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Wing Luke Museum
1982.003.001 Vest thickly padded child's vest; multicolored with cream, black, red, purple print; collar is black satin; lining is orange; straight design without closures; hand stitched; outer fabric is crepe-like and the lining is a fine silk; top stitched on the sides. Extensive damage; lining is ripped and shredded. Padding is exposed on the inside, both by the bottom of the vest and also under the armholes.
1982.004 Kimono hand sewn child's full length kimono, crepe-like fabric; lined in silk and in extremely poor condition; body and sleeves lightly padded; hem heavily padded, textile is multi-colored with peonies and butterflies; sleeves and hems bound in red crepe; some insect damage, center front
1982.004.002 Jacket Children's clothing. The jacket is a 19" chinese black silk, 4 buttons, source B.Barnes old # cc-5
1982.005 Shoes Pair of decorative shoes. Hand-stitched uppers, pink cotton, blue heel section with multi-colored tassels. White lining. Soles: green, white, black reinforced stitching.
1982.006.001 Shoes Cotton sole with embroidered silk tops. Soles and heels are white; heels with pink embroidery. Tops celedon green with muave inset, pink and purple embroidery. Heel tabs have swastika design.
1982.006.024 Headband Woman's headband of black satin lined with red cotton fabric. Front has applied decorative shape, embroidered flowers and phoenix. Backgound color is rust and turquoise edged with gold ribbon and royal blue silk satin. At the top is a black silk butterfly attached with wire. The butterfly is outlined and decorated with red thread. On one side is embroidered bright blue loop. In the center is an embroidered never-ending loop. From this hangs 2 silk tassels with metal ends. One tassel is lavender and one is blue-green. On right side is black silk satin heart-shaped piece. Perhaps a decorative piece is missing. Damage: 3 holes worn in lining damaged butterfly, worn heart-shaped piece - decorative piece missing?
1982.006.025 Headband Embroidered blue and red silk woman's headband with red tassel. Blue silk band with red damask center band of embroidery of bat, flowers, stem, and leaves. Narrow green border on each side of red band. At center front and back on top of pink circle are two padded-green silk floral embroidered bow(?) shapes. Each padded rectangle is bordered with a purple, blue-green, and gold ribbon. In the center is a red and gold band. At back(?) is a red tassel. Band is lined with pale yellow floral cotton print. Dimensions: Height: band 2.125", overall 3" Diameter: bottom 6.25", top 5.5" Circumference: bottom 19.5"
1982.006.026 Hat Black silk satin skullcap with top knot of coral beads strung on fine wire. Top of hat is made up of six triangular sections of black silk satin, below which is a 3/8" band made up of four overlapping bands of black silk satin. The side of the hat is 2 3/8" high made of a single wide band of black silk satin. At the bottom is a narrow band, about 1/8" wide, of black satin extending about 1/4" into the interior. The lining is made up of 6 triangular pieces of red cotton fabric.
1982.007.001 Fan Silk stretched over bamboo frame, black lacquer shaft secured with metal. Swirl pattern in purple, beige, and orange. Fan is half circle shaped.
1982.007.002 Fan Oil paper over bamboo frame, black lacquer shaft secured with metal. Sectional pattern of purple, red, yellow, neutral with swirl in center. Below swirl is an organic design in black with orange around shaft contact.
1982.007.003 Fan Silk stretched over bamboo frame, black lacquer shaft secured with metal. Swirl pattern in purple, orange, yellow. Fan is half circle shaped.
1982.009.001 Fan Black lacquer on wood round frame decorated in red with plants and figures, decorative cloud-shaped opening on shaft. The silk covering is done in colored embroidery threads and painting. Depicted are scholars and ladies in a garden. There is a silk tassel with glass beads hanging from the end of the shaft. Damage: The silk is rotton and has extensive decay. It is presently falling off of the frame and needs to be restored and reinforced with cloth backing.
1982.009.002 Fan Color on silk, scene of scholar and students on black round frame. Gold foil on back, decorative holes on handle, cord on bottom. some discoloration and glue(?) on painting, minor hole
1982.010 Cabinet, Filing Wood frame cabinet Top Row: A: Drawer 1 - half-full of Bush Inc. business cards and 1 card of Johan Koren (Thayer Arctic Expedition) B: Drawer 2 - "Animals for Breeding Purposes" papers C: Drawer 3 - Petitions for "Change of Name of Boat" D: Drawer 4 - Vessel manifesto, contract, application, petition, correspondence E & F: Drawer 5 & 6 - empty 2nd Row: G: Drawer 1 - "Charter Parties" H: Drawer 2 - "Charter Parties" I: Drawer 3 - empty J: Drawer 4 - "Chinese Merchants Certificates 1903-1907" - empty K: Drawer 5 - "LaConner Letters" - empty L: Drawer 6 - empty 3rd Row: M: Drawer 1 - "Vessel Agreements" - 17, 1 empty envelope N: Drawer 2 - Petition for "Change of Flag" of boat - 7 O&P: Drawer 3 & 4- empty Q: Drawer 5 - "Chinese Merchants Certificates, 1908-1923" - empty R: Drawer 6 - "Chinese Laborer's Certificates, 1903-1908" - empty 4th Row: S: Drawer 1 - "Application for bond" as carrier unappraised merchandise (full) T: Drawer 2 - Statements of "Canned Salmon Arrivals" (full) U,V,W,X: Drawer 3 - 6 - empty 5th Row: Y: Drawer 1 - Miscellaneous applications (full) Z: Drawer 2 - Share certificate (1) AA: Drawer 3 - empty AB,AC,AD: Drawer 4 - 6 - "Chinese Laborer's Certificates 1901-1902" - empty (DD front missing) 6th Row: AE: Drawer 1 - New forms (full) AF: Drawer 2 - Contracts and Agreements (half full) AG: Drawer 3 - "Chinese Merchants Certificates 1888-1902" - empty AH,AI: Drawer 4 - 5 - empty AJ: Drawer 6 - "Chinese Laborer's Certificates 1895-1900" - empty except for Chin Yet Certificate of Departure 7th Row: AK,AL: Drawer 1 & 2 - empty Condition: damaged drawers
1982.011 Embroidery There is a central panel 31.25" x 48.375" made up of 120 cross stitch squares containing snail and cucumber seed patterns in green, yellow, red, orange, turquoise, and white. Each square has a black border containing rows of white "X" designs. The central panel is bordered on all four sides by hand stitched cotton fabric strips of white, green, and yellow fabric each 1/2" wide. Outside these strips is a single row of the cross stitched squares bordered by the cotton fabric strips beyond which are two more sets of single rows of squares bordered by the 3 cotton fabric strips. The outer border of the piece is a 3" band of brown cotton fabric. The back is of unbleached cotton fabric (muslin). Donor states that this is cross-stitch "by the sister of Chua in Thailand/Laos".
