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Wing Luke Museum
2001.042.007 CD-ROM CD-Rom of the Seattle Seahawks Commemorative Screensaver: Greatest Moments in Kingdome history. Produced by New Tier Inc.
2001.042.008 Turf fragment Plastic bag with piece of imitation turf and smaller bag of dirt. Label says: "This package contains Authentic Kingdome Baseball Dirt and Turf used in 1999, the final year of stadium operations. Vern Wagner Director. "
2001.042.009 Concrete Fragment Small piece of concrete in plastic bag stapled to a white card. On the card: "Own a piece of the Kingdome!!!" Benefit for ID Intergenerational Commuity building project.
2001.043.001 Print, Photographic Print Digitized video frames and type C Untitled Airplane Diptych
2001.043.002 Print, Photographic Framed black and white photo of a man and a woman looking at the sunset with guard tower in the background.
2001.043.003 Print, Photographic Framed black and white Type R print of three men in a small boat, bow lines above from large ship which one man is painting.
2001.043.004 Print, Photographic Black and white print of African American men in a barber shop.
2001.043.005 Print, Photographic Man looking at his image in a small mirror in his hand. "Meaning is a very individual concept in that everyone's experiences feed into what they see. I'm often drawn to subjects that are outsiders or kind of on the fringe and I think that comes in part to my own personal background and experiences. "I guess my meaning in just creating and trying to make sense of the order of the world - a world that's ever changing and moving... I think a lot of my work is narrative in a way and I guess that's just my way of trying to make sense of the world.
2001.043.006 Print, Photographic Black and white print selinium toned silver gelatin of nude pregnant woman. "There was something great about being behind the camera in looking instead of feeling like people were looking at me. I somehow put myself in the position of being the looker and that meant a lot to me. "The best images come from a very deep place in me. It's like an internal compass that guides me to see something in a particular way. It's just a feeling I get when I see something. It moves me in a particular way."
2001.043.007 Print, Photographic Framed black and white print of woman and a child. "It's always their eyes first. I try to capture something in their eyes into my picture. I love to watch people. I love people, so taking pictures is an expression of my feeling towards people. "I used to work for an American newspaper. They used to have a problem with the way my counterparts and I take pictures - the way I compose frames and the way I use the shadows. They were saying that there was too much negative space. I had a hard time explaining to them that negative space has a meaning too. I thought about the way Japanese art and probably some other Asian art use space. Negative space has more meaning. The emphasis is on simple form.
2001.043.008 Print, Photographic Framed silver gelatin print of a woman reading and her reflection. "There are digital cameras and stuff, which could make photography really easy, but there's always something fun about traditional black and white photography ... the anticipation of what's going to show up in the darkroom. Digital photography is great, but black and white photography is going to be around for awhile. It's an art form and an art form dosen't go away that easily"
2001.043.009 Print, Photographic Framed silver gelatin print of a man with snapshot.
2001.043.010 Print, Photographic Framed color photograph of a group of students waiting in line for a vaccination in Fuji. "I grew up in Michigan, but I was born in Fiji, South Pacific. I spent about three months there just travelling around, taking a lot of photographs. Fiji is a wonderful place, but the Fiji of twenty years ago is no longer there. Part of the photography was trying to capture some of that before it's gone."
2001.043.011 Print, Photographic Ektachrome Transparency/iris print Framed and matted
2001.044.001 Vase White ceramic vase wth tel glaze, plum blossom motif. Images on both sides, one of calligraphy teacher amd one of man being served tea. Chinese mark on the bottom appears to be a Kangxi period reign mark.
2001.046.005.046 Print Silk screen iamge of a camel rider leaving a walled area under a full moon.
2001.046.006 Plaque Stone plaque etched with Chinese characters painted in green and red.
2001.046.007 Plaque Sandstone plaque with seal style Chinese printing and a wood carving of Ancient Chinese tripod vessel. handle of cup is broken off. Chip out of lower left corner.
