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Wing Luke Museum
1900.2546 Wini Jones, vice presdent of design and development at Roffe Skiwear, has been appointed to the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Skiwear Designer's Invitation to Fashion Council is Fitting Kirkby November 19, 19 Seattle Times
1900.2547 Sunset Sportswear is merging with two separate corporations - Tacoma Western and Seasons Four Sportswear. Sportswear Firm Reports Mergers, Reorganization June 23, 1971 Seattle Times
1900.2548 Fred Henrickson has been elected as president of Sunset Sportswear, Inc. President Named December 28, 19 Seattle Times
1900.2549 Sun Bock, the first principal of the Chinese Language School died of cancer at the age of 83. Sue Bock Headed Chinese School October 17, 198 The Sun
1900.255 On Hmong Culture 4/23/81 Christian Science Monitor
1900.2550 Demetre Sweater Co. will sell their clothing during Seattle Preline. News article and photograph. Manufacturer Shows off His Kanck for Knits at Preline Huston June 4, 1988 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2551 The United Garment Workers union had ratified a new thrre-year contact. However, Chinese workers feel like they are excluded from contract decision making because they they do not understand English. Do Garment Workers Understand Their New Contract? Sako July 1979 International Examiner
1900.2552 Article Skyway, a Seattle luggage company contracts with a Mexican company Petascas y Baules to produce luggage. Skyway In Mexico Burchard, Boyd October 6, 1969 Seattle Times
1900.2553 Article Bernice Walton has worked for Skyway Luggage for forty (40) years and a union rep for the last 25. Carrying On - Meet a Union Rep Who Loves Her Company Duncan, Don September 15, 1 Seattle Times
1900.2554 Article Sweatshops exist in the United States and the Department of Labor does not have enough inspectors to track them down. Sweatshops Who's Sewing? May 1996 Consumer Reports
1900.2555 The Pacific Trail company has tranformed from a small company owned by Larry Mounger to the leader of jacket production in the Pacific Norhtwest. (news article, photograph of Larry Mounger and style committee) Small Businesses Don't Stay Small Robinson March 16, 1952 Seattle Times
1900.2556 Article The Seattle Chinese Media Committee was granted 200 dollars by the United Garment Workers union to translate its three-year contract into Chinese. However, the Upholsters' International Union, Local 6, has not yet responded to the request by the Seattle Chinese Media Committee. Garment Contract Requested by Chinese Media Committee November 1976 International Examiner
1900.2557 The Chinese Media Committee plans to translate the three-year contract of the United Garment Workers union and distribute it to the Chinese workers. Garment Contract to be Translated Chew August 1976 International Examiner
1900.2558 Article Outerwear clothing manufacturer Pacific Trail has announced that it has bought ski wear company Roffe and California company Moonstone. Pacific Trail Buys Ski-Wear Makers Mulady, Kathy August 7, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2559 Article Seattle Quilt Manufacturing Co. Building is going to be redeveloped for office/residentail/retail use. This project is estrimated to cost 2.75 million dollars. Old Quilt Factory Getting Face-Lift August 9, 1981 The Seattle Times
1900.256 William Lee A Seattle Chinese Elder Scaylea 1/20/63 Seattle times
1900.2560 Article It is hard for home-sewing contractors and factory workers to be ensured that they are paid fair wages and work in decent working conditions because of the 'gray areas' in the laws. Some companies in Seattle use homeworkers. 'Gray Areas' Make Enforcement of Labor Laws Difficult Szabo, Liz August 25, 1996 Seattle Times
1900.2561 Article Seamstresses say that manufacturers and contractors have been lowering the wage per hour for the same amount of work. The federal government blames competition in the garment-indutrsy for the lowering of wages. Home Workers Say Pay for Piecework is Dropping Szabo, Liz August 25, 1996 Seattle Times
1900.2562 Article The Senate's Labor and Commerce are investigating whether garment manufacturers are not paying their workers minimum wage. Legislators Scrutinize Sewing Wages Holmes, Stanley August 27, 1996 Seattle Times
1900.2563 Article Most of the sportswear companies in the Seattle and Puget Sound region make their apparel in countries in Asia such as China, Taiwan, and South Koream but working around international trade legislation can be difficult. It's a Chess Game Chasan, Daniel Jack January 1990 Pacific Northwest Executive
1900.2564 Article Vol.7 No. 1, contains 5 articles and a resources page: 1. Resist the FTAA- the Latest "Race to the Bottom" 2. Vietnamese Guest Workers on American Samoa Struggle to Win Justice Over Slave-like Conditions 3. Mexican Workers Sewing for Nike, Reebok, and Universities Stand up for their Right to Form Independent Union 4. During Holiday Shopping Season, Los Angeles Garment Workers Quickly Win Major Settlement Against XOXO for Sweatshop Abuse 5. Resources 6. The Garment Worker Center Celebrates its Grand Opening Sweatshop Watch, Vol. 7 No. 1 Bas, Nikki Fortunato, ed. Spring 2001 Sweatshop Watch