1982.012.001 Jar Large earthenware jar with brown glaze, bulbous shape, and small mouth. Four attached "butterfly"-shaped additions near rim may be used for attaching a cord. Surface is pitted and scraped. Possibly used as a water storage jar. Masking tape with donors' names on base.
1982.013.001 Lantern Red Cloth New Year Lantern Red cloth with white kanji "fu" character written on one side (means good fortune). On the opposite side is a painted scene of two men sitting by a wei-ch'i (go) board. Behind them is a man riding a crane, which stands for longevity. To the left is a man dancing. Around top of lantern are circles of purple, red, yellow, and blue. There is a wooden ring around top covered with silver paper. Projecting from top are 3 metal rods on each side which merge at the top into one piece. A thinner piece of wire is attached to the ends and formed into a hook at the top. Around the bottom is a wide circle of flowers, then circles of dark green, yellow, and red. A wooden base covered with silver paper followed by a carved red base with gold paint on protruding parts.
1982.013.002 Lantern Red Cloth New Year Lantern Red cloth with white kanji "fu" character written on one side (means good fortune). On the opposite side is a painted scene of three men and two attendants. Possibly the three star gods of happiness, affluence, and longevity. The man in the center has wings. The man on the right side holds a baby. Around top of lantern is a circle of purple, red, yellow, and blue. There is a wooden ring around the top covered with silver paper. Projecting from top are three metal rods on each side which merge at the top into one piece. A thinner piece of wire is attached to the ends and formed into a hook at the top. Around the bottom is a wide circle of flowers, then circles of dark green, yellow, and red. A wooden base covered with silver paper followed by a carved red base with gold paint on protruding parts.
1982.014 Figurine Three figures, carved from a hard yellow-colored material ressembling ivory; a male military or court person, a female musician, and a sage. Each figure is molded and carved from a hard plastic material which is white (see chips) and has been coated with a yellow color to make it look like aged ivory. The bottom of each figure is textured with fine parallel lines. The surfaces are carved to look slightly pitted and striated in places, to lend an organic appearance (of bone or ivory). A dark brown stain enhances detail and adds to the appearance of age. The figures may represent Immortals or other deities. A: Male figure with spear in left hand and reliquary or portable shrine in the right. The man wears a short cloth hood with a V-cut at center in the back. His garments consist of a long robe with cloud motifs, a wide sash covered with a cross-hatched pattern, a narrow belt, pants and boots. The bottom hem and middle front of the robe, and the edges of the wide sash, are trimmed with a band that has a sort of intertwined zig-zag pattern. Outlining the man is a length of flowing ribbon which arches over him from the bottom of one foot, over his head, and down to the other foot. B: Female figure with musical instrument. She holds the neck of a four-stringed instrument with her left hand and a large pick in her right. Her hair is piled in a high, three section bun which protrudes through the top of a hat she wears. Her robes are long and have the same cloud motif and zig-zag trimming that the male figure (A) above shares. Also outlining the woman is a length of flowing ribbon which arches over her in a similar manner to that of the above figure (A). On the lower back portion of the robe is a design (or writing?) carved into an oval shape. Missing from the front, lower portion of the robes are pieces carved to form thin ribbons which hang from a belt or sash and which have broken near the middle section. C: Male figure with fly whisk. The man is wearing the robes of a sage or hermit, with front pulled open to reveal a large belly and chest. His hair is tied in two knots, one on each side of the head. His hair has been parted down the center; he has a long beard and moustache. The fly whisk is attached to a fan-shaped body and may be either a Buddhist or Taoist symbol. The carving style of this figure, as well as the color of the plastic material, differs somewhat from figures A and B. A and B clearly belong to the same set. It is less clear that this figure is a part of the same group, although the striations on the bottom of the figure are the same.
1982.015 Hanging Painted wood panel with enameled and carved shell figure: a woman carrying a wrapped sword in T'ang dynasty style clothing. The single piece wood placque is entirely painted black. On the front a double border of gold lines trims the placque. Framing the figure is another border of gold and white paint, a thick line is trimed with an S-scroll design. The figure is set in an outdoor scene, painted in the same gold color, consisting of a tall bamboo, a gnarled trunk, a low bamboo fence, and some rocks and grasses. The figure is in medium relief. Her head, sash, hand, and sword covering are in a material which resembles ivory; her skirt is carved from a pale to dark greem material similar to jade, the long ribbon sash is a yellow enamel decorated with blue paint; here top robe is a mottled purple and gray; an apron (?) is carved from a shell similar to mother-of-pearl. The clothing of the figure is embellished by painted designs in plant motifs. The womans hair is painted black and there is a red flower or decoration in it. On the back at the center top, two holes have been drilled into the panel for hanging purposes.
