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Wing Luke Museum
1999.060.284 sock one pair of dress socks brown in color reinforced stitch at opening heels slightly faded
1999.060.285 Wallet "organizer" and contents (A-G) A: green leather organizer inside pockets with stamps, pen wiper, and addresses labeled also has other contents as well Inside Organizer: B: picture L2.5" W4" black and white with a white border of a man and woman with imprint in chinese C:picture L2" W3" black and white with a white border of a man and woman red chinese stamp on back D:envelope and contents envelope opened on right side, from: Wong Kung HO Tong Wong Wun Sun chinese black ink on left, the translation is : hand carry to Mr. Huang Yuan He three cent postage-purple color 1. paper L11.5" W7" very thin red border with flower top and black chinese writing the red Chinese writing on top is the will of Dr. Dun Yat Sen, on the top right is the picture of Dr.Sun Yat Sen translation of the letter:second uncle in front of your respectful self, Now is June, right in the middle of summer, the lotus leaves filled the pond,the scenery is very beautiful.I hope you are safe abroad, everything is according to your wishes and your business is great, I lost my parents when I was young and the family was poor, I was busy making living and seldom got in touch with you. I want to apologize for that.What was the reason of my father's death?How much savings did he have?How much shares of profits did he get?Ma Zhen Dang often mentioned and asked if we have received any money after my father's death. He heard that our family haven't recived any lettrer or money since my father's death, apparently Zan Xiang has embezzled the money? How much exactly are these monies? Please let me know the circumstances?wish you happiness. Your nephew Rong Fu kowtow. On the left of the letter was the date: the letter was written on June 29, the 26th year of the Republic of China(1937). 2. paper L3.5" W5.5" black thin border with Chinese writing (blue ink) This is a temporary receipt of registration fee issued by Huang Jiang Yun Shan Association 25 cents have been received from Yun He of Seattle on October 10th , the 40 th year of the Republic of China 3. paper L9" W4" circular border red and black Chinese writing #9132 on middle Translations:The top four red Chinese characters : proof of registration, the smaller characters under the red charactrs : registered in Seattle The main body: Yuan He , age 68 is from Chang Shang village, Ta Jiao area, Tai Shan county of China, under the red number 9132 listed the names of the Chairman Huang Ren Jung(in red ink)and the name of the secretary Huang Jian Xiu(also in red ink), on the left is the date this was issued: January 2nd, the 32 nd year of the Republic of China(1943), issued by Huang Jiang Yun ShanAssociation(in the red ink). The smaller red Chinese characters at the lower right corner translated as:Any member registered before the age of 18 should report to the association when reaches 18 in order to fill out the forms and starts paying dues, any member over 18 years of age should pay 3 dollars due each year, if any member does not pay dues over 3 years , the association will not respond to any request if anything happen. E. envelope L3" W8.5" Dept. of Justice plastic window on left 1. Alien Registration Receipt Card # 1903750 L2.5" W8" back finger print and signature of Wong Ling 2.1954 Address Report Card L3" W7.5" for Wong Ling in blue ink F: envelope L5.5" W2.5" red bar down middle black ink Chinese writing front and back The Chinese written on the red bar is the name of the receiver Huang Yuan He,other Chinese written in black ink:accounting summary of the year, the Chinese printed in red ink on the left translated as: San Francisco, Seattle Jing Xiang Hao stationary F1 to F3, three receipts in black ink in chinese F-1: Original deposit: $858.26 , received $60 on May 20, received $463 on July 3rd, total: $1381.26 On July 8th spent $781.50, remained $599.76 This is for Mr. Huang Yuan He, dated: December 30th , 1931 The Chinese characters in red ink at the lower left corner is the name of the store Jing Xiang Hao of Seatltle and San Francisco F-2:Yuan He uncle,for your respectful inspection, today, I have received total of 226 chicken cages, 86 and 140 left( I am not sure the exact meaning), recently the market price is 22 cents, please calculate I am paying for the last year's balance, please examine when you receive it.Please let me know in your convenience.Wish your fortune in good condition. Dated:December 30, 1931, signed: your nephew Shang Song. The Chinese characters in red ink is the name of the store" Jing xiang Hao" of Seattle and San Francisco F-3 :First Deposit $660.12 , plus a deposit of $300 in March , a deposit of $200 in April, and another deposit of $300 in August, the total deposit is $1460.12 A payment of $ 1094 in March, second payment of $334.50 in August,a payment of $63.60 to "Jing Xiang Hao" store , the total payment is $1434.86 The total amount left is $25.26 for Mr. Huang Yuan He, dated:December 31, 1933 The Chinese characrs in red ink is the name of the store"Jing Xiang Hao" G: paper L8"W5" blue ink in chinese Translation: Mr. Huang Yuan He sent $3571. 43 cents in American dollars( include the returned $7oo), equivalent to $20,000 Hong Kong dollars to Hong Kong Fragrant Island company Mr. Wu Ze Ming. This is managed by Wu Shang Kui. Dated: May 30th, 1955
