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Wing Luke Museum
1993.018.001 Suit White silk wedding suit and gold hat. A: Jacket of fine off-white silk. Nehru-style stand-up collar, inset pocket with band, 4 self-covered buttons, set-in sleeves with covered button. Slit on ech side. Has partial lining of off-white cotton with 2 interlinings. Large hook at neckline. B: Pants of plain silk with elastic in casing in waistband. Very narrow, long legs C: Turban-style hat of gold synthetic fabric with bands of gold ribbon. Pleated flair of fabric at top outlined with gold ribbon and a band of ribbon halfway across. At the back a cascade of the same fabric falls 16 1/2". It is outlined with gold ribbon and has a stripe of gold ribbon 2 3/8" from the edge. The turban is very stiff and lined with lemon yellow cotton fabric. LOCATION: HAT 4
1993.018.002 Costume Boy's white cotton festival outfit. A: Shirt or Kurta of fine white cotton, collarless, three button placket at front, long sleeves, false vest at front fastened at shoulder and side seams. Chain stitch machine embroidered pattern in white thread running down the front of the false vest. B: Pants of fine white cotton. Pants are sewn to look like a Dhoti (wrap around skirt where back piece is tucked in at front waist to create pants). Elastic in casing at waistband. Chain stitch machine embroidery runs the length of the front panel.
1993.018.003 Costume Girl's Festival Skirt and Blouse. A: Blouse, "Choli" of red synthetic organza lined in thin red cotton. Round neck tied in back with self tie. Opening below tie is keyhole shaped with overlap below fastened by 4 hooks and thread eyes. There is a windowpane pattern of narrow gold ribbon applied to the blouse which is short. Short set-in sleeves with wide patterned border of wide and narrow gold ribbon over green synthetic satin. B: Skirt, "Gagra" of red and green sheer synthetic organza backed by red and green thin cotton. Skirt is A-line with green waist band. Alternating red and green bands down skirt, halfway down red and green alternates change. Wide gold ribbon borders red and green. Narrow gold ribbon in criss-cross pattern. Below this pattern is floral pattern of gold ribbon with gold satin and orange satin in flower and leaf shapes. There are 8 floral patterns Below is a band of lozenge shapes in gold and green satin bordered with gold ribbon on red background. Next is a band of crossed and linear narrow gold ribbon. Ther is a band of wide gold ribbon around bottom of skirt and between each pattern.
1993.018.004 Shoes One pair women's sandals of tooled leather, braided band from toes to cross strap; cross strap has gold bands going across; toe opening. "Genuine leather, Hand Made in India, 5" embossed at heel.
1993.019 Sari Purple silk wedding sari. Purple silk gauze with woven gold stylized floral pattern. Silver, dark green, blue and white are also included in leaf and flower pattern. There is a wide floral border in same colors and gold background on the bottom and top. The top has the gold background only where it shows as sari is folded to be worn. Where it does not show on wearer the gold is replaced by a pinkish copper color. On one end is a very wide border of the floral pattern with gold background. The ends of the fabric have simple narrow gold stripes. Damage: Split on bottom border, large tear in center portion.
1993.020 Calendar 12 page calendar printed on white paper in many colors. 1st page has a star and circle motif in red on yellow, upper left hand corner. 2nd page has an illustration of Lifebuoy soap in red and white on yellow. Various advertise- ments at top of each page. Front of pages shows the calendar numbers in blue with special days in yellow, pink, peach or blue. Back of pages has text in Hindi and some color photographs. Top is bound with blue and pink printed metal strip. Red, white and blue braided tie attached at middle top. Used daily to determine appropriate days for particular kinds of work and activity
1993.021.001 Set, Tableware Stainless steel Thali individual serving set. A: Tray with a rim B-D: Small cups in which food for an individual is placed, i.e. curried vegetable dish, rice dish (pulau), yogurt dish (raita), lentil dish (dal) The space on the tray beside the dishes is reserved for bread such as "puri" a puffy deep-fried bread E: Small dish
1993.022.001 Set, Condiment Spice container set. A: Stainless steel round container B: Lid with concentric circles for container C-I: 7 stainless steel cups, 7" diam., 2 1/2" high, J: Stainless steel spoon, 3 1/4" long
1993.022.002 Wok Indian wok style cooking pot, black metal with two round circle handles on each side. Somewhat smooth and grayish in center, jet black and rough near outer edges. Cracked surface on bottom side. Larger versions of this small wok are used for deep frying.
1993.023 Painting Oil on canvas painting of refugee boat in stormy waters. Blue, grey and white water, yellow boat in flames in lower center, small black boat in upper left, large shadowy ship in upper right. Wood and gold painted frame. Title: "SOS Denied"
1993.024 Xylophone Model of a bamboo Vietnamese Xylophone "Dan" T'ru'ng" mini Pieces come apart. A-C: Leg of stand, pointed length of bamboo ending in a node A: 6 1/2 long, B: 7 1/4" long, C: 8 1/4" long D: Central trunk of stand, perforated length of bamboo, 4 3/4" long E: Curved support of percussion section, 12" long, 1/4" diameter, metal nail inserted in top end, bottom end slightly pointed F: Side support for percussion section 6" long, 1/4" diameter, slightly pointed at one end, other end ending at a side branch nodule G: Similar to F about 5 3/4" long H: Percussion section made up of 11 graduated lengths of bamboo, one end a joint node, the other sliced diagonally to a point. The segments range from 9 1/2" long to 3 1/2", bound together with green cords in a triangular pattern I and J: Percussion hammers, rounded section of bamboo 1/8" diam., 9" long with a wooden ball at one end 3/4" diameter.
1993.025 Tray Laotian serving table, "Part tart kao" Made of bamboo and rattan, low rise, 7" high, circular, 19" dia. across top at its widest, 16" dia. table top, 56" circumference at top, 51" circumference at base. Tabletop is in mad weave with a coiled and bound rim sloping outward. Reinforced cross band at bottom of tabletop. Underneath is one band of bamboo wrapped with rattan binding attaches to U-shaped rattan support that is attached to 51" circ. bamboo ring, 1 1/4" high, at bottom.
1993.026 Box, lunch Plastic Lunch (Bento Bako) Box A: Box with black interior, brownish exterior imitating lacquerware, pattern of basket weave, 9 3/4 x 9 3/4" B: Removable compartment with three sections, red interior, black exterior, section measurements: 8 1/2 x 4 1/2", 5 x 4 1/2", 4 1/2 x 3 1/2" C: Lid with brownish exterior imitating lacquerware, pattern of basket weave, recessed edges, round corners, 10 x 10"
1993.027 Mortar Large granite stone mortar used for pounding mochi. Steamed "sweet rice" or mochigome is pounded and made into sheets and cut to squares or made into round mounds. Because of its sticky and tough texture, mochi is regarded as a symbol of strength or toughness. Used by the Sagamiya Confectionary Company to make mochi. After closure mortar left in garden.
1993.028.001 Cover, cushion Black cushion cover with yellow, green, white and red embroidery enclosing tiny round mirrors. Opening in back with 2 snaps for inserting cushion.
1993.028.002 Cover, Cushion Maroon colored cushion cover with gold, green, purple, white and yellow colored embroidery enclosing tiny round mirrors. Opening in back with 2 snaps for inserting cushion. Label in back reads "Cushion 13-25(?)" and Hindi script.
1993.028.003 Cover, Cushion Cushion cover with blue and yellow embroidery on black background, small round mirrors enclosed with embroidery, sawtooth edging design, opening in back, yellow label 2" x 1 1/4" with writing 08A/CCE/D B16=00 inside cover.
1993.029 Stool Basketry stool, "Khawteeb", of bamboo and reed fibers. Six reed uprights (6 1/2" long, 1/4" in diameter) rest on a base of 6 rows of coiled reeds about 3/16" diameter bound together with rattan strips. About 1 3/8" up sides around the uprights are five more rows of 3/16" reed bound together with rattan. At the top is a similar binding of five rows of reed coming down the side about 1 1/4" and six rows covering about 1 1/2" of the top. The center 6 1/2" of the top of the stool is covered by rattan strips in a hexagonal weave pattern. There is an open area on the sides of the stool between the bottom and the top rows of coiled reeds. In the open area between the uprights are X patterns of the 3/16" reed which are bound, top and bottom, to the uprights by rattan wrappings. One of the X patterns is missing. Under the top seat are two cross supporting reeds wrapped with rattan. On the bottom of the base are two rows of coiled reed, nailed in place to serve as a bottom buffer.
