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Wing Luke Museum
1999.060.178 Document Brown piece of paper with record of income and expenses. Small sums dating from August 19 - September 26 of unknown year.
1999.060.179 Advertisement Printed store advertisement on brown paper in Chinese and some English Kwong Yick & Co. (Kuang Yi) 941-943 Grant Ave. PO Box 2477, San Francisco. Ad lists new arrivals and items coming soon. Items listed include: bamboo shoots, dried lichee, ginger, green beans, canned seafood, teas, and gifts. Kwong Yick Co.
1999.060.180 Document Gom Hong & Co. Record One long piece of paper listing merchandise in Chinese. Items include - Oolong tea, abalone, almonds, sesame, spices, bowls, teapots.
1999.060.181 Note Paper note with names of medicines in English "Ungentene for burns and olive oil for healing'
1999.060.182 Ticket, Lottery Three Chinese lottery tickets with notes about money owed. These were inside an envelope. B: Sept. 19, Yuyao owes ten dollars; Sept 21 owes four dollars. C: Caida, the 20th Twenty five dollars, 21st, eight dollars. D: Oct. 19, Shilin owes thirty-six dollars.
1999.060.183 Letter Letter and two envelopes C was placed in B: a red striped Chinese envelope which was placed in A: a western style envelope addressed to Gom Hong Co., from: Jida Wu, Jinlong Village, Taishan, stamped: Kwong Lee Yuen in Canton, China. C: "Father, Great Man, Kneeling, I report to you respectfully that everyone in the household is in peace. Please do not worry ar all. I wonder if you have any idea about what to do with the money you sent to Guanglihua in Hong Kong recently. Uncle Xin plans to go to Hongmao... Uncle Xin would like to borrow five hundred dollars from Great Man with his field as an acknowledgement of indebtness. He will also pay interest. I would like to know if Great Man agrees or not? If Great Man agrees please let me know soon. Great man sent money to Guanglihua in Hong Kong. I wonder if you want to build a new house? You will need to send more money over if you want to build a house because it is not enough. Various things are pretty expensive nowdays. However, since Uncle Xin is frugal and upright, it would be fine to lend him money. This letter is short, yet my thoughts of you are numerous. I am not able to fully express what I want to say. I hereby wish you respectfully Golden Peace. Little son, Jida Wu, reports respectfully. The ninth year of the Republic of China Twelfth day of the Eleventh month." Letter and Envelopes
1999.060.184 Letter Letter and envelope and invoices to Shidi Wu (Eng) A: Chinese envelope with red stripe, from: Yaoyun Wu, Yuzhanhao, Hong Kong. To: Shidi Wu B: Invoice: a pieve of paper with written Chinese - "Mr. Shanglian Wu, expense of 25 dollars for treating eyes, treating parasite (gouchong) 10 dollars. C: Invoice: To Shidi Wu (Eng) From: Yaoyun Wu in Hong Kong. List of expenses for about 1,868 dollars. D: Invoice: To: Shidi Wu, from the Gom Hong Co., 1921. List of expenses is 390.70 dollars for things such as pork and transportation. E: Letter to Shidi Wu from Yaoyun Wu in Hong Kong, 1921. To: Shanglian (Shidi)?, "We shipped goods to the United States on October 16. Please notify TongYi Zhan to take care of the goods when they arrive in Seattle. Your overexpense is one thousand five hundred dollars and sixteen cents. Please send the money to meet expenses immediatley."
1999.060.185 Document On brown paper envelope with invoices. A: Envelope, From: Yee Gan & Co., Hong Kong, to: Gom Hong & Co. B: Declaration of Shipper of Food and Drug Products, from Canton, China on September 21, 1926. C: Records of items shipped to Gom Hong from China, dated the 19th of the eighth month, year Bingyin (1926). D: Invoice to Fusheng Co issued by the IYisheng store in Changsha, China, on the 7th of the eighth month, 1926. E: Invoice to Fusheng co. ( to purchase items on behalf of the Gom Hong) from the Guanshengchang store in Henan China on the 10th of the eighth month, 1926. F: Invoice to Fusheng Co./Gom Hong Co., from Fulongsheng sytore in Guangzhou, China, 1926. G: Invoice to Gom Hong from Xiangde store in China. H: Invoice to Fusheng/Gom Hong from Fulongsheng store in Guangzhou City, China. 1926. I: Invoice to Fusheng/Gom Hong from Fulongsheng store in Guangzhou City, China. 1926 Gom Hong Invoices
1999.060.186 Document Envelope of Gom Hong Co. invoices and records. A: Envelope to Gom Hong Co., from: Yee Gan, Hong Kong. B: Consuption Entry Form issued to Gom Hong by BR Anderson, Custom House Brokers, 202 - 4 Colman Building, Seattle, January 20, 1927. C: List of grocery goods - such as sea cucumber, straw mushrooms, bamboo, plum sauce, duck kidney, duck feet. D: List of items imported by the Gom Hong Co. from Kuangxianglong store in Hong Kong. E: Invoice with list of items to Fusheng issued by Guangmei xiang store. F: Invoice to Fushengstore issued by the Cuixiangcheng store, Novemeber 24, 1926. G: Invoice to Fusheng Store issued by the Yuen Hing Loong store in Macau, November 1926. H: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Henglongxingji in November 1926. I: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Guangshengyuan Store in Hong Kong, November 1926. J: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Chengtaichangji in November 1926. K: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Heyihao in November 1926. L: Invoice to Fusheng store issued by Fulongsheng in November 1926. M: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Guangshengchang in November 1926. N: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Julilongji in Hong Kong 1926. O: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Yishenjiangyuan in China 1926.
1999.060.187 Letter Letter to Shangsong, Gom Hong Co. from Yao yun Wu (Eng) in Hong Kong "Greetings to who opens the letter, The Tobacco (or opium ?) was not able to be delievered by the same ship due to the funeral of the British Queen. There was a holiday so we could not make it. Perhaps we will send it through the 'President' ship or send it to Shanghai and mail it by Airplane. Hope you understand the situation. The (shipment) was ready to go days ago, however, we spent some time on translating (Chinese) to western language, so it went over the deadline. At this time, the American embassy in Hong Kong does not accept all of the overdue papers. Please take the papers back, we will process them in the future. I will report to you again on how to deal with it. I think it is not safe if the (?) letters were found in the shop. I am planning to make papers for export soon. However, the situation is very difficult everywhere. River Bay Port also does not allow the entry of Chinese. I will report to you the rest next time. Wish you wealthy peace. To Gom Hong Shangsong 1925 I have paid more than four thousand dollars for the over expense of the Gom Hong, also included is the record from the provincial city. Please send money to meet urgent need."
1999.060.188 Poem Note in Chinese: "On the edge of the Earth, at the end of Heaven. When can we expect to meet? Falling flowers, flowing water - Always I lament over the everchanging of meeting and parting."
