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Wing Luke Museum
2008.001.051 Box, Food-storage Box of cardboard to hold tea crushed in the corner but still sealed pink with picture of woman drinking tea under a tree Front of box has globe and grain Back has picture of flower Bottom has instructions Side has butterfly design Lychee Black Tea made in Hong Kong
2008.001.052 Box, Food-storage Box of cardboard to hold tea pink with woman drinking tea under a tree Front has globe and grain Back has picture of flower Bottom has instructions Side has butterfly design Tit Koon Yam Tea made in Hong Kong
2008.001.053 Box, Food-storage Folded Square paper bag of tea Paper string tied around it White paper with red ink Wo Hop Finest Gon Jim Tea on the front Chinese characters on the top Registered trade mark on the left side A little dirty on the bottom
2008.001.054 Box, Food-storage Hexagon shaped box filled with tea bags White cardboard Sides one bird two people three dragon four text on yellow--the finest jasmine tea five people six Chinese characters on red Top yellow design Dirty on top with tears in the corners
2008.001.055 incense Clear plastic bag holding incense. Bag is broken and opened. Bunch of red sticks of incense and they are wrapped by red twine and covered by a piece of red paper with golden characters. Little green price tag on side of bag that says "$2.69".
2008.001.056 incense Pink rolled paper bag holding sticks of incense. Bag is not opened with blue stamp "Made in Hong Kong"
2008.001.057 incense Clear plastic bag holding sticks of incense rolled by red paper. Bag is sealed with pictures and characters on the front. Dragon picture and says Long Life, rose incense sticks, Made in Taiwan, Republic of China
2008.001.058 chopsticks Clear plastic bag holding 10 pairs of bamboo chopsticks and little bugs. Bag is sealed. Has pictures in red and green- green bamboo and red hawk and characters. Five green lucky words on each chopstick- front and back.
2008.001.059 cigarette paper Blue paper folder of cigarette paper with white printing outside and inside. Brown cigarette paper stack inside. Says- La Croix Fils Wheat Straw cigarette paper
2008.001.060 notebook Notebook with string binding on right edge. Paper label with three characters on front cover. Red lines on each page and red stamp on the back that says "Made in Hong Kong"
2008.001.061 notebook Notebook with string binding on right edge- without a cover. Red lines on each page.
2008.001.062 notepad Tan notepad that is darker on the edges. Red glue sealed on the top. Cardboard back with "Johnson's Elastic Padding Composition" text printed on it. Imprint from writing on the front.
2008.001.063 notepad White notepad with a faint print in the middle that says "Seattle's World's Fair April 21-Oct 21 1962" on each page. Top and bottom darker blue print that says Memo on the top and ONC-SO CAL on the bottom.
2008.001.064 Canister, Food-storage Green metal canister holding tea in silver plastic bag inside, sealed. Chinese characters on the outside of canister.
2008.001.065 Box, Food-storage Yellow cardboard box holding tea bags. Has a clasp on the front of box and chinese characters on top. Red printing on the bags with image of a deer and characters English instruction on the back.
2008.001.066 Box, Food-storage Red cardboard box holding tea in paper bags inside. Clasp is broken off. Red printing on envelope with blue tags of authenticity.
2008.001.067 Bag, Medicine Paper bag holding medicine balls (assumed as it is still sealed). Stamp of producer in Chinese Characters on the one side. Pretty dirty.
2008.001.068 Box, Food-storage Black cardboard box holding dried herbal medicine slices. Box inside divided into two parts for two different medicine slices. One part is empty- one part has slices. Metal attachment with paper label on one side of box.
2008.001.069 Box, Food-storage Black metal box holding candies, sealed with tape. Image of phoenix on top, says "Lucky"
2008.001.070 Box, Food-storage Silver metal box holding ginseng rolled with paper, there is brown paper still attached to the bottom, red paper on top of black Chinese characters. Dry ginseng inside with insect damage.
2008.001.071 Box, Food-storage Silver metal box, it's empty, used to hold ginseng, has yellow and red lable on top with black writing, Says "Chipchap Tak" on side in black mark.
2008.001.072 Box, Food-storage Black cardboard box divided into two parts inside. part a box part b herbal slices part c packed bag of herbal slices Metal attachment with paper lable
2008.001.073 Jar, Food-storage large glass jar with white screw top lid holding 7 paper bags of tea. red print of deer and characters on the tea bags.
2008.001.074 Jar, Food-storage large glass jar with white screw top lid holding 3 paper bags of tea. red print of characters and a blue tag of authenticity on each bag
2008.001.075 Medicine Jar glass jar with black plastic lid that is cracked and missing a piece. It is holding green pills, two white tags with red print, and four yellow tags with black print.
2008.001.076 Medicine Box cardboard box used to hold cassis lignea. it has a puncture on one end of the box. There are metal staples holding the box together.. There is a gold label on top with red print.
2008.001.077 Medicine Box Cube cardboard box holding (assumed) wax sealed pill for swelling. White and red stripes all over the box with a picture of a man and characters.
