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Wing Luke Museum
1997.024.016.049 Article Boy Scout Troop 254, did their share at the charity 'Moon Festival' by selling peanuts and fortune cookes. Shown in the picture, Tony Chinn, Bruce Eng, Norman Yip, Donald Eng, Kenneth Foy, Albert Woo, Ronald King, P.L. Teng Eng, Shleton Chow, TRP Scribe, Chong Jung, Wing Chin and Roger Eng, SPL. Eager-Beavers
1997.024.016.050 Article Elmer Chinn proudly pinned the Girls' All-City Junior Checker Championship medal on this sister, Amelia, while Fred Bryant looked on. Fred has won the boys' title. Checkers Champs
1997.024.016.051 Article 19 children, Sherman Woo, Paul Fong Jr., Gregory Johnson, Jennifer Hing, Candy Chin, Eugene Hall, Darlene Lew, Larry Yip, Jennifer Lew, Thomas Galyton, Charles Chinn, Jr. Georgiana Wong, Darlene Luke, Gerry Uno, Billy Leo, Chris Eng, Douglas Chow, Joyce Yee and Sherry Woo will be dressed in caps-and gowns when they receive diplomas from the Chinese Baptist Nursery School. On To the First Grade
1997.024.016.052 Article Darlene Luke adjusted Gregory Johnson's mertarboard as they were rehearsing the commencement of the Chinese Baptist Nursery School. Class of 1962
1997.024.016.053 Article Seattle School Board approved its first regular teaching contracts for Orientals. Two teachers selected are Miss A. Claire Suguro and Mrs. Lillian Lum. Shown in the picture is Mrs. Lum. School Board Signs 2 Oriental Teachers
1997.024.016.054 Article Mr and Mrs. Eddie H. Huey announce the engagement of their daughter, Rubye, to Mr. Jack H. Pang, son of Mrs. Ann Pang. Engaged
1997.024.016.055 Article Chin Hann posed with Donald Ding and Doreen Ding. The toddlers were awed by the lion-headed dragon which will be a feature of the Seattle's three-day International Carnival. Awesome Dragon
1997.024.016.056 Article Seattle's International Carnival: -Five international beauty queens, Ruby Huey, May Tsutsumoto, Willa Miller, Patricia Compusano and Barbara Curtis help make the carnival a glittering pageant. -Ferocious Dragon in Gaudy Parade -Loris Lindsey on Chindwin merry-go-around Five Queens
1997.024.016.057 Article One of four young women, Lila Woo, Pauline Foy, Ruby Huey and Alice Eng will represent Seattle's Chinese Community during an International Carnival. Cathay's Lovelies
1997.024.016.058 Article Ruby Huey was crowned queen of the Seattle's chinatown and will represent the Chinese community during the International Carnival. Chinese Queen
1997.024.016.059 Article Four Garfield High School pupils, Jo Carter, Gary Gayton, Frank Yee and Jean Fujii presented the school donations, in pennies, nickels and dimes to Gen. Frank E. Stoner, president of the Northwest Branch of the American Association for the United Nations. Garfield Aids Fountain Fund
1997.024.016.060 Article Three of the contestants for Queen of Hearts of Cathay, were tempting the dragon during the traditional Chinese New Year's celebrations. Queen Candidates
1997.024.016.061 Article Members of Seattle's Chinese Community, Russell Eng, Sam Eng, Tuck Eng, Ping Chow, Darryl Kan and Roosevelt Chinn will present pirate dances as part of a variety show to benefit the March of Dimes. THEY'LL DANCE FOR DIMES
1997.024.016.062 Article Mrs. Lew G. Kay and Charles Louie unveils a war monument the Seattle Chinese Community dedicates. Chinese Community Unveils Monument To War Two Dead
1997.024.016.063 Article Students of high schools were appointed to Scholastic Art Student Committee because of their outstanding artistic ability. Shown in the photos are Janie Hanada and Bill Haddon of Franklin High, Bonnie Cook and Jeanie Jue of Garfield High. PUPILS APPOINTED TO COMMITTEE
1997.024.016.064 Article Six high school girls, Valerie Chinn, Nanci Wong, Jeannie Jue, Foon Woo, Jeanne Yee and Deanna Eng are part of a troupe of dancers from the Chinese Community that entertained at a variety review for the benefit of the March of Dimes. CHINESE STUDENT ENTERTAIN
1997.024.016.065 Article -Beverly Washington, Mrs. Anne Luke and Evangeline de Castro were talking over plans for the carnival fashion show. -Mrs. S. Kato and Y. Nomaguchi perform the Japanese Bon Odori dance. -Jean Leong and Fannie Wong pretend fright at sight of the traditional Chinese dragon Seattle's INTERNATIONAL CARNIVAL
1997.024.016.066 Article Sophomore dance committee chairmen of Garfield High School, Sharon Lee Beck, Noriko Ichikawa, May Nakamura and Lorna Prim, Sam Eng, Guy Wong, George Kobata, Bowen King, Bill Fite and Carol Blomgren are planning school dance "Batter's Ball". SOPHOMORE COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN PLAN FOR DANCE
1997.024.016.067 Article David H. Woo, Charles H. Louie and Jack H. Pang who headed drive to erect Seattle Chinese War Memorial Monument posed with the monument. Monument Going Up To Chinese-American Dead on Weller St.
