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Wing Luke Museum
1999.055.029 Amplifier, audio Webster Electric Tape Recorder Amplifier Metal case amp with gold front plate. Center dials for recording level for two channels and options for volume. play/record, tone, 3.75 - 7.5, erasure and two audio jacks.
1999.055.031 Tape
1999.057.001 Doll Mandayan doll in plastic box A: The cloth female doll has black yarn hair, tan cloth face with embroidered eyes, nose and mouth. She has earrings, a beaded necklace, red blouse, with blue sleeves, embroidered. there is a yellow fringe around the base of the blouse and the upper sleeves. She is wearing a woven skirt made of abaca fibers. She has on straw sandals and has metal ankle bangles. In her right hand is attached a woven basket and a cardstock tag explaining the doll and her clothing. (See Subject field). Made in the Philippines. B: Clear plastic box with lid on top. Taped lid.
1999.057.002 Uniform Olive drab Green uniform A: Jacket, short olive drab green wool jacket with green satin lining. On the shoulders are blue and green sargent insignias. On the left below this is a blue and tan "hashmark" insignia with with 6 angled stripes. On th eleft above the sargent insignia is a diamond shaped patch with green embroidery of four leaves, one facing each direction. On the right sleeve below the sargent insignia is a green and gold rectangular patch with six horizontal stripes and then a square patch with gold embroidery in the shape of olive branches. On the front collars are two metal pins, one is U.S. Above the pocket are two medal insignias. B: Olive drab green wool slacks with button fly. L: 41".
1999.057.003 Uniform Army green dress jacket and pants with belt A: Jacket, long made of polyester wool blend with metal buttons, satin lining, On both arms are sargent insignias. On the upper right is a red and gold insignia in a shield design with a bull's head outline in gold. Lower on this sleeve is a horizontal "hashmark"patch in green and gold and below this a square patch with a gold olive branch pattern. On the upper left side is a square with a green on green design of four leaf motifs each facing a separate direction. Below the sargent insignia is a diagonal "hashmark" patch, with six gold lines. On the collars are gold pins. On the left is a round pin with two crossing rifles and on the right is a US insignia. B: Pants, L: 41.5", green polyester wool blend. C: Belt, black woven cotton with plain gold buckle. D. Cap: green
1999.057.004 Uniform Olive drab green uniform with pants and cap. A: Wool Jacket, short waist with plastic buttons, hidden holes and snaps on bottom of jacket. On the collars are round gold pins, the left one has a medical insignia on it and the right one a US insignia. Above the left pocket are two medal bars. On each sleeve is a green and blue sargent patch, Below this on each side is a unique "hashmark" patch with six stripes. Below this on the right is a square with a gold olive leaf motif. A patch has been removed from the upper right sleeve. On the upper left sleeve is a square green on green patch with four leaf motifs each facing a different direction. B: Wool pants, Olive drab, L: 41". C: Cap, olive drab wool, L: 11" with red and gold piping. D: Army green cotton work pants with button fly and some repair work.
1999.057.005 Uniform Cotton shirt and pants A: Khaki cotton denim starched long sleeved shirt with brown plastic buttons, and blue and green sargent patches on each sleeve. there is a medal bar above the left pocket and a green on green patch on upper left shoulder with four leaf motif each facing a different direction. B: Army green cotton denim pants. L: 38", with button down back pockets, zipper fly.
1999.057.006 Raincoat Synthetic Rubber coated Raincoat Olive drab green long overcoat has a synthetic material lining coated with synthetic rubber. a label on the inside left lapel says: "Archer Rubber Co., October 17, 1956" Material degradation forced disposal
1999.057.007 Overcoat Army green overcoat with liner Long cotton polester blend overcoat with plastic buttons, and a cotton cloth and felt liner buttoned in. Interior green satin lining. The back of collar has been repaired.
1999.057.008 Jacket Pullover Jacket Lace neck pullover green cotton jacket with hood with USN stamped in black on upper left shoulder.
1999.057.009 Hat Military dress uniform hat Round flat army green wool top, held up in the front. Around the base is a lattice woven band. A short black leather brim with decorative strap held by two gold army buttons. A round US insignia pin is on the front. Interior lined with plastic and shaped with plastic frame.
1999.057.010 Boots Pair of black army boots Hightop laced black leather boots.
1999.057.011 Box, Ammunition Rectangular metal ammunition box Army green metal box with hinged lid held down by folding clamp. Rectangular metal folding handle on top. The box has been painted yellow.