2001.046.009 Chopper, Food cast iron vessel and cutting wheel for chopping herbs for Chinese medicine.
2001.046.010 Basket Winnoing Basket Round bamboo woven in chevron pattern. Rim of bamboo attached with bamboo stripes
2001.047 Drawing Pencil drawing of Vietnamese boy with bandged arms across his chest. On the back of the card the image was used for is: "Our Government Has Destroyed - our People Must Rebuild, Nguyen Van Troi Hospital Committee. PO Box 22113, Seattle, WA 98122"
2001.048.001 Box, Lunch retro lunch box, Small metal box withr magicians motif. On one side is an image of a Chinese man in a mandarin robe, pigtail, standing on a hand in the clouds. Printed next to it is: "A Gift From the Gods to Mortals on Earth to Amuse and Mystify"
2001.049.001 Coat, Laboratory White lab coat with ADARC logo in blue on the right shoulder.
2001.052 Mandarin Square Mandarin Square Two part front square embroidered with a central image of an egret stamding on a rock near the sea. Various Buddhist and good fortune symbols are around the bird. Along the border are alternating bat and double happiness symbols in blue, black, silver and gold.
2001.053.001 Mortar Suribachi (mortar) and pestle. A: Round glazed brown bowl with ridged interior surface. Chip on rim. B: Tapered wooden pestle.
2001.053.002 Jacket Lion's Club Jacket Long red jacket with black trim, satin black cuffs wiht white poka dot design. Yoshito on front trim in English and Japanese. On the back is embroidered logo of the First Hill Lions Club International - Seattle. Front contains a number of pins, listed as B - O, (jacket is A) a: Jacket b: 100% attendance pin, shape of Oklahoma, 1970-1971 c: 100% attendance pin, shape of Puerto Rico, 1967-1968 d: Small Canadian flag e: 100% attendance pin, shape of Texas, 1968-1969 f: 100% attendance pin, shape of France, 1972-1973 g: Circular pin with white bird under Lions logo, above "Yokohama Honmoku" h: Rectangular pin with checkerboard pattern and flower, Lions log on top-right corner. i: Pin of a yellow animal with a blue scarf, below Lions logo and words " Kennewick Washington" j: 100% attendance pin, shape of Florida, 1965-1966 k: 100% attendance pin, shape of Ohio, 1969-1970 l: 100% attendance pin, shape of New York state, 1971-1972 m: Pin featuring lighthouse with Lions logo and word "Yokohama" n: Circular pin featuring a jet liner with Santa riding on top, reads "Home of Operation Reindeer, Prince George Lions Club" o: Pin of a train with "Osaka" on the front and "Yodogawa" printed beneath
2001.053.038 Shirt Yellow, polyester shirt. Polo style with pocket on left side, over which "Yoshito" is embroidered in purple. Right side has yellow button attached for "First Hill, Seattle" chapter of Lions International. "First Hill" and Lions symbol on back with "Fujii" embroidered underneath, also in purple.
2001.053.039 Roster Roster of Lions Club district 19-b (greater Seattle) in yellow binder, no specific date given (likely 1983-1984). Contains names, phone numbers, and addresses of all members.
2001.053.041 Decal Lions International member decal with seal of Lions.
2001.053.042 Hanging Ten red hangings in the shape of shirts, Lions logo and "First Hill, Seattle" printed on each one in blue and yellow. Each is supported by a wood rod and gold-colored string. (a-j)
2001.053.053 Poster First Hill Lions Annual Las Vegas Night Poster
2001.053.054 Pin Small gold-clored pin in shape of Illionis. Lions logo, Illionis seal, and "1974-1975, 100% attendance" on front. "Johnny Balbo, Int'l Press" on back.
2001.054.001 Coat Kashiwagi Coat
2001.054.002 Scale Metal hanging scale and tin pan
2001.054.003 Bag, Duffle Green duffle bag with Matsuoka written on the side in paint.
2001.054.004 Bag, duffle Green duffle bag with tag for destination in Montana
2001.054.007 Sign wooden sign from Internment Camp "Takekawa No. 5"
2001.057 Hagoita Wood Hagoita (battledore) On one side are painted leaves and flowers. On the other side is padded cloth and painted paper image of Japanese dancer. Handle is wrapper in rust colored corderoy. Original (?) celeophane stained, removed from piece 10/10/2006. The wood is cracked completely through on the right side. Battledores such as this are used as decoration during New Year's and are displayed in the tokonoma.
2001.059.001 Cleaver Chinese hand cleaver
2001.060.001 Cleaver One 8" Chinese cleaver. Rectangular blade with wooden handle.
2002.004.001 Magazine 16- Chinese Language Novels/Magazines 16- Chinese Language Southern Screen Magazines, 1967-70 28- Miscellaneous Hong Kong Movie magazines
2002.005 Bottle 21 - glass bottles, tapered necks, screw tops.
2002.007 Pin Round metal button pin with single spike. White background with "Jap Hunting License Open Season No Limit" in red.
