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Wing Luke Museum
2005.076.31 Magazine teaches sewing Ryukou shinsyugei zensyu Fujin Gorakubu February 1, 193
2005.076.32 Magazine teaches knitting clothes suitable for early fall for the ladies and kids Fujin to Kodomo no Hatsu aki no se-ta- Fujin to Seikatsu September, 1960
2005.076.33 Magazine self learning of flower arrangements (ikebana) Ikebana no Dokusyou daikakuhou Fujin Gorakubu January 1, 1954
2005.076.34 Magazine teaches how to 'flower arrange' and proceed the japanese tea celemony Mouryu Ikebana to cha no yu Fujin Gorakubu March 11, 1936
2005.076.35 Magazine covering the general topics in the society Josei Seven October,1964
2005.076.36 Magazine teaches sewing for the young ladies Shingata syugei book Syoujo Gorakubu August 1,1937
2005.076.37 Magazine teaches sewing for the the on-going fashon Ryukou Syugei Zensyu Fujin Gorakubu 1834
2005.076.38 Magazine teaches sewing and knitting syu juyon geisyumonoami For summer Fujin yukitomo June 1, 1836
2005.076.39 Magazine Collection of essays and stories by several people Enkashin March 1, 1919
2005.076.40 Book teaches sewing and knitting Atarashi Sygei to Amimono January 1,1923
2005.076.41 Book Collection of poems and their explanations Kokufu ryuurougin shisen Hokubeisyou August 15,1959
2005.076.42 Book collection of poems and their explanations Kokufuryou Rougin shisen Syoudoukai July 5, 1953
2005.076.43 Book teaches how to cook japanese food items Nippon ryouri no oshiekata Bonyoudou September 10, 1
2005.076.44 Book Collection of Poems written by the individuals and the explanation on the poems Zenkoku Ginkai Mengan Watanabe Yoshiyuki May 1, 1931
2005.076.45 Book Name book for the Almini of Okayama prefecture's Takamatsu Nougyou High school Souin Meibo Takamatsu nougyou Koutou Gakkou January, 1959
2005.076.46 Book Name book for the Almini of Okayama prefecture's Takamatsu kougyou High School Souin Meibo Takamatsu nogyou koutou gakkou January, 1959
2005.076.47 Book novel that tell the readers way to follow the religion Seiseki wo shitaute Wada Fukatoku July 1,1971
2005.076.48 Book collection of the names for the Almini of Okayama prefecture's Takamatsu Nougyou kotou Gakkou Kaiin Meibo Takamatsu Nougyou Koutou Gakkou August ,1967
2005.076.49 Book teaches the way to carry on to the wedding and its mannars Shin jidai Yendan to Kekkon Isshiki Fujin Gorakubu December 9, 193
2005.076.50 Book book is about the Teimei kougou-- the empress of Japan Teimei Kougou Fujin no tomo May 15,1971
2005.076.51 Book The book teaches how to write letters by females. Jyoshi tegami bun Ogura Syoten November 6, 191
2005.076.53 Book teaches sewing for making different stuffs. Osaikumono Ohkura Syoten May 10, 1913
2005.076.54 Book Teaches sewing, book is specially meant for the Junior High school kids. Saohou Osaikumono Ohkurasyoten January 10, 191
2005.076.55 Book Teaches sewing of traditional japanese dress Wa you saihou kyouban Horikawa Chiyoko May 15, 1915
2005.076.56 Book Teaches the sewing of Bags Fukuromono Saiku Ohkura syoten September 5, 19
2005.076.57 Book teaches how to cook Japanese as well as western foods Youwa Katei syouri hou Akahori Minekichi May 30, 1912
2005.076.58 Book Teaches embroidery especially for the High school kids Shisyu Kyokui Oyama Sugi April 16, 1914
2005.076.59 Book Collection of the poems kokyou Meikasyu January 1, 1936
2005.076.6 Book It is a historic name data of the Greater East Asia War and the subsequent progeress made in the construction of the Co-Prosperity Sphere of East Asia Who's Who in NIppon with Manchoukuo And China (1943-44) Tsunesaburo Kamesaki 1943
2005.076.60 Book Year book of Katayama Jyoshi Koutou Gigeki Gakkou Kamatsu Numamoto Ai November 20, 19
2005.076.61 Book Year book of Katayama Jyoshi Koutou GIjuku Gakkou Kamatsu Numamoto Ai October 10, 192
2005.076.7 Book This book describes the better way to cook the Japanese food Watashi no ryouri Tomi Ejou 1959
2005.076.8 Book book of receipies Watashi no ryouri Ejou Tomi 1959