1997.024.016.068 Article Lieut. John W. Reagan and Morris Brooks answered questions to Seattle high-school seniors who are interested in joining the Navy. Students are Gary Gayton, Roosevelt Chinn, John Gayton and Stanley Halifield. Negro Youths Briefed on N.R.O.T.C.
1997.024.016.069 Article Roger Eng, Sam Eng and Pauline Woo, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of the Chinese Community packed and distributed heart-shaped plastic containers for contributions to the Washington State Heart Fund. Have a Heart
1997.024.016.070 Article Thirteen girls from Garfield High School were elected to Radiance Roll: Marianne Otoshi, Jo Carter, Jean Fujii, Sally Chinn, Nancy Pitman, Ingrid Schneider, Sharon Wolfe, Barbara Cragin, Charlene Friedman and Susan Houck. (Tina and Jana Jocobsen, absentee). THIRTEEN STUDENTS ELECTED TO RADIANCE ROLL
1997.024.016.071 Article Members of the Garfield High G-Club are preparing for the all-city girls letterman breakfast: Rose Kobata, Marianne Otoshi, Juan Fujii, Marianne Urakama, Hazel Joy Woo and Jean Leong. G-CLUB MEMBERS PLAN ALL-CITY BREAKFAST
1997.024.016.072 Article Charlene Woo and Vera Chan are among the costumed children honoring mothers Mother's Day To See Children Garbed In Dress of 20 Lands
1997.024.016.073 Article Mr. and Mrs. Stanley N. Randolph of Kennewick announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary Anita to Mr. Richard Henry Greene, son of Mr and Mrs. Taylor M. Greene. JULY WEDDING PLANNED
1997.024.016.074 Article Four of 17 Chinese Baptist Nursery School 'graduates', Welsey Woo, Don Hollingsworth, Don Louie and Mui Mui Chow, read a book while awaiting commencement exercises. NURSERY SCHOOL 'GRADUATES'
1997.024.016.075 Article Seattle Chinese-American believe the Soviet invaders will be driven out of China. -Chinese American anti-communist, James Sing, past chairman of the Seattle branch of Kuo Min Tan, Nationalist Party of China, stands outside the party headquarters. -Legion Leader Mrs. Jade Louie, president of Cathay Unit No. 186, American Legion Auxiliary was pictured in her husband's dental office. -Schoolmaster Kim Wong, 31, principal of Chinese School, posts notice of musical programs. -Chinatown Shop Choung Aie inspects dried squid proffered by Helen Chin, proprietor of a Chinatown store. -New American Lie Chin slices winter melon in a King St. Chinese store. -Father and Son noodle makers, F.Y.Louie and his son Henry stand by flour sacks and scales in their noodle making plant. -Craftsman veteran Sing Lee, a carpenter, is shown above at his work. -Drying Baker Norman Louie checks noodle hanging in drying room. 'CHINATOWN' DETEST COMMUNISM EVIL
1997.024.016.076 Article Bill James, Bill Chinn, Bobby Buren and Bill Ishida are showing all the tumbling moves. 'BROTHERHOOD WEEK' THE YEAR AROUND AT COLLINS
1997.024.016.077 Article Bill Chinn demonstrates his backhand shot as Dwayne Roness looks on. 'BROTHERHOOD WEEK' THE YEAR AROUND AT COLLINS
1997.024.016.078 Article Building Pyramids, part of a tumbling program at Collins. Shown in the picture are: Dwayne Roness, Jim Couture, Bill James, Bill Chinn, Franklin Hyodo, Willie Ellis, Jerry Miller, Shigaru, Tsutsumi, Bobby Buren and Mako Okada. 'BROTHERHOOD WEEK' THE YEAR AROUND AT COLLINS
1997.024.016.079 Article Wedding picture of Mary Randolph (Mrs. Greene) who was married to Mr. Richard H. Greene in July 7, 1951 in the Plymouth Congregational Church.
