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Wing Luke Museum
2014.036.007 Correspondence Jim Akagi "My First Experience in a War" Dec. 28, 1942 Tom Fukuyama "On December 7" Mits Kawaohi "My Experiences During the First Year of the War" Dec. 28, 1942 Aiko Kawaguchi "Remember Pearl Habor" Dec. 30 1942 Shuso Kumata "How Our Life has Changed in a Year" Jan. 3, 1943 Ester Mizukami "Since December 7, 1941" Roy Mukai (no title)
2014.036.008 Correspondence Wrangell Hotel, Wrangell, Alaska, Nov. 16, 1908. Testimonies by: Captain Erwin Farrer of Hattix Gage Captain Patrick Hamilton of Kayak W.E. Bruce William M. Taylor Allen Claire Snyder Alf Olsen
2014.036.009 Correspondence Wrangell Hotel, Wrangell, Alaska. Testimonies by: A.K. Rastad (Nov. 16, 1908) Patrick Loftus (Nov. 19, 1908) Walter Neils (Nov. 19, 1908) Frank Uberwimer (Nov. 21, 1908) James Kennedy (Nov. 22, 1908) Fred Morgansen (Nov. 22, 1908) J.R. Heckman (Nov. 22, 1908) Erwin Farrer (Nov. 22, 1908)
2014.038 Document Archives, photographs and documents of Anne and Franklin C. Chiu. Franklin Chiu was born in Chong Qing China in 1917. He was in the diplomatic Corps in the Kuo Min Tang during the early 1940s. After 1945 he went to the US to work in one of the consulates and remained in the US after the Chinese Communists took control of the mainland of China. He then ran a small business.
2014.039.001 Journal Journal Milwaukee Hotel Firewatch 1978 Milwaukee Hotel Firewatch
2014.041.001 Menu Fortuna CAfe Paper menu 711 S. King st. Fortuna Cafe
2014.041.002 Menu The China Gate takeout menu 516 7th Ave S The China Gate
2014.041.003 Menu Four Seas Restaurant Four Seas Restaurant and Tai Tung Delivery Service 714 South King St Four Seas Restaurant
2014.041.004 Menu Vegetarian Bistro and Healthy Vegetasia 668 S King St Vegetarian Bistro
2014.041.005 Menu Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant Take out menu 628 S. Weller St Hing Loon
2014.041.006 Menu Ho Ho Seafood Restaurant take out menu Ho Ho Seafood restaurant
2014.041.007 Menu Menu Hon's Restaurant Chinese and Vietnamese 416 5th Ave South Hon's Restaurant
2014.041.008 Menu Menu Mike's Noodle House 418 Maynard Ave S Seattle
2014.041.009 Menu Menu Honey Court Seafood Restaurant 516 Maynard Ave S Seattle
2014.041.010 Menu Menu House of Hong Chinese Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge 409 Eighth Ave S Seattle