1900.2565 An GAP sweatshop campaign. GAP Campaign Update. What's Going on with the Gap Anti-Sweat Campaign? Salazar, Leila November 15, 20 Global Exchange
1900.2566 Article An article summarizing the history of the garment industry in the U.S., the reasons why manufacturers to move their factories to export-processing zones, and the patterns of the garment industry and sweatshop production. The Shirt on Your Back: Immigrant Workers and the Reorganization of the Garment Industry Petras, Elizabeth McLean Spring 1992 Social Justice
1900.2567 Article An encyclopedia article that gives a brief history of clothing, the types of clothing, and the reasons why people wear clothing. Clothing Martin, Richard 2001 The World Book Encyclopedia
1900.2568 Article Describes the rise of the Seattle fashion industry, which focuses on sportswear. The end of the article is missing. Seattle's Apparel Industry Making Fashion History Brown, Maggie September-Octob Tradelines
1900.2569 Article Because of its proximity to Asia, the Port of Seattle serves as the location of forty (40) headquarters of sportswear and outerwear import companies. The article describes the process of designing products and getting them manufactured in different parts of Asia. Apparel Importers Take Advantage of Seattle Shortcuts Johnson, Bruce September-Octob Tradelines
1900.257 A Homecoming Without Embrace Suttle 8/28/95 The News Tribune
1900.2570 News article; Two historic buildings in Seattle, the 80 South Jackson Building and the Seattle Quilt Manufacturing Co., are being renovated. Some Lofty Ideas Brown March 6, 1983 Seattle Times
1900.2571 Article News article; Hong Kong is the location of many American-based clothing companies, including Seattle's Generra Sportswear. Made in Hong Kong Katz, Dean June 19, 1984 The Seattle Times
1900.2572 Article Seattle sportswear companies like Pacific Trail and REI are outsourcing manufacturing to Asian countries. Roffe is one of the few companies that still manufactures locally. U.S.A. is Gone From Firms' Labels Katz, Dean June 19, 1984 The Seattle Times
1900.2573 Article Gives a detailed explanation of the apparel and textile industry, factors affecting this industry growth, trends of this industry during the past decade, and grwoth projections of this industry. Apparel and Fabricated Textile Products 2000 U.S. Department of Commerce/International Trade?
1900.2574 Article Gives a summary of the history and development of the clothing industry in the United States, especially in New York, and the history and development of the clothing indtustry in Western Europe Clothing Industry Smith 1950 The World Book Encyclopedia 1950 ed.
1900.2575 Article Lead by the group United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS), college students at more than 175 schools are putting pressure on their colleges to force the clothing companies colleges work with to overhaul their practices. Making Them Sweat Marklein, Mary Beth April 13, 2000 USA Today
1900.2576 Article While many outdoor companies are moving their manufacturing factories to Asia and switching to cheap labor, the Seattle-based company, C.C. Filson Co. only manufactures its clothes in the U.S., with no overseas contractors, and using all natural fibers. Change Its Clothes? Never! Erickson, Jim 1988 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2577 Article One of Seattle's leading Preline Manufacturers, Shah's Safari Inc., was founded by three borthers Akhil, Raj, and Amit Shah. A Family Affair Kirkby, Marilyn July 14, 1988 The Seattle Times
1900.2578 Article Shah Safari Inc., is at the moment the largest supplier of boy's and men's in the United States and plans to make great business at Seattle Preline. Seattle Shirt Company Succeeds Where Others have Washed Out Huston, Barbara 1988 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2579 Article Follows the manufacturing and shipping of Generra shirts, to illustrate the trade relations and routes between Asia and the Pacific Northwest. Little Boxes, Big Impact Corr, O Casey April 7, 1991 The Pacific Rim
1900.258 Found: Friends, Fragments of Lives Lost but Never Forgotten Kremer 8/28/95 The News Tribune
1900.2580 Article The Seattle Quilt Manufacturing Company makes quilts, bedspreads, bedroom curtains, and pillows. "Sweet Dreams" that Come from a Seattle Factory Ferriss, Marion O November 9, 193 The Seattle Sunday Times
1900.2581 The Dagg-Derneden Company is shipping its shirts to the West and even to Minnesota, and other Midwest and Eastern states. Entire West Buys Seattle-Made Shirts February 5, 192 The Seattle Daily Times
1900.2582 Article The Seattle-based dress company, Baxley Dress Manufacturing Company is one of the most successful dress companies in the US. 6 Dresses a Minute; 3000 a Day! May 19, 1929 The Seattle Sunday Times