1999.060.189 Letter One long letter on Chinese writing paper. For Shihuo My Uncle to Examine We used to share our happiness in the same village. Now on the edge of the earth, at the end of heaven, we toil for fame and profit. We can only lament: What else can I do? What comforts me is that you are living with success and your plans are developing smoothly. I launched my journey to the US by boarding a ship in Hong Kong. Fortunatley the waves were smooth along the way, so I have arrived at the port safely. Please do not worry about me.
1999.060.190 Letter Letter in Chinese on parchment paper to Shihuo from his nephew. "It has been six years since uncle was forced by your mother to wonder the southern land. Now we have no chance to get together. Besides you will enrich your intelligence and knowledge much more than I, who live like a snail in rural areas, and never goes any further than ten li. I have very little to see and hear, and the situation is getting worse. It is lamentable that time will never return, sun and moon move like flowing water. I have been busy on common things for half my life.... What I hate the most is having this filthy reputation of opium. In addition to that, for years, no matter which war we fought, we were cornered again and again. These shameful situations are unberable to recall. I have been here for one month now. Whenever I see Halls of Tongs standing like forests, wild flowers growing together in patches, people rejoincing over food and wine in dailey life, how can I not be moved? In my view point it seems to the the place I should dwell. I received my father's letter recently, he demands I go over to Seattle. I plan to follow his order to launch forth in the now near future. My uncle asked me to come to the US before. Now it is quite easy to go with Chinese civilian's identification., the customs will not stop us. I only need to follow the rule to take care of my lung and liver problems. Hope I can make it as early as possible, then we can expect to meet again, and do noyt need to miss each other in two lands. How fortunate! How fortunate! To Uncle Shihuo for examination."
1999.060.191 Letter Letter to Father-in-law of (Shanglian Wu Eng?) " Great Father-in-Law, I report respectfully in front of you: It has been more than one year since I stopped seeing your kindly face. I take delight in knowing that you are blessed with health and peace, encountering auspicious things. I had been dwelling in a rural area doing nothing for years without acquiring any skill. I have planned to go abroad to seek employment since long ago.. Someone suggested that I go to Manila, howeverall the brothers in Manila wrote to stop me, hence I quit in the middle of the process. Last winter, my father happened to return home, I discussed with him about the journey to the United States and proceeded with the plan. Fortunately, things went as I wished. I therefore launced forth on the sixteenth of the 12th month boarding the "Siberia" from Hong Kong. There was no rough seas along the way, we went smoothly and arrived at the great port on the 17th of the 11th month. The identification paper I used was a merchant's identification paper which was signed and approved at the embassy. I entered the por t freely. There was not even a physician there to examine us. The total expense was about two thousand and three hundred Hong Kong dollars. There was no expense other than this. While I was still at home, I had met mother-in-law several times and was often looked after by her, which I deeply appreciate."
1999.060.192 Letter Letter to Uncle Jinhua of Shanglian Wu (Eng)
1999.060.193 Letter Letter to Shilong Uncle
1999.060.194 Letter Chinese envelope and letter to Shanglian Wu (Eng) "Shanglian my brother, Your wife asked me to inform you that it ha been years since you traveled afar to a foreign country. The money you sent home could not meet the need, so they borrowed about three hundred dollars from others. In addition to that, the tuition fee of Hongxin and Zhongmei is a lot, and everything if highly expensive. So the money you sent home every year is not enough to meet the expense. Since there is no way to borrow money now, hope you can send more money home for food. This is what we are hoping for. Year of Wu (?) Your brother, Shangcan (Name on the seal is: Jingyun)
1999.060.195 Letter Envelope and Two letters to Shanglian Wu (Eng) B: from his son Hongxin. "Shanglian My Father, We received ten US dollars you sent in the twelfth month, and have used it because we have various household expenses and things are highly expensive. My great man wrote to instruct me frequently that I should study at home and not fool around.... However, both I and sister Zhongmei have quite a few educational expenses, hope my great man can send a hundred or so to Shikuan and Zhongmei for our education. Moreover, we need one or two hundred for food supply, and there is no way to borrow money in our village at this time. So please send a hundred or so to Zhingmei immediately. Uncle is now married. The expense of the wedding is about one thousand and seven or eight hundred. We still owe seven or eight hundred. We need to discuss with grandfather to return this money soon. The interest is terribly high now. We must be cautious. The twenty-ninth of the first month, Republic of China, Son, Hongxin." C: From his brother Shangzhuo Eng It has been years since we were parted in Canton. Your son has been studying in Guoyu School for years and has acquired good knowledge of literature. In addition to that, he has graduated from four years of private tutoring. Although he is supposed to go to highschool, due to the vast expense, he remained in our village for two more years. At this time, it is difficult for students in our village to study somewhere else. The cheapest school in Canton costs more than a thousand dollars. Taishan (Toisan) middle school also costs eight hundred dollars or so. Changping seems to be the best choice at this time. It has eight teachers and more than 230 students every year. This school is considered to be the best in east town. However, it does not allow students to absent themselves unless there is an emergency, and tuition needs to paid in advance.... Please send a hundred or so to Zhongmei Co., for Hongxin and Zhongmei's education as soon as you receive the letter. The eighteeth Year of the Republic, The 28th of the first month, Your brother, Shangzhuo Eng"
1999.060.196 Letter Envelope and two letters. A: Chinese envelope, addressed to Shanglian Wu (Eng) B: Letter to Shanglian Wu from his wife. "Words offered up to Shanglian my worthy husband for examination. Greetings! We have received the money you sent home earlier. Please do not worry. I heard that you are planing to have a Second Uncle go over to the port. Hope you consider it throughly before you take action. You are brother's when you are young, but you will become two households in the future. Our boy is now a teenager, he can go abroad to make a living too. It is better to take Hongxin to the port first. At this time everything is getting expensive and we all rely on income from foreign counties. six or seven months had passed since we received ten dollars at New Year. There was also five dollars sent home for food, but it is very difficult to meet our need. Hopeyou can take ship back to Tang, (China) I will entrust things to you. The 18th year of the Republic, 12th of the Fifth month, Your unworthy wife, Li Da." C: Letter to Shanglian Wu Eng from his son. "My great father, kneeling, I respectfully report to you. The money Mr. Shiman took back to us has been stored safely. You did not send any message to us. We were eagerly expecting . Is it because there is no ink for sale and no paper for sale in the United States? Years ago, we were an extrended family. It was Grandmother who took charge of everything. Recently we have separated into different households. Nobody is taking care of family affairs, and there has been a lot of unbearable gossip, which will be unbelievable to you. Now, my great man has been abroad for more than ten years. You must have accumulated a lot of gold, and have prosperous business. I regret that we are confined at home, just like Confucius was confined in the state of Chen. My great man sent a letter instructing my sister and I to enter school. We have done as you instructed. However, my great man never takes care of our family affairs. We have neither tuition nor food funds, so we are looked down upon by others. The money grandfather sent home was not enough for us. And we have no way to borrow money. Not even from Second uncle nor Aunt's husband. Hope you understand that two brothers will become two households after they grow up. Now I heard that my great man accumulated what you earned from more than ten years work to pave the way for second uncle to fo to the United States. If you really did so, Mother, sister and myself will plan to make our own living. It is our greatest hope that you will deliever messages often and send gold and silver frequently. So our family members will not become famine victims. Respecfully, I offer this mesage to you. May you enjoy Golden Peace. The 18th year, the ninth of the fifth month. Son, Hongxin"
1999.060.197 Invoice Invoice in printed Gom Hong envelope. A: Envelope addressed to Shanglian Wu (Eng), From: Eng Pohou. B: One Chinese invoice. To Shanglian Wu Eng wiht one month's record of income and expenses. Shanglian owes a total of one hundred and eight dollars and sixty cents. Recorded by Yuxuan.
