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Wing Luke Museum
1997.052.024 Watercolor Watercolor painted on silk and mounted on paper. Depicted is the Emperor Shen Tzong (r. ), according to intern, Tzu-an Chang. The watercolor is painted on a yellowed silk. An outlining technique is used to create a simple line drawing showing the emperor's face and shoulders (a bust portrait). Black outline is used for the hat and clothing. Gray/brown outline is used for the face. A horizontal brown line divides the painting roughly into two equal halves. This line may possibly represent the back of a chair, a wall molding, or the top of a wall. The emperor wears a simple brown hat, and a yellow robe with green collar and belt. A bit of white collar from an undergarment is also visible. The emperor has white eybrows, moustache, and thin beard. Two lines of calligraphy are in the upper left corner. Two chops are stamped in red in the lower right corner. The painting is bordered with an approximately one-inch wide strip of dark blue damask fabric on each side and is entirely backed with an off white paper. A thin brown paper border trims the outermost edge of each side and appears in a wider border on the back of the painting (adhered to the paper backing). Folds in the paper have led to some wrinkling of the fabric on the front of the painting. It would appear that eventual cracking of the paper is inevitable, possibly leading to tears in the fabric.
1997.052.025 Painting Two paintings on paperboard trimmed with cut and painted foil. A: Perhaps a theatrical scene, depicting a visitor and his entourage entering from the right toward a group (court figures and a man with painted face) occupying an interior/exterior scene at the center and the left. The painting style is somewhat crude but includes intricate detailing. The pigment may be watercolor or tempera and is painted on white paper. The central image is surrounded by an immediate border of painted white paper which has been cut to display some openwork. Painted along this border are images of fruits and flowers and a bat (?). Behind this white paper, a layer of red paper is visible through the open work. At the top center of this border a sticker with red ink on white ground has been adhered. It is in the form of an upside down butterfly. The exterior border is an intricate gold foil, cut and painted in a similar fashion to the white paper border. Painted alon the border are images of birds, butterflies, cats, lotus, peach, citron, fan, bell and other fruits and flowers. Many of the symbols appear to have Buddhist connotations. Behind some of the painted images a piece of silver metal (or very thick foil) has been inserted so that it will show through the open work in the gold foil layer on the top. Some of the open work is in the form of Chinese characters. Red paper is visible through the openwork where there is not silver middle layer. A layer of off white paper serves as a backing for the piece. The paint is severely flaking from the painted foil sections. Two pieces of yellowed tape are visible on the back to repair tears. B: Is quite similar to (A) and was certainly painted by the same hand(s). The borders are virtually identical but the central scene differs. Depicted is a group interior scene with two figures whose faces are painted in the manner of warriors of the Chinese opera. This painting has experienced less paint loss than (A). On the back there is a long piece of yellowed tape along the central vertical axis.
1997.052.026 Coin A - O: Set of 14 coins attached to a cardboard with thread.
1997.052.027 Coins Six coins: three silver colored coins of three sizes, each bearing the same two characters on both front and back; two aluminum colored coins; one bronze colored coin. A, B, C: Three silver-colored coins with two characters, printed in raised lettering, one above the other, both appearing on both sides of the coins. Diameters: 1.5"; 1.25";.875" E, F: Two aluminum colored coins, each with the same two characters, printed in raised lettering, one above the other, appearing on one side of the coin, and different characters indicating monetary denomination on the other. The smaller of the two contains the character mao (or jiao) which is the character meaning one-tenth of the basic Chinese monetary unit, the kuai (or yuan). Diameters: 1.5"; 1" D: One bronze colored coin with The same two characters shared by one side of coins E and F on one side and the characters for "5 jiao" on the other. Diameter: 1.25"
1997.052.028 Brush, Calligraphy Three wood ink brushes, two with caps A: Bamboo brush with hair tip. L: 6.875"; Diam:.25". Shaft of bamboo is mottled on the surface and has a rectangular section near the top of the brush handle which appears to be an area from which a sticker was removed. The brush hairs are stained black. B: Bamboo brush cap. L:2.875"; Diam: .375". Hollow, cylindrical brush cap. Bamboo pulp has been cored out of interior of shaft so that one end is completely hollow and the other has some remaining pulp to decrease the diameter of the opening. C: Bamboo brush with hair tip.Identical to A except there is a smudge of black ink near the brush tip. D: Metal brush cap. L: 3". Bonze colored metal cap which narrows to a rounded, pointed, closed tip. E: Bamboo brush with plastic tip. L: 6.125"; Diam: .25". Shaft of bamboo is mottled on the surface with dark brown spots on light brown, possibly varnished, background; may be an artificial stain. The white plastic tip is molded in the shape of swirled brush hairs, and is stained with black ink.
1997.052.029 Figurines Set of clay and wire figures, with metal litter for bride. From China or Korea. The figures are not well articulated. The dress may be Chinese or Korean. The colors associated with the bride and the bride's hat indicate possible Korean affiliation. The hats, white with red also seem to indicate Korean attribution. A-P: Painted clay and wire figures carrying glass lantern globes and two painted clay and wire lamp (?) posts. The eight figures are hand formed from a brown clay. Each figure is penetrated by a long, thin wire which serves as a hanger for the glass globe lantern the figure carries in the front and a stand which allows the figure to remain upright in a standing position in the back. Each figure wears a hat painted red and white, the faces are painted pink with black lines for eyebrows and eyes, a green tunic covers the hands and is accented with a red sash and a dot motif consisting of a red center and white "petals", the legs are painted yellow and the feet, black. Each figure has areas of peeling paint and some cracking in the clay, especially at the top of the legs. Figure --- has a broken and detached leg; figure --- has a broken globe. Two lamp posts consist of a clay base painted white, with a long wire painted red projecting vertically and ending in a bronze colored knob with a tan square top. Q-Z: Figures similar to those above, carrying various musical instruments. Q,R have gold painted horns. S has a wire stick. T,V have gold painted bells. U has a gold painted gong. W-Z have drums with painted white top and gold sides; a banner with green, red, and white crane is attached to the front of each drum. AA: Painted metal litter (palanquin) with eight attendants wearing blue shirts and yellow pants. The litter has a detachable roof with decorative wire and metal bead attachments. The litter is painted red with a green border and blue, pink, white, and green floral designs. Suspended from the roof are clay tassles painted pink, light blue, dark blue, red, green, and yellow. AB: Clay pot painted black with white stand. AC: Bride with bright pink dress and small black hat. AD, AE: Ceramic buildings painted red, mustard yello, and grey. AD-AH: Ceramic wall corners painted in the same color scheme as the buildings. AI, AJ, AL: Ceramic, flat wall pieces painted in the same color scheme as the buildings. AK: Grey clay wall corner.
1997.052.030 Earrings Pair of Philippine Taboli beaded earrings, previously a part of the museum store inventory. Long, multi-strand earrings with price tag attached, "$12.00 MK". Each earring is attached at the top to a small metal ring. The earrings have a small loop at the top, a black thread decorated with six red beads on --- and eight beads on ---. A 3D lozenge is attached below this loop and consists of a four sided diamond with a white center, red middle border and black outer border. Below the lozenge eight long strands of beads alternating black and white beats at top and bottom and red center culminate in small loops of six red beads at the bottom.
1997.052.031 Token Aluminum coin with central hole printed with raised letters on one side, "Tax Commission State of Washington Tax Token" and on the reverse, "Tax on Purchase 10 Cents or Less Ch. 180 Laws 1935". The coin is trimmed on both sides with a border consisted of a row of raised dots. The center hold is trimmed in a similar fashion. A horizontal raised line extends across the coin at the center, broken where the center hole is located. The coin is bent and there are traces of a white substance on one side.
1997.052.032 Bookmark (?) Flat, silver metal stick with characters for "double happiness" in a roundel at one end and blue, brown, and white braids and tassles at the other. The metal is shaped like a thin twig near the top and bottom, and flattens out and widens toward the center. Engraved on the flat center portion is a design of flowers and leaves. At one end the stick culminates in a ring through which embroidery threads are tied. At the other end the stick culminates in a round design with open work in which the characters for double happiness are centered. On the back is printed "China". No information about the source or function of this object could be found. Although it's use as a bookmarker is plausible, the object's function remains unknown.
1997.052.033 Brush Small metal handled brush with black and dark brown brush hairs. The shaft of the brush is a solid, yellowish silver metal rod which narrows to a sharp point at the top. The brush hairs are inserted into a metal band, above which are three incised decorative bands. Many of the brush hairs have been broken or lost.
1997.052.034 Weaving Tool (?) Metal tool with hook end and wood handle. The tool has a straight, flat narrow strip of metal which curves slightly at the end and has a knotch toward the tip. The knotch seems likely to have been used for lifting threads in a weaving or sewing capacity. The wood handle is painted black and the "blade" is inserted into the wood core with is trimmed with a silver metal band. The blade is rusty.
1997.052.035 Doll Hina doll, female component of Imperial Couple Girl's Day dolls; male counterpart is not included. A: Seated doll with Heian-style five layers garment; orange, white and gold brocade outer garment and red and white under garment. In her hands the empress doll holds a wood fan B: Hands and face are gofun.
1997.052.036 Hat Flat, semicircular paper hat. Paperboard with a textured surface painted black and trimmed with white ribbon. Inside is lined with pink paper. Attatched is a long dark purple cord with tassles. Probably a hat for a court doll for Girl's Day display.
1997.052.037 Hat Tiny cloth hat for court doll. The hat is tall and shaped like a flattened thimble. One side of the hat is a dark blue brocade. The other is an of white brocade. Along the center seam is a cross stiching of pink thread. Probably for a Girl's Day display doll. May be "Eboshi", a hat worn under a helmet.
1997.052.038 Sword Doll accessory in the form of "daisho", a pairing of one long sword (tachi), one short sword (wakizashi), both with sheaths, and a display rack. The two swords are virtually identical, apart from their length. The swords are displayed on a wood rack painted black with gold flecking. Overall measurements: H: 5", W: 12.5", D: 2.5" A: Tachi blade [see Mar/Apr 1991 Arts of Asia, pp.134-141, "Appreciating the Japanese Sword"]. Long, sharp, silver blade with gold metal tsuba and white plastic handle. The handle is wrapped with a flat, red ribbon. The tip and base of the handle are decorated with a gold colored band. At the center on each side of the handle is a gold colored wand, underneath the ribbon wrapping. At the tip of the handle is an orange cord and tassle. The tsuba is decorated with four stamped hearts, one at each corner on both the upper and lower sides. L: 9.5" B: Tachi style mounting (scabbard) for above blade. The scabbard is suspended by two attached straps of white cording, here tied into a bow shaped knot. The scabbard is made of wood and painted black. It is decorated with gold colored bands. L: 8.5" C: Wakizashi blade, short sword companion to tachi. It is identical in form and decoration to (A) but without any cording or tassles tied to the tip of the handle. L: 7.75" D: Wakizashi scabbard for above blade. The scabbard is very similar to (B) but with an orange cord tie attached. E-H are the four wood parts that assemble to create a display rack for the two blades A-D. L: 6.25" E: Wood base for display rack. Rectangular block with two slots in the top side into which fit the side supports. The wood is painting black with gold paint drizzled across for surface decoration. H: .5"; W: 4.75"; D: 2.5" F: Truncated mountain-shaped flat piece of wood which serves as a crossbar for the two side supports below. Painted in the same fashion as (E). H: 3.75" G: Side support with two knotches into which one end of each of the swords rests for horizontal display. Painted as E and F. H: 1" H: Same as above.
1997.052.039 Lute Doll accessory in the form of a shamisen. Probably belongs to a Girl's Day doll. The shamisen is made primarily of black plastic. It has a black plastic neck and tuning rods and the body, although covered, is also of the same plastic. Three strings are made from a clear plastic monofilament. The body is covered with a black and white plastic sheet made to resemble snake skin. Around the edge of the body is tied a pice of machine brocaded fabric with purple trim and gold colored cord.