1997.024.016.080 Article Joan Won Sims, Betty Lloyd and Laura Chinn, contestants for Chinese Queen at the International Queen Ball. Seeking Crown
1997.024.016.081 Article One of the four International Festival queens Elaine Sakai, JoAnne Squires, Lilyan Mar and Rosemary Blancs will be crowned a Seattle Seafair princess at the International Queen Ball. International Festival Queens
1997.024.016.082 Article Daesie Graves and Ruth White will begin their teaching careers as Kindergarten teachers. They are both University of Washington graduates. NEW SCHOOL MARMS
1997.024.016.083 Article Mayor William F. Devin and Ray Eckmann, prime minister of Seattle's Seafair, gave a royal welcome last night to Lilyan Mar, the newly chosen Miss International Center. International Queen
1997.024.016.084 Article Mui-Mui (Cheryl Mayre) Chow in a miniature woman warrior's dress. She will make an appearance in the Seafair Parades. Type was worn by women
1997.024.016.085 Article Twenty Seafair princesses were guests of The Times at a Rainier Club dinner Friday. They were Helen Marie Ryan, Beverly Anne Payne, Dolores Barbour, Dolores Finseth, Jean Weimert, Gloria Lucke, Ella Rae Whitacre, Gail Klatzker, Marjean Patten, Dolores Glazer, Sheila Bird, Lorrine Stromberg, Carla Webster, Kay Barragar, Carmen Supino, Jackie Mcdonald, Muriel McAllister, Adelle Slaybaugh, Mary Beth Hoban, and Lilyan Mar. WHICH WILL BE QUEEN?
1997.024.016.086 Article Doris Page, pinned a skipper badge on Lilyan Mar, Miss International Center. Other Festival princesses are, Elaine Sakai, Joanne Squires, and Rosemary Blancas. PIN WRAPPED FOR HAT
1997.024.016.087 Article Three workers James Mar, Mary Tamura and Oscar Johnson hung lanterns in International Center in preparation for the International Festival. Parade, Royal Dinner to Open Three-day International Festival
1997.024.016.088 Article Mrs. Ernest Williams, Mrs. Charles F. Clise and James M. Mar helped decorate for an Hawaiian Luau event to feature the Jackson Street Community Council's annual meeting. EXOTIC SETTING
1997.024.016.089 Article An "Oriental Float" turns a corner through a huge crowd during the spectacular Thursday night parade at International Center. Unity of Fun Binds Throngs At Gay International Festival: Gaudy Big Parade Enchants Thousands In Colorful South End Function
1997.024.016.090 Article Betty Young, the newly elected president of Hwa Sheh, Chinese Students' organization at the University of Washington, is the first woman president of the organization. Betty Young is Elected President
1997.024.016.091 Article Mrs. Ruth (shown with Mrs. Margaret Juul, the nurse and Mrs. Cecile M. Cushing) is the 3,500 King County Blood Bank blood donor. 3,500th Blood Donor
1997.024.016.092 Article Acrobats the Tong Brothers will perform at "Chinese Varieties", a fund-raiser event of Cathay Post No. 186, American Legion and auxiliary. Legion Post Will Present Benefit Show: The Tong Brothers
1997.024.016.093 Article Gaudy Chinese dragon, formed one of the spectalular units of the International Festival Parade. Dragons Roar in Parade
1997.024.016.094 Article A Chinese good-luck lion is performing at 'Choi Cheong': a ceremony which means achieving everlasting peace, prosperity and happiness. Chinese Lions Feasts on 'Greens'.