1999.060.286 book book with a brown cover-cup ring stains and spots title-Check Alteration and Forgery Bonds Sales Manuel inside-pages of chinese ink(black) and pencil writing on top of english manuel writing which is upside down and backwards
1999.060.287 Eyeglasses eyeglasses round frames with brown speckled color clear glass inside frames metal attatchments to the ear peices
1999.060.288 box, jewelry pink box with cotton inside on top of cover in blue letters: Paul Hansen Lapidary 1309 Fourth Ave. Seattle
1999.060.289 box box with white lid and brown container lid has green letters " APEX-Triple Plated Arm Garters container has brown tape along each corner
1999.060.290 jar glass jar with gold metal lid bottom of jar #'s 14 and 1 inside: remnants of a brown powder along walls
1999.060.291 bracelet two identical wire bracelets (stretchable) A: rust stains on the outside B: slight "twist" on one part of the wire
1999.060.292 bottle, medicine small glass spiral with metal lid yellow lid with red inside label: yellow border and blue ink front: STRESSCAPS by Lederle Laboratories Division #4265-21 back:capsule containments
1999.060.293 sharpener, pencil green plastic pencil sharpener shape of an army tank front: white letters "U.S. ARMY TANK" with red and white stars on each side back: metal blade half missing bottom is ridged
1999.060.303 receipt receipt Seattle General Hospital Statement to: Charlie Ling dated 10-17-1944 total: $55.80 black ink and black printed writing
1999.060.304 receipt receipt Seattle General Hospital to Charlie Ling in the amount of $55.00 dated 10-17-44 writing all in pencil
1999.060.305 Card, Business blue paper left side in a black circle "The Mercantile Insurance Co. of America" with a crossin the middle and the word "Mercantile" in red ink: Jim Thomas, Agent Emusen Apts. Sulpher, OKLA just below in black letters a description and listing of all kinds of insurance types left edge a punched hole
1999.060.306 cigar cigar with original plastic cover brown paper top label: Sam Davis y ca est. 1886 (yellow lettering) bottom label: Finest Selection (in yellow lined box)
1999.060.307 cigar cigar with brown paper and original plastic covering down two edges in white lettering " Aurelia Biltmore" repeated
1999.060.308 brush, lettering writing brush made out of plastic with a wood look to it at end: green and red chinese writing cap slightly cracked bristles: white with dried black ink at edge
1999.060.310 Poster brown cardboard in chinese a list made in black inside thin red lined boxes three holes down side with red string tied to two of them damaged at corners
1999.060.311 holder, pencil A-E green pencil holder with metal snap for closure lid-inside an imprinted animal(upper left) "Ampeco 12343" front imprint of a pyramid and sun scenery with "Cleopatra" written in lower right back: imprinted design with circle in middle and a hard to identify possible animal inside Inside three compartments: A:10 pencils with erasers B: 2 erasers-1 for ink and pencil marks C: metal pencil sharpener (badly deteriorated) D:metal circular container with lid, inside 3 metal pen tips E: 1 wooden ruler by "AMerican Lead Pencil Co." measures up to 8"
1999.060.313 firecrackers 11 sets of red and green fircrackers each individual set has upper and lower halves attatched by string each "cracker" is thin and circular
1999.060.314 Bottle, Medicine 15 individual circular medicine containers (1 unwrapped) glass viles are covered by paper with a: picture of a man, red chinese writing, and the english "For any cholera Use" vile is glass and corked with red paper sealing the cork in
1999.060.315 flashlight possible maker: Eveready Flashlight silver metal flashlight long handle button for usage at lights end tiny lightbulb inside covered by thick glass
1999.060.316 tape, paper twilled tape on role name on paper " English Superfine Twilled Tape" total of four yards at one time "Art #32" blue background one side paper torn through end of tape pinned down to keep in place
1999.060.317 Ladle, Soup wooden light color ladle shallow scoop area-stained white written on handle is "PL 15"
1999.060.318 tray, serving gold color metal serving tray on front surface imprint of propellar plane and two men flying it shamrocks around the border of picture rust in spots back: written "E.g. 1.00 " in black
1999.060.319 spool white thread spool-total of fifteen yards top "sticker" red with white "Aunt Lydia's" bottom "sticker" white with blue possibley made by: The American Thread Co.