1999.057.012 shovel 1 - military infantry shovel Short wooden handle with metal blade. Blade folds down. Is secured open with a piece of duct tape. Rusted.
1999.059 Shoes 1 - pair of embroidered platform shoes. Slipper shapped uppers with light blue silk embroidered with pink, blue, brown flowers and stems. the toe is covered with a white silk embroidered with white, pink and blue flowers with brown stems and a blue double happiness character at the point of the toe. The interoir is covered with cotton and the bottom has a dark blue cotton layer sewed on. Printed on the inside is a flower, and two shang (up) symbols with circles on the left. The bottoms are covered with layers of paper which taper towards the bottom. The entire sole is 1.5" high. The very bottom is covered by a layer of leather.
1999.060.001 Mirror, hand Rectangular glass mirror with silver backing in a metal frame wth allegator skin pattern painted black. The mirror has a metal stand to hold it up.
1999.060.002 Envelope Pack of 17 unused Chinese envelopes. Each is white with a red stripe across them. Tied by a strip of paper.
1999.060.003 Stamp 4 US two cent stamps with portrait of George Washington.
1999.060.004 Bell A brass bell with four round holes on the upper part and patterns on the lower part. there is a hanger on the top and on the bottom is"No. 2"
1999.060.005 Stem, pipe Pipe stem. A plastic opaque material mouthpiece on a wooden stem with a 14 carrot gold band. in a wood case with metal hinges and covered with dark brown leather which is falling off.
1999.060.006 Tie Clip A gold colored metal tie clip with wavy patterns along the center.
1999.060.007 Clock, Alarm Metal Alarm Clock Silver colored round metal body with a white painted face with black numbers. Knobs on top and back.
1999.060.008 Cup, Collapsible Aluminum tourist cup. Telescope. These cups are amde in sections which close into each other.
1999.060.009 Comb Light brown arched wooden hair comb.
1999.060.010 Thread Spool of thread. Wooden spool with ivory colored thread. J & P Coats Brand, 500 Yds.
1999.060.011 Sinker .. Rt Weight, Net Sinker Oblong oval shapd lead object. There is a hole running through the length if it towards the edge. On one end is a copper loop.
1999.060.012 Case, Eyeglasses Eyeglasses and case. A: Glasses - gold metal frames with round lenses. The stems curve at the ends. B: Case - dark brown fabric covered metal case. The interior is dirty green felt. C: Card - In the case was a card - "Puget Sound Tug & Barge Co., Presented by Geo. R. Carey"
1999.060.013 Knife Table knife. Blunt nosed metal knife with dark brown wood handle.
1999.060.014 Knife Metal table knife Knife and handle cast as one piece. Significant damage - and corrosion.
1999.060.015 Shoehorn Metal shoehorn with patches of rust colored corrosion.
1999.060.016 Fork Four pronged silver colored metal fork.
1999.060.017 Lock Door Lock and two keys Rectangular brass lock with holes in each corner to attach to a door. The Maker is: "Eagle Lock Co., Terryville Conn USA."
1999.060.018 Lock Door lock and two keys Rectangular brass lock with corner holes to attach to a door. Made by: Eagle Lock, Co., Terryville Conn., USA
1999.060.019 Shoe Laces One pair black cloth shoelaces. 27" in original paper wrapper.
1999.060.020 Case, Cigarette Cigarette Holder Silver metal rectangular box to hold a pack of cigarettes with a flip top lid. The metal is decorated on each surface with textured lines. On the bottom is: " JEMCO Hold a Pak, The J.E. Mergott Co., Newark, NJ."
1999.060.021 Wrench, Allen L- shaped hexagonal sided wrench.
1999.060.022 lever Heavily corroded metal tool similar to a screw driver shaft.
1999.060.023 Sheath Leather and metal sheath for a tool. On one side of the leather is "Pacific Coast B.S. Co. 1306 1st Ave. Seattle, Wash."
1999.060.024 Hanger Black painted metal doubled hooked hanger that screws into the wall.
1999.060.025 Pipe This tobacco pipe has a curved, amber colored mouth piece that is attached to a light wooden bowl by a gold colored metal clamp. on the metal center piece is a metallic fish shape attached.
1999.060.026 Holder, Cigarette A straight long cigarette holder which tapers towards the mouth piece. The stem is amber colored platic or resin and the bowl is wood.
1999.060.027 Thimble Metal sewing thimble. It is covered with small divets there is a plain ring and a decorative ring.
1999.060.028 pliers silver metal pliers The ends are two parallel cone shapes. Engraved on the side is: W. SCHOLLHORN, PAT. APR. 2 1907 - JUNE 17 - 1913, BERNARD, in the outline of a dog.
