003 Proclamation White parchment with gold scrool frame and ray background. Black ink priniting. State seal at the top and the proclamation acknowledging the discrimination and expulsion of Chinese in Washington in 1886 and their contribution to the development of the state. State of Washington
1998.079.004 Calendar Calendar photo and advertisement, calendar pages missing. Color photo of Caucasian woman nude. The advertisement in black and white: "Gyokko-Ken Cafe Chop-Suey and Noodle, we serve All Kinds of Chinese Dishes - Reservations For Parties. Open From 11 am to 11 pm J. Fugii, Prop Telephone Main 3662 508-510 Main Streer Seattle 4, WASH. Torn, dirty, silver paint splattered on it. Copy of menu in Japanese and English Gyokko-Ken Cafe
1998.079.005 Fliers A: red paper with black printing. Printed on both sides in a tri-fold pattern. Program for public commemoration of Expulsion of Chinese form Seattle Feb 7-22, 1886. B: Yellow apper black priniting on one side. Flier for the Civic Event in Hing Hay Park on Saturday Feb 8, 1986. Chinese Expulsion Centennial
1998.079.006 Document Color copy of Labor Agreement Document. Folded. Contract through Japanese Immigraion Bureau to employed Miyashita Haruemon and his wife Soyo at OLAA Sugar Co. OLAA Sugar and Miyashita Haruemon
1998.079.007 Photo Sleeves A: H:6.375", W: 4" Folded paper each side is a sleeve. On the front is Purple triangles and lines culmination in circle with Silouette of man holding a card with "TCK" on it. At the top in white is " CAMERAS" and at the bottom is "terada and Co. "and a blank space with "No." on the back is a light purple background with Kanji in dark purple. In lower right corner is inverted triangle with logo "TCK." Inside on the oeft side is a billing from. It is dated August 5, 1924. Total due si $1.10. There is written kanji at the bottom and on the other side. B: i and ii " H: 5.25", W: 3.25" Folded paper sleeves, each side has a pocket. This sleeve has become completely separated from the other side. On the front is a solid light purple background across 3/4 of the front, the 1/4 on the far left has rows of connected diamonds running vertical. Across the top in Times lettering is "Camera" this is the center of the logo, inverted triangle, and "TCK" and then in dark purple " Terada and CO." underlined and a blank oval with "NO." in it. On the back a light purple back ground with art deco outline. Kanji in dark purple. Inside on the left is a billing form. It is dated July 21, 1924. The price is 50 cents. Terada and Co.
1998.079.008 Book Brown Card stuck cover fold out book. Front has single black line running 3/4 around front at the top is and inverted triangle in red with Chinese characters for "worker." Title is in Chinese and then English. The subtitle is : "A Series of Twenty Drawings, by Jack Chen" then stamped in red is " Printed in China" There is a preface in Chinese and English and eash illustration has a Chinese caption above and English caption below. Progress of China's Industrial Cooperatives
1998.079.009 Language School Brochure Single textured light purple sheet folded into thirds. Cover has pink blossoms black kanji - Nihongo- a triangle with five petal blossom, 2 laurel branches and the name in Japanese and English. the FLier gives a history of the school. Has 2 black and white photos and a map of the school location. Seattle Japanese Language School
1998.079.010 Ribbon Award Pink ribbon with black drawn Chinese characters Yip Ko Bak
1998.079.011 News Report Telex news report on single roll perforated paper. The paper is partly cut every 5.5 inches. The report details the bombings of Tokyo, Japan by U.S. B-29 bombers. Then there is a "Special Announcement to all Employees" that the Army has revised B-29 schedules and that the output rate will be 33? above the present month's. News Flashes
1998.080.001 Magazine Black cover with white title and multicolored panels of hands. Gidra. "News Views Poetry Art Humor And Fiction of Asian Pacific Islander People in America. 20th anniversary issue. Gidra: Monthly for Asian Americans
1998.081.001 Card Red card stock card with gold embossed printing. The front has 2 rows of Chinese characters and below it in English is: "Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" and the "Wing Luke, Councilman, City of Seattle" Seasons Greetings
1998.082.001 Documents A: Pamplet, 9 x 17", Tan paper with black printing, Illustration by Ray Mundo. entitled: "The Alaska Cannery Workers Association" Lays out and documents the fight against discrimination by the Association. B: Exhibit Postcard, 8 x 5", tan with dark ink. ALASKEROS : A documentray Exhibit on Pioneer Filipino Cannery Workers C: Alaskero News 8.5 x 11"printed three page newsletter. of the ILWU Local 37, September 1978. D: Flyer: 8.5 x 14", Blue xerox, "Rank and File Committee", 1978 E: Flyer, 8.5 x 14", Calls for union reform and formation of rank and file caucus. F: Flyer: yellow xerox calling for support of the rank and file candidates in the upcoming 1978 biannual elections. On the back is a photo of a crowd during 1952 dispatching. G: Flyer, 8.5 x 14", green paper xerox. "Rank and file Committee. "the Dispatch System" H: Flyer, 8.5 x 14", original, white paper Rank and File committee. Gene Vierness candiacy for union under-secretery. Signed. I & J: Xerox copies of H K: Flyer, 8.5 x 14", xerox, "They Lied to Us About the Domed Statium" Cannery Workers Union ILWU Local 37
1998.083.002 Booklet Paperback booklet: Inside China: A Radio Series; Book of Scripts Radio scripts text by the Chinese News Service Pacific Coast Bureau, San Francisco. Inside China
1998.084 Booklet Paperback booklet with textured faux leather cover. Cover is white with light grey background flower and criscross line design. One third of the right side is the same but with the colors inverted; dark gray background and light grey lines and gold flowers. The title is in black and gold and says: Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team" "40" - " Through the years" "40th Anniversary" "1952 - 1992"
1998.084.001 Booklet Paperback booklet with textured faux leather cover. Cover is whtie with light gray background and a flower and crisscross design. title is in black and gold. "Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team" - 40 - Through the Years - 40th Anniversary 1952 - 1992" Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team
1998.086.001 Newspaper Newspaper - International Examiner Article on Asian Caricatures. "Asian Caricatures"
1998.086.002 Newspaper The headline the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked. Full 22 page seciton. Fron page. Headline reads: Japan Wars on US And Britain, Makes Sudden Attack on Hawaii, Heavy fighting at Sea Reported New York Times
1998.087 Letter Photocopies of sample letters sent in 1975 to the WLAM for possible donation A: Copy of letter on lined paper in Chinese B: Copy of letter onlined paper in Chinese C: Copy of letter on lined paper in Chinese D: Copy of letterhead stationary with large floral motif. Dated 1934 E: Cover of Chong Wa Association financial statement for 1939 F: Copy of catalogue cover
1998.088 Letter Photocopies of two letters sent to Mrs. G.N. Annes of Port Townsend. A: envelope front B: Envelope back C: Photocopy of photograph of two Chinese men on either side of a large painted scroll with biblical quote from John 3:16 of the Christian bible. * D: Photocopy of letter front, envelope and article. Article reprints the letter in the "Pacific Baptist" Letter to G.N. Annes from Ah Juno, dated November 1892. E: Photocopy of back of letter from Ah June F: Photocopy of letter on lined paper dated January 9, 1894 to G.N. Annes, Roseburg Oregon, from H.S. Lu Hay, Pportland , OR. G: Photocopy of letter back. *"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life".