2002.009.001 Robe Blue silk gauze Chinese summer court robe; Qing
2002.009.002 Jacket Black silk narrow sleeved woman's upper garmant; Qing
2002.009.003 Robe Dark blue silk cape (Dou bo) embroidered with fur lined hood.
2002.009.004 Table Folding wood table Eight sided table hinged at joints. Separate top. Painted black and ochre. Images of Southeast Asian dancers on each side; the top has royal audience watching dancers. Top had at one time been glued to base and glue remains.
2002.009.005 Parasol Bamboo and Oiled Paper Parasol Black lacquered ribs and black paper.
2002.009.006 Runner, Table Silk Embroidered Table Runner Black border with blue interior with embroidered peonies in blue and pink.
2002.012.007 Baseball Two major league baseballs One has the Seattle Mariner Logo and One has a photo of Ichirio Suzuki Still unopened in the original box
2002.015.001 Clothes Hanger Wood clothes hanger with metal hook. Printed on the side is "Yoichi Serizawa 56273998"
2002.018 Plane, Block Wood block plane used by Otoichi Yamamoto in Japan and in the United states. Single black of wood with metal blade at 45 degree angle. The owner arrived in the United States in 1915. He had been trained in Japan as a woodworker but did not practice commercially in the US. His wife Shigeyo operated a hotel near the Pike Place market until 1941. Otoichi returned to Japan in 1929 where he died. His tools remained with his family in Seattle. His son Yoshimi donated this one. It was brought in by his sister and brother in law, Mary and Mitsuo Nakanishi. After the start of WW II the family was interned at Minidoka and resettled in the midwest, returning only recently.
2002.020.001 T-shirt 1- red medium size T-shirt made by Abercrombie & Fitch. On the back in white and yellow is a stereotypical characterization of an Asian man with a pizza. Abercrombie's Pizza Dojo, Eat in or Wok Out, "You Love Long Time" and "Call us 1-555-GOO-PEZA" On the fornt is the same logo in upper left.
2002.020.002 T-shirt 1- white large size T-shirt made by Abercrombie & Fitch. On the front in red and blue is "Abercrombie And Fitch Buddha Bash, Get your buddha on the floor." With images of a Bhddha wearing a lay and two Chinese characters.
2002.020.003 T-shirt 1 - large white Abercrobie & Fitch T-shirt. Printed on the back in maroon is: "Wok-N-Bowl, Abercrombie and Fitch, Chinese Food and Bowling."
2002.021.001 Jacket A jade green padded Chinese women's jacket. Designs of dragons and phoenix in the material. Leave shaped frog buttons with snaps underneath.
2002.021.002 Textile Silver gray satin cloth with gold and black floral patters.
2002.022.001 Toothbrush Two bone tooth brushes, A & B, with boar bristles. Each has printed on the handle "Made in China" and in Chinese: Zhong Rong han Chu Pin. Made by the Zhong Rong Co.
2002.024.001 Machine Fortune cookie baking machine, griddle, oven
2002.024.002 Machine, Fortune Cookie Edward Louie Fortune Cookie folding machine
2002.025.001 Loom Taiwanese Aboriginal Backstrap Loom Used by Atayal, Saisiat, Bunun, Tsou and Paiwan of the central mountain region; Ami of the southeasr hilly region; Yami of the BotelTobago Island off the southwest tip of the main island. The loom consists of A: Warp Beam log, L: 31.5"; W: 6.5" B: Cloth Beam, L: 28", W: 1.5" 2 parts. C: Beating Sword, L: 26.5", W: 3" D:
2002.026.001 Tea Set Japanese Kutani Dragon ware European style tea set. Each piece is painted with a scene of a man on a raft on a river with hills and a structure behind him. Rims and handle and lid tops are painted gold. A-J: 5 tea cups and saucers. Each cup has a Lithophane of a Geisha on the bottom. See Notes. K-L: 2 serving plates M: Tea pot with lid N: Creamer O: Sugar Bowl with lid
2002.026.002 Lamp Electric lamp, wood base, shade. The base of the lamp if made up of two Abacus, standing on edge, with a wooden backing. They are held together by brass colored tin at each corner. The bulb housing is made in USA.
