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Wing Luke Museum
1900.160 Pagdiriwang: A Filipino Celebration de Leon 6/8/96 Seattle Times
1900.1600 City Councilwoman Dolores Sibonga seems likely to be named city comptroller. Discussion centers around the process for choosing the comptroller and who will replace Sibonga on the Council. Upcoming City Council Vacancy Stirs Speculation Schaefer, David November 26, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1601 July, August, 1977; Deadline Newspaper
1900.1602 November 1978; Elder Affairs Newspaper
1900.1603 Refocusing: A Conference on Asian Stereotypes and the Media Somlo, Patty August 1983 Report
1900.1604 Report The McKenzie River Gathering is an organization that gathers grant money for to eliminate social inequalities and protect the natural enviornment of the Northwest. It divides this money and grants it to other Pacific Northwest organizations that follow their vision. The Gathering is divided into three groups which meet in Eugene, Portland, and Seattle. McKenzie River Gathering: January 1, 1979 to June 30, 1980 Report June 30, 1980 McKenzie River Gathering
1900.1605 June 1986; Cine Vue Asian Cinevision Newspaper
1900.1606 Committee For Justice for Domingo & Viernes 1987 Committee papers
1900.1607 Philippine Consul Here is Recalled Iritani 1986 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1608 Marcos Friend Asked to Testify in Slayings of Cannery Workers Clever April 10, 1986 Seattle Times
1900.1609 Marcos Asked About Slain Labor Leaders July 15, 1986 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.161 Vietnamese - American Musicians Eight Members of Phu dong Percussion Group 3/22/96 The Pioneer, Bemidji, MN
1900.1610 Where We Stand in America: A Report on Anti-Asian Violence and Anti-Foreign Sentiments Ching Laura August 1984 Organization of Chinese Americans, Inc. Report
1900.1611 Article Momoko Iko's new play "Gold Watch" opens at the Northwest Asian American Theatre. It depicts the events of WWII through the eyes of the Murakami family in Pasco, WA. "Gold Watch" opens at NWAAT Yamagiwa, Jill C. May 4- May 8, 1 North American Post
1900.1612 Lotus Blossom Dosen't Live Here Now Iritani, Evelyn Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1613 Developing Culturally Relevant Services for Minority Elderly Fujiwara, Theresa 1986 Booklet
1900.1614 ILWU Local 37 Lawsuits 1984
1900.1615 Bringing An Industry into the 80's: Affirmative Action in Seafood Processing April 1983 Report
1900.1616 Renovation of the New Central Hotel Burke Associates Report
1900.1617 Article Overview/Timeline of major Asian American events that happened in the 1970s in Seattle, WA. A picture of the 70's Iwamoto, Gary December 1979 International Examiner
1900.1618 Report The Mayor evaluates buildings in the Chinatown/International District in order to find ways to revitalize the District. Mayor's Press Tour of the International District March 21, 1984 City of Seattle
1900.162 Phu Dong Family and Musician Duc Binh Vietnamese Musicians Perform at Oak Hill School 3/20/96 St. Cloud Times
1900.1620 Ten Steps Forward; Asian Pacific Women's Conference February 23, 19
1900.1621 Asian Drama Forms Ko, Elaine 1974
1900.1622 Asian Actors Debut on Bulosan Works November 8, 197 Bayanihan Tribune
1900.1623 The Legend of the Mango 1980 Flyer
1900.1624 page 12 in Newspaper Boxes "Densho's" Debut Omori Dec. 2 - 16, 19 International Examiner
1900.1625 Remembering Cambodia's Independence Day Sar November 17, 1 International Examiner
1900.1626 Jun'ichi Arai 1991
1900.1627 Article Asians in the Inland Empire Solberg, Sam 1980 University of Washington
1900.1628 Occupations of Asian Immigrants Winship November 1990 Paper
1900.1629 Asian/Pacific Americans in Washington State: Historic Context Document Dubrow February 3, 199 Paper
1900.163 The Music of Vietnam 3/1/96 Star Tribune