2008.001.078 Medicine Box cardboard box holding sealed plastic bag of cassia lignea. Metal staples holding box together, gold label on top with red print
2008.001.079 Box, Food-storage Brocade fabric covered boxes, handpainted design on top, paper label on back with instructions to make tea, two clasps on front. A. Pink fabric, label missing on top, one clasp missing, picture of river, pine trees, and pavilion on top. B. Red fabric, label missing on top, two clasps missing, plum blossom design on top. Insect damage all over C. Yellow fabric, gold paper label on top, one clasp missing, bamboo design on top. A little insect damage D. Yellow fabric, gold paper label on top, one clasp missing, plum blossom design on top. A little insect damage (2 yellow boxes) E. Blue fabric, gold paper label on top, one clasp missing, bird and bamboo design on top. A little insect damage. (2 blue boxes)
2008.001.080 Bottle, Condiment Glass bottle with black plastic cap holding ginger soy sauce. Paper label on the front with maker and ingredients information.
2008.001.081 Jar, Food-storage Glass jar with white metal lid holding cucumber and ginger in syrup. Blue paper label on the front of the jar with maker and ingredients information.
2008.001.082 Bottle, Condiment Clear plastic bottle with white plastic cap holding soybean and sesame seed oil. Red paper label with maker, ingredients, and nutrition fact information around bottole. Bottle is dented in the back.
2008.001.083 Can, Food-storage Metal can rolled by blue paper label with image of bamboo shoots in a basket on the front. Maker and ingredients information on back.
2008.001.084 Can, Food-storage Metal can rolled with blue paper label with image of mini corns and information on front in English and the same image and information on back in Chinese
2008.001.085 Can, Food-storage Oval-shaped can rolled around by yellow and red paper label. On the top of the can, it has 3 lines of numbers in the middle. On one side of the oval-shaped can, there is an image of a dace in the middle. In the left of the dace image there are four Chinese characters. In the right, above the image it says "Fried Dace With Salted Black Beans," below the image it says "Net WT 8 OZ." On the other side of the can, there is an image of a dace in the middle. In the right of the image, above the dace it says "Fried Dace With Salted Black Beams," below the image it says "Ingredients, Dace, Black Beans, Soya Bean Oil, Soya Bean Flour, Water, Salt, Sugar, Spice." On one end of the can, it has the image and name of the brand "Peal River Bridge" in both Chinese and English. Below the brand it has the maker information and Net WT in both Chinese and English.
2008.001.086 Fruit, Dried 5 Clear plastic sealed packages with red, yellow, white, and green printing on top. The printed design has a yellow and red thin outside border and an image of a pair of red fruit with green leaves in the middle. At the top, the maker's logo is in red inside a white shape and then below, there is red text on white. The text contains Chinese characters, the words "Dried Lemon", and also the ingredients listed of lemon, sugar, and salt in English. Below this is listed the net weight and the contact information for the manufacturer in red on a yellow background. Inside the sealed package is a clear plastic tray holding the lumps of dried lemon. It is soft and a very dark brown in color. The subtle textrue of the lemon peel can still be seen.
2008.001.150 box, food-storage blue box decorated in pebble motif with pink borders around illustrations; woo loong tea; 2.5 oz. box; Chinese lettering and pagoda and water images on top, front, and back panels; bird and flower images on left and right side panels; Chinese lettering, dragon and phoenix images on bottom panel with directions for making tea; wrapped in cellophane; round stickers with "Ying Mee Tea Co.", birds, and "woo loong tea" on right and left side panels
2008.001.151 box, food-storage burgundy box decorated in blue motif with white borders around illustrations; tit low hon tea; 2.5 oz. box; Chinese lettering and pagoda, water, tree, and boat images on top; bird and flower images on front, back, and side panels; Chinese lettering, rose and butterfly images on bottom panel with Chinese lettering; wrapped in cellophane; round stickers with "Ying Mee Tea Co." and "tit low hon tea" on right and left side panels
2008.001.152 box, food-storage box decorated in orange and yellow motif with white borders around illustrations; jasmine tea; 5 oz. box; pagoda image on top and front panels; water with boat image on back panel; bird, fruit, and flower images on side panels; phoneix and dragon images, with Chinese lettering and English directions for use on bottom panel; wrapped in cellophane; round stickers with Chinese lettering, "Ying Mee Tea Co." and "jasmine tea" on right and left side panels
2008.001.153 box, food-storage box decorated in blue pebble motif with pink borders around illustrations; woo loong tea; 5 oz. box; pagoda image on top, front, and back panels; bird and flower images on side panels; phoneix and dragon images, with Chinese lettering and English directions for use on bottom panel; wrapped in cellophane; round stickers with Chinese lettering, "Ying Mee Tea Co." and "woo loong tea" on right and left side panels
2008.001.154 box box to hold envelopes; envelope size: body 3"L x 1.75"W; flap of envelope: .25"L x 1.75"W; box has white background with red decorative motif; top upper center has Chinese lettering; top center motif is of figures, with envelopes obscuring figures; top panel bottom center has manufacturer's identification; front and back side panels have Chinese lettering; red envelope has double happiness symbol in Chinese, with flower and bird imagery; envelopes used for wedding gifts
