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Wing Luke Museum
1997.024.016.249 Article Moon Woo: Head of the Lion Dragon in the Chinatown Grande Parade Thursday night, strikes one of his less terrifying poses during the big procession. He Looks Dangerous
1997.024.016.250 Article Mrs. Robert Swanson, 23, Belligham, recovering in Harborview Country Hospital from burns she suffered when her home burned 14 months ago. The nurse with her, Miss Evelyn Lung, held up a picture of two of her children for her to look at. LONG SIEGE
1997.024.016.251 Article A big gorup picture likely taken at Garfield High School. GARFIELD
1997.024.016.252 Article Royal Portrait: 33 Seafair princesses wore their prettiest smiles as they 'sat' for a group portrait last night in the Olympic Hotel, scene of the Coronation Ball for Beverly Kaye Smith, selected as 1955 Queen of the Seas. NEW SEAFAIR QUEEN BEVERLY KAYE SMITH CROWNED
1997.024.016.253 Article A scene marked the high point in the celebration of the "Double Tenth" by Seattle's Chinese last night. The photo shows the crowd filled the street from curbs to curbs at 7th Ave. South and King Street as a writhing dragon paraded to the music of a Chinese band. SEATTLE CHINESE CELEBRATE 'DOUBLE TENTH'.
1997.024.016.254 Article Elinore Eng smiled her delight at being namedqueen of Seattle's Chinese Community. ORIENTAL SPLENDOR
1997.024.016.255 Article Advertisement of Lewiston's Majestic Cafe. Photo of manager Michael Lee shown. The Majestic Cafe
1997.024.016.256 Article Six contestants will compete for title Miss Seattle Chinese Community at Seafair activities. They are Jean Chinn, Phylis Chinn, Hazel Eng, Katie Wong, Sandra Wong,and Maxine Loo. Miss Seattle Chinese Community Candidates
1997.024.016.257 Article Mrs. Merville W. Mclnnis, decorations chairman of the Washington Sate International Trade Fair banquet, was given decorating ideas by foreign friends who sbowed her typical craft articles from their countries. They were Ms. Yun-Cheng Lu, Mrs. Bartolome Umayam, Mrs. Yoshiharu Takeno and Mrs. Vasant Surati of India. DECORATORS
1997.024.016.258 Article Ornate balcony of Gee How Oak China Association on King Sat. gives trade Fair aids dramatic setting for planning session. ATMOSPHERE OF OLD CHINA IN SEATTLE SETTING
1997.024.016.259 Article Silas Jue adjusted Dale Wong's headdress as they prepared for a dance. Sherman Woo and Terry Chinn watched.
1997.024.016.260 Article Scoutsof Troop 254, Silas Jue and Terry Chinn, were practicing for an Indian hula dance in Plains Indian costume. Terry Chinn is the drummer.
1997.024.016.261 Article SAM BROWN of the Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. discussed with student leaders Dave Brown, Penny Wong and Jim Nick ,at Cleveland High School his participation int the forestry section of a school vocational conference.
1997.024.016.262 Article Ken Brooks, Sealth High School baseball manager, and Lancing Chinn Garfield golf manager, grinned at the misspelled first name on a poster which Bulldog golfers presented to Chinn.