1999.060.320 cup travel retractable cup(metal) wide base-on bottom #1402 three "sections"
1999.060.321 button 12 white plastic buttons sewn to cardboard backing drawing of a park setting with people walking multi-colored
1999.060.322 thermometer thermometer with wood backing metal temperature gauge in Celcius(very worn) blue liquid at top label "S&B N.Y." top on back metal hanging device
1999.060.323 ruler wooden dark ruler that measures up to 6" front: "Brotherhood of American Yeomen" back:"Fraternal Legal REserve Insurance" also totals of dollar amounts
1999.060.324 spatula two identical spatulas A:metal hole in center badly rusted handle white with aqua tip (worn) B: silver metal spatula with in middle handle white with aqua tip
1999.060.325 pliers metal pliers dual handles rust at hinges scratches all throughout
1999.060.326 holder, cigarette cigarette holder and case A: case: green with gold flower border inside: green velvet with imprint of cigarette peice white silk covering at top B:white plastic cigarette holder with thin black band close to bigger end
1999.060.327 knife, pocket pocketknife with blade and screw attatchments plastic wood design on both sides with silver metal "badge" on one side silver metal tipped ends
1999.060.328 knife, pocket dual blade pocketknife with one blade broken off bottom metal tip dark plastic wood
1999.060.329 Lamp brown cord with brown plastic plug in connects to dual lightbulb attatchment with on-off swithc one lightbulb connected(blue) which is covered by a lamshade of: four sides of paper with red border with two women in dresses standing outside sewn together by gold material all along edges of lampshade
1999.060.330 Beater 2 identical pairs of beaters wooden handle at top iwth wooden handle crank on side and middle of object 2 metal beaters interconnected and rusted throughout on circular blade "Ball Bearing LAOD Beater" possible maker, United Royalties Maker
1999.060.331 Pipe smoking pipe mouthpiece black with silver metal connector to brown tobacco holder with metal rim at opening burnt tobacco inside rust and scratches and dents at opening tip of mouthpiece worn heavily
1999.060.332 lock metal lock(square) with red in center cream paint spots throughout two silver skeleton keys attatched by torn white cotton piece key hole at bottom
1999.060.333 Corkscrew silver metal wine/bottle opener three pieces connected 1-bottle opener 2-cork screw 3-second bottle opener one side has "Bottle-Boy" and "A&J" in triangle
1999.060.334 Knife, Pocket pocket knife with blade and screw dark plastic wood on either side with a small silver "badge" on one silver metal tips rust on metal throughout
1999.060.335 Spoon, Serving Two identical serving spoons except of length of handle at end of handle there is a hole scoop part has three "cut out" long vertical holes for possible drainage on back of handles "Diamond Germany"
1999.060.336 eraser typewriter eraser brush black brush with fine bristles connected to metal piece on the metal is Eberhard Faber Comet 1087 round thin flat stone(usewear on edges)
1999.060.337 lid lid top half clear plastic lower half a rim in silver metal
1999.060.338 lid glass lid hexagonal in shape missing "handle" at top pink around edge with white in the middle floral design around the edge
1999.060.339 frame metal frame rigded throughout with raised corners for design maroon in color
1999.060.340 ashtray small circular ashtray thick glass container with a pink hue wire rim with a cigarette rest(gold color)
1999.060.341 holder, napkin gold metal napkin holder round base attatched to square top both sides have floral pattern at top half
1999.060.342 Box, Trinket gold metal rectangular container round base attatched floral pattern on each side
1999.060.343 Opener, Bottle metal bottle opener badly rusted open end handle pronged side opposite a long sharp edge ending in a pointed side
1999.060.344 Coathanger metal portable hanger expandable thin circular ends looped chain with metal ring in center
1999.060.345 pencil pencil with cap dark brown small pencil metal pointed cap with clip attatchment
1999.060.346 Pen black pen with white spots gold metal clip on middle side metal tip with point missing
1999.060.347 fork three identical forks(silver) badly tarnished throughout four prong square plain handle
1999.060.348 knife three identical metal table knives rounded points tarnished throughout handles have scratch marks all over
1999.060.349 Spoon two identical spoons (small) badly tarnished handle:edges raised bumps all along with a pointed end
1999.060.350 Spoon large spoon badly tarnished handle:pointed end with floral pattern along bottom edge
1999.060.351 Knife, Dinner talbe knife, badly tarnished handle:floral pattern throughout all of handle and continues up to first 1/3 of blade