1997.024.016.095 Article Chinn Doe Jinn pointed out to Kay Parker golden figures of warriors on the front of the shrine. Chinn Doe Jing
1997.024.016.096 Article Betty Gallant and Jerry Skeen was looking at the Cloisonne Vases Charles Wah showed to them. Cloisonne Vases
1997.024.016.097 Article Harry Louie, worker of the Rose Brand Noodle Co., escorted Mary Elizabeth Graves, Herbert Hanrahan and Donald Nelson to see how noodles was dried in the factory. Noodles
1997.024.016.098 Article Arthur T. King, Seiichi Hara, Mrs. Dan K. Mar, and B.J. Adams appeared at 'Community Chest' report meeting yesterday. Chest Collection Reach 62%: Why Give?
1997.024.016.099 Article Ray Soo, one of the smallest player in College basketball, scored big in his team,Seattle University's Chieftains' victory game over Montana State College. Seattle U. Is Victor In Closing Seconds
1997.024.016.100 Article Guay Li, grocer and vice president of the Chinese Benevolent Association is showing the exotic food sold in his grocery store to curious youngsters. Guay Li
1997.024.016.101 Article Children from the White Center Heights School watched Ping Chow performed the Chinese ribbon dance.
1997.024.016.102 Article Artist Fay Chong, used a goat-hair brush to give a lesson in Chinese painting and calligraphy. Students are from White Center Heights. Child's Eye View of Chinese
1997.024.016.103 Article Bobby Vielske and Norma Felkey watched Chinn Yee lignt incense sticks at the family shrine. Bobby and Norma are students of White Center Heights.
1997.024.016.104 Article Kim Wong played with slender skicks on a Chinese haprsichord as Betty Lou Koth and John Boyd, students of White Center Heights, watched on.
1997.024.016.105 Article George Washington Junior High pupils Dolores Salgado, Adrian Norris, Lorrie Mar, May Takeshita and Sonja Salgado set up centennial exhibit. City awaits Start of Centennial Celebration
1997.024.016.106 Article Joan Catoni, Eddie Jordan and Ruby Eng were pictured with a totem pole, part of the Seattle Public School's Centennial exhibit. City built by all races: Cosmopolitan Exhibit
1997.024.016.107 Article Studetns performed in Garfield High's Funfest.
1997.024.016.108 Article L.A. Williams and Lilyan welcome the famed general's wife, Mrs. Douglas MacArthur.
1997.024.016.109 Article Miss Lilyan Mar presented a bouquet of flowers to Mrs. Douglas MacArthur on behalf of Seattle Chinese community. Gift for Mrs. MacArthur
1997.024.016.110 Article Mrs. Kenneth Louie is showing an old elaborate robe owned by Mrs. Wayne Richardson. Chinese Fashion Show
1997.024.016.111 Article An advertisement for a show called, "Chinese Varities", proceeds go toward Americanism and Service Men's Fund. "Chinese Varies"
1997.024.016.112 Article A list of donor and the amounts of money they donated from the Chinese Community.
1997.024.016.113 Article Chinese School students and other members of the Chinese communities gave a total of $300 to The Post-Intelligencer Christmas Fund. Shown in the picture are Mrs. David Chin, Wilma Eng, Principal Kim Wong, Virginia Chinn and Sammy Wong. Chinese Give #300 Raised To Swell Holiday Drive Total
1997.024.016.114 Article Miss Jean Loh is looking over the modern Chinese ply,'Ya P'O'' with Mrs. Walter F. Clift in preparation for the theater party which the China Club of Seattle will sponsor .
1997.024.016.115 Article Mrs. Young B. Lee is holding a Chinese lantern she will hang on her porch for the "Mothers' March on Polio". Lanterns, Too
1997.024.016.116 Article Betty Young, president of Hwa Sheh Chinese student Club presented poem to 'Hong Kong' star, Rhonda Fleming. Rhonda is also bestowed the name, "Fu Londa". Actress, Now "Fu Londa," Gets Poem From Chinese Students.