1900.2583 Article The Seattle-based company, Seattle Glove Company makes gloves especially for working men and housewives to protect their hands while working. Giving the Working Man Housewife a Big Hand Ferriss, Marion O August 17, 1930 The Seattle Sunday Times
1900.2584 Article While the garment industry is shrinking nationally, in Washington, this industry is growing as a result of the use of low-paying garment factories and sweatshops. Sweatshops of the Great Northwest Peck, Kraig January 16, 197 Northwest Passage
1900.2585 Article At the Thaw Corporation, close to 100 employees were laid off, and Asian employees were the most affected. Garment Workers Laid Off Chinn, Karen May 15-June 15, International Examiner
1900.2586 Article Because many Asian garment workers do not understand English, they do not have a chance and are unable to work for other jobs in America. Workers Face Language Barrier Chinn, Karen May 15-June 15, International Examiner
1900.2587 A list of the top clothing manufacturing companies in the Puget Sound area. Puget Sound's Top 20 Clothing Manufacturers and Importers Denne, Lorraine 1988 Puget Sound Business Journal
1900.2588 Article The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) investigates a complaint to the United Garment Workers Union in denying Chinese speaking union members from participating in union meetings. NL:RB Investigates Garment Union Chew, Ron June 1976 International Examiner
1900.2589 Article The Seattle's Women Commission investigates a complaint from a Chinese women worker denied the opportunity of a translator at a union meeting. Women's Commission to Investigate Garment Industry Chew, Ron July 1976 International Examiner
1900.259 Seafair Events will Spotlight Community 7/1/53 International Community News
1900.2590 Article Clothing company Black Manufacturing Company is one of the leading clothing companies in Seattle. Stitching Dollars to Seattle's Payroll September 25, 1 The Seattle Times
1900.2591 Article Several museums interested in moving into Union Station, including Wing Luke Museum, the Burke Museum, the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), and the Washington State Historical Society. Museum mall eyed for Union Station site Gelernter, Carey Quan February 16, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.2592 Booklet Booklet; Gives a biography of Paul Horiouichi (1906-1999) and photographs of his paintings. Includes a selected bibliography The Light from Within - Following the Art of Paul Horiuchi Nakane, Kazuko International Examiner and Museum of Northwest Art
1900.2593 News article; a collection of 13 essays on world politics in the Asian perspective, a summary of few essays, critique. 'Can Asians Think?' is Provocative Takami April 14, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2594 News article; summary of the book 'Fox Girl' and critique. 'Fox Girl' is Brutally Honest Kirchner April 14, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2595 News article; There's a national trend that elderly Asians are no longer living with their adult children, a break from the culture status quo. Culture Shift Strains Social Services Ho April 3, 2002 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2596 Essay; an analytical study of Chinese Americans. Chen-Chun Alice Lin Nomura Autumn 2000
1900.2597 Feng Shan Ho was living in Vienna in 1938 when the Holocaust happened. He helped the Jews by issuing Chinese entry visas to Jews. Mainer Helps Honor Father as Holocaust Rescuer Goldstein July 2001 Points East
1900.2598 News article; a museum in St. Louis founded by the Pulitzer Foundation of the Arts contains only art paintings and nothing else. 'Un-Museum' Celebrates Art - Without the Extras Simon, Stephanie February 3, 200 Seattle Times
1900.2599 The My Lai massacre told from the persepctive of an American soldier Larry Colburn who helped stopped the massacre. The Choices Made - Lesson From My Lai on Drawing the Line Colburn March 10, 2002 The Seattle Times - Pacific Northwest
1900.260 Angel Doniego charges police beat him. Filipino Community Activist Sues Police Department Laranang 7/1/77 International Examiner
1900.2600 Article Brief history of 'dim-sum' and yum-cha', where to eat 'dim-sum', some famous 'dim-sum' dishes, and tips on eating dim-sum. Touching the Heart's Delight Allchin, Catherine M March 3, 2002 The Seattle Times - Pacific Northwest
1900.2601 Brochure; biography of Manjiro Nakashima. Manjiro - the First Japanese Person to Live in America Town of Fairhaven Office of Tourism
1900.2603 Tuba is the Filipino wine extracted made from coconut. City of Dipolog: Tuba - the Filipino Wine Kadusale
1900.2604 Biography of Nhia Yia Heu, a master of Laotian Hmong basketmaking. Hmong Master Basketmaker - Part I: His Life and His Way of Life are Threatened Berg and Berg Spring 1988 Basketmaker
1900.2605 A history of a creature in Chinese folklore called Qilins, and silver Qilin aritfacts made during the Qing dynasty. Qing Dynasty Silver Ailins Duda 1999
1900.2608 Catalog pack; catalog of Smithsonian Instituion Traveling Service exhibitions Update Catalogue of Exhibitions 2000-2001 2000-2001 Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition SE..