1997.053 Books Set of books and journals formerly owned by Wing Luke A: H: 8.375", W: 5.5", "Equality of Opportunity in Housing: A Hand book of the Facts. June, 1952 National Community Relations Advisory Council" Paper back book with brick red cover with dark brown cross check pattern. Black lettering on title. Written in pen on inside of front cover: "Please return to Rex Jones 3012 Odeode Bldg." 66pp. B: H: 8.375", W: 5.375", "Racial Integration in the Church: For American Baptist Adults, Youth and Children's Workers" Compiled by Bernice Cofer. Paperback pamphlet with rust red colored cover with illustration of church in pieces coming down to settle into a whole church. Published by the Department of Christian Friendliness, American Baptist Home Mission Societies 1957. 64pp. C: H: 7.625", W: 5.375", "A Roman Catholic President?" by Charles R. Andrews. Christian Concern Series. Council on Christian Social Progress, American Baptist Convention. Dark blue paperback pamphlet with light blue title lettering. There is a modern cross symbol in the right hand corner. 21pp. D: H: 9", W: 6", "A Case Book on Christian Responsibility for Freedom" by Harold C. Letts, ed. The Department of Religious Liberty, The National Council of Churches, 475 Riverside Dr., New York 27, N.Y. 1960. Rust red paper cover with minimalist Christ figure with outstretched arms, flames above right and unlocked shackles lower left. Title is in black along the bottom. In the upper right hand corner written in pen is: "Wing Luke." E: H: 9", W: 6", "Notre Dame Lawyer, A Quarterly Review: Is There a Civil Right to Housing Accommodations?" by Thomas B. McNeill, Reprinted from Vol. 33, Notre Dame Lawyer, Page 463 May 1958. Light green cover paper with black print. Circular emblem with shield, cross and Latin phrase in middle. Written in pencil on left of cover : "Seattle (Luke)", stamped on right in black "Received Jul 7, 1958 Attorney General's Office Olympia." 23pp. F: H: 9", W: 6", "the Metro Enabling Act" Chapter 213, Laws of 1957 State of Washington. Including a summary of the steps leading to the passage of the Enabling Act and the formation and Organization of the Metro and tracing its development into its Construction phase. Blue faux leather paper cover with black print. Crossing lines from frame of cover. Inside is gummed page showing charter amendments passed on March 13, 1962. 24pp. G: H: 8.375", W: 5.5", "The Economy Under Law" by W.H. Ferry. Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Santa Barbara, CA. 1960 72pp. Olive green paper with white print, Publisher printed vertically on left side on a black 1" band. On top of band is white patch with black stripes and black stars. H: H: 9.25", W: 6.25", "The Annals of the American Academy of Political Science." Teen age culture. November 1961. Orange paper cover with black print. Academy logo in center: circle with name around it, eagle in the center. In the upper left hand corner is written in pencil "Wing Luke." 210pp. I: H: 9.25", W: 6.25", "The Annals of the American Academy of Political Science." Crime and the American penal system. January 1962. Orange paper cover with black print. Academy logo in center: circle with name around it, eagle in the center. In the upper left hand corner is written in pencil "Wing Luke." 250pp. J: H: 8", W: 5.75", D: .75", "The Man on the Flying Trapeze" by James Thurber. Blue Ribbon Books Reprint Edition, Garden City 1946. Brown hardcover book with red cover illustration and lettering. Dust jacket is yellow with red lettering and black illustration of man and woman on a trapeze. 226pp. K: H: 8.25", W: 5.875", D: .75". "Color and Conscience : The Irrepressible Conflict", by Buell G. Gallagher. Harper and Brothers, publishers, New York and London 1946. Black cotton cloth hard bound book with gold lettering, red dust jacket with white lettering, yellowbands. Back of jacket list other books of the Negro in America Life Series. 244pp. L: H: 8", W: 5.375", D: 5", "Goals for Americans: the report on the Presidents Commission on the National Goals and chapters Submitted for the Consideration of the Commission." The American Assembly, Columbia University 1960. Paperback cover is red, white and blue with red and blue lettering, gold eagle outline. Inside written in ink: To Wing Luke compliments of Cecil Bullock, Nov. 21, 1961" M: H: 8.25", W: 5.625", D: 1.25", "An Introduction to Modern Philosophy in Six Philosophical Problems" by Alburey Castell, Macmillian Co, New York, 1947, 1943. Sea blue cloth bound book with a brown paper cover jacket from University book store. On jacket, written in green ink is: "Wing Luke, 914 James Street," Stamped inside of cover is: Wing Luke, 914 James St. Seattle, WN." 562pp. N: H: 8.75", W: 5.875", D: 1.125", " If Men Want Peace: the Mandates of World Order", By members of the Faculty of the University of Washington, eds. Joseph B. Harrison, Linden A. Mander, Nathanel H. Engle, Macmillian Co. New York, 1946. 292pp. Green cloth bound book with white lettering on spine. Dust jacket is green with white lettering. It is torn on bottom with piece missing. O: H: 8.75", W: 5.25", D: .875", "Equality by Statute: Legal Controls over Group Discrimination" by Morroe Burger, New York, Columbia University press, 1952. 238pp. Blue bound cloth covered book with gold lettering on spine, embossed Columbia logo on front right bottom corner. Inside is stamped" Washington State Board Against Discrimination in Employment, 905 Dexter Ave. Seattle, 9, Washington" P: H: 8.25", W: 5.875", D: .875", "No Postponement: U.S. moral leadership and the Problem of Racial Minorities" by John LaFarge, S.J. Longmans, Green and Co., New York - Toronto 1950 246pp. Tan - gray cloth bound hard cover book with brown lettering on spine. No dust jacket, stamped on inside of front cover is: "Seattle Urban League, 421 East Pine Street, Seattle 22, Wash." Q: H: 9.25", W: 6.25", D: 1.375", "Elements of Public Administration," Fritz Morstein Marx, ed. New York Prentice Hall Inc. 1947. Blue cloth bound hard cover book with gold band across front and gold lettering on the left. Gold lettering and band on spine. On inside front cover is stamped twice: "Wing Luke, 914 James St. Seattle, WN." Top stamp is smeared. 627pp. R: H: 9.25", W: 6.375", D: 1.175", "Foundations of Modern World Society", by Linden A. Mander, Stanford University Press, Stanford, 1941, 1947. 928pp. Blue cloth bound hard covered book with light and dark blue illustration of earth and stars on center front. Title is dark blue. Title in light blue on spine, Stanford logo on bottom of spine. Stamped on inside front page: "Wing Luke, 914 James St. Seattle, WN." S: H: 9.375", W: 6.25", D: .875", "The Elements of Statistics", by Elmer B. mode, New York, Prentice Hall, 1941, 1947, 378pp. Maroon cloth covered hard bound book with taped on brown paper University Book store jacket. On jacket written in ink is: "Wing Luke, 914 James." T: (In Archives) H: 8.5", W: 5.5" Men's Fellowship Program Heavy paper program has a cover with a color picture of Jesus preaching to his desciples which covers two - thirds of the front, and the bottom third is pink with a quote from Proverb 28:20 "A Faithful man shall abound with blessings" Wing Luke gave presentation on housing discrimination at the men's fellowship program at Panther Lake Community church. This was found in Wing Luke's book " Color and Conscience" by Buell Gallagher U: ( In Archives), Political Science Exam 8.5" X 11" white paper with black ink mimeograph lettering found in a political science book, "Elements of Public Administration" owned by Wing Luke. The exam is for Political Science 155 Final Exam December 17, 1948.
1997.055.001 Hat Men's Straw Hat Made of finely graded straw strips sewn by machine, natural straw color. Rounded crown has been shaped on top to create a depression which dips in front and back. Medium sized straight brim. On the outside is pleated beige colored band which crosses over on one side near the front. Interior has grey leather sweat band with imprint "Genuine Lorento Milan". At the back is sticker with # 7, and a smalll ribbbon bow. The crown is supported inside with woven mesch and has a strip of silk cloth sewn to front and back. Printed in black "Weatherized, "Misses the Mist", Black and White hat shop, Fred K. Nickols, Seattle.
1997.055.002 Hat Men's Grey Felt Hat Trilby Style with grey felt with molded rim edges, round crown is blocked with depression in the top and at either side of the front. Wide black grosgrain ribbon tied around the crown with flat bow on left hand side. Round leather sweat band sewn to grey leather lining. sweat band imprinted in gold, "Prager's, Seattle" logo of man wearing top hat, on left side, on rigtht side, Dunlap New York, Trademark Registered" with border and logo. On the front "Comfit, Pat. 2632175, Other pats. Pend." On the back Impressed in brown "Custom edge". At the back edge is a white silk bow with brown cardboard tag - "Size 7" in black. the inside is lined with cream colored white satin and top is covered with clear fabric, a gold stamp has a circular design with crown on top and the words, "Dunlap New York, Trademark Registered, 15".
1997.055.003 Socks One pair (a,b) plus one (c) single black knee socks a, b, c: Cotton knit joined at the ankle, stamped on the foot in white "? Brand, Made in USA". Sized for women or children.
1997.055.004 Socks Pair of ochre colored cotton knit Socks a & b: Socks with cuff 4.5: Deep. Number 8 printed on one toe.
1997.055.005 Cuff Protectors Three woven straw conical shaped cuff protectors A: H: 5.125", W: 4.75", D: 3.5", Natural colored flattened reeds are woven into a cylinder shape wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Twill weave is set diagonally so that the straw is compressed. The outside edge of the narrowed end has three part braid which gives it added strength, and the wider end has a single braid reinforcement on the inside. B: H: 5", W: 5", D: 3.75"Natural colored flattened reeds are woven into a cylinder shape wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Twill weave is set diagonally so that the straw is compressed. The outside edge of the narrowed end has three part braid which gives it added strength, and the wider end has a single braid reinforcement on the outside. looser weave. Dark stains on one side. C: H: 5.5", W: 5.25", D: 4.25", Natural colored flattened reeds are woven into a cylinder shape wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Twill weave is set diagonally so that the straw is compressed. The outside edge of the narrowed end has three part braid which gives it added strength, and the wider end has a single braid reinforcement on the outside.
1997.055.006 Jacket Women's Chinese style jacket Silk gauze with black exterior and brown interior. Gauze pattern has miniature cloud shapes. Sewn by hand with light colored thread. Front overlaps left over right, with added extension, cloth loops and brass ball buttons, the hem is shaped to dip in back and front extending from the side which have slits. Center back seam, no collar. long sleeves cut as part of the body with an extesion from the elbow which narrows at the wrists. There are facings at the neck, wrists, side slits and center front. A patch pocket is sewn to the front on the left. The jacket is worn in places and one loop is frayed.
1997.055.007 Handkerchief Cream colored silk handkerchief Handkerchief with hemmed border. In one corner is embroidered motif in cream colored silk thread. Stylized floral design with cut work diamonds.
1997.055.008 Padded Sock Padded Boot Style Sock Sock made of plain woven white cotton in two layers with fleece padding. The exterior cover is pieced so that the top extends from above the heel to mid calf length. The heel and area beneath the toes is reinforced with cotton. The exterior is dirty. May have been worn inside boots?
1997.055.009 Shoes Three Pairs of Leather Backless Pumps Black leather uppers with rounded toe, extends along sides and ends just befor the heel. Sewn to thick layered sole, and semi - circular heel, .75" high. Heels have nails in bottom to protect from wear. A: Yellowish tan leather insole and lining. Tied with string. B: Reddish brown insole and yellowish tan lining. Tied with string. C: Reddish brown insole and yellowish tan lining. ii: smaller grided head nails in heel and Chinese character for 2.
1997.055.010 Slippers Two pairs of blue cloth slippers in paper wrapper. A: One pair of slippers with indigo dyed cotton uppers lined with unbleached muslin. Upper edges are bound with black cotton bias tape and the seam extending over the toe is embroidered with purple line ending in pink rectangle. the back has a blue line indigo cotton tab stitched to the upper edge. the soles are layered paper covered with green cotton around the edges and a leather bottom sole is stitched in rows to the paper layers and to the uppers. Stamped in red on the inside of both slippers are three joined circles. The shoes are stitched together at the sides. B: One pair of slippers with indigo dyed cotton uppers lined with unbleached muslin. Upper edges are bound with black cotton bias tape and the seam extending over the toe is embroidered with purple line ending in turquoise blue rectangle. the back has a blue line indigo cotton tab stitched to the upper edge. the soles are layered paper covered with green cotton around the edges and a leather bottom sole is stitched in rows to the paper layers and to the uppers. Stamped in red on the inside of both slippers are three joined circles. The shoes are stitched together at the sides. C: Paper wrapper with rows of Chinese characters in fuschia, with black calligraphy over the top and to one side. It was wrapped around the slippers and tied with string.