1997.024.016.117 Article Young Chinese Yick Lee, Les Chan, Johnny Dong and Bill Sing from Cathay Post No. 186 are shown at King County Central Blood Bank where they watched Bernadine Ditter work slides at 'dissecting scope' Chinese Star Helping Blood Bank Drive: Project Aimed At Showing Hatred For Reds
1997.024.016.118 Article Members of Chinese Community, Dahlia Marr, Helen Wong, Lanna Locke admire antique porcelain in Chin Han Home. They will assist during international settlement benefit auction. International Auction Sale will Benefit Summer Seafair Festival
1997.024.016.119 Article -Miss Jane Hanada and Miss Tsukiyo Tanino, wearing Japanese kimonos will be at the International Auction. -Exquisite embroidered Mandarin jackets similar to the red and silver one modeled by Mrs. Philip Mar will also be available at the auction. -Mr. Frank Ortega had his arms filled with Philippine-made articles made by Miss Beverly Garcia. International Auction: Oriental Craftsmanship Shown
1997.024.016.120 Article A little Chinese girl, Roberta Fong wrote what was in her heart and today her composition was issued as the official Thanksgiving Day proclmation of histoirc Rhode Island. Chinese Girl's Theme Official Proclamation For Thanksgiving
1997.024.016.121 Article Patrica Munsel, Spokane-born soprano of the Metropolitan Opera, received a bouquet and scroll from three Seattle girls last night at intermission time in her recital at the Civic Auditorium. SCROLL FOR PRACTICE
1997.024.016.122a&b Article Ruby Eng, Foon Woo and Donna Eng is admiring luxurious attire, priceless gowns from old China. Nine dragon gowns will be shown at the China Club's 36th annual dinner to be held Monday at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce. Pricelss Gowns
1997.024.016.123 Article Chieftain star, Ray Soo, struggles for a rebound in the recent southern tour of Seattle University.
1997.024.016.124 Article -Candidadates for Boys' Club office, Garfield High School: Don Drury, Guy Wong, Don Wright, George Holifield, Gordon Johnson, Mike Posner, Dick Byington, Dan Niles. -Candidates for Girls' Club Officers, Garfield High School: Lorna Prim, Bylieu Helwig, Jeanie Jue, Janet Okamoto, Elizabeth Rivers, Barbara Mar, Mitsue Yanagihara, Gael Burns, Sue Shimming, Francine Shulman, Gerry Brady, Marian Namba, Irene Yamauchi, Carolyn Blomgren. Safari Seeks Boys' Club Officers Who will be Girls' Club Officers For 1952-53?
1997.024.016.125 Article Deanna Eng and Dave Wright have been selected by the Capitol Hill Lions Club as Boys and Girls of the month for February. Deanna Eng, Dave Wright Given Honor By Capitol Hill Lions
1997.024.016.126 Article Spring pledges to the G.N. Chapter of Quill and Scroll are: Mary Louise Baker, Sylvia Nomura, Katherine Hamano, Elaine Lewis, Kay Chin, Ruby Luke. Yuki King, Betty Arase, Luanne Shaw, Joy Addicoat, May Nakamura and Bill Semon. Not shown on the picture: Bob Stern and Guy Wong. Quill and Scroll Chosses 14 Pledges
1997.024.016.127 Article Foon Woo, a graduate of Garfield High School, was named Miss Chinatown at ceremonies in the Chinese Benevolent Association Hall. Seattle Chinese Royalty
1997.024.016.128 Article Dr. Henry Luke crowned Miss Foon Woo, queen of Chinese Community. Miss Woo's princesses are Trixie Leong and Dahila Marr. Chinese Queen
1997.024.016.129 Article The Chinese community drill team is getting ready for their parate in Seafair festivities. Shown in the picture are Fannie Wong, Norma chun, Donna Eng, Grace Woo, Amelia Chinn, Glady Eng, Sandra Chun, Gloria Chinn, Tina Chin, Elinore Eng, Sandra Chinn, Ann Locke, Trixie Leong and Alyce Eng. ORIENTAL PAGEANTRY
1997.024.016.130 Article The Rev. Lincoln Eng, new deacon-in-charge of the Episcopal Church of the Advent, meet some children of congregation members. Making Friends: Pastor Wins Children After 4 Days on Job