2014.041.011 Menu Menu Saigon Dynasty Traditional Vietnemse and Chinese Restaurant 6030 Martin Luther King Jr. Way So.
2014.041.012 Menu Menu Shanghai Garden 524 6th Ave South
2014.041.013 Menu Menu Sun Ya Seafood Chinese Restaurant 605 7th Ave South
2014.041.014 Menu Menu Tai Tung Restaurant 655 South King St
2014.041.015 Menu Menu V Garden Seafood Restaurant 310 4th Ave South
2014.041.016 Menu Menu Wing Wah BBQ & Noodle House 668 South Weller St.
2014.041.017 Menu Menu Bush Garden
2014.041.018 Menu Menu Tropics Thai Cuisine and More 606 S Weller St
2014.041.019 Menu Menu Mi La Cay Restaurant 718 Rainier Ave S
2014.041.020 Menu Menu Minh's Restaurant 7101 Martin Luther King Way Suite 112
2014.041.021 Menu Menu Malay Satay Hut
2014.200.001 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview Lead Pencil Studio Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo Annie Han Daniel Mihalyo
2014.300.001 Oral History Interview Andy Hwang
2014.300.002 Oral History Interview
2014.300.003 Oral History Interview Christina Seong
2014.300.004 Oral History Interview Kimaro, Eliaichi
2014.300.005 Oral History Interview Cho, Eugene
2014.300.006 Oral History Interview Lucia Kenney
2014.300.007 Oral History Interview Martha Choe
2014.300.008 Oral History Interview Park, Michael
2014.300.009 Oral History Interview Park, Nam Pyo
2014.300.010 Oral History Interview O'Connell, Patsy Surh
2014.300.011 Oral History Interview Ablao, Roldy
2014.300.012 Oral History Interview Yun, Solomon
2014.300.013 Oral History Interview Kim, Soohee
2014.300.014 Oral History Interview Warnick Sulja
2015.002.028 Document Documents related to herbalist Hoy Chong Gar and his wife Lau Ah Gew and their family
2015.005.001 Periodical A publication of the American Afro-Asian Educational Exchange. Featured article is titled, "Sino-Soviet Split?" Discusses the relationship between China and the Soviet Union, and whether or not disagreements are actually beneficial to captalist countries. Free Afro-Asia, No. 1
2015.005.002 Article Newspaper article written by Emmett Watson discussing Wing Luke's early years in politics. Wing Luke: Anomaly In Seattle Politics
2015.005.003 Correspondence Biological sketch of Wing Luke for Seattle City Council. Outline includes backgrounds in education, military, and business as well as civic activities. Wing Luke Biographical Sketch
2015.005.004 Article Washington Teamster article. January 10, 1963. Stinson - Mr. No of the 7th
2015.005.005 Letter Letter to Wing Luke from Guy F. dated February 13, 1964.
2015.005.006 Letter Letter to Guy F. Smith from Wing Luke dated May 23, 1963.
2015.005.007 Letter Letter to Guy F Smith from Wing Luke dated January 21, 1964 discussing his plans to campain for the Wawona, a sailing ship, to be preserved as a floating historical maritime museum.
2015.005.008 Article Seattle Times article written by Wayne Jacobe dated January 16, 1961 discussing Wing Luke's campain to preserve the Wawona as a historic maritime museum. Fund to Save Old Schooner Sought
2015.005.009 Correspondence Personal correspondence from a Congressman.
2015.008.032 Toy Cutout Dressing book Cutout dressing cards Japanese cutout paper doll fashions
2015.009.054 Drawing, Architectural Floor plans and copy of blue prints for the Mar house at 4300 S. Snoqualmie St
2015.011.001 Invoice Cashier's Check from Seattle First National Bank, bought by Fung Oi Mark and paid out to Mak Lup Ko. Cashier's Check
2015.011.002 Card Business card for Mark Bing Ying, of the Everett Steamship Corporation, S/A, of Hong Kong. Business Card
2015.011.004 Invoice Visa petition for the Mark family, sent to American Consulate General, dated 18 Oct. 1972. Visa Petition
2015.011.005 Invoice Receipts for mailing office, dated: - 27 Apr. 1972 - 19 Oct. 1972 - 13 Dec. 1972 - 17 Jan 1973 Receipt
2015.011.006 Card Orange card with red writing. On the back is a 6x2 grid and 3 listed steps Card
2015.011.007 Correspondence Small pamphlet with a green-ish tint. Inside on the bottom left is a photo of a man. Personal Info
2015.011.008 Correspondence Small card, inside is a photo of a man and a bright, leaked, red stamp. Back has 4 steps listed. Identification Card
2015.014.001 Newsletter Newsletters James Y. Sakamoto Memorial Fund Courier Legacy Newsletter, Vol. I - Vol. 3 Courier Legacy
2015.017.001 Pamphlet Pamphlet arguing not to let Japanese Americans return to the West Coast. Evidence of Disloyalty of American-Born Japanese
2015.020.001 Oral History Interview Oral History Interview with Patrick H. Abe of the 7th Avenue Service Garage Pat Abe
2015.022.053 Program Wing Luke Invitational Art Exhibition 79 Program Wing Luke Invitational Art Exhibition
2015.022.054 Program Program Made in America Made in America: Annual Asian American Art Exhibition
2015.026.001 Article Newspaper Articles Seattle Times and other newspapers Wing Luke Museum Opening Chinese American New Year observations
2015.027.001 Newsletter Newsletters Seattle Chinese Community Newsletter Vol. I, No 11; Vol V No. 11
2015.032.001 Program Banquet Program Chronicle Crunch for Torch, Roosevelt's scholastic honorary, March 4, 1943 Wing Luke is co-Chairman of the Banquet Committee Chronicle Crunch
2015.038 Letter Letters and photographs sent to Elida Nordeen a teacher at Pacific School in Seattle from former students including some interned after March 1942. n 1892, the Seattle School Board decided to build a school in the Eastern Addition at the center of the South, Central, Minor, and Rainier attendance areas to relieve overcrowding in other schools. The new Pacific School had two gymnasiums in the basement, the first fully equipped gymnasiums in the district.