1997.055.011 Slippers Two pairs of blue cloth slippers in paper wrapper. A: One pair of slippers with indigo dyed cotton uppers lined with unbleached muslin. Upper edges are bound with black cotton bias tape and the seam extending over the toe is embroidered with purple line ending in turquoise blue rectangle. the back has a blue line indigo cotton tab stitched to the upper edge. the soles are layered paper covered with green cotton around the edges and a leather bottom sole is stitched in rows to the paper layers and to the uppers. Stamped in red on the inside of both slippers are three joined circles. The shoes are stitched together at the sides. B: One pair of slippers with indigo dyed cotton uppers lined with unbleached muslin. Upper edges are bound with black cotton bias tape and the seam extending over the toe is embroidered with turquoise blue line ending in turquoise blue rectangle. the back has a blue line indigo cotton tab stitched to the upper edge. the soles are layered paper covered with green cotton around the edges and a leather bottom sole is stitched in rows to the paper layers and to the uppers. Stamped in red on the inside of both slippers are three joined circles. The shoes are stitched together at the sides. C: Paper wrapper with rows of Chinese characters in fuschia, with black calligraphy over the top and to one side. It was wrapped around the slippers and tied with string.
1997.055.012 Overshoes Four pairs of black plastic Overshoes Black plastic rain shoes which are put on over your street shoes. Made of black plastic coated cloth with parallel line design impressed along the side and down the toe of the shoe. Two raised plastic ridges along the center toe. Moulded sole crosshatch texture on toe and heel for traction. Smooth middle sole has impression of crescent moon with star, inside the moon is "Crescent" and below this "New York, USA". On either side of the moon is "11 IN." Pairs B, C, D, tied together with cotton string. Pairs C & D do not have the crescent moon logo stamped on them.
1997.055.013 Bulb, Light 11 Incandescent Light bulbs A: L: 8", Dia: 3.5", Large lightbulb with bulbous end which has a frosted white tip. Threaded Brass socket end. Inside is long glass tube with attached metal filaments. On the top is stamped "Highgrade 125 Volts, 200 Watts". Stored in tall cardboardbox printed in blue and red, "Hygrade Lamp Co. Salem, Mass.", torn top flaps; box has corregated cardboard liner. ON DISPLAY B: L: 7.75", Dia: 3.5", Large clear glass bulb with threaded brass socket end. Inside is glass tube with metal filaments. Printed in white on top of the bulb is G E logo "General Electric, 125Volts, 200watts". C: L: 10.25", Dia: 4.5", Large handblown bulb with metallic charcoal appearence. Top of the glass has sharp glass knob where it was cut from the glassblower's pipe. Socket end has threaded brass cup holder with small hole in it just above threaded end; engraved on one side "PATENTS, NOV. 8, 1904, NOV. 22, 1904". Inside is long glass tube with red ball inside the bottom. "1648 195 S1 + ", metal fillaments are attached to the tube. D: L: 5", Dia: 2.5", Medium clear glass bulb, made in Japan, with threaded brass socket end, stamped "Japan". Inside glass tube attached to fine metal filaments. Printed on the glass is diamond shape "real light" 60 Watts, 20 Volts, inside diamond INT, bulb has brown discolorations. E: L: 5", Dia: 2.375", Medium clear glass bulb with ridges running horizontally towards the top. Top has stamped black circle"100 Watt, Luxor, 125 - 130 Shockproof". Threaded brass socket end, glass tube attached to filaments. F: L: 3.5", Dia: 2", Small round glass bulb with stamp with G E logo "General Electric, 20 W, 130 V" White paint residue on bulb, threaded brass socket end, bottle shaped tube inside bulb attached to metal filaments. G: L : 3.25" , Dia: 1.75", Small blue glass bulb, G E logo, "Mazda, 10 W, 120 V." Threaded brass socket end. H - K: L: 4", Dia: 1.625", Small elongated dark red glass bulbs, with threaded brass socket ends.
1997.055.014 Lamp Wicks Five packages of cotton lamp wicks. A: H: 2", L: 6.375", W: 2.5", One bundle of 12 white cotton lamp wicks woven in a tube and flattened. tied in a bundle with two cotton strings, under strings is paper tag with stamped number 38. B: H: 2", L; 6.5", W: 2.5" , Blue paper package containing 12 white cotton lamp wicks. Package is torn at one end, other end has white label with red illustration of arm holding bow and blue printing, " One Dozen, No. 2, Rochester Lamp Wick, Manufactured by Fletcher M'F'G Co. Providence R.I. USA.".In pencil written "5 Cents each". C: H: 2", L; 6.5", W: 2.5" , Blue paper package containing 12 white cotton lamp wicks. Package is torn off at one end, other end has white label with red illustration of arm holding bow and blue printing, " One Dozen, No. 2, Rochester Lamp Wick, Manufactured by Fletcher M'F'G Co. Providence R.I. USA.".In pencil written "5 Cents each". D: H: 1.25", L; 6.5", W: 2.5" , Blue paper package containing 7 white cotton lamp wicks. Package is torn at one end, other end has white label with red illustration of arm holding bow and blue printing, " One Dozen, No. 2, Rochester Lamp Wick, Manufactured by Fletcher M'F'G Co. Providence R.I. USA.".In pencil written "5 Cents each". E: H: 3", L: 8.25", W: 4.25", Brown paper package, (disintegrating) with Chinese characters. Contains 10 coarsley woven white lamp wicks in shape of flattened tubes. Package tied with red cotton string.
1997.055.015 Lamp Chimney Clear Glass lamp Chimney Has tubular shaped bottom, bulbous middle narrowing into neck, then widening into fluted top. Some flutes are broken.
1997.055.016 Wood Frame Rectangular Wood Frame of Unknown Fuction Rounded edges, mitered corners, In the center of open rectangle is fixed cross - bar, next to this is similar cross - bar inserted into two long slots. Next to the bar is flatter, longer wood bar (B) 8.875", is inserted in the slots, but can be removed. Two long triangular shaped wood bars (C & D), were separate from the frame and could possibly be inserted into the slots.
1997.055.017 Sieve Metal Sieve Ring shaped light weight metal sides, wider at the top, curved rim, flange runs around the bottom where it is soldiered to ring shaped stand. Fine wire mesch is attached to bottom of flange. A wire ring is inserted into a soldiered metal tab on one side of the sieve. Brown cotton string is tied to the ring. The metal is bent, corroded and rusted in places and mesch has a hole.
1997.055.018 Sieve Wooden Sieve Ring shaped straight sides, made of long grained wood which is bent into a ring and the ends tied together with bamboo strips. The bottom is fine cloth mesch, fastened to the sides and held in place by bamboo ring recessed into bottom of sieve. On the cloth is printed in red Chinese characters (manufacturers name and address) and the sieves appears to be reddish brown as if used for cinnamon. On the side written in black in Chinese (eight flavors).
1997.055.019 Strainer
1997.055.020 Scoop Light weight metal scoop Used for dry bulk foods. Scoop is shaped with soldiered pieces creating bowl shaped bottom extending into a tounge shaped edge. Moon shaped top curves in slightly, handle is made in cylinder shape with cap on the end. It is dented and rusting.
1997.055.021 Spatulas Two identical heavy metal spatulas used in large wok. Flat spatula with one straight edge, sides and back ahve been curved up slightly and the metal the back has been bent up and formed into a cylindrical handle. Metal is black and corroding in places.
1997.055.022 Spatula Heavy metal spatula used in wok Flat spatula with curved leading edge and slight lip around sides and back, Long round hollow handle flairs out near the end. On the top of the spatula "CHINA". The metal is blackened on bottom and burnished on top.
1997.055.023 Ladle Long handle Spoon Heavy metal with gold color finish, faded on the handle. The bowl of the spoon is oval shaped, handle curves up from the bowl and flattens out near the end which is rounded and has a hole for hanging. The ladle is pitted and tarnished.
1997.055.024 Tongs Metal tongs Two three tined forks at one end are twisted and have flat bent extensions which attach to double handle, The handles have U - shaped channels and are joined to the forks with rivets. Tongs are tarnished and corroded shut.
1997.055.025 Tongs Iron tongs for picking up charcoal Two Y- shaped ends are twisted into flat handles which cross in the middle, are held by a rivet and are then twisted and formed into two loop shaped handles. On the side of both tongs are stamped "Diamond Briquettes" with a diamond shape outline between the two words.
1997.055.026 Grappling Hook Metal and wood grappling hook Large metal hook flattened near the top comes to a point near the other end. Top is riveted into wooden bar shaped handle. Handle is dark brown and hook is blackened.
1997.055.027 Metal Cage Cast Iron Domed shaped Cage Top has criss - cross design which extends down the sides of oval shaped openings. The dome top sits on a flat circular base that has a cross and concentric circles with open spaces between. The base is connected to the top with a heavy U - shaped wire which runs over the top and sits on two curved flanges. The base has scallop shaped design and signs of the original black enamel are evident. It is corroded shut.
1997.055.028 Pestle Wood and brass pestle Cylindrical shaped handle which is narrower at the top. Heavy brass knob at other end is corroded in spots.
1997.055.029 Tea pot in Basket Ceramic Teapot without lid in straw padded basket without lid. A: Ceramic teapot, H; 6", Dia: 5.5", tall straight sides flat shoulders leading to upright rim. Two flanges with double holes on top of shoulders for attached handle. curving spout which comes to a point. White glaze on interior and exterior which has a pattern of blue flowers on two sides are large light blue peony surrounded by rows of dark blue five petaled flowers. Handle flanges and end of the spout have blue outlines. On the bottom is a blue stamp. Cracks on one side and bottom of teapot and remains of tea leaves on the inside. The handle is two wires which are bent through the holes in the ceramic flanges. B: Padded Basket: H: 8.5", Dia: 9.625", wide strips of bamboo are doubled and form a plain weave square on the bottom. These stakes extend up the sides and are woven with narrow strips of bamboo. Upper edge has twined border and wrapped rim. Inside of the basket has been padded with straw creating a depression in the shape of the tea pot. The straw is held in place with fabric which is sewn to the basket. The cavity is lined with black cotton fabric and the top has a pink and blue floral design on a white background.
1997.055.030 Thermometers Two metal themometers from the Merz Sheet metal Co. A: L: 11.75", W: 3.25", glass thermometer with lead mercury attached with two copper ties through holes in metal backing, rectangular shaped back is moulded with two semi - circular flanges with holes for hanging. On the front printed in black are the degrees for celsius and farenheit. PAinted red on the back. At the top "Merz Sheet Metal Works, Phone ELL. 207 - Reliable work Our Aim - 208 Jackson St., Seattle, WA." B: H: 9.75", W: 3.5", glass thermometer with lead mercury attached with two copper ties through holes in metal backing, key - hole shaped back is moulded with two semi - circular flanges with holes for hanging. On the front printed in black are the degrees for celsius and farenheit. At the top " We Invite and Appreciate Your Business Merz Sheet Metal Works, Phone ELLIOT 0242 - Reliable work Our Aim - 208 Jackson St., Seattle, WA. " and at the bottom ", If Its Made of Sheet Metal We Make It".
1997.055.031 Bell Hand held bell with carved wood handle painted black Metal bell with narrow shouldrs flairs out towards bottom. Clapper in shape of ball with loop is attached to inside of the bell by a figure 8 shaped wire. Four strands of yellow cotton string tied to top of handle. Bell and clapper are rusty. Possibly used by retail customer to call for service.
1997.055.032 Ink Stand Cast metal ink stand with black finish. Base is square with opening in the middle and the top has moulded decoration. In the corners are scrolls and flur- de-lis. In the middle of each side is cloud shape, on the inside of the rectangle are four tabs that extend towards the middle to hold an ink bottle. There are four legs on the bottom. Extending up each side is open work frame curlicues. One on the right is broken. A cross bar decorated with open work is attached to two side frames. In front of the cross bar a round lid is suspended by a metal bar to the side frames and has a curlicue on each side. The lid would flip up to sit on top of the ink bottle. On the bottom in raised lettereing "TATUM'S POSTAL INK STAND". Metal is rusting in spots.
1997.055.033 Razor Strop and Whetstone Razor Strop and Whetstone A: Razor Strop: L: 26.625", W: 2.5", strap consists of two strips of leather held together with semi - circular metal holder. One strop is smooth on one side and has a diamond shape pattern impressed into the other side. Impressed into the front are : "Double Duty Russian Shell" at the top, "Finished ready for use, price 4 00 " with impressed oval with numbers "425" at the bottom. The second strop has diamond pattern on both sides. Impressed into the leather at the top are: "Duplex Self - Honing Leather Canvas" on top of a double pointed arrow. The metal holder has a raised design of leaves and a semi - circular row of dots. It holds the two straps together with a rivet and screw head. the top curves into a loop shape with a hole through which an eyelet extends up to a metal clip used for hanging. Several cut marks on straps. B: Whetstone: L: 5.25", W: 2", D: .5", Rectangular piece of reddish brown stone with rectangular depression at one end. Inside is raised lettering, : "Franz Wsaty Wahringbeiwien, Austria". There are a couple of chips and some white residue which may have been due to moisture.