2002.026.003 Lamp Rattan based electric lamp with hurricane mantle. Electric lamp with base of hard wood stand, marked :made in Hong Kong" on the bottom. The body is a cylindrical piece of rattan wtih a carved scene on one side. A brass plate covers this with a metal bulb holder above this. There is a tubular tungsten bulb and a separate glass mantle. A burlap shade sits on the mantle.
2002.026.004 Lamp A pair of gold painted plaster cast form electric lamps. No shades. A: Mandarin man holding fly whisk. New wiring and socket. B: Chinese upper class woman holding vase, original wiring and socket.
2002.026.005 Bell Brass bell hanging from a brass stand. Bell has waves along the edge and inscription of dragons. Dragons are etched along the top brass bracket. The stand holds a small brass hammer. "China" is etched on the bottom support bracket.
2002.026.006 Bell Brass bell hanging on brass stand. Two cranes with grill work between them hold the bell suspended by a wire, not the original. The bell striker if missing and the holder for the striker has broken off. "China" is stamped on the bottom.
2002.027.001 T-shirt Four T- Shirts from the Amy Yee Tennis Classic Tournament. A: White with red, black, green graphics, XXI Amy Yee Tennis Classic, 2000. B: White with green and black graphics, 20th Amy Yee Tennis Classic. C: White with black graphics, 18th AYTC. D: Amy Yee Tennis Classic Twenty Second Annual Two Thousand One.
2002.028.001 Mortar Round wooden Usu Mortar. Top is carved out to form a bowl. The sides taper towards the bottom. A hand hold is cut into each side. Used to pound sticky rice to make mochi.
2002.028.002 Mallet Wooden mallet Single long handle with perpendicular head attached over the handle.
2002.028.003 Steamer Three round steaming boxes with mats and a lid on a wooden base. A: H: 3"; L: 18"; W: 14", The base has a ring for the boxes to sit on; four legs to hold it over the pot of water; and a vent pipe to one side. A separate metal trivit (F) sits on the bottom. B - D: Siero H: 5.5" Dia: 12" Each box is lashed and screwed together with a separate round woven mat on a wood lattice. Each fits over the other. E: Lid, H: 3"; Dia: 12.5" single round piece of wood with two separate parallel supports.
2002.028.004 Chest of Drawers
2002.028.005 Chest of Drawers
2002.028.006 Chest of Drawers
2002.028.007 Chest Of Drawers
2002.028.008 Desk Wooden desk Desk has a small rise back board. It has three 12" drawers to the left and a top drawer and three 7" drawers to the right. B: A small bench H: 18"; W: 19"; D: 13"
2002.028.009 Screen Tsuitate room divider screen Wood frame and panel. The panel has caved Kanji and orchid images. Around the panel in red is a thunder line motif. On the front of the panel the Kanji may be translated as "Spring Breeze; rain brings forth flowers as well as causing them to melt into the earth. We were friends once, but are now enemies. Everything in the world is like the flowers" On the back are two seal style characters referring to longevity. The top decorative beam is broken into two parts and the panels were not in the frame when it was donated. Some cornices are also held in place by cotton thread. A small carved gourd may be part of the piece.
2002.028.010 Screen Tsuitate room divider screen Wood screen with single piece panel. The panel on the front has carved running style kanji painted black and floral etchings painted green.
2002.028.011 Painting Framed Oil painting Mountain scene.
2002.031.005 Lamp Table Lamp
2002.031.007 Embroidery Framed Embroidery 4 - panels each representing a season.
2002.036.001 Box Clear plastic Chinese food take out box with fortune cookies. Fortune cookies removed. Color paper label: "Mr. Chews Famous 40th Birthday fortune Cookies." with racist stereotypical image of Chinese man. Manufactured by Brainstorms.