2005.076.9 Book Books on japanese food receipies Watashi no ryouri Ejou Tomi
2005.076.98 Book Ikebata kan
2005.076.99 Book Kaisei kan
2005.07652 Book Teaches the techniques of sewing and knitting. Kenkyu Monogatari Bishi Matsuyo March 18, 1924
2005.077.008 Book 5 - Japanese elementary readers1936, 1921, 1939,
2005.081.002 Book Poems on Internment Camp Notes and Other Poems Yamada, Mitsuye 1976 Shameless Hussy Press
2005.105.001 book
2005.106.001 book United Nations Conference in San Francisco 1945 The Central Publishing Association
2005.119.001 Book The Moved-Outers Means, Florence Crannell 1945 Houghton Mifflin Company
2005.119.002 Book Philippine Society and Revolution Guerrero, Amado 1970 Ta Kung Pao
2005.132.002 Book This book's format follws that of a high school yearbook and contains visual memories of Minidoka in Hunt, ID. The photos and information in this book was compiled by Thomas Takeuchi and was published by his children after his death. The book covers: Administration (photos and names of officials), Blocks (photos and names of residents), Divisions (Employment, Reports, Supply, Finance, Education etc.), Activities (Choir, pageants, etc.), Snapshots, Ads (supporting book). Last section of book in Japanese. The Minidoka Interlude: September, 1942 - October, 1943, Reprint Takeuchi, Thomas 1995 Residents of Minidoka Relocation Center
2005.132.003 Documents Photocopies of an assortment of newspaper article clippings documenting the internment of Japanese Americans during WW II. Primarily form Oregon newspapers. None None None None
2005.141.001 Book Cay La Phan Nguoi Tran Thien Hiep 1987
2005.300.001 Newspaper South Downtown Exchange 2000 International Examiner
2005.300.002 Newspaper Chung Sai Yat Po
2005.76.10 Book Books on japanese food receipies Watashi no ryouri Ejou Tomi 1959
2006.005.001 Book A royal road of learning how to translate japanese into english S. Motoki
2006.005.002 Book
2006.005.003 Book
2006.005.004 Book Common errors in translating japanese into english
2006.005.005 Book
2006.005.006 Book
2006.005.007 Book
2006.005.008 Book
2006.005.009 Book
2006.005.010 Book
2006.005.011 Book
2006.005.012 Book An english-japanese conversational guide and cook book
2006.005.013 Book
2006.010.001 Book Pamphlet published in 1969 in Bellevue WA Wok & Tempura Cook Book 1969
2006.010.002 Book Pamphlet published in 1953 as a collection of simplified Chinese recipes adapeted for the American home. Chop Suey Ling, Mei Mei 1953 South Sea Sales
2006.010.003 Book Pamphlet published in 1941 as a translation of Chinese recipes. Translated by Frank Yep Stereotypical illustrations on each page. Madame Chiang's Chinese Cook Book 1941 Chinese Cook Book Company
2006.010.004 Book Book a collection of authentic"Oriental" dishes commonly prepared and served in the homes of Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese and Koreans who live in the United States. "Orientals in this country cook and eat either genuine Oriental food or typical American fare. Never do they compromise on a westernized version of Oriental dishes such as is often found in restaurants. Oriental CookBook Mitchell, Alice Miller 1954 Rand McNally
2006.010.005 Book Book of Cantonese Chinese recipes. New Chinese Recipes For the American Family Wing, Fred 1946 United China Relief
2006.011.001 Document Minidoka Internment National Monument 2005
2006.033.002 Book Good books compiled by the Chinese Parents Service Organization as a fundraising effort for the Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team. Flavors of China Vol. I & II
2006.036.001 Book Don't Cry, Chiisai, Don't Cry Uyesugi, Ruth Farlow 1977 Stout's Print Shop
2006.036.002 Book Snow Falling on Cedars Guterson, David 1995 Random House
2006.036.003 Book Chinese Women of America: A Pictorial History Yung, Judy 1986 University of Washington Press
2006.036.004 Book Ten Visits: Accounts of Visits to All the Japanese American Relocation Centers Iritani, Frank and Joanne 1994 Japanese American Curriculum Project, Inc.