1993.031 Book Quran (Koran), Muslim holy book, printed in arabic, gold embrossed design on cover on green background. Gold and green borders around black text.
1993.032 Carving Model well wood carving, built on a burl, 12 3/4" high pole supports a cross arm that has a canopy (with a bird) and a pulley through which runs a rope with a bucket at each end. The opening of the well is square with overlapping studs on top of a barrel type orifice.
1993.033.001 Desk Old school desk, wooden folding seat in front, wooden seatback attaches to wooden writing desk in back, groove for pens, hole for ink well. Supported on a wrought iron legs and sides with open work design. Cast in the side of the wrought iron is "Minneapolis O&S F Co" and on the legs "D L H". Surface is marred and cracked.
1993.033.002 Wastebasket Metal, painted waste basket with elliptical opening, black background, gold scattered flowers
1993.033.003 Album, record Two identical phonograph records in sleeves and accompanying pamphlet. Black vinyl record, 78 r.p.m., label " "Viva-tonal Recording, Columbia Educational, Made by Nipponophone Co. Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan", also includes Japanese characters, Korombia Kyoiku. B: #33202, A: #3368. Sleeve shows colored picture of three children looking at books at a table and a window with curtains on the back. Japanese characters. Printed paper pamphlet in Japanese has the number of the record on it and BAFKU stamped across it.
1993.033.004 Notebook Soft Cover Notebook, Red and blue printing on cover "Pheasant School Series, Composition Book", picture of a pheasant standing on a rock with mountains behind in a circular frame. Lined pages, blank. Used at Japanese Language School, Seattle
1993.033.007 Notebook Blue lined pages with 2 holes at top, held together with a white ribbon. Called a "behavior notebook" by the school. Japanese characters written in pencil, probably as exercises for learning Japanese language. Writing is in Japanese-American early 20th century form. Used at Japanese Language School, Seattle
1993.035.001 Calendar 1987 calendar made of split reed with 3/8" dowels at top and bottom. Illustration entitled "Spring Love" showing one girl playing a lute and another doing brush painting. At the bottom the calendar is imprinted with the name Nguyen Duy Bang, Seattle, printed by Huong Que Inc., San Francisco.
1993.035.002 Calendar 1988 calendar printed on split reed with 3/8" dowels at top and bottom. Illustration entitled "Miss Huyen Tran, Country Girl with Pineapple Tray" showing a girl holding a flat basket containing a whole pineapple and sliced pineapple. Calendar imprinted with "Phong Le Company, New Orleans" at bottom. Calendar printed and distributed by Huong Que Printing, Inc., San Francisco.
1993.035.003 Calendar 1990 calendar printed on split reed with brown painted 3/8" dowels at top and bottom. Illustration of Vietnamese lady giving slices of watermelon to 4 small children, 2 boys, 2 girls. Calendar imprinted with "Columbia Pharmacy, Seattle". Calendar published and distributed by Huong Que Printing, Inc., San Francisco. 1993.35.1 - .3 show the western calendar of 12 months. Beneath or alongside the individual dates are smaller numerals indicating the days of the lunar calendar months. 1990 calendar has insertions showing 1st month, 2nd month, etc. of the lunar calendar and it shows the 5th month (May) followed by an "inserted" 5th month. This is "an extra month inserted seven times in nineteen years to make up the deficiency between the solar and the lunar years." (See Mathew's Chinese- English dictiontary, page 477, character number 3177,JUN)
1993.036.001 Sign Framed notice from Publix Hotel, Seattle, probably posted in each room, in a dark stained wooden frame with a glass front which is yellow stained. At the top is an advertisement for the Alaska Grill. Beneath that is a list of House Rules and a "Notice of State Hotel Law". Following this are advertise- ments, in order, for Dr. J. Suzuki, Dr. S. Higashida, T. Osaki-Tailor, T. Shimizu, Uji Shoe Company and New Richmond Laundry Co.
1993.036.002 Sign Framed notice from Publix Hotel, Seattle, probably posted in each room, in a dark stained wooden frame with a glass front which is yellow stained. At the top is an advertisement for the Alaska Grill. Beneath that is a list of House Rules and a "Notice of State Hotel Law". Following this are advertise- ments, in order, for Dr. J. Suzuki, Dr. S. Higashida, T. Osaki-Tailor, T. Shimizu, Uji Shoe Company and New Richmond Laundry Co.
1993.036.003 Sign Large hotel sign, written on both sides in green, black and red paint on dirty white background. Reads "Big Special Cut Rates, Transient - Weekly 35c to 50c, All Outside Rooms, $2.00 to $3.25", "$1.75" painted over with yellow paint, framed. Hung in Publix Hotel, Seattle
1993.037 Passport Passport-style refugee travel document, blue with black lettering, written in Spanish and English, 20 pages. For Thuy Q. Vu with photograph and personal statistics.
1993.038 Box, lunch Food service box Round black lacquered wood box with three trays, upper one has seven compartments, lid, handle attached to bottom tray extends over top of lid. Multi-colored scenes on sides and top. A: Bottom box tray, black lacquered outside with scenes in gold, green and red: mountains, trees, bamboo, and buildings on both sides of black lacquered bamboo handle split in 3 where it is attached to the tray on two sides, extends up and bends sharply to form a straight cross bar painted with white flowers with red centers and green foliage; vermillion red lacquer interior with gold speckles; recessed bottom; "Made in China" with chinese characters and a gold oval stamped on the bottom. B: Middle box tray, black lacquered outside with scenes in gold, green and red: mountains, trees, bamboo, and buildings on both sides, recessed bottom and top edges to fit into other trays, vermillion red lacquer interior with gold speckles, chipped lacquer on top and bottom edges. C: Top box tray, H: 2", black lacquered with gold endless knot pattern painted around outside recessed bottom and top to fit into bottom tray and hold seven compartments in top. D: Center compartment, H: 1", Diam: 3.5", hexagonal shape, black lacquered outside, vermillion red lacquer interior with gold speckles; fits into C in middle position surrounded by E-J segments. E-J: Six compartments, H: 1", shaped like a triangle without a point, black lacquered outside, vermillion red lacquer interior with gold speckles. K: Box lid, black lacquered exterior with large gold outline of a Chinese character on top interspersed with mountain, pagoda and tree scene in gold, red and green with two pink chrysanthemums and pink and red wild rose type flower with bud and green leaves, on the sides which slant in near the top are white flowers with red centers and green foliage on either side; large chips in the lacquer along the edge; vermillion red lacquer interior with gold speckles.
1993.039 Flute Sheng, wind instrument with a cup-like base coated with black lacquer and an ivory tipped mouthpiece, carved ivory at bottom of base. 17 bamboo reeds of differing lengths, partially lacquered with bamboo tips fit into holes in base Finger holes in all reeds but 4, which are "dummy" pipes. The Sheng is supposed to resemble the phoenix bird in shape. Its use goes back 3,000 years in China and is played by blowing air into and sucking air from the wind chamber at the same time fingering the holes. The 4 "dummy" pipes balance the Sheng.
1993.040.001 Scarf Shawl; Silk. Red Pha Biang or Pha Khan. Laos; Tai Neua or Red Tai (Tai Daeng) Usually two of these are worn, by women, over a black shirt for special occasions, wrapped around the torso and draped down the front, if they are Buddhists. In Arumist societies these are worn by women shamens on their heads or tied around their chests.
1993.041.001 Bowl White glazed food bowls with molded pattern of lotus flowers and leaves under a clear outer glaze. Used for rice, pickles and tea. A: 2" high, 3 1/8" diameter, 11 1/4" circumference. Manufacturer's mark on bottom in red and blue characters. Tea bowl size. B: 2 1/4" high, 4" diameter, 14" circumference. C: 2 3/4" high, 6" diameter, 20 1/2" circumference. Red price sticker $7.99 removed.
1993.041.002 Bowl A. Shallow stainless steel bowl, 1 5/8" high, 4 5/8" diameter, 14 3/8" circ. Korean manufacturer's trade mark on bottom, imprinted "stainless steel" and numbers 27 and 30. B & C: Stainless steel rice bowl with lid B: 2 3/8" high, 3 7/8" diameter, 12 3/8" circumference. Manufacturer's trade mark (smiling face and Korean characters within leaf-like pattern) and also words "stainless steel", numbers 27, 27 and "Made in Korea" imprinted on bottom. C: Lid for bowl B. 7/8 " high, 4 1/8" diameter, 13" circumference. Embossed in top of lid in a 1 3/4" diameter circule with two cranes facing each other under a pine with a small full moon appearing over the pine branch.