1982.016.001 Basket Set of three flat winnowing baskets. Each fits into the larger one.
1983.001.001 Embroidery Red silk embroidered square; two central figures each holding ring and seated in shoes on top of a leaf; satin stitch; gold couching. Other motifs: flowers and bats, backed with green silk; woman depicted wearing phoenix headdress. (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.002.001 Embroidery red silk circle; clue and white Peking knot bat; inner border woven ribbon; outer border brown woven silk; green and blue floral; black trim; tissue paper-backed, 2 signs on back: 1) purple stamp = "made in China" 2) blue stamp = "#118 all silk made in China" made from old pieces; (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.003.001 Embroidery white silk scene, figure, trees, flowers; satin and Peking stitch ribbon of pale green, pink, blue -- inner border; black silk floral -- outer border; gold cotton fabric backing. (Mostly folklore? ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.004.001 Mandarin Square Mandarin Square; woven silk K'o-ssu tapestry Paradise fly-catcher, clouds, bats (= 9th civil service rank); brown, blue, and white; black silk backing; (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.005.001 Embroidery
1983.006.001 Cloth Fragment grey silk sleeve band; pink and blue; floral, bats; satin stitch, Peking knots; wine-red ribbon border, white outer border, orange border in between; couched gold-covered thread; backed. (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.007.001 Cloth Fragment red silk panel; flowers and vase of satin stitch; pale pink, green, and black woven floral border; brown, red, and grey brocade design; backed with off-white cotton. (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.008.001 Cuff white (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.009.001 Mandarin Square Mandarin Square; center seam; black silk embroidered with sea, mountains, birds, florals; Peking knot, pink, blue, green, and beige; 7th rank civil mandarin duck; border design with bats and geometric symbols; light blue silk backing; ("Good piece" - ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.010.001 Cloth Fragment 4.5" x 6" blue silk embroidered center panel on beige silk Chinese panel; blue and pink border; Paking and satin stitch; flower, butterflies; pinks, greens, and browns; silk border of brown, bluw, and white; 1" black brocade edging; stamp "made in China"; (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.011.001 Embroidery rectangular white silk piece; gold couching; central figure holding vase, bridge behind, surrounded by embroidered flowers; border patterned with six-sided gold shapes and two small pavillions; no backing; red satin; (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.012.001 Cloth Fragment white silk piece; satin stitch; blue floral, purple butterflies (4) placed evenly, possibly a sleeve section; 1/2 silk backed as well; intricate floral designs: roses, chrysanthemums, peonies, etc.; similar to E-27 in design; (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.013.001 Embroidery Yao cross-stitch embroidery made in U.S.; black square with blue, pink, and yellow cross stitching; (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.014.001 Embroidery 4 pieces of blue satin-stitch embroidery glued to white paper with brown paper backing A-D: flowers with leaves
1983.015.001 Picture, woven machine woven damask picture, painted; Chinese tiger in the snow. (ident. by Tony Ventura 8/20/1983)
1983.015.002 Picture, woven machine woven damask picture, painted; moon bridge in China or Japan; (ident. by Tony Ventura 8/20/1983)
1983.016.001 Scarf Chinese black silk dragon scarf; hand embroidered with 5 orange dragons; edged with orange rayon fringe; (ident. by Tony Ventura 8/20/1983)
1983.017.001 Scarf sheer white cloth scarf; embroidered scalloped edged; painted iris design.
1983.018.001 Shoes One pair quilted slippers; white satin with red trim (ident. by Tony Ventura 8/20/1983).
1983.019.001 Scarf scarf; fine purple silk, faded pink and green satin stitched flower on each end, knotted fringe; Chinese export; (ident. by Tony Ventura 8/20/1983)
1983.020.001 Embroidery Chinese decorative embroidered panel with "100 sons" design on tan silk satin; cloth used to be red, but faded; white border, red backing; embroidered dragon dance with multi-colored satin stitch; possibly a presentation piece to grandparents in old age? (ident. "well-done" by Tony Ventura 8/20/1983)
1983.021.001 Picture, woven hand block printed cotton cloth; printed squares in red ink showing dragons, pagodas, and figures.
1983.022.001 Vest vest is padded; pale blue silk; embroidered scenes; post 1920's due to high collar; (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.023.001 Handkerchief white silk painted with pink, green, and gold. (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.024.001 Handkerchief white embroidery on white silk, drawnwork (ident. and dated by Tony Ventura)
1983.025.001 Handkerchief white embroidery on white silk is floral pattern; edges are scalloped with white satin stitch embroidery; (ident. and dated by Tony Ventura)
1983.026.001 Handkerchief white floral satin stitch on white, floral design varies; edges are hemmed and embroidered; (ident. and dated by Tony Ventura)
1983.027.001 Cuff Chinese panel, blue silk, blue-gray backing; gold couching, satin stitch, designs of bats, butterflies, hearts, inner black silk borders. (ident. and dated by Tony Ventura)
1983.028.001 Cuff Chinese panel, white silk, Peking and satin stitch, gold couching, flowers and vases, multi-colored, borders of ribbon trim and white brocade. Light blue backing. (ident. and dated by Tony Ventura)
1983.029.001 Cloth Fragment Chinese panel, white silk, blue branches and flowers, butterflies in satin stitch, white brocade border, faded white backing.