2002.038.003 Paper Weight Clear acrylic regtangular brick with blue image of the Seahawks Stadium and date: July 19, 2002
2002.041.001 Incense 27 sticks of Chinese incense.
2002.041.002 Incense 5 sticks of Chinese incense, red and white stripped sticks.
2002.041.003 Incense 2 sticks of Chinese incense, in red envelope with gold lettering.
2002.041.004 Incense Incense in plastic package, Chai Sing Brand, Thailand.
2002.041.005 Incense 2 packages of incense in red paper envelope package with gold lettering. "Chun Lun Hing, Dealer in Best Quality Joss Stick, Made in China"
2002.041.006 Incense 3 - bundles of incense in yellow envelopes.
2002.041.007 Incense Incense stick bundle in white paper wrapper with black Chinese print.
2002.041.008 Incense 10 - packs of incense sticks wrapped into one large bundle wrapped in orange paper with color label: "Chun Lun Hing, Dealer in Best Quality Joss Stick, Macao China"
2002.041.009 Incense 10 oz. package of Incense in white wrapper with green label: "Chan Lun HIng Joss Stick, Macao China"
2002.041.010 Incense Box of incense coils Octagonal shaped box with red paper label. "Precious Tripod Brand" "China National Native Products, Amoy Office" Price sticker in bottom: "$1.49"
2002.041.011 Incense 5 - incense sticks covered in wax, red with painted designs.
2002.041.012 Chopstick Package of black chopsticks. Chopsticks wrapped in red string. Package has dirty white paper with plant fiber lashing.
2002.041.013 Chopstick Chopstick bundles 4 - bundles of black chopsticks
2002.041.014 Chopstick Miscellaneous chopsticks A: L: 10.25 Black with squared ends. B: L: 11.5 Black with squared ends. C: L: 11.5 Black with carved twisting and cylindrical shape. D: L: 11.5 Black carved twisting, cylindrical shaped. One broken.
2002.041.015 Cards A Box of Chinese Character Cards - Flash Cards Sets of thin paper each with a different character in black ink. Used to learn Chinese characters.
2002.042.001 Spoon A,B,C: Three hand painted soup spoons with gold trim. Each has an image of a woman in traditional Chinese clothing.
2002.042.002 Spoon 10 white ceramic Chinese soup spoons.
2002.043 Costume, Dragon Dance Large Dragon head and body. Dragon dance head of bamboo frame covered with fabric. Body has bamboo ring frame with multi-colored fabric shell. Paper fins in SHELF BOX 126
2002.045.001 Textile Laotian cloth, typically made into women's garments.
2002.045.002 Textile Laotian cloth typically made into women's garments.
2002.046.001 Story Cloth Hmong Story Cloth This maroon cloth with gray diamond border and color story is titled "Yao Took Money From Monkey" was purchased at the Pike Place Market from Chia Thao. This cloth is typical of textiles Laotian-Hmong women began to make when they lived as refugees in camps in Thailand and continue to make as settled immigrants in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Paj ntaub - a phrase that means "flower cloth" and is pronounced "pandoa" dates back 2000 years. It encompasses embroidery and applique, often featuring geometric designs and sometimes depicting animals or other creatures. Story cloths began as an effort to tell traditional stories using pictures and then evolved into a textile form based on the earlier Paj ntaub form.
2002.047.001 Painting Water color, matted and framed Dessert mirage
2002.047.002 Bowl Ceramic bowl with metallic glaze
2002.047.003 Bowl Ceramic bowl with metallic glaze
2002.048.001 Doll Japanese Boy's Day Doll Kato Kiyomasa on black wood stand with tiger and a tree.
2002.048.002 Doll Japanese Boy's Day Doll Empress Jingu Takenouchi No Sakune Empress Jingu and her general. Baby Ojin is missing Gofun on empress cracked. Boot on Takenouchi cracked. 1 - hat.
2002.048.003 Doll Japanese Boy's Day Doll Musicians Man on one knee and a woman playing the drum.
2002.048.004 Doll Japanese Boy's Day Doll Theatre Scene Woman in green and orange Kimono with flowers. Man standing next to her. Tori gate behind him.
2002.048.005 Doll Japanese Boy's Day Doll Dance Scene Woman holding fan and man holding parasol. Flowering tree between them.
2002.048.006 Doll Japanese Boy's Day Doll Dancers Two women dancers with paper butterfly wings on their backs.
2002.049.001 Puppet, Hand Male Chinese Cantonese wire rod puppet. Head is molded clay, solid torso of wood, cloth upper arms and legs and carved wooden forearms, hands, lower legs and feet. Cloth covered shoes. Operated from behind with rods extending horizontally from the puppet's waist and hands. Head is a separate piece. Male has a pink face, que, white silk gown with embroidered dragon robe design.