1997.055.034 Pair of Spats Pair of Beige colored Spats to be worn around ankles. Made of felted woven wool machine sewn with seams and edges covered in leather. The back has a seam which curves in above the heel and the front seam curves in above the instep. the front extends out over the shoe. On one side are four buttons with matching button holes. At the bottom of the row of button holes a metal buckle is attached. On the opposing side a leather strap which narrows at one end and has four holes was used to fasten the spat under the shoe. On the inside woven in yellow into the button reinforcement are the words "Bond Street Spats". Printed on the inside in black are the numbers: " 7 71 176". The felt on the spats have been eaten by insects in spots.
1997.055.035 Chopsticks Four paper packages of black wooden chop sticks A: L: 10", W: 4", D: 2.25", manilla colored wrapping paper has Chinese characters in black ink running vertically on top of package. Stamped in red ink in two places: "China" and in two other places: "Made in China". Package is tied with a reed cord. it contains a large number of plain wooden chop sticks that are square shaped on top half and rounded on bottom half. They are stained black. Package is open and torn at one end and there is evidence of old insect activity. B: L; 10.5", W: 5", D: 3", Paper package wrapped in two layers, outer layer is light weight hand made paper with red printed stamp on top, a fruit design and Chinese characters surrounded by a frame with Buddhist symbols. One end has three characters stamped in red and some characters written in black marker. The inner layer is yellowed paper which has been recycled from calligraphy sheets and has red lines and black characters. Brown jute string is tied around the package which has been torn open at one end. Inside are bundles of black stained wood chopsticks tied with red cotton cord. There is some evidence of old insect activity. C: L: 10.5, W: 5.25", D: 3", Paper package wrapped in two layers, outer layer is light weight hand made paper with red printed stamp on top, a fruit design and Chinese characters surrounded by a frame with Buddhist symbols. One end has three characters stamped in red and some characters written in black marker. The inner layer is yellowed paper which has been recycled from calligraphy sheets and has red lines and black characters. Brown jute string is tied around the package which has been torn open at two ends. Inside are black stained wood chopsticks tied with red cotton cord. There is some evidence of old insect activity. D: L: 12", W: 5", D: 1.25", Manilla colored Paper package has stamped Chinese characters in pink on the top and imposed on top of these characters are stamped green character in the middle and "Made in China" stamped inside green border. On the right is a column of black Chinese characters. An inner wrapping of recycled book pages with figure of a woman and Chinese characters. Package is tied with red and natural twisted jute cord. Chopsticks are black stained wood and are bundled with red cotton cord.
1997.055.036 Bottles of Ink Two bottles of fountain pen ink and one bottle of drawing ink. A: H: 8.25:. W: 3.25", D: 2", Hour glass shape clear glass bottle, sides have vertical grooves and exend upward into rounded shoulders. Narrow neck has a blue painted metal bottle cap which is rusting around the edges. On the front of the bottle is square gold colored label with black printing "Golden's Aniline Fountain Pen Ink, Does not thicken, No sediment, Non - Corrosive - - The Golden Ink Co. San Francisco, Los Angeles" Bottle is about half full. B: H: 8.5", W: 2.5", D: 2.5", Tall clear glass bottle with rounded shoulders and long neck and moulded into the front " Contents 16 Fl. oz.". Metal bottle cap is painted gold and is corroding. Square gold colored label with black printing in the front: Golden's Aniline Fountain Pen Ink, No sediment, Will not thicken, Non - Corrosive - - The Golden Ink Company San Francisco" Bottle is full. C: H: 3.75", Dia: 1.25", Short round clear glass bottle with rounded shoulders narrow neck. Moulded into the glass is raised printing: "1 oz." and on the bottom: " F. Weber Co. Phila". White label glued around circumfrence has black printing: "Weber Waterproof Drawing Ink Black, Made in Philadelphia, USA, By F. Weber Co. Inc., 1 oz." Inserted in the neck is black plastic stopper which extends into cone shape and has a brush extending inside the bottle. The black ink has hardened into a ball. the bottle is stored in a white box with black printing: "Weber Waterproof Drawing Ink". Above the symbol of a sphynx and the initial W, "est. 1854"
1997.055.037 Box of Chalk Cardboard box containing 18 sticks of white chalk. The box is red with yellowish borders and printing, "No. 318 White Chalk Crayon, 18 sticks" above a triangle with printing, "Uniform Value Assured ", "UVA" inside the triangle, "Trademark beneath" above trademark. At the bottom "Made in USA by Binney & Smith Co., New York". More printing on back.
1997.055.038 Die Cup Cylindrical Shaped Die Cup with straight sides covered with brown leather and stiched around the rim.
1997.055.039 Game Pieces Game Pieces A - E: Five wooden disks H: .5", Dia: 1", slightly bulging sides grooved ring around top and bottom, red engraved Chinese characters on each side. Four identical characters. F - G: Wooden disks, H: .375", Dia: .875", slightly bulging sides grooved ring around top and bottom, red engraved Chinese characters on each side. G has same character as a - d. H: Ivory stick, L: 3", W: .375", Oblong piece of ivory has rounded corners and is thicker in middle than on edges. On both sides on each end a dot has been engraved and painted red. I - K: Ivory Sticks, L: 2.625", W: .25", Oblong pieces of ivory have rounded corners and in the middle on both sides are four engraved dots three painted black and one painted red. L: Plastic Cube, L: 1.25", W: .875", D: .375", rectangular cube has straight grain, resembling ivory, and on one side are two flower shapes one outlined in black, with red and green center and one outlined in green with red and black center. There is a chip at one edge on bottom.
1997.055.040 Pair of Dice Package of two dice A - B: Pair of dice made of translucent red plastic with white ink dots. Each .625" square. C: Gold paper wrapping, printed in black " Portland Card Co. Club Supplies, C A. 2400 Portland 4 Oregon". the package held together by small rubber bands.
1997.055.041 Rubber Stamps Four rubber Stamps with wooden handles A: Rubber stamp of "SEATTLE" handle has rounded end, narrow middle, dark brown glaze. Round sticker on one side in white and red has initials" P C "with "Seattle" in center surrouded by red band "Pacific Coast Stampworks". On one side are Chinese characters written in black. B: Rubber stamp of "PRESIDENT JACKSON" handle has rounded end, narrow middle, dark brown glaze. Round sticker on one side in white and red has initials" P C "with "Seattle" in center surrouded by red band "Pacific Coast Stampworks". On one side are Chinese characters written in black. C: Rubber stamp of "PRESIDENT LINCOLN" handle has rounded end that is flattened on one side with "President Lincoln" written, narrow middle, dark brown glaze. Round sticker on one side in white and red has initials" P C " in red middle surrouded by black band "Pacific Coast Stampworks". On one side are Chinese characters written in black. D: Rubber stamp of "PRESIDENT CLEVELAND" handle has rounded end that is flattened on one side with "President Cleveland " written, narrow middle, dark brown glaze. Round sticker on one side in white and red has initials" P C " in red middle surrouded by black band "Pacific Coast Stampworks". On one side are Chinese characters written in black.
1997.055.042 Brushes Four Brushes A: Shaving Brush, L: 5.25", Dia: 1.25", painted brown wooden handle, flat end rounded sides, narrowing in middle. Blond colored animal bristles. Attached to handle and held by threaded metal cuff. B: Brush, L: 4.75", W: 1", black lacquered wooden handle, rounded end, narrow in middle, blond colored animal bristles, held by metal cuff that is flattened at the bristle end. C: Brush, L: 6.5", W: .5", resembling toothbrush, flat bone handle which narrows near the end and at the middle. Short blond colored animal bristles are embedded at one flat end. they have black discoloration as if used for shoe polish. the handle is mottled black and yellow. Imressed into the handle: " Norfolk" ,engraved shield shape has word "registered" beneath. D: Brush, L: 5.625", W: .5", white flat bone handle with rounded corners. on the back are three slots which acommodate the short black bristles inserted into the other side.
1997.055.043 Metal Cones Seven brass metal cones hollow inside. Function unknown?
1997.055.044 Template Rectangular shaped metal template with nine cutouts including five eye shapes, one ovoid, one circle, two eyebrow shapes. Engraved near the top is name "Keuffel & Esser Co. New York". Worn in places.
1997.055.045 Pen Nibs Four metal pen nibs for straight pens A & B: L: 1.375", W: .25" Silver colored metal curving down on the sides coming to a split point on one end which extends from rectangular hole in top of the nib. engraved along the top "R. Esterbrook & Co's, Natural slant, 761". Some Corrosion. C: L; 1.75", W: .375", Silver colored metal nib cuved sides narrowing to middle, flairs out and comes to a split point which extends from oval shaped hole. Engraved on top " R. Esterbrook & Co's Flyer, 531". D: L: 1.625", W: .375", Brass colored metal nib curved sides and rounded end, nib portion is wider and moulded on top of the sides, ends in split point, extends from oval hole. engraved on the top "Gopher Falcon, No. 100"
1997.055.046 Metal Cone Metal Cone Cone made by wrapping around a hollow center with soldiered seam and long shaped hole in middle. Wide open end has brass ring soldiered to it. The point has been bent and metal slightly corroded.
1997.055.047 Calipers Caliper possibly for drafting Metal top of tool has two blades which come to point at tip. These can be adjusted with a screw attached to one side of the blade. Blades are attached to metal rod with vertical ridges. There are some letters engraved below the ridges "Germany" and "Schcfnner". Black plastic handle screws into metal top. It has a knob shape at the very end.
1997.055.048 Tool Metal tool. Tool is shoehorn shaped handle curving up at one end with central ridge running down towards middle. At the narrower middle metal is twisted and ends in a blunted point that has been bent to form a slight hook. Appears to be brass near the heel and there is a black patina over rest of tool.
1997.055.049 Can Opener Can Opener Tool with long wooden handle stained reddish brown, metal cap at one end has two slots. Through one is stationary triangular shaped blade. Through the other slot is a retractable metal flat shaft which ends in sharp c - shaped projection. Possibly used for opening cans?
1997.055.050 Wrench Metal Wrench Wrench is wide at one end which comes to a point, narrowing down to other end which ends in shallow hook. the flat tool is pierced with four hexagon shapes graduated in size. There are two square holes of varying size near the hook end. Metal is roughly cast.
1997.055.051 Rice Cake Press Two piece carved wooden press Bottom is hollow bell shape and has a ringed extension near the top which has a hole in it. Through the hole a cylindrical handle extends down to a round wooden stamp that is engraved with a scheaf of wheat or some type of plant bundle. At the other end of the handle is a knob, there are traces of red dye on the side of the press.
1997.055.052 Tea Spoons Metal Spoons Two metal teaspoons with shaped handles that have a knob near the bowl endof the spoon, a narrow middle, which widens near the end of the handle. the tip is rounded and has a raised scallop design. A: Metal spoon is coated with shinny metallic finish. Has raised lettering: "Made in USA". Above the number "900 WRW". B: Finish has come off the spoon which is corroding, raised lettering on back: "Made in USA".
1997.055.053 Salt Shaker Ceramic Salt Shaker in shape of Native American girl Figure has head turned to one side, eyes are closed, pink face and red lips, black hair white and black feather headdress with yellow band, blue jacket, yellow pants, brown shoes, two holes in back of head and cork plug in bottom. Possibly part of salt and pepper set. Pepper shaker and base missing.
1997.055.054 Room Numbers 16 Aluminum Room Numbers for doors rented by Quong Tuck Co. Numbers are shaped so they are raised in the middle with serifs at the top and bottom of the curved lines. Each number has holes to attach the number to the door with a nail. A - B: H: 2", W: 1.25", two number 1 with two holes. C - D: H: 2", W: 1.25", two number 2 with four holes E - F: H: 3.125", W: 2", two number 2 with four holes. G: H: 3", W: 2", one number 3 with four holes H - J: H: 3", W: 2", three number 5 with three holes. K -M: H: 3", W: 1.875", three number 7 with three holes. N: H: 3", W: 2", one number 9 with three holes. O - P: H: 3", W: 2", two number 0 with four holes.