1983.030.001 Cloth Fragment 3 Chinese black silk panels, flowers, vase, characters, satin stitch; orange, blue, pink, white, green stitching; paper backing; gold couching on second remnant;
1983.031.001 Tapestry tapestry weave panel, painted highlights, hydrangea pattern with gilt border.
1983.032.001 Embroidery Medallion, blue and white Peking stitch, heavy gold couched background, sequined edge, blue backing. Bat and floral design. Designs on first two remnants are identical.
1983.033.001 Cozy lace, bowl of flowers design; dome-shaped, saw-toothed edge on opening; edging around top is also saw-toothed
1983.034.001 Embroidery black silk with multi-colored satin stitch; mountains, water, bird, flowers; lattice design couched border; designs are two opposite 7" squares connected together and backed by blue silk
1983.036.001 Embroidery embroidery; satin stitch; blue silk border; 1" gold silk inner border; ripped; poor condition; center cut out; (ident. and dated by Tony Ventura)
1983.037.001 Embroidery embroidery; satin stitch; blue silk borders; center cut out; poor condition; (ident. and dated by Tony Ventura)
1983.039.001 Bathrobe Purple silk with embroidered flowers in reds, pinks, and greens. Hot pink lining; sash matches robe; (ident. and dated by Tony Ventura). Robe labeled 1983.39.1a and Sash labeled 1983.39.1b.
1983.040.001 Pants white cotton; machine sewn; (id. by Tony Ventura)
1983.041.001 Blouse rayon; grey/purple; side closure, 5 frogs, Southern Chinese style
1983.042.001 Jacket grey cotton jacket, pin stripes, front opening; 5 frogs, 4 patch pockets; work clothers; (ident. and dated by Tony Ventura)
1983.043.001 Embroidery Chinese panel; gold silk brocade; satin stitch flowers, pink, blue, purple, large central pink flower; embroidered knots; (ident. and dated by Tony Ventura)
1983.044.001 Pants work pants; grey rayon, dirty grey waist cotton(?); silk top band(?) (ident. by Tony Ventura)
1983.045.001 Embroidery pair of black silk circles; embroidered designes, mostly satin stitch; dragon and phoenix in center, flower border in multi-colored stitching; design on each embroidery is mirror image of the other; blue silk backing;
1983.046.001 Cloth Fragment woven multicolor striped cloth with orange warp
1983.047.001 Picture, woven woven brocade picture; black and white; tree and river;
1983.048.001 Picture, woven woven brocade picture in green, blue, brown, and beige; picture of a pavilion with trees by water; labeled "Chi Wen Weaving Works, Shanghai"
1983.049.001 Picture, woven woven brocade pictures; white fringed edge; Japanese temple scenes: pagoda, torii gate, landscape
1983.050.001 Cloth Fragment Pina scrap; brown on beige. Ikat dyed and woven. Brown offset ikat pattern on tan pina cloth.
1983.051.001 Cloth Fragment Pina scrap; woven stripes in brown and beige, striped warp; stripe pattern with 2 broad stripes in center and 3 single stripes on each side; brown stripes on tan;
1983.052.001 Cap Hand sewn Yao boy's cap, gathered at the top to fit head. Decorated with cross-stitch snowflake designs in various colors on blue cloth. Black lining. Two red pom-poms placed on border, ridge of same red pile sewn on top. See page 31 in Pien Fa Hang collection portfolio.
1983.052.002 Jacket Hand sewn, unlined man's jacket, appliqued border, cross-stitched design, side-to-neck opening. Snowflake design appears in center-front of jacket, in grey, white, blue, and magenta on blue-black cloth. Appliqued border is red, white, and black, and appears on sleeve edges, bottom hem, and jacket opening. Silver buttons. See page 31 in Pien Fa Hang Collection portfolio.
1983.052.003 Pants Hand sewn; embroidered with heavy cross-stitch, satin stitch, and outline stitch. Blue cotton pants are wide and baggy, with large bias crotch piece. Embroidery is on the side panels, and cuffs of pants legs in snowflake and swastika patterns in colors of white, green, yellow, blue, black, and magenta thread. Rows of designs are separated by rows of multicolored outline stitch. See page 30 in Pien Fa Hang Collection portfolio.
1983.052.004 Turban Turban is composed of two embroidered end-pieces joined in the middle with a length of matching cloth. Hand sewn flatfelled seams. 8" of cross-stitched embroidery on each end-piece. Fabric is blue cotton cloth. Identification, but no photo on page 30 of Pien Fa Hang Collection portfolio. The narrower end is hand-embroidered with 9 rows of symmetrical multi-colored cross-stitched floral shapes which follow the warp and weft of the cloth with a lacy effect. Colors used are white, magenta, burgundy, blue, green, and yellow. Edges have 4 rows of stem-stitch and are stiffened with hand sewn ribbing that follows the longer sides for 5.25" alongside embroidery. Thread is either pearl cotton crotchet thread, embroidery floss, or weaving thread with a sheen. Motifs drawn from the 5 standard Mien patterns. Cloth appears to be traditional home-spun type. No mythical or religious significance can be ascertained from the patterns. Turban forms part of a Mien woman's costume (pants, ankle-length tunic, sash, and turban). Men wear turbans only occasionally at ceremonies. Women's turbans are wrapped differently according to the area. (Lao-Mien criss- cross front and back, Chiang Kham-Mien cover crown of head + wrap many times, others wrap it loosely into a massive headpiece).
