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Wing Luke Museum
1999.060.713 Letter Letter
1999.060.714 Letter Letter
1999.060.715 Letter Letter
1999.060.716 Letter Letter
1999.060.717 Letter Letter
1999.060.718 Letter Letter
1999.060.719 Letter Letter
1999.060.720 Letter Letter
1999.060.721 Letter Letter
1999.060.722 Letter Letter
1999.060.723 Letter Letter
1999.060.724 Letter Letter
1999.060.725 Letter Letter
1999.060.726 Letter Letter
1999.060.727 Letter Letter
1999.060.728 Letter Letter
1999.060.729 Letter Letter
1999.060.730 Letter Letter
1999.060.731 Letter Letter
1999.060.732 Letter Letter
1999.060.733 Letter Letter
1999.060.734 Letter Letter
1999.060.735 Letter Letter
1999.060.736 Letter Letter
1999.060.737 Letter Letter
1999.060.738 Card, Business Business card for Chung May Co. of Canton, China. English (and Chinese) written on white side and Chinese only on red side.
1999.060.739 Check, Bank Check on Wah Young account for $100 in Hong Kong currency made payable to Chung May Co., dated Sept. 22, 1925, check no. 24, drawn on The Bank of Canton, signed by Eng Monsilk
1999.060.740 Check, Bank Check on Wah Young account for $100 in Hong Kong currency made payable to Chung May Co., dated Oct. 15, 1926, check no. 1904, drawn on The Bank of Canton, signed by Eng Monsilk.
1999.060.741 Check, Bank Check on Wah Young Co. account for $50 in Hong Kong currency made payable to Chung May Co., dated Apr. 26, 1927, check no. 2422, drawn on The Bank of Canton signed by Eng Monsilk.
1999.060.742 Check, Bank Check on Wah Young Co. account for $100 in Hong Kong currency made payable to Chung May Co., dated July 7, 1926, check no. 1569, drawn on The Bank of Canton, signed by Eng Monsilk.
1999.060.743 Certificate, Stock Stock certificate issued by China Mail Steamship Co., Ltd. to Ng See Bo, 2 shares, No. 8511, on March 6, 1917, signed by Lon C. Timble (?).
1999.060.744 Notice Notice regarding an Amerian citizen entering Russia as to immigration procedure. Form is not filled in; dated Aug. 1, 1920
1999.060.745 Document a-c: Papers giving directions on using a passport, what happens if lost or destroyed, and income tax requirements before leaving the country Directions Concerning the Use of Passports Notice to the Bearer of this Passport Income Tax Requirements
1999.060.746 Coupon A Swift's United Profit Sharing Coupon, 2 coupons, cash value 2/3 cent, # 682313A, Swift & Co. issuer, "redeemable only by person to whom originally issued ," printed on both sides. Swift's United Profit Sharing Coupon
1999.060.747 Print, Photographic a-f: Photo of a Chinese immigrant man wearing traditional Chinese working clothes with white collar slightly exposed. Photographed from the waist up. Possibly a passport picture. Print
1999.060.748 Envelope a-b: Envelope with writing saying U.S. Dept. of Labor, Immigration Service, Certificate of Identity, Name (Ng Len Chung written in) + No. 31399 (written in), + sleeve with a red band running down the middle + writing in Chinese. c-f: Photo of a Chinese immigrant man dressed in a suit and tie, hair combed back. Possibly a passport picture. Was in envelope Acc. # 1999.60.748a. Certificate of Identity
1999.060.749 Letter a-b: Letters (2) to Mr. Wing Bow in Seattle from Mary Osasa and her brother Tommy Osasa in Port Angeles, WA. Mr. Bow was being thanked for favors he had done for them. They were Japanese and he was Chinese. Letters and Envelope
1999.060.750 Letter Letter to Mr. Wing from Bob Takebayashi living at the Milwaukee Hotel, asking for money. Letter dated Oct. 16 1929. Letter
1999.060.751 Letter a-b: Letter and envelope addressed to Mr. Ah Wing of Port Townsend, WA from the Office of U.S. Marshal telling him that he is being paid $3.20 for witness fees. Letter dated June 1,1917. Folded in thirds. Letter and Envelope