1998.089.001 Booklet Red paper cover booklet with double pages. Black illustrations and title on cover. Illustration shows a man on top of an outlook looking with one hand above eyes. below him is another man in a hat and glasses looking up. The cover is torn on edges and almost completely missing from the back.
1998.091.001 Certificate Stock Certificates A: 8.5 x 10.5", White paper with black printing on front and green on back. " Hirst Chichagof Mining Company, Capital stock $1,000,000.00" To "Goon Chew" "Five Hundred" Shares. Incorporated in Washington State. Purchased September 17, 1923 in Seattle, Under "secretery" is signed "Lew Kay" B: Stock Certificate, 8.25 x 10.75", White paper with orange and gray printing. Stock of "Rickenbacker Motor company" Sold to "Fred L. Lock" 15 shares May 27, 1924.
1998.091.002 Business Card Plain white with black printing. At the top left is: "PHONE MAin 4338" In the center is: "JOHN W.C. LOCKE" At the bottom left is: "WAH YOUNG CO., Importers and Exporters" John W.C. Locke
1998.091.003 Envelope White envelope, 9.5" x 4" with printed letterhead return address: "China War Relief Ass'n of America, Spokane Branch, N. 7 1/2 Wall St., Spokane, WASH., Envelope is dirty and back had come unglued. China War Relief Ass'n of America
1998.091.004 Document Blue legal size sheet with black printing. Stamped on the front in red: "PACIFIC AMERICAN FISHERIES, ALITAK, ALASKA" On the back the second party's name is "Locke Suey You" The agent is stamped in red: "Lew G. Kay" Goon Dip & Co. 415 Seventh Ave. Seattle, WA" Labor Agreement
1998.091.005 Business Card Pink card with green and red ink. 3" x 6" Across the top are Chinese characters Then "Wah Young company, 416 - 8th Ave., South, seattle, Wash., USA." Below the English section is a green section of Chinese characters. To the left is an illustration of a sack of Texas Patna Type Rice in red. To the right are three yin-yang symbols and Chinese characters in red. Wah Young Co.
1998.091.005a Document Typed Carbon Copy Chinese Immigration Rules Onion skin paper: " The following are extracts from the 'Rules governing the Admission of Chinese issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Immigration'" Immigration rules
1998.093 Poster Light card stock white poster. White front with faux film strip across it diagonally. In the five "frames" are images of the Kong Yick buildings, the Luck Ngi Music club, the Quong Tuck store front, James Mar, a storefront. the images are black and white with a pink tint. Finding Home in Chinatown: the Kong Yick Buildings
1998.094.001 Card, Business 101 - glossy red cards with raised black printing. The card has in the upper left: "MAIN 4-0919" and then "FREE PARKING", then 4 Chinese characters and then in English: "GIM LING RESTAURANT" in smaller letters: "Finest Cantonese Cuisine, Seattle Chinatown's Most Popular spot, Piano Music Nightly and cocktail" In the bottom left: "TEK WONG - OWNER" and in the lower right: "516 - 7th Ave. South, Seattle, Wash. 98104" Gim Ling Restaurant
1998.095.001 Maps A: 8 x 10 Photograph of a map of Toisan. In upper left in chinese is: "Toisan District Map. The map is 1:75000 scale. B: White paper with black prining. 22" x 20", Map of the old city of Beijing showing city walls and gates. Chinese captions and title. C: Yellowing white paper with black and red printing. 11" x 14" Shanghai Map D: Calendar and map, 22" x 16" of China. to either side are columns with months and days and corresponding lunar calendar. 1920. E: 3 - White color printed sectioned maps of the Postal Route of Kiangsu District in Chinese and English, dated December 31, 1917. Donated by Mrs Frederick Hiltner in 1968. maps of China
1998.096.001 Bonds One set of various denominations of Republic of China Liberty Bonds A: 26 $5.00 bonds on white paper in blue. B: 47 $10.00 bonds on white paper in blue, gold and black. C: 2 $ 50.00 bonds on white paper in purple and pink. D: 2 $100.00 bonds on white paper in purple and green. E: label in black Chinese characters., Republic of China Liberty Bond
1998.096.002 Bonds Gold Loan bonds. Payable twice a year. A: 16 $5.00 bonds on white paper in red and green. There were 30, 12 have been redeemed. B: 9 $10.00 bonds on white paper in brown and green. C: 2 $50.00 bonds in purple and blue. D: 1 $100.00 bond in blue and green. E: labels in Chinese. 27th Year Gold Loan of the Republic of China
1998.097 Plan 41 white pages with a white cover in a plastic black spiral binder. Color copied pages, graphics and photographs. Sections include detailed maps of the ID with cultural and religious sites; storefront conditions; nighttime activity; zoning designations; Open space; public safety critical areas; pedestrian areas; traffic circulation; parking. Chinatown.International District Strategic Plan
1998.100 Certificate Beige card stock certificate Intricate blue scroll work frame. At the top of the frame is a white 12 pointed sun in a blue circle. the KMT sun symbol. There are four large ancient style Chinese characters in the center. On the right and left is a vertical column of black Chinese characters. Certificate shows that Lee Thew Wee was appointed by Chiang Kai shek as a representative in 1974. KMT Representative
1998.101.001 Documents A: Mimeographed Faux card on white paper. Printed on one side: "this is to certify that Paul V. Nystrom was duly initiated into the mysteries of the Order of the Royal Dragon having crossed the 180 meridian on board the USS CF Huges on the 25 day of April, 1945. B: Newspaper article: "Tis Spring in Tientsin: And Young men Turn Heads Ta a Fassing Pancy (sic)" by Sergeant Robert Terrell C: Menu: White paper mimeograph Xmas Menu, Marine Air Base, Tsingtao China, Dec. 25, 1945. D: Ticket Stubs, Grand theatre, with Chinese stamps. E: Tickets: One red and one black, complimentary. Dated MArch 27, 1946. F: Card, with stamped Chinese characters. Five line table below. G: Flyer: double page white paper with b 7 w cover. "The Wars Greatest Photographs". H: Newspaper clipping: "To Pekin-Remembrance" a poem of Beijing written by Daphne Lea. O: Ticket, white paper, red Chinese characters. P: Note: "the enclosed ten dollar Chinese note, (1998.101.002) is currently worth 2/13 of one cent. Q: Flyer: " A Joint Fourth of July Celebration at French Arsenal Tientsin China, Thursday, July 4, 1946. Post WWII ephemera of Paul Nystrom.
1998.101.002 Currency A: Chinese note, 100 Yuan, brown and orange. B& C: 10 Yuan note, Purple and yellow with red seals. D: Chinese Note, 10 yuan. E: Chinese Note, 1 Yuan dated 1938. F: Chinese Note, 1 Yuan, Farmers Bank of China, printed in London. G: Chinese Note, 1,000 Yuan, The Central Bank of China, 1945. H: Japanese Note, I Yen. I: Japanese Note, 5 Yen. Chinese notes
1998.107.001 Newspaper Brown paper bag sheets with cut and pasted commentaries from local Japanese American Newspaper. Cut-out articles are pasted on one side only. Count: 104
1998.107.002 Directory Spiral bound single side xerox copy of directory. Yellow paper covers, brown heavy title page in Kanji with hand illustrations of plum blossoms. First section is a copy of the original in Kanji and the second part is an English translation. Santa Fe Internment Camp directory
1998.110.001 Documents A - B: List in Japanese of persons who went on the tour. Letters on Japanese Hotel Association stationary C - G: Letter about the tour to Japan. Lists things to see and do; population of Japan; usage of short wave radios forbidden; communism feared; writer's memo on siritual education; police and military; food; clothing; and other facets of Japan. H - M: Letters from Japan. N - S: Letter, From Kazuo Ito to Seiichi Hara in1936 asking about Seattle at the time he arrived there in 1905.