1900.2609 Women pilots gatthered in Seattle to attend the quarterly session of the Northwesst section of '99'. Women Air Pilots Meet 1940 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.261 Background of Washington State Chinese Immigrants for play " The Dance and the Railroad". Mountain of Gold Mayo 11/1/84 Arts Line
1900.2610 Booklet; All about Japanese-American internment during World War II. Includes a poem, background, important dates, Executive Order 9066 Japanese American Day of Remembrance February 19, 19 Day of Remembrance Curriculum Committee
1900.2611 News article; the Seattle Times apologized that its headline regarding Olympic skaters Sarah Hughes and Michelle Kwan may have been offensive to Asian-American readers. Times Won't Forget Readers' Reminder on Kwan Headline Fancher March 3, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2612 During the late 19th to early 20th century, many Chinese shrimp junks were docked on the San Francisco bay area. A history of Chinese shrimp junks and the Chinese maritime industry. All In a Day's Work - San Fancisco's Chinese Shrinp Junks Muir Summer 2001 Sea Letter - San Francisco Maritime National Park.
1900.2614 News article; Frank Kitamoto, who was 2 when he and his family were ordered to move form Bainbridge Island to Manzanar and the president of the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community, will unveil a marker in a ceremony to remember the days of Japanese internment. Let It Not Happen Again Ho, Vanessa March 27, 2002 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2615 Interview with trumpeter Cuong Vu. Interview and photographs. Cuong Vu's Travels Bartlett, Andrew March 2002 Earshot Jazz
1900.2616 News article; although many businesses are suffering because of the economy, Bainbridge Gardens owned by Junkoh Harui still thrives. Knowledge Key to Bainbridge Gardens Success Bermant, Charles November 2001 Kitsap Business Journal
1900.2618 Article On November 17, 2000, the Univeristy of Washington Law School Order of the Coif inducted Takuji Yamashita into its honor society. This was the Order's first posthumous award. UW Law School Honors Takuji Yamashita Mamiya, Ron A. January 1, 2001 Northwest Nikkei/North American Post
1900.262 Play about Chinese workers strike of 1867 The Dance and The Railroad Hwang, David Henry 11/1/84 Arts Line
1900.2620 A map of old Japanese districts. Author, source, and date unknown/unavailable. Maps of Old Japanese Districts
1900.2621 News article; the association in the 1910 Hip Sing building hopes to apply for a city-backed loan that would renovate and restore the upper floors for lower-income people, especially after the building was badly damaged after the Nisqually earthquake. Plans Formed to Renovate Quake Damaged Buildings Le, Phuong Cat January 10, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2622 News article; Rick Noji won the 23rd Annual Pasco Invitational Track and Field Meet with a winning jump of seven (7) feet. Noji Flight Sets New Mark Jackson Spring 1984 Washington State Score
1900.2623 News article; Wing Woo was elected as the mayor of Burien, a city where only 7 percent of the residents are Asian American. (contains article, photographs) From Immigrant to Insider in Burien Porterfield May 21, 2002 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2624 A photograph of the Seattle Chinese Community's Girls Drill Team. (contains photo, author unavailable.) Celebrating the Girl Scout World May 20, 2002 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2625 Booklet Membership directory of the Japan-America Society of the State of Washington. Membership Directory, 1990-1991 1990-91 Japan-America Society of the State of Washington
1900.2626 News article; Gurbaj Singh, a Sikh was playing basketball when his kirpan (ceremonial knife) fell. An adult saw the knife and reported to the prinicipal, who asked Gurbaj to hand over the knife. However, the boy refused, erupting a debate of minority r 12-Year Old Bears a Religious Burden Krauss June 5, 2002 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2627 Article After owner Bill Mizuki's death, his family decided to close G. Mizuki Nursery and Landscaping in Rainier Valley. Includes a map of where the Nursery was located and a history of the business. Mizuki Nursery is closing Leff, Marni June 5, 2002 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2628 Interview article; interview of Frankllin Odo, first director of the Asian Pacific American Program. (contains interview and photo of Odo) A Man of Firsts Hong April 18-24, 20 Asian Week
1900.2629 Article Feng Shan Ho was living in Vienna in 1938 when the Holocaust happened. He helped the Jews by issuing Chinese entry visas to Jews. (contains article and a color photo) Tribute to a Chinese man who saved Jewish lives Kim, Gina May 23, 2002 The Seattle Times