2006.038.010 Book Japanese American history of Bellevue Washington Pre-WW II History of Japanese Pioneers in the Clearing and Development of Land in Bellevue Tsushima, Asaichi 1952
2006.038.011 Book Keisen Girls School book on Japanese Cooking in English for use by Nisei women. Japanese Cooking and Etiquette Keisen Girl's School 1940/ /
2006.038.012 Book Issei: A History of Japanese Immigrants in North America Ito, Kazuo; Shinichiro Nakamura and Jean S. Gerard, trans. 1973 Executive Committee for Publication of Issei
2006.038.013 Book A Practical English-Hokkien Dictionary Chiang, Ker Chiu 1940 The Chin Fen Book Store
2006.038.014 Book Japanese Wood-Block Prints Fujikake, Shizuya 1938 Board of Tourist Industry Japanese Goverment Railways
2006.038.015 Book Asia: A Short History from the Earliest Times to the Present Day Gowen, Herbert H. 1936 Little, Brown and Company
2006.038.0154 Book the writings of Mrs. Bishops journey in china concluding in 1897 of geography, impressions, cultural and history note: call # from 1900 publication by G.P. Putnams son, New York The Yangtze Valley and Beyond: An Account of Journeys in China, Chiefly in the Province of Sze Chuan and Among the Man-Tze ot the Somo Territory Bishop, J.F. 1899 John Murray, Albermarle Street
2006.038.016 Book Japanese Fine Arts Sagara, Tokuzo 1960 Japan Travel Bureau
2006.038.017 Book The No Plays of Japan Waley, Arthur 1957 Grove Press
2006.038.018 Book Portrays Tibetan customs and manners, concluding with a picture of Communist infiltrations and domination of the land. Tibet Is My Country: The Autobiography of Thubten Jigme Norbu, Brother of the Dalai Lama Thubten, Jigme Norbu 1965 E.P. Dutton and Co.
2006.038.019 Book A collection of Japanese fairy tales and folklore, ranging in topics from "the sexes" to "haunts", "healing", "snakes" and "parents and child." Japanese Tales Tyler, Royall, ed. 1987 Pantheon Books
2006.038.020 Book This book is a collection of Japanese stories and legends told to the author while he worked at the British Museum. Ancient Tales and Folklore of Japan Smith, Richard Gordon 1986 Bracken Books
2006.038.021 Book A book of poetry about Kyoto and Nara, Japan. Kyoto and Nara: Where the Japanese Heart Goes Alive Everywhere Yanagishima, Hikosaku 1960 Ranshobo Co., Ltd.