2002.049.002 Puppet, Hand Female Chinese Cantonese wire rod puppet. Head is molded clay, solid torso of wood, cloth upper arms and legs and carved wooden forearms, hands, lower legs and feet. Cloth covered shoes. Operated from behind with rods extending horizontally from the puppet's waist and hands. Head is a separate piece. Female has white face, painted black hair, teal silk gown with embroidered design. Stamped on the bottom of her foot is "CHINA"
2002.050.01 T-shirt Racist Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt depicting stereotypical images and wording, "Pink Pagoda Sushi Bar"
2002.051.001 Box Ox horn "hwagak" oxtagonal lidded box. Burnt orange with animals, flowers and scholars painted on the panels. The horn if flattened by peeling the horn into sheets, steaming and flatened. The pieces are affixed to a wooden box.
2002.054.004 Chest Of Drawers Small wood dressing bureau made at Minidoka Internment Camp.
2002.054.005 Table Small wooden table made at Minidoka.
2002.054.006 Suitcase Woven reed suitcase with zig zag design Two part container one fitting over the other. Written on the case is: "H. Mizoguchi, 12170 (Illegible)" and in Japanese along the side.
2002.054.007 Geta One pair wooden geta shoes with padded gray crushed velvet toe holds, attached through three holes in the sole and tied across the back and with a metal plum blossom piece in the front.
2002.054.008 Geta Geta Pait of wooden geta with brown patterned crushed velvet toe holds. The toe holds are attached underneath.
2002.054.010 Obi Muliticolor Obi with illustrations of chrysanthemums on outside and lined with yellow silk brocade.
2002.054.011 Obi Green orange and gold brocade obi with chrysanthemum motif. Hemed seem coming undone.
2002.054.012 Undershirt Undershirt for a kimono. Silk with peach color collar and red long sleeves.
2002.054.013 Kimono Purple, orange, green silk girl's kimono.
2002.054.014 Kimono Men's cotton gray and black with tan pinstrips kimono. Lining is white cotton, dirty and yellowed.
2002.054.015 Kimono Men's cotton pinstrip black kimono.
2002.054.016 Kimono Men's silk kimono, black with woven white design.
2002.054.017 Kimono Men's silk brown and tan striped kimono with black lining.
2002.054.019 Tabi Two pair of tabi A: white cotton with brass clasps. B: white cotton, worn and yellowed, with brass clasps.
2002.054.18 Dress 4 - girl's dresses. Silk dresses, two pink and two peach.
2002.055.001 Box Frozen Food Box - Kubla Khan Frozen Shrimp Curry Rice by Kubla Khan Food Co. Portland OR
2002.058.009 Bag Tan sports bag made at REI for Connie So's husband Brett Eckelberg by Mrs. Chee Lam.
2002.058.010 Thermos Orange and tan plastic Thermos brand food container for taking hot food. In this case it was used as a "Rice Packer" before microwave ovens.
2002.058.011 Jacket Polar fleece pullover jacket. Multicolored long sleeved fleece pullover made by Big Yin Woo So.
2002.058.012 Jacket Polyester lined ski jacket. Brown and tan.
2002.058.013 Vest Red fleece vest. Red vest with teal interior lining.
2002.058.014 Blanket Light blue fleece baby blanket with dark blue edging.
2002.058.015 Jumper Light blue baby jump suit with hood.
2002.058.016 Gown Maroon and white gown Brides maid gown with white collar and maroon body.
2002.059.002 Jacket Shiny blue padded ski jacket with zipper, a gold embroidered star on the lapel, Roffe label and United Garment Workers of America label.
2002.060.002 Jacket Navy blue nylon buttoned padded jacket
2002.061.005 Jacket Green padded down jacket, with faux fur lined hood.
2002.062.002 Vest Purple polar fleece vest with black piping and Olympic Uniforms label.
2002.063.002 Jacket Black and Blue fleece pullover jacket. "Dynamic" across the upper left collar. Thaw brand, subsidiary of REI.
2002.064.003 Coat Purple padded coat with hood. LL Bean label.
2003.005.001 Hat Split bamboo woven conical hat of two tomes of reed. Woven into the design is "Gui Lin" and "Shan Shui"
2003.005.002 Hat Woven split bamboo hat Woven so small spikes are created with each round of weaving. alternating band is dyed pink. Covered by shellac.
2003.010.001 Painting Watercolor painting on paper attached to backing board on a canvas covered wood panel.
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