1997.055.055 Keys Variety of metal keys with card tags printed with "From Quong Tuck Co." A: Two identical flat keys, L: 1.5" W: .75", round head, wire and cotton string through the holes in the top of the keys and are attached to tag which has black markings on back, old staples and two embossed seals with "Seattle, Wash." on bottom. B: One key, 2.25" X .875", flat with trefoil head with three holes, engraved with words "Corbin Cabinet Lock Co. - New Britain, Conn. USA", on the other side "G T 6". the key is tied with dirty cotton string to remains of paper tag. C: One key, L: 1.5", W: .875", flat with pear shaped top and diamond shaped hole, dark brown jute cord ties the key to a card tag with a metal gramet surrounded by faded red reinforcing ring with "Tough" stamped on it. On one side are black ink Chinese characters (Column on the left "Key", Column on the right "upstairs room key"). D: One key, L: 2.25", W: 1.125", molded key with oval shaped head and ring shape at the top. design of two dragons on either side of name" Russwin" on other side "8 2 3 6 2 5 " attached by wire to Quong Tuck tag, has black ink Chinese characters on one side, " Give to a person", 'return key to owner'?. E: One key, L: 2", W: .875", Molded black key with round head and hole in top. Dark brown cord and wire attach key to tag. Penciled Chinese characters on one side, "Room Key". Oval shaped holes have been punched near one edge of the tag. F: One key, L: 2.125", W: .875", Molded key with printing: "Yale & Towne Mfg. Co. Stamford Conn. U.S.A." and in the center with frame is "Yale". on the other side is also "Yale". Attached to card stock tag made by Dennisons with letter K stamped on reinforcing ring. Chinese characters written in ink on both sides of the tag, "Youth Association". G: Three keys, L: 1.625", W: .75", molded keys with oval shaped head, gourd shaped hole, round stalk with single flange, attached with cotton string to card tag made by Dennisons with letter G printed on reinforcing ring. Black ink Chinese characters written on one side, "double bamboo basket key". H: One key, L; 1.75", W: .875", flat key with round head, cresent shaped hole, engraved on one side "Corbin" within oval frame, on the other side "K 05" engraved. Attached with brown cord to Dennison tag. Black ink Chinese characters on one side, "stable key". I: One key, L: 2.125", W: 1", molded key with round head and hole, " Yale & Towne Mfg. Co. Stamford, Conn. U.S.A.", embossed around outside edge. "Yale" embossed on both sides in frame. Embossed on stem "security". Attached with hemp cord to Dennison tag. On one side is written" Pittsburg WN" on the other side are black ink Chinese characters. J: Two keys, L: 1.375", W: .75", head has rounded four lobed shape with hole in center. Flange on stem is bent on both keys, cotton string and wire attach keys to Quong Tuck tag. On the back side written in pencil are Chinese characters and "Ng Wah ?" K: Three keys, i: L: 1.875", W: .975",flat key with trefoil edge and three holes. Engraved on side is "1" and then "Natl. Cash Register Co. Dayton, Ohio"; ii, L: 2", W: .75", flat key with trefoil edge and three holes. Engraved on side is "2" and then "Natl. Cash Register Co. Dayton, Ohio"; iii, L: 2.375", W: .5", head has trefoil shape with same shape single hole, and the has number "5" engraved and "Natl. Cash Register Co. Dayton, Ohio". the three keys are joined together with hemp key string. L: One key, L: 2", W: 1", flat key with trefoil head and three holes number "21103" stamped on one side. Hemp string joins the key to a Dennison tag which has been ripped in half. It has black ink Chinese characters on one side, right column "Xiang sheng ce bian liou - Store's name ? side", left side "shang hou bian fang - back room" . M: One Key, L: 1.875", W: .75", flat key with round head tilted to one side, large hole. Tied with cotton string with Dennison tag. Black ink Chinese characters on one side, "key for garage". N: One key, L: 1.625", W: 1", Head has ring shape on one side and hook shape on the other, wired to Quong Tuck tag. Black ink Chinese Characters on one side, "Key - ?". O: Two keys, identical, L: 2", W: .75", flat key with oval shaped head and hole. Engraved on one side with "Corbin" inside an oval frame. On the other side "R R E 5". Metal ring holds two keys together. Jute string attaches keys to Dennison tag which has black ink Chinese characters on one side, "key for garden". P: One key, L: 1.25", W: .75", Flat key with trefoil head and hole, flange bent to one side. Engraved on one side "Corbin" in oval frame. On the other side "K 234". Cotton string and wire attach key to Quong Tuck tag. Black ink Chinese character on one side, Illegible. Q: One key, L: 1.75", W: .875", flat key with oval shaped head and diamond shape hole. Engraved on one side around the hole "MIller Lock Co." Tied through the hole is thick jute cord and hand made paper with black ink Chinese characters. R: Four keys, and bottle opener. Three molded keys, L: 2.25", W: 1", i: Oval head with ring at top engraved scroll pattern around diamond shaped frame with letters " CREO" on one side and on the other "Russwin" inside diamond frame Number "825203" engraved on the stem. ii: Trefoil shaped head with hole, raised lettering on one side and "Corbin Cabinet Lock Co. New Britain CT." Engraved "Y " in a circle in the middle.On either side of the circle are harps, on the other side are engraved scroll designs. iii: Oval shaped head with ring shape at top, raised design on one side with "Francis Keil & Son, New York". On the other side is textured design and the number 84. iv: long key, L; 2.25", W: .75", oval shaped head with large hole, cylindrical stem with H shaped flange. v: bottle opener, L: 3.375", W: 1.5", copper colored metal shaped, wider at the top with three inner flanges, narrow at the neck and widening to create a handle. Keys are joined with heavy wire and opener is attached to them and Quong Tuck tag with jute string, black ink Chinese characters ("Please take lost keys") on back of tag which has oval shaped holes punched into it. S: One key, L: 1.75". W: .875", Flat key with oval shaped head and diamond shaped hole. On one side imprinted at the top "Patented 7.15.00" .key is rusty on other side. Jute string ties key to card tag. Black ink Chinese characters on one side, "? - Door key (or) Kitchen". T: One Key, L: 1.25", W: .75", Trefoil head with hole, imprinted on one side "Corbin" within oval frame. On the other side "X T 2", a copper wire attaches the key to a Dennison tag cut in half, black ink Chinese characters on one side, "key", Li ba che Luen - Store's name tires" ?. U: One Key, L: 1.625" ,W: 1", molded key with oval head and hole, raised lettering, "Cabinet Lock Co., New Britain Conn. U.S.A.," "Corbin" within an oval frame. On the other side is engraved " 4 R 28242". Jute string attaches string to Dennison tag. Black ink Chinese characters on one side,"Location, Ji men door key" . V: Two keys, L: 2", W: .75", flat key with oval head and hole engraved on one side "Corbin" within an oval frame the other side is number "RR E 1". Keys are attached to dilapidated tag by jute string. Black ink Chinese characters on one side and "boiler" written on other side. W: One key, L: 1.75", W: 1"Flat key squarish head with scalloped top, attached with wire to Quong Tuck tag, Chinese characters written in pen on one side, two characters written in blue ink to the left, "? - Oil room". X: Two keys. L: 1.5", W: .75", flat key squarish head with rounded corners and a hole. Cotton string and wire attach keys to Quong Tuck tag which has penciled Chinese characters on the back, illegible. Y: One key, L: 1.125", W: .5", flat rusted key with oval head and large hole, white cotton cloth tied to a hole, black ink Chinese characters on it, "Quong Tuck" ?. Z: Carved label with no key, Dennison tag has black ink Chinese characters on one side ("Zhong Hua, Chinese Association, New Building") and jute string tied through reinforced hole.
1997.055.056 Clothing Hook Molded brass coat hanger with copper color finish Gourd shaped back with two holes for hanging, bar extends from the backpoutward and curves up to a rounded end with a collar. Another hook extends backward from the upper one, touches the back and curves foreward into a rounded end with a collar.
1997.055.057 Buttons Molded glass buttons with hole in center have a raised ring around the hole, clear glass with blue or red outer ring. The twenty six buttons appear to be hand made and each has some irregularities. Some of the buttons are tied through the hole with brown jute string.
1997.055.058 Silk Cording A - G: Seven skeins of two - ply high black silk cord divided into twisted and knotted to form bundles.
1997.055.059 Silk Cording Bundles of fuschia colored two - ply fine silk cord in three layers of paper wrapping tied with cotton string. A - G: Seven skeins of silk cord twisted and knotted into bundles and tied together with white cotton string. H - J: Seven skeins of silk cord twisted and knotted into bundles. One bundle has come undone. K - M: Four small bundles of silk cord tied with knot in the middle. N: Spool of fuschia silk cord wrapped around an oblong piece of folded cardboard for easier use. O: Wrapper made of three pieces of paper; inner wrapper is grey with muted strips, middle wrapper is light brown and has black ink Chinese characters written on one corner, outer wrapper is off - white paper with black ink Chinese characters - "red flower silver thread". Wrappers have insect holes and are tied with two pieces of cotton strand.
1997.055.060 Note Paper Large bundle of newsprint note paper stamped in green with the name "Quong Tuck Co., 721 King Street, Phone EL. 3273, Seattle Washington" Chinese characters at the top give company's name and address, and along left side "date", "from Quong Tuck Company" at lower left and a few at the right giving general title for customers, surrounded by a decorative border. A piece of brown wrapping paper with black ink Chinese characters, which mean they are forms printed in Chinese for store use, was found with the note paper, .
1997.055.061 Invoice Pads Ten pads of half sized invoice sheets with black printing on white paper, upper half shows "Seattle Wash. USA," a place for date and customer's name, beneath this "QUONG TUCK CO." Five Chinese characters and then "IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS, DEALERS IN CHINESE GENERAL MERCHANDISE, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, RICE, TEAS, & NUT - OIL. CANNERY CONTRACT 721 KING STREET, TELEPHONE ELLIOTT - 3273, PO BOX 174" Below the heading are grey lines with a column on the left and two on the right. The invoices are attached to cardboard backing with adhesive at the top.
1997.055.068 Receipt Booklets Five booklets made of white paper which is perforated down the center and has the same Chinese characters on both sides of the perforation. A & B: Both have faded green covers made of construction paper on the front and cardboard back cover. Identical printing on inside. ( along top is "expense" along right is "date" and along left is "signature", Qing Shou). C - E: Both have manilla card front covers and cardboard back covers. Printing inside is not identical. top has "Expense", left has "date" and "signature" and on the right are the characters have not been translated.
1997.055.069 Booklets Booklets A & B: Contain long double pages with double front and back cover made of heavier paper. Bound at the to with white string laced through five holes, the spine has red seal with six Chinese characters inside a border.
1997.055.071 Ledger Hardbound ledger book Covers are grey with black scallop design. On the front "D.E. Ledger" within a frame. Rounded corners and spine are bound with red cloth tape. Front cover is badly spotted. Inside front cover printed in black within a frame "Harold Square Account Book, No. 50 - 300 ..." In the upper left hand corner is white sticker printed with "F.W. Woolworth Co. 59 cents". Inner pages are lined and first few pages have tabs with the alphabet printed on them. First page has columns which are headed "Party, Name, Pd., By" and a list of names. Rest of pages have blue lines and pink columns and are stamped with number 1 - 222. On page 218 written in pencil "will pick up tickets"
1997.055.072 Paper Panel Large red paper panel Panel is lined with green paper attached to each side. Left side has white paper border with red stamp, "Printed in China". Stamped in gold on front of red paper are vertical columns with decorative border at the top and bottom. At the very left and right are decorative designs containing a phoenix, and other images, four Chinese characters in upper right hand corner, (Prosper for Five Generations). There is a rip in middle and bottom of the panel. Possibly used for wedding register.
1997.055.073 Package of red paper Brown paper package of red paper Wrapping has black ink Chinese characters, "Tu Hong Zhi" "Red Paper", rolled up inside is a pile of newsprint paper which has been dyed red on one side, H: 20.25", W: 48". For writing good fortune sentences for Chinese New year or other celebratory occasions.
1997.055.075 Stickers A Group of white oval paper stickers printed in blue, "contents" and then dotted line and "lbs." The back has an adhesive which is activated with water.
1997.055.077 Map World map on wooden roller White map glued to blue backing, bottom glued to wooden roller and top glued to wooden half round dowel. Map consists of two flattened globes in the center with North and South America on the left and the other continents on left side. there are small circular polar maps one on each side at the top. Maps are printed in blue, pink, green yellow and purple. At the top center are two larger flags the Japanese red sun flag and one with a blue dragon and red dot near by. Around the perimeter on the top and sides are red, blue, yellow and green flags. At the bottom is topographical view of mountains and their height of the world. At lower left the graph gives the length of rivers. Map is printed in red and black Chinese characters or Kanji. The map has holes at the top, and the side and has water damage and is very dirty. A yellow cotton string is tied to the top through two small metal loops.