1999.060.198 Letter Letter, receipt from Dr. Murray for Shing Lin Eng. A: Western envelope entitled: "Important documents inside: Physician's medical statement." in Chinese. B: Statement, April 10, 1923, from DA Murray MD saying Shing Lin Eng has been under his care re remove a scar. C: Receipt of Dr. Murray for $25.00 for services. D: Invoice in Chinese to Shidi Eng from Zee Tai Co. 1922. "Boarding for two months and twelve days - a total of 72 days. Total expense including food - 28 dollars and eighty cents. 13th of the last month, 11th year of the Republic, Zee Tai, Port Townsend"
1999.060.199 Invoice Envelope with two invoices and three photographs A: Envelope addressed to Mr. Lim at Him Yick Long Co., San Francisco, Cal. To: (Xuan li Lin) B: Invoice - To: Shidi Eng (Ng) from Yuzhan store in Hong Kong. Expenses include taking picture, seeing eye doctor, for a total of $269.39 C: School Tax receipt, Territory of Alaska. July 28, 1922, to Ng Sheng Lim for five dollars.
1999.060.221 Menu King Fur Cafe menu Above the Gom Hong Co store at 709 1/2 King St. Seattle. Silver faux leather paper cover with English and Chinese sections. King Fur Cafe
1999.060.247 envelope four packages of envelopes wide red stripe down center back flap chinese symbols and words
1999.060.252 letter two page letter written in all english dated July, 8 1933 to: Mrs. Smith From Suey Eng
1999.060.253 envelope envelope and contents (A-F_ A: envelope in corner Gorn HOng Co. 709 King St. B: letter with Ning Yung Ben. Ass. San Francisco, all in chinese writing 1Reciept:" Now we have recieved One Yuan mebership fee for the first Ren Qin Conference( conference help you recongnize your relates) , which from Mr. Wu Shangjie who live in Ping Sui village, Xia Pin Bao. Person who recieved his moneny: Mai Li Ning Yung Ben. Association Feb. 30th. of 18th. years of Republic Of China" 2 Registion Certificate:" Mr. Wu Shangjie who is 23-year-old live in Ping Sui village, Xia Pin Ba. He followed the 8th. registion instrument of the first Ning Yung Ren Qin Conference in America to registed and paid for one Yuan membership fee for the Conference. This is a certificate for him. Person who recieved his money: Mai Li Hoi Sun Ning Yung Ben. Ass'n Feb. 30th. of 18th years of Republic Of China" C: a letter in all chinese writing D: Directions for a clock-all in english E: A gaurantee from Ingraham Co. with orange background F: sealed envelope-front has " I owe you $6.50 and a name
1999.060.254 documents Individual Income Tax Return year 1929 filled completely out unlegible names Back: has instructions
1999.060.255 letter paper letter all english in blue ink written from Harry to: Libby McNeil in Alaska date: July 14 1931
1999.060.256 letter two letters A: letter head: The Admiralty Port Ludlow WASH May 13 1930 written to Mr. Eng three pages long B: Same letterhead as A dated July, 15 1930 written to Mr. You two pages long from Mrs. Smith
1999.060.257 letter letter in blue ink written to Libbey McNeil April 26, 1931 from Harry all in english paper is wide ruled with blue horizontal lines 2 side holes
1999.060.258 envelope envelope with no contents address to Mr. Eng Suly in purple ink stamped Dec. 7, 1932 from Seattle purple U.S. stamp 3 Cents left egde ripped open
1999.060.259 negative, film A: dental x-ray to Mr. Eng date 1-7-32 lower right tooth x-ray from Dr. Bourassa B: envelope Dr. Ray in front of address left top Dr. Edward A. Bourasa Dental Radiography 908 Medical-Dental Building Seattle right corner: someones name middle is a date of 1-7-32
1999.060.260 letter A: letter to Suey from Libby McNeill April 28,1931 2 pages long in black ink B: letter to Suey date Feb. 13, 1933 two pages long in black ink from Haler C: envelope address to MR. Suly Eng Port Ludlow WA stamped Feb 14, 1933 purple U.S. stamp 3 cents
1999.060.261 documents Inspection card from U.S. Public Health Services front: left corner purple stamp date May 26 1934 passed at Hong Kong along with vaccination inspection and date back: chinese symbols and picture (black and white) of passenger two blue ink slash marks across back
1999.060.262 documents Individual INcome Tax Return calender year 1932 typed information name to Eng Suey from Port Ludlow attached is blue reciept #110920 for $20.74 backside are Instructions and Penalties
1999.060.263 envelope paper envelope no contents red lined box on front chinese writing in three rows
1999.060.264 letter A; paper letter in blue ink date Dec. 17 1931 address- 2031 Franklin, SEattle B: envelope red U.S. pastage stamp 2 Cents stamped Dec. 18, 1931 adress- Mr. Eng Box 162 Port Ludlow Wash. opened on right side
1999.060.265 letter letter and envelope (A and B) A: 2 page paper letter with blue ink right upper corner address-1304 Stevens St. SEattle lined paper date sideways on left side-Dec. 6 1932 to Suey from Harry B:envelope blue ink U.S. postage red 2 cent stamp stamped Nov. 3, 1931 address to: Mr. Eng c/o Admiralty Hotel opened on right side
1999.060.266 documents Individual Income Tax Return Sheet and Copy front: used for Departing Aliens year 1933 Aug 11 name Suey Eng Back: instructions
1999.060.267 letter paper letter with blue ink address upper right corner-1304 Stevens St. date: Nov 3, 1931 to Suey from Harry Eng, just below name chinese writing
1999.060.268 letter two letters A and B A: paper letter with black ink 1 page long date: May,23 1931 letter head:The Admiralty Chas. R. Mr Cormick Lumber Co., Port Ludlow B: 2 page letter with black ink date May, 26, 1931 to Harry same letter head as letter A
1999.060.269 letter A: 2 page stiff paper letter green paper with blue ink upper right corner-211 14th AVe. Seattle Dec. 11, 1932 to Suey from:Walter D followed by chinese writing B: envelope-green purple U.S. postage 3cent stamp stamped DEC. 12, 1932 address to:MR. Eng the Admiralty, Port Ludlow WA opened on right side
1999.060.270 letter 1 page paper letter, front and back written in pencil to: Mrs. SMith from:ENG lots of mark outs throughout letter
1999.060.271 envelope A:letter black ink in chinese from seattle-upper right date-JAn 23, 1933 translation of the letter: Shang Jie Brother just like seening you, Last time you have bought five shares of stocks with the worth of $500.00 from the Oil and ink company. We have registered you and sent your money to the capital and hope that the company can start manufacturing soon.I am very pleased with your enthusiasm since you know the benefits of this business. The company will open soon , I hope we have hired the right people and we will have good business and we won't disappoint the expectations of the shareholders.Please keep the receipt for future official paper. B: envelope opened at top red bar down front middle with chinese