2008.001.155 box, food-storage purple box decorated in blue motif with white borders around illustrations; tit koon yum tea; 2.5 oz. box; pagoda image with tree on top panel; bird and flower images on side, front, and back panels; butterfly and flower images on bottom panel with Chinese lettering; wrapped in cellophane; round stickers with Chinese lettering, "Ying Mee Tea Co." and "tit koon yum tea" on right and left side panels
2008.001.156 box, food-storage box decorated in yellow and red motif with white borders around illustrations; jasmine tea; 2.5 oz. box; pagoda image on top and front panels; boat and water images on back panel, bird and flower images on side panels; phoenix and dragon images on bottom panel with English directions and Chinese lettering; wrapped in cellophane; round stickers with birds, "Ying Mee Tea Co." and "good tea produce in Formosa processed in Hong Kong" on right and left side panels
2008.001.157 paper joss paper used for burning to commerate the dead, long rectangluar package, light brown paper, no design, manufacturers label on center bottom of top panel, 4 oz weight, left side panel a green price sticker marked".90", bottom panel permanent ink marked "90"
2008.001.158 ink clear galss bottle of glass ink, textured design on top surface of glass, round cap lettered with "Parker Quink" in silver characters, gold stripes on cap edge, 4 oz., bottom of object marked "Parker" "Made in USA", label reads "Micro-film black"
2008.001.159 paper rectangular paper in cellophane package, rectangular insert label with three male figures with Chinese lettering on a yellow background framed by an orange border, 3 oz, made in China, sticker with Chinese lettering, marked in pen "1.25", gold leaf squares on orange and recycled paper
2008.001.160 Case, Toothbrush set of 10 brushes for teeth, stacked in groupings of 5, mixed materials with a bone, ivory, or plastic handle, with gourd decorations and Chinese characters, with perhaps nylon bristles, all four side panels have red geometric design, floral and vase design in red ink on top panel with Chinese lettering, two colored paper or cardboard on bottom panel
2008.001.161 paper roiled red sheets of paper held together by blue rubber band
2008.001.162 Paper pink and yellow round, scallop-edged paper, printed in red ink with Chinese lettering in a round pattern; held together by pink raffia; price sticker of "$1.25"
2008.001.163 Mock Money joss paper printed as mock money; 1000 U.S. bill; Benjamin Franklin image on center front; back panel has Viet Namese phrases and image of colonial building with trees; red and white sticker with Chinese lettering; "Made in China"; 2 oz; red lettering on bill
2008.001.164 paper Assorted colored joss paper encloesd in cellophane packaging; package is held together by heavy-weight paper and staples; items in package are wrapped in pink raffia; some items in packaging have Chinese lettering and other images; white, green, blue, yellow, orange, and pink colored paper; "Made in China"; price sticker reads "$1.29"
2008.001.165 Ointment 1 oz plastic jar of skin ointment; orange label printed with black ink; white jar, black lid; made in British Columbia; black and white photograph of man with product description and Chinese text: "Teenjore Ointment"
2008.001.166 Oil paper insert description identifies bottle contents as nutmeg and cardamon oil; product is "Man Chun Yuen"; small glass bottle with foil cap and pink adhesive label printed in blank ink with Chinese text; oil is dark brown with syrupy consistency; paper inserts are in Chinese script; cardboard box is lined with red paper; exterior has floral pattern with some discoloration or browning; large exterior box has floral pattern with green leaves, and pink and white blossoms on a brown background; interior of outer box is lined in red paper; top lid has Chinese text on panel in black ink Item A-B is box and lid; items C-L are smaller boxes with oil bottles inside
2008.001.167 Medicinal Pellet small wax ball stamped with two red maker's mark in Chinese; contains medicine for women's reproductive health; square paper box with image of rooster on front side panel, and picture of product on back side panel; paper label attached to box says "Made in China"; net weight handwritten, illegible
2008.001.168 Medicinal Powder small, black plastic medicinal holder inscribed with Chinese characters with powder inside used to help with infection and cooling the body; fabric-covered cardboard box covered; purple fabric with white label printed with red and yellow ink, with black number printed across label and Chinese script in red; side panel ingredients listed in English include "ox gall stone, musk, pearl, and toad secretions and other effective Chinese drugs"; "This preparation contains no scheduled poison"; Bottom surface of box has a red label printed in black in ink with Chinese script; white paper inserts surround plastic container inside the box
2008.001.169 Oil "Yee Tin Medical Oil"; container is cylindrical paper-wrapped shape, with gold and decorative elements; red and black Chinese text; black illustration of the Buddha/male figure
2008.001.170 Herbal Tea Mix Cardbard box with floral motif pattern and red panel with Chinese script; blue and white adhesive label on front cover; red and white adhesive label on side front cover (broken); holds 9 smaller individually paper-wrapped medicine boxes; white wrapping paper printed with green Chinese text wrap smaller green cardboard boxes of black powder; interior of front cover lists manufacturer's information and product description, plus Chinese script; "Kam Wo Tea"; writing on right side of box indicates price in wax pencil; back panel lists ingredients and uses; net weight 2.4 oz.