1900.263 Program for Presentations. Ron Chew one of the winners. Fourth Annual Asian Pacific Community Voice Awards Takami 5/23/94 International Examiner
1900.2630 Folder; Contains letters, pamphlet, and an agenda of the Organization of Chinese Americans National Convention from July 26-29, 2001. Organizations of Chinese Americans (OCA) packet Summer 2001 Organizations of Chinese Americans (OCA)
1900.2631 Article; critique of the Disney movie Pearl Harbor. Pearls of Wisdom Flynn June 8, 2001 News Notes
1900.2632 Article; a critique of the movie Pearl Harbor in the persepctive of a World War II veteran. Veteran's Say Jensen aprroximately M Entertainment Weekly
1900.2633 News article; Because of the premiere of the movie Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans are worried that old prejudices against Japanese Americans will once again resurface. Backlash Feared Over 'Pearl Harbor' Broom aprroximately M Seattle Times
1900.2634 Email message; OCA is worried that with the release of the movie Pearl Harbor old anti-Japanese American and anti-Asian American sentiments will resurface. OCA Statement on the Upcoming Release of "Pearl Harbor" Organization of Chinese Americans May 18, 2001 Organization of Chinese Americans
1900.2635 Email message; JACL is worried that with the release of the movie Pearl Harbor old anti-Japanese American and anti-Asian American sentiments will resurface. Pearl Harbor Tateishi May 15, 2001 JACL
1900.2636 Article; article previewing the release of the Disney movie Pearl Habor. (contains article and colored photographs) Battle Plans Young aprroximately M Entertainment Weekly
1900.2637 Email message; Asian Americans are worried that with the release of the movie Pearl Harbor old anti-Japanese American and anti-Asian American sentiments will resurface. Hysteria, Hype - Or Just Another Movie? Winfrey May 25, 2001 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.2638 News article; Chinese-American author Lawrence Yep bases his stories on his own life experience as a Chinese-American. Immigrant Experience Goodnow June 11, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2639 News article; a group of Asian American students met with Mayor Paul Schell and police chief Gil Kerlikowske to discuss an allegation of racial profiling by two police officers. Asian-American Leaders, Youths Criticize Official Over Incident Richter July 25, 2001 Beacon Hill News & South District Journal
1900.264 Article A group has formed to assess the Jackson Street area 'Operations Crossroads' Making History; Community Planning to 'Face-Lift' Area Feb. 24, 1955 International Community News
1900.2640 Colored article; an article about 2 generations of Tibetan familes and how they managed to preserve their Tibetan culture despite living in the United States. Treasured Lives Bock, Paula May 6, 2001 Seattle Times - Pacific Northwest
1900.2641 News article; during the Seattle International Festival, there will be a tribute to Oscar-winning cinematographer James Wong Howe (1899-1976). The Man Who Shot Hollywood MacDonald May 23, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2642 News article; the Silk Road Project is a a musical project directed by Yo-Yo Ma that combines styles, instruments, and music in Eurasia. The Silk Road Project Bargreen May 5, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2643 News article; an article about two high school friends, one Caucasian and one Japanese-American, that have stayed friends during the events of World War II and Japanese internment. True to Their Values, True to Their School, True to Their Friendship Stripling May 5, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2645 News article; preview of Ping Chong's puppet play called "Obon: Tales of Rain and Moonlight." (contains article and several photos and pictures) Dance of Puppeteers Berson, Misha May 10, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2646 Opinion news article; Over the years, more and more Asian Americans are participating in professional sports and as a result, more and more people are accepting the diversity, especially in Seattle. However, there are still discrimination, as with Aberc Racial Mojo Wong May 19, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2647 A program for the Asian Pacific American Community Voice Awards ceremony. Contains agenda; letters from the state governor, county executive, and mayor; list of sponsorers; and awards profile. Asian Pacific American Community Voice Awards May 2002 International Examiner