1900.1630 Article A review of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "One Song, Many Voices." Includes pictures and a description of the objects found within the exhibit. Museum unveils unique centerpiece, a gift showcasing life of Asians in America Ament, Deloris Tarzan May 3, 1993 The Seattle Times
1900.1631 Article A review of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "One Song, Many Voices." Includes a description of some of the objects and archival material in the exhibit. Exhibit offers history through eyes of participants Abe, Debby May 3, 1993 The News Tribune
1900.1632 The U.S. - Korea Review The Korea Society January 1996 Newsletter
1900.1633 Koreans Celebrate Ch'usok Holiday with Festive Activities September 18-21 September 19, 1 Koreaupdate
1900.1634 Korean - American theatrical Costume Designer Achives widespread Acclaim August 22,1994 Koreaupdate
1900.1635 Korean Overseas Communities Extend Around the World October 3, 1994 Koreaupdate
1900.1636 Losing Their Livelihood Miller January 7, 1993 Eastside Life
1900.1637 Laotian Jumprope Game Document
1900.1638 Booklet A traveling exhibit sponsored by the National Japanese American Historic Society and first debuted at the Oakland Museum. The exhibition was organized by: The Early Year, Immigration, Establishing Communities, World War II, Resettlement, On the Move, Coming of Age and Legacy. Strength and Diversity: Japanese American Women, 1885 - 1990 National Japanese American Historical Society 1990 Exhibit Catalog
1900.1639 Booklet Informaton for docents, taken from the exhibit catalog with an introduction by Ron Chew, Director of the Wing Luke Asian Museum. Includes an overview of the exhibit and information about individual pieces. Kenjiro Nomura: An Artist's View of the Japanese American Internment, Docent Information Chew, Ron 1991 Wing Luke Asian Museum
1900.164 World of Vietnamese Music Festival, March 18, 1996. Photo of Bach Yen and Tran Quang Hai in Minnesota 1/5/96 Saint Paul Pioneer Press
1900.1640 Article A review and description of the Wing Luke's Exhibit "Kenjiro Nomura:An Artist's View of the Japanese Internment". Kenjiro Nomura Art On Exhibit at Wing Luke 1991
1900.1641 Article Article in support of Wing Luke Asian Museum's exhibit: Kenjiro Nomura: An Artist's View of the Japanese American Internment Wing Luke First To Feature a 'Missing Page' of Japanese American Art Lau, Alan Chong August 7, 1991 International Examiner
1900.1642 Japanese American Experience Through Art Nakane, Kazuko September 18, 1 International Examiner
1900.1643 Article The Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Kenjiro Nomura: An Artist's View of the Japanese American Internment" focuses on painter Kenjiro Nomura and his Japanese American internment paintings. The article follows a group of elementary school students as they make their own interpretations of the exhibit. Coloring History: Nomura's bleak look at the Japanese-American internment Gelernter, Carey Quan October 17, 199 The Seattle Times
1900.1644 Article Reivew of Wing Luke Asian Museum exhibit: Kenjiro Nomura: An Artist's View of the Japanese American Internment. Beauty in Bleak Times Hackett, Regina August 24, 1991 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1645 Japanese Look Back 50 Years to the Horrors of Internment Foster, David January 26, 199 The Columbian
1900.1646 docent material for exhibition on art created in refugee camps, taught by Hy Saman and Janet Essley. Cambodian Refugee Art Project Exhibition WLAM 1992? Text
1900.1647 Terms and Timeline of Vietnamese War Handout
1900.1648 Brochure from Program on folktales from Southest Asia. Singing Bamboo: Through our Stories We Continue Spangnoli 1984 Brochure
1900.1649 An Overview of the Culture and Customs of the Southeast Asian Refugees Dunning Report
1900.165 Also in this file are the articles: "2 Nissei Girls Sing with Mikados of Swing Tonight", "Here they Are! Meet the Swinging Miks", "Seattle's Touring Mikados of Swing A Hit In Claifornia, Hirahara Writes". Mikados of Swing Nisei Dance Band Gain Musical Prominence After Months of Struggle S.T. 6/1/41 Seattle Times