1997.055.078 Map 3 rolled maps of China A & B: Two Identical Maps of Asia in Chinese C Large maps shows various countries in Asia in yellow, red, green and blue. Two inset maps of Manchuria and one of the world. There is a chart in upper left and lower right, one explains the map and the lower one shows the population of China, each province, area, and total area: 415,000,000; includes 18 provinces, 3 northeast territories, Mongolia, Tibet and Xin Jian areas. Chinese characters along the top "Map of China (Qing), Japan, Korea, Siam, Vietnam, India, Burma, Afghanistan and Philippine Islands" and down the left side "Map made by ? in May, 1904". At the bottom of the center in blue ink on white are two globes and a map legend. To the right of this "Johnson Lithographing Co., Tacoma Wash." is printed. Paper is turning yellow and is split in several places. C: Map of Toisan area, H: 41", W: 29.25", green pink, yellow and blue printed on white paper showing Toishan and surrounding areas with inset map of Sun Ning and the rail road. another inset map locating Toishan in China, and one of the Hong Kong harbor. Pink box with columns of Chinese characters on right side gives the history of Xin Ning County; Summary: The Xin Ning County belonged to Xin Huei (Gu Gong State) before 1628-1644 (the period of the latest Ming emperor). The county has existed for about 270 years. Then there is a geographical description of Xin Ning County and its vicinity. There was a fight between two groups "tu ren" and "ke ren" from 1853 to 1862. Ke ren kills several thousands of Tu ren during this period. In 1862 the governor finally got involved and tried to settle the fight. It took several months, from Jan. to Aug. Finally, the Ke ren group surrendered. Since then, the Ke ren group lived in the souther area, and the Tu ren group lived in the northern area. The two areas is separated by a mountain range. Chinese characters in black at the top and left hand side "Map of Xin Ning county and vicinity, Guang Dong province, China" dated January, 1908. Near lower left is printed "Lithographed by Tucker Hanford Co. Seattle".
1997.055.080 Chinese Dictionary Black Hardbound Chinese Dictionary , 1930 Gold Stamped Linear Design including flowers and serated edges on front and spine. Also gold printed Chinese characters on front and spine "Author of this big dictionary" and a rhyme to aid one in using the dictionary; published by the Shangu Inc.. In the middle and the back is impressed design. Inside covers and flyleaves have map of the world in front and back. 90 % of front of book contains Chinese dictionary and the back section has condensed Chinese - English dictionary, a list of countries, population, monetary information, historical dates, measurement terms, phonetic Chinese. Book is so thick spine is warped and front cover has water damage.
1997.055.081 Dictionary A: Chinese English Dictionary with hardbound red cover. Inside front is pink page printed in black with "Chinese and English Phrasebook and Dictionary", the second page has black Chinese characters. Printed in Vancouver, B.C. The other pages are white with black printing. There is a preface and table of contents in English and Chinese. Contains English Alphabet and phrases in English and Chinese. There are samples of letters in the back. Inside the front cover written in ink are names "Woo" and "Dum" and written in pencil "Kwang" and "Hing". Inside back cover written in pencil "Oakland". Cover has been repaired in three places with paper tape and the spine is detatched from the pages. Large brown stain near the back of the book. Two four leaf clovers pressed between pages 268 - 269. B: Black and White Photo, 5" X 7", Picture of young girl dancing in a hula costume in front of a pattern wall and a microphone. on the back in pencil number "EA 6130". Creased and torn in places, found between pages 88 - 89.
1997.055.082 Reader English and Chinese Reader Black hardbound cover, impressed floral designs on front and back covers, gold printing on front and spine - "English and Chinese Readers". Black ink on white paper pages, flyleaf printed in Chinese and "English and Chinese Readers, Primer to fifth Reader, Shaghai 1906..." Written in black ink is a name Chin Keay from Chin Jack, Aug 11th, 1907". Contains spelling lessons and stories in English and Chinese. Several pages are loose and cover is separated from pages at the spine.
1997.055.083 Phonetical English Dictionary Small hardcover dictionary Yellow background with green vine design on front and title printed in black. "Better Say; Indolence doth much corrupt our language". White pages printed in black. Published by Funk & Wagnalls Co. New York and London, 1907. has Alphabetical list of words explaining proper usage and pronunciation. Inside the covers are stamped in purple "Seattle Office... Wm. B. Gutmen, Resident Manager".
1997.055.084 Spelling Book Hard cover book Book has printing on front - "Seventy Lessons in Spelling Revised", Black printing on white pages with penciled notations in Chinese. Published by American Book Co. 1906. inside front cover written in black ink - "Morris Blackmore...." Below this in pencil is - "Woo Lun Poy, Room 310". On the flyleaf in ink is " J.L. Magsino, Y Student, 1/2/23". inside that cover is "Woo Lun Poy" three times in ink. Cover is very dirty but book is intact.
1997.055.085 German Lesson Book German Lesson Book for Chinese Speakers Book is without cover, black printing on white pages in German and Chinese. Has loose paper and hand writing with list of German vowels and Chinese characters. Some water and insect damage.
1997.055.086 Book Charcoal colored hardcover book: Confucian Four Books Book has gold Chinese Characters on spine and two gold borders. On the flyleaf written in ink "Lun Woo, Spring - 1923, Canton, China". Below this is purple stamp "China" and Chinese characters below it. Book opens from left to right and has the owner's name written in Chinese on inside of cover. Title page in Chinese; book is published by Shangu Inc., Shanghai, China. Double folded white pages printed in black in Chinese and English. They include Confucian Analects, The Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, and the Works of Mencius. (Four Confucian Classics used for Imperial Examinations).
1997.055.087 History Book Red soft covered book Book has impressed design of crest and raised lettering "Royal School Series, Brief History of England". Black printing on white pages with some maps and the history of England organized chronologically by monarchy.
1997.055.088 Exercise Book Red hard cover book with green binding. Written in black ink on cover "Exercises in Mathamatics - Bresilch - Part I, Chit - yue Chao", Contains white pages ruled with red and blue lines. Red on white sticker inside cover "No. 516". First pages written in pencil or ink with mathematical exercises with references to textbook pages.
1997.055.089 Book Chemistry Book Red hardcover book with gold printing. On the front is line of Chinese characters and in English "An Intoductiry Chemistry for Use of Secondary Shools" On the spine in gold are two lines which create a border and in English an Introductory Chemistry Hgela", at the bottom of the spine "Commercial Press Ldt, Shanghai, China" Inside the front cover written in pencil "Joseph C. Chao, 721 King St., Seattle" book is printed mostly in English and beside each term are Chinese Characters in brackets.
1997.055.090 Book New Testament written in Chinese Wine colored soft cover book with rounded corners, opens from left to right. On the front of the cover four Chinese characters are impressed into the upper left side. Same characters in gold are on the spine. Inside the front cover in black " Cat. No. KU 255L" The light weight pages are printed in blackand the insde edges are colored red. A few of the Chinese texts have been outlined in red pen. Removed sticky residue from back cover using "de- solve - it".
1997.055.091 Book Text book used for teaching English "Old Stories of the East," Grey hardcovered book with brown paper dust cover. On the front of the dust cover is a frame printed in black with arrows surrounding a motif of an Indian chief in a circular pattern. Beneath "Iroquois Publishing Co. Inc., Syracuse, N.Y." On the side " No. 2" above this "Patented June 14, 1910" "Property of the Public Schools Seattle School District No. 1" At the top in ink is name "Lun Woo Poy", and next to pupils name " Lun Woo", On the fly leaf is "Chinese - Japanese - Mission First Presyterian Church, Seattle, Wash.". Title page : "Old Stories of the East", by James Baldwn, American Book Co. 1895. Appear to be bible stories with black and white lithograph illustrations.
1997.055.092 Book Literature book Borwn hard cover with gold printing on front and spine " Iriving's Sketch Book", Inside a gold border. At the bottom in gold "Macmillian Pocket Classics". Stamped floral design stamped in - between printing. Inside on the fly leaf " Wing Woo Oct. 1st. 29 YMCA 721 King St. Seattle Wash. " Book includes stories such as "Rip Van Winkle", "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," and "Life in Britain". Inner pages yellowing.
1997.055.093 Serial Book Set of Four paper back books bound with thread in Chinese. "The Tales of Three Women Knights Errant" Each book has a cover with red Chinese characters on the spine and the covers are, one white cover, one orange, one green and one yellow. Covers have blue, red and green printing, interior of books printed with black Chinese characters and black and white illustrations. The books open fron left to right. On the back printed in blue "Chinese Books Printed in Hong Kong, Sale by: Ore. Book Co. 723 - 725 Clay St. San Francisco Calif. USA.
1997.055.098 Quong Tuck Co. Labels Two lidded cardboard boxes with 1000 Quong Tuck Co. tags each boxes are tied with jute string. On one end the lid has dark blue sticker with white printing "1000 Denisen Tags, Denisen Manufacturng Co. Framingham Mass. USA" On the other end is dark blue sticker that says "Double wired" and below a sample of the tag is attached. The tag itself is printed with red frame, around blue and red printing and has " From Quong Tuck Co. Importers and Exporters, Wholesale and Retail, Tea, Rice and Nut Oil, 721 King St., Seattle, Wash. USA"
1997.055.099 Certificate Framed Certificate Certificate printed with brown ink, a lacy border and scroll like design surrouned black printing in Chinese and English. "Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Seattle, No. 34, this is to certify that Quong Tuck Co, is a member (sic) of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Seattle" signed by the president and secretary issued Aug. 18, 1941. Gold seal to the left. Carved wooden frame is painted bronze. Faded green dust paper on the back is printed in black with "Pacific Picture Frame Co. Inc. 1106 1108 Pine St. Seattle, Wash. " Through this is partially obscured union mark. Hanging wire on the back fastened to screw eyes on either side of the frame.
1997.055.112 Book Paper back book of the Wong Family Association genealogy. Soft cover opens from left to right with Chinese characters in black on front cover with red seal on lower left corer. Red Chinese characters on spine. White cover is yellowed and torn around edges and at bottom of spine. Pages are white paper with black ink. Red seals and borders on some pages. Written in Chinese, each section numbered separately. On inside back cover are the names of three companies and the publisher "Ngai Keung Printing Press, 59, Lee Tat St., Waymati, Kowloon, Hong Kong. " Two Chinese characters on back cover in blue ink.
1997.055.113 Book Soft Cover book of the Hong Kong Wong family Association. Book opens from left to right and has orange front cover with black Chinese characters and red seal. In the middle of the cover is white rectangle with orange globe surrounded by sheaves of wheat. At the bottom of the cover in red " the Hong Kong Wong association, 244-246 Desvoeux Rd. C. 4th Fl. Hong Kong, Tel. 5-441171". Spine and back cover are white printed with black and rd Chinese characters. At the top of the back cover is illustration of book with a figure extending from the cover. Below this in English " Modern Educational Research society, Ltd." the inside front cover has advertisement for Kings Dying and Weaving Factory. Majority of interior pages are white with black Chinese characters and black and white photographs. Near the front are black and white photos of individuals and clan association activities.
1997.055.114 Book Soft cover book of the Eng Family Association, 1972 Front cover has geometric design in green, white and gray with black Chinese characters. To the right is "1972". The spine and back cover are white and on the back is printed black border with Chinese characters and "Eng Family Benevolent Association, 53 Waverly Pl. San Francisco, Calf. 94108, USA." white pages with black Chinese characters and stylized cloud design in each corner of the pages. On the second page is illustration of a historical Chinese figure identified as Yu Tze Shu, advisor to the Emperor in the Warring States period and an ancestor of the Eng clan, whose birthday is celebrated Sept. 23. He has a white beard, helmet, traditional robes and holds a bamboo staff in right hand. Black and white portraits, photos of groups, individuals and association activities. Some telegrams have been reprinted congratulating association on their 6th national convention. Sept. 24, 1972.
1997.055.115 Book Softcover book"Shiu Ming, Chinese Boy Scout" Plasticised cover, on front retouched photo of two Chinese boys sitting on door step with garden behind them. Above them is title of the book, and on the left two labels "Encyclopaedia Britannica Picture Stories, World Children's Series, book four". Pages are white with black printing in English with photos taken from the film "Children of China". Published in Chicago and New York in 1947. Back cover shows color photos of their World's Children series, including Mexican, Eskimo, Navajo, French Canadian, Dutch, Swiss, Brazilian, Japanese, English, African and Hawaiian children.