1983.052.005 Carrier, Luggage/shawl Woman's apron/cape of indigo cotton with ornate hand embroidered and applique decoration. The band at the top is decorated with yellow, burgundy, black, and white strips of cloth with saw-toothed white applique on burgundy ground. The body is adorned with patches of cross-stitched embroidery and bold applique patterns of symmetrical shapes with many lobes and curlicues. The body is edged on 3 sides with a border of red, black, and white cloth stripes. The cross-stitch embroidery is horizontal/vertical, which follow the warp and weft of the cloth with a lacy effect in blue, white, green, burgundy, and pale yellow. Motifs drawn from the 5 standard Mien patterns; the thread used is either pearl cotton crotchet thread, embroidery floss, or weaving threads with a sheen. As far as can be ascertained, there is no mythical or religious significance to the patterns. Hand-made by Mien women. An ornate apron/cape is worn for weddings and other special occassions. A simpler version is used as a baby carrying cloth. See page 30 of Pien Fa Hang Collection portfolio.
1983.052.006 Scarf Hand sewn and backed; outside is embroidered with cross stitch and outline stitch. There are four red tassels at the point of the scarf. Bands of embroidery follow the 90 degree angle of the two 10" sides. Small triangular scarf is made of dark blue cotton. Embroidery is in purple, magenta, white, yellow, and green thread. four red acrylic yarn tassels are connected to the scarf's point with red and white beads. Embroidery is in snowflake and geometric patterns. See page 31 of _Pien Fa Hang Collection_ catalog.
1983.052.008 Purse Four 8" cloth squares sewn together; one outer square is embroidered, the other is plain but lined, the fourth square is between the lined square and the unlined one, and provides a division for the contents of the purse. One corner is unseamed to proide an opening which is closed by a drawstring. Embroidered section is made up of bands of cross-stitch snowflake patterns that follow the angles of a square outline stitch; stitching is mostly in violet, red, and white on dark blue cloth. Braid and chainstitch decorate the drawstring corner; drawstring is red braid with a coin and green glass bead on the end. Plain outer side of purse is red with red lining. Inner division piece is white. Some patches of red cloth are on the inside of the purse. See page 31 of _Pein Fa Hang Collection_ catalog.
1983.052.010 Tunic Unlined full-length tunic in black satin has a front opening and side slits. Neckline is embellished with a thick pile of red fringe that extends from the collar to the waistline (approximately). Full length sleeves have appliqued and braided decoration on the cuffs in red, black, and white. Side slits extend from waistline to hem and are edged with bright blue cotton, as is the edging in the front, below the red pile collar. 8" red tassels with beads decorate the slit openings. Facing of the front neckline (near red fringe) is embroidered blue cotton with red, white, and green stitching edged with orange and yellow braid. Back neckline is appliqued red and black fabric. See page 30 of _Pien Fa Hang Collection_ catalog.
1983.052.011 Dagger Metal dagger with cloth strips tied between blade and handle. Woven cloth is in 3 colors: red, beige, and dark gray (perhaps from charring) and two plain weaves (one coarse). Above blade are two curving hilt guards. Slender handle has five 1/4" x 5" rods, each curved in a semicircular shape and attached to the handle at both ends. Each rod has seven metal disks suspended on it, with the rod passing through their 1/2" diameter holes (the disks are about 1.5" in diameter). Dimensions: Length: 17" total, 8.25" blade Width: 1.75" blade, 4" hilt guards, 1/2" blade in center, 3.75" at loops
1983.052.012 Veil Embroidery in cross-stitch, back-stitch, and stem stitch in magenta, purple, brown, and white to form snowflake, tree-like, and outline motifs on a black plain-weave background. A central square motif is surrounded by horizontal rows of embroidery. Two extra vertical rows border the sides. The top and bottom edges have two cords sewn to them, one brown and one beige. Two tassels in red and magenta silk are joined at their tops by a thread that passes through the lower left corner of the veil. Each tassel has three beads decorating its top in this color order: white, black, white. See page 32 of _Pien Fa Hang Collection_ catalog.
1983.052.013 Sash Plain weave indigo fabric with an embroidered panel at each end. Embroidery includes chain stitch, stem stitch, and back stitch in magenta, purple, yellow, and beige. Embroidered motifs are like snowflakes and flowers. Embroidered panels measure 33.5" x 19.5" and 34.5" x 19.5". Center plain panel is in a lighter indigo color than are the end panels. See page 30 of _Pien Fa Hang Collection_ catalog.
1983.052.014 Headdress Three panels of red silk tassels hanging from silver chains. The two end chains are 14" long, the center chain is 15" long. Tassels on the two end chains are longer (33 16.5" tassels on the right, 34 on the left) than the tassels on the center chain (12 pairs of 9" tassels). At the very ends of the outer chains are 6 paired 22" tassels, two pairs of which are topped with a 1/2" translucent red beads and are attached with rings to cloissone' disks to the chain. There are also two fatter tassels between each of the end panels and the center panel that hang to the same length as the 16.5" tassels, but are actually shorter tassels topped by 5" of beads that are, in turn, suspended from an embossed silver pirce in a diamond shape. Each of the shorter tassels hanging from the center panel has a red pom-pom above it. See page 32 of_Pien Fa Hang Collection_ catalog.
1983.052.015 Crown "The Wreath, Saeng Nzae"
1983.052.016 Mask (T'ai Wai)
1983.052.017 Painting "The Dragon Bridge of the great Tao Tom To Tsiou"
1983.052.018 Painting Three Yao Taoist scrolls: "The Three Pure Ones, Fam Ts'ing". painting on paper. 1) depicts To Ta (42.5" x 18.25") 2) depicts Yen Si (42" x 17.625") 3) depicts Leng Pu (41.5" x 17.25") See page 13 of _Pien Fa Hang Collection_ catalog.