1900.2648 Short biography of Shan-Tung Hsu, the founder of Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute of Seattle, Washington, USA and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Author, source, and date unavailable. Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute n/a n/a n/a
1900.2649 News article; Kwan Fai "Willie" Mak was spared from death sentence after the murder of 13 people in Wah Mee gambling club in 1983. Mak Spared Death for Wah Mee Killings Johnson April 30, 2002 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.265 Carlos Bulosan, Chin Gee Hee, Robert Chinn, Ruby Chow, Tsuguo Ikeda, Perter Jamero, Wing Luke, Tomio Moriguchi, Johsel Namkung, Bob Santos, Dolores Sibonga, George Tsutakawa. Eleven People Who Have Contributed to our Local Heritage Hayashi 5/2/84 International Examiner
1900.2650 Booklet; US Census brief of the Asian population in America as of 2000. Contains trends, charts, tables, and graphs. The Asian Population: 2000 February 2002 United States Department of Commerce - United States Census Bureau
1900.2651 Internet article; Despite imrpovements in sports regarding Asian American discrimination, a subtle undertone of discrimination still exists as with the 2002 Winter Olympics. The Emphasis is not on 'Asian' but 'American' Liang May 1, 2002 ESPN
1900.2652 Obituary and brief biography of Dionisio Vargas Corsilles. Dionisio Vargas Corsilles n/a August 30, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2653 Brochure to the The 55th Annual Pacific Northwest History Conference. Includes list of sponsors, registration, and schedule. The 55th Annual Pacific Northwest History Conference n/a April 4-6 2002 Washington State Historical Society
1900.2654 Pamphlet; description of the book 'Mukashi Mukashi Long, Long Ago' describing the history of the Seattle Buddhist Temple. Mukashi Mukashi Long, Long Ago n/a n/a Seattle Buddhist Temple
1900.2655 Pamphlet; breif descriptions of the Western Museums Aassociation (WSA) and membership benefits. Membership & Benefits Western Museums Association n/a Western Museums Association
1900.2656 Booklet; Tribute to Nhien Nyugen from the staff of WLAM. Includes "articles", and shoutouts. Tribute to Nhien Nyugen WLAM April 1999 Wing Luke Asian Museum
1900.2657 News article; short biogrpahy of Paul Mar. Contains article and a photo. Community Voice Awards Profile Iwamoto, Gary May 1 - 14, 200 International Examine
1900.2658 Brochure; short descritption of the Bainbridge Review and Walt and Milly Woodward and their protest against Japanese internment. Safeguarding Civil and Constitutional Rights For All n/a n/a The Walt and Milly Woodward Fund
1900.2659 News article; Fife High School students honored six Japanese Americans of the class aof 1942 who could not receive their diplomas due to internment. Poignant End to Emotional Year Szymanski January 2002 The News Tribune
1900.266 House of Hong After the Fire Woo 3/7/84 International Examiner
1900.2660 Discussion of the relevance and efficiency of the USA Army. Article suggests that change in the Army is necessary. A Different War Boyer, Peter J. July 1, 2002 The New Yorker
1900.2661 News article; retired Microsoft Executive Scott Oki owns five public and two private golf courses in Lacy, Washington, and two are soon to be renamed. Growing Empire Smith, Craig June 20, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2662 News article; brief biography of statesman Bob Santos. Uncle Bob Beason June 23, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2663 pamphlet; includes schedule and program of the convening, and info about NWAAT including current status, goals, and assessments. NWAAT Community Advisory Convening n/a June 26-27, 200 NWAAT
1900.2664 #Error Most of 60 Stowaways Likely to Seek Asylum Seattle Times
1900.2666 Summer Festival Guide in the Chinatown-Internaitonal District. Summer Festival Guide n/a June 20-July 3, International Examiner
1900.2667 Color photo of an Asian American toddler. Date and article unavailable. Bubbling With Joy German, Kevin n/a Seattle Times
1900.2668 photocopy of a picture ID of Vuong Van Vinh. Author, source, and date unavailable. Copy of a Photo-ID of Vuong Van Vinh n/a n/a ASIAN AMERICANS
1900.2669 Photograph Photo of a Hawaiian dancer. Article, source, and date unavailable. Dancing Queen Conrad n/a n/a
1900.267 Ben Woo and the PDA. There Are More Developments That Need to Be Done in the District Chin 10/19/83 International Examiner
1900.2670 Color photograph of 3 Hmong dancers during the Hmong New Year festival at Seattle Center. Article and date unavailable. Hmong Community Holds New Year Celebration Festival Wurzer n/a Seattle Times