1999.060.352 Knife, Steak knife with metal blade and wood handle slightly pointed end tarnish on blade
1999.060.353 ladle large silver ladle handle has hole at top plain, no design scoop has #45 in black written inside
1999.060.354 Ladle small ladle plain in design handle is curved at top/able to hang up
1999.060.355 spoon very large serving spoon with no design handle has hole at top
1999.060.356 Thimble yellow plastic detachable thimble, connects to bi-level space for thread to wrap around white thread currently wrapped around second level
1999.060.357 Corkscrew wood hadle laying horizontal attatched is a long small thin metal screw-goes vertical
1999.060.358 Padlock small portable lock(unlocked) one side completely covered in paint(white) other side red color showing but the rest is covered in paint key hole at bottom
1999.060.359 box Box (A-C) A: Box metal gold color rust on outside throughout lid: geometric border with horizontal lines in middle bottom: large hole in middle with Cillotto trademark engraved B: Blades L1.5" W1" two identical blades-cut out design in middle blue color with aqua lettering front: "made by Gillette" back: U.S. Patent Nos. and reissue #'s C. silver metal blade L1.5" W1" slight rust spots on both sides made by FAN
1999.060.363 coin metal coin four chinese symbold on one side brown in color in center blue color on outer ring flat and thin but badly worn
1999.060.364 needle, sewing gold needles_multiple sizes inside package package: red with gold and white border and clear plastic at top front showing off needles made by: "British Needle Co. Ltd." Woolco Trademark
1999.060.365 Bag brown paper bag opened at both ends green chinese letters inside at top of bag along with Ting Factory in inside at middle section
1999.060.372 article articles from SunSet Magazine dated Feb. 1933 pages 17-20 lower half of pages are water stained page 17 is end of an article with two sketches of a fireplace and kitchen setting page 18-19 The Kitchen Cabinet" article with seven different receipes for various things on left edge a sketch of wmoan making Egg Noodles right edge: sketch of woman making Tuna Fish page 20 left side an advertisement for a Burnbrite Kerosene right side: "Your Home Questions Answered" article with various questions asked by readers and answered by Sunset Consultants
1999.060.378 book cookbook titled "Seasoning with Secrets for Home Cooking" mustard color cover with drawing of man in chef outfit and women with an apron and dress cooking inside: receipes fro varoius things that all iclude Guldens Mustard 21 pages total back cover: picture of jar of mustard and listing of its awards binding is by two metal staples
1999.060.391 pants metal buttons four of them button down fly right side visible pocket left side "internal" pocket wihite chechered design with brown lines back: right side pocket maker: Angelica Jacket Co. St. Louis, New York(tag with stitching in color of red) size 30 tear on inner left pant leg
1999.060.392 sweater sweater-sleeveless and v-neck blue with dark blue and white triangular design at bottom stitched in tag at neckline in brown " Murray Knit Distinctive Sportwear" badly stained throughout holes along bottom
1999.060.393 shirt, dress dress shirt silk and purple pocket on right side v-neck wiht collar edges are stretched out stains are all over along with small holes
1999.060.394 shirt, dress white short sleeve silk dress shirt v-neck with three metal rings on each side with collar right side has a pocket stains throughout shirt tag has wings and "Gallant Sportwear"
1999.060.395 Shirt sleeveless shirt light brown very worn and dirty tag in green stitching " Laurel" 34
1999.060.396 Cap, Sailor round sailor cap(white) on front is red stitching of chinese edge is a stiff (hard) cotton folded upwards badly discolored
1999.060.397 Undershirt long johns short sleeve long legged underwear seven white plastic button down fitted at ankles tag in blue "Wrights Underwear" with picture of underwear very dirty down all of front side backside: one plastic button closing the opening at rear
1999.060.398 pants checkered pants with black lines one visible pocket on right side three metal buttons with one white plastic button in middle tag alone waist "Angelica Jacket Co." siz 30 back: right side pocket stains along rear area and also along the front