1998.110.002 Newspaper A: Five paragrphs of a song about Missoula Montana. B: Three paragraphs of a song about Missoula Montana. C: Five paragraphs of a song about Missoula, Montana, nostalgic for Seattle, 700 miles away E, V: October 23, 1936, About baseball match between Nisei team and a Mie prefecture high school. F, AA: October 23, 1936, with photo of Nisei tour group from Seattle giving a greeting message from Seattle mayor John F. Dore to Nagoya Mayor Ooyuwa. G, Z: October 20, 1936 The tour group gives message from Seattle mayor to mayor Saito Yamada. They ythen visit Ise and Saruta Hiko Shrines and arrived at Tsu city the capitol of Mie prefecture to take photos of Geisha. H: Article on leader Seiichi Hara's impression of Japan. Postcard scenes of Kyoto and NAra. Overwhelemed by population density. Scared feeling at his native village where Ise shrine is located. I: Article with photograph, Group leader Seiichi Hara a native of Suzuka village Mie prefecture, returned to Japan after 49 years absence and met his relatives at Nagoya. J: Nichibei Jidai article with six items: Hokuei Hochi editor Ikukoma will retire; Nichiren Buddhists celebrate anniversary; Consulate will return to Japan; Seattle Japanese church celebrates 50th Anniversary; List of persons returning by Yogawa-Maru. K: Invitation, September 25, 1929; to gather at Maru No Uchi building at 5:00, October 1; 400 Yen per person. Present will be former Seattle Consular General and Taiyo Women's Tour Group. L: Newspaper article with photograph at Ujiyamada as the 12 member tour group visted Ise area. Mr. Hara stated that Japanese Americans are treated well after the war; not as much disussion of atomic bomb as in Japan. Heard of the death of Mikimoto while aboard ship. M: Article: 1954; the news from the tour group; The group arrived in Yokohama on September 28; The forst three days the sea was calm. 19thans 21st were rough. During the trip Mr. Matsumoto of Toronto died. the group will go to Kamakura next. N: Article; 1929 (?) Tokyo Seattle Association holds welcome party at the Marunouchi. O: Photograph with caption in English, 1954. Off for Japan: Pier 50 as the Hikawa Maru departed for Yokohama. P :Article, 1936, with photograph, Hara's impressions of Japan. traffic is heavya nd is amazes at regulations; Japanese women's concepts of western clothing in unnatural and they should stick to kimono. Q: Article: the arrival of the 22 member team in Yokohama on the 20th. They played the team from Nagoya. team members are 17 - 25 years old. R: Caption of the photographs of the Nisei team pitcher Okazaki. S: Article on tour groups: As two groups leave for Japan on the Hyogawa Maru the article looks at how the purpose of tours has changed. At first they were annual trips to look for wives; The in the 1920's Nisei went to paly baaseball and tour the country and now it is increasing elderly Issei's anxious to tour the homeland. T& Y: Article, October 21, 1936, Nisei team will play Nagoya tomorrow. U & BB: Article, 10/25 Ise Shinbun, W: October 25, 1936, Headline and photo: Nisei team scores 9 -3. The caption from 1998.110.2R reads: Nisei team; Pitcher Okazaki. X: Article with photograph Octeober 22, 1936, 23 members including the group leader, Nisei baseball team arrives in Nagoya. Greeted by relatives of Arthur Sasaki and Taiji Eguchi. They will plaqy Ngoya's meitetsi team tomorrow. CC: Article, Seattle PI, January 20, 1937, S. Hara presents Seattle Mayor Dore with letters from mayors in Japan after the baseball tour. Newspaper articles
1998.110.003 Clipping Articles about Seiichi Hara Most from Japanese language newspapers. Newspaper articles
1998.112.003 Permit Steam Boiler permit for the Hotel Western, for an Ideal boiler at 410 8th Avenue South on June 30, 1923 City of Seattle, Department of Buildings, Steam Boiler Permit
1998.112.004 Certificate 3 - Inspection Certificates from the State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries Division of Safety for the Western Hotel at 410 8th South Seattle Certificate of Inspection
1998.114.002 Letters Letters to and from various Chinese Nationalist Leagues from 1915-1918. B: Envelope H: 3.625", W: 6.5", White envelope Top right corner torn off, Printed return address, top line Chinese characters and then: "The Chinese Nationalist League, America, 903 RACE ST. PHILA, PA." Post marked Dec 26,1917. Inside the envelope adhered to the sticky flap is a New Year's Card Post Card Addressed to: Chinese Nationalist League 114 1/2 twelfth Ave S Seattle, Was. Bii: Card, H:1.5" W: 3", Manilla card stock. On one side in English is: Liu T. Call and on the other side says Mr. Liu's name in Chinese. Ci: Envelope, H: 3.625" W: 6.5", White envelope, sealed, slit open on right end. Red U.S. Postage Stamp in upper right, Printed return address in upper left: "The Chinese Nationalist League of America, Stockton Street, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. Typed addressed to : "Chinese Nationalist League 114 1/2 Twelve Avenue So., Seattle, Washington." Postmarked March 7, 1917 Cii-iv: Three mimegraphed letters H: 13", W: 8.375", in Chinese. ii and iii have red seals on left side. Di: Envelope, H: 3.625", W: 6.5", White envelope, dirty and upper right corner torn off. Printed return address in Chinese and in English: "The Chinese Nationalist League of America (Portland Brach) 267-7th Street, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Postmarked Dec. 31,1915. Addressed to: The C.N.L. 114 1/2 12th Ave So. Seattle, Wash. Dii: Letter; H: 8.375", W: 10.875", White tissue paper with black mimegraphed Letter in Chinese, purple stamp near bottom left. 2 larger black Chinese characters in upper right. **** The letter indicates mailed from Sacremento, CA, doesn't match the envelop. **** Diii: Card, H: 2.5" W: 4", Beige card with black printing. One side in English, and the other side in Chinese: "The Chinese Nationalist League, 267 Broadway Portland, Ore." Div: Card, H: 1.875" W: 3.375", Beige Card, with black printing, One side is Chinese says the persons's name and where he is from and one is in English. "Louie Suey Hing". Dv: Card, H: 1.875" W: 3.375", Beige Card, with black printing, One side in Chinese says the persons's name , where he is at and where he is from, the other side in English: "Geo. C. Soon 287 1/2 Davis St. Portland, Oregon". Ei: Envelope, H: 3.625" W: 5.75", White envelope, stained, dirty and 1/4 of right edge torn off. Printed in upper left corner: Chinese characters- "xiao nian zhong Guo-bao" then in English: "The Young China" 881 Clay Street, San Francisco, California" Addressed to: Chinese Nat. League 114 1/2 12th Ave, Seattle Wash." Eii: Flyer, H: 10.75" W: 5.25", Brown paper with green printing. At the top are 4 rows of Chinese characters, below a scroll rectangular frame. Bill or letterhead for "The Young China" printed dat and title in Chinese along left, red stamp in left center, black written characters in body. F: Envelope, H: 3.625", W: 6.5", White envelope, upper right corner torn off. Red stamped Return address in upper left corner "The Chinese National Party P.O. Box 1146 Edmonton, ALTA." Postmarked Dec 24, 1917. Addressed to : Chinese National - 114 1/2 12th St South Seattle, Wash U.S.A. G: Envelop, H: 3.625", W: 6.5", White envelope, red U.S. postage stmap, 2 cents. Return address printed in upper left corner: "The Young China" and in Chinese above tis, then "881-883 Clay Street San Francisco, California." Addressed to: "The Young China 114 1/2- 12th Ave So. Seattle Wash." Postmarked June3,1920 Hi: Envelope, H: 3.625", W: 6.5", White envelope with upper right corner torn off, left side slit open. Printed return address in blue in upper left corner- 1 line of Chinese characters and then: The RELIEF BUREAU 1025 Stockton St. San Francisco CAL.U.S.A." Small rectangular stamp in purple on left in Chinese: "Guo Min Tang" Addressed by typing to: "The Chinese Nationalist League 114 1/2 Twelfth Ave S. Seattle Was U.S.A." Postmarked Aug 29,1917" Envelope is dirty. Hii: Letter, H: 8.375", W: 13", Mimeographed letter in written Chinese. Round red seal in lower left. Discussions of coflicts and disagreement among the group. Hiii: Letter, H 9.125" W: 17.875", Smooth white paper, Printed black Chinese. Center left is a reproduction of letter from "The Young China Association" Has been torn in three places in center. Tear at first fold. An opening letter to the group pointing to a few members's misconduct toward election procedures. Hiv: Letter, H: 8.375" W: 13", White paper, tissue, black written mimeographed in Chinese. Another letter of protesting and discussion on the election issues. I: Envelope, H: 3.375", W: 6.5", Upper right corner torn off. White envelope, Printed return address: "The Chinese Nationalist League P.O. Box 965 Brandon, Man. Canada" Postmarked Dec.22, 1917 Addressed to C.N.L. 114 1/2 12th Ave So Seattle Wash U.S.A." Pencil writing across front and back. Ji: Envelope, H: 3.375" W: 6.5", White envelope, upper right corner torn off, Printed Nationalist League envelope upper left: The Chinese Nationalist League of America, 1025 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CAL. U.S.A. Addressed to Printed: "The Chinese Nationalist------, ( Branch) PO Box No." and written "114 1/2 Twelfth Ave Seattle Wash USA" Postmarked June 9, 1919. Jii: Letter, H: 11", W: 8.5", White tissue paper, center and left side torn out. The Chinese Nationalist League letterhead. Handwritten letter in Chinese, square red seal on right side. K: Envelope, H: 3.375", W: 6.5", White paper, faded and dirty, upper right corner torn off. Printed return address" Mun Hey Weekly, 14 Bowery, New York City, N.Y. U.S.A. Telephone Worth 2382 Cable Address, Mun hey." Addressed to "Chinese Nationalist League, Seattle." Postmarked July 3, 1917 Li: Envelop, H: 3.625" W: 6.5" White envelope, paper, Top right corner is torn off. Return address stamp: 1 line of Chinese characters, then: "Partido National de China Galiano 104 Alto Telefonos A6844 Habana, Cuba." Addressed in handwriting to: Chinese Nation..." #114 1/2 Twelfth Ave, Seattle Wash U.S.A." Red round stamp in center top: Passed by Censor 175." Postmarked 1919. Lii: Staff list of 1919 Chinese Nationalist League (Kuo Min Tang ). H: 9.375", W: 17.5" Quality white paper with printed announcement in black Chinese characters. Mi: Envelope, H: 3.625" W: 6.5", White paper envelope, right upper corner torn off. Purple stamped return address in upper left corner. Purple oval with top line Chinese characters, then: "The Chinese National League, PO DRAWER 228, 609 Second Ave. Lethbridge, ALTA.: Addressed to C.N.L. 114 1/2 Twelfth Ave S, Seattle, Wash, U.S.A. Mii: Staff list of the Lethbridge, Alta branch of The Nationalist League (Kuo Min Tang) H: 9.5" W: 12.125", Quality white paper, printed black Chinese characters. Stencil frame around text. top line and address in English: "The Chinese Nationalist League P.O. Box 228 Lethbridge.Alta." Ni: Envelope, H: 3.625", W: 6.5", White paper envelope upper right corner torn off. Dirty on right end. Stamped return address: upper line in Chinese and then: "The Chinese National League, P.O Box 88, 909 Third Avenue, PRINCE RUPERT, B.C." Postmarked Jan 2.1918 Addressed in black in Chinese and English to: "C.N.L. 114 1/2 12th Avenue South, Seattle Wash U.S.A." Nii: Happy New Year Card, H: 5.875"; W: 2.375", Manilla, card with black printing in Chinese and English on one side. "Wong Chew P.O. Box 88 Prince Rupert" Niii: Business card of Wang Chew, name in English and Chinese. Niv: Business Card, H: 3" W: 1.5" White card with black printing in Chinese on one side. Oi: Envelope, H: 3.625" W: 6.5", White paper envelope top and left side cut open, some tearings, stained and dirty. Printed return address in upper left corner; Top line in Chinese and then: "The Young China Association 416 Eighth Avenue South Seattle, Washington." Addressed in brushed chinese characters vertically along long way of envelope. Oii-iv: Meeting notices to individual members, H: 3.5", W: 6.375", white cards with black printing. On one side is across length wise: The Young China ASS'N, 416 Eighth Ave. So. Seattle, Wash." On the other printed vertically down the card are black Chinese characters with one area written in and numbers in pencil in upper right corner. Oii has "20", Oiii has "107" Oiv has "25". Pi: Envelope, H: 3.625", W: 6.5", White paper, right end and top dirty. Green 1 cent U.S. Postage stamp. Printed blue return address: top line in Chinese and then - "The Chinese Nationalist League 259 West 22nd Street Chicago, Ill, U.S.A. Postmarked Dec 29, 1918. Addressed to C.N.L. 114 1/2 S. Twelfth Ave, Seattle Wash." Pii: Happy New Year Card, H: 5.5", W: 3.375", Pink glossy card printed on one side in black Chinese and English. At bottom says: "Chinese Nationalist League 259 W. 22nd St. Chicago Ill. Qi: Envelope, H: 3.625" W: 6.5" White paper envelpoe, dirty on left end, Red 2 cent Canada postage stamp, printed return address: "The Chinese Nationalist League of Canada 61 1/2 Sandwich St. East P.O. Box 125 (125 crossed out and 267 next to it) Windsor, Ontario, Canada." Postmarked Jan 3, 1917. Addressed in Chinese and English to: C.N.L. 114 1/2 12th Ave S. Seattle Was U.S.A." Qii: Staff list of a Canada branch of The Chinese Nationalist League. H: 8", W: 12.5", Mimeographed letter written in Chinese. Handrawn scroll frame around text. Ri: Envelope, H: 3.625", White paper envelope, upper right corner torn off. Printed return address: top line Chinese characters and then: "The Chinese Nationalist League (WINNIPEG, CANADA" Postmarked Jan 2, 1918. Front printed : "The Chinese Nationalist League P.O. Box_______, ________ Street, _________." 