1993.041.003 Set, Flatware A: Stainless steel round shallow spoon. 8 1/4" long, handle about 1/4" wide, bowl about 2" long and 1 5/8" wide. On the top end of the handle is embossed a pattern with the yin and yang symbol, tinted red and blue, a stylized character for longevity (Shou) and a symbol similar to an exclamation mark. On the back of the handle is imprinted "stainless steel" number 27 and a trade mark. B & C: Pair of stainless steel chopsticks, 7 3/4" long, about 1/4" wide at the handle tapering to 1/8" at the rounded ends. Both sides of the handle ends are embossed with the same pattern as A above.
1993.042.001 Purse Basketry woven purse, cut pieces of vegetal material (palm-like) form parts of body, held together with woven reed, hexoganal weave on two sides, reed stitching, oval foot at bottom, wrapped 13" handle, lid, no fastening. Brown with light color reed
1993.042.002 Basket Model of grocery basket, hexagonal woven reed, handles on two sides
1993.042.003 Basket Model of fish scoop/winnower, woven basketry, hood-shape, crescent shaped wooden end.
1993.042.004 Hat Basketry braided hat, circular braids sewn by machine in rows to form a broad brim and rounded crown, sawtooth edge on brim, two blue and black coiled ties, 11" long.
1993.043.001 Trophy Bowling trophy with marble central square column (1 7/8" square, 5 1/4" high) set on a conical, gilded metal support on a square base. On the foot of the column is an oval plate inscribed "1st". This is topped by a gold crown surmounted by a bowler. Two bowlers on either side of column. On the base is a plate inscribed "Nissei Industrial, 1st 76-77, Hong Kong Restaurant, Mr. Sam Yee. The base is of tan stained wood, elongated oval shape with concave ends.
1993.043.002 Ashtray A and B: 2 identical amber colored glass ash trays with three depressions in top rim to hold cigarettes. Decal affixed to bottom, 2" diameter, reads "Open daily in Chinatown, Hong Kong Restaurant and Sampan Room, Seattle, 622-0366"
1993.043.003 Stand A: Dark brown plastic card holder, rectangular shaped, slanting back from front bottom to rear. Two molded brackets on back to hold a card or leaflet (2 3/8" wide). Imprinted on bottom "CD-749 Property of American Express Company, Made in U.S.A.". Taped to front of the holder is a business card for "Ocean City Restaurant, 609 South Weller Street, Seattle, Wash. 98104, (206) 623-2333" and "Hong Kong Restaurant, 507 Maynard Ave. S., Seattle, Wash. 98104, (206) 622-0366" B: 37 name cards identical to the one in A above.
1993.043.011 Certificate, Achievement Framed "Performance Award". Black wooden frame with a 1/8" gold border on its inner edge. The award certificate is on a gold colored backing, elaborate outer border design in blue about 1" wide. Black ink printing, gold seal in lower left portion "Washington State Liquor Control Board". The certificate is in recognition of ten years of operation in compliance with the Washington State Liquor Laws by the Hong Kong Cafe. Dated August 1, 1972, signed by the Chairman and two board members of the Washington State Liquor Control Board.
1993.044.001 Pin Pin made of shells in the shape of a white rose with 3 pink blossoms with yellow stamens, two pink buds and 2 shell leaves backed with green florists tape. The shells of the flowers are glued to cardboard and all are attached with florists wire in a bunch. Two shells are broken.
1993.044.007 Shirt Sweatshirt, light gray heather knit cotton shirt, vertical rib, long sleeves, round neck, white stitching, #5506 stamped inside at front and back of neck. Issued at Minidoka Japanese American Internment Camp. Shirt worn by donor's father Seiichi Hara in Minidoka Japanese American internment camp, Idaho
1993.044.008 Sculpture 2 Polished rocks of reddish brown color with light and dark brown streaks A: fan shaped, B: triangular Polished by rubbing them continuously on the concrete floor of the shower building.
1993.045.001 Jacket Wing Luke's red synthetic jacket for the First Hill Lions International Club, Seattle. The jacket is made of red synthetic nylon material. The interior border of the left side fo the jacket is stamped at the bottom with "Made in Japan". The inside of the jacket by the collar has "100% nylon" stamped upside down and a tab with the size "M" sewn in. The jacket has straight sides, straight sleeves, and a wide band for a collar extending down the front of the jacket. Inside both cuffs are sewn wide bands of black material with white polka dots. The back of the jacket is sewn with three embroidered patches. The top patch is curved in an arch. It is blue with yellow writing outlined in white, reading "First Hill" in capital letters. Below, fitting into the curve of the arch, is a circular patch. It has a blue background, a white capital "L" in the center, and a circular band around the outside. The band is outlined in yellow. At the top in white is the word "Lions" and at th ebottom in white is the word "International". The sides of the band are composed of two opposing profile views of lion's heads facing out. The lower patch is rectangular, horizontally displaced with a blue background and the word "Seattle" embroidered in yellow capital letters. The jacket is quite wrinkled but in good condition.
1993.046.001 Dress Emerald green silk satin brocade Cheong Sam dress with random design of chrysanthemums, orchids, bamboo and plum blossoms in white with black scroll. All edges are bound with self-fabric. There are four green and black frogs in shape similar to scroll in the pattern. Short set-in sleeves, slit up each side of skirt, unlined. Opening on right side with zipper, diagonal opening to neck center closed with snap fasteners. Stand-up collar with rounded ends lined with green silk.
1993.046.002 Dress Silvery gray satin brocade Cheong Sam with woven pattern of money, bats, vases and the Buddhist endless knot. All edges are bound with same fabric with narrow red piping. Seven frogs at neck of turtle-like shape of dress fabric with red thread design. Short sleeves cut in one piece with dress, unlined, slits up each side of skirt. Stand-up collar with rounded ends, diagonal opening closed by snap fasteners, opening on right side closed with zipper.
1993.046.003 Dress Gray blue silk satin brocade Cheong Sam with woven medallions of lighter blue, green, gray, pink, peach, yellow with floral and dragon motifs. Piping on all openings of self-fabric with 6 self-fabric frogs at neck and top opening. Short set-in sleeves, unlined, opening on right side with zipper, diagonal opening closed by snap fasteners to center of neck. Stand-up collar with rounded ends.
1993.046.004 Dress Black and green silk patterned brocade Cheong Sam with woven scattered motifs of flowers, fans and other shapes. All edges are bound with black satin. Six black satin frogs in circular shape with green thread design in center. The frogs are evenly placed on each side of collar. Long sleeves with dropped shoulder seam 10 1/4" from wrist. Opening on right side with zipper, diagonal opening closed by snap fasteners to center of neck. Diagonal line continues with piping on other side. Stand-up collar with rounded ends. Slits up each side of skirt.
1993.046.005 Dress Purple wool Cheong Sam with 2 raised, padded white satin butterflies (one small, one large) with purple satin binding near neckline. Unlined, long sleeves, opening on right side with zipper, diagonal opening closed by snap fasteners to center of neck, stand-up collar with rounded ends, slits up each side of dress.
1993.046.006 Dress Cheong Sam of black polyester knit in overall rose-like flower pattern. Lines of rose are blue metallic. All edges are bound with black satin. Four flower shaped black satin frog closures, two on each side. Short set-in sleeves, opening on right side with zipper, diagonal curved opening to center of neck closed with snap fasteners. Matching diagonal curved line of piping on other side. Stand-up collar with rounded ends. Fully lined in black synthetic fabric. Slits up each side of skirt.
1993.046.007 Dress Copper-colored polyester knit Cheong Sam with woven-in floral repeat pattern. All edges are bound with copper colored satin. Four copper colored satin frog closures in shape of flowers are evenly placed on each side of collar Dress has copper-colored silk lining. Short set-in sleeves, opening on right side with zipper. Diagonal opening closed by snap fasteners to center of neck. Stand-up collar with rounded ends. Slits up each side of skirt.
1993.046.008 Dress Brown, black, copper metallic synthetic brocade Cheong Sam, floral pattern of copper-colored flowers outlined in black with black leaves and stems on a brown background. All edges are bound with black satin, seven flower-shaped frog closures, 3 in center and 2 on each side. Short set-in sleeves, opening on right side with zipper, diagonal opening closed with snaps to center of neck, piped line mimics diagonal opening on other side. Lined stand-up collar Slits up each side of skirt.
1993.046.009 Dress Dark green silk satin brocade Cheong Sam with gold chrysanthemums and dark green medallions symbolizing prosperity and double luck. All edges are bound with matching dark green satin. 4 dark green satin frog closures in a chry- santhemum shape are evenly placed on each side of neck opening. Set-in short sleeves, opening on right side with zipper, diagonal opening closed by snap fasteners to center of neck. Stand-up collar with rounded ends. Dark green silk lining, slits up each side of skirt.