1999.060.791 Coupon Postcard with five coupons from Holeproof Hosiery Co. Coupons B-F with stamped date of sale Mar 14 1913, Printed under coupon F: "DIRECTIONS FOR EXCHANGE of HOSE, Customers must mail the damaged hose in separate package. (According to Post Office ruling, written matter cannot be enclosed with returned hose under Merchandise rates.) Therefore, when you send the first pair of damaged hose, mail separately the top section of this ticket, which forms a post card. (See opposite side.) If more than one pair is to be returned, enclose a corresponding number of the remaining coupons with the goods, and place you name and address on outside of package. Mail to us direct, and we will replace the same, charges prepaid. HOLEPROOF HOSIERY CO. Milwaukee, Wis., U.S.A. Printed on postcard: "WE GUARANTEE, that these Six Pairs of "Holeproof Hose" will need no darning for six months. If they should, we agree to replace them by new ones upon the surrender of this ticket with the worn pair and Coupon A, provided they are returned to us within six months from date of sale to wearer." Holeproof Hosiery Co., Milwaukee Wisconsin
1999.060.792 Note Chinese note with "Wah Sun Co., 122 Pender Str. E., Vancouver , B.C." written on bottom center
1999.060.793 Newspaper Chinese Newspaper
1999.060.794 Note Chinese note written in pencil
1999.060.795 Note Chinese note
1999.060.796 Letter Chinese Letter
1999.060.797 Letter a,b: Chinese letter with envelope
1999.060.798 Letter a, b: Chinese letter with envelope
1999.060.799 Advertisement Advertisement for a Chinese herb shop - Cheng he tang at 99 Wenxian Street Shanghuan, Hong Kong Advertisement
1999.060.800 Paper One sheet of unwritten Chinese letter paper
1999.060.801 Letter a,b,c : Chinese letter with two envelopes, smaller envelope with Chinese written on front and printed on back, Larger envelope addressed to Wah Young + Co., 416 8th Ave. So., Seattle Wash." Canada postage, Stamped with "CHONG WO YUCK KEE CO., CHINESE RESTAURANT, EMPORTER, EXPORTER, 743(?) CORMORANT ST. P.O. Box 235, VICTORIA, B.C." Postmarked Sept 28, 11- PM, 1913.
1999.060.802 Letter a,b: Chinese letter with envelope
1999.060.803 Envelope Chinese letter envelope
1999.060.804 Postcard Postcard, printed on letter side "Chung Sai Yat Po, 809 Sacramento St., San Francisco, Cal." Chinese characters also printed and written, addressed to Lee You, 1511 1/2 4th Ave, Seattle Washington, Postmarked "SAN FRANCISCO, CAL, MAY 15 7:30 PM 1915 (?).
1999.060.805 Envelope Chinese letter envelope, Chinese written on front
1999.060.806 Note Chinese note
1999.060.807 Letter Chinese letter
1999.060.808 Letter Chinese letter written on front and back
1999.060.809 Letter Chinese letter
1999.060.810 Notebook a: Blank notebook b: Weekly time book for contractors, partially filled c: Notebook, partially filled
1999.060.811 Note Miscellaneous notes and receipts, most are written in Chinese
1999.060.812 Note Miscellaneous notes and receipts, most are written in Chinese
1999.060.813 Note Miscellaneous notes and receipts, most are written in Chinese
1999.060.814 Note Miscellaneous notes and receipts, most are written in Chinese
1999.060.815 Note Miscellaneous notes and receipts, most are written in Chinese
1999.060.816 Receipt Receipts in alphabetical order, letters A, B, and C: A. Pupko Acme poultry & Egg Co. American Trust Company American Wholesale Grocery Bank of America Blake, Moffitt & Towne Blum & Bergeron Carstens Packing Co. Clabber Girl Baking Powder Co. C.M. Bogle Packing Co. Chet Hansen Co. City of Seattle, Dept of Lighting City of Seattle, Water Department Cliff Tooley's City Hall Market Continental Baking Company, Wonder Bread Bakery Continental Baking Company, Hostess Cake Kitchen Coastwise Line Crescent Manufacturing Co.
1999.060.817 Receipt Receipts in alphabetical order, letters D, E, and F: D. Davies & Company, Wholesale Coffees Department of Labor and Industries Desimon Bros. & Co. Dohrmann Hotel Supply Co. Duncan & Sons, Inc. Earlington Poultry & Egg Co. Fair Meat Market Fox Garage
1999.060.818 Receipt Receipts in alphabetical order, letters G, H, and I: G. De Felice Co. Geo. A. Jensen & Co. Glaser Beverages, Inc. Golden Pheasant Noodle Co. Gom Hong Co. Granger & Company Guy Lum Poultry Co. H. J. Heinz Company Hills Bros. Coffee Imperial Candy Company Inter-City Auto Freight, Inc. Interstate Freight Lines, Inc.