1900.2671 News article; President Bush calls for a United Korea instead of the presently divided North and South Korea. Continuation of article unavailable. Bush Calls for Free, United Korea Fournier, Ron February 20, 20 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2672 News article; Cha and other Hmong farmers in Carnation, Washington are creaitng a new landscape along the Snoqualmie River by planting lfowers and restoring the agriculture in Eastern Washington. Hmong Carving Out a New Landscape Le October 5, 2000 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2673 Obituary; brief biography of Judy Lew, who died April 27 at 89. Judy Lew Worked Tirelessly for Her Kids' Education Blake, Judith Blake May 10, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2674 News article; article about Assunta Ng, founder of local Asian newspapers - Seattle Chinese Post and Northwest Asian Weekly. Making Headlines Duryee, Tricia March 21, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2675 Article Sarah Hughes beat Michelle Kwan in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, winning the gold medal. Hughes good as gold Evans, Jayda February 22, 20 The Seattle Times
1900.2676 News article; More and more young Asian Americans are going to churches, and Asian Americans are planning to found a church for Asian Americans. Ethnic Church Drawing Crowds Tu, Janet I. March 13, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2677 News article; article about local Japanese American sculptor - Akio Takamori. Head Games Wagonfield March 18, 2002 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2678 8-page article on Philipino cannery workers. Includes photos and brief description of several workers, vocabulary terms, etc. Date unavailable. Alaskeros: A Documentary Exhibit On Pioneer Filipino Cannery Workers Bacho n/a ..Local No. 7
1900.2679 Copy of a newsletter from Camp Harmony, one of the many internment camps for Japanese Americans during World War II. The Camp Harmony Newsletter various circa 1942-1945 n/a
1900.268 Resignation of McDonald Sullivan PDA Director Resigns Chew 7/6/83 International Examiner
1900.2680 WASAME: Washington State Association for Multicultural Education Newsletter
1900.2681 Image: Organization of Chinese Americans
1900.2682 American Attitudes Toward Chinese Americans & Asian Americans Committee of 100 January 2001 REPORT
1900.2683 Bearing Public Witness: Documenting Memories of Struggle and Resistance Oral History Association 2001 Program
1900.2684 Mosaic Apartments 2002 Program
1900.2685 On shelf, in holders Summer 2014 April-June San Diego Chinese Historical Society & Museum newsletter
1900.2687 On shelf, in holders ACRS News Asian Counseling & Referral Service Newsletter
1900.2688 On shelf, in holders WestMuse: Western Museum Association Western Museum Association Newsletter
1900.2689 American Attitudes Toward Chinese Americans & Asian Americans1 A Committee of 100 2001 Survey
1900.269 Article Imagine Charlie Chan Delivering A Shakespearean Soliloquy Yamasaki, Sara July 6, 1983 International Examiner
1900.2690 Civil Liberties Celebration: Learning from the Japanese American Experience 2002 Program
1900.270 "One Sense of Beauty" Asian American Artists Exhibit, 1983. Wing Luke Show Demonstrates Diversity of Asian Art Lee, Cherylene July 6, 1983 International Examiner
1900.2700 Enduring Dress of the Miao Rossi 1988 Ornament
1900.2701 Some Curious Japanese Bells Springer 1955 Hobbies
1900.2702 Hmong Clothing Various Various
1900.2703 Various Clippings on Bronze and Betel Various Various
1900.2704 Various Clippings on Korean, Japanese and Chinese Architecture Various Various
1900.2705 Various Papers on Baskets Various Various
1900.2706 Various Papers on Japanese Clothing Various Various
1900.2707 Various Papers on Korean Clothing Various Various
1900.2708 Coins: China and Japan Unknown UnknownZ Eyewitness Book on Coins
1900.2709 Various Papers on Asian Crafts, mostly Chinese Various Various
1900.271 Barry Wong, Newspaper Photographer Fujii 12/1/82 International Examiner
1900.2710 Various Papers on Japanese Dolls Various Various
1900.2711 Various Clippings on Chinese Calligraphy Various Various
1900.2712 Various Clippings on Girl's Day Dolls Various Various
1900.2713 Various Papers on Dragons Various Various
1900.2714 Various Papers on Dong Son Drums in Southeast Asia (Vietnam) Various Various
1900.2715 Article James Sakamoto and the Japanese American Courier A Study In Dualism: James Yoshinori Sakamoto and the Japanese American Courier, 1928-1942 Ichioka, Yuji 1986 Amerasia Journal
1900.2716 Article Male athlete of the year Chad Kodama Making His Mark From the Very Start Smith, Craig June 5, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.2717 Article Los Angeles Dogers Pitcher Kazuhisa Ishii does not create the same buzz as Ichiro Ichiro's Shadow Magnier, Mark July 7, 2002 Los Angeles Times