1993.046.010 Dress Cheong Sam of synthetic brocade with black satin-like scrolls and swirls on a purplish maroon metallic background. Four black satin frog closures in the shape of flowers, all edges bound with black satin. 3/4 length set-in sleeves Opening on right side with zipper. Diagonal curved opening to center of neck closed with snap fasteners. Lined stand-up collar with rounded ends. Slits up each side of skirt.
1993.046.011 Dress Red and black synthetic brocade Cheong Sam in a Persian garden pattern of flowers and swirls. Collar, sleeves, heam and slits all bound with maroon satin. Short set-in sleeves, opening on right side with zipper, opening continues up along sleeve seam, along shoulder seam to center of neck and closes with snap fasteners (no frog closures). Stand-up collar with rounded ends, slits up each side of skirt. Completely lined with maroon polyester.
1993.046.012 Dress Mustard color synthetic fabric Cheong Sam with random machine embroidery of 6 petal flowers in yellow and light brown. Machine embroider border of skirt is scalloped with large 4 petal flowers enhanced with lines and dots alterna- ting with small 6 petal flowers. Collar and sleeves are bound with mustard color satin (no frog closures). Short set-in sleeves, opening on right side with zipper, opening continues along sleeve seam, across shoulder seam, along neck seam to center of neck, fastened with snap fasteners. Stand-up collar with rounded ends, slits up each side of skirt. Fully lined with mustard synthetic fabric.
1993.046.013 Dress - Cheong Sam Blue and damask crepe Cheong Sam with gold metallic cloud design. All edges bound with blue satin binding, 4 frog closures of blue satin in flame or leaf shape, at neck. Set-in short sleeves, opening on right side with zipper. Diagonal opening closed by snap fasteners to center of neck. Stand-up collar lined with green silk, slits up each side of skirt.
1993.046.014 Dress - Cheongsam Synthetic brocade Cheong Sam with a floral pattern of gray flowers outlined in black with black leaves and stems on a blue metallic background. All edges are bound with black satin. Seven flower-shaped black satin frogs, 3 in center and 2 on each side. Short set-in sleeves, opening on right side with zipper, diagonal opening closed with snap fasteners to center of neck. Bound line on left side mimics diagonal opening on right. Stand-up collar with rounded ends and lined. Slits up each side of skirt.
1993.046.015 Dress Red wool and synthetic blend knit Cheong Sam with black satin binding on all edges, 5 black satin frog closures (2 are missing). Black satin hanging loop in the inside of the neck. Long sleeves with dropped shoulder seams. Opening on right side with zipper, diagonal curved opening to center of neck closed with snap fasteners. Bound seam on left side mimics the diagonal curved open- ing. Stand-up lined collar. Slits up each side of skirt.
1993.046.016 Dress Black polyester Cheong Sam with machine embroidery of scattered floral design in magenta and deep pink. Collar, sleeves, skirt bottom and slits are all bound with bright magenta satin. Flower shaped magenta frog in center of neck on dress below collar. Short set-in sleeves, opening on right side with zipper, snap fastener closing along sleeve line, across shoulder and along collar line to middle of neck. Stand-up collar with rounded ends. Slits up each side of skirt. Black silk lining.
1993.046.017 Dress Synthetic brocade Cheong Sam of green tulip-like floral pattern on black metallic background. Edges bound in khaki green satin, six khaki green satin frog closures in flame-like pattern (2 frogs in center, 2 on each side). Short set-in sleeves, opening on right side with zipper, diagonal curved opening on right side with zipper, diagonal curved opening to center of neck closed with snap fasteners. Diagonal curved line on left mimics diagonal opening on right. Stand-up collar lined with synthetic black satin. Slits up side of skirt.
1993.046.018 Dress Sage green silk satin brocade Cheong Sam with random pattern of cream color grass like plant with black leaves, flying cranes in pink, maroon, blue, turquoise and white. Collar, diagonal opening, sleeves, hem and slits are all bound with black satin. Short set-in sleeves, opening on right side with zipper, diagonal opening closed with snaps to center of neck. Stand-up collar with rounded ends. Slits up each side of skirt.
1993.046.019 Dress Black crepe Cheong Sam with five-petaled flowers of irredescent sequins with pink beads and pearls in the center, pink bead leaves and stems on the left shoulder and right hip. Cap sleeves, opening on right side with zipper, diagonal opening closed by snap fasteners to center of neck. Stand-up collar with rounded ends. Slits up each side of skirt.
1993.046.020 Dress Black silk satin Cheong Sam with rose colored pattern of chrysanthemums and plum blossoms with lantern. Neck, sleeves and top of closing have deep red satin piping with 7 frog fastenings at neck and top opening. Zipper opening on side, slits up both sides of skirt with bound edges. Woven by Hong Kong Silk Mills, H.K.
1993.047 Fan Round flat basketry fan of diagonally plaited reed, tawny color, with diagonally woven edge stitched to bamboo frame. Diagonal plaiting forms a squared design which includes X's. 9 applied cut-out wooden characters on front of fan; carved wooden motif at bottom of fan body; dark bamboo handle with split upper half to hold fan body, ivory handle tip has two holes through which a cord is threaded. Small holes where basketry is broken; woven edge unstitched near top of fan.
1993.048 Painting Two-sided Sumi-e ink painting on paper napkins glued to newspaper with a padded newspaper frame. One side shows two birds perched on a branch with a cluster of flowers hanging from the branch. The other side is a painting of morning glory flowers. Damage: frame is tearing and turning black, water spots and flaking on paint- ings. Some yellowing and deterioration of acidic paper. Accompanying typed sheet tells about the artist and his work. "Mr. Meishi Kitsunai, Sumi-e and Calligraphy artist" "Mr. Meishi Kitsunai was born in Fukushima, Japan. He came to the U.S. in 1919 at the age of 20. He had no formal training in art, although he claims he may have acquired some talent from his grandfather who had a reputation as an accomplished artist in his village where he was born. He had little time to test his skill in his early age until he came to this country. During his idle hours after work he found time to make a few dabs in sumi-e and calligraphy. Suddenly like his grandfather, he found the joy and excitement in creation of art.... During the lean years of the 1930's, he developed this very unique technique of using newspaper and tissue paper over- lay,... he started painting on both sides of the frame...."
1993.049 Shoulder Bag Lowland Lao Shoulder Bag with red background, vertical multi-colored stripes and horizontal line motifs of triangles and 4-petal flowers. Weft has cotton yarn bundles with rayon? thread woven in to create lines of yellow triangles, white, blue and green stylized flowers. Warp is red rayon? thread similar to embroidery floss with 3 stripes in each section of blue, green, purple and yellow thread. Two separate pieces wee woven and sewn together by machine to form the bag. The body is made up of one piece folded in half with opening at top; the edges are turned and machine sewn. The sides and handle are formed by folding one piece in half lengthwise and sewing it to one side of the body, bringing the handle across the top and sewing the piece to the other side of the body. The side pieces are machine sewn across the bottom with black thread. A self-fringe hangs down from each side piece and a strand of weft threads are left hanging free near the top of the body. Traditionally the bag would be used by both men and women. This bag was probably produced for tourist trade.
1993.050 Bag, Waist Bag with flap and loops to attached to a belt. Made of rough cotton with silk brocade applied to the front and flap. Soiled pink background with green appliqued cloud design applied by machine. Four interior dividers of cotton; cotton loops sewn onto each end of bag; cord loop attached to flap. Flap sewn on by hand. Coin button on front "Hong Kong, 1897, five cents" with Chinese characters in center. Rusted needle threaded with magenta thread stuck in back. Bag is soiled, dirty, rust marks, torn cloth under flap. One seam on bottom has come unsewn.
1993.051 Chopsticks Set of wooden chopsticks in fan-shaped holder. A: Holder is in the shape of a folded fan with two pieces of wood extending out like a handle. Chopsticks fit into hole between "fan" handles. B and C: Pair of chopsticks are square and tapered Fine grained wood of medium brown, no surface decoration.