1999.060.819 Receipt Receipts from James Henry Packing Co.
1999.060.820 Receipt Receipts in alphabetical order, letter J: James Henry Packing Co. Jerisgold Dairy Products Co.
1999.060.821 Receipt Receipts in alphabetical order, letters K and L: Kam Yen Jan Co. Kaplan Paper Co. Kristoferson's Dairy Kwan On Wing Co. Kwong Yick & Co. L. G. Wilkens Company L. Marks & Co., Inc. Lee & Eastes Auto Freight Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company Luckenbach Gulf Line
1999.060.822 Receipt Receipts in alphabetical order, letters M, N, and O: M.J.B. Co. McCormick Steamship Company McKesson & Robbins Incorporated Meats, Inc. Metropolitan Grocery Co., Inc. Mitchell Freightways Nisqually Packing Co. North Coast Importing Company North Coast Transportation Company Northern Pacific Railway Company Northwest Baker Ince Machine Co., Inc. Oberta & Company Olympia Oyster & Fish Co. Oregon City Woolen Mills Oscar Lucks Company
1999.060.823 Receipt Receipts in alphabetical order, letters P, Q, and R: Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company Pacific Fruit & Produce Co. Pacific Highway Transport Perry Bros. Plymouth Poultry Company Pork House, The Puget Sound News Company Puget sound Power & Light Company R.L. Polk & Co. Railway Express Agency Rainier Merchants Police Patrol Watchman Service Rath Packing Company, The Reliance Pure Foods
1999.060.824 Receipt Receipts in alphabetical order, letters S, T, and U: Sam Lee Schwabacher Bros. & Co., Inc. Seattle Auto Freight Depot Seattle City Light Seattle Daily & Sunday Times Seattle Gas Company Seattle- First National Bank Seattle Packing Company Seattle Times Seattle Water Department Serv-U-Meat Inc. Service Fruit Co., Inc. Sterling Poultry Co. South Park Poultry Co. St. Pierre-Fry Produce Company Stoner and Trace, Engineering Works Sunset Electric Co. Swift & Company Tsue Chong Co. Tuck Shing Company
1999.060.825 Receipt Receipts in alphabetical order, letters V, W, X, Y, and Z: Wa Cong Co. Wa Young Company Washington Duck Farm Washington Natural Gas West and Wheeler Realtors Western States Grocery Co. Williams' Saratoga Chips and Pure Horse Radish Wm. Gavosto Co. Wing Hop Co. Wo Kee & Company Yuen Hing & Co. Zellerbach Paper Company
1999.060.838 Note Miscellaneous notes and receipts
1999.060.839 Records Micellaneous tax and income records
1999.060.840 Paper Blank loose note paper and partially written notepad
1999.060.841 Paper Blank Notepaper
1999.060.842 Note a-c: Salary notes for three employees
1999.060.864 Documents Gom Hong Store documents, receipts, account books, correspondence
1999.060.865 Documents Gom Hong Store documents, receipts, account books, correspondence
1999.060.866 Documents Gom Hong Store documents, receipts, account books, correspondence
1999.060.867 Documents Gom Hong business documents, invoices. Gom Hong Co
1999.060.868 Documents Gom Hong Store documents, receipts, account books
1999.060.869 documents Purchase receipts for products at the Gom Hong Co.
1999.060.870 Documents Purchase receipts for products at the Gom Hong Co.
1999.060.924 Paper 10 - packages of Plain white writing paper Writing paper
1999.060.925 Book, account 6 - blue cloth bound books Account Book
1999.060.926 Book, account 10 - plain paper bound account books Account Book
1999.060.967 Book, account Two paper personal account books
1999.060.973 Receipt Receipt from Gas Department to L. Fung for 13 dollars. Receipt
1999.060.974 Receipt Check for 2000 pesos from Seattle National Bank to California Grocery Check
1999.060.979 Booklet Four booklet Instruction Papers Laces, Silks, and Linens Remodeling and Inovating Embroidery Stitches Essential Stitches. From Gom Hong Box 25 Women's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences.
1999.060.980 Booklet Piano Instruction and music books
1999.060.981 Scapbook Gloria Eng's scrap book of a trip across the US in 1946. Programs from New York on ballet, broadway, circus and zoo. Restaurant menus, guides. Scrap Book
1999.060.982 Article Mrs. Wanda Eng wins back US citizenship after losing it in 1929 when she married Jack Eng. They lived in Canton and Hong Kong and returned to the US in 1946. They settled in Seattle. American Wife of Chinese Chemical engineer reclaims lost citizenship in Saginaw court
1999.060.998 Notebook Notebook with English Chinese translation notes. Written on the interior is: Fred Eng dated 1914 Small leather bound notebook
1999.064 Newspaper Glossy white tabloid style newspaper, "Asian Family Affair" The paper has black and white photographs and black printing. This issue, Vol. 1, No. 9 is titled 'On the March" on focuses on the November 1972 rally against the Kingdome by Asian American activists. Additional covers from 1984 with stories on I D boom; Becon Hill Boys movie; Ike Ikeda; Naomi Iwata Sanchez; Ruthanne Kurose.
1999.065 Program Glossy cover, multi-page program: "Wing Luke Invitational Art Exhibition '79" The front cover has a tan colored reproduction of Alan Lau's "Muddy Waters" The program lists all invilved with setting up and the artists displayed at the exhibition. There are some black and white reproductions of the works.
1999.066 Program Glossy white paper cover program with black printing: "Made in America: Annual Asian American Art Exhibition" There are black and white photographs of the art and short bios of the artists.
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