114 1/2 12th Ave Seattle Wash. U.S.A." Faded black stamp on left side with fleur d'lys frame, says 'received by the Kuo Min Tang' in Chinese. Rii: New Year Card, H: 4.5" W: 2.625", white card with printed black Chinese characters on one side. Riii: Card, H: 3.375" W: 1.875" , white card with printed black Chinese characters on one side, and English name on the other: "Jin Chew Lin" Riv: Card H: 3" W: 1.625", White card with printed black official style Chinese characters. Rv: Card H:3" W: 1.5", white card stock with printed black Chinese characters on one side and on the other: "L.H. Lee Manager of Tai Shing Co. P.O. Box 345 263 King Street WINNIPEG, MAN." Rvi: Card, H: 3", W: 1.5", white card with printed Chinese characters on one side and on the other: P.O. Box 345, Chuck orm, Chinese National League, Secretary Winnipeg" Rvii: Card, H: 3", W: 1.5", white card with printed Chinese characters on one side and on the other: H.Hanson Si: Envelope, H: 3.a625" W: 6.5", white paper stained along top and right end. Printed return address in blue: 1st line Chinese characters and then: "The Chinese Nationalist League 259 West 32d Street, Chicago, ILL. USA. Red 2 cents U.S. Postage stamp in upper right corner, cancellation stamp says: "Food will win the war don't waste it" Postmarked December 26, 1917. Addressed to: "Chinese Nationalist League 114 1/2 S. 12th Ave. Seattle, Wash." Sii: Happy New Year Card, H: 5.5", W: 3.375", Pink card printed on one side with black Chinese characters. Dated 1918. T: Envelope, H: 5.25" W: 7.875", Brown paper envelope, cut off at right end. Sealed on the back by metal clasp and paper stickers. Dirty. Printed return address in red: "The Chinese Nationalist League 1025 Stockton Street San Franciscok, Cal." Black Chinese on left side and then a red vertical stamp in Chinese (Guo Min Tong?) and addressed in green ink to: "Chinese National League 114 1/2 12th Aveunu/ South Seattle Wash." Postmarked "April 30 , 1915"
1998.114.003 Documents A: Employment Security Department, Identification Booklet, H: 4", W: 3" Orange paper cover with black printing with yellow pages. Staple binding. Name: "Ham, Wing Doo", First three pages filled in with benefit information. B: Business Card, H: 1.875", W: 3.375" White card with blue printing on one side. "Moon's Cafe, Food to Go, Huey Moon Lee, 1927 1/2 Zonal Avenue, Los Angeles , CA 90033" written at the top in pen is Chinese characters and "213", written Chinese on the back. C: Reciept, H: 7.5", W: 3.5", White paper with black printing on one side. At top: "No. 2501" The rest is in Chinese. Date is July 29, 1962. There is a red stamp near bottom center. Di -Diii: Receipts, H: 6.375", W: 3.375", White paper printed on one side with black ink. Filled out in blue pen. At top is "Payroll Tax Record and Receipt for Employees." All are for Wing Doo Ham for monthly wages. Employer is stamped in red at bottom: "Linyen Cafe" Ei-Eiii: Envelopes, H: 3.625" W: 6.5", white unused envelope with blue printed retrun address in upper left corner. "Kuo Min tang, Chinese Nationalist League 711 King St. So. Seattle, Wash. U.S.A." F: Receipt Book, H: 3.125" W: 6.875", D: .375, Manilla cover single staple binding. Double page receipt white and yellow alternating pages for contributions to the Chong Wa Benevolent Association. Page has Chong Wa address, space for dante and name of donor, Amount and signature of collector. Front cover has written Chinese on front. Year 1977 G: Booklet, H: 8.375 W: 6", Burnt orange cover, construction paper. Four staples bind it. Cover has black vertical printing of Chinese. Center title has wide dark frame with leaf motif. To the right is the Nationalist Chinese Date and to the left the western date. 1st page is pink. Then sigle burnt orange page and then brown paper double pages. Dated 1930 H: Notebook, H: 7.625 W:5", Beige card stock covers. string binding, double paper pages with red lined areas divided from top and bottom , at edges of page is: "MADE IN HONG KONG CHEE SHING". Front cover has bright pink paper pasted over it with black ink Chinese Dated 1982. I: Notebook, H: 7.625 W: 5" Beige card stock covers with string binding double paper pages with red lined areas divided from top and bottom sections. String is coming undone. On the back is small red stamp: "MADE IN HONG KONG. A green price sticker in upper corner "50cents" The first 5 pages are written in. The front cover has a bright pink paper pasted over it with black ink Chinese dated: 1983 J: Notebook, H: 7.625" W: 5" Same as "I" except there is a red paper also pasted over the pink, and stapled and no pages are filled out. Dated 1982 K: Notebook Same as "I" Pink page has been partially torn off. Not used. L: Same as H, not used M: Book H: 7.375" W: 5.25" D: .375". Title in Chinese says " Wan-Bao Mountain Incident and Anit-Chinese movement in Korea". Paper back, opens left to right. Red cover with white shell, black Chinese characters across it. Above this is a broad band outlined by 2 black lines within this are 3 silouettes. On right is a man on high stilt shoes with and rifle and bayonet then a man in tall hat with 2 knives aimed at the third man holding up his arms and falling back. Cover is dirty and greasy. Pages are yellowing. N: Booklet H: 7.5", W: 5.25" Paperback, Poetry/Song lyrics/, red cover with blue rectangle in center. Along left side is orange marquis area with yellow scroll frame and black Chinese characters. Below this two circles one large and yellow and one small and blue both with Chinese. Cover and 1st 2 pages have come away from the text. Text has brown pages, single sheet, with black Chinese characters. On the back is a red flower shaped logo with Chinese in the center. The back 2 pages are also separated. O: Booklet, H: 8" W: 5.25", Paper back, Novel, string binding, opens left to right, Double paper pages. Large black Chinese characters on front. P: Booklet, H: 8", W: 5.25", paperback book with string binding, Novel, double paper pages. Cover has illustration of 3 government officials all wearing hats. All have mustaches. Q: Booklet, H: 8", W: 5.25", paper cover book with string binding, Novel, double paper pages. Cover has no writing or illustration there is a written "2" at the top of the page. The plain cover is torn and missing pieces. May be part 2 of P. R: Signing Book, H: 5.75" W: 12.75" D: .5", Cover has been torn off along with some pages. Manilla colored pages and card stock back cover. Chinese text in black ink through 1st quarter of the book. String binding on the spine is a red stamp "MADE IN HONG KONG" Si & Sii: Letters, H: 11" W: 8.5", Orange paper letterhead with same letter in Chinese. Letterhead: 1 row of Chinese characters and then: "Chong Wa Benevolent Association 522 Seventh Avenue South Seattle, Washington 98104 U.S.A." Dated 1980 T: Form, H: 11" W: 8.5", White paper black printing in Chinese and English. Three perforations on right side. English at top is: "Chinese Youth Club of Seattle Wash U.S.A." Page is marked rows. Ui-Uiii: Stationary, 8.5 X 11", white paper with blue and red printing. Body of page is outlined in red with vertical red lines. At the top are two flags, one all