1983.052.019 Painting "The Jade Emporer, Yu Hua'ng"
1983.052.020 Painting "The Celestial Masters, Lei T'in and Tsiang T'in Sai, Patron Saints" painting on paper Lei T'in is the mythical Dark Warrior, the Martial God, and can accomplish impossible physical feats. Tsiang T'in is a historical personage believed to have founded Taoism. See page 15 of the _Pien Fa Hang Collection_ catalog.
1983.052.021 Painting Yao Taoist Scroll Male diety, dragon in arms
1983.052.022 Painting A: Yao Taoist Scroll Male diety with sword riding dragon B: Yao Taoist Scroll Male diety riding dragon
1983.052.023 Painting Yao Taoist Scroll Two male dieties, one has dragon emblem paper unglued on bottom
1983.052.024 Painting Yao Taoist Scroll 1 figure on dragon, 1 on horse
1983.052.025 Painting Yao Taoist Scroll Two male deities with attendants
1983.052.026 Painting Yao Taoist Scroll 1 figure on rooster, 1 on tiger
1983.052.027 Painting Yao Taoist Scroll Taoist version of hell
1983.052.028 Painting A: Yao Taoist Scroll Large red skinned figure and smaller attendant, white skinned attendant, all three armed B: Yao Taoist Scroll Terrifying diety, two attending guards
1983.052.029 Painting Yao Taoist Scroll 9 bands top to bottom
1983.052.030 Painting Yao Taoist Scroll 5 bands of figures top to bottom
1983.052.031 Painting Yao Taoist Scroll 11 figures, slaughtered pig
1983.052.032 Painting Yao Taoist Scroll 5 figures, 4 in dragon boat, 1 in sky
1983.053.001 Mandarin Square matched pair mandarin squares (front and back); light blue / dark blue background, gold border, stylized, background indicative of 1900-1910; embroidered; 8th rank quail (civil service) embroidered separately from the square, could be changed if the official was promoted
1983.053.002 Mandarin Square Pink silk satin panel with embroidery in satin stitch. Two panels sewn in center with narrow purple selvage. Lefthand panel has a dragon in shades of yellow and orange shaded from pale to deep color, maroon and white. Also wave lines in yellow and orange. Right hand panel has a phoenix in sauve colors as dragon with wave lines. Lower down and near center seam is a flaming pearl in shaded yellow and orange with flowers of maroon and black dots on pearl.
1983.054.001 Pants Pants Grey cotton denim "jeans" pants; twill weave; size 33-30; orangish top stitching; 4-button fly (buttons stamped "rip proof"); metal rivets at pocket edges and fly bottom; 8 buttons along waistband for suspenders; 2 pockets front with a change or watchpocket on right side; 2 hip pockets; sizer buckle and straps across back center; patch on right back waistband "Golden West" No. 6 size 33 30; masking tape marked "Dan Woo" removed
1983.055.001 Jacket Dark indigo-blue cotton jacket; round collar; 5 frog front closing; 2 pockets at front waist; hand stitched; long sleeves are hemmed; Dimensions: Length: 25" top to bottom Width: 25" at hem, 22" at armpit Sleeve Width: 11" at shoulder, 9.5" at hem
1983.056.001 Shirt blue and white checked cotton shirt; long sleeves; round neck without collar; 5 frogs made of same material down front opening; machine stitching; sleeves not pieced, cut from same material as front, sides, and back panels; appears never worn; masking tape marked "Dan Woo" removed Dimensions: Length: 27.25" top to bottom Width: 22" at hem, 21.125" at armpits Sleeve Width: 9" at shoulder, 5.5" at sleeve hem not cuffed, but has 4.5" material piece at the end of the sleeve
1983.057.001 Shirt blue and white checked cotton shirt; long sleeves; round neck without collar; 5 frogs made of same material; down front opening machine stitching; sleeves not pieced, cut from same material as front, sides, and back panel; appears never worn; masking tape marked "Dan Woo" removed; Dimensions: Length: 27.25" top to bottom Width: 22" at hem, 21.125" at armpits Sleeve Width: 9" at shoulder, 5.5" at sleeve hem not cuffed, but has 4.5" material piece at the end of the sleeve
1983.058.001 Jacket white cotton flannel jacket; fabric twill weave on one side and flannel on the other; long sleeves; 5 four-hole buttons down front with 1 button on each cuff; cloth flannel on inside and twill-like on outside; machine stitched; button holes hand done; appears never worn; masking tape marked "Dan Woo" removed; Dimensions: Length: 28" top to bottom, 17.5" sleeves with 1.5" cuff Width: 21" at armpit, 21" at hem Sleeve Width: 9" at shoulder, 5.5" at cuff
1983.059.001 Shirt Chinese baseball shirt; plain weave; short sleeved with right sleeve missing; white with blue pin stripes; 5 off-white four-hole buttons; machine stitched brand name inside collar "Thomas E. Wilson and Co." over large red "W"; made by The Western Sporting Goods Mfg. Co., Chicago, U.S.A.; 2 stitched holes under each arm; wool; cotton collar super-imposed, blue; purple/white soutashe braid circles sleeve; evidence of insect damage front and back Dimensions: Length: 29" top to bottom, 11" sleeve Width: 20" at armpit, 20" at hem, 7.5" sleeve at cuff
1983.060.001 Pants work pants made from recycled flour sacks; off-white color with brand name "Sperry's Mills Brand Bakers Extra" in Roman print; trade mark in blue and red inside on leg Dimensions: Length: 39.5" top to bottom Width: 10.75" leg at bottom hem, Other: 8" x 22.5" waist band
1983.061.001 Apron bib apron; dark blue denim; "denim" cotton twill weave; machine stitched; hemmed top and bottom; one tie string on each side; tie string at bib top for around neck masking tape marked "Dan Woo" removed; masking tape marked "10" removed
1983.062.001 Pants dark blue indigo cotton pants; hand stitches; double seamed; hemmed leg; new, unwashed
1983.063.001 Hat Hat with brim white cotton, heavily starched; attached cotton leno weave crown; red 1/2" label on the outside with the initials "L & R"; interior label 1" x 0.5" Angelica 7 St. Louis - New York - Chicago - Los Angeles
1983.064.001 Jacket
1983.065.001 Jacket shirt/jacket with long sleeves; machine stitched; front center closure with 5 black cotton sateen cord frogs and same for piped finish around neck band; navy/white woven stripe (1/16"); self-faced neck and front opening; side slits (5.5"); has not been washed masking tape marked "Dan Woo" removed
1983.066.001 Jacket
1983.067.001 Pants black on black weave, cotton, hand sewn. black cotton fabric, plain weave, white band top, hand stitched.