1999.060.399 box, jewelry maroon velvet rectangular jewelry box on top in gold is "Guerlian" price tag on bottom: Bartell Drug Store $30.00 contents: 1. yellow velvet rabbit pouch-missing one red ear 2.white cotton pouch-very dirty and silver hard case with stamp and ink pad inside stamp is yellow plastic with chinese symbols 4.two blue elastic bands with gold metal pieces(adjustable) 5."Dough-Boy" prophylactic in original package 6.lighter fluid flask-silver metal "strikalite and New York" on bottom initials R L carved in front square 7.small yellow plastic tube with white cap-cracked as well silver broken watchband 9.package of Growley's Lion Brand needles 10.yellow plastic ring 11.16 metal snaps for clothing 12. two pair cuff links-both gold metal and circular 13.five orange plastic buttons with silver attatchments 14.five plastic black buttons metal rectangular cufflink with aqua and white design 16.four large yellow die 17.six small square white plastic buttons small die 19.five metal coins of various denominations
1999.060.400 washcloth cotton washcloth(square) pink with white coloring very dirty
1999.060.401 towel, bath bath towel in cream color on both sides "New WAshington Hotel" one side badly stained
1999.060.402 bag, laundry orange laundry bag iwth white drawstring stitched in front in various colors is chinese woman kneeling in a kimono and hat in black down left side is "laundry"
1999.060.403 brace weight lifting wrist belt brown leather two straps that attach to two silver buckles
1999.060.404 thermometer Fahrenheit thermometer within a frame(black metal) shadow of woman sitting in chair knitting and a cat playing with a ball of string a window with orange curtains and a scenery ofa dirt road and sun setting at bottome "Min Hing Knitting Co." from Seattle on back ability to hang on wall with silver metal loop
1999.060.405 hairbrush heavy silver metal brush with brown hard bristles
1999.060.406 frame, picture thin silver metal frame with black cardboard backing and stand clear plastic front cover showing picture of Bette Davis in a white dress with green and black edging (part of the original purchase) on cover black and silver sticker "Chrome Plate"
1999.060.407 Frame, Picture two identical silver painted wood frames stands on base-picture fram moveable wavy design on front edges nails to hold cardboard backing with original purchase came two different pictures of women A: black background with woman in topless top behind a brick wall B: grey background-woman in topless dress with it flying in the wind and resting on a curved wall
1999.060.410 Inkwell blue black ink bottle in original box box yellow and blue made by " Tru-Color" Federal Ink Co. Seattle ink stains in various places bottle: empty with ink stains Tru-Color label on front deteriorated cork with plastic top for cap
1999.060.411 glove gardner gloves white with blue fitted wrists looks like it was hardly used
1999.060.412 necktie brown cotton tie with aqua flowers stitched in
1999.060.413 apron white apron with strings to tie at neck and waist dirty all over middle front with brow stains throughout
1999.060.414 shirt, dress blue striped shirt(longsleeve) four white plastic buttons down front left side upper pocket stained all down middle front sleeves have worn holes tag at neck has initials J.B. written
1999.060.415 shirt, dress long sleeve denim shirt with left front pocket four black buttons down front dirty at back neckline and end of sleeves
1999.060.416 pants green cotton pants five brown plastic button down front two "invisible" pockets in back stains along end of pant legs
1999.060.417 ball, billiard 16 balls of various colors 10 with a large colored stripe 6 completely solid in color each ball is numbered in black
1999.060.418 belt brown leather belt with silver buckle snakeskin design but very worn
1999.060.419 collar nine white collars (attatchable) made by C.W. Ferguson Collar Co. brand name: Slip Easy all sized :14.5 very stiff and formed in shape
1999.060.420 Handle two identical handles for drawers gold metal with one hole in each corner look like a bowl cut in half
1999.060.421 Bottle, Toilet clear glass perfume bottle label upper left corner with a flower and EAU DE TOILETTE Truvy red colored glass stopper
1999.060.422 Gauze partially unfolded white gauze frayed on edges stained through most of gauze
1999.060.423 teacup orange glass teacup with painted purple flowers around the cup very dirty and stained inside cup
1999.060.424 saw small saw thin blade-badly rusted wooden handle
1999.060.425 knife, pocket double blade pocketknife plastic wook like handle with silver metal tip blades slightly rusted
1999.060.426 lock, door five metal gold door locks all with silver skeleton keys on each lock four holes at each corner key hole sticks out
1999.060.427 coin gold metal coin with chinese on both sides square hole in middle
1999.060.428 coin bright gold colored metal coin square hole in middle chinese on both sides but badly worn down
1999.060.429 herbal roots nine herbal roots in a papar bag brown in color thick at top and thins toward the bottom