blue with sun in the center. In blue below this is: "The Young China Association" then a line of Chinese in red then in blue: "416 Eighth Ave South Seattle, Washington U.S. V: Letter, 8.5X11", white paper, black printing. At the top is : "To: Member of the Chinese Community" "From: Small Business Administration, Seattle District Office Chong Wa Benevolent Association" announcing a bi-lingual conference on small businesses. On the other side it has been divided into squares with a red pen. Chinese characters mark most of the squares. W: Some sort of "tickets" record, 8.5X11" white paper with blue Chinese hand-writing. X: Letter 8.5X11" Onion skin paper, black hand written Chinese characters. Red square stamp on left side. Letterhead: in red, Chinese at the top and then: "Bing Kong B.L. Tong Telephone Main 2-8844, 417- 7th Avenue So Seattle 4, Washington, U.S.A. A blue check mark in upper right corner. Bottom left corner folded in. DatedJan 16, 1979. Y: Letter, H: 8.5" W: 9", White paper, yellowing, on right side. Black chinese characters on front one line of blue pen characters. Two identical partial stamps. Ovals in red. Along bottom is "Seattle Washington U.S.A." Dated 1979. Z: Letter H: 11 W: 8.5", White onion skin paper, typed, stamped at top: "S.C.A.A. 18617-41st Pl. N.E. Seattle, WA 98155" To Chong Wa Benevelont Association stating that Alyce King is Seattle Chinese Athletic Association delegate to Chong Wa Association, Signed by Hoover Mar. Dated Jan 15 1979. Pen signature in Chinese. AA: Letter H: 11" W: 8.5" White onion skin paper, same as Z stating that Hoover Mar is also a delegate to the Chong Wa Association. Blue pen Chinese in upper right. BB: Letter, H: 8.5" W: 8", Notebook paper with 2 holes in the top. Written in Chinese in black pen with the paper sideways. 2 blue checks at top of page. CC: Letter, H: 11" W: 8.5", White tissue paper with black hand written Chinese characters. A red stamp with seal style characters near bottom left. Letterhead in red top line Chinese characters and then "Wong Family Beneveolent Association 701 1/2 South King Street Seattle, Washington 98104 Tel: 622-8903" A blue check mark in upper right corner. DD: Letter, 8.5X11", white paper, typed, dated January 12, 1979 To: "Mr.Harry Woo... Chong Wa Benevelont Association" From Art Lum of the Chinese Parents Service Organization saying that Bertha Chinn and Louise Lew will be delegates. Pencil Chinese at bottom right. black check mark in upper right corner. EE: Letter, 8.5X11" White paper, typed, dated January 16, 1979 To: Mr. Harry Woo..., Chong Wa Benevelont Association" From: Ruth Chinn of the Chinese Women's Auxiliary saying that Theresa Liem and Florence Hing will be representatives to the Chong Wa Board of Trustees. Delegates names in Chinese next to type face and signed in blue pen. FF: Letter 8.5X11", White paper, dated January 12,1979, typed, To: Mr. Harry Woo,... Chong WA..." From: Abe Lum of the Seattle Chinatown Chamber of Commerce saying that Wally Chinn and James Yee will be delegates from the Seattle Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. Signed in Chinese by Wally Chinn and James Yee GG: Letter, 8.5X11", White onion skin paper, printed red letter-head and lined body. Letterhead is in Chinese and then: "Gee How Oak Tin Association, 519 1/2 7th Ave So. Seattle, Wash., U.S.A. Telephone EL 5878" Letter written in black felt pen in Chinese. Dated January 15, 1979. Check mark in upper right corner. HH: Letter, 8.5X11" White paper, black ink Chinese characters on letterhead. Purple stamp on left bottom. Letterhead in purple ink is: 1 line of Chinese characters and then - "Luck NGI MUSICAL CLUB, 512 - 7th Avenue South Seattle Washington 98104" In upper left corner is a lyre with laurel leaves, an open book and a baton. In the upper right is the phone #. A check mark is in upper right corner. Dated 1979 II: Letter, 8.5X11" White onion skin paper, with red printed text lines and letterhead. Date on left side: January 16, 1979. Black brush Chinese characters in text. Letterhead has one line of Chinese and then "Lee's Association 509 1/2 8th Avenue South Seattle 4, Washington U.S.A." JJ2: Letter, 8.5X11" White paper with black brushed Chinese characters in body of text. Red vertical Chinese character stamp on bottom left. Dated January 12, 1979. Letterhead in black ink. Top line Chinese characters and then "Hop Sing Tong, 512 Maynard Ave, So. Seattle WA 98104 U.S.A." blue check in upper right corner. Both i+ii appears to be the same. KK: Letter, 8.5X11" white paper letterhead, text in black brush ink Chinese. Purple stamp in bottom left corner in Chinese and a date: "Jan 16, 1979" Letterhead has top line in Chinese and then "Yee Benevolent Association 715 1/2 South King Street, Seattle, Washington 98104 U.S.A. Blue pen check mark in upper right. LL: Letter 8.5X11", white paper with black ink letterhead text in black ink brush Chinese. 2 purple stamps on left side. Middle one is square with seal style characters and bottom one is vertical characters. Letterhead has top line in Chinese and then "Soo Yuen Benevolent Association, 510 7th Ave. So. Seattle, Washington 98104" A blue pen check in upper right. MM: Letter 8.5X11" White paper with red ink letterhead. Text is in blue ball point pen Chinese. Dated Jan 16, 1979. Black ink stamp in lower left corner. Letterhead has top line in Chinese and then "Lun Kong Teu Yee Association 709 1/2 South King Street Seattle, Washington 98104 NN: Letter 8.5X11 White paper with black ink letterhead text is blue ball point pen Chinese. Stamped red seal in bottom left in seal style Chinese. Letterhead has top line in Chinese and then: "Chew Lun Benevolent Association" 416 Seventh Avenue South, Seattle, Washington 98104 USA Phone: 682-2110" Dated Jan 12 1979. OO: Letter H: 8.5" W: 14", Folded widthwise. White paper with light red floral motifs spaced across page. Text on front of folded side in red ball point pen. Dated 1979 PP: Letter, 8.5"X11", black ink letterhead. Text is in black felt tip pen with with a red character stamp in bottom left corner. Letterhead has 1st line in Chinese and then: "Suey Sing, Chamber of Labor and Commerce (413 1/2 Maynard Ave So.) Crossed out and written in blue ink 664 So. Weller) and then "Seattle, Washington 98104" Dated 1979 QQ: Letter, 8.5X11" black ink letterhead text is typed in English. To Harry Woo and Peter Lee of Chong Wa Benevolent Association. From Ted Choi, president of Chinese Community Service Organization. Signed in pen in English and Chinese. Letterhead has seal in upper left in red and then in black: "Seattle Chinese Community Service Organization." Dated January 12, 1979. It appoints Ted Choi and Nancy Jang as representatives to Chong Wa board. RR: Card, H: 6", W: 3.5", Red Card with black printing on one side. There are at the top 4 Chinese characters and then "A Happy New Year" then the logo of the Luck Ngi Musical Club and the vertical row of Chinese characters.