2008.001.171 Medicine cardboard box of medicinal pills individually packaged, used for treating headache; front cover of box has image of two men , one looks sick; Chinese text on front cover; faded red wicker pattern on sides of box; front cover adhesive seal with birds and manufacturer's info; individual medicinal packets are white and printed in red ink, with Chinese script and manufacturer's info
2008.001.172 Oil "Yee Tin Medical Oil"; Buddha trademark medicinal oil for treating various symptoms; green cardboard box with red, yello, black and gold detail and Buddha image; Glass bottle with green adhesive label and plastic cap embossed with Buddha figure; paper insert with product description in multiple languages
2008.001.173 Herbal Medicine Small orange and white boxes of herbal candy with red panels on front side, top and bottom; larger box has orange and white pattern; front cover has image of female figure in Asian-style clothing; description of "So Hup Yuen" Herbal Candy with ingredients on front surface; net wt. 1.33 oz; 10 candies; back panel has red, gold, and black decoration with Chinese text; small white and purple rectangular seal on back side/right side with image of two men in black hats
2008.001.174 Medicine registered Tiger trademark medicinal oil for pain relief; paper insert with product description and usage in multiple languages; small rectangular box with tiger brand logo, Chinese text, adhesive label from Hong Kong dispensary, and ingredients
2008.001.175 Medicine medicine for women's reproductive health; individual rectangular boxes with blue, green, yello, pink and dark blue colors on box cover; cover has red and blue Chinese script and floral patterns; sides have red and yello ribbon with different color patterns which form flowers; external wrapping container is brown paper printed in blue and red Chinese characters with some illustratoins; front panel is figure of two female figures with Asian features; white paper insert with information printed in blue Chinese characters Item A: larger wrapper Item B: individual box
2008.001.176 Medicine box of 6 wax medicinal balls stamped with gold maker's mark; box has orange and green floral patterns with black ink; front side panel has description of product in Chinese text; medicine is for kidney health/strength and promotes relaxing properties
2008.001.177 Medicine orange rectangular cardboard box holding 10 cubes of medicine; smaller cubes are orange with red and pink label printed in Chinese characters; exterior box has red stamp with 2 male portraits and 1 blue stamp with landscape and boat
2008.001.178 Medicine rectangular red box with black and white sticker on front side; white, blue and red sticker with butterfly image and manufacturer's info on lid top covering front and back; pink paper insert
2008.001.179 Egg, Preserved 6 Styrofoam packs of six preserved duck eggs wrapped in plastic; label is printed in white, black, blue, pink, green, yellow and red ink; label on top cover shows picture of duck wearing clothes; also features nutrition facts, ingredients, and manufacturer's info; Chinese characters say that product is lead-free; for human consumption. Preserved eggs, also known as century and thousand year eggs, have been a Chinese delicacy for hundreds of years. Although there are myths that these eggs were originally preserved by soaking them in horse urine, the current methods used are much more hygienic. These eggs are traditionally made by wrapping an egg (duck, chicken and quail are the most commonly used) in rice straw, then burying it in a mixture of clay, ash salt, and lime for a period that can last weeks or months. The modern method involves soaking the egg in brine consisting of salt, calcium hydroxide, and sodium carbonate. This method generally only takes ten days, after which the egg is wrapped in plastic to age. Sometimes lead is used to speed the curing process, but in this instance, the package explicitly states that no lead was used. These eggs can be found as an ingredient in numerous recipes, but are often eaten on their own. They are a popular street food in Hong Kong.
2008.001.180 bean curd 16 oz jar of wet red bean curd; made in Hong Kong; ingredients listed on label with Chinese text and image of crane
2008.001.181 Bean Curd 8 oz jar of red bean; label has manufacturer's info, ingredients, and illustrations of a roes, chile pepper, vegetable, and eagle logo with Chinese characters
2008.001.182 Oil, Cooking 6 oz bottle of "chilli" oil; gold label printed in red ink with manufacturer's information, ingredients; chili oil is dark red in color; bottle cap is printed with red ink
2008.001.183 Oil, Cooking 5 oz bottle of chili oil; label printed with yellow, purple, white, green, and red ink; image of chili peppers and flower logo and manufacturer's information; bottle has plastic cap
2008.001.184 Can, Food-storage navy blue label; can of sliced sour bamboo shoot in brine; photo image on front of can is bamboo with other side of label featuring an image of the maker's logo, a globe; Chinese text; top of can has maker's mark
2008.001.185 Can, Food-storage turquoise blue label with photo image of bamboo product and image of bamboo plant; Chinese text printed in white; packed in Taiwan; bamboo shoots in water
2008.001.186 Can, Food-storage turquoise blue label with photo image of cooked bamboo product and image of bamboo plant; packed in Taiwan; winter bamboo shoots peeled in water; label is printed with Chinese text
2008.001.187 Can, Food-storage turquoise blue label with photo image of cooked bamboo product and image of uncooked bamboo plant; packed in Taiwan; green bamboo shoots whole in water; label is printed with Chinese text