1999.060.273 envelope A-G A: envelope stamped Sep. 18 1929 to: Lun Suery 709 King St. Seattle right side 2 chinese symbols from: U.S. Dept. of Labor opened on right side B:business card L2" W3" front:Blanc's Cafe lower right-green frog "Where epicureans meet" 308 marion St. back: red ink- "a business built on distinctions" C: paper L6.5" W3.5" black ribbon edging, black chinese writing also in pencil D:INcome Tax Reciept \L8" W10" front: green paper "sheet B" serial #31082 Back: notice of termination of taxable period instructions E:2 identical photos L3" W2.5" black and white, man in suit and tie F:square cardboard business L2" W3.5" side one:Mr. Smith 1705 Belmot chalburn Apt. side two: Smith 4th and University c/o American mail-seattle G:paper reciept L2" W3.5" yellow with black ink U.S. Dept. of labor Immigration Service no. 95411
1999.060.274 envelope paper envelope front:right corner red U.S. postage 20 cent stamp To: chong may co. Sai Mon St. China, written in black from:Gom Hong Co. Seattle, black stamp left chinese writing in black ink 2 purple stamps back: 5 red lined stickers sealing flap 2 purple stamps with date MAR 30 1934 right side- 1 black stamp opened on side
1999.060.295 letter envelope and letter (A-B) A:envelope typed address to Mr. Ling Wong 709 King St. Seattle from: (printed) King County Welfare Dept. 327 Lyon Building red ink stamp of U.S. Postage 3 cents red ink circular stamp dated June 30, 1949 opened on right side B: letter Notice of Grant Approval(letter head) date 6-30-49 tyepd letter showing a change in a monthly grant to Mr. Wong back: shows how monthly grant was figured (typed)
1999.060.296 letter envelope and letter (A-B) A: envelope front: along all edges red and blue squares three stamps: 1. red with great wall scenery and plane #500 man with moustache 50.00 3.purple man 30.00 address to Jon Hong Co. in blue ink also on left three columns of chinese writing in blue ink opened on left side B: letter top red stamp of chinese writing red thin vertical lines completely filled with chinese writing
1999.060.297 envelope packet of 20 envelopes (white) with paper band grouping them on edge of band in pencil 15 cents written
1999.060.298 letter envelope and letter (A-B) A: envelope (white) top left corner chinese writing then Gom Hong Co. 709 King St. Seattle back: two seal stain marks B: letter very fine and thin paper two holes at top blue border with blue vertical lines chinese writing in black ink
1999.060.299 notebook notebook ShoreLawn Linen finish front cover: upper half blue and white lake with sailboat scenery and silver and aqua border lower half: four blue blocks of blue and white "writing tablet" in the middle Inside: wide ruled blue lined paper back cover:plain cardboard
1999.060.301 Letter Letter to Mr. Ru Jiao from Shikuan Eng at Port Gamble. Letter: "Rujiao, my dear brother, I have received your letter and have know the situation. You instructed me to send money back, but you have money left here. Please contact brother Shizhen regarding this issue. I am not abl eot make the decision. Shikuan"
1999.060.302 Prescription A hand- made booklet with paper string binding and folded pages containing various prescriptions for treating medical problems. Xuan chao Liang yao fang
1999.060.309 letter Ration Book Holder and two sets of letters (A-C) A: Book Holder brown color calender for 1943 on back with adverstisement for buying U.S. war bonds B: 17 unlined paper with chinese writing all in pencil C: 8 blue lined notebook paper with chinese writing all in pencil
1999.060.360 documents A: envelope plastic window on left printed black ink in left corner: Federal Security Agency right corner: 1. black in k stamp"Buy U.S. Bonds on Payroll Savings" 2. blank in circular stamp, date Sep 20, 1949 from San Francisco B: Seattle General Hospital Reciept date:6-26-194_ total bill: $99.15 to Mr. Charlie Ling at top water damage on ink C: Seattle General Hospital Receipt date Aug24, 1944 "paid" stamp on bottom left corner D:Certificate of Social Insurance Award front: date Sept. 20,1949 Claim # 532-24-8194-A to: Ling Wong witha green flower border everything was typed back: instructions for various things, all black typed
1999.060.361 envelope envelope address to: Mrs. Henry T. Bradley 530 E. 86th ST. New York, N.Y. blue ink
1999.060.366 receipt envelope and receipt (A-B) A: envelope red bar down middle of front opened at top black ink chinese writing on front B: Receipt from: Home Furnit____-page torn off from that point dated 1922-12/2 filled out in unlegible pencil a balance of 13.10
1999.060.367 envelope envelope with black ink in chinese writting written sideways on front back flap has more chinese
1999.060.368 envelope envelope: with a stamped black address in front: Wing Chong Co. Toy Sun District Canton, CHina slight water stains in corners
1999.060.369 documents A:envelope left corner C.T. Sun 900 W. Temple St. L.A. Calif. U.S.A. left edge: black chinese writing top center: stamp dated Mar 4 1924 right top corner:black U.S. postage two cent stamp middle: black ink address-unlegible name ripped on right side edge back: two chinese symbols B: documents red border with picture of man at top left and phone. 19457 also at top:C.T. Sun and address in black black handwritten chinese writing
1999.060.370 envelope envelope: handwritten black in address center to : Long P. Eng 129 1/2 Victor Ave. Highland Park, Mich address on left edge sideways: Ah Sing, General Hospital Port Angeles, Wash. back right edge black chinese writing
1999.060.371 envelope envelope address to: Yue Jan Connaught Road W. Hong Kong, China right edge: chinese writing
1999.060.373 notebook notebook (A-B) A: notebook brown cover with black ridged bingding inside blue lined paper with a few sheets torn out on first page is chinese writing in black in back: names and addresses of various people back cover upside down is Ah Jook Port Townsend, Washington B: tucked in middle are six black and whit head shots of same man in suit and tie
1999.060.374 bond war bond two chinese war bonds with numbers 007563 and 007562 three squares on each page on each square: purple border, green background, red #'s, black chinese writing on back: black border, orange background, and english writing with instructions pages are cut through center of each square
1999.060.375 letter Plain paper with black Chinese writing on one side folded and wrinkled paper. Prescription for Chinese medicine for heart attack. It consists of: Chinese Angelica, 6 gm. Plum pit, 6 gm. Chinese rubarb prepared with alcohol, 5 gm. Cannabis seed roasted, 9 gm. Peony root 9 gm. Safflower 3 gm. One ingredient not translated.