1997.055.116 School Book Hard cover book of reddish woven cloth cover "Oral and Written English book 1, Potter, Jeschke, Gillet" Front cover printed in black. Design of leaves on either side of the central panel. Title and author names repeated on spine. Ginn & co." Printed a the bottom. A piece of adhesive tape printed with Gr 4 abd on the spine. Inside front cover is stamped "Property of School District Number 1 Seattle, Wash." SeattlePublic School Library label in front where students have signed out the book between 1920 and 1924. On the fly leaf written in blue ink is "Chinese night school". Copyright 1917, published by Athenaeum Press, Ginn and Co. Proprieters USA.
1997.055.117 Book Hard cover book "Reading and Living" Charcoal color cover is made of fabric covered cardboard. The front is printed in red, with title "Reading and Living, book 1, Hill and Lyman". A Border runs around the outside and in the center is medallion showing two open books on either side of a torch. On the spine title and author name repeated with Scribner at the bottom. On the inside cover and flylea in ink and pencil, Benjamin and Phrnia Hindeman, Prineville, Oregon". Copyright 1924, Charles Scribner Sons, USA. The book contains directions to the teacher and excerpts from authors in subject of home life and school. Finding enjoyment, safety, making the best of oneself and seeking new homes which tells of experiences of new Americans. "The melting pot".
1997.055.118 Book Gray hard cover book "Unmarried Wife" Front cover and spine has red printing for title and shows illustration of woman holding baby with authors name "Furman" and publishers name "McCauly" with crest. Inside front cover is stamp " Property of Zak's Circulating library, Owl Pharmacy, 8th and K Sts.", Copyright 1933. Story of common law marriage between two interns at a large city hospital.
1997.055.119 Wax Pills Three wax balls containing medicine wrapped in printed paper These balls contain patent medicine for helping to ease labor during birth. A: Opened package containign wax pill. Appears to be bees wax formed into a ball with knob at one end. A red seal and gold seal with Chinese characters are impressed onto the sides. Paper wrapping 10.625" X 7" unfolded is strong beige colored tissue with black printed Chinese characters. B & C: Wax pills wrapped in paper and are unopened. B: Two ink tear dropped shape marks on outside. C: Three ink tear dropped shaped marks.
1997.055.120 Wax Pill Packages 11 Paper packages containing 10 wax pills The pills contain patent medicine for obstetrical and gyenecological diseases. A: Opened package containing ten beeswax balls with white fuzzy coating. Wrapped in three pieces of beige soft paper two iner papers are folded in half and have blue Chinese characters and stamps, the other wrapper is plain except for the stamp of red Chinese characters and "Made in China" in English. B, C, D: Unopened packages are wrapped in paper with red Chinese characters inside a frame. Outline of bronze pot with Chinese characters inside. On one end is stamped two Chinese characters in red. E & F: Same red stamp on one side and on one end is Chinese character written in blue ink. G: Similar to E &F but Chinese character on end is larger and different. H, I, J & K: Slightly smaller packages with the same stamp of red Chinese characters and one that says "Made in China" in English. At each end is two red Chinese characters.
1997.055.121 Adhesive Plaster Adhesive Plaster used as patent medicine Plaster consists of a square of light colored leather folded in half wth smooth side outward. In one corner two small seals with Chinese characters have been impressed into the leather. Inside the leather fold is a hard black substance in the shape of a disk folded in half. A Small paper 3.625" X 4.875", is printed in black with a fancy border of grapes, bamboo and flowers on a dark background surrounding a globe. In the center is a portrait of Chinese man and there are Chinese characters written in the globe and in two panels above and below. The paper has mildew spots. The plaster and small paper are wraped in larger paper 13" X 17.25", it has printed inblack and red Chinese explaination of the product. This patent medicine was used for every kind of kidney ailment.
1997.055.122 Adhesive Plaster Three packages of Adhesive plaster used as patent medicine All three packages contain a plaster made of woven material lamenated to paper. This material is folded in half, blue inside and white paper on outside, and there is a red stamp on the outside. Inside the folded material is hard black substance in half moon shape. Instructional sheet 11.25 X 12", is included and has Chinese characters in black and red and two diagrams of front and back of human body. The plaster and instructional sheet are in a white paper envelope with a red stamp on the front. On the back are red Chinese characters and the word "China" stamped in English. Envelope stained with moisture and mildew. A: Has a ripped envelope. B: Envelope has ripped flap. C: Envelope is ripped partly down one side.
1997.055.123 Pills Folded paper package with black pills used as patent medicine Numerous black matte balls inside a folded paper, 4" X 3.5", which is printed in black with Chinese characters and a order containing flowers. Top in English "Ho Ming Sing". This paper folded diagonally another plain paper, 5.25" square, Outer paper folded diagonally so one corner tucks under to keep it sealed. On the top in red is a gourd on a vine with Chinese characters inside the gourd and a circular shaped panel at the bottom. Written in English "Made in China" . Ho Ming Sing is drug company name. These are pills for venereal disease in men.
1997.055.124 Box of Pills Box of four gold pills wrapped in paper. Four large black balls with a gold coating wrapped in pinkish colored paper folded diagonally stored in a rectangular lidded box. The box is made of cardboard covered with decorative paper. On the outside it has hexagonal red shapes with gold in the center. On the lid a red label with black Chinese characters is glued in the center. On one end is another label, beige, with three black characters. A paper tab is attached to one end of the lid and a matching loop of red paper on front of box acts as a fastener. Fastener is broken. Inside of the box covered with red paper. Bottom of the box has some mildew stains. Pills were used to quit smoking.
1997.055.125 Bottle of Pills Clear plastic bottle filled with beige pills Bottle is wrapped wit paper label which has a yellow background, diagonal green banner across the front :Nerving Pills". A blue golbe to the left shows China in pink with blue Chinese characters. On the right is a crest showing two horses on either side of a central motif. Red Chinese characters at the top where the label is torn and near the bottom. Beneath this in English "International dispensery Shang Hai", at the bottom blue band with Chinese characters. The bottle appears not to have been opened and has a cork in the neck with a red wax seal covering the top. The seal is impressed with the words "Chemists and Drugests". The bottle contains "bark" pills.
1997.055.126 Box of Pills Box containing two wax pills and instructional sheet. The pills are in shape of a ball with a neck at the top, Dia: 1.125", two sides impressed with two red seals containing Chinese characters. The two pills sit on perforated platform with our holes, indicating two pills missing. The platform sits inside cardboard lidded box covered with decorative paper on the outside are orange colored hexagonal shapes with gold in the center. There are two red labels on the lid and on the side with black Chinese characters. A white label on the other side says "Made in China". A red paper loop on lid has a white tab and red loop on front of box act as fastener. Instructional sheet is folded inside and around the pills. It has red and black Chinese characters. These are for bezoar sedative pills used to clear heat from the heart and induce sedation for the treatment of excessive heat in the heart. Marked by symptoms of vertigo, irritability, delirium, convulsion, etc. some of the ingredients are calculus bulbous, mosschus, corni rhinoceri, corni antelopis, cinnabaris.
1997.055.127 Box of Powders Two boxes of packages containing medicinal powder A: Sealed box made of cardboard and wrapped in cellophane paper. White label glued to the top has red border and Chinese characters. Diagonally across the label has white Chinese characters. There is a blue label with white Chinese characters at each end of the box. B: Opened lidded cardboard box with top label identical to A. The outside of the bottom and lid of the box are covered with white paper. Inside are 15 paper packages. 3.75" X 2.5", containing solidified powder. Powder wrapped in white paper printed with red Chinese characters. Each package has blue Chinese characters and a medallion in upper left corner showing a medical man with his gourd, ginseng root on right and a deer on the left. Packages are closed with round blue printed sticker. This patent medicine used for reducing fever. One package has been opened (Bxvi).
1997.055.128 Box of Powders One cardboard lidded box containing five paper envelopes with sealed packages of medicinal powders inside Cardboard lidded box covered with white paper on top of the lid is printed with red frame and white Chinese characters inside this frame picture of man with a ring of flower motifs and red Chinese characters surround him. The sides of the box also have red printing and on one end are two characters written in black. The box contains five paper envelopes, 3.25" X 2.5", and on the front same picture and a ewer printed on the front with Chinese characters and decorative swirls. Inside three of the envelopes are packages, 2.625" X 1.875", made of white paper printed with red. There is writing on the front and back. The package is sealed and contains solidified powder. The other two envelope contain packages printed in blue, with identical writing in blue to the other packages.These medicines are panacea medicines.
1997.055.129 Box of Dried Hide Lidded metal box containing approximately 20 hardened pieces of donkey hide Bottom of the tin box is rectangular with a flanged base and soldered corners. The tin is wearing off and the metal is oxidizing. The top of the box fits over the bottom and is painted with a red and gold geometric floral design on two sides and circular designation on one end. Paper label covers top of box and has red flowers with green leaves in two of the corners, black Chinese characters in a red frame and green printed characters on the left side and top. A white label on one end has two Chinese characters in black. Inside the box there are approximately 20 pieces of donkey hide gelatin the largest is 1.375" X 1.25". Some pieces are brownish color, slightly translucent and having striated texture. Other pieces are a whitish-beige color with pockmarked texture. A few pieces have both. This medicine colla corii asini, donkey hide gelatin, ass hide glue. This medicine consists of gllue prepared from the skin of the Ass (Equus astinus L.). It is used (1) to nourish the blood and to stop bleeding for symptoms of deficiency of blood and all kinds of bleeding: (2) to nourish the vital essence and to soothe the lung for the treatment of insomnia, dry cough and bloody septum ( tuberculosis).
1997.055.130 Bottle of Pills Glass bottle containing beige pills Glass jar has a cardboard top which seals the pills inside and a metal screw top lid which covers the seal. White paper label with hand written Chinese characters in black ink. Inside the jar are beige colored balls which are slightly fuzzy from moisture. The fill about one third of the jar and above them is a folded paper which has black Chinese characters written on them. These pills are for venereal diseases.
1997.055.131 Bottles of Liquid Medicine Two bottles of liquid medicine The bottles are rectangular shaped with a wide neck of brown colored with gold colored metal top that is fastened with a wire on one side. There appears to be a cork in the bottle neck. The front has a white label in a decorative shape with a faded gold border with Flowers and Chinese characters. The back has faded blue label with blue printed floral border and Chinese characters. A: The bottom of the bottle the raised letters "I.P. Co." Inside the bottles is whitish liquid with separated dark substance. This patent medicine used to treat venereal diseases in men.
1997.055.132 Bottled Medicine Small bottle containing liquid medicine Bottle has a rectangular body wide neck made of clear glass and has cork stopper in the neck. Inside is brown liquid which has stained the glass. Type of medicine unknown. Wrapped around the bottle is large white paper, 32" X 10.5", printed with fuschia colored Chinese characters and photos of merchandise. On one side are the portraits of two people with address in Texas and Pennsylvania and Trinidad, B.W.I. and California. Paper is a catalogue for various drugstores.
1997.055.133 Bottled Medicine Small bottle containing solidified brown powder missing stopper. Clear glass bottle short and round with wide neck and probably sealed with a cork. On the outside is beige paper label with three hand written Chinese characters in black ink. Inside a dark brown powder which has solidified fills about two thirds of the bottle. The Powdered is used for relieving tooth aches.
1997.055.134 Bottle of Medicine Bottle of Powdered medicine Clear glass bottle is rectangular with round shoulders and narrow neck. On the back are five raised Chinese characters in the glass. On the front is a paper label with three columns of Chinese characters in black. There is a cork stopper in the neck inside is fine brown powder. Powder used to enrich kidney and for male sexual potency. Decocted from green onion.
1997.055.135 Bottle of Medicine Bottle containing powdered medicine Clear glass bottle is round with wide neck. On the bottom is raised square with a circle in the middle and the numbers 8 and 3 on either side. On the front is a beige label wit hand written Chinese characters in black ink. There is a cork stopper inside with a small amount of tan colored powder which is used for relieving tooth aches.
1997.055.136 Bottle of Medicine Bottle of crystallized medicine Clear glass bottle is round with rounded shoulders and narrow neck. Raised numbers on the bottom are 103 G or Q. A torn label on the front in English and black ink: "Burdick Eczema Lotion Contains 35% Alcohol and 7grs. Chloral. A remedy for all diseases of the skin and scalp...Western Drug". Cork stopper in the neck and inside the lotion has turned brown and crystallized.