1900.1650 Information on the Southeast Asian Women's Alliance Southeast Asian Women's Alliance 1990 Brochure
1900.1651 Facts About the Mien (Yao) Brochure
1900.1652 Brief paper on the author's investigation of the long-term affects of internment on family values and culture as well as discipline, attitudes and behaviors of the children. Includes B-K of the bibliographyt. The Evacuation: Impact on the Family Morishima, James K. Copied Chapter from unknown source
1900.1653 Japanese American and Japanese Canadian Evacuation and Resettlement: A Bibliography Kashima, Tetsuden 1979, 1990 BIBLIOGRAPHY
1900.1654 Issues and History of Change in Japan Anderson, Don 1991 Student paper
1900.1655 Movement Toward Exclusion 1790 - 1936 Anderson, Don 1991 Student paper
1900.1656 Executive Order 9066 Internment Anderson, Don 1991 Student paper
1900.1657 Bibliography of books and articles for both children and adults about the Asian experience in the United States and Canada. Japanese American Experience Bibliography Anderson, Don 1991 Student paper
1900.1659 Article Japanese baths are found in the Panama Hotel, located in the Chinatown/International District. Japanese Bath is 'Discovered' in Hotel 'Cave' Mahaffay, Robert September 24, 1 The Seattle Times
1900.166 Seattle Buddhist Church's Skyliners Skyliners Suguro 6/1/90 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1660 Memoir of a Japanese Daughter Sawada April 1980 MS. Magazine
1900.1661 Contains an article from Arweek about the JANM in Los Angles. Includes a brochure advertising the museum's commemorationg of the signing of Executive Order 9066 , Calendars of Events for 2004 and a 2004 Museum newsletter. Museum Alternatives: The Japanese American National Museum Opens in LA Scarborough, James 7/9/92 Artweek
1900.1662 The "1.5 Generation" Hurh 1993 Korean Culture
1900.1663 Hands of the Hmong Xiong Handout
1900.1664 Part I: His life and his way of life are threatened Part II: His life in the United States Hmong Master Basketmaker Berg 1988 - 1989 Basketmaker
1900.1665 Newspaper catalog of the exhibition at the Wing Luke Asian Museum on Alaskeros Alaskeros Bacho 1987 Flyer
1900.1666 Article Exploring the Wing Luke Museum's "Alaskeros" through the eyes of the subjects depected in the photos. Includes some of the oral histories of the Alaskeros. 'Alaskeros': Portraits of labor history Tarzan, Deloris August 18, 1987 The Seattle Times
1900.1667 Love And Shame Tizon November 18,199 Seattle Times
1900.1668 Can Chinese Herbs Cure What Ails You? Hunt, Judi Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1669 4676 the Year of the Horse January 1978 Latitude
1900.167 Asian American Bands including, Lotus, The Nature Boys, The Seoul Brothers Asian Bands Rock Out Against Stereotypes I - Chin Tu 9/24/95 Seattle Times
1900.1670 Chinese New Year Glover January 30, 197 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1671 Ring in the Monkey's Year January 13, 198 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1672 Joss Stick Predictions Uncanny January 30, 197 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1673 The Year of the Snake is Just Around the Corner Fong, Sherman February 16, 19 East/West
1900.1674 Chinese New Year: a time to settle debts, pay respects and enjoy a well earned rest Hayashi January 20, 198 International Examiner
1900.1675 Chinese New Year's 1975 Vista
1900.1676 February 1984 Northwest Ethnic News Newspaper
1900.1677 Newspaper Featuring the arts of Chinese New Year's. Includes info on Martial Arts, paintings, drawing dragons, the cycle of the Twelve Animals, jewlery, food, and calligraphy. Artsploration: A Newspaper for children 1982 Arts Coalition Northwest
1900.1679 Dec. 1998; Filipino American Bulletin Newspaper
1900.168 Luck Ngi Club, Cantonese Opera Homemade Opera Stirs Homesick Soul Eng 3/17/97 Seattle Times
1900.1680 Vol. 15, No. 3, 4. Asian American Comparative Collection Newsletter Wegars Newsletter
1900.1681 King Street Station Redevelopment February 1998