1998.114.004 Ledgers and Certificates Ai: Ledger, Account Book, H:12", W:7.5", D .125" Green and Beige cloth bound book with green reinforced covers. Front has white paper glued to it. 2 faded red seal stamps on left side with seal characters and hand brushed Chinese in black ink down the middle and right side. Dated 1986. Pages are lined horizontall in blue. First 6 pages used. Aii: White envelope, H: 4.125 W: 9.5" Blue pen Chinese written lengthwise down front of envelope. Dated 1988 Found inside Ai - ledger. Aiii Bill Stub, H3.5 W: 6.75", City of Seattle Combined utility Bill Found inside Aii. Aiv: Letter, an announcement of the "Tomb Sweeping Day" gathering to visit ancestors' tombs. 8.5"X11" White paper with black brushed Chinese characters, dated 1985 B: Ledger, H: 11", W: 8.25" Viynal covered paper cover with external stitch binding. White paper pages have black ink printed grid on one side. Large Chinese characters above the grid and smaller ones along right side of the grid as catergories. The first one is for name. 24 pages have names filled in. On the inside of the front cover is a tempra painted Nationalist Chinese flag in blue with 2 red Chinese characters above it (says 'Nation Soul') On the opposite page down the center are 4 Orange Chinese characters outlined in red (says "Patriotic Figure"). Painted over this in black outline are 5 Chinese characters (says member roster). To either side is a vertical row of blue Chinese characters. A small row of black Chinese at the bottom. On the left is "Chong Wa Benevelent Association" and on the right bottom - "Kuo Min Tang" C: Letterhead note, 8.5X11" Tissue paper with black ink letterhead: 1st line is Chinese and then: "Hoy Sun Ning Young Benevolent Association 719 1/2 King St. Seattle, Wash., U.S.A. " A note written in black Chinese brush on 2nd half of page. On upper half notes in ball point pen. Scribbles about money received. D: Certificate, H: 10.25" W: 14.625", White card stock with blue scroll work frame 1-1 1/2" in. Blue nationalist sun logo at the top. Four large yellow outline seal style characters in center. Black Chinese across most of certificate a large red seal stamp on left center. Dated November 1981. Red ink stains on left side. Front is smudged and dirty. EandF: Memorials, H: 11" W: 14" card stock, white for Sun Yat-sen. The page is divided into three sections with the center one larger than the side ones. The areas have creases to fold the left and right sides in so as to hold it up. The center section has a black and white illustration of Sun Yat-sen. Below this it says Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Founder of the Republic of China." Below this is a small rectangle area sith Chinese. The left and right sides both have rectangular boxes commenting on Sun Yat-sen.
1998.114.005 Receipt 12 envelopes with receipts for services to Chong Wa Benevolent Association.
1998.115.001 Booklet Brown-gray cover booklet with paper cover and black printing. The booklet, "The Tanaka Memorial," was published by the "Chinese National Salvation Publicity Bureau, 844 Stockton St. San Francisco, Cal." It is a reprint in English of a report by Japanese Premier Tanaka given to the Emperor on July 25, 1927 outlining the conquest of Asia and predicting war with the U.S. and the Soviet Union. It was distributed after the 1931 Japanese invasion of Manchuria to foster support for China's defense.
1998.116.001 Letter Letter to Shizuka LaGrange from U.S. Department of Justice - civil Rights Division acknowledging receipt of her letter regarding restitution payments. 1988
1998.116.002 Letter Form letter from president George Bush apologizing for Internment of Japanese Americans and announcing the passage of a law for restitution.
1998.116.003 Application, Registration Photocopy of #1 Declaration of Eligibility by Persons Identified by the office of Redress Administration as filled out by Shizuka LaGrange in 1989.
1998.116.004 Letter Photocopy and carbon copy of letter from Shizuka LaGrange to Ronald Regan urging him to sign into law Civil Liberties Act of 1987.
1998.116.005 Family Registery 3 page photocopy of a Koseki Tohon or Family Registery in which all the family members are supposed to be listed as they are born into or added to the family. This one is in Japanese andof the Taniguchi clan.
1998.116.006 Certificate A volunteer Service Award given to "Suzie LaGrange" for her volunteer work in the nutrition program for the elderly from the Seattle King County Nutrition Program. signed by Massie Tomita and Edna Tanigawa.
1998.116.007 Certificate A "Citizen Participation Award" to Shizuka LaGrange from the Seattle Model City Program. signed by Mayor Wes Uhlman.
1998.116.008 Certificate Certificate of Appreciation awarded to "Mrs. Earl LaGrange" for her efforts on behalf of the elderly. signed by Governor Daniel Evans.
1998.116.009 Certificate Certificate issued to Shizuka Taniguchi from Hiroshima Prefecture to allow her to be a teacher on subjects at the elementary schoo l level on ethics, Japan, arithmetic, history, geography, science, painting, Phys ed.
1998.116.010 Certificate Certificate issued to shizuka Taniguchi to teach sewing to elementary school students.
1998.116.011 Painting Photocopy of a sumi ink painting of a Kanji character and a butterfly. The character is yume (dream).
1998.116.012 Painting Photocopy of a sumi ink painting of Kanji written in upper right corner. The text is not translated.
1998.116.013 Painting Color water color of a rose and bud with stem. Attached to a cardboard backing with a gold border. Red stamp in lower right corner. signature also in black.
1998.116.014 Newsletter Central Coop Newsletter, published by Capitol Hill Coop with an interview of Irl LaGrange.
1998.116.015 Certificates 3 certificates of commendation issued by Hiroshima Prefecture to Irl and Shizuka LaGrange for their efforts to maintain good and friendly relations between Japan and the U.S.
1998.117.001 Newspaper Three publications from Japanese American Internment camps A : Tulean Dispatch Magazine Section, Holiday Edition, Jan. 1943, a magazine supplement to the Tulean Dispatch newspaper at the tule Lake Internment camp. The cover shows a couple walking arm in arm with gifts. Pine cones, holly and bells are on the left side of the cover. The magazine contains 40 pages of stories, poems, narratives and illustrations. The magazine has two staples on the side and in the corners. some spots on the cover and dirt marks. B: Tulean Dispatch Magazine Section, Holiday Edition, Jan. 1943, a magazine supplement to the Tulean Dispatch newspaper at the tule Lake Internment camp. The cover shows a couple on a couch with presumably their daughter who is reading from true romances with a disapproving look from the mother. The magazine contains 32 pages of stories, poems, narratives and illustrations. The magazine has two staples on the side and in the corners. some spots on the cover and dirt . C: Minidoka Irrigator Newspaper, December 25, 1942, Vol 1, No. 29, Christmas edition. (8.5" X 14") Mimeographed paper has a cover showing pine cones and a square piece with a band of stars zigzagging across. the paper contains the usual news, columns,a rtwork, poetry, short stories. 24 pages.
1998.119 Stationary White paper sheet with reds and blue logo circle and heading Logo is a blue circle with wotds around the top in red: "Go For Broke" and in blue below this is: "442nd ." In the center is a sexagonal box in red with blue interior and an arm holding a torch. Below the logo in blue is "1991 'L' Co. Reunion Las Vegas, Nevada." The sheet has been folded twice.
1998.120.005 Receipt Grocery Store Receipt, "Lukes Grocery". White newsprint with purple ink. At the top is: "LUKES GROCERY, 920 James Seattle, May - 4 306" and then "$ 0.50, YOUR RECEIPT THANK YOU"
1998.125.002 Signs Two protest signs against ending affirmative action in Washington state in 1998. A & B: Waxed white cardboard printed with red ink. In large white letters is: "NO!" and then outlined in white is "Initiative" and then in white "200".
1998.126 Invitation Invitation to Dedication of the Little Saigon Inauguration and Colonnade Dedication under the I-5 Overpass. Cream colored card stock card folded lengthwise. Black ink printing. At the top: "A Symbol of Friendship" and then an illustration of a carp and then: "We came together as a neighborhood, we worked together in collaboration, today we build community. Now we want to recognize your efforts as we turn a page in our history." Inside is the time and list of sponsors.