1997.055.137 Medicine Box Empty medicine box which once contained small bottle Tall narrow cardboard box has a flap at the top and is covered with green paper which has white flower repeat print. The red label is printed with black Chinese characters, and the flap is lined with red paper. It once held panacea oil sold as a patent medicine.
1997.055.138 Tins of medicine Three small tins of medicinal ointment The three lidded tins have gold colored finish and are round and the lid fits halfway down the side which has a ridge to hold the lid in place. On the bottom is a white label with red printing "No. 1 KOSKOTT Apply to scalp gently with fingertips once daily at night." The lid has an inset label on white paper printed in red "No. 1 KOSKOTT, Price $1.00, For Mr. _Moy S.F. Cal._" "To the Party age _60 - 65_". Printed below "Doctor Manson, New York, New York" Inside the tin is a tan colored ointment. A: Bottom label partially obscured. B: Gold finish rubbing off exposing black color. C: Tin is deteriorating and the label on back has faded.
1997.055.139 Packages of Pills Four round boxes of pills Round boxes made of cardboard, the bottom of which has a dark brown band added to the exterior half. The top has the same dark brown ban around the outside which fits over the top half of the bottom. On the bottom label in red ink is :"No. 3 KOSKOTT, One tablet to be taken at each meal time daily. Do not miss doses". Top label says "No. 3 KOSKOTT Price $1.00, For Mr. _Moy S.F._" "To the Party age _60 - 65_". Printed below "Doctor Manson, New York, New York" .Inside are numerous dark brown tablets and a piece of cottom wool. A - D: identical
1997.055.140 Hair Treatment Two bottles of hair coloring liquid Clear glass bottle has slanted shoulders and a narrow neck with a lip at the top. A large white label is printed in black ink in English. "Koskott No. 4, for external use only.. . " Label continues to give directions to darken hair. Labels on back "Price $1.00, For Mr. _Moy S.F. Cal._To the Party age _60 - 65_". Printed below "Doctor Manson, New York, New York" Inside is clear liquid with pink sediment. A: Brown spots on inside neck.
1997.055.141 Tin of Ointment Tin of medicinal ointment Black painted tin is round and has a lid which fits half way down the bottom. The lid has inset paper label in red. Inside the circle "Blue Ointment. Below this is red skull and cross bones with "Poison". There are leaves on either side of the skull. Inside there is a dried ointment which has been partially used.
1997.055.142 Adhesive Tape Holder Ring Outside ring of adhesive tape holder The metal ring is painted on the outside in blue with two yellow labels hich have a red cross hatch border. On the front is a red cross and printing in red and blue. " Half an inch and 1 Yard, Red Cross, Zonas, Adhesive plaster, Johnson & Johnson". The label on the back tells how to use the plaster.
1997.055.143 Medicine Jar Medicine jar without lid Square clear glass jar has wide round neck, written on the bottom in yellow paint "2", and a dirty beige label on the front has two hand written black Chinese characters, "Dragon's Blood". Inside the remains of a red powder. The drug consists of a red resin secreted from the fruit of Daemonorops draco Bl. (family Palmae). It is used to eliminate blood stasis, to relieve pains and to promote the healing of wounds for the treatment of traumatic wounds and bleedings.
1997.055.144 Canister of Pellets Lidded metal canister containing pellets of silk worm excrement. Canister is round and has a paper label wrapped around the bottom section. Tin is rusty on the bottom. Inside are grey pellets. Two Chinese characters are written on the front in black ink. Silkworm excrement (Excremetum Bombycis). The drug consists of the dried excrement of healthy silkworms (Bombyx mori L.). It is used to dispel wind and dampness for the treatment of rheumatic pain and swelling and urticaria.
1997.055.145 Jar of Cinnabar Glass jar containing powdered cinnabar Clear glass jars round with wide neck and raised letters on one side. "E & C Co." inside a circle. On the front is worn label with two hand written Chinese characters in black. There is a cork stopper in the neck. Inside is an orange - red powder. Cinnabar; cinnabaris. The drug consists of a mineral composed if red mercuric sulfide. It is used as 1. Sedative and tranquilizer for the treatment of palpitation, insomnia, infantile convulsion due to high fever, epilepsy. 2. As a detoxicant for the treatment of boils, and carbuncles.
1997.055.146 Jar of Sulfur Glass Jar with metal lid containing powdered sulfur clear glass jar has raised lettering on one side "Perfect Mason" and a raised '%" on bottom. Glued on front is paper label with two hand written Chinese characters. The lid is metal screw top with white plastic lining. The jar is one third full of yellow powder. Sulfur: It was used externally as anti - parasitic for scabies and internally to reinforce the vital function for the treatment of impotence and chronic asthma.
1997.055.147 Medicine Jar Glass jar with no lid containing powdered residue Square, clear glass jar with wide neck. Old label on front " Mint London England". Written over "Mint" are three Chinese characters in black ink. Below this another red ordered paper label has been glue and has three hand written Chinese characters. There is small amount of powdered residue in bottom. On sides are remains of Chinese characters in black ink. Jar contains Frankincense: Olibanum; Resina Olibani, the resin of the Boswellia carterii Birdwood, or other species of Boswellia (family Bureraceae). It is used to relieve pain and swelling b invigorating blood circulation for the treatment of pains due to blood - stasis such as traumatic pain.
1997.055.148 Jar Of Ointment Ceramic jar with lid containing dry ointment Ceramic jar has black glaze on exterior, the bottom has recessed lip and has two Chinese characters impressed into the clay and a column of Chinese characters written in black ink. Top has slightly rounded dome and has a chip out of one side. A red paper band runs around both the base and the lid and was originally a seal. The top has a paper label with hand written Chinese characters in black ink. Inside the dark brown ointment has congealed. This ointment was intended as a cure all.
1997.055.149 Two Bottles of Medicine Two bottles of blood tonic, one in a package. A: Dark glass bottle with raised Chinese characters on one side and measurement lines on the other. Raised letters "oz." On the front is a pink and wine colored label decorated with flowers and scrolls. At the top are white Chinese characters and below in English "Blood tonic". There is an English explanation of usage and dosage. On the back is white paper label with a lion and unicorn crest and Chinese characters printed in red and green. On the left side is a green printed white stamp, possibly an export stamp. Along the neck a yellow label in black and red "National Dispensary Shang - hai". Top has silver foil seal. B: Identical bottle to A. wrapped in an instructional paper with black printed Chinese characters. The wrapped bottle is inside a cardboard package which has a blue exterior and is wrapped in yellowed cellophane. Labels identical to those on the bottle are also on the outside of the box. The box has been eaten by insects.
1997.055.150 Bottle of Liniment Bottle of solidified liniment Clear glass bottle has rectangular body and narrow neck and is broken at bottom left. On the front is yellow paper label with black printing in English; "Pure Soap Lake Liniment, Registered 1907" it gives directions and is made by "Soap Lake Salts and Oil Co. Seattle, Wash." Crystallized cork in neck of bottle. Liniment is also crystallized.
1997.055.151 Bar of Soap Bar of Soap wrapped in instruction paper inside cardboard box. Cardboard box printed in pink and black with English on all sides. Front " Lava Chemical Resolvient Soap, Made by the Waltke Co. , St. Louis U.S.A." The rest of the printing has advertising and directions. The wrapper is stuck to the soap. Wrapper is in black ink with testimonials to its success. The rectangular gray - white soap is imprinted with the words "Lava, Registered".
1997.055.152 Box of Wax Pills Red Cardboard box containing wax pills and instructional sheets Rectangular shaped cardboard box has red paper exterior decorated with wood grain design. Hand written Chinese characters in black ink are written on both ends. The box has no lid. Box contains 11 beeswax balls imprinted with red stamps on two sides Two of the balls have broken open revealing a black pill. The pills are surrounded by white instructional papers with black printed Chinese characters and red seals. Pills used for women's post partum illness.
1997.055.153 Perscription Two pieces of paper giving instructions on use of patent medicine Large piece printed in red and black Chinese characters was used as a wrapper for the medicine. Smaller one 4.75" X 3.625", is printed in black ink with decorative frame showing grapes, bamboo and flowers around a globe. There is a portrait of a man in the center and Chinese characters in the globe and in two bands at the top and bottom. Originally wrapped around medicine for kidney illness.
1997.055.154 Medicinal Pellets Canister containing pellets of Omphalia Large tin with red label illustration of ships in center with printing above and below " J.A. Folger & Sons, Golden Gate High Grade Baking Powder", list of ingredients on back. Another label has been applied over top of floral design beneath ingredient list as two large Chinese characters in black and smaller ones to the left. This is translated as Omphlia; Omphalia - the drug consists of the dried sclerotium of Omphalia lapidescens Schroet.. It is used as an anthelmintic for the treatment of taentasts and ancylostomiasis. The canister has a round metal lid which is depressed in center and has raised lettering "Golden Gate sold on Merit 5lbs. Net. ". The tin is one third full of light brown pellets in various sizes and shapes.
1997.055.155 Medicinal Pellet Metal canister with lid containing paper bag with one pellet of Hematite cylindrical canister has brown paper label wrapped around sides with two Chinese characters written in black ink on the front. Label is peeling off on one side. The lid of the tin is round and fits over the top of the canister and has remains of beige and red label around sides. Inside is brown paper bag with Chinese characters written in ink on the outside and is translated as Hematite - a red colored iron ore composwd of feric oxide. It is used to depress the retrograde motion o fenergy for the treatment of belch, nausea, vomiting and asthma and to subdue the hyperactivity of the liver for the treatment of headache vertigo and tinnitus, and as hemostatic for the treatment of spitting of blood and nose bleeding due to heat in the blood. Inside the bag is one reddish colored pellet and some powered residue.
1997.055.156 Medicinal Minerals Canister with lid containing rocks inside a brown paper bag. Tin has brown paper label surrounding the sides with three Chinese characters in black ink. Round metal lid fits over the top of the cylindrical shaped tin. Inside is double layered brown paper bag containing 11 pieces of light gray colored rock which flakes easily. There is a variety of sizes and shapes.
1997.055.157 Medicinal Powder Glass mason jar with metal and porcelain lid containing rhubarb powder. Glass jar is rounded at shoulders and has raised printing on one side "DREY PERFECT MASON". The lid is a metal screw on top with a white porcelain liner with raised lettering "Boyd's Genuine Porcelain Lined Cap -11" On one side of the jar is a dirty white paper label with three Chinese characters written in black ink - Da huang Radix et Rhizome Rhei. The dried root and rhizome of Palmate Rhubarb, Rheum palmatum l., Tangut Rhubarb, Rheum tanguticum Maxim. ex Balf. or Medicinal Rhubarb, Rheum officinale Baill. (family Polygonaceae). As an purgative and detoxicant and to eliminate evil heat, stagnated food and blood stasis for the treatment of fever with constipation and fullness in the abdomen, acute jaundice, acute appendicitis, incomplete intertinal obstruction, amenorrhea due to blood stasis, hematemesis and epistaxis associated with excessive heat in the blood; used externally for burns, suppurative skin diseases, carbuncles and furuncles.
1997.055.158 Medicinal Minerals Red tobacco can with lid containing minerals inside brown paper bag the metal canister is cylindrical with red painted finish and two raised gold bands near top and bottom. Red and gold leaf pattern around the base. On one side in gold printing "Prince Albert, Process patent July 30 1907" Advertisement by Reynolds Tobacco Co. in Winston Salem N.C. On the other side a brown paper label has been glued over the tobacco emblem and has three Chinese characters. The round metal lid has a convex top and is decorated with the same red and gold leaf pattern. It has a paper tobacco stamp tax band with the date 1926. There is a paper liner and instructions on the inside. A Broken brown paper bag is tied with a jute string. It contains 12 large irregular shaped pieces of white stone. This contains Ophicalcite - the drug consists of a marble containing green serpentine. It is used as hemostatic and to eliminate blood stasis mainly for the treatment of blood sputum and vomiting blood. Powdered drug is used externally as hemostatic for incised wounds.
1997.055.159 Cloves Metal canister with lid containing cloves cylindrical caniaster has brown paper label around outside with two Chinese characters written in black ink. The label says cloves - which consists of dried flowers of the Eugenia caryophyllata thumb. It is used to warm the stomach and relieve hiccup due to cold in the stomach. It is two thirds filled with clove flower buds. The round metal lid fits over the outside of the tin and extends down about a quarter of the height.
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