1997.024.016.263 Article Carol Giron, a Garfield High School photography pupil, posed in a corner of the classroom studio for two fellow pupils, Larry Chow and Willie Barrington. HIGH SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY
1997.024.016.264 Article Pert Cheryl Chow, tacks up one of 1,500 posters which will be appearing on downtown lamp posts inviting everyone to the Washington State International Trade Fair . Also in the picture is Miss Seattle- Sharon Samuelson. Welcome 'Mats' Posted
1997.024.016.265 Article Students Ruth Russell, Donald Eng and William Farrington are with head teacher Mrs. Gloster for rehearsal of presentation of diplomas at Fairland Sanatorium in Seattle's North End. Battling TB, They Won Fight For Education
1997.024.016.266 Article Mrs. D.K. Weaver, international-dinner chairman for the Y.W.C.A.'s World Fellowship Fiesta, checked the menus items with Andrea Mar, Hisako Toyokawa. International Menus
1997.024.016.267 Article Injured mountain climber Jack R. Slenofer, rests in Virginia Mason Hospital. Nurse Elinore Eng takes care of him. Recuperating After Glacier Fall
1997.024.016.268 Article Willard Jue, an instructor of Boy Scout, also has been called upon to teach Camp Fire and Girl Scout leaders. Picture was taken at Seward Park. WILLARD JUE
1997.024.016.269 Article Willard Jue teaches Camp Fire leaders: Mrs. Ernest L. Roller, Mrs. Ray Courtney and Mrs. Albert Schuster. JUE
1997.024.016.270a&b Article Willard Jue for years has delighted in sharing his knowledge of plants with Seattle's Boy Scouts. Nature Teacher
1997.024.016.271a&b Article -a: LEARNING EARLY, Melvin Locke and Shari Woo learned the Chinese character for 'middle' or 'central' from Mrs. Anne Lau. -a:EASY DOES IT, Nancy Mah, Sanford Hum, Wanda Eng are learning Chinese calligraphy using brushes. -b:CHINESE PRIMER, Mickey Mah, read the Chinese version of "See Jane Run..." -b:I KNOW, TEACHER, Ginger Wah raised her hand and flashed a knowing smile when she knew the answer to a question. -It Says 'Central'. -Pens Are Brushes -'Backward' Reader -In Any Language
1997.024.016.272 Article Rollicking Time in Chinatown: A Chinese Dragon, for centuries a symbol of happiness and celebration winds its way along the parade route in Chinatown last night as thousands of watchers line the street curbs and sidewalks. Ping Chow led the team.
1997.024.016.273 Article Harry Wong, in Trader Vic's restaurant, showed the Washington Natural Gas Co.'s economist, June Holladay, how he lights the combination of crab and shrimp in white sauce, wine and brandy to give it its distinctive flavor. TRADER VI'S SPECIALITY: FLAMING SPAGHETTI
1997.024.016.274 Article Dorothy Neighbors (Marilyn Kirkby) of The Seattle Times, learned from Norselander Restaurant's assistant chef, Eng Kung Wen on how lobster thermidor is made. NORSELANDER: LOBSTER THERMIDOR
1997.024.016.275 Article Racking Wielding Is Their Forte: Tennis Champion Mrs. Amy Yee coaches youngest son Gary on proper racket grip while others in family, Linda, Joyce, Gordon and Mr. Yee, watch. Yee Whiz, Yees String Along Together: South Side Home is House of Tennis Champions
1997.024.016.276 Article It's in the family: Wilma Eng was named Miss Chinese Community this year and her sister, Eleanor, won in 1956. (A distant cousin, Ruby Eng, was '58 queen) Eng Dynasty Continues; Wilma New Miss Chinese Community
1997.024.016.277 Article Dragon Men: Ed Wong, a 6-footer, and Willie Chin, 5 feet 1/2 inch, are among the men who operate Chinatown's spectacular dragon. It's A Tougher Inside Job: Dragon's Fierceness Skin Deep
1997.024.016.278 Article Deadly Bush: Willard G. Jue of the University of Washington Arboretum showed the characteristic leaves and berries of the poisonous woody nightshade plant. Warning: Deadly Nightshade Plant Widespread