1993.052 Burner, Incense 3 piece Incense Stand (Censer) of filigree brass A: Base is round with 3 shaped legs; filigree brass of scroll design and coin shaped motif is attached to a frame at bottom and ring-shaped top which has a copper and brass striped edge. B: Middle section is round with top piece attached. Lower piece is filigree brass with double luck signs, birds, bats and flowers. Upper piece is "cut- work" brass with flowers. C: Top has a flat round "cut-work" piece with a solid brass knob shaped like a vase, engraved with double luck symbols. Botton on top (copper) shows 2 men in a boat with a spear and tree nearby. Damage: slightly bent, soot coating inside
1993.053 Game Airplane game consists of a paper playing board with red, green, blue, yellow, squares and airplanes, and white circles. Chinese characters "take off" and "start flying" in English (14" square). 15 round wooden disks with airplane in relief on each one, 4 painted green, 3 yellow, 4 red and 4 blue (3/4" diam) 1 wooden cube with blue number printed on each side to use as a die (1/2" cube Lidded cardboard box (2 side pieces have detached). Lid has blue background, maroon pilot in green cockpit in upper left; white clouds, yellow, green and red airplanes flying. White and yellow characters on a red band says "airplane checkers". The manufacturer's name is in black characters at the bottom.
1993.054 Cards Lidded cardboard box (4 1/4" X 6 1/4") with calligraphy printed on paper slips (1 7/8" square) and cards (2 1/8" x 3 1/2") written in Chinese on one side and English on the other. The cards may not be part of the original set. They seem to deal with politics, business and ethics, while the paper slips are for character writing for children. Some of the slips have drawings on the back side in green, purple or blue colors and some are bound in packets with numbers. The box has green pattern on sides with blue framed sticker & red characters. The top of the lid shows 2 children looking at cards in a box and a yellow screen in background. Chinese characters in red at the top read "including pictorial explanation", in blue in the middle "writing characters" and in blue at the bottom "Shanghai World Printing Co.".
1993.055 Basket Bowl-shaped double walled basket of reed and bamboo. Inside is reed in a twill pattern. Outer layer is twined reed over bamboo spokes radiating from bottom where the bamboo strips form a hexagonal weave. A foot of bamboo is laced to the bottom. The rim is made of half round bamboo with drilled holes and thin strips of bamboo on the inner rim. The rim is laced onto the basket with bamboo? strips. The basket is medium reddish brown color, with a small strip of the rim binding material forming a small handle on one side.
1993.057.001 Stamp Aluminum date stamp with four dials to change month, day and year (date set at AUG 35 1943). Rubber stamp in the form of a large V, the date shows through the middle and at the top is "Tickets Paid by Original" with two chinese characters underneath. Lacquered brown wooden handle with the imprint "Justrite 1204 Pat.Ap.For"
1993.058.001 Stand Receipt stand, hexagonal base with vertical metal rod. China?
1993.059.001 Typewriter A: Typewriter using Japanese and/or Chinese type. Cast iron frame, painted black with decorative lines and patterns in gold on back. Fited into the frame at the front is a flat bed of type containing slots for 2450 pieces of type. From the center front of the type bed projects a knob to slide the type bed left or right. Under the large type bed on either side are B and C: two smaller type beds. Above the type bed is a movable carriage which slides forward or back on the frame. Atop the carriage is a large platen about 3 1/2" in diameter and 17" long. On this would be fastened a duplicating master or a blank sheet of paper. The roller slides left and right on the frame. In front of the roller at its right end are several control keyes. Using the furtherest projecting knob the carriage is manouver- ed to the desired piece of type and pressed down, an arm beneath the type bed pushes up the type slug which then strikes against the roller leaving its imprinted character. The slug is then dropped back into the type bed after which the carriage is moved to the next desired type slug and repeated. D,E,F: three metal boxes 13 3/8" x 10 1/4" x 1 1/2" painted dark green with a hinged cover, containing additional type, incl. printed identification sheet G: small sectioned wooden box, 5 5/8" x 4 3/8", 1 1/8", containing spare type.
1993.059.002 Booklet Small blue plastic bound soft-covered book, with a grey plasticized paper slip cover, with red printing entitled "A Charted Course to Spoken Japanese, A Self-Interpreter. A concise accelerated course for students who wish to master spoken Japanese quickly, systematically and intelligently"
1993.061 Sari Sari length of fabric Main body of sari is woven from red synthetic fibre with supplemental weft creating a red-on-red pattern of alternating rows of zig-zag stripes and geometric motifs. The motifs are like a cross with a square imposed on top with an empty center. Two feet from one end is an inset pattern 22" wide. The background is of a darker red and the same pattern continues for 4". Alternating rows of supplemental weft feature a leaf design alternating with rows of gold dots. The rows of leaf motives vary in color: one row each of goldy yellow, dark blue, silvery white, goldy yellow, silvery white, goldy yellow, silvery white, dark blue and goldy yellow. The edges of the ends are unfinished. Along each side of the sari is a woven band that is created by a supplementary warp in the main weaving. The center band on a red background three rows of a design of four blue or green oval shaped dots surrounded by gold, resembling flowers. On either side of this band is a narrow dark blue band, a band of green and gold alternating dashes, and a wider dark blue band. This sari was collected by a museum docent visiting Fiji. It would be worn by women of Indian ancestry living in Fiji.
1993.062.001 Bowl A: Japanese Porcelainware Bowl decorated in Hong Kong Inner bowl has a goldleaf background with a painted design outlined with fine black lines; design consists of white flowers with yellow and green centers dotted over surface, three orange flowers with yellow centers, four butterflies with pink and blue wings and green bodies, and green vine-like tendrils filling the ground between the flowers. The bowl is encased on the underside and the rim with metal, possibly pewter and has a ring foot; the porcelain bowl is exposed inside the foot on the bottom. Stamped on the bottom of the bowl is "Japanese Porcelain Ware, Decorated in Hong Kong, T.F.F.". B: Stand Wooden stand painted black consists of two identical "L" shaped pieces in a curled design hinged together so it will stand at right angles to hold the bowl.
1993.062.002 Vase
1993.062.003 Urn Brass engraved pouring vessel with attached lid and red accents
1993.062.004 Jar Brass engraved container with lid
1993.062.005 Ash tray Brass ash tray with inlaid stones
1993.062.006 container Round brass engraved container with lid
1993.062.007 Ash tray Small round brass ash tray with engraved floral design and red accents
1993.062.008 Bowl Small brass bowl with a cast figure inside
1993.062.009 Vase A-D Pair of turquoise colored cloisonne vases and green palm leaf design, 2 carved wood stands
1993.063 Robe Black satin embroidered Chinese robe White satin yoke around neck and part way down front has embroidered scepter, symbol of Buddha, magical powers and prosperity. All embroidery is blue green bright blue, shades of magenta, pale yellow green and white. Below scepter on scroll shape of white satin yoke are 2 embroidered coins, symbol of wealth. At neckline is a butterfly, the symbol of great age, joy and conjugal felicity Below each shoulder is a magenta swastika, representing the infinite sacred virtues of the heart of Buddha; and embroidered peonies & plum blossoms. The peony is a symbol of wealth & spring. In the center of back neck is a blue green endless knot, symbol of the Buddhist path, the "thread" that guides one to happiness. Yoke is edged with pale mauve satin binding. At neck and furthr down are 2 loops of same satin which fasten with metal encased glass buttons. White satin border in scroll shape along bottom with embroidery: coins, butter fly & plum blossoms, peaches (longevity) and a bat (longevity, prosperity and happiness). Back center has a flower bowl on stand containing peonies (beauty) Around white border is a blue green woven damask border with white plum blossoms, orchids, citron (Buddha's hand). Black robe body has extensive embroidery. Sleeves are cut with the body hand have a wide band of white satin at the bottom which is embroidered. Lining is a sky blue silk damask, which it torn and frayed.
1993.064.001 Drawings A: 8 3/8 x 13 3/8" - pencil on newsprint; 10 figures with long hair B: 8 1/2 x 11" - crayon on white paper; house, trees, flowers-by Cheim Sokhean C: 8 1/2 x 11" - " also on reverse; house, trees, helicopter-by Bun Narieth D-F: " - 3 crayon; D-landscape, E-man with gun, F-house,etc-by Khath Saraen G: 11 x 6 1/2" - crayon, also on reverse; radio, helicopter-by Vibul H-I: 8 1/2 x 11" - " ;H-green & orange ?, I-tank, house, person J-O: 11 x 6 1/2" - " ; houses, people, flowers; J-by Bun Seyown, K-by In Sok- hoeang, M-by San Sim, N-by Kheng Ravisal P-Y: 8 1/2 x 11" - crayon on white paper; people, helicopter, landscape, man with gun; P-by Kim Sokhim, R-by Sary Voeun, T-by Com Nan, V-by Chouen, W-by Phanrotha, Y-by San Rath Z: 6 1/2 x 11" - Crayon on newsprint; house, trees - by Misokphy AA-BB: 13 x 8 1/2"-Crayon; AA-trees, houses-by Soth Heng, BB-ref sign by Savy CC-EE: 11 x 8 1/2 - "; landscape, trucks; DD-by Nem FF: 8 1/2 x 11"- Felt pen on newsprint; woman, trees, house - by 8 yr. old GG-HH: " - Felt pen; landscape; Angkor Wat - by Mheas Pheara, 10 yr. old daughter of teacher II: 5 x 6" - pencil on paper;, woman and house JJ: 8 1/2 x 11" - Felt pen on gray paper; tree with bird's nest, girl
1993.064.002 Fan Flat basketry fan, egg-shaped with bamboo handle. Green and yellow twill weave reeds in diamond pattern. White and orange pleated cotton ruffle is sewn around edge and bound in blue cloth to the basketry center.