1999.060.430 pillow brown hard leather pillow in original wrapping black stitching smooth shiny surface wrapping: brown paper blue writing "The Sun Co. Ltd." HOng Kong chinese writing across bottome and edge drawing of flowers in background
1999.060.435 notebook Notebook with envelopes (A-B) A: notebook L6" W3.5" paper lined inside brown cover with a picture of a boy in a grocery store also "Fine Groceries" Flour of all Grades inside notebook: B: evnvelopes L5.5"W2.5" white envelopes with red bar down middle 12 of them
1999.060.436 book Muscular Development Book-title by Earle E. Liederman cover is black background wiht two statues naked and wrestling inside: 64 pages of pictures of muscular men and why you should take instructors course also, testimonies from past clients and what excercise can do for you
1999.060.437 brush, lettering brown writing brush with gold cap white chinese letters at end red label around cap
1999.060.439 notebook two identical all paper notebooks binding by two strings on the left side inside blank pages with red vertical lines a floral design on the inside edge covers are blank
1999.060.443 bag thin paper sack top opening ripped and crumpled front: red chinese with picture of woman in right corner floating on a cloud at top: eagle carrying a string back: two thick edge stains
1999.060.450 coveralls dark denim overalls straps:connected by gold buttons with "Union Made"on them in middle of strap white cloth with red "Far West" and "Union Made" on both ends pants: two large back pockets white exterior stitching pant legs rolled up several times white stains near bottom of flyarea along with a tear fly: three black buttons covered by a denim strap side pocket on left pant leg
1999.060.451 bag brown burlap sack front in blue and yellow Adolphus Long Grain Rice 100bls. net at top of bag in a yellow cloud toward right bottom "Quick Cooking" in all blue at very bottom: "comet Rice MIlls Inc. Houstan, Texas"
1999.060.452 bag A: Rice Bag brown burlap sack in green color: at top: 100 lbs. net at bottom: Comet Rice MIlls, INc. Houston, Texas B: Rice Bag in the middle with a green square backdrop in yellow words: Wonder Rice: in a yellow cloud: A Wonder Product C: Rice Bag Brown burlap. In red and blue: US NO 1 Extra Fancy Pearl Rice Grown in CAlifornia Daikoku Brand North Coast Imp. Co. Trade Mark Reg. 1934
1999.060.453 necktie silk necktie at bottom: V-shaped solid color(grey)design followed by red colored design then a thin solid grey check mark line then followed by the rest of the tie cosisting of the red design
1999.060.454 necktie multicolored necktie frayed in the middle and in other small spots toward the top alternating wide "bands" of red and then thin lines of black, yellow, grey, and black made by Fulops in Northwest Cities
1999.060.455 shirt, dress white dress shirt top and front of shirt completely stained missing all buttons except for top collar button tag in neckline says "RAdio City-Fused do not Starch" second lower tag has "Sanforized" tears on each shoulder folded in original position of purchase
1999.060.456 shirt, dress white with thin red vertical stripes dress shirt six white plastic buttons down front-collar buttoned only still folded collar and stiff sleeve ends stained along neckline at both front folding lines front right pocket tag in neckline has "RT RAFT Shirt"
1999.060.457 shirt, dress light blue dress shirt starched at collar and sleeve ends dark blue vertical lines spaced throughout stitched individual triangles placed throughout right front pocket six plastic buttons with only the collar button butttoned collar very dirty tag in neckline says "Pilgrim Nobility"
1999.060.458 shirt, dress blue dress shirt starched collar and sleeve ends seven white plastic buttons with only top collar buttoned stained along right front folded edge right pocket tag along neckline says "Pilgrim Nobility" thin black and white vertical lines close together with a stitched wavy line down middle of each set
1999.060.459 shirt, dress blue dress shirt folded with blue paper band around top starched collar alternating thin black and white vertical lines right front pocket stained along both folded edges collar badly stained tag along neckline: "RT RAFT shirt"
1999.060.460 jacket navy blue wool jacket six large black plastic buttons going from middle down to bottom two pockets near each sleeve edge two small black buttons tag along neckline says: 100% wool brand name unreadable
1999.060.461 shirt, dress dress shirt starched collar and sleeve ends six white plastice buttons front of shirt completely stained except for a small banded area across top white with dark cream stripes running vertical tag at neckline: "Arrow Made in U.S.A."