1997.024.016.279 Article SPEAKING OUT: Lesile Cribley, boys' adviser at Garfield High School, listened as roll-room representatives discussed school problem at their weekly meeting. WORKING TOGETHER
1997.024.016.280 Article President of the United Savings Bank, Robert Chinn, is hosting a week long celebration to mark thir fourth anniversary. Free TV Set, Coffee, Cake, Orchids To Highlight United Savings Bank Party
1997.024.016.281 Article Words of Christina Fong reveal what the Christian faith means to a young American of Chinese background. CHRISTINA FONG
1997.024.016.282 Article Happy: Mrs. Harry W. Pang holds her two foster children, Weng Mooi, 2 1/2 and her brother Hing Wah, 11 months, orphans who arrived here from Hong Kong Thursday. Two Tots Turn Childless Home Into Empire
1997.024.016.283 Article Top Scholar: Dr. Henry Schmitz, University of Washington president, yesterday presented the President's Medal to David Bing Jue Chang, 20, Chang, a native of Seattle, had straight A's through college. David Chang Top U.W. Scholar
1997.024.016.284 Article Refugees in Hong Kong will receive 4,400 pounds of food in CARE packages bought with money raised here by the Chi-Ettes, Chinese girls' service organization. Sandra Chun and Frieda Ching presented a check for $224 to Mrs. Marguerite Kelly of CARE office. REFUGEES IN HONG KING
1997.024.016.285 Article Art Louie and Jim Ross showed off their identical 24-pound-11-ounce steelhead catches. TWIN CATCHES
1997.024.016.286 Article Five girls are nominated as finalists in the contest to pick a queen to reign over the Seattle Chinese Community during Seafair. They are Norma Chun, Valerie Chinn, Charlene Eng, Shirlee Huey, and Virginia Wong. Finalists Are Selected 5 Nominated For Queen By Chinese Community
1997.024.016.287 Article Ruby Chow's expensively decorated float in Thursday night's Chinese Community Parade tells a story: The Chinese figures on the boat represent the "God of Loyalty, Righteousness, and Filial Piety". SYMBOLIC
1997.024.016.288 Article Chinese community queen Shirlee Huey welcomes Mayor Gordon S. Clinton and Gov. Albert D. Rosellini to Seafair's Chinatown Night. QUEEN'S WELCOME
1997.024.016.289 Article Graduates of the Providence Hospital School of Medical Record Librarians received diplomas. In the picture were, Barbara A. Mar, Sister Pius Augustine, Sister Mary Catherine-Aurelie, Sister Vincent and Mary Ann Flynn, Leona A. Dreps, Mary Arnold, Gillis A. Bienvenu, Clarisse E. Gordon and Sally A. Mount. GRADUATES
1997.024.016.290a&b Article -a: Guay L. Lee, president of the Chong Wa Benevolent Association -b: Mr and Mrs. Lung Sing Luke, parents of a Seattle attorney Wing C. Luke, operate a grocery store at 914 James St. Sui Gim Lock retired last year after 30 years as a chef at Virginia Mason Hospital, he has 10 children. Seattle's Chinese Are Industrious, Happy Colony: 3,000 here take part in varied occupations
1997.024.016.291 Article Anne Locke, Elinore Eng, Ruby Eng, May Wong and Vicki Locke, five girls announced as finalists in the contest for queen to represent Seattle's Chinese Community during Seafair activities. DARK-EYED BEAUTIES
1997.024.016.292 Article Family reunion: Members of the Wong Chong family gathered for their first reunion in 20 years. In the picture, James Fong, Kenneth G. Wong,Sue Lynn Pang, Wilbur, Dr. Edward, Dr.Harry and Dr. Sam Wong.
1997.024.016.293 Article Chinese Navy Sailors Chen Shu Yang and Chang Yang Chaeh play the drums with arms around the pretty drummers, June Eng and Judy Eng, sisters of the Chinese Community Girls Drill Team. Chinatown Parade Makes "Twain Meet"- Assist For Drummers