1999.060.029 Watch, Pocket Metal pocket watch holder
1999.060.030 Pliers Pair of pliers They have a flattened nose with a grip.
1999.060.031 Purse, Change Dark brown leather purse with gold colored metal clasp. The leather exterior has two seams running vertically on either end of the purse. The interior is a deep leather red leather that is divided into two sections by a piece of leather supported by a metal frame. The metal on the exterior is heavily corroded.
1999.060.032 Hook Brass metal hook attached to a metal base and ring.
1999.060.033 Bottle Silver metal bottle shaped container The container neck is threaded for the lid. The opening is blocked to aloow only small amount to exit. It has a red textured paper label that wraps around it. It reads: "Marvel Pocket Oiler"
1999.060.034 Case, Cigarette Dark blue leather cigarette case. In two parts - one fits inside the other. Embossed on the front is the Presidential Seal.
1999.060.035 Atomizer Clear glass bottle with metal nozzel and rubber bulb. Inscribed on the bulb is: "OBLO No. 2 The Devilbiss Mfc. Co. Toledo, Ohio, USA"
1999.060.036 Knife, Pocket Small pocket knife with two blades in wooden case.
1999.060.037 Beater Silver colored metal egg beater. Made of a handle of twisted wire and mesh inside a frame. Sears Catalogue # 16481 in 1897 edition.
1999.060.038 Pully Dark brown metal pully held by a frame with a hanging loop.
1999.060.039 Pully Silver metallic pully held by a frame with a movable loop.
1999.060.040 Wallet Light brown leather folding wallet. Interior had one side pouch and one coin purse. Inside of the wallet was a document for the Heng Men Society see: 1999.060.0
1999.060.041 Iron, Soldering two straps of lead tri-folded. Use unknow possibly soldering.
1999.060.042 Soap Three toiletry soaps wrapped in golden colored satin. The fabric is bunched together and tied with green cord. The soap is Armour brand and boquet scented.
1999.060.043 Pan, Cake Shallow square metal pan wrapped in brown paper It appears to have a removable bottom.
1999.060.044 envelope Seattle National Bank envelope
1999.060.045 Garter A pair of men's garters. Blue and white elastic pieces joined together with three separate clips.
1999.060.046 shirt Ivory colored men's shirt decorated with horizontal stripes
1999.060.047 Bag Dark blue cotton bag with thread pull cord.
1999.060.048 Shirt White men's shirt with blue and brown vertical stripes. It is still attached to cardboard holder. The tag on the inside says: "THE HALLMARK HH & G"
1999.060.049 Shirt White men's shirt with two styles of brown vertical stripes Still with original cardboard backing. Made by "The Hallmark HH & G"
1999.060.050 Shirt White men's shirt with dark blue vertical stripes. The shirt is heavily starched and stained.
1999.060.051 Shirt White men's shirt with black/brown vertical stripes. The shirt has a collar and four opalescent buttons on the front. Manufacurer's name is: N.B. Standard
1999.060.052 Bag Ivory colored canvas bag with faded blue writing on one side. Near the top edge handwritten in ink is: "371" and the printing may read: " EVERDW WHEATEN"
1999.060.053 Shirt Light brown colored men's shirt. there are six opalescent buttons on the front. It is folded as if new. There is considerable fading on one side.
1999.060.054 Shirt Light brown men's shirt with high collar. Collar is fastened with a small piece of wood (?). Folded and pinned as if new. Tag reads: Melbro brand, registered, imported English Broadcloth. Size 16 1/2 3"
1999.060.055 Shirt White men's shirt made of silk and cotton. Only the front piece is silk. The label says: "Summit"
1999.060.056 Shirt White men's shirt with dark vertical stripes. Four buttons on the front. Tag reads: "Green Hood"
1999.060.057 Shirt White men's dress pull over shirt with light blue vertical stripes. Four front buttons.
1999.060.058 Shirt White men's dress shirt with blue vertical lines wrapped in original packaging (?) There are five buttons on the front. The tag reads: "Trade Manhatten Mark"
1999.060.059 Shirt A blue silk Chinese style men's shirt. It opens in the front and closes by overlapping and fastening with frogs. The shirt is well worn and has a patched section.
1999.060.060 Buckle Brass colored metal object function unknown. 'M' shaped with with knobs at the end of the M peaks.
1999.060.061 Clip, Tie Appears to be two teeth joined together at the ends.
1999.060.062 Altar Six piece pewter altar set in wooden crate. The center pieces is on four legs and is used to burn incense. There are two free standing incense burners and two free standing candle holders.