1983.068.001 Jacket black on black stripe, plain weave, machine stitched, 5 removable buttons with pictures on them (Sun Yat Sen) small size; cotton jacket; long sleeves; center front closure; round neck; square stand-up collar; 4 patch pockets; frog at neck; coarse black cloth facing neck and closure; self-faced sleeve hem and side slits; hanging loop at back neck
1983.069.001 Pants blue/white stripe; heavy cotton; twill weave; hand stitched; white waistband; rolled hem at leg bottom
1983.070.001 Pants Plain weave blue and white cotton; machine stitched; white waistband with selvage edge exposed; traditional Chinese work pants construction; 1" hem on each leg
1983.071.001 Pants long pants; plain weave off white cotton; machine stitched; initials "LW" stamped in black inside top of waistband; flat fell seams; traditional Chinese work pants construction; 3/4" hem on each leg
1983.072.001 Pants cotton pants; off-white with faded red and blue printing; waistband also off-white / similar color; recycled Sperry flour sacks; plain weave; machine stitched; some seams flat felled, others are regular seams with overstitching on the outside
1983.073.001 Pants beige cotton pants; stained on one leg and crotch; these pants are well loved; textured stripe woven into fabric; hand stitched; flat fell seams; waistband of coarse weave cotton
1983.074.001 Pants black on black woven design fabric; short pants; cotton pique weave; machine stitched; constructed of 2 pieces of fabric
1983.075.001 Pants long pants; bright blue waistband; worn spots in seat and side seams; navy blue plain weave fabric; machine stitched; flat fell seam; traditional Chinese construction; waistband of cotton
1983.076.001 Pants light blue long pants; plain weave cotton; machine stitched; flat fell seams; 3/4" hem each leg; worn and stained in spots; waistband is matching fabric with selvage edge exposed
1983.077.001 Pants large Chinese work pants; traditional work pants construction; inside waistband is stamped "WC" and maybe an "S"; waistband is of heavy cotton; plain weave blue cotton; hand stitched; plain weave off-white cotton band; flat fell seams; hem is rolled bias piping
1983.078.001 Pants Dark indigo cotton pants; matching waistband; coarse woven navy cotton; machine stitched; flat fell seams; traditional Chinese work pants construction; masking tape marked "Dan Woo" removed
1983.079.001 Pants plain woven grey (was white) with a twill weave blue stripe; hand stitched; off-white plain weave waistband; rolled hem; flat fell seams; very stiff with starch or mud; very dirty; heavy fabric
1983.080.001 Pants long pants; beige fine woven cotton; machine stitched; flat fell seams; traditional Chinese work pants construction; several rust stains
1983.081.001 Apron bib apron; twill weave cotton; machine sewn; ties of same material; all edges machine hemmed; small brown stains center front; inked "WC-1" on bottom hem; white
1983.082.001 Apron bib apron; plain weave; machine stitched; machine hemmed all edges; yoke top front; side corners with reinforced quarter circle; self ties; spots over most of apron; ties worn; inked "WC-2" on bottom hem; white
1983.083.011 Apron white bib apron; plain weave cotton; machine stitched; hand stitched patch center front/top; machine hemmed top and bottom; fabric salvage on sides; self ties; stained throughout; ink mark top right side; left waisted tie area torn; neck ties worn; ink "WC-3" bottom hem
1983.084.001 Apron white bib apron; plain weave cotton; machine hemmed top and bottom; self ties; square reinforcing at point of attachment; stains, bottom right and left; ink "WC-4" bottom hem
1983.085.001 Apron white bib apron; plain weave cotton; machine hemmed top and bottom; self fabric neck band, contoured around neck; 1/2" twill tape for side ties; union label in left waist hem; stamped left bottom corner #803 with 38 placed below; scorch spot lower center; ink "WC-5" bottom hem; Mottman Merc. Co. tag removed (Olympia, WA 38 BIB/MB/50)
1983.086.001 Apron off-white bib apron; twill weave cotton; machine hemmed top and bottom; 2" hem at top; neck ties of same material; side ties of 1" twill tape; does not appear to have been washed; ink mark "WC-6" bottom hem
1983.087.001 Apron navy blue heavy cotton bib apron; twill weave cotton (denim); machine hemmed, top and bottom; plain weave, white cotton tape, tri-fold for ties; salvages on apron side are white; ink mark "WC-7" bottom right
1983.088.001 Coat coat; black satin weave silk; rose-pink lining; satin stitch embroidery of flowers including chrysanthemums; 4 yellow frogs close center opening; mandarin collar