1997.024.016.294 Article Wedding announcement: Mrs. Paul Nam Woo (Haw-di Yuin) was married to Yuen G. Woo.
1997.024.016.295 Article Wedding announcement: Mrs. Kenneth Kendall Chew (May Y. Wong) was married to Dick Chew.
1997.024.016.296 Article Evelyn Thomas, a new Bailey Gatzert School pupil, with four teachers of different ricial ancestry: Mrs. June Motin (Negro), Miss Marlene Braun (Caucasians), Miss Mamie Chinn (Chinese) and Miss Claire Sugaro (Japanese). INTEGRATED SCHOOL. SEATTLE SCHOOL 'COLOR BLIND'
1997.024.016.297 Article Leader Gather: Five participants in the Inter-High School Leadership Conference discussed the conference program. They are Katie Eaden, Bob Kirchner, Richard Woo, Pam Campbell and Miss Peggy Walthew. Dancing Paves Way to Talking
1997.024.016.298 Article Queenly Caress: Ruby Eng, admired the "Tim McCullough Trophy" presented to her. She was crowned queen of the annual King County Democratic picnic at Vasa Park by Gov. Albert D. Rosellini. Ruby Eng Selected As 'Miss Democrat'
1997.024.016.299 Article New Officers are: Tom Kearns, Greg Barlow, Brenda McGroarty, Pat Monahan, and Edward Chow. New Officers At Seattle University
1997.024.016.300 Article Photographer Betty Eng's shots of basketball players at practice. Girl Photographer keeps on the Go: Garfield High Pupil 'Cover' Her School
1997.024.016.301a&b Article -a: Betty Eng's photo shots of her brothers, Andy and Chuckie -b: Betty taking pictures backstage at the senior play, Georgiann Laffell, cast as a nurse and Renate Herbst. Girl Photographer keeps on the Go: Garfield High Pupil 'Cover' Her School
1997.024.016.302a&b Article -a: Betty Eng tinted her painting work -b:Betty Eng presented her painting to Miss Louise Pugh and her sister Ann Pugh, former Garfield teachers. Betty was joined by Paul Blacksten, president of the Garfield Camera Club. Girl Photographer keeps on the Go: Garfield High Pupil 'Cover' Her School
1997.024.016.303a&b Article -a: Betty reads everything she can find about her favorite subject, photography. -b:Betty is thrilled to work alongside professional photographers, such as Larry Dion. Girl Photographer keeps on the Go: Garfield High Pupil 'Cover' Her School
1997.024.016.304 Article Fifteen hundred needy and hungry refugees in HongKong are going to have hearty Christmas meals through the efforts of the Seattle Chi-Ettes, a service-and social club of young Chinese women. Shown in the picture Miss Frieda Ching. Seattle Chi-Ettes Providing Meal for 1,500 in HongKong
1997.024.016.305 Article Gov. Albert D. Rosellini accepts two tickets to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Commemorative Ball, from King County Democratic Queen, Ruby Eng and John Papajani, chairman of the ball. That's the Ticket, Governor
1997.024.016.306 Article Steve Sherman, president of Garfield High School's Student Council, conducted a meeting with his council members including Judy Leong. HIGH-SCHOOL LEADERS
1997.024.016.307 Article The Chinese Girls' Drill Team, one of the units of the Seafair parades. Marching in Fine Fashion.
1997.024.016.308 Article Ruby Eng held a bouquet and smiled happily after she was announced as Miss Chinese Community of 1958. CHINESE QUEEN
1997.024.016.309 Article Five girls, Victoria Wan, Sula Seid, Ruby Eng, Lonnie Mar and Mary Wong are competing for title of "Miss Chinese Community of 1958". Seattle Chinese To Pick Queen: One will be Crowned
1997.024.016.310a&b Article -a: Educated Gunman Mark Chow took time out from his graduation rehearsal for target practice on one of his classmates. -b: First Graduation 26 graduates from the Chinese Baptist Church Chinese Baptist Nursery School Will Graduate 27
1997.024.016.311 Article Charles Wah checks over some of the gowns to be shown at the Chinese fashion show. The models shown are Mrs. Alfred Mar, Miss Valerie Chinn, Mrs. Sidney Mon Wai and Mrs. Alfred K. Eng. Fashion, Chinese Style
1997.024.016.312 Article Mrs. Elsie Huie arranges hair-do for Chinese model, Mrs. Henry Luke, for a rehearsal of an Orient fashion show. Chinese Fashions In Seafair Showing
1997.024.016.313 Article Emilie Eng, Doris Lew and Frieda Ching used flags of many lands in decorating the Yestler Terrace Gymnasium for the Jackson Street Community Council annual meeting. "Children Around the World" will be the meeting theme. DECORATIONS