2008.001.188 Can, Food-storage turquoise blue label with illustrations of bamboo product ; Chinese text printed in orange and white; packed in Taiwan; sliced bamboo shoots boiled in water; maker's brand is printed in bright orange lettering; top of metal can has maker's mark embossed in metal
2008.001.189 Bottle, Condiment 700 gram bottle of "pu-ning" bean paste; contents of bottle are brown with solid and liquid components/separation; red plastic seal on top of bottle; silver label with red d iamond shape, white, black and yellow text; some Chinese characters; manufacturer's logo of bridge; small label on neck of bottle printed in silver, red, white and yellow
2008.001.190 Bottle, Condiment brown glass bottle of black vinegar; red and clear plastic cap; rectangular label printed with red, gold, white, green, and black ink; striped background pattern with gold leaf pattern; packed by China National Cereals, Oils, and Foodstuffs Import and Export Corporation; green and red printed Chinese characters; round, black and white illustrated logo of Great Wall
2008.001.191 Bottle, Condiment 22 fl oz/650 ml of bottled fish sauce; Lighthouse Brand; green bottle with red plastic cellophane protecting cap; yellow label with white border printed with round logo of lighthouse; Chinese characters, French, and English; List of ingredients; sticker on printed label with weight
2008.001.192 Bottle, Condiment 11 fl. oz. brown glass bottle of thin soy sauce; label is dark blue and yellow with red, white, and balck text in English and Chinese; flower logo on label and bottle cap; smaller label around neck
2008.001.193 Bottle, Condiment 12 oz. green glass bottle of thin soy; rectangular label with company logo and flower illustratoin; company logo on bottle cap; smaller label around neck
2008.001.194 Bottle, Condiment naturally aged soy sauce; Ming Soy Sauce in Chinese-style typeface; red, white and black label; white metal cap
2008.001.195 Can, Food-storage 15 oz metal can of white jelly fungus; green label with photo of fungus; white, red, and yellow text in English and Chinese; embossed information on top surface of can
2008.001.196 Can, Food-storage label states this was a 20 oz can of sweetened almond paste; top lid embossed with information; blue-green label with product image, ingredients, and manufacturer's information in English and Chinese
2008.001.197 Can, Food-storage label states product was 6 oz can of extra choice preserved quail eggs; illustrated image of two quails and multiple eggs; white label printed with blue and red ink
2008.001.198 Can, Food-storage label states product was an 18 oz can of sweeted lotus seed paste; turquoise blue label with photo image of lotus seeds and prepared food item; Chinese and English text printed in red, yellow, and white; packed in Taiwan
2008.001.199 Can, Food-storage label states product was an 22 oz of sweet and sour mixed gingers; blue label with photo image of mixed vegetable platter; Chinese and English text printed in red, yellow, and white; packed in Taiwan
2008.001.200 Bill-of-Sale Brown order pad, cardboard cover, stapled twice along top, interior sheets are off white with black ink, each interior sheet has three chinese characters at the top center , English reads "Yick Fung & Co. Importers and Exporters, Wholesale and Retail," across the top, "Phone MA 3-5966, 705 King St. Seattle, WN______ 19__," beneath the header, and "Moore Dealer - West Coast Printing Co." along the bottom. Each sheet contains blank grid space for inputing orders and costs. Pad has two sheets of purple carbon paper in the back. Back cover is darker brown than front cover.
2008.001.201 Opener, Bottle Wall mounted, stationary bottle opener, cast iron painted silver with raised lettering painted red reading "Drink Coca-Cola," bottom reads "Starr 'X' Patent 233088 Brown Co. N. News, VA." Back reads "Made in the U.S.A." beneath a number "2." Box contains opener and two .75 in. metal screws. Comes in 2 5/8 in. x 2 7/8 in. x 1 1/4 in cardboard box, brown printed with black and red ink. Each side has a double line black border. The front and back show pictures of the opener and the words "The Starr 'X', Reg. U.S. Pat. Off., Stationary Bottle Opener, Guaranteed Not to Chip Bottles, Patented in U.S.A. and Foreign Countries." The front also reads "Special Design for Coca-Cola Bottlers," while the back reads "Manufactured Exclusivly by Brown MFG. CO. Newport News, Virginia." The top and bottom sides have a red picture of a Coca-Cola bottle. One of the side panels shows a cross section of an opener, portraying correct mounting and use, with the words "Section Removed Showing Side View, NOTE Correct Principle, Press Crowned End of Bottle Up in Opener when Uncrowning," while the other side panel reads "The Starr 'X,' Stationary Bottle Opener, A scientifically and sturdily constructed Bottle Opener. Guaranteed against chipping or breaking bottle necks and lips. Made in U.S.A."
2008.001.202 Paper, Writing Folded pack of lined paper, Paper is 20 in. long when unfolded, it is folded into thirds for pack. Cover is unattached sheet of pink paper folded over and into the lined paper. Cover is printed with black ink and is entirely in Chinese. The front of the pack shows an illustration of a man in a robe sitting at a desk. Interior paper is off-white and yellowing, lines are red. Cover is in good condition, though collor is fading along the sides. Interior paper is cut smooth on one side, rough cut on the other.
2008.001.203 Paper, Writing Package of 5 packs of lined paper, wrapped in brown paper. Each pack is folded in thirds and is made up of off-white paper, lined with red. Wrapping displays Chinese characters which state thate the package contains 5 packs of lined paper. The word "China" is also printed on the same side in red ink.