2006.038.022 Book this book is a collection of Japanese folk art-- pictures, along with descriptions. Yo no Bi: The Beauty of Japanese Folk Art Rathbun, William Jay 1983 University of Washington Press
2006.038.023 Book This is a manual aimed at aiding students of the Japanese language in readaing characters which the Chinese and Japanese languages have in common. Manual for Reading Japanese Crowley, Dale P. 1972 Uuniversity Press of Hawaii
2006.038.024 Book this book is a summary of Japanese art, primarily sculpture and painting. The Art of Japan: From the Jomon to the Tokugawa Period Swann, Peter C. 1966 Crown Publishers
2006.038.025 Book This book is an overview of twenty-eight Japanese artist who practice traditional Japanese arts entirely by hand. The Enduring Crafts of Japan: 33 Living National Treasures Ogawa, Masataka 1968 Walker/Weatherhill
2006.038.026 Book This book is a summary of Japan's early history and developments into the early 1950's. Japan, Past and Present Reischauer, Edwin O. 1954 Alfred A. Knopf
2006.038.027 Book This book is a history of imperialism and World War One in Asia. Inside Asia Gunther, John 1939 Harpers and Brothers
2006.038.028 Book This book is a historical view of traditional Japanese artistry. Japanese Decorative Art: A Handbook for Collectors and Connoisseurs Feddersen, Martin; and Katherine Watson, trans. 1962 Thomas Yoseloff
2006.038.029 Book Drawings with brief comments by the author describe her memories of life in a California internment camp during World War II. Citizen 13660 Okubo, Mine 1946 Columbia University Press
2006.038.030 Book This book is an account of the experiences of the author, a Japanese person, while studying in the U.S. A Japanese Sees the U.S. Katsuizumi, Sotokichi 1968 Japan Publications Inc.
2006.038.031 Book This book is a largely photographic history of the Japanese who went to Canada from 1877-1977, probably from a museum exhibit. A Dream of Riches: The Japanese Canadians, 1877-1977 1978 Japanese Canadian Centennial Project Committee
2006.038.032 Book This book is a summary of the history of Japan. History of Japan Ienaga, Saburo 1963 Japan Travel Bureau
2006.038.033 Book This book is a guidebook for tourists visiting Japan. Pocket Guide to Japan Japan Tourist Bureau
2006.038.034 Book This book was published by the Christian organization Fellowship of Christian Missionaries in Japan. It summarizes the Christian movement's activities in Japan. The Japan Christian Yearbook 1940 Iglehart, Charles Wheeler, ed. 1940 The Christian Literature Society
2006.038.035 Book This book examines the effects of World War Two on the culture, spirituality and urban life of 1950s Japanese. Japan, Yesterday and Today: Sketches and Essays on Japanese City Life Uenoda, Setsuo 1956 Tokyo News Service, Ltd.
2006.038.036 Book This book is from a collection of prints of Nanga paintings from an exhibit in Tokyo. Nanga: Exhibition of Contemporary Nanga Paintings Yamawaki, Kameo, ed. 1972 Nippon Cultural Centre
2006.038.037 Book This book is about the meanings of the subjects of Japanese Netsuke, as well as the history and customs surrounding the art. The Netsuke of Japan: Legends, History, Folklore and Customs Ryerson, Egerton 1958 Castle Books
2006.038.039 Journal Volume 13, No. 2, 1986-87; Amerasia Journal UCLA Asian American Studies Center
2006.038.040 Magazine May 1971 The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin The Metropolitan Museum of Art
2006.038.041 Book This is a book of Nordic folk tales. There is no publishing informaiton, but a note in the front of the book says it was given as a Christmas gift in 1922. East of the Sun and West of the Moon: Old tales from the North Nielsen, Kay, illustrator / / George H. Doran Company
2006.038.042 book This is a collection of essays authored by and about Asian American women. Making Waves: An Anthology of Writings By and About Asian American Women Asian Women United of California, ed. 1989 Beacon Press
2006.038.043 Book This book summarizes the experiences of Japanese settling in America. Issei and Nisei: The Settling of Japanese America Takaki, Ronald 1994 Chelsea House Publishers
2006.038.044 Book This is a collection of essays on Japanese art and culture with accompanying prints. A Glimpse of Japanese Ideals: Lectures on Japanese Art and Culture Harada, Jiro 1937 Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai
2006.038.045 Book Discusses the history, culture, and religion of the Japanese, factors encouraging their emigration, and their acceptance as an ethnic group in North America. The Japanese Americans Kitano, Harry H. L. 1996 Chelsea House Publishers
2006.038.046 Book Presents writings by students in grades three to seven on topics of Japanese American culture, including sports, cooking, history, and art. Kids Explore America's Japanese American Heritage 1994 John Muir Publications
2006.038.047 Book A Japanese-American's personal account of growing up in Seattle in the 1930s and of being subjected to relocation during World War II. Nisei Daughter Sone, Monica 1953 Little, Brown and Company
2006.038.048 Book This book is about the American Supreme Court. Equal Justice Under the Law: The Supreme Court in American Life Harrell, Mary Ann and Stuart E. Jones 1965 Foundation of the Federal Bar Association
2006.038.049 Book This book is about elements of Japanese design. The Elements of Japanese Design: A Handbook of Family Crests, Heraldry and Symbolism Dower, John W. 1971 John Weatherhill, Inc.