1997.024.016.314 Article Seafair Finery- Members of the Chinese Community Girls' Drill Team, Jeanne Chinn, Phyllis Chinn and Jeanne Woo, modeled the new aqua-green costumes they will wear during Seafair events this year. New Look
1997.024.016.315 Article After 49 years- Workmen cleaning the face of the Hip Sing Association's building at Eighth Avenue South and King Street prepared to refurbish the sign that has decorated the building since it was dedicated in 1911. Hip Sings Clean House As Convention Nears
1997.024.016.316 Article King Neptune IX, W. Price Sullivan shares the honor spot on the reviewing stand with pretty Ruby Eng, 21, who is Miss Chinatown, during the annual Chinese Community Night of Seafair. Sharing Spotlight
1997.024.016.317 Article Top Officers of the Chong Wa Benevolent Association are Ping Chow, president, Charles Wah, vice president and Ling Mar, Chinese secretary. Chinese Group Elects New Head
1997.024.016.318 Article Miss Democrat Abdicates Role: Ruby Eng is the new Miss Chinese Community Queen Here Gets New Crown
1997.024.016.319a&b Article Discussing Oriental Painting- Prof. Ng Kung Fu, famed Chinese artist, discusses his watercolor painting of a tiger with Ping Chow and Yun-Cheng Lu, Consul General for the Republic of China at Seattle. Painting is titled "The King of Wild Beasts". Famed Chinese Artist Here to Display Wares
1997.024.016.320a&b Article -a: A reception in honor of the 47th anniversary of the Republic of China. In the picture, Chinese Consul General Mr. Lu Yun-Cheng and his wife. Mrs F.K. Li and Mr. Frank A. Dupar. -b: Dr. and Mrs. Henry Luke, Miss Janet Munro and Mrs. Ford E. Smith were admiring the floral decoration on the table that marked the 47th anniversary of the Republic of China. a-AT RECEPTION b-ANNIVERSARY FLOWERS
1997.024.016.321a&b Article -a: They Campaigned And Won Seven women are drawing up plans for their work as trustees of the Chinese Benevolent Association. They are Mrs. Lowman Jang, Mrs. Robert Chinn, Mrs. Charles G. Chinn, Mrs. William Eng, Mrs. Joe Lew, Mrs. Bong Lew and Ruby Chow. -b: Women Break Tradition, Hold Office The Ladies Had No Face To Lose, So: There's New Look In Chinatown
1997.024.016.322 Article Ruby Eng dance for the talent show in Miss Chinatown competition.
1997.024.016.323 Article Miss Diane Tuefa Luke became the bride of Mr. Wang Tate Locke. SEPTEMBER BRIDE
1997.024.016.324 Article Interview of Dr. Henry S. Luke. He talked about his and Chinese's lives in the US. In the photo were Dr. Luke, his wife and their 5 children, Kathie, Carolyne, Lowell, Peter and Pamela (the twins). Times Do Change--Happy New Year
1997.024.016.325 Article Mrs. R.E. Dow heads Trade Fair organization volunteers who assist as hostesses during event. Ruby Chow is the restaurateur who is serving tea. VOLUNTEERS PLAY KEY ROLES
1997.024.016.326 Article Chinese beauty Wilma Eng, waves to the huge crowd at the Seafair Parade with her princesses, Judy Leong and Vera Chan. Queen Wilma and Royal Court
1997.024.016.327 Article Jim Weatherford looked on as three first-grade pupils started the mammoth chore of signing a huge 'get well' card for their principal, Donald Olts who suffered a heart-attack earlier. SYMPATHETIC
1997.024.016.328 Article Wilma Eng, Cecilia W.H. Ching, Diane Gray Seattle Royalty Greets Queen From Hawaii "Lovely Hula Hands': Hawaii Chinese Queen Ends Visit
1997.024.016.329 Article MISS CHINATOWN: Sandra Wong, 18, accepted congratulations by telephone today after her selection last night as Miss Seattle Chinese Community. SANDRA WON! Lincoln Graduates Will Carry Chinatown's Seafair Hopes
1997.024.016.330 Article Four Miss Chinese Community candidates pluck petals of a daisy to see who will be the 1959 winner. They are Judy Leong, Wilma Eng, Betty Luke and Vera Chang. New Queen Will be Selected. 'Tis Me, 'Tis Not, 'Tis You, 'Tis Not: 4 Candidates In Chinese Community
1997.024.016.331 Article Bracken, Bob Flowers, Harley Bird, Jacquie Kay accepting All-Sports Trophy.
1997.024.016.332 Article Mr. and Mrs. Arporna Sribhibhadh: A Modern Thai Family Two Careers, Four Sons, Time for Tennis!
1997.024.016.333 Article Chinese Egg Rolls: Ruby Chow showed egg rolls to Jean Lovejoy, home economist with the Sears Roebuck Foundation. Ruby Chow
1997.024.016.334 Article Abe Lum, Four Seas partner and Mrs. Jerry Choi, hostess were photographed outside the restaurant.
1997.024.016.335 Article Gail Yee and Michael Marr, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in Chinese, set the theme for "The Christmas Around the World" program opening Sat. at the Museum of History and Industry. IN CHINESE
1997.024.016.336 Article Tek Wong Gim Ling, prepared to drive Irene Chen and Wong Lui--San through International District.
1997.024.016.337 Article Gin Lin Woo mailed $5.51 to Mr. Milton Katims, Symphony conductor, from a Bailey Gatzert School class. CHILDREN TOO
1997.024.016.338 Article Competing for the title of "Miss Seattle Chinese Community" are Darlene J. Luke, Nancy Ann Wong, Carolyne Victoria Luke and Joyce Yee. ORIENTAL CHARM
1997.024.016.339 Article Four young tennis experts won the All Seattle Park Department doubles championships. They are: Gordon Yee, Dale Wong, Margaret McEwan and Judy Shaner. Beacon Hill Tennis Champions
1997.024.016.340 Article Cheer-leading and song-leading girls breathed defiance at their Kent-Meridian rivals. Shown in the picture: Doralee Schaefer, Ann Herm, Sally O'Shea, Penny Beppu, Jean Sumida and Charlene Woo, Bill Renton, Bob Seaton, and Don Shimono. Garfield Defies Kent-Meridian
1997.024.016.341 Article In an effort to get out the vote in Tue.'s election, the Bailey Gatzert School Parent-Teacher Association is distributing a sample ballot in Japanese and explanation of the school levy in Chinese. Shown are Mrs. Robert Chinn, James Mar, Mrs. Kenny Nakatani and Mrs. Yukio Kuniyuki. Chinese, Japanese Voters Get Data Sample Ballot Thanslated As Election Help
1997.024.016.342 Article Young grads from nursery school of Chinese Baptist Church. Gordon Fong, Kathy Wagny, Norman Ong, Becky Yee, Gordon Ohashi, Andrea Ding, Gene Lock, Kimmee Chinn, Benny Toy, Alan Chinn, Ellen Sasaki, Faye Wooten, Martin Pang, Barbara Wong, Patrick Chinn and Jeannette Louie, Michelle Jackson. SENIOR CLASS: Nursery School Sets Graduation
1997.024.016.343 Article Wing Luke and Beaming Mother: Congratulations For Successful Son Wing Luke defeated Dr. J. G. Aiken, in the contest for the Council seat vacated by Bob Jones. Luke to 'Bring Honor' To His City and Family
1997.024.016.344 Article Head of the new Chinese Benevolent Association dragon is stroked gently by Bryan Chow while his brother Mark looks on. The dog, Tyco, seems to regard the dragon with suspicion. Named Goom Loong, dragon will make first appearance in Seattle Seafair Parade. Goom Loong, 120 Feet Long, Is New No.1 Seattle Dragon 'There, There, That's a Nice Fellow'
1997.024.016.345 Article Unique costumes of the Makah Indians worn by Explorer Scouts are explained by Sam Eng, adviser to the Order of the Arrow dance team, to Club Scout Tommy Target, of Club Scout Pack 289. Scouts Depict 50-Year History In Colorful Circus Pageant Youth Honor Northwest Indians
1997.024.016.346 Article Police Patrolman Ted Yerabek has a try at blowing out candles on four birthday cakes, part of this birthday present of 60 cakes from Chinese Girls Drill Team. Also in the picture: Sherrie Lew, Vicki Wong, Sharon Chin and Ada Gee. To Drill Team Leader Friend: Chinese Girls Say "Thanks".
1997.024.016.347 Article Larry Woo will become an Eagle Scout at a court of honor in the Chinese Baptist Church. Larry Woo To Become Eagle Scout
1997.024.016.348 Article HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Members of the Chinese Girls Drill Team in colorful costumes gathered around Patrolman Ted Yerabek, their drill master of the past ten years, and his daughter Lynn, to wish them happy birthday. BIRTHDAY FETE: Girls Honor Drill Master
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