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Wing Luke Museum
2003.500.3033 Book Change We Must: My Spiritual Journey Veary, Nana 2000 Institute of Zen Studies
2003.500.3034 Book More Kaua'i Tales Wichman, Frederick B. 1997 Bamboo Ridge Press
2003.500.3035 Book Chinatown Lives: Oral Histories from Philadelphia's Chinatown Sze, Lena 2004 Asian Arts Initiative
2003.500.3036 Book The 9th Northwest Biennial 2009 Tacoma Art Museum
2003.500.3037 Book Lost and Found: Reclaiming the Japanese American Incarceration Ishizuka, Karen L. 2006 University of Illinois Press
2003.500.3038 Book Keio University Bulletin, 1980-1982 1980 Keio University
2003.500.3039 Book Homestay letters and articles from Japanese students visiting Salem, Oregon. The Appendices have information on Salem's early Japanese community Japanese Discovery of Salem, Oregon 1992 Kawagoe-Salem Friendship Society
2003.500.304 Book Summary of book published jointly by the LEAP Asian Pacific American Public Policy Institute and the UCLA Asian American Studies Center. The State of Asian Pacific America, A Public Policy Report: Policy Issues to the Year 2020 1993 LEAP Asian Pacific American Public Policy Institute
2003.500.3040 Book The Heart is Alone: A Selection of 20th Century Japanese Short Stories McKinnon, Richard N., ed. 1957 The Hokuseido Press
2003.500.3041 Book Japanese Folk Tales Yanagita, Kunio; Fanny Hagin Mayer, trans. 1958 Tokyo News Service, LTD.
2003.500.3042 Book My Most Unusual Cases Imamura, Dr. Eugene
2003.500.3043 Book Arts of Imperial Japan Kagedo Japanese Art 2009 Kagedo Japanese Art
2003.500.3044 Book Pictorial history of Seattle Seattle: Yesterday and Today Pierce, J. Kingston 2009 Publications International, Ltd.
2003.500.3045 Book Viewer's Guide to the Arts of Japan Mckinnon, Richard N. 1968 University of Washington
2003.500.3046 Book The Force of Women in Japanese History Beard, Mary R. 1953 Public Affairs Press
2003.500.3047 Book Volume 1 - Japan Specialists; Volume 2 - Institutions and Indexes Japanese Studies in the United States: Part II - Directory of Japan Specialists and Japanese Studies Institutions in the United States and Canada 1989 The Japan Foundation
2003.500.3048 Book Volume 1 - Japan Specialists; Volume 2 - Institutions; Volume 3 - Indexes Directory of Japan Specialists and Japanese Studies Institutions in the United States and Canada 1995 The Japan Foundation
2003.500.3049 Book Volume 1 - Japan Specialists; Volume 2 - Institutions; Volume 3 - Indexes Directory of Japan Specialists and Japanese Studies Institutions in the United States and Canada 2006 The Japan Foundation
2003.500.305 Book Window of Health: Ocular Diagnosis and Periocular Accupuncture Chan, Hoy Ping Yee 1996 Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Oriental Med
2003.500.3050 Book Exhibition of Far Eastern Ceramics 1970 Tokyo National Museum
2003.500.3051 Book Japanese Studies in the United States and Canada: Continuities and Opportunities 2007 The Japan Foundation
2003.500.3052 Book Born in Seattle: The Campaign for Japanese American Redress Shimabukuro, Robert Sadamu 2001 University of Washington Press
2003.500.3053 Booklet A Sketch of the Historical Background of Japanese Art Fuller, Richard E. 1953 Seattle Art Museum
2003.500.3054 Book Japanese Picture Scrolls Grilli, Elise 1958 Crown Publishers, Inc
2003.500.3055 Booklet The University of Washington Center for Asian Arts, School of Drama and the Office of Lectures and Concerts present Tokyo Noh Ensemble 1965 The University of Washington
2003.500.3056 Book Floral Art of Japan Nishikawa, Issotei 1958 Japan Travel Bureau
2003.500.3057 