2006.038.050 Book This book covers the history of Japanese art from the mid-16th century to the late 19th century. Ukiyo-E: 250 Years of Japanese Art Neuer, Roni 1978 Windward Books
2006.038.051 Book This book is entirely in Japanese, but mostly filled with art. [Japanese Art]
2006.038.052 Book [Chinese book on children]
2006.038.053 Book This book is from a Seattle Art Museum exhibition on the ceramic art of Japan. Ceramic Art of Japan: One Hundred Masterpieces from Japanese Collections 1972 Seattle Art Museum
2006.038.054 Book This is a catalogue of Japanese art at the Seattle Art Museum. Japanese Art in the Seattle Art Museum: An Historical Sketch Fuller, Richard E. 1960 Seattle Art Museum
2006.038.055 Book This book is a history of the author's Japanese, and later American, ancestors up to the present day. Samurai and Silk: A Japanese and American Heritage Reischauer, Haru Matsukata 1986 Harvard University Press
2006.038.056 Book This book contains lessons on speaking Amoy (or Xiamen) a Fukienese dialect. Lessons in the Amoy Vernacular Warnshuis, Rev. A.L., Rev. H.P. De Pree and Peter Hsieh 1955 Shangkuan Press & School Supply
2006.038.057 Book This book is a fictitious account of a Chinese couple who moved to New York City Just as Mao came to power in China. Gates of Grace Chao, Evelina 1985 Warner Books
2006.038.058 Book This is a book of instructions on how to make origami figures. Japan's Creative Origami Kawai, Toyoaki Ottenheimer Publishers, Inc.
2006.038.059 Book This book is a fictitious story about the samurai. Magnificent Samurai Abelard, Max 1974 Paul H. Crompton, Ltd.
2006.038.060 Book Painting 6th-14th Centuries. This book is a history of Japanese painting from the 6th through the 14th centuries. Pageant of Japanese Art 1957 Toto Shuppan Company, Ltd.
2006.038.061 Book Mitsuye Yamada was born in Kyushu, Japan, and raised in Seattle, Washington, until the outbreak of World War II when her family was removed to a concentration camp in Idaho. Camp Notes and Other Writings recounts this experience. Camp Notes and Other Poems Yamada, Mitsuye 1976 Shameless Hussy Press
2006.038.062 Book This novel is about a British man who goes on vacation to Japan and ends up caught between three women. One Hot Summer in Kyoto Haylock, John 1993 Stone Bridge Press
2006.038.063 Book This book is form an exhibition of Japanese painting and sculpture at the Seattle Art Museum in 1953. Exhibition of Japanese Painting and Sculpture 1953
2006.038.064 Book This book is the first on Japan in "The Illustrated Library of the World and its Peoples". The Illustrated Library of the World and Its Peoples: Japan 1 Greystone Press 1964 Greystone Press
2006.038.065 Book This book is about Japanese art- sculpture, painting, metalwork ceramics, textiles and prints. It includes full-color pictures. Japanese Art Johnes, Raymond 1961 Marboro Books
2006.038.066 Book This book is a record of a Japanese art exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum in 1977(originally from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1975.) Japanese Art: Selections from the Mary and Jackson Burke Collection Murase, Miyeko 1975 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
2006.038.067 Book This book is a history of life in Japan from 1185-1603. Daily Life in Japan at the time of the Samurai, 1185-1603 Frederic, Louis; Eileen M. Lowe, trans. 1972 Praeger Publishers
2006.038.068 Book This book is a history of Chinese Americans in California. Longtime Californ': A Documentary Study of an American Chinatown Nee, Victor G. 1974 Houghton Mifflin Company
2006.038.069 Book This book is a collection of haiku. A Few Flies and I: Haiku Kobayashi, Issa 1969 Pantheon Books
2006.038.070 Book Painting 14th-19th centuries. This book is a history of Japanese art from the 14th through the 19th centuries. Pageant of Japanese Art 1957 Toto Shuppan Company, Ltd.