1900.2718 Article Ichiro: Our favorite Mariner maintains an unusual mystique July/August 200 Colors Magazine
1900.272 Article Chinese American-run small businesses help build strength in Seattle's community. Small Businesses an important part of Chinese Community's Economic Health Sinco, Luis October 8, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.2720 Report Report from the public event on the limitations placed on civil liberties following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack anniversary. Justice For All: The Aftermath of September 11th September 21, 2 Hate Free Zone Campaign for Washington
1900.2721 Thesis The meaning and place of Japanese style gardens created at Internment Camps by Japanese American internees. Gardens Below the Watchtower: Gardens and Meaning in WWII Japanese American Internment Camps. Tamura, Anna 2002
1900.2722 Article
1900.273 Tsue Chong, Mei Mei, Golden Pheasant Co. Chinese or Not, Fortune Cookies are Here To Stay Lee 2/4/84 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.274 Article Community and residential volunteers help bring Milwaukee Hotel up to Fire Code standards. Community volunteers keep Milwaukee Hotel open Iwamoto, Gary October 1977 International Examiner
1900.275 Article The Intellectual Politics of Wing Luke Chin, Doug 10/1/76 International Examiner
1900.276 International District Was a Tideflat Chin 10/1/76 International Examiner
1900.277 Article Peg Marshall, Wing Luke's only director to date has resigned and the museum will seek a new director. Wing Luke Museum director resigns Chew, Ron Oct. 20, 1982 International Examiner
1900.278 Directory of King County Historical Societies and Museums 10/1/77 The Arts
1900.279 English language Nisei Newspaper with stories on the threat of the Chinese Communists. The Northewest Times 1/1/55 The Northwest Times
1900.280 Supreme Court decision outlawing racial segregation of May 17, 1954. Supreme Court Decision Hailed as a Great Historic Event 5/20/54 International Community News
1900.281 The Strength of the Asian American market Mochizuki 7/15/87 International Examiner
1900.282 Article Seventeenth Annual Asian American Artists exhibition at the Wing Luke Asian Museum. Asian American exhibit offers creative mix of works by four individuals Tuchman, Joan July 15, 1987 International Examiner
1900.283 Article Gordon Hirabayashi goes to court to have his record dismissed. 'This is an American battle' Taki, Lori May 16, 1984 International Examiner
1900.284 Article discussing possible reparations for 27 Japanese American women who were forced to fesign from positions as clerks for the school district during World War II. School Board Considers Redress Hayashi, Sumi 4/18/84 International Examiner
1900.286 Ghosts of Childhoods Past Chin 12/15/82 International Examiner
1900.287 Mochi a Traditional New Year's Food Hayashi 12/15/82 International Examiner
1900.288 Gilbert Wong, The Art of Set Design Lau 11/17/82 International Examiner
1900.289 Vera Ing Seeks to Become the First Asian Woman in State Legislature Chew 2/1/84 International Examiner
1900.290 Article A list of 44 Chinese Americans that are key members of the Chinese American community in Seattle. Who's Who in the Chinese Community January 14, 198 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.291 Article Review of Curtis Choy's documentary film "the Fall of the I Hotel" 'I' Hotel Survives On Film Blauvelt, Wm February 15, 19 International Examiner
1900.292 Article Article on the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Visas for Life: The Story of Dr. Feng Shan Ho". Dr. Ho gave visas to Austrian Jews during World War II. Exhibit honors diplomat who rescued WWII Jews Sanders, Eli March 8, 2002 The Seattle Times
1900.293 Bruce and Ju - Chan Fulton, translators of "Wayfarer: New Fiction by Korean Women" Seattle Team Brings South Korean Literature to the World Hai - Jew 9/3/97 International Examiner
1900.294 Article Issues and opinions of redeveloping Holly Park. The City of Seattle plans to redevelop Holly Park, originally a low income housing area, into mixed-income housing. The Redevelopment of Holly Park: The Issues Ritts, Charlie July 16-Aug. 5, International Examiner
1900.295 A. Magazine, Eastern Standard Time, Giant Robot, Transpacific, Yolk, Browsing Asian American Publications Wang 7/16/97 International Examiner
1900.296 Article Chinese American history and culture in Seattle, WA. Includes a look at Chinese culture and the festivals they celebrate. Wing Luke Museum shows Chinese history Wong, Karen C. November 1975 Seattle/King County American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
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