1999.060.376 documents Documents (A-C) A: receipt for ship passage and eye treatment to: Ng Lun Suey total: $30.00 aboard steamship President Jefferson to SEattle date: Oct. 35, 1923 The Admiral Oriental Line B: application/duplicate of a laborers return certificate from U.S. Dept. of Labor Immigration Service all typed except for dates and adress date:Sept.18,1929 to:Ng Lun Suey C:document from U.S. Public Health Service stating that Ng Lun Suey does not have cerebro-spinal menengitis and has permission to sail on lower left several green stamps with Jul 1930 dates with initials over them stapled to page is cardboard Inspection Card: on front black and white picture of man in suit and tie back: information about passenger and vaccine information
1999.060.381 envelope brown envelope opened at bottom front is advertisement for "Weisfield and Goldberg" in middle four leaf clover with a different man in each clove and a quote in the last clove saying " Meet us and wear diamonds" at top: gaurantee of satisfactory work at bottom: address and quote "IF Sam Weifield cna't repair your watch, throw it away"
1999.060.382 envelope envelope (A-B) A: in blue ink adress to Mr. Ah Jack LIbby McNiell Libby Alaska back: a chunk of red melted wax inside envelope (A) is envelope (B): typed: Mr. Shang Fat Eng 37 Leornard ST. Brooklyn N.Y. right corner: Min Hing Knitting Co. Sweater Manufactorers with chinese writing on top
1999.060.383 envelope A-C: three envelopes (identical) red bar down middle of front black chinese writing red wax on two of them
1999.060.384 documents lower half red stamp with chinese inside lower left corner-red chinese writing black ink chinese(written) throughout paper
1999.060.385 documents Thin paper letter with red vertical lines with black handwritten Chinese in between. "Shi Zhen, my dear husband, I have the honor to inform you, Nearly 10 years have passed since we separated in our hometown, because the family is so poor that you have to go abroad to make a living. You have been working hard and have experienced hardships in life. I am worried about this. Fortunately, you have been in good health and remained safe and I feel better for this. Thank you. Now, I received your letter and with it 200 Yuan and 33 Yuan in coins. After deducting the commission I have 262 Yuan to meet family expenses. All of the things you talked about in the letter I understand, but last year you sent 300 Yuan. Last year we sent you several letters asking for news of Shang Fu; does he have a job? You didn't tell us about it. The relatives coming back from the US say Shang Fu sauntering through life spending money like water. Is it true? You have sent no word about this. When you receive this letter please teach him how to save his money. In the past Shang Fu often communicated with us, but we have heard little from him. Since he left Jing Xiang Store he is little concerned about his mother and family. The opinions about him are widely divided. As his mother I feel uncomfortable. Please tell me if he is working, has left for another place or lost his job. Jin Yi is going to the school of Chang Ping and the tuition is 30 Yuan a year with other fees so Jin Yi is taking food at home to cut down expenses. Prices are rising and family expenses are large. The family needs 5 - 600 Yuan. You asked me to give Cheng Cao 10 Yuan and Pan Sen 5 Yuan and I have done so. Jin Yi is growing up. I earnestly hope you apply to allow him to travel to the US. In brief, after two more years of study we need to send him to the US to work, then in a few years you and he can come back. Jin Yi will get married. The money we have gotten from you has mostly been used to repay the loan. The few spare Yuan is left to meet family expenses. We hope we can get more money from you soon. Your Wife, Yuanshi, February 24, 1929"
1999.060.386 documents Thin paper Letter in black handwritten Chinese writing in between red thin vertical lines. Water stains in middle of paper "Honorable Father, As your son I am bowing on my knees and report to you respectfully, Your letter and money was received. In all it was 50 Yuan bills, 13 Yuan in coin. Self Control Association takes 1 Yuan and the bank takes 35 cents as a comission. I gave 10 Yuan to Sheng Cao. The remaining money will be for the family's expenses. Do not worry please. How is our elder brother? We have not heard news of him. If elder brother has commited some dishonorable act to create a rift in the deep affection between father and son, you had better teach him. Mother worries about this since you have not spoken of him in recent letters. The members of the family are increasing and so are expenses. For the whole year it is not less than several hundred Yuan. In the last letter you told me to stay at home and study for 2 - 3 years more, butI have finished all of the courses in the village school and must go to a higher grade school. Before we erceived your last letter, mother thought the expenses would be too much at the Chang Ping school - the tuition and other fees for one year is more that 100 Yuan and to board there is another 70 Yuan - so if we could not pay the money on time I would have to suspend my studies. We deceide to reserve the money first and I am staying at home until the end of this year waiting for your reply. If our elder brother does not get along with father, mother says to send him home, even though this would increase expenses. When Lian Fu returned he (elder brother ?) asked hime to give mother one gold coin. When Shang Son came back he asked him to take $20 to mother. No more money was sent back and we have not heard more news of him until we received your letter. Actually he sent letters and money very rarely. I heard that he quarreled with Uncle Shisui and left for another place. Ww wondered if he got another job after leaving the Jin Xiang Store. He never was one to cherish money, but spent it like water, so that mother and all of the family are worrying. Mother hoped that by sending hime to America he would make the family rich. Now things are contrary to our wishes. Mother would like elder brother to see how poor we are, awaken his conscience, and cause him to be a good son. In this case father has to send his family 400 or 500 Yuan t opay family expenses in addition to sending us 4 -5 letters every year so we do not miss him so much. Please keep your good health, and be careful. With best wishes, your son, Jin Yi nad grand son Pan Sen. 12/18 PS. If someone comes back to China please send a woolen pink shirt for Yue Qian and a woolen cap.