1900.1682 Music of Chinese in the United States Winant 12/16/1996 Paper
1900.1683 Prabha Rustagi Memorial Trust Presents Urmila Nagar August 30, 1997 Program
1900.1684 Karaoke: For those who want to be a star or maybe just sound like one Navarro August 1997 Asianfocus
1900.1685 Korean Folk Musicians Flyer
1900.1686 North Indian folk and Classical Music Flyer
1900.1687 National Japanese American Memorial Foundation 1998 Brochure
1900.1688 Filipino Americans Washington State Commission on Asian Am. Affairs 1988 Brochure
1900.1689 Japanese American Citizens League 1998 Brochure
1900.169 Article Wing Luke Museum's 30th Anniversary celebration at Union Station. Includes a history of the Museum Museum gala honors 30 years of heritage London, Melissa June 21-28, 199 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1690 Asian Pacific American Coalition for Equality 1998 Asian Pacific American Coalition for Equality
1900.1691 Korean Americans Washington Commission on Asian American Affairs 1988 Brochure
1900.1692 Southeast Asian Americans Washington Commission on Asian American Affairs 1988 Brochure
1900.1693 Japanese Americans Washington Commission on Asian American Affairs 1988 Brochure
1900.1694 South Pacific Americans Washington Commission on Asian American Affairs 1988 Brochure
1900.1695 A Cultural Guide: Our Changing Ethnic Community June 1986 Brochure
1900.1696 Vol. 2, No. 3, Vision: Newsletter of the India Arts & Heritage Society Newsletter
1900.1698 Vol. 15, No. 2; Asian American Network National Asian American Telecommunications Assc. Newsletter
1900.1699 Filipino American Filmmaker's Showcase September 2, 19 Flyer
1900.170 Catholic Church, Paul Chihara. Photos of Memebers of Our Lady Queen of Martyr's Before Internment 7/9/76 The Progress
1900.1700 ETH-NOH-TEC October 4, 1998 Flyer
1900.1701 25th Anniversary Asian American Community Arts Kearny Street Workshop August 1997 Invitation
1900.1702 Mario Caoile Recent Paintings and Sculture 1998 Postcard
1900.1703 Asian American Resource Workshop Asian American Resource Workshop December 1984 Asian American Resource Workshop
1900.1704 Vietnamese translation for the exhibit 20 Years After the Fall of Saigon: The Vietnamese American Story WLAM 1995 Program
1900.1705 HRH Samdech Norodom Sihanouk in Cambodia August 1986 Booklet
1900.1706 Vat Dharmachakkaram Khmer Buddhist Society April 1986 Program
1900.1707 Theravada Buddhist Ceremony Ban Skol 1985 Photos
1900.1708 The Khmer Nationalist Bulletin June 17, 1986 Newsletter
1900.1709 Cambodian Buddhist and Service Directory Cambodian Women's Project Directory
1900.171 Samoan Americans, The Nature Boys, Konelio Benhur Semo Man to Sing a Different Tune in Jail 7/24/93 Seattle Post - Intelligencer
1900.1710 Early Waterfront of Seattle (First Oriental Boats) Willis, Sayre J. 1937 Xerox copy
1900.1711 New Years Eve Celebration to Benefit Nikkei Concerns 1998 Invitation
1900.1713 "Citizen Juan" at Ethnic Theatre this weekend January 18, 197 UW Daily
1900.1714 Nguyen Wins Lombardi AP December 9, 199 Seattle Times
1900.1715 Vietnamese 'James Bond' Finds Times Have Changed Kolker, Claudia December 20, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1717 A Page of Madness Seattle Asian American Film Festival December 12, 19 Flyer
1900.1718 A Passion for Living; Val Laigo (1930 - 1992) WLAM 1998 Flyer
1900.1719 The Eel 1998 Postcard
1900.172 Korean American Musicians Chungs Play Fine Concert Johnson 9/12/67 Seattle Times
1900.1720 Finding Information About Asian and Pacific Amercians SPL May 1992 Flyer
1900.1722 Densho: Preserving the Past Informing the Future 1998 Program
1900.1723 Raw Gallery Raw Asian Work Presents Yoko Murao and Shinya Yokota 1998 Postcard
1900.1724 Eastern Hotel Welcomes Back Visitors Cottrell December 16, 19 International Examiner
1900.1725 A Celebration of Firsts - and Luck Mitsunaga December 23, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1726 Oba Chine poster controversy as one of the years top stories. Golden Hammer Awards December 23, 19 Downtown Source