1993.064.003 Stencil Stencil, known as "cut design" made in X-ray film obtained from the hospital in the refugee camp. Cut in traditional Cambodian scrolled leaf design. Black and red paint evident around cut portions. Traditionally used to decorate houses with stencil designs.
1993.064.004 Painting Traditional Cambodian 3-dimensional design painting; central section shows scrolled leaf pattern emanating from 2 animal feet at bottom, white dots enclosed in white lines on either side. Green and white latex paint on cardboard covered with plastic and framed with bamboo strips nailed together; hanging wire. Signed at bottom in Cambodian by artist. Printed on back "By: Li Musany, To: Betsy/Roger Janet Essley"
1993.064.005 Drawings A: 8 1/2 x 13 1/4" - Paint on Newsprint; house, trees B: ; boy sitting under tree C-F: Ink on Newsprint; villages (Artist signatures in Cambo- G: ; Pineapple? H: I: - Ink and Chalk on Newsprint; Still life J-Y: Pencil on Newsprint; Still life Z-AF: Portraits (some 2-sided) AG-AR: ; Figures AS-BJ: ; Calligraphy BM ; child's drawing
1993.064.006 Poetry Booklet Booklet entitled "Poems from the Border, Site 2, 1990" with rust-colored cover featuring a drawing of a man under a tree, bound with bamboo strips held with nails. Black mimeographed ink on white paper. Poems written by refugee camp students of English as a second language. 'Afterword' written by teacher Ashley thompson, 2/25/90
1993.064.007 Paintings Some paintings on both sides, artists names on some A-B: 7 3/4x 10 5/8"-Latex paint on card; Landscape C: 6 1/2x 11 5/8"- " " D: 7 3/4 x 11" " " ; by Peur Vuong, self-taught E: 5 1/4 x 10 3/4" " " ; by Kim Chuor F: 8 x 11 1/4" " " ; by Kim Chuor (Chor) G: 9 x 11 1/4" " " , temple H: 9 1/4 x 13 1/2" " ; Night scene I: 10x13 1/4" - Watercolor on pink card; Landscape J: 11 1/2x14 3/4" - Latex paint on card; Camp scene with Kmer Rouge Liberation flag showing Angkor Wat by Eam Vuthy 28/11/89 K: 13 1/2x12 1/2" - Latex paint on card; Landscape L-T: various dimensions - Latex paint on cardboard; Landscape, lake, heli- copters, night scene, village scene, boy bowing to grandfather - by Khann Ream, a self-taught, one-armed artist U: 7 7/8x 11" - Latex paint on cardboard; Village by pond V: 5 3/8 x 10 7/8" " Ark-like building copied from Thai poster; by Kim Eng
1993.064.008 Watercolor painted cards Watercolor paintings on watercolor paper folded in form of cards A: 2x3.5", landscape; B: 2.5x4.5", landscape, 2-sided; C: 2.375x4.625", landscape, 2-sided; D: 2.5x7.875", landscape; E: 2.375x9", landscape; F: 3.75x9", landscape, 2-sided; G: 5x6.5", landscape, on cardboard; H: 5.5x6.75", landscape; I: 6.25x6.875", landscape; J: 4.25x6.75", landscape on gray paper, by Cheng Srors; K: 4.375x7.125", house, landscape, 2-sided on card; L: 4x7", landscape; M: 4.5x7.5", landscape, on cardboard, writing on back; N: 4.25x7", house, by Srors; O: 4x5.75", ink and watercolor on blue paper, landscape, by Cham Roeun; P: 4.5x5.625", " , landscape, by Cham Roeun; Q: 4.875x6", ink and watercolor, landscape; R: 5x6.25", landscape, by Mao Phamnara; S: 5.5x7.875", landscape; T: 4.5x7.5", landscape, on cardboard; U: 4.75x8.875", landscape of camp "Khao-I-Dang"; V: 8.5x5.5", trees, 2-sided; W: 5.75x7.875, lake by Cham Roeun; X: 6.125x7.875", landscape of camp "Khao-I- Dang"; Y: 8.375x5.5", landscape, 2-sided, on paper; Z: 5.625x7.75", landscape, by Yi Tha; AA: 5.5x7.875", landscape, by Kim Chuor; AB: 5.75x7.875", garden, by Kim Chuor; AC and AD: 8.5x5.5", landscape, on paper; AE: 8.5x5.5", portrait and landscape (3-sided) on paper; AF: 5.875x8.875", Village, by Tha, on paper; AG: 6.75x8.5" landscape on gray paper; AH: 4.75x5.75", landscape by Mao Phan- nara, AI: 8.5x7.875", man on buffalo; AJ: 5 x 7.25", Angkor Wat; AK: 5x7"photo
1993.064.009 Coloring Book Booklet with loose pages. A: Front cover is white paper with green printing. Cambodian script at the top and bottom, "Khmer Coloring Book" and a traditional dancing figure in the center. Inner gray pages: B: Introduction in English with a written note; 6 pages stapled together; "Printed by IRC Printing"; then 4 pages of leaf motif C-O: Loose pages with design printed on them including flowers, griffin, man fighting a monkey, faces, demons, horse, elephant, figures, dancers P: Back cover in white paper with mis-printed green cover design
1993.064.010 Art Booklet White paper booklet of traditional Cambodian designs used for teaching. Some instructions in Cambodian. When students submitted a test design, the teach would write corrections or comments on the sheet (see 14th page).
1993.064.011 Card Silk screen card, black ink on white watercolor paper of Angkor Wat. Insie in blue ink is "Season's greetings" in English and Cambodian. Letter written in black in from Hy Saman (Hu Sakmanak) to donor.
1993.064.012 Booklet Cover Silk screened drawing of an Apsaras (female celestial figure in Hindu pantheon brownish red ink on pink paper. Initials "BO" in lower right hand corner. (Figures of apsarases are carved into the walls of Wats; approx. 2000 at Angkor Wat).
1993.064.013 Card Hand painted card on water color paper of a traditional Cambodian female figure dropping flowers from a bouquet in her hand. She wears a pleated skirt in yellow, red, green, blue and brown, a pink top overlaid with a draped red and white cloth, a golden headdress with a tall finial. The card is to the donor from Hy Sakman (Saman) and his wife.
1993.064.014 Booklets A,B: 2 bookets of white paper printed with ink in yellow 'goldenrod' paper covers C: 1 file of 41 loose white pages with originals for booklets Design forms are laid out so that each student must master one form before going on to the next.
1993.064.015 Paintings 5 paintings of traditional Cambodian designs (2 different levels of complete- ness) A: 15 x 10 3/4". Blue ink outline, yellow painted design with central flower motif in diamond on painted brown background with yellow border. Painting is 10 1/2 x 7 1/2" (Level 1). Cambodian writing at top center and bottom right outside painted frame. Painted by Phon Chham. B: 15 x 10 3/4". Brown painted outline, yellow painted design as in 'A' but more complex (Level 2) on painted brown background with yellow border; paint- ing measures 10 3/8 x 7 3/8". Cambodian writing in lower right hand corner with date "27-31/03/90" outside painted frame. Painted by Chap Chamroeun. C: 15 x 10 3/4". Brown painted outline, yellow painted design with abstract floral, leaf and torch shapes and vertical borders on each side of yellow dots on a painted black background. Painting - 12 1/4 x 7 5/8". Cambodian writing at top center & lower right with date "31.03.1990". Painted by Pchnhanh. D: 15 1/2 x 10 3/4". Red painted outline, yellow painted design with abstract leaf shapes on painted black background. Painting - 11 3/4 x 6 1/4". Cambodian writing with letter "P.M." and date "1st.4.90". Painted by Yitha. (Level 2) E: 10 3/4 x 17". Red painted outline, yellow painted design within triangle w/ red & yellow border on red-brown background, painting-15 3/4 x 7 1/8".