1998.127 Invitation Program Two letter size sheets of paper; Invitation and program for New Year's Party. A: Pink sheet of paper printed on each half and folded over to form a tent. Black printing in Chinese with bottom left corner illustration of two children. B: Red sheet of paper printed on half size and folded over to form a tent. One side is in English and one is in Chinese. English side titel is: "1995 Chinese New Year's Party for the Elderly"
1998.128 Flyers A & B: Colored Paper, 8.5" X 11", folded in half lengthwise. Front has logo of the Chinese Historical Society of the Pacific Northwest; a carp and an orca in a Yin - Yang symbol. The title is in English and Chinese: " The Chinese Historical Society of the Pacific Northwest" On the inside is a history of the society, current activities (1983) and on the back Purpose and goals. A separate flyer has membership form. A is blue and B is pink. C: 2 yellow 8.5 X 11" paper sheets stapled together. The CHSPNW logo if in the upper left corner and the title with address C/O Wing Luke Memorial Museum. "Announcing inaugural edition of the ANNALS OF THE CHINESE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF THE PACIFIC NORTWEST 1983." Page 2 has the table of contents and order form. D: Two white 8.5" X 11" sheets of paper. Stapled with black photocopied typed printing. At the top is "FIRST DRAFT" and then "PROPOSED AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE WING LUKE MUSEUM AND THE CHINESE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST (March 18, 1981)" outlining the relationship between the two organizations.
1998.129 Newspaper Newspaper, tabloid, The Seattle Scroll, September 8, 1997 On the front cover is an ink painting of a an Asian man. There are two Chinese characters in red at the top. One on the left and one on the right. At the bottom in red is: "WAH MEE, Todd Matthews investigates the worst mass murder in Seattle history.
1998.139 Newspapers Standard multipage newspapers with black and white photographs, "Seattle International Community News" A: Vol. 1, No. 1, January 1953, front page is made up of photos of the community. B: Vol. 1, No. 6, June 1953, Front page has contenders for Mardi Gras Queen.
1998.140 Prints Five sets of photogravure prints of Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum in Nanking, China. Each set has 6 photo prints; four are 8" X 11" and two are 10.75" X 15.75" The prints are black and white and printed on manila card stock. A: Folder, H: 16.25", W: 11", manila paper older open at the top. Printed on the front in brown ink is an illustration of the mausoleum and then eight Chinese characters and then in English: "Six Art Studies in Photogravure of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum Views by Herbert C. White" B - F: Prints, 8" X 11", of "General View of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, Nanking" Shows view of recently completed mausoleum from the front grounds. G - K: Prints, 8" X 11", "View of Dr, Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum from Hillside" Shows area view from behind the mausoleum. L - P: Prints, 8" X 11", "Side View of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, Nanking" close up of the building from the left side. Wreaths are around the front parapets and two soldiers stand near the entrance. Q - V: Prints, 8" X 11","Rear View of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, Nanking" W - AA: Prints, 10.75" X 15.75","Interior of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, Nanking" Large floor area with 4 large columns, large ornate steel double doors, ornate ceiling. Wreaths around interior walls. BB - FF: Prints, 10.75" X 15.75", "Front view of Dr. Sun Yat - sen's Mausoleum, Nanking" Looking up at the structure from the foreground with small trees and flags planted all around.
1998.141 Flyer White rectangular paper flyer with red ink printing, "The Year of the Dragon." The flyer has a central illustration of a wood - cut dragon. Written above it is: "The Ethnic Cultural Center Theater of the University of Washington in Association with the Asian Exclusion Act (formerly T.E.A. presents .. THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON BY FRANK CHIN" and below the dragon is: "TIME: 8 PM, DATE: March 5,6, & 11, 12, 13 1976, PLACE: 3940 Brooklyn Ave. N.E., ADMISSION: $1.50 STUDENTS, $2.50 GENERAL, FOR INFO. CALL: 323-4100 or 543-4327, * Sponsored by: The Ethnic Cultural Ctr." The edges are frayed and torn.
1998.143.001 Newspaper 96 copies of the North American Post. Weekley Japanese American Newspaper published in Seattle. North American Post
1998.143.002 Newspaper 2 - copies of the Japanese American Newspaper published in Seattle Northwest Times
1998.144 Postcard Thin cardstock picure postcard On the front is a color photograph of the exterior of the China gate Restaurant (516 7th Ave) with red wood facade, yellow signs in English and Chinese and the green tiled roof. On the plain white back in black ink one half is reserved for a message and stamp and the other side has inbetween the Chinese characters for "China Gate Restaurant" "The China Gate - Dine in a relaxing atmosphere of old China. Cantonese Cuisine. Live entertainment nightly in lounge. Chinatown's most elegant resturant. Open every day at 4:0pm.Banquet facilities, Phone 624-1730 516 7th Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98104" ad at the bottom "SC15765 - color Photo Rick Cole"
1998.145.001 Brochure Paper brochure Six stapled and folded pages with black and white photographs and green graphics. The front cover shows a U.S. Army musician and has written vertically "ANGEL ISLAND STATE PARK" in white. The back has a map of the vicinity of Angle Island in San Francisco Bay.
1998.145.002 Brochure Paper Brochure folded in thirds The front is a black and white photograph of Asian men coming onto Angel island. The back is a return address. "Angel island Immigration Station Foundation, 330 Townsend Street, suite 235, San Francisco, CA 94107" The interior explains the purpose of the foundation, current activities and future plans.
1998.146 Card, Business White card stock with black lettering bearing the following : (Over 40 Years Experience in Chinese Herb Medicine) Bus. Hrs. 11 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M. 515 MAYNARD AVE. SO. Closed Sundays (next to Hong Kong Restaurant) Phone (206) 624-8341 CHINATOWN, SEATTLE, WA98104 Choy's Herbs Chinese Herbs can help you overcome health problems as: Sinus headache, Back pain, discomfort in urination, feminine trouble, herpes, skin and digestion problems, general weakness and other ailments. Free Consultation KAI CHIU CHOY P.O. BOX 3461 (Chinese Characters) SEATTLE, WA 98114 Herb Specialist Choy's Herbs
1998.148 Booklet Gray-green construction paper cover booklet bound by a black cord tied through 3 holes. Opens right to left. On the front cover is a maroon and gold design with 4 block style Chinese characters. The date and title are in Chinese at the bottom of the cover. The first 3 pages have calligraphy. Then there is an introduction, followed by pages with photos of the school and students. Annual of Tai Shan (Toi San) Middle School
1998.200.001A Oral History Interview Oral history interview with Fred Abe Fred Abe
1998.200.001B Oral History Interview Oral history interview with Fred Abe Fred Abe
1998.200.001C Oral History Interview Oral history interview with Fred Abe Fred Abe
1998.200.001D Oral History Interview Oral history interview with Fred Abe Fred Abe
1998.200.002A Oral History Interview Oral history interview with Antonio Aguon Antonio Aguon
1998.200.002B Oral History Interview Oral history interview with Antonio Aguon Antonio Aguon
1998.200.002C Oral History Interview Oral history interview with Antonio Aguon Antonio Aguon
1998.200.004A Oral History Interview Oral history interview with Ark Chin Ark Chin
1998.200.004B Oral History Interview Oral history interview with Ark Chin. Ark Chin
1998.200.004C Oral History Interview Oral history video interview with Ark Chin Ark Chin
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