1999.060.462 shirt, dress dress shirt with paper band around top band: "Enjoy New Freshness" in blue with scenery of ocean and sail boats shirt: light blue with thin red lines six white plastic buttons down front right side pocket stained completely at front of shirt starched collar tag at neckline: "Arrow Made in U.S.A."
1999.060.463 shirt, dress dress shirt with paper band across top band: in blue "Professionally Laundered" and a pictured of two scientists in a lab shirt: white with close thin blue line (vertical) starched collar six white plastic buttons stained completely on front right side pocket tag at neckline: "Town Topic"
1999.060.464 shirt, dress white plain dress shirt six white plastic buttons starched collar and sleeve ends front top completely stained right side pocket tag on neckline"Van Heusen"
1999.060.465 opener, bottle silver metal bottle opener on handle: No. 39 in triangle- "A&J", "Made in U.S.A." inside handle is corkscrew opposite end: one very small hook on right side left side 1.5" long hook with "oil tempered"on it
1999.060.466 opener, bottle silver metal bottle opener "Nifty" namebrand small corkscrew on one edge opposite end of opener slightly rusted in small spots near end of corkscrew on other side a small hole possibly for hanging
1999.060.467 opener, bottle copper colored bottle opener rounde edges and two flat edges in center of opener corners red paint spots tarnished as well
1999.060.468 tablecloth all white very large table cloth square with double folded and sewn edges
1999.060.470 box box and contents A-F A: box cardbaord rectangular box with lid white but top of lid very dirty side has #1359 contents: B: writing paper blank except for red lines running horizontal C: address book L6"W4" leather cover with a badly worn and ripped pen holder pages are lined with blue thin lines in black ink several addresses along with different names D: Puget Mill Co. receipt L3"W6" three cardboard receipts showing balance owed to Lee You three seperate dates and amounts 1.July 3,1912 $17.67 2. Sep 30,1912 $86.84 3. Aug 31, 1912 $52.84 all from Port Gamble E: Post Card L5.5"W3.5" thick white border with a black and white photo of two couples the women sitting on the men laps background: studio setting of trees each woman is holding a beer bottle on back: blank but with a stamp on left edge of "NOvelty Studios" 1118 1st. AVe. Seattle F: four identical chinese books L7"W4" binding by white string on right side covers are paper with long black outlined rectangular box with chinese inside off to the left
1999.060.471 tablet The WHitehouse Educational System and Natural Movement Method of \ Practical Writing by Silver, Burdette and Co. front cover all writing in middle of sun with rays extending to edge of cover on top right and left side a fancy and large G with IV in center backside: example of lower and upper case cursive followed by examples of how to make natural movement exercises inside: pages of large spaced writing areas with specific sentences to write and room for practice
1999.060.473 paper sealed envelope with photographic paper front of envelope in middle "Solio Paper" manufactured by "the Eastman Kodak Co." along left edge "3.4x5.5" right edge "Two Dozen" back side: green sticker sealing flap with "Lowman and Hanford Co. Cameras and Photo Supplies" a purple stamp: "Emulsion No. 15047 Packed by NO.9h" " this paper will not be replaced for any fault of manufacturer after (in red) NOv. 25,1912
1999.060.474 mirror mirror with silver frame and loop design glass dirty and stained in small spots backing brown cardboard with a silver metal stand and also possible to hang on wall imprinted "Germany" at top
1999.060.475 frame, picture picture frame with two spaces for seperate pictures left one has black and white photo of boy in a white top and grey background frame-green background with white daffodils and leaves border-gold with white lines and single leaf connecting made in germany backing:cardboard with cardbaord stand small metal loop for possibel hanging
1999.060.476 box box and contents A-Z and AA-CC A: box L7.5W5.5 cardboard box with lid white box with green sided bottom edges in black with a white top lid all green with E.and W. in fancy black edges are black also B: ink stick L6.5"W1" black ink stick with white paper wrapped around it with red chinese black chinese means 20 cents C: box L2"W4" silver metal badly tarnished and lide rusted so it won't open on front is paper with red chinese D: writing brushe L4"W.5" plastic wood for handle black pointed bristles blue ink on bottom third of handle tope of handle carve marks E: pencil L2"W.5" red pencil with black stripes and carve marks for sharpening worn and dirty eraser connected to pencil by metal F:pencil holder L5"W.5" gold metal(hollow)with space for pencil silver metal connecting an eraser G:bottle L2.5"W.5" clear glass bottle with cork at top (badly deteriorated) red label in chinese at front H: pin