1983.089.001 Skirt Black, gauze-like weave, probably plant fiber; hand sewn.
1983.090.001 Skirt Hand sewn dark blue silk skirt with different dark blue underbodice sewn in; lined; black rolled piping on panels edges; 2 wide side and center panels; 2 narrower panels; various dark blue-shaded silk thread embroidery; flowers and bats in narrow panels, and flowers in larger center panels; label sewn in marked with "T" and red-inked insignia; black ribboned hem with light and dark blue, yellow, and white flowers. Dimensions: Length: 42.75", skirt = 33.25", bodice = 9.5" Width: at hem = 35", at armpits = 16.5", at bodice-skirt seam = 17.5"
1983.091.001 Embroidery identified in 1982 inventory as baby carrier?; large white silk medallion edged with white rabbit fur; 8 blue wavey ribbons with metal round pieces sewn on; embroidered with silk flowers and grasshoppers; hem banded with blue ribbon with embroidered flowers and metal rounds, turquoise piping with orange and white edging; center of circle is a circle band similar to hem with metallic couching of yin-yang emblem; three circles of white rabbit fur; sewn on white rib weave with dobby design; pink cloth sewn on as top band.
1983.092.001 Cuff white silk panel with embroidery seamed in center with each side a mirror reflection of the other; embroidered with trees, houses, flowers, birds, mountains; inner black border of butterflies surrounded by woven pale purple floral with narrow green and brown binding tape; backing of grey brocade badly stained. Sleeve bands - clothing remnant pieced together and framed with cloth. Stamped "Made in China" on back. id T+N 12/12/83
1983.093.001 Costume Jacket: Length: 26" neckline to hem Width: 49" sleeve tip to sleeve tip, 16.25" waist across front Other: 3.5" waist band, 1.25" rear collar pink silk with floral embroidery, gilt edging on sleeves and side closing; white lining; 8 frog closures. Skirt: Length: 34" waist band to hem Width: 16" waist diameter pink silk, floral embroidery, silver beaded trim, gilt border, white cotton lining and waist; hip pleats at waist.
1983.094.001 Vest black sleeveless vest with woven floral pattern; padded with blue cotton lining; 9 black frog closures; 2 half moon pockets
1983.095.001 Jacket black silk with woven rose pattern; dark blue silk lining; 10 black frog closures; 1 pocket
1983.096.001 Jacket black silk with grey silk half lining; brown stains on front and rear; 3 small grey round designs on back of jacket; probably all hand sewn.
1983.097.001 Costume Jacket: Length: 28" neckline to hem Width: 59" tip to tip of sleeves Other: 1.5" collar black smoked silk, woven pattern, 7 frog closures, 4 pockets, good condition. Labeled as 1983.97.1a. Trousers: Length: 40" waist to hem Width: 22.5" waist diameter Other: 7.25" off-white linen waist black smoked silk, woven pattern material matching jacket, good condition. Labeled as 1983.97.1b
1983.098.001 Coat Blue silk dragon robe in poor condition: silk lining and backing disintegrating, gold couching is falling off in many places. Hand sewn full length garment, front overlap closing to the right, loops for closing but the buttons or balls are missing, short sleeved with front and back vents. Covered with satin stitch in various motifs: green bats, blue and cream colored waves and clouds, and the bottom edge of robe and sleeve edged with water in satin stitch in blue, green, cream, and yellow/browns with the Buddhist eight precious things rising from the waves. 9 five-toed dragons, precious motifs ( i.e. vase, lotus, endless knot, canopy, wheel, and others), and imperial motifs (i.e. lotus, clouds, swastika, fire) couched in gold. Round neck opening; band is 1" tapestry weave, next a 1/4" gold braid, followed by a 2.25" border with a black background.
1983.099.001 Costume Jacket: Length: 29" Width: 57.5" sleeve hem to sleeve hem, 19" under sleeves, 23" at hem. Black smoked silk fabric that is a rich tan color on the inside; 2 large patch pockets in hip area with 2 small patch pockets above; pocket corners are reinforced; the sleeves are cut as one with body, with 5.75" piece added to each arm. 2.25" stand-up collar; 8" openings on each side reinforced at the top of each with a bar tack covered with button hole stitch; 5 ball knots that fasten into loops to act as closures. Labeled as 1983.99.1a. Trousers: Length: 39" total, 6.5" waistband Width: 23" waistband, 33.5" hips, 14" x 1.75" hem. Black smoked silk fabric that is a rich tan color on the back side; small geometric pattern woven; waistband is a coarser weave fabric, off-white in color. Labeled as 1983.99.1b.
1983.100.001 Dress Evening Dress and Acessories A: Pink fitted bodice dress, machine stitched satin damask. 19" metal back zipper, bodice lined in white fabric, .5" turned and machine stitched hem, appears to have had a 5" hem pinned in, 2 metal snaps with loops to hold bra straps. Dimensions: L: 59.5"; W: 18" diaphram, 43" at hem. B: Jacket: pale green satin damask with light pink 2.125" trim at neck & sleeves. Machine stitched, fully lined in white fabric with .75" white trim hand stitched to neck area. "Grace Gruger" machine embroidered in neck, black label with gold writing machine stitched to the inside back. Bow: L: 7.5" (2.25" bow); W: 5.5". Used to hold jacket closed. Eternal knot with 5 tassels in different colors. Dimensions: L: 14"; W: 51" sleeve tip to sleeve tip. C: Draw String Purse: Pink satin draw string bag lined in yellow & dark pink. Piping in piped in red, with red strings ending in double red tassels. Machine stitched, includes gold and silver brocade, red & pink hand embroidery in satin stitch, and gold couching. Dimensions: L: 8"; W: 8.5" D: Handkerchief: White cotton/poly blend or cotton with hard finish. Embroidered dark-haired female in a dark green dress and yellow jacket, playing the flute. Dimensions: 13.5" x 13.25".
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