1999.060.387 documents Thin paper handwritten black ink chinese written directly on red vertical lines
1999.060.388 documents very thin paper black ink chinese in between red vertical lines
1999.060.389 documents A:document front: in red chinese writing and date 1922 black chinese: three columns of chinese and date 1924 one column of chinese and date 1923 back: form not filled out deals with "condition of patient" and operation findings B: document one side: black handwritten chinese with date of 1922and 1925 along left edge:phone el. 3901 second side: dates of 1923-1924 followed by more black chinese handwritting
1999.060.390 documents brown, very wrinkled paper in center with blue color "Prince Co." General Provider Hong Kong then the other half in complete chinese
1999.060.433 envelope 16 various envelopes packaged together by brown plain paper
1999.060.434 documents Documents (A-B) A: brown paper with green chinese back in pencil with more chinese B: brown paper in pencil Norval F. Graneberg 1727 W56th St. SEattle with chinese left corner lower
1999.060.438 documents very thin almost see-through paper instructions in german, english and other languages for a special pair of scissors 18 steps with a picture for each one torn in the lower left corner
1999.060.440 receipt two receipts together by a metal pin A:brown paper dated Dec. 15 1924 to Gom Hong Co. from B.R. Anderson Co. all info typed except for pencil "paid" statement total amount $440.40 B: copy of Consumption Entry dated Dec 15 1924 detailed write up of items brought in and tax prices on back declaration statements
1999.060.441 receipt receipts (A-I) A: Consumption Entry dated Aug. 4, 1924 four receipts of items purchased and stapled together cost of duty tax is $316.01 B: Consumption Entry dated Aug. 24,1925 typed list of items bought and duty among of $113.14 a brown paper receipt pinned and paper clipped together from B.R. Anderson and Co. listing taxation prices and a purple "paid" stamp in the middle C: Consumption ENtry dated Jan. 25, 1926 three receipts stapled listed and typed entries of items bought total duty amount of $457.90 pinned to it: small plain paper with frieght particalurs totaling $131.65 D:Consumption Entry dated April 2,1925 seven receipts listing items bought and last paper totaling numbe of packages which are 1,213 the duty amount is $1326.39 brown paper from B.R.Anderson and Co. pinned taxation prices totaling $1637.38 and in pencil "paid" statement E: Consumption Entry and Loading Record of Import Freight Receipt dated Oct.13,1925 brown paper from B.R. Anderson and Co. pinned stating taxation prices totaling $25.91 F: three Consumption Entry receipts dated NOv. 7, 1924 duty total of $281.71 pinned is B.R. Anderson and Co. brown paper receipt of taxation prices totaling $440.70 also in pencil "paid' statement G: badly stained Consumption Entry receipt dated April 27, 1927 lists items bought and duty total is $748.49 pinned to it upside down is receipt from B.R. Anderson and Co. receipt with taxation prices totaling $855.09 also freight particulars listed totaling $136.70 in pencil " paid" statement H: four Consumption Entry receipts dated Jan. 4, 1926 listing items bought and duty total of $619.00 pinned is B.R. Anderson and Co. listing taxation prices totaling $832.00with freight particulars totaling $178.00 i in pen "paid" statment I: B.R. Anderson and Co. receipt dated Jan. 26, 1926 with taxation prices totaling $732.95 with puprle "paid" stamp in middle
1999.060.442 documents reciept dated Dec. 24, 1924 amount for $8.00 from: R. Asukura 526 King St. Seattle receipt no. 5183 left side has rigded edge
1999.060.444 card, greeting greeting card in envelope green cardboard with glued on colored scenery of house in country surrounded by snow backdrop of mountains written in ink: Dear friend, Thank you for your nice present to me. Your friend T.B. Loveless weathered card with spot stains green envelope with red 2 cent stamp water stain ruined address stamped Dec 31, 1924 from Seattle
1999.060.469 envelope three sets of bunched together envelopes plain white slightly discolored blue paper band surrounds each bunch gold colored edging with a crown in the middle also next to crown are words "Extra Superfine"
1999.060.472 paper, writing 31 pages of blank paper bunched together as a packet thin red line running horizontal possibel chinese along edge of packet
1999.060.495 letter cream colored paper all in pencil A-C A: top edge ripped off various sections of notes appearing to be about a council and thier process of making decisions B; one section about how to get a job and how to sell flowers to a customer with a given example. below and upside down is a saying " Women can love two men, but not with the same feeling" other side has a reciepe for Spiced Grape Juice C: top section-writing how Japenese military is killing thousands of Chinese etc. middle section: various listings of words
1999.060.496 letter cream colored paper written all in pencil written in Chinese A: writing front and back, both are poems A.1: The title of the poem is Mu Lan joins the military Shocking war fire, responding to the call for the soldiers, why a woman wants to go to a war?At home are white hair parents , the young beauty has to be thousands of miles away, she forgot her soft hands, ambition accompanying the thought of filiat, a very special woman through the ages, today her name is on the history . A. 2:this is a poem called : feeling for the season one of two , This is a poem describing the geeses flying in the sky at sun set,sad people are all over the places , specially when all the maple leaves of wu river are all fallen , feel sad of the disaster year after year. two of two, skocking that the Japanese are occupying Shan Young, I am sad to hear that the city is covered with war fire, Zu Shang repeatedly hitting the oar in the river, will not return home if mid plain is not recovered B: writing in chinese front and single english word on back "Investigator"
1999.060.497 documents dark brown paper A-F A: only Violet Fleming written across top B: listing of day arrivals of ships; Dollar Steamship, Blue Tunnel, and C.P.R. Steamship the three Chinese characers on the left corner is the name of the boat:"Queen Ship" C: writing about the Chinese Delegation meeting with last attempt with League of Nations, all in pencil D: names of two different chinese groups with chinese on the right side E: all writting in Chinese translation: title: present to XX is returning to the east we met abroad after so many years of separation, all of sudden we have to sing the farewell song again, and I feel sad. Today , we are going to be apart and I don't have any gift to give to you, I am writing this poem only to express my feelings.