1999.060.064 Wallet Wallet and contents A: Dark purple colored cardboard and paper double folding wallet. One side has an elastic loop. B: Cloth Receipt/Talisman White cloth with black and red Chinese characters and seals. Receipt for donation to the Chee Kung Tong in Seattle; 1909; Chee Kung Tong is a Hong Men triad. "This receipt proves that we have received a donation of ten big Yuan from Mr. Li Yaolin of Ning County." C: Envelope of the Pacific Coast Dry Goods Co. to Hop tark Chong Co., Bangkok, Siam D: Business Card - J. Iriki Photo Studio, 309 Maynard. St.
1999.060.065 Collage Framed color print of a red rose with green leaves Tan background. The image is surrounded by a dark blue border and there is sglass/plastic piece covering the image attached by mounting tape. On the back is: American Medallion Co., 440 Arcade building Seattle,"
1999.060.066 Print Framed color print of a child wearing a blue jumper with a cup attached to his head. Printed on it is: "Ah Go On, Youse Make me Tired"
1999.060.067 Collage Framed color print of a red carnation. Surrounded by a light green border. In a glass frame.
1999.060.082 Frame Light brown wood frame that could accomodate a 9 x 6.75 photo.
1999.060.083 Hairbrush Black wooden handled hairbrush with stiff bristles.
1999.060.084 Thread Wooden spool with 100 yards of linen black thread. On each end of the spool there is a paper label with manufactures name.
1999.060.085 Hairbrush Wooden brush that has an oval bristle area.
1999.060.086 Razor metal straight edge razor on a black plastic handle in a leather case.
1999.060.087 Purse, Change Light brown leather coin purse with yellow trim. closed by a metal clasp.
1999.060.088 Vial Small clear glass vial capped with a cork. with a red label. Inside a green and blue box.
1999.060.1001 Blanket Gray blanket with blue stripes.
1999.060.1003 Keys Set of keys in leather key pouch second set on string.
1999.060.1005 Drill Hand drill consisting of spindle with hand leaver attached by twin strings to spindle. drill would spin back and forth as leaver raised up and down.
1999.060.1006 button Four cards of white four hole ceramic or glass buttons from Czechoslovakia.
1999.060.1007 Fan Brown paper folding fan.
1999.060.1008 Can Laundry water can.
1999.060.1009 Deck, Card 2 - boxes of Bee club special playing cards. One red and one blue, Red one never used. Tax seal on each box.
1999.060.1010 Brush, writing 9 - Chinese calligraphy brushes.
1999.060.1011 File metal file.
1999.060.1012 Wallet Leather tri fold wallet with lashing along edges.
1999.060.1013 Thread 3 - spools of sewing thread.
1999.060.1014 Set, Flatware Spoons, forks and knives from the King Fur cafe.
1999.060.1015 Bowl, sugar White ceramic sugar bowl and 6 lids.
1999.060.1016 Drum Round double sided Chinese drum.
1999.060.1017 Blanket Large wool blanket
1999.060.1018 Overalls Tan pair of Dave's Big Five overalls.
1999.060.1019 Shirt Farwest white button front men's shirt.
1999.060.1020 Pants Pair of white with pink stripes cotton Chinese style pants.
1999.060.1021 Drawers Pair of long underware pants.
1999.060.1022 Undershirt 4 - white cotton union suit style undershirts. A: Royal Court brand B: Chinese Blue Star brand C: Heavy duty cloth D: Heavy duty cloth
1999.060.1023 Suit, Union Yellowed Lewis brand union suit.
1999.060.1024 slipper 4- pair cotton slippers or socks.