2006.038.071 Book This book is a translation of the work of a Japanese author popular in the seventeenth century. It follows five women who value 'love' and took socially unacceptable paths to pursue it. Five Women Who Loved Love Saikaku, Ihara 1958 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2006.038.072 Book This book is a collection of tanka poetry. Takuboku: Poems to Eat Ishikawa, Takuboku 1972 Kodansha International, Ltd.
2006.038.073 book This is a handbook from a school called Keisen for educating Nisei girls who completed high school in the U.S. and went to Japan. It contains Japanese recipes, terms and etiquette tips. [Japanese education book] 1940
2006.038.074 Book This book provides a day-by-day, year-long guide to tourists in Japan as to events that they could attend. Annual Events in Japan 1935? Board of Tourist Industry
2006.038.075 Book This book is a translation of the Manyoshu, Japanese poetry from the years 600-759. The Manyoshu: The Nippon Gakujutsu Shinkokai Translation of One Thousand Poems 1969 Columbia University Press
2006.038.076 Book This is a 1927 edition of Who's Who in Washington State. Who's Who in Washington State: A Compilation of Biographical Sketches of Men and Women Prominent in the Affairs of Washington State 1927 Arthur H. Allen
2006.038.077 Book This is a book of instruction in Japanese brush painting. T. Mikami's Sumi Painting: Study of Japanese Brush Painting Mikami, Takahiko 1965 Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.
2006.038.078 Book This is a collection of haiku. A Pepper-Pod: Classic Japanese Poems Together with Original Haiku Yasuda, Kenneth (Shoson) 1947 Alfred A. Knopf
2006.038.079 Book This book follows a British woman who travels through China. A Traveller in China Dodwell, Christina 1985 Beaufort Books Publishers
2006.038.080 Book This book is by an American professor about her experiences teaching in China before the Tiananmen Square protests. The Early Arrival of Dreams: A Year in China Mahoney, Rosemary 2003 Houghton Mifflin Company
2006.038.081 Book This book is about the treatment of Japanese Canadians during World War II. The Enemy That Never Was: A History of the Japanese Canadians Adachi, Ken 1979 McClelland and Stewart
2006.038.082 Book This novel is an account of the traditional Japanese family and its conflicts with Western ideals. Some Prefer Nettles Tanizaki, Junichiro; Edward G. Seidensticker, trans. 1961 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2006.038.083 Book This is a translation of four plays by Japanese playwright Chikamatsu. Four Major Plays of Chikamatsu Chikamatsu, Monzaemon; Donald Keene, trans. 1964 Columbia University Press
2006.038.084 Book This is a translation of Mao Ze Dung's "Little Red Book." Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung Mao, Tsetung 1967 Bantam Books
2006.038.085 Book This is a book about haiku: how it is written and how to interpret it. Haiku in English Henderson, Harold G. 1967 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2006.038.086 Book This book is a translation of books 1-7 of the Manyoshu. Stray Leaves From the Manyoshu: Two Hundred Poems from the Manyoshu, Books I-VII Honda, H.H., trans. 1965 The Hokuseido Press
2006.038.087 Book This is about the culture and art of the early Asian/Pacific community of the northwest. Turning Shadows Into Light: Art and Culture of the Northwest's Early Asian/Pacific Community Tsutakawa, Mayumi, ed. 1982 Young Pine Press
2006.038.088 Book This book is a collection of chiyogami, Japanese patterned paper, and discusses its history and techniques. The World of Chiyogami: Hand-printed Patterned Papers of Japan Herring, Ann King 1987 Kodansha International Ltd.