1993.064.016 Paintings 3 paintings of Hanumen (Monkey King from the Ramayama), watercolor, to be used as model for art student by teach Hy, Saman (Sakmanak) A: 16 7/8 x 11" cream color paper. The Hanuman figure has raised arms, left holds sword, and raised left foot. Body is painted with blue designs (tatoos?); wears yellow, red and green pants with brown and red trim. Bracelets, arm bands, anklets, neck piece, headdress in red and brown. Green eyebrows around mouth and chin. Open mouth, red tongue and lips. Cambodian writing at lower right. Some smudges. B: 22 1/8 x 14 3/4" water color paper. Same as 'A' except that middle fingers of right hand are straight and tail is shorter. C: 22 1/8 x 15 3/8" watercolor paper. Frontal view of guardian figure in pencil with accessories painted in mustard brown. Figure has bent knees and holds a staff horizontally in hand posed in prayer.
1993.064.017 Print Silk-screen poster in red and black ink of a large female in the center riding a bull and holding knives. Surrounded by 6 smaller female figures, 2 with angel wings, one riding a horse, one playing an instrument and one holding a banner with Cambodian writing. Large umbrella near top of poster. Cambodian writing in upper left and "Happy New Year" in English at right. Produced in camp by person who printed educational materials.
1993.064.018 Chalk and Ink Paintings 3 paintings done with chalk dipped in ink to create the effect of a stone rubbing. The subjects is the Apsarases who are celestial female figures from the Hindu pantheon, which celebrate the power and divinity of the king and who await in heaven. These figures are carved on the Wats in Cambodia; Angkor Wat is believed to have about 2000. The artist found this method of painting by chance when one of her students accidentally dipped cheap chalk with few binding agents into cheap black ink, creating a stipple effect. A: paper 19 3/4 x 19 1/2", painting 15 1/2 x 16", watercolor paper. Upper portion of an Apsaras with left-hand raised, headdress and neckpiece. B: paper 30 x 22", painting 20 3/8 x 15 7/8", watercolor paper. As in 'A' but with lowered arms. C: paper 30 x 22", painting 26 1/2 x 20", watercolor paper. Full view of Apsaras standing in alcove, right hand raised to chest, clothed lower body. Carved frame around her is from a different sculpture. Three small children in front and one in shadows behind add a modern touch.
1993.064.019 Relief Painting (Estampage) Estampage made of toilet paper, surgical gauze and potato root glue pressed over a clay mold carved by the artist. The form is painted with gold paint on the raised features and black paint in the background. (See notes with slides). The scene is a copy of a famous frieze of a procession of 2 bullocks pulling a cart next to 6 men holding spears, next 2 men with packages on top of an elephant; below a woman with a baby and 2 men carrying spears. Behind them is an elephant with a load and 2 men; below an unattached cart with a mand on his hands and knees; a number of people bring up the rear. Behind are trees and birds. A floral border surround the whole with "Cambodia" printed in English. The artist's name is embossed on the right-hand side "Hy Saman"
1993.064.020 Stencil Painting (Cut-design) 2 stenciled "cut designs", paint on cardboard These designs were traditionally painted on houses. The stencils for these patterns were made in camp from old X-ray film A: H: 7 3/4, W: 21 3/4" Central strip of the design is a stylized leaf pattern in dark green with borders on either side consisting of yellow dots enclosed by dashed dark blue lins. Cambodian writing in lower right hand corner. B: H: 8 1/2, W: 20 1/2" Central strip of the design has 3 dark blue leaf shape patterns and inter- spersed red painted patterns; surrounded on 2 sides with a border consisting of red dots enclosed by yellow dashed lines. Cambodian writing in lower left hand corner
1993.064.021 Pin Small metal molded pin of a dancing female figure, right arm raised, left arm in front, knees bent; wears a headdress, armlets, anklets and lower body garment. Fastening pin attached to back.
1993.064.022 Pin Stone carved pin of a mythical figure with wings attached to upraised arms, squatting position, wears a headdress. The stone is black in the head and left arm area and a yellowish color in the body. The back of the pin is cut flat and has a fastening pin.
1993.064.023 Pin Stone carved pin of a female figure with a headdress, left arm upraised, bent knees. The stone is mottled rust-red and beige color. The back of the pin is cut flat and safety pin attached with a small piece of carved stone.
1993.064.024 Paper Money A: H: 2.5", W: 5" - 1 Riel paper note, one side shows modern and traditional boats and ships with Cambodian writing on the borders. The reverse side is a picture of a Wat in the center, Cambodian writing above and "Un Riel", "Banque Nationale du Cambodge" written in French below. B: H: 3", W: 6.75" - 100 Riel paper note, one side shows a carved stone face at left center, Cambodian writing and "Giesecke & Devrient - Munchen" printed in small letters at the bottom. The reverse has the number 100 in Cambodian printed as a large design with oarsmen standing up in a boat in the center O. Cambodian writing and "Banque National du Cambodge", "Cent Riels" written in French at the top. C: H: 3.375", W: 7.125" - 500 Riel paper note, one side shows a traditional figure on the left, a scene of rice planters and tractors in the center, a frieze of human activity at the bottom, Cambodian writing and "Banque National du Cambodge" in French at the top. The reverse shows a woman carrying a water jar on her head and 3 carved stone serpents (Naga) at the right; #912072 D: H: 3.875", W: 7.125" - 500 Riel paper note, one side shows a farmer guidin a plow pulled by 2 yoked oxen; #95896. The reverse shows a temple surrounded by trees on the right, a carved stone frame around white space on left; Cambod ian writing and "Banque Nationale du Cambodge" "Cinq Cents Riels" in French.
1993.064.025 Smoke Tracings 3 Oil smoke tracings; black oily smoke smudges on paper revealing line designs in scrolled leaf shapes. The artist embossed a sheet of copper by incising the lines of half of the design. The plate is covered underneath with smoke from burning heavy oil-smoked rag, then paper is pressed over it. the smoke copy is taped to the opposite side on top and used as a pattern to incise a symmetrical mirror image. Height/Width A: 5 7/8 x 11 3/8" - yellowed paper B: 5 7/8 x 11 3/8" - white paper C: 8 1/2 x 13 3/8" - white paper, circle design on one side
1993.064.026 Posters 2 Posters made by the French to advertise an exhibit and auction of art work done by Cambodian refugee children who were located at Thai border camp, site 2. A: H: 23", W: 17". Black bordered poster, top half has black printing on yellow background "Voyage dans les reves des enfants de la frontiere" in French (Voyage through the dreams of the border children). Bottom half is a reproduction of a painting with 2 trees in foreground, banks on either side of a river with a boat in the background. On the bottom is printed in yellow lettering "Les enfants cambodgiens du camp du Site II (Thailande) exposent" in French (Cambodian children from Site II camp [Thailand] exhibition) B: H: 24", W: 17". White bordered poster showing a reproduction of a painting with a lake, island mountains in blue, shoreline to left with a house on stilt and a tree in background. Two riders astride a horse and an elephant fly through the sky. Black printing on lower half: a poem in French "Si je ne devais pas revenir,/Sachez que je ne suis jamais parti./Voyager/Ne fut pour moi que rester/Ici, ou je n'ai jamais ete./ Giorgio Caponi/ Billet laisse avant de ne par partir." (If I must not return, Understand that I never left. To travel, it is not for me to stay/Here, where I have never been). At bottom "Students of Ampil invite you to an art auction of their work. 3/3/90 etc.
1993.064.027 Drawings 4 Practice drawings of traditional Cambodian art A: Pencil on white paper drawing of head of Hanuman, the Monkey King B: Pencil on newsprint drawing of scrolled leaf designed based on a triangle C: Ink on newsprint drawing of scrolled flower shapes joined into a chain D: Pencil on white paper drawing of scrolled leaf design
1993.064.028 Painting Watercolor painting on watercolor paper. Curved roadway with culvert and grasses in center. Building in trees behind; 2 people on roadway, one holding an umbrella. A "plein aire" painting of the outskirts of Ban Thad Camp
1993.064.029 Calendar Silk screened calendar with white spiral holder at top. Front yellow page has been cut in half, "1990 Calendar" printed in black. All pages have been cut at bottom. B: Loose extra pae for January, shows woman with water jar being watched by man behind tree (blue, greens and black colors) A: January - attached page, same as above C: February - boy driving cattle with dog; blue, green, brown March - wedding ceremony; green, fuschia, black April - people gathering near temples; blue, green, black May - lake, buildings, trees, women pounding in mortar, one sitting on dock June - fishermen in boats casting nets, blue, turquoise, black July - 2 couples performing dance; blue, brown, black August - 2 men carving figures inside hut, picture of Angkor Wat behind September - people by river bank setting out small floats with offerings October - woman's head with lotus in background, man in boat in foreground November - Parade with drummers in foreground, umbrella shading woman D: December - loose page of 2 boys flying kites, has full sheet with dates E: Loose page, black printing on yellow paper "Printed in KID by IRC" and Cambodian writing. Cardboard back has been cut short
1993.065 Cigarette Case Cigarette case with lid. Both pieces are rectangular shaped boxes made of twine (waxed linen?) twined over upright stakes. The central section of both boxes is made of twill weave creating a zig-zag pattern outlined with black bands at top and bottom. The twine is a natural beige color, dyed brown for the zig-zag pattern and black for the bands. The case would be made over a mold and was coated with shellac to stiffen it.