1999.060.1025 Pillowcase White pillowcase. Embroidered in red: Commercial Hotel
1999.060.1026 Socks Pair of brown nicker socks
1999.060.1027 Collar white and purple stripped cotton shirt collar.
1999.060.1028 Bag White cavas cotton bag.
1999.060.1100 Radio Radio and turntable Wooden cabinet with opening top.
1999.060.222 pants trousers/ ku tzu cream colored band with black continuing down on band in dark brown stain spots, also stained along edge silk material
1999.060.223 Undershirt white underwear in original package made by Endorsed appears to be sleeveless matching colored buttons
1999.060.224 tunic black tunic with four front pockets long sleeves with high collar silk material geometric patterns within material
1999.060.225 tunic black silk tunic iwth stiff high collar and long sleeves brown colored buttons four front pockets geometric pattern in material
1999.060.226 pants White cotton upper band with slight tear in middle black silk pant legs (wide)
1999.060.227 Handkerchief three handkerchief (A-C) A: white silk handkerchief with eleborate stitching inside edges with four thin blue lines running along B-C: identical as A
1999.060.228 tunic tunic white with blue thin stripes/long sleeve high collar four front pockets stains all over tunic
1999.060.229 Necktie silk tie made by Art-Bilt (Ravat) multi colored-green, white, red, blue, striped with snakelike lines running through parts
1999.060.230 pants trousers/ ku tzu cotton cream colored trousers with wide upper band and wide pant legs stain spots on both pant legs
1999.060.231 undershirt cream long sleeve undershirt with fitted endings among sleeves three buttons down front of shirt, red camel label sewed inside lower right front #28 on left front-chinese markings and camel in blue ink
1999.060.232 pants trousers, ku tzu \cotton white upper band-wide cream silk pant legs-wide
1999.060.233 shirt, dress men's long sleeve button down dress shirt stiff folded collar white plastic buttons made by the New Yorker left upper pocket stitched geometric design(pattern within shirt) *was previously pinned and folded-possibly due to prior non-wear
1999.060.234 pants black leg with white upper band ku tzu trousers small geometric pattern on legs wide pant legs
1999.060.235 undershirt white undershirt-long sleeve three buttons down-plastic button hole side stitched pattern bottom right-green stamp with chinese writing bottom left-green stamp with #32 with more chinese writing
1999.060.236 shirt, dress cream color long sleeve no collar dress shirt dirt marks on front five button down front (white plastic) stitched flowers all over shirt wide band at end of sleeves silk material inside left collar #134 imprinted
1999.060.237 shirt sleeveless shirt with mid collar two top small pockets two bottom larger pockets stained throughout cotton material
1999.060.238 tunic sleeveless shirt mid length collar six plastic buttons down two upper small pockets two lower larger pockets grey vertical stripes silk material
1999.060.239 tunic cream long sleeve tunic button down-all buttons missing two upper small pockets two lower larger pockets mid lenght collar-slightly darker in color silk material
1999.060.240 shirt, dress longsleeve dresshirt low stiff collar five plastic buttons down front silk material cream color stitched flowers throughout shirt folded wrist sleeves
1999.060.241 Shirt, Dress long sleeve cream dress shirt low collar rust stains on end of sleeves dirt throughout front six plastic buttons down front in collar "Genuine Braodcloth" lower left imprint of: 8D1562 M 440 28 14 34 cotton material
1999.060.242 pillowcase cream pillowcase side one: possible blood stains dirt towards opening tears in middle section side two: only tear towards middle
1999.060.243 Apron apron cream color grey stitching along side egdes three strings for tying on
1999.060.244 Pants trousers/ku tzu cream color blue thin stripes-vertical wide plain upper band one side major stains throughout
1999.060.245 Hat cream hat--possible baker hat inside bamboo shaping top stitching fro tears, also one large red stain bottom wide band and folded edges
1999.060.246 sandal one pair sandals with no backs brown leather nails around heel edge #18 in both shoes low flat heels
1999.060.248 fan two identical chinese fans both closed paper top(brown) wood handles of fan: flower design
1999.060.250 knife, butcher two covered knives by brown paper and tied together with pink string wooden handles paper: green pictures and writing
1999.060.275 Charm brown-circular-square hole in middle chinese symbols on both sides worn down on one side
1999.060.276 lantern lantern metal thin handle "tear drop" glass shape in middle metal circular base circular top with ventilation holes
1999.060.277 teacup small glass teacups green with brown rough edges 61 in total-all identical
1999.060.279 undershirt undershirt-short sleeve and white stained throughout all areas reinforced stitching along collar very thin and worn looking
1999.060.280 sock one pair of cotton dress socks brown in color iwth reinforced stitching along edge of opening
1999.060.281 undershirt three quarter sleeve undershirt stained at back of neck along with holes in fabric three plastic buttons down front tear on right mid section
1999.060.282 undershirt three quarter sleeve undershirt three plastic buton down front holes along back nece area button area inside-red labeled stitching chinese writing and pictures of bicycle possible maker is Bicycle Brand
1999.060.283 shirt, dress dress shirt courderouy long sleeve brown two front pockets with brown buttons four brown buttons down front of shirt hole in rigth armpit patching in left armpit tag in neck area "Bali" Hendan Sportswear with palm tree picture stained along collar and back of shirt
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