2006.038.089 Book This is a book put out by the Wing Luke Asian Museum on their exhibit about Executive Order 9066 in 1992. Executive Order 9066 - Fifty Years Before and Fifty Years After: A History of Japanese Americans in Seattle Takami, David 1992 Wing Luke Asian Museum
2006.038.090 Book This book is a history of Asian Americans and a look at Asian Americans today. Strangers From a Different Shore: A History of Asian Americans Takaki, Ronald 1989 Penguin Books
2006.038.091 Book This is the memoir of the author, a Japanese American who was interned during World War II. The Invisible Thread Uchida, Yoshiko 1991 Julian Messner
2006.038.092 Book This is a study on Seattle's Japanese American community of the 1930s in relation to the larger society as a whole and their traditional cultural roots. Social Solidarity among the Japanese in Seattle Miyamoto, S. Frank 1984 University of Washington Press
2006.038.093 Book This book is a tribute to a Japanese American girl named Akiko. There is no explanation, but apparently she died at a young age. The book contains letters to her parents from her classmates and at least one essay by her. Akiko
2006.038.094 Book This book is about a Japanese man who comes to America to be ordained as a priest. A Stone Cried Out: The True Story of Simple Faith in the Difficult Days Shimada, Shigeo 1986 Judson Press
2006.038.095 Book This is a publication from a tour of Seattle's International District, a brief history of Seattle's Asian Americans. Seattle's Other History: Our Asian-American Heritage Burke, Edward 1979 Profanity Hill Press
2006.038.096 Book This is a history of Human Services in Washington State from 1853 to the present. A Shared Experience: A History of Washington State's Human Services from Territorial Days to the Present Department of Social and Health Service Centennial Committee 1989 Department of Social and Health Service Centennial Committee
2006.038.097 Book A Japanese American boy learns to play baseball when he and his family are forced to live in an internment camp during World War II, and his ability to play helps him after the war is over. Baseball Saved Us Mochizuki, Ken 1993 Lee and Low Books, Inc.
2006.038.098 Book This book is about the Japanese in Hawaii during World War II, specifically race relations. Hawaii's Japanese: An Experiment in Democracy Lind, Andrew W. 1946 Princeton University Press
2006.038.099 Booklet This is an instruction book about Japanese brush painting. Japanese Brush Painting Mikami, Takahiko 1959 Japanese Art Center
2006.038.100 Book This is a in index of photos (a record, no pictures included) of Japanese Americans of Washington State. Japanese American Photo-Index of Washington State: A Guide to Photographs in Vernacular Publications Harrison, S.E. 1982 Scott Edward Harrison
2006.038.101 Book Frank Matsura: Frontier Photographer Roe, JoAnn 1981 Madrona Publishers
2006.038.102 Book Based on the International Conference on Relocation and Redress, held in Salt Lake City, March 1983 Japanese Americans: From Relocation to Redress Daniels, Roger, Sandra C. Taylor, and Harry H. L. Kitano, eds 1991 University of Washington Press
2006.038.103 Book In English and Japanese This Was Minidoka Yamaguchi, Jack 1989 Jack Yamaguchi
2006.038.104 Book A History of Asia Volume II: Old Empires, Western Penetration, and the Rise of New Nations Since 1600 Bingham, Woodbridge, Hilary Conroy, and Frank W. Ikle 1965 Allyn and Bacon, Inc
2006.038.105 Book Unlikely Liberators: The Men of the 100th and 442nd Duus, Masayo Umezawa; Peter Duus, trans. 1987 University of Hawaii Press
2006.038.106 Book The Namban Art of Japan Okamato, Yoshito 1972 Weatherhill/Heibonsha
2006.038.107 Book Traditional Domestic Architecture of Japan Itoh, Teiji 1972 Weatherhill/Heibonsha
2006.038.108 Book Legend in Japanese Art : A Description of Historical Episodes, Legendary Characters, Folk-lore Myths, Religious Symbolism, Illustrated in the Arts of Old Japan Joly, Henri L. 1967 Tuttle Co.