1999.060.505 documents notebook paper with blue lines and three holes on the side A: one side chinese in pencil and black ink other side cutouts and pasted on colored circular items two latitued and longitude two pie charts two possible North and South poles translations of the Chinese: From right to left There are three paragraphs of writings, each paregraph represents one form of letter writing, in the first paragraph, the writer writes about how much he (she) missed his(her) friend since their separaion, his (her) life is as usual ,there is not much to mention , but feels comforted by his (her)own good health .Remembering the good time of the past just like yesterday, the writer writes about his sad feeling regarding the separation. The second paragraph of writing is a sample writing to an older person or a person with higher position: the paragraph expressed the feeling of missing someone of great honor after the separation also wishing the person good health.Receiving letter and guidance of a person of great honor, even the separation is so far apart, you feel like you are with the person. The third paragraph is a format of writing to a person with equal position, this paragraph expressed the feeling of admiration and the feeling of happiness about the person's success. The last line written in pencil explained that last letter was written in a rush and the writer was not able to write all the thoughts on his (her) mind that is why he is writing another letter . B: two very large circular colored cutouts of the earth
1999.060.507a article 1999.060. 507 The photo clip of Dr. Gu(Koo) Wei Jun and Lord Lytton ( the investigation team was in Tian Jin , China
1999.060.508 documents 1999.60.508A-D This folder includes four pieces of small papers and a small envelope. All four pieces of papers were in the envelope with four Chinese characters -Ning yung Ben. Association written on the front 1999.60.508A This is a receipt of donation . Receipt number is 13311. This receipt is printed with black ink. The two large Chinese characters are the words "receipt". The smaller letters on the very top of the receipt is the name of the organization:Ning Yung Ben. Association and the address:41 waverly Place, san Francisco, Cal., U.S. A. translation inside the border: Received by Mr.or Mrs. Chen(the name is not very clear) from Mr. Wu Luo Yi of Xia Ping fort, Ping An village one dollar donation for the first association meeting.The receipt issued by Ning Yung Ben. Association on October 31 , 1928(The 17th year of Republic of China) Translation of the smaller characters on the right: According to the decision No. 3 voted by the entire staff of the first association assembly preparation office on July 7th of the 17th year of the Republic of China(1928), all people over 18 from Ning Yung paid the one dollar due have been approved by the Ning Yung Ben. Association to be allowed to pass. Translation of the bottom lines: Doners should keep the receipt at the time of departure. 1999. 60. 508 B This is Certificate of Registration number1963. The name of the organization issued the certificate is on top of the certificate: Hoi Sun Ning yung Ben. association, 41 Waverly Place, San Francisco, Calif., U. S. A. Wu Ming Yi , age 27 of Xia Ping fort ,Ping An village has followed the decision no. 8 of the registration rules voted by the first trans American Ning Yung Ben. Association assembly filled out the registration form and paid the one dollar due. Translation of the line on the bottom: Registers should keep this certificate and present it at the time of departure. 1999. 60. 508 C This is receipt number 19193. issued by the same organization as the one recorded as 1999.60. 508 A. This one was issued to a different person Wu Shi Zhen on June 29, the 18th year of Republic of China(1929). 1999.60. 508 D This is also a registration certificate , the same type as the one recorded as 1999.60. 508B. The number of this certificate is 7595. This certificate was issued to Wu Shi Zhen age 59 of Xia Ping fort , Ping An village on June 29, The 18th year of the Republic of China(1929).
1999.060.511 map collapsable paper map of the roads and neighborhoods of Seattle folds up into a stiff paper cover cover: brown with orange design "New Edition Map of Seattle" picture of city horizon on the water published by "The W.S. Parks Co." Seattle price 25 cents on the back of tha map: information of varioius items ticket offices, hospitals, autostages, and the street index, etc.
1999.060.512 map foldable map of Shangai (in color) all in chinese fits into paper open ended jacket with chinese on the front as well inside the map a brochure of Vancouver Island with a picture of a man fishing-inside a blue and white map of Vancouver Island and a picture of a ship
1999.060.527 documents document inside envelope A: document all in blue chinese except in upper left corner within a circle a wheel with wings and "Flying Wheel Brand" This sheet is the explainatrion sheet of the medicine, the sheet is divided into three sections , the left section includes the trade mark , the name of the medicine and the name of the company, the price per package of medicine is 40 cents, the middle section is the pathological origins of skin diseases,the upper part of the right section is the list of skin diseases the medicine will treat, for examples: cuts, insect bites, burns etc., the lower part is the explaination of the usage of the medicine. B: envelope red front with blue chinese upper left within a cirlce a wheel and wings and "Flying Wheel Brand" The four characters on the upper right are the words" trade mark" The five big blue characters are: ointment for reducing swellings and exterminating virus.The four smaller characters on top of the five big characters are : "the sacred skin medicine". The four characters under the five big characters are:" necessary for travel and home." On th lower right there are double circles, inside the circles the Chineses words are:kill germs, exterminate virus, protect skin, grow new skin, at the left of the double circles is the name of the company: Yi zhong drug manufacturing company. back.: white with blue Chinese characters, on top said "trade mark and flying wheel brand ", in the middle there are two circles, inside the right circle: trade mark flying wheel brand, sacred skin medicine and ointment for reducing swellings and exterminating virus, inside the left circle is the name of the company bottom: The Yik Chung Drugs & Company
1999.060.565 Letter Tranlation of a Chinese letter which is written by a son to his father who is in the US: Honorable father. Your son as I am bending my knees on the presence of you and report respectfully. Since you go board, it's a long time, we all are anxiously miss you a lot. Everyone in our family is fine now. Dont' worry. The things you asked uncle Shi Kuau to bring for us a gold coin, and US dollar 20.00 are all received. Thank you. On the date of January 22nd they started to measure the area of the house at that time. The uncle Shi Quan stubbornly insisted and said "We (our family) have enough money to build a new house." In fact, the foot of wall in our old house have to be repaired. We earnestly hope father can send some money back to meet the expenses of it. If there is a mic woolen shirt in the US please buy and send to me. Thank you. With best wishes. PS: Yesterday we've received 100 yuan which you sent on last December for the expenses of the Spring Festival. We hope father can send more money to us. Date: February 4, 1924. [note: The writer was poor education. The original text is illogical and ungrammatical. For example: -he asked his father to give them money more and more times. -at the endof of his letter he didn't sign his name]
1999.060.566 Letter Translation of a thank you letter: It is in new aspect, a turning point in your fortunes. We all enjoy the spring scenery. The apricots are pink in the spring breezes. The sunflower lean towards to the sun in a beautiful day. In this nice time I congratulate you, my dear young brother Shi Bao on it. Your moral character just like the spring breezes blow over the fields, makes everything reviving. The good fortune is coming to you steadily. Welcome you place us an order for pork. Thank you very much. So I sent this thank you letter and our gratitude to you. With best wishes. Your humble servand Shi Kuan December 2, 1925