1997.024.016.131 Article Fanny Wong and Hannah Chinn try on costumes, brought from China by Ping and Ruby Chow, for the Chinese Community Drill Team t wear in the Seafair Parade. Chinese Paraders Proud of Job
1997.024.016.132 Article Barbara Mar, "G" club president, also is very active in 4N club, Pep Club, girls' honorary service organization, student council, ticket committee, Senior representative. Senior commencement committee, Gold Seal. Barbara Mar
1997.024.016.133 Article Four International Queens, Foon Woo(Chinese queen), Adelia Avery (Negro queen), Rosita de Leon(Filipino queen), Sumi Mitsui (Japanese queen) met their crown-bearers, Larry Louie, Gary Johnson, David Belmonte and George Shinbo. The queens will be crowned at the International Coronation Ball. International Queens
1997.024.016.134 Article A 102-foot dragon was being assembled today as part of the Chinese Community entry in the main and torch-light parades of the Seattle Seafair. SEAFAIR DRAGON
1997.024.016.135 Article Jeannie stands only 5 feet tall, but is one of the most ambitions girls in the school. Feature Girl Spook Jeannie Jue
1997.024.016.136 Article A giant dragon curled its way along the Seafair parade route as a crowd of 100,000 watched. SEAFAIR PAGEANTRY:CHINESE ENTRY
1997.024.016.137 Article Many stayed on curbstone to watch Seafair Parade: Among the crwods are Mrs. Joseph Gianola and her toddler sons, Fred and Jack, Mrs. Henry Woo and her 4 year old son, Larry. NATURAL ACTORS
1997.024.016.138 Article A little booklet introducing the four International Queens: Sumi Mitsui, Japanese queen Rosita de Leon, queen of the Filipino community Foon Woo, Miss Chinatown Adelia Avery, Negro queen and Miss International center of 1952 International Centennial Festival 1952
1997.024.016.139a&b Article The Chinese community Drill team, wearing red Chinese costumes, keep perfect step as they proceed across the parade field at Seward Park during the 19th annual Rainier District Powwow Sunday. Fancy Steppers Draw Cheers At Powwow: Precision Drill At Big Show
1997.024.016.140 Article Thirteen inspirational girls of 131 nominated were elected to the Radiance Roll April 16, 1952. They are Joan Allen, Beverly Brear, Carolyn Blomgren, Eleanor Klein, Nancy Pitman, May Catherine O'Connor, Janet Shapiro, Deana Eng, Joyce Toshi, Marka Weinmann, Marian Miller, Foon Woo and Gael Burns. Thirteen Girls Compose 1952 Radiance Roll
1997.024.016.141 Article Foon Woo (princess of Seattle's Chinese community), admired a hand-carved object from HongKong as John A. McNeill, a custom entry officer, unpacked the crate. HONGKONG ART
1997.024.016.142 Article Foon Woo and Natalie Thomas, Garfield High School grads were both candidates for Seattle Seafair queen. Grads Seafair Princesses
1997.024.016.143 Article Miss Helen Chinn's engagement to Mr. Howard Fong has been announcement.
1997.024.016.144 Article Foon Woo, Seattle Chinese Community princess, holding a hand-carved ivory fan from Hong Kong, smiles an invitation to the Far East International Trade Fair, to be held in the Civic auditorium Sept. 6-14, 1952
1997.024.016.145 Article 'Fun Fest' acts are under way for Garfield High School students and teachers. 'Comic Cinerama' Theme Of Garfield's '53 Funfest
1997.024.016.146 Article Girls of Y.W.C.A. high-school Y-Teen Clubs, put Christmas wrapping on chocolate to be sent to girls in Korea, HongKong and Italy. CHRISTMAS CANDY FOR OVERSEAS
1997.024.016.147 Article Rev. Paul Fong, of a Chinese Baptist Church, hosts an Easter sermon: "Resurrection and Rediscovery."
1997.024.016.148 Article New honor society officers admire cups awarded to Garfield several years ago for maintaining the greatest percent of honor students for three years in succession at two different instances. Shown in the picture are, Guy Wong, president, Dick Crews, secretary-treasurer, Richard Campbell, vice-president and Mr. William Calder, adviser.
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