2006.038.109 Book Song of the Brush: Japanese Paintings from the Sanso Collection Rosenfield, John M., ed. 1979 Seattle Art Museum
2006.038.110 Book The War in the East: Japan, China, and Corea (sic) White, Trumbull 1895 Trumbull White Co..
2006.038.111 Book Calvin Schmid's report on the evacuation of the Japanese from the Western Washington area, its effect on the area, and the opposition of their return to the White River and Puyallup Valleys. Social Trends in Seattle Schmid, Calvin F. 1944 University of Washington Press
2006.038.112 Booklet A collection of newspaper articles documenting pre-World War II Japanese discrimination and internment. [News clippings on Japanese-American evacuation during World War II] Sasaki, Yoriko Watanabe
2006.038.113 Book A book about Japanese paper and textile arts. Washi no Kusae Hida, Keiko 1979 Macaw
2006.038.114 Book About Japanese paper doll-making. Kami Ningyo: Edo Anesama Mutou, Noriko 1977 Makaw
2006.038.115 Book About Japanese textile staining. Keisen Takagi, Akiko 1982 Makaw
2006.038.116 Book About Japanese doll-making. Kabuki Fuuzoku Washi Ningyou Kifuji, Sanae 1979
2006.038.117 Book A book of an exhibit at the Kyoto National Museum in 1977 Kyoto National Museum 1977
2006.038.118 Book A book about the Japanese Nanga, a painting style often used in the Edo Period. Nanga Terada, Touru 1958
2006.038.119 Book Japanese dictionary in traditional binding / /
2006.038.120 Book Bible Primer for foreigners Bible Primer For Foreigners Loveless, Francis B. 1922/ / Westminister Press
2006.038.121 Book A First Book in English for Foreigners A First Book in English for Foreigners Wallach, Isabel R. 1906/ / Silver Burdett & Co
2006.038.122 Book A Handbook of Practical Conversation in English & Japanese Eastlake, F.W. 1901/ / Matsumura Sanshodo
2006.038.123 Book Japanese book 1934/ /
2006.038.124 Book Japanese books set of 3 elemenatary school books 1924/ /
2006.038.125 Book Elementary school textbooks Jinjo Shogaku Tokuhon 3 - other books in this series catalogued under same number Common Primary School Reader 4 1904 Nihon Shoseki Kobushiki Kaisha
2006.038.126 Book Elementary school textbook 1904 Nihon Shoseki Kobushiki Kaisha
2006.038.127 Book Elementary school textbook 1904 Nihon Shoseki Kobushiki Kaisha
2006.038.128 Book Photo and text bok on Japanese education General Features of Education in Kanagawa Prefecture and Yokohama 1938/ / Nihon Shoseki Kobushiki Kaisha
2006.038.129 Book Novel in Japanese 1970/ /
2006.038.130 Book 2 volume Japanese text book 1934/ /
2006.038.131 Book Outline of Taiwan Administration for 1945 Written after the surrender by Japanese for information of Chinese authorities. 1946/ /
2006.038.132 Book The history of China for over four hundred years through the spring of 1989. The Search for Modern China Spence, Jonathan D. 1991 W.W. Norton and Company, Inc.
2006.038.133 Book History of Japan since 1850 Japan Since Perry Yanaga, Chitoshi 1966 Archon Books
2006.038.134 Book Japanese Reform in the Middle Decades The Meiji Restoration Beasley, W.G. 1972 Stanford University Press
2006.038.135 Book Japanese manners and customs, festivals, rites and ceremonies Japanese Customs: Their Origin and Value Erskine, William Hugh 1925 Kyo Bun Kwan
2006.038.136 Book Volume II. History of Japanes Tradition Sources of Japanese Tradition Tsunoda, Ryusaku 1968 Columbia University Press
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