1993.066.001 Block, Printing Six copper printing plates, 3 3/4" x 1 1/2", attached to wood blocks, Chinese and English writin"g. Gold Star Co." written in English, number on each plate, used to print Chinese lottery tickets. Copper chipped in corners and sides. A: Day draw 1 (Spokane Co.) B: Night Draw 1 (Spokane Co.) C: Night Draw 2 (Union Co.) D: Day Draw 3 (Sunset Co.) E: Night Draw 3 (Sunset Co.) F: Night Draw 3 (Sunset Co.)
1993.066.002 Block, Printing Two copper printing plates, 2 3/4" x 1 1/4", attached to wood blocks, Chinese and English writing, "California Co., N.T., Limited $12000," written in English, used in gambling operation.
1993.066.003 Printing Plate Copper printing plate, 3 3/4" x 1", attached to wood block, two Chinese characters, one on each, rest written in English, "Liberty Co., $5000 Limit" written on plate. Used for gambling operation.
1993.066.004 Printing Plate Copper printing plate, 3 3/4" x 1", attached to wood block, two Chinese characters, one on each side, rest written in English, "Lucky Co., $5,000 Limit" written on plate. Used for gambling operation.
1993.066.005 Printing Plate Copper printing plate, 3 3/4" x 1", attached to wood block, two Chinese characters, one on each side, rest written in English, "Modern Co., $10,000 Limit written on plate. Window opening before the ,000 indicates number could be changed. Used for gambling opeation.
1993.066.006 Printing Plate Copper printing plate, 2 7/8" x 2 3/8", attached to wood block, Chinese characters on both sides of center line with space for writing, two horizontal lines at top, sidewise "V" cut on right side. Possible business form.
1993.066.007 Block, Printing Printing plate, 3 7/8" x 3 1/2", attached to wooden block, Chinese writing, Lottery Ticket Divided into upper and lower sections, both sections having 4 horizontal and 10 vertical rows of Chinese characters for a grand total of 80 characters, indentation between upper and lower sections, star on right side on indentation.
1993.066.008 Wooden Stamp Wooden stamps, 1" x 1 1/4", carved, Chines characters for Tai Tung.
1993.066.009 Wooden Stamp Wooden stamp, 1" x 1 1/4", calipers and a G in the middle, probably a lodge emblem, carved.
1993.066.010 Wooden Stamp Wooden stamp, 3 3/4" x 1 1/4", engraved, 4 Chinese characters in vertical alignment on gray background.
1993.066.011 Plate, Lithograph Copper printing plate, 6 1/4" x 4 1/2", attached to wooden block, Chong Wah Benevolent Association Building at Maynard Avenue and Weller Street
1993.066.012 Plate, Lithograph Copper printing plate, 5 1/4" x 6 3/4", picture of Sun Yat Sen wearing Western suit, has moustache.
1993.066.013 Plate, Lithograph Engraved printing plate, 4" x 5 1/2", picture of Sun Yat Sen dressed in Western suit, has moustache, shows one hand, drab gray colored plate.
1993.066.014 Invoice Forms Blank invoice forms, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", white paper, black printing, Chinese characters at top, 4 vertical and 4 horizontal rowns of characters on either side of a red sunburst with Chinese characters in the middle of the sun, English printing includes words "INVOICE, THE CHINESE STAR PRINTING, PHONE ELiott 2572, 711 KING STREET, SEATTLE, WASH., U.S.A.," two horizontal lines about two-fifths of the way down the sheet.
1993.066.015 Statement Forms Unopened package of blank statement forms, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", white paper, black printing, 4 vertical rows and 4 horizontal rows of Chinese characters at top on either side of a red sunburst with Chinese characters in red inside sun, English words include "STATEMENT, THE CHINESE STAR PRINTING, PHONE ELiott 2572, 711 KING STREET, SEATTLE, WASH., U.S.A.," three indented parallel lines follw, then 2 horizontal lines, beneathe which the words "Balance & Terms: Net" follow, then a single horizontal line.
1993.066.016 Envelopes Stack of pre-stamped white envelopes, 6 1/2" x 3 3/4". one envelope: Ovular stamp, violet color, United States Postage, four cents with white silhouette of Benjamin Franklin on plain white envelope. two envelopes: U.S. Air Mail 7-cent stamp in blue color with a white jet plane on a white envelope that has slanted alternating red, white, and blue rectangels bordering the envelope. seven envelopes: U.S. Air Mail 7-cent stamp in red color with a white jet plane on a white envelope that has slanted alternating red, white, and blue rectangles bordering the envelope.
1993.066.017 Letterhead Paper Six pads of letterhead paper, 8 1/4" x 11", 100 sheets per pad, E and F have some sheets used up already, white sheets, black printing, Chinese characters at top, "Chinese Youth Club of Seattle Wash U.S.A." in English underneath, seven Chinese characters on left side of sheet. Pad E has approximately 90 sheets and has figures written in blue ink on cover. Pad F has approximately 45 sheets and writing in Chinese in blue ink on cover. All pads have manila covers.
1993.066.018 Envelopes Six envelopes, 6 1/2" x 4", white, black printing, nine Chinese characters in upper left hand corner, underneath it in English is written "Chinese Youth Club". Some flaps have sealed while on some others the mucilage has dried or soaked through.
1993.066.019 Envelopes Six envelopes, 9" x 4", legal size, white with black printing, nine Chinese characters in upper left hand corner, underneath it is written "Chinese Youth Club" in English. Mucilage on D is messy, on E and F appears used for sealing at one time.
1993.066.020 Membership Cards Twenty-six membership cards, 3 1/2" x 2", numbered from 091 to 199 with numbers missing in between, "Seattle Chinese Youth Club and Membership Card" written in English in blue ink and four Chinese characters and numbers in red ink. Three rows of Chinese writing on back on right side in red. Cards have rounded corners.
1993.066.021 New Year Cards New Year's Cards, 3 1/2" x 5 1/2", 13 pink cards, 34 white cards, two flag poles criss-crossed with an American flag on left side and Chinese (Kuomintang) flag on right side, tied with a bow with Chinese writing on either side of bow and a fan-shaped symbol possibly with Chinese writing above it,, "A Happy New Year" written in blue on pink card and red on white card.
1993.066.022 Writing Paper Writing paper, stack of paper, line for Chinese writing, 12 columns, sunburst in red at top center with two Chinese characters inside, 4 columns of Chinese writing on each side of sunburst in black ink, "The Chinese Star Printing, Phone ELiott 2572, 711 King Street, Seattle, Wash, U.S.A." below sunburst, Chinese writing on both sides of sheet and at bottom of sheet.
1993.068.001 Kite Butterfly kite in black, blue, yellow and orange acrylic paint on Tyvek, a fibrous plasticized paper, attached to a bamboo frame with glue and string. Butterfly has blue and white rotating eyes, antenna and black "feet".
1993.068.002 Kite Centipede kite made a face and disks connected behind it with string. The pink face has blue, brown, black ears, slanted eyes with rotating disks, red nose, smiling red mouth and blue "cat" whiskers. Each disk is made of woven fabric attached to a bamboo frame with string, glue and tape; the cross arm on each disc has pink strips and larger pink or off-white strips at the tips. Three strings attach each disc to the other.
1993.068.003 Kite Phoenix kite in green, yellow, brown, red crest, black beak acrylic paint on Tyvek cloth glued to bamboo frame. Wings are spead and head is turned to one side, long streamers are part of tail.
1993.068.004 Kite Owl or bat kite, purple, red, yellow, black and beige acrylic paint on Tyvek, a plasticized paper, glued on to a bamboo frame. The wings are spread, face is forward, chest and abdomen have a cocoon-like design.
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