2008.001.204 Paper, Writing Package of 5 packs of unlined paper, wrapped in brown paper. Each pack is folded into thirds and is 20 in. long when unfolded, made of off-white paper. Wrapping displays Chinese characters in black ink which state that the package contains 5 packs of unlined paper. It also reads, in English, "Tai Yick Lung Kee Co: HONGIKONG, Made in China."
2008.001.205 Paper, Writing Folded pack of unlined paper. Paper is 21 in. long unfolded, folded into thirds for pack. Cover is unattached sheet of construction paper, some are red, some are yellow, one is green. All have the same cover design, featuring Chinese characters, bamboo, and flowers. Reads "Tai Yick Lung Kee Co. Hong Kong, Made in China." Interior paper is off-white.
2008.001.206 Pad, Writing Unused ledger with cloth cover. Cover is dark blue cloth, pages are off-white and printed with red ink. Some are still wrapped in brown paper, which shows Chinese characters and English which reads "Made in Hong Kong, Manufactured By Kung Shun 68, Wing Lok St. H.K." Writing in pencil reads "9.85" most likely a price.
2008.001.207 Medicinal Bottle plastic jar of U.I. Oil (No. D), label is pink with a yellow and green border,image of man with black rimmed glasses, Chinese lettering about the use of product and what ailment it claims to cure, in English lettering "Cure for Stomach-ache, Cold, Gout, Lumbago, Insect Bites"; oil's ingredients are peppermint, peppermint essence, cinnamon, lilac oil, rhubarb, almond, licorice, camphor, aniseed; appears to be a jar inside of the oil which is wrapped around a paper with red Chinese lettering
2008.001.208 Medicine orange, white, and gold detailed rectangular box wrapped in cellophane, contains 200 pills, "Shen Yung Huku Wean" "'Ginseng, Antler, Tiger-Bone' Pills"; right side in Chinese lettering, left side in English lettering giving "Chief Ingredients" "Indications" and "Dosage"; back in Chinese lettering with a small green circle of trees, "Forest Brand"; top and bottom red and gold sticker with scalloped edges with Chinese lettering
2008.001.209 Medicinal Bottle red rectangular box with white flower detail, containing a blue glass vial of oil that is sealed with red wax, vial is wrapped around paper in red Chinese lettering, on front of box a red lable with black Chinese lettering, an oil for all ailments
2008.001.210 Medicinal Bottle white and blue rectangular box with decorative border of flowers and geometric design and image of bottle printed on box "White Flower Embrocation" yellow bottle filled with oil and a black lid, label on front blue with gold border, two white flowers, back label white with red English and Chinese lettering "White Flower" "Medicine Oil" "Formulars" oil made of menthal crystal, winter green oil, eucalyptus oil, camphor, lavender oil white paper with red lettering giving directions, usage, and ingridents
2008.001.211 Medicinal Pellets white and blue box printed with manufacturers emblem, top manufacture label, right side price sticker "Yan Ying Pills"; back "Yang Ying Pills" printed with ingredients, usage, and directions; bottom label lettered in red "Made in Hong Kong", inside half circle with Chinese lettering, a ball of hair as padding for two yellow wax balls printed with "China" in red
2008.001.212 Medicinal Bottle red and white rectangular box, Chinese lettering, picture of man on front, back "Externally" "Directions" oil meant for aches clear imprinted vial with black lid, liquid brown, white label with red Chinese lettering paper with black lettering
2008.001.213 Medicine Yellow and green rectangular box, with metal ointment tube and paper directions. Cardboard box with yellow background, green and white border and decorative elements. "Hike Antiseptic" "For Minor Skin Irritations Sunburn Insect Bites Stops Itching" "Contents 1 1/2 Oz." Image of female carrying golf clubs. right and left side "Good After Shaving / Dandruf and Scalp Irritations" top and bottom makers mark Yellow metal tube, green with white lettering, on cap "Hike Chemical Co." embossed, "A Greaseless Preparation" with a list of possible ailments it may cure White paper directions with black lettering and border in Chinese characters
2008.001.214 Medicine Cardboard Box containing ointment jar. A. White and black stripped rectangular box with red flowers, "Hung Far Oil" Chinese lettering in white and black, " Paktsun & Sons / Colombo / Ceylon" right and left side black background with red border and white Chinese lettering, back white background with red border and black Chinese lettering, top and bottom "Trade Mark" with makers mark B. Glass bottle embossed with Chinese lettering, brown oil, red paper over gold colored twist cap. C. Red paper directions with black Chinese lettering
2008.001.215 Medicine Square box with metal ointment jar A. Orange box with blue, teal, and white decorative elements, "Wellman's Peroxide Ointment" with Chinese lettering, image of tree, righ side "Certified True Medicine" label in white with black lettering, left side teal background with blue Chinese lettering, back white background with blue and teal border and Chinese lettering, bottom teal background with blue Chinese lettering, top ingredients listed in English "Each 100 GM Contains" B. Teal metal round ointment jar, image of tree, "Wellman's Peroxide Ointement" in yellow lettering, Chinese lettering, bottom of jar white background with Chinese lettering C. White and green paper with makers mark printed in a pattern, brown Chinese lettering