1999.060.567 Letter A+B: Translation from a Chinese letter which is written by two sons to their father. Note: In China, it was popular in the past, in the name of two people to write a letter to someone or more than one. Honorable Father, Your son as I am bending my knees on presence of youa nd report respectfully. Sicne you left home and went out several years have passed. We miss you very much. We guess you are in good health and safety. These are our great expectations. We are studying in the school. Everything is going fine, don't worry. Now, on the date of November 6th of Chinese lunar calender it is the 12th anniversary of our school and opening meeting of the 22nd district branch association of Kuomintang too. We have celebration on them. Will have a good time. The other is the things you asked elder brother Shang Quan brought back to us. We all received and everyone in our family is going fine, don't worry, thank you. We write specially to inform you [ In China, the son cannot say "inform you." It is better to say "report you."] I respectfully wish you happy Your son Eng, Xiu Hong Eng, Zhen Hong November 7, 1926
1999.060.568 Letter Tranlation of a Chinese letter which was written by two sons to their father: Honorable father. Your sons as we are bending our knees on presence of you and report you respectfully. We've go your letter in successively. Since you left, you sent us things and money are all received. Thank you. Just on July 26th, Uncle Shi Quan brought back a gold - boy and gold - silver coin 5 piece to us from you are received too. Thank you. Don't worry. You ask about the expenses of what was done on the mountain. It was just a few 2 yuan to Xinsheng and 1.6 yuan to Shang Jing brothers but the Cuo Yu scholar said "it is the best time to make up it in the next year March to April." If Uncle Shi Zong have spare time come back please. To handle it if not, please inform us more early. We can have plenty of time to conduct it. Our relatives on mother side are studying in Nan Village school, but the teachers in the school were kidnapped. The kidnapper wanted a ransom to return the 3 teachers back. And the ransom is too high. The total is 75000 yuan, but grandmother's (on mother's side) family is in straightened circumstances. So mother gave him supporting silver coin 20 yuan. As to buy land to build the house. To buy land there are a lot of things to be done. It's not yet now, let's report to you later. Now, everyone in the family is fine. Don't worry and we hope you take care of your safety and health, and want to receive your more letters. We write specially and respectfully. Wish you happy. Your son Xiu Tong Zhen Tong August 1, 1922
1999.060.569 Bill Tranlation of Chinese account sheet: May 19, 1931 Save 600 yuan June 26, 1931 Xiu Tong drew 20 yuan June 28, 1931 Xiu Tong drew 20 yuan July 5, 1931 Xiu Tong drew 50 yuan July 8th, 1931 Xin Tong drew 20 yuan July 9th The price of steamer tickets 393.50 yuan Xin Tong drew 28.65 yuan Zhen Tong drew 70 yuan Total drew 600 yuan The new balance 0.00 yuan To brother Shi Bao July 9, 1931 Ya Yun
1999.060.570 Document Translation from a Chinese record of an interview with a customs officer: Officer: What's your name? Answer: My name is Ru Sheng. Officer: How old are you? Answer: I am twelve years old. Officer: What is your last name? Answer: My last name is Eng. Officer: Where were you born? Answer: I was born in China. Officer: What is your birth place in China? Answer: I was born in the Ding An Village, Tai Shan County, Guangdong Province. Officer: Where do you live now? Answer: I live in Dong hua village. Officer: What's your exact place of birth in Ping An Village? Answer: Da-Si-Jian house. Da-Wu-Jiao Lane Officer: How long did you live in Ping An village? Answer: I have lived there for 9 years. Officer: How far is the Donghua village from Ping An Village? Answer: About 500 meters. Officer: Who shared the houses with you in Ping An Village? Answer: I shared the house with Ai-Da-Gong. Officer: You lived in the front-door or side-door? Answer: I lived in the side door. Officer: Who lived in your opposite door? Answer: It was Yu Qun. Officer: Who lived in the rear house behind yours in your former residence now? Answer: It is Shi Huan's mother. Officer: What's about the front house (in the front of yours)? Answer: The midwife Ms Li lives there now. Officer: Is there any pool in Ping An Village? Answer: Yes there is. Officer: The exact place where you live in Dong Hua Village? Answer: I live in Da-Er-Jian house. Da-Shan-Jiao Lane. Officer: How many houses are there in Dong Hua Village? Answer: About 12-13 houses. Officer: Is there any temple or ancestral Hall? Answer: No, none of them. Officer: What is the direction of the Dong Hua Village? Answer: It faces west-south. Officer: Is there any country fair around Donghua Village? Answer: Yes there are. About 100M apart from Donghua village it is 2 times in 10 days. It opens on the dates of 4th, 9th, 14th, 24th, and 29th every month. Once in every 5 days. Officer: Is there any streams or rivers? Answer: Yes, there is one near by the country fair. Officer: How long have you attended school? Answer: 3 years and 6 months. Officer: Where is your school? Answer: I studied att eh school in Ping An Village. Officer: Who were your teachers? Answer: Yes, there were two teachers. Eng, Yu Kong and Eng Rui Zheng. Officer: Do you have any "Shu Shu" [father's younger brother] Answer: No, I have none. Officer: Do you have any "Bo Bo?" [father's elder brother] Answer: Yes, I have one. Officer What is your "Bo Bo's" name? Answer: My "Bo Bo's" name is Shi Bao. Officer: Does you "Bo Bo" have any children? Answer: He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Officer: Are you maternal grandparents still alive? Answer: Yes they are. My maternal grandfather is Li, Nanzhen. Officer: What's your maternal grandmother's maiden name? Answer: Her maiden name is Eng. Officer: Did your maternal grandmother have bound feet? Answer: Yes she did. Officer: Do your aunt and your mother all have bound feet? Answer: Yes, a little. But now they are unbound. Officer: Where does your aunt live? Answer: She lives with me. Officer: Where is your uncle? Answer: He is in the US now. Officer: Did you meet your uncle before? Answer: I dont' know, as I was very young. Officer: Are you aquainted with Shi Si in the Donhua Villiage? Answer: Yes, I know him. Officer: Did Shi Si have any children as you were in Donghua Village? Answer: I knew he had some children at that time. Officer: Are you acquainted with Shi Si's children? Answer: I am acquainted with Jun Ye (13 years old), Jun Tai (12 years old), Qu Xian, Zu Zhong, Qu Yun. Officer: What is your father's name? Answer: He is Eng, Shi Zong. Another name is Eng, Lian Chang. Officer: Do you have younger brothers? Answer: Yes, I have a younger brother. He was born in 1919. His birthday is December 29th, 1919. Now he is 2 years old. His name is Eng Yu Tang. Officer: Where was your father born? Answer: He was born in the US? Officer: What do you want to do as you come to the US? Answer: I am going to school in the US. This is a brief record of an interview with a customs officer. I have the honor to inform you. Yesterday, I've got my own brother's letter accomanying the letter is 150 yuan all are received (include the record of the interview with the customs officer) and know the detail as you said in the letter. I've copied it by hand writing. The only thing has to be done recently. I've sent a letter to Yu Kuan and Maitong. I've asked you to mail this letter for me. I think it must have been done. In the letter, I asked them have to be witness for me. As I arrive, I will be badly in need of having a witness if they don't agree with it. I earnest hope you can pray for them to do it. After I arrived will certainly thank them for their help. I am going to come on June 24th by Nan-Yan-Tong steamer Shi Li, Yu Wan, Shi Kuan, Shum Fu come with me together but Shang Quan come by "the Queen" steamer on June 14th. Now, everyone in our family is fine. Don't worry. With best wishes. To my dear brother Shi Bao Your young brother Shi Zhong May 27, 1921
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