1900.1727 The Year of Japan SAM 1998 - 1999 Brochure
1900.1728 isangmahal presents: poetics & consciousness XI December 28, 19 Flyer
1900.1729 Seattle Restaurant Owner Remembered for his Generosity Staff December 5 - 11 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.173 Cantonese Opera Waiters and Cooks Keep Chinese Opera Thriving in Seattle Dunn, Ashley 11/28/84 Seattle Post - Intelligencer
1900.1730 Article The reopening of China Gate, which had suffered a fire. Also included is a history of the owner. China Gate reopens to offer dishes that taste like home Jankowski, Susan December 5 - 11 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1731 Dedication for Bus Shelter by Laura Brodax December 15, 19 Postcard
1900.1732 Return to Angel Island Lee June 20, 1997 Asianweek
1900.1733 Gateway to Gold Mountain: a Traveling Exhibit about the Angel Island Immigration Station 1996 Press Kit
1900.1734 "Sisters Matsumodo' a fictionalized Account of an interned Family's lore Adcock, Joe January 8, 1999 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1735 Symposium Executive Order 9066 WLAM January 5, 1999 Postcard
1900.1736 Pamphlet Program for the opening reception of the dedication and reopening of the Eastern Hotel. Includes a history of the Hotel and who helped in it's refurbishing. Opening and Dedication Celebration for the Eastern Hotel December 9, 199 InterIm Community Development Association
1900.1738 October 1998; Asian & Pacific Islander Women & Family Safety Center News letter
1900.174 The Densho Project: Preserving The World War II Japanese American Experience McClelland, Kamilla Kuroda 6/20/97 North American Post
1900.1740 Coming Home: New Play Explores Life for Japanese Americans After Internment Berson, Misha January 7, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1741 Hidden Treasures: Three New Books by Asian and Asian American Writers link the Past and the Present Wanner December 13, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1742 Battle Over Live Food is Simmering Controversy in San Francisco Stern January 10, 199 Seattle Times
1900.1743 Article In the middle of his term as Washington Governor, Gary Locke has focused on small, centrist reform. He has been criticized for not doing enough for education and redirecting money from programs that benefit the poor to those that benefit the middle class. He Seeks the Middle Ground, Works for Bite Size Reform Postman, David January 11, 199 The Seattle Times
1900.1744 'Sisters' Recounts Sad time in U.S. History Berson, Misha January 12, 199 Seattle Times
1900.1745 Internment Play is About Life and Sisters After the War London January 15, 199 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1746 Article Exhibit Portrays Korean Community's Many Struggles and Success Stubbs, Dori January 9 - 15, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1747 Article Interview with Gary Locke about his experiences as governor. The Governor at Midterm Hsu, Eric January 6 - 20, International Examiner
1900.1748 Hard Times: The illustrated tale of four hard - luck Japanese in America that gave birth to the modern comic book. Kawaguchi January 6 - 20, International Examiner
1900.175 Peter Ross, musical Instruments, Shakuhachis Blowing Zen: The Life and Work of Peter Ross Heartwood 4/1/95 The New Times
1900.1751 West Side Story Flyer Northwest Asian American Theatre 1999 Flyer
1900.1752 Queen Anne last Resting Place For Legendary Filipino Author Dillon, Mike January 13, 199 Queen Anne/Magnolia News
1900.1753 Booklet A program for the Shenyang Peking Opera at the Seattle Center Opera House. They performed Monday, February 24 and Tuesday, February 25. Seattle Symphony Presents: Shenyang Peking Opera February 1997 Seattle Symphony
1900.1754 Newsletter Includes upcoming events, meetings, and folds out into a poster Celebrating 25 Years of Education, Advocacy, & Preservation 1999 Historic Seattle