2015.040.001 Document American Mail Line Crew Pass SS President Madison Date 07/15/1932 Crew Pass
2015.040.002 Certificate Registration Certificate of the US Selective Service Proclamation for Men Sen Wong Registration Certificate
2015.040.003 Certificate Chinese Certificate of Registration Certificate of Registration
2015.040.004 Book, Ration War Ration Book One War Ration Book One
2015.040.005 Application Application for War Ration Book No. 3 Application for War Ration Book No. 3
2015.040.006 Document Application of Wong Men Sen to have his brother Wong Men Sing admitted to the US as a US citizen.
2015.040.007 Bill-of-sale Bill of Sale for the Twenty First Avenue Market by Men Sen Wong from Peter N. Wong
2015.040.008 Contract Escrow
2015.040.009 Document Escrow Instructions
2015.040.010 Letter Letter From Bing Kong Benevolent Association, HQ San Francisco CA Bing Kong Benevolent Association
2015.041.001 Card, Business Card, Business International District Emergency Center Signed by Donnie Chin International District Emergency Center
2015.042.001 Article Memorial Day Parade photograh features Cathay Post #186 Memorial Day Parade
2015.042.002 Article John Reddin's column Faces of the City feature Cathay Post Legionnaires and the memorial for WW II Chinese Americans killed in that war. Chinatown Doesn't Forget
2015.042.003 Article Photo and story on the Cathay Post Christmas Party for approximatly 300 children at the Chong Wa Hall. cathay Post Xmas Party
2015.042.004 Article News of events on Veterans Day celebration of1969 David King of Cathay Post 186 will place the wreath. Veterans Day Salutes
2015.042.005 Article Article on the Cathay Post in the Washington State Legionnaire. Cathay Post Hosts Parade Services
2015.042.006 Article Photo of Kay Toda and Bill Chin presenting Susan Wong with the 1968 Cathay Post Annual Scholarship Cathay Post maked Award
2015.042.007 Article Photo and article on the Chinese American war dead memorial at teh Chong Wa playfield one day prior ot that years Memorial Day ceremony. Cathay Post
2015.042.008 Program American Legion Cathay Post 186 Memorial Day Ceremony at Hing Hay Park May 28, 2012 Memorial Day Ceremony
2015.042.009 Certificate Certificate of Participation to the Cathay Post 186 from the American Legion Department of Washington Certificate of Participation
2015.042.010 Letter Letter From The American Legion thanking the Cathay Post for their sponsorship of the American Legion Evergreen Boys State.
2015.042.011 Program Program Cathay Post 186 25th Annual Memorial Day Services Memorial Day
2015.048.001 Pamphlet Civil Rights Resource guide Wing Luke Civil Rights Unit Washington State Office of the Attorney General September 2015 Civil Rights Guide
2015.050.001 Newspaper Published drawings by Michelle Kumata in the Seattle Times collected by Elie Smith
2015.051.001 Letter Letter To Velma Veloria from President Bill Clinton
2015.053 Menu Menu Hong's Garden Restaurant in Renton Faye Hong closed this restaurant in 2015 Hong's Garden Restaurant
2015.054.001 Poem Photographs, poems and books by Mike Stone Mike Stone
2015.054.002 Sticker Sticker Secret Identities: the Asian American Superhero Anthology signed by Jeff Yang and Perry Shen
2015.054.003 Poster Poster and 2 signed tickets A Grain of Sand Concert with Nobuko Miyamoto and Charlie Chin Guitar pick A Grain of Sand
2015.059 Document Newspapers, douments, mementos related to the death of Donnie Chin
2015.200.001 Oral History Interview Bettie Luke
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