2008.001.216 Medicine Box A.Cardboard of white and gray container box containing individually wrapped toothache drops, with red Chinese lettering on front, and black Chinese lettering on back B. 20 tan paper wrapped vials with red Chinese lettering and decorative borders, "The Bakilly Co. Ltd. Hong Kong" C. 7 white rectangular box with teal background and blue Chinese lettering on front and back, right "Toothache Drops" left "Directions" inside a glass vial wrapped in paper directions sealed with red wax
2008.001.217 Chips yellow and red box wrapped in cellophane, "Quick Frying" "Shrimp Flavored Chips" 8 oz, "Assorted Colors" Image of pink, orange, green, and white chips in bowl, image of three shrimps, an oval with an image of a chef cooking with the chips, list of ingredients "Tapioca Starch, Shrimp Meat / Salt and Artificial Coloring / Made in Hong Kong", "Lee Seng Heng Fish's Gravy and Canning Fty. / Aberdeen, Hong Kong" right and leftside "Quick- Frying / Shrimp Flavored Chips" image of chef cooking in oval, "Price" in red lettering and oval, front image of shrimp, back image of chips in bowl, on bottom "Hints for Frying" in red lettering in English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Italian
2008.001.218 Jar, Condiment jar of lemon sauce with a white metal lid, enclosed by a plastic sealed bag, label blue and red with a yellow border, top left trade mark "1951", center left list of ingridients, "Mee Chun" in yellow and red lettering, center right red Chinese lettering, center right pink oval with Chinese lettering and "Lemon Suace" 1 lb, center bottom manufactuers address
2008.001.219 Jar, Condiment jar of plum sauce with white metal lid, blue lable with yellow and red accents and lettering, makers seal, "Plum Sauce" with list of ingridients, address of manufacturer, other side of lable same information in Chinese, "16 oz"
2008.001.220 Can, Food-storage tin can of "Sweet and Sour Mixed Gingers" light green-blue label, red and black Chinese and English lettering, image of a plate with mixed vegetables, list of ingridients and manufacturer information
2008.001.221 Can, Food-storage can of "Salted Mustard Green" image of a plate with food on a blue label with white and red Chinese and English lettering, image of trademark, list of ingridients and suggested uses, "16 oz"
2008.001.222 Jar, Preserving glass jar of "Preserved Sweet Ginger" by "Ho Ho Brand" red lable with white Chinese and Englsih lettering, top center image of man inside a round border, list of ingridients, uses, and manufacturers address, white twist off cap with red instructions
2008.001.223 Jar, Preserving tall jar of "Preserved Plum in Brine" with white metal lid, lid printed with red lettering, trademark in center, lable is white, red, and geen-blue, with black and white lettering in Chinese, English, French and German, list of ingridients, image of plums on a plate
2008.001.224 Noodles, dried Red rectangular cardboard box. On front, image of two shrimp with plants. "Shrimp Noodle", Chinese characters, and manufacterers logo with image of a flower. On two sides says "Shrimp Noodle" and other two sides are Chinese characters. On left side "imitation shrimp noodles" with image of two shrimp. Directions on back with image of three shrimp and plants.
2008.001.225 Fruit, dried Brick of dried seedless longan wrapped in blue paper and sealed in plastic. Longan means "dragon eye" and it is a fruit from the longan tree. Image of pink lily on one side and yellow berries on the other. White text in english and chinese.
2008.001.226 Fruit, dried Sealed package of dried ginger. Red, yellow, and blue packaging. Image of yellow dragon and blue waves on the front and red text care directions in English and Chinese on the back. Manufacturer's label image of unknown "unicorn" animal on front.
2008.001.227 candy Brown Candy that is double sealed with plastic. 6 long rectangular candies. Yellow and green label with red Chinese characters and nutrition facts.
2008.001.228 Candy Red, white, blue label with list of ingredients in English and Chinese, "Cocoanut Flavored Candies". "Hard" candies wrapped in green, blue, pink, red, yellow, and orange paper
2008.001.229 tea plastic bag of tea bags, jasmine. The top of the plastic bag is sealed with folded paper that is stapled together. Handwritten in red marker- "Jasmine Tea-bag" on the folded paper. "Choice Jasmine Tea" is in red on the labels attached to each tea bag inside.
2008.001.230 Skewer 100 bamboo skewers in plastic bag printed in red and green. The printed image is of bamboo and it has red Chinese characters of the manufacturer information. Folded carboard is stapled shut at the top and has an orange and blue green image of kebabs on a grill.
2008.001.231 Fruit, dried plastic bag containing dried lily flower. Image of lily flower, non-bloomed, is in green on the front. At the top corner right is image of red fruit. Chinese characters and French- back has ingredients and storage instructions.
2008.001.250 Can, Food-storage label states product was a 104 oz can of diced water chestnuts; turquoise blue label with photo image of chestnut plants and prepared food item; Chinese and English text printed in red, yellow, and white; packed in Taiwan; thumbs-up logo
2008.001.251 Kit, First Aid large blue rectangular cardboard box, containing four gauze pads, two blue square boxes of gauze bandages, one rectangular box of adhesive bandage, one box of cotton, and paper insert Item A is main box; items B, C, D, G are gauze pads; E, F are boxes of gauze; H is box of adhesive bandages; I is box of cotton; J is paper insert.