1900.1755 Volume: 25, No. 1, Fall 1998; East Asian Resource Center Newsletter East Asia Resource Center NEWS LETTER
1900.1756 January, March, 1999; Seattle Neighborhood News City of Seattle Newsletter
1900.1757 Article New housing development planned on site where a warehouse in the Chinatown/International District burned down. The fire was set by the owners' (Harry and Mary Pang) son, Martin Pang. People may live where four died: Housing planned at Pang site Keene, Linda January 20, 199 The Seattle Times
1900.1758 A Hidden Past: An Exploration of Eastside History Bryant, ed. December 1998 Seattle Times
1900.1759 Fall 1998; Port Lan Northwest Seaport and Maritime Heritage Center Newsletter
1900.176 The Brave New Face of Art From the East Cotter, Holland September 19, 1 New York Times
1900.1760 Article JACL District Condemns 'Forgotten Holocaust' Nishioka, Joyce March 4, 1999 ASIANWEEK
1900.1761 Article During the 1930s, some in the Beacon Hill community resented Jefferson Park's use by Asian Americans. The reporter further explains that this is the reason why Jefferson Park hasn't been renovated in decades. Park's history has unpleasant racial overtones Latoszek, Mira January 20, 199 The Beacon Hill News and the South District Journal
1900.1762 Preliminary Collections Abstract Puget Sound Regional Branch Archives Washingrton State Archives October 1998 Directory
1900.1763 Ninotchka Rosca and the launching of the Purple Rose Campaign March 1999 Flyer
1900.1764 Day of Remembrance 1999 1999 Flyer
1900.1766 Article Chapters on Koreans, Filipinos, and Samoans (not complete) from the book "Hawaii." Focuses on the history of these cultures in Hawaii. Hawaii Lueras, Leonard, ed. 1992 APA Productions
1900.1767 Temple in Transition Tizon, Alex March 10, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1768 Getting Into Focus Wang March 4, 1999 ASIANWEEK
1900.1769 Chinese Art Goes Global Lowe, Justin March 4, 1999 ASIANWEEK
1900.177 Songs: Matsuri Taiko, Ogi Matsuri, Hachiji Daiko Taiko Lesson Plan, Three Songs, Warm up Drill Northwest Taiko
1900.1770 Gazing Home: Asian American Film Festival Wang March 4, 1999 ASIANWEEK
1900.1771 Announcing a Brand New CD Release: Phyllis Chang 1999 Postcard
1900.1772 Activities Bulletin: Hale Halawai O Hawai'I Spring 1999 Bulletin
1900.1773 Willie Mak's lawyers have sued to obtain FBI information about informers which, they say, would show he was not the ringleader and should be spared the death penalty. Lingering Mystery of Mass Murder that Shocked Seattle Chuganai, Michael February 23, 19 Hong Kong Standard
1900.1774 Building on Tradition Moe February 28, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1775 Why a Communist Flag? He'll Tell You Tran February 26, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1776 Documents advertisement for a documentary, "Children of the Camps". Children of the Camps: the Documentary 1999 National Asian American Telecommunications Association
1900.1777 House Hears of Internees' Hardships During WWII Shapley February 25, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1778 Documents Postcard promoting a video and curriculum package in the Japanese American Internment Experience Rediscovering Our Histories: The Japanese American Internment Experience 1999 National Asian American Telecommunications Association
1900.1779 Obchine closing Order To Go For Oba Chine? Kim February 19 -25 Puget Sound Business Journal
1900.178 Programs: 1996 - The Banquet, Family Fued, Farewell My Concubine; 1995 -Traveling Maiden From Heaven, Romance of the Jade Braclet, The Legend of Yang Yuhuan, Part iv. 1994 - Beauty Defies Tyranny, the Ruse of the Empty City, The Romance of Yang Yuhan. 19 Chinese Opera Programs Chinese Opera R & D Association 1993-1997 Chinese Opera R & D Association
1900.1780 Sex Slave Museum in South Korea is a reminder of World War II Arocities Seok January 24, 199 Seattle Times
1900.1781 Center Plans to Perserve Yiddish Books Online Tynan December 27, 19 Seattle Times
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