L1"W1" front: in blue "Stand for China" a yellow triangle flag with a blue dragon inside at bottom two chinese symbols back: rusted metal with small pin to be able to attatch to clothing I:coin holder L3"W1" silver metal round with a screw at top on one side two columns of small dots next to a range of dollar amounts from $1.00 to $5.00 on back is "The B and R M'F'G' Co." New York J: pencil sharpener L2"W.5" silver metal shaped to fit directly onto the pencil itself at tip "Eagle Pencil Co." New York K: bracelet 3"x3" wood black with scratch marks throughout at front: wicker(blue) crisscrossed for addes decoration L: coat hanger hook L3"W2" metal with a dark copper look victorial style to hook M: Cuff link set L4"W3" three different back styles of cuff links but all with a white round front attatched to carcboard some cuff links missing in blue" Combination Set" cardboard ripped and folded at bottom N: shoelaces L14"W1" three sets of shoelaces (cotton) one pair black two pair brown ends clasped together by plastic O: bottle opener L3"W1.5" metal with hole at end of handle for hanging at front of opener small pointed tip P: container 1x1" two identical metal but green in color with red writing "Free Sample Satin Shine Cream" writing explaining cream on back and front both very worn and used looking Q:hat pin L3"W.2" long thin gold metal pin with flower at top flower: 10 jewels surrounding one pink jewel R: cuff link 8 cuff links all with white circular fronts and copper backs S: cuff link two white plastic cuff links oval in shape T: tie clip L.5"W1" gold metal with red flower and green leaves at top for design W: buttons 10 plastic buttons white and circular X: cuff link six individual cuff links 1. gold with two red plastic jewels on either side (oval) 2.multy colored design, white, green, grey,(oval) 3.circular silver metal plain top oval plain top 5.circular badly rubbed off black paint top 6.small white and plastic Y: cuff link gold oval metal one with purple plastic jewel in center the other missing jewel Z: tie decoration L2"W1" gold metal bar connected to chain followed by blue plastic oval with a picture of a womans side of head AA: I.D. tag L8"W1.5" brown leather oval end with a metal gold eagle in center BB: coin .5x.5" copper one cent coin one side had indian head with a U.S.A. along edge date of 1907 other side says one cent CC: token 1x1" silver one side: "The Viaduct Saloon Everett" other: "Good for Trade 12.5 cents"
1999.060.477 paper Solio Paper in envelope envelope: Kam Yen, Port Gamble chinese on left side red two cent stamp dated, oct. 1,1912 ripped completely open ot reveal contents: envelope flap sealed to package: "Eastman Kodak Co." with Two Dozen Sheets in brown package on back purple stamp "Emulsion No. 15047 green sticker with Lowman and Hanford Co. 616 1st ave. Seattle
1999.060.478 paper brown package: "Azo" Quick Printing Paper dated June 1, 1913 red sticker on left "Grade E Hard" opened at right with black tissue paper wrapped around two dozen stiff white paper
1999.060.479 frame, picture picture frame with black and white photo of two men standing in traditional chinese wear studio backdrop of countryside and mountains frame: green background with pink roses and leaves in upper left corner and down side a sailboat in water on the lower right corner back: wood like cardboard with a stand and a round metal ring for hanging glass covering picture but not filling up the whoel space
1999.060.480 pillowcase two identical pillowcases plain white stains all over especially along edges blue band with pink and yellow design along both ends also with lacy design and white stitched in flowers
1999.060.481 pillowcase cream pillow case with speckled small brown spots all throughout stamped in black is "Pudget Mills Co. PT Gamble" near edge of pillow case
1999.060.482 necktie brown tie with a square shaped bottom brown palm trees stitched in along with brown dots scattered around
1999.060.483 necktie shoe string like tie (very thin) white background with small black dots all throughout discolored as well
1999.060.484 necktie thin white and blue striped tie thick dark blue band along hte right bottom edge of tie
1999.060.485 hat brown wide brimmed hat with a slight curl upwards wide black band around top of hat leather band around brim inside "Genuine Panama" with symbal in gold on leather L Y L punched into leather
1999.060.486 shirt, dress white silk shirt only half collared pocket on right left sleeve ripped along buttons ripped three buttons down front-bottom one missing
1999.060.487 collar two identical blue silk attatchable collars white stitching both fairly dirty button holes at each end
1999.060.488 Pajamas starched white with thin blue lines night shirt badly discolored all through shirt three buttons down front-bottom button missing tag at neckline-Cluett, Peabody and Co. stamped towards bottom is 6293 14 31 9479
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