2008.001.252 Paperweight Glass paperweight, with sepia tone photographic image of Seattle waterfront with ship, Chinese characters on back with pencil handwriting.
2008.001.253 Chalk Box of white chalk crayons, contains seven skinny crayolet sticks, one of which is broken, and five thick crayons. Box is red and brown cardboard, Gold Medal product's brand and logo
2008.001.254 Toy, Car Small, red toy car; fire-department car for fire chief; four painted figures inside vehicle; working wheels; car identified as Plymouth on front hood.
2008.001.255 Radio Transistor radio in leather case, case and radio made in Japan
2008.001.256 Doll Female bobblehead figure with Asian features; robe, fan, and facial features are painted on; fake gemstone eyes and earrings; cone hat;
2008.001.257 Doll Male bobblehead figure with Asian features; red painted Manderin jacket and wide-leg pants; red hat and yarn ponytail
2008.001.258 Bric-a-brac Empire State Building replica; base reads "Worlds Tallest" and "Height 1472 FT"
2008.001.259 Pot Brown ceramic pot, four tiny decorative handles, Chinese and English writing around top rim
2008.001.260 Sign Red and gold membership sign for Seatle Chinatown Chamber of Commerce; text in English and Chinese; yellow rope for hanging
2008.001.261 Sign Green and gold sign for Jackson St. Community Council; membership for 1966; yellow rope for hanging
2008.001.262 Mat, Table Winston cigarette branded red rubber mat, text in white letters, rectangular shape, used for catching change from cash register
2008.001.300 Mirror bagua (trigram) feng shui mirror; red detail on green background; round mirror in center; metal hanging fixture on top; used to create harmony and good fortune and to reflect and transform negative energy
2008.001.301 Uniform Uniform Military uniform, green- 2 piece a) Jacket: Long jacket of wool? with metal buttons, satin lining. On both shoulders is silver leaf-like rank insignia that signifies 'Lieutenant Colonel Sta-Brite? Army Rank Insignia.' On the lower right sleeve is a horizontal "hashmark"patch in green and gold and below this a square patch with a gold olive branch pattern. On the upper left is a round patch with blue and white hour glass-like design. Black strips on sleeves also indicating army rank insignia. On collars are a pair of silver buttons. A name badge that says "Mar" seen just above the upper right pocket. b) Pants: Wool? with black stripe at sides.
2008.001.302 Ashtray Wooden ashtray with a hole in the middle of the back.
2008.001.303 Ashtray Dark plastic ashtray, front says "Phone, Seattle Granite Center, Specify KAI BAB Stone, FR. 8200" in yellow, back says "Bullseye PAT. APLD. FOR" and Vernon Co."
2008.001.304 Stationery Cardboard box in red and white, holding 12 tubes of lead. Box says "Eversharp Red Top Lead, Q-15 Red Standard, 15 sticks in each tube." Tubes are black with red lid, saying "Eversharp Red Top Lead, 15c, 1 3/8 inch, Made in USA."
2008.001.305 Card Round card, front has a world map and says "To gain time, fly by Philippine Air Lines, the finest and fastest to five continennts." with the instruction of a time selector. The time selector in on the back of the card.
2008.001.306 Medicine Red box of medical oil with Chinese characters on front and back. One side says "U-I-Oil, Sole Manufacturer, Wong Cheung Wah." Box is sealed with a golden sticker.
2008.001.307 Lighter Silver metal lighter with a sign on the front. Sign has an image of an eagle, saying "F. O. E, L. T. J. E." Bottom says "ZIPPO MFG. CO. BRADFORD. PA. ZIPPO, PAT 2032695 Made in U. S. A."
2008.001.308 Seal Red wooden seal with black handel. Front has a white lable saying "International Seattle First Bank"1.75
2008.001.309 Seal Metal seal for date with black handle. Handle says "Regent No. 1 1/2"
2008.001.310 Seal Red wooden seal with a white lable saying "Yick Fung Company, 8296 303."
2008.001.311 Seal Red wooden seal of numbers.
2008.001.312 Seal Red wooden seal stating "PAID"
2008.001.313 Seal Red wooden seal stating "TRANS. PACIFIC"
2008.001.314 Bottle Glass bottle with wooden stopper containing liquid. Damaged sticker near top states "WHISKY". Body of the bottle states "WHTYE & MACKAY, CLASCOW", with a paper sticker in Chinese saying "fire liquor"
2008.001.315 Bottle Glass bottle with wooden stopper containing oil. Sticker on front states "Belgrade Pure Rye", back states "Half Pint, Full Measure" with paper sticker in Chinese saying "fire oil."
2008.001.316 Bottle Glass bottle with metal lid sealed with orange plastic, containing barbecue sauce. Orange and white sticker on front states "Cheng's Chinese Barbecue Sauce," sticker on back states the directions.
2008.001.317 Wood, Worked 15 bamboo slats probably used as strainer handles.
2008.001.318 Can Metal can without lid. used to hold candies. Image of candies on side states "Cara-Mints, Traveners, Caramel Flavored Mints."
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