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Wing Luke Museum
1997.024.016.149 Article A Chinese couple in Seattle, Mr. and Mrs.. Chinn was hoping for a miracle that would unite them with the daughter, Toy Su Chinn, they left in China in 1938. Chinese Family Hopes For Immigration Miracle
1997.024.016.150 Article Candidates for Girls' club officers are jokingly 'fishing' for their positions. Girls in the pictures are Reiko Kobayashi, Claire Saxton, Gloria Chadwick, Patsy Nakashima, Grace Woo, May Wong, Jan Newbegin, Margaret Meyer, Sally Kadoshima, Roma Jean Van Wyck.
1997.024.016.151 Article Quill and Scroll Pledges: Eddie Sherman, Francis Hyodo, Judy Schoenfeld, Jane Willard, Sandy Parker, Carol Stigenwalt, Gerry Brady, Bowen King,Nancy Field, Gail Plaut, Judy Levin, Ralph Byron, Tony Chin, Ted Choi, Jean Boncutter, Dolores Guiang. Not in the picture: Ann Lee August and Sue Shimmin.
1997.024.016.152 Article Rex, Paul and Hong are eating their lunches in the big institution which cares for hem. These boys are among the more than 1.000 youngsters who will be benefited by the Times Christmas Fund for Needy Children.
1997.024.016.153 Article Ping and Ruby Chow , proprietors of Ruby Chow's Restaurant, turn over the "lucky Dollars" to Yule Fund, Post-Intelligencer Christmas Fund for needy school children. Chows Turn Over Lucky Dollars To Yule Fund
1997.024.016.154 Article Members of the Chinese Girls' Drill Team. Instead of performing their specialty, they sang Christmas carols in Chinatown Monday Night, Chinese Christmas, for benefit of The Post-Intelligencer Christmas Fund. They Sang For Yule Fund
1997.024.016.155 Article Roosevelt Chinn, Seaman U.S.N.R., recently completed an eight-week course at the Naval Submarine School, New London, Conn. Seaman Chinn Completes Navy Submarine Course
1997.024.016.156 Article Picture of Jade Louie, wife of Dr. Kenneth Louie, past president of Rokka Ski Club. Jade Louie
1997.024.016.157 Article Members of the Chinese Girls' Drill Team sang Christmas carols in Chinatown during Chinese Christmas night, for benefit of the Post-Intelligencer Christmas Fund. Chinese Girl Drill Team Sang Xmas Songs
1997.024.016.158 Article Guests of Mrs. Ann Luke at Cathay Post Christmas party: Stanley Evans, Jim Bechtol, Commander Danny Mar, Mrs. Stanley Evans, Ann Luke, George T. Scott of University Post, and Bill Barnum of Rainier Valley Post. Cathay Post Christmas party.
1997.024.016.159 Article Mr. and Mrs. Woh Mar, greet Arthur Solomon and friends during the New Year Day visiting tour, an annual event of organizations of the International community. New Year Visiting Day
1997.024.016.160 Article Mrs. Woh Mar, greets New Year guests at home, Mr. William Ludwig, Mrs. Paul Greenwood and Lady Willie Forbes. New Year Visitors Woh Mar Home
1997.024.016.161 Article Six Garfield students fired questions at Joe Lewis when he was at their school assembly. The students are Gee Woo, George Holifield, Sandy Parker, Kumi Homma, Don Drury and Carolyn Blomgren. Garfield Students Interview "Brown Bomber"
1997.024.016.162 Article Attorneys William J. Wong and William Y. Mimbu in conference in law offices in Jackson building Attorneys Wong and Mimbu are Now Associated in Law Practice
1997.024.016.163 Article Cathay Post's traditional Chinese New Year banquet was high-lighted by the appearance of Northwest Legion Officers and such personalities as Mayor and Mrs. Allan Pomeroy. Mayor Pomeroy Visits Cathay Post
1997.024.016.164 Article -Mrs. Yu-Nam Chang, president of the Chinese Students of the University of Washington helped in the presentation of the play Nei Shu Chai at the University Christian Church. -Miss Jacqueline Baker, Helen Bush School senior, took part in the "The Emperors New Clothes". Seattle Celebrates Chinese New Year With Festivities
1997.024.016.165 Article Mrs. Howard Fong, formerly Miss Helen Chinn married recently in the Benjamin Franklin Hotel. Mrs. Howard Fong
1997.024.016.166 Article Members of the 1953 Radiance Rolls: Lorna Prim, Gael Burns, Elizabeth Rivers, Carolyn Blomgren, Jeanie Jue, Marian Namba, Barbara Jeffries, Suzanne Franzke, Jean Boncutter, Carol Stigenwalt, Sandy Parker, Jeanette Unosawa and Barbara Mar. Not shown in the picture is Toni Brinkmann. Members of the 1953 Radiance Rolls
1997.024.016.167a&b Article -a: Farewell Meal: Two Chinese girls, Nanci Wong and Deanna Eng wait on John Lallas as other draftees from the Puget Sound area receive Chinese dinner at Ruby Chow's before leaving for camp. Good Luck and Long Life To You: This Isn't Army Style. Chopsticks
1997.024.016.168 Article Chinese Entertain Draftees- Representative of the Chinese Community in Seattle, Ruby Chow and Chinese girls give best wishes and gifts to men being inducted into the Army. Seattle Chinese Dine Draftees- Farewell to Inductees
1997.024.016.169 Article Every Thursday at Edison Technical School, students in food trades prepare and serve a smorgasbord. The picture shows Bill Wong and D. Halvorson put finishing touches to potato salad and a standing prime rib. The 'flowers' in the basket really are carved out of turnips. A Miniature culinary-arts exhibit
1997.024.016.170 Article HAPPY REUNION: Jean K. Chinn, 7, hugs her father, Kie L. Chinn, after girl was abducted off Chinatown street Tuesday morning and released 40 minutes later. Jean was uninjured during harrowing experience. Girl, 7, Abducted; Released 40 Minutes Later Near Home
1997.024.016.171 Article Students as spring pledges were initiated to Quill and Scroll during the candle-lighting services held May 5. Shown in the photo: Carolyn Emmons, May Wong, Ruth Ann Bowers, Kumi Homma, Sally Kadoshima and Mitsue Yanagihara, Frieda Baraonsky, Darlene BradShaw, Roma-Jean Van Wyck, Marilyn Kraft, Carol Hillman, Paul Rogoway, Dick Campbell and Rod Woolston.
1997.024.016.172 Article Mrs. Cecilia Mar and Mrs. Jade Louie are seen buying delectable baked goods at the annual "Moon Festival" at Chinese Benevolent Cathay post 186. Auxiliary Food Booth At Moon Festival
1997.024.016.173 Article Fay Chong, Seattle artist, demonstrated the Chinese method of water-color painting before elementary-school pupils. The pupils are, Lanny Gilbert, Ruby Petchnick, and Carol Marshall. Oriental Painting
1997.024.016.174 Article Bowen King practiced his commencement speech to other commencement speakers, Jeanie Jue, Barbara Mar, Sue Allison, May Nakamura, Robert Stern, Mike Posner, Ed West, Irene Yamauchi and Don Wright.
1997.024.016.175 Article Commencement exercises for Edison Technical School. Shown in the picture are usherettes dressed in colorful costumes: Joy Papageorgiou, Greece Else Breivik, Norway JoAnne Matsusake, Japan Anna Echeverria, Costa Rica Yolanda Cabera, Mexico Susan Chinn and Julie Locke, China FROM MANY LANDS
1997.024.016.176 Article Chinese Baptist Nursery School graduates: Geoffrey Wong, John Lum, Dennis Wong, Steven Wong, Wallace Lee, and Janet Mun, Madeline Jung, Sheryl Lee, Jeanette Wong, Linda Foy, Marion Locke, Emily Mar and Linda Lau. SCHOLARS IN MINIATURE
1997.024.016.177 Article The Rt. Rev. Stephen F. Bayne, Jr., bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, stood with three ordinands before ceremonies at St., Mark's Cathedral. The three ordained are Revs. Charlies A. Forbes, Jr., J. William Bertolin and Rev. Lincoln Paul Eng. Three Episcopalians Ordained
1997.024.016.178 Article Scholastic leaders of the graduating classes of Seattle High Schools: Margaret Hease, Marilyn Foord, Carol Ann Nelson, Shirley Ann Currie, Irene Yamauchi, Barbara Mar , May Nakamura, Joanne Olson, Joyce Craig, JoAnne Pearson, Carolyn Sherry, Nancy Leer, Audrey Hensky, Helen Horn, Arlene Adler, Mahlon Ness, Jean Cruickshank, Lawrence Pescoe, Roberta Brown, Sylvia Kirkebo, Folke Nyberg, Grace Goodman. Girls Lead Boys for Scholastic Honors
1997.024.016.179 Article Fong Leong, Miss Doris Wong examine the score for the Chinese opera in which they will participate August 5th as part of the Chinese community's contribution to Seafair Week. Calvin Woo is seated in front of 'yang kum', a Chinese dulcimer Chinese Will Present Authentic Native Opera
1997.024.016.180 Article A queen will be chosen from the following five girls, Sally Chinn, Deanna Eng, Mary Locke, Ruby Locke, Sharon Mar to reign over the annual Chinatown Night, sponsored by the Seattle Chinese Community as a Seafair event. QUEENLY QUINTET
1997.024.016.181 Article The Chinese community's 102-foot dragon is seen Thursday after coming out of hibernation since last year's Seafair. Dragon Roams Chinatown
1997.024.016.182 Article A name list of football players and individual photos. Seattle's Best of 1953
1997.024.016.183 Article Roger Eng a senior at Garfield, was the featured boy of the week. Roger Eng
1997.024.016.184 Article Presidents of the Garfield Clubs: Frances Owen, Purple Paw Eleanore Johnson, Spades Grace Woo, "G" Club Roger Eng,, Cathay Club Dave Maryatt, Ski Club Art Stroud, Hi-Y and Young Life Russell Janney, Bulldog Club Donald Freeman, Radio Club Emery Friese, Debate and 4N Clubs
1997.024.016.185 Article Seattle Students at Mills College: Janet Peterson, Bliss Finalyson, Patricia Manning,Jeanie Jue. At Mills College
1997.024.016.186 Article Picture of Miss Emma Loo MISS EMMA LOO
1997.024.016.187 Article Mrs. Douglas Chun, operator of the Shangri-La Cafe, received Post-Intelligencer's Lucky Dollars from one of her customers. Lucky $ Pops up In Cafe
1997.024.016.188 Article Traditional Chinese Lion to ward off evil is 'fed' for benefit of Post-Intelligencer Christmas Fund for needy school children. Shown in the picture, Arthur King , Donna Eng, Katherine Dong and Sandra Chinn. The Chinese community with Ruby Chow and King spearheading the drive contributed $330.25 to the fund. Driving Away Evil of Need
1997.024.016.189 Article K.S. Kinghorn, director of commerce and industry for Hong-Kong, showed a brochure to attendants in the Hong-Kong booth at the International Trade Fair. The attendants were Carole Botelko, Sandra Chinn, Ruby Chow, Kathleen Dong. Colorful Costumes
1997.024.016.190 Article Shirley Winge, poliomyelitis victim receives a Valentine gift from the Franklin Girls' Club, Sue Sen Pang, Doris Jenkins, Ginger Ayres, Marilyn Price, Linda Harris and Janet Jones. Valentine Gift
1997.024.016.191 Article Mui Mui Chow, presented a bunch of roses to Lieut. Lo Wen-Lan, executive officer of the Hsiang-Kiang. Roses for the Crew
1997.024.016.192 Article An international flavor will add zest to the 1954 Seafair on Thursday, Aug. 5, when Chinese Community Night is held. The Chong Wa BenevolentAssociation sponsors the event. William J. Wong is chairman. Chinese Night on Aug. 5 Will Add Zest to Seafair
1997.024.016.193 Article -Mrs. Abe Lum holds a dish and cup of beaten gold from a fine collection of Chinese silver and gold, on exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. -Ruby Chow wears hair ornament of gold from the Ch'ing and the Sung Dynasties. They are from the collection to be on tour of major museums in this country for two years under sponsorship of Smithsonian Institution. -Mrs. Herman Foy admiring a vase and tomb figure from the T'ang Dynasty. CHINESE ART HAS SEATTLE PREMIERE
1997.024.016.194 Article -Mrs. Kenneth Louie holds a Ming Dynasty ewer of silver with gold highlighting from a collection on exhibit at Seattle Art Museum. -Mrs. Louie wears a fingernail shield of beaten gold from Ch'ing Dynasty. -Gold objects inlaid by turquoise. CHINESE ART HAS SEATTLE PREMIER
1997.024.016.195 Article Three candidates for the title of Miss Chinatown, ruler of the Seafair colorful Chinese Community celebration were named. They were Jeanne Huey, Lillian Lee and Fannie Wong. Miss Chinatown Hopefuls Named
1997.024.016.196 Article Mrs. Rose Louis, John Chin, Mrs. Nell Foy and Landes Lum, models of a Chinese Fashion Show to be presented as part of Chinese Seafair Night, got instructions from Mrs. Jade Louie. CHINESE FASHIONS
1997.024.016.197 Article Anti-Reds: Five visiting former Chinese prisoners of war from Korea who refused to return to Red China: Hu An-Kang, Kao Cheng-Chung, Chang Tsun-hsien, Chien Yuchi, and Chao King-Chung. Hu proudly displays a defiant anti-Red slogan tattooed on his chest. Fought For Freedom: 5 Ex-Red China Soldier Here To Thank U.S.
1997.024.016.198 Article Mrs. Kenneth Cox, Mortar Board Alumnae member at the University of Washington, handed out notification of scholarship awards to three winners. Winners are, Ruby Luke, Barbara Anne Perine and Helene Moussa. SCHOLARS
1997.024.016.199 Article 1954 Radiance Roll.
1997.024.016.200 Article The Jackson Street Community Council holds its annual meeting with a Chinese setting, the theme being "Bien Fon', meaning 'good food' in Chinese. In the picture, Arthur T. King sits down to sample the food and tea served by Mrs. Aronson and Miss Sharon Mar. The speaker for the evening will be Prof. George E. Taylor. Jackson Street Council To Hold Annual Meet: Sampling Some 'Bien Fon'.
1997.024.016.201 Article Mrs. Elmer Seikula and Mrs. Anne C. Luke are planning Seattle Civic Unit Committee's annual dinner.
1997.024.016.202 Article Jean Yamauchi is instructing the act managers who participated in the Funfest tryouts.
1997.024.016.203 Article Future collegians wave good-bye from the 'Silver Swan', a cruise sponsored by the Seven College Conference Alumnae of Seattle for freshmen entering Eastern College. Fun Before Work
1997.024.016.204 Article Lillian Lee, named Miss Chinatown explained that the Chinese characters on the ribbon adorning her bouquet spelled out her name and those of the princesses. Miss Chinatown's Crown Now Righted
1997.024.016.205 Article One of the pictures from the article: 'COMMUNISTS AND CONFUCIUS'. The picture shows a traditional dragon exhibited by Chinese-American girls in Seattle. THE WORLD'S GREAT RELIGIONS: PART III Religion in the Land of Confucius
1997.024.016.206 Article Mrs. Herman Quan Foy and Mrs. James Leong are preparing torches to be used to light the fire of friendship and of peace at the Tower in Veteran's Memorial Cemetery to begin the Veteran's Day Peace Program. Nov. 11 Veterans Day: Seattle's fifth Veterans' Day Peace Program at Chimes Tower Today.
1997.024.016.207 Article Mrs. Stanley Chinn, president of the George Washington Junior High School Parent-Teacher Association board, shows Mrs. Arthur Mink, Mrs. Joe Hirota, Mrs. Chinn, Mrs. Frank Levias and Mrs. Jack Amen how she uses chopsticks in preparation for the group's forth annual International Dinner. P-TA Plans International Dinner: A Lesson in Chopsticks
1997.024.016.208 Article Three girls looked on as Arthur King of Chinese Community fed the 'Chinese Lion', to benefit Post-Intelligencer's Christmas Fund. The three girls of Chiettes (Chinese girls' organization) were Donna Eng, Katherine Dong and Sandra Chinn. Making Yule Dreams Come True: Driving Away Evil of Need
1997.024.016.209 Article Horace W. Port, chairman of the board of trustees of Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Washelli, and members of the Boy Scout Troop 254 light a fire symbolic of friendship and peace during Veterans Day ceremonies at the cemetery. Lighting Symbolic Fire
1997.024.016.210 Article ' Blimey', the Garfield mascot for 'Blimey Day' and 'Family Night'. Shown with Blimey are members of the two committees: Gladys Cowan, Jocelyn Swenson, lonnie Mar, Madeline Scharhon, Sani Urakawa, Eleanor Lobdell, Yerda Lindstrom, Julie Gladstein, Adrienne Norris and Marilyn Horne.
1997.024.016.211 Article Student Nurses, first to complete the new three-year Basic Nursing Research Program sponsored by the University of Washington and Virginia Mason Hospital, received pins in graduation exercises. Graduates
1997.024.016.212 Article Mrs. Ping Chow, Mr. John L. King and Mr. Philip M. Evans looked at a colorful Chinese Dragon to appear at China Club's luncheon.
1997.024.016.213 Article Tom Pang, to compete in his 115-pound intramural boxing title, skipped rope as part of the training. Getting Ready
1997.024.016.214 Article Caroline Tong is Welcomed By Cheryl Mayre Chow. Queen Greeted
1997.024.016.215 Article Mrs. Clark Malmo is choosing the best rhododendron, the state flower of State of Washington, to be the display flowers for the United Nation Dinner. She is getting the help from Miss. Diane Chang. ONLY THE BEST
1997.024.016.216 Article Wedding picture of Mr. and Mrs. David Lew Wing MR. AND MRS. DAVID LEW WING: Tacoman Taken Bride
1997.024.016.217 Article George Washington Junior High School P.T.A. members are in preparation for the fifth annual International Dinner. Shown in the picture are Mrs. Stanley Chinn, Mrs. Joe Hirota, Mrs. Nathan Johnson, Mrs. Arthur Mink, Mrs. Alyce Hall and Mrs. H. Sakata. INTERNATIONAL PLANNERS
1997.024.016.218 Article Carolyn Tong , queen of the Hawaiian Island Narcissus Festival, talked with Cheryl Mayre Chow, of the Seattle Chinese Community, while chairman of a group of 45 Chinese businessmen , Given K.W. Tang looked on. Narcissus Queen
1997.024.016.219 Article A televised surgical operation: Patient: Fritz Beebe. Physicans: Dr. William Fisher and Dr. Eugene Ko. Beebe had his tubuclar nodules removed from his left lung. "Star' of TV Surgery Doing Well
1997.024.016.220 Article The drill team representing Seattle's Chinese community, won the grand prize in the Fall City Derby Day parade yesterday. Fall City Derby Day
1997.024.016.221 Article Clinton S. Harley, sernior past president of the China Club of Seattle, showed officers of Hwa Sheh Chinese Students' Association an award of Merit. In the picture were Robert Chao, Mrs. T.H. Wang, Harley and Yunan Chang, Martin Chiang, Edward Fei, C.L. Tang, and Don Huang. Chinese Students Honored
1997.024.016.222 Article CHINESE SEAFAIR QUEEN Sue Sen Bang, smiles prettily as she is surrounded by her princesses Wednesday night. Chinese Queen
1997.024.016.223 a&b Article Ruby and Ping Chow's story. In the picture: Ruby and Ping Chow dish up some victuals in the kitchen of their Chinese restaurant in Seattle, a familiar spot for gourmets from throughout the country. The Chows also run a frozen food business, but they are perhaps even more widely known for their plan, heart-warming friendship. Ruby Chow's Story 'Rags to Riches'
1997.024.016.224 Article Happy Group Reunited Here: Ping Chow gives a happy reunion kiss to his mother, Mrs. Shou-Jen Chow, while Ruby Chow, Ping's wife; Lac Chow, Ping's brother, Ying-lit Chow, 11 his nephew, and Mrs. Lac Chow, look on with smiles. Ping and Ruby brought the family from Hong Kong. Family of Chinese Refugees In Seattle
1997.024.016.225 Article Marjorie Wah, 2, peered curiously at three Chinese maidens modeling HongKong gowns they will display tonight at an Oriental fashion show. The models were Connie Poon, Elinore Eng and Ruby Eng. WHAT'S THAT?
1997.024.016.226 Article To Be Wed: Mr and Mrs. Fong G. Wong. To Be Wed.
1997.024.016.227 Article Surrounded by four princesses, Sue Pang, smiled after her selection yesterday as Miss Chinatown for the Chinese community's 1955 Seafair activities. The princesses were, Sandra Chun, Donna Eng, Amelia Chinn and Karen Chinn. Chinatown's Choice
1997.024.016.228 Article Jim Faber, a Post-Intelligencer reported and one of the judges to select Miss Chinese Community, looks over the five pretty finalists. The girls are Anne Locke, Vicki Locke, Elinore Eng , May Wong and Ruby Eng. The Judge is Charmed
1997.024.016.229 Article Five finalists in the contest to select Miss Chinese Community were introduced and honored at a luncheon: They winners are Anne Locke, Vicki Locke, Elinore Eng, May Wong and Ruby Eng. Miss Chinese Finalists Honored
1997.024.016.230 Article Friendly Raid: Two Seafair pirates, Bill Durfee and Joe Mulvrana, didn't appear to be unwelcome when they raided the float of Chinese Seafair Queen Sue Chen, princess Karen Chinn and Amelia Chinn. CHINESE EVENT
1997.024.016.231 Article Most popular unit in the Chinese Community's Seafair Parade was the traditional twisting, writhing dragon. PARADE HIT
1997.024.016.232 Article Colorful 'Goddess of Mercy' Float: The Ruby Chow Float, featuring the Goddess of Mercy, carries six beautiful Chinese girls during Seafair Parade In Chinatown Wednesday night. The girls are Leida Seid, Joanne Chinn, Vera Chan, Evelyn Chen, Caroline Mar and Ruth Wong.
1997.024.016.233 Article Sandra Mae Fitzgerald, is obviously frightened by this lion's head, carried by a marcher in the Chinatown Seafair Parade Wednesday night. Frightened Young Spectator
1997.024.016.234 Article Group of Pretty Chinese girls welcomes seafair Queen of the Seas Beverly Kaye Smith to the Chinatown Seafair Celebration. Ruler of Seas Welcomed
1997.024.016.235 Article Antique Money: Ruby Chow, Seattle restaurant operator, and Yu-Chang Lu Chinese consul general here, receive a box of antique Chinese coins from Armilda Boone. Old Chinese Coins Received
1997.024.016.236 Article Coronation of Oriental Queen: Elinore Eng, is crowned queen of Seattle Chinese community by its president, Guay Lee. Chinese Girl Wins Her First Beauty Contest
1997.024.016.237 Article Miss Gwendolyn Gee, became the bride of Mr. Robert C. Lee, a former University of Washington student. Church Bride
1997.024.016.238 Article Head Portion of long, writhing Chinese dragon passes in front of Chinese Community Hall during Seafair Parade in Chinatown. Writhing Dragon Roars Past Crowd
1997.024.016.239 Article Thirty-five University of Washington student nurses smiled proudly at capping ceremonies marking the end of their preclinical training and the beginning of the hospital phase of their training.
1997.024.016.240 Article Garfield High School Class officers pose for a group photo.
1997.024.016.241 Article PARTY PLANNERS:Mrs. Herman Foy, Mrs. Wilbur Chin and Mr. Hal Benoit, who is commander of the post and Miss Frances Yen, president of the post's auxiliary, get together to discuss the arrangements for the fall dance ot Cathay Post, American Legion. PARTY PLANNERS
1997.024.016.242 Article Posing on the school steps are Bailey Gatzert contestants and alternates, Martin Oiye, Sherman Woo, Sharon Baba, Janice Pavey, Myrtle Brinson and Takashi Mukai, all set for Post Intelligencer-KOMO-TV Quizdown. Bailey Gatzert Team Lines Up
1997.024.016.243 Article Gary Chin saluted to his uncle, 2nd Lieut. Wilbur Chin as Chin debarked from the Navy transport Gen. W. M. Black from the Far East. Wilbur Chin's wife looks on. ATTENTION
1997.024.016.244 Article Specialist 3rd Class Hing W. Chinn and his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ngow Chinn. Hing Chinn returned home from the Far East after serving two years. HOMECOMING
1997.024.016.245 Article Petite Shirlee Huey was crowned queen of Seattle's Chinese community by Eleanor Eng, last year's queen, at a coronation ball in the Chong Wa Hall. NEW QUEEN
1997.024.016.246 a&b Article -a: Chin Gee Hee came to Seattle in 1875 and erected the first new brick building here after the fire of 1889. In 1905 he returned to China, where this picture was taken. With him were Mrs. Manson Backus, Mrs. Thomas Burke, Chin's bodyguard, Judge Thomas Burke and Chin's son, Chin Lem. -b: Chin Quong: One of Seattle's earliest Chinese, came to the city in 1868 at the age of 11. He was one of the founders of the Wa Chong Co. Seattle's First Chinese Resident: Who was he? China Club seeks answers to this the other questions concerning pioneers from Orient.
1997.024.016.247 Article 'BARKING BULLDOGS': Rooters for the Garfield High School Bulldogs football team leaped to their feet and cheered yesterday at a pep rally for the Thanksgiving Day encounter with the Lake Washington Kangaroos. PEP AT GARFIELD
1997.024.016.248 Article Spirit of Midgets: Boeing athletics, Tom Ko, Bob Murray, Kai Lim Eng, Ron Eng, Kai Haye Eng,Bob Yamada, Frank Marr. Today's Lesson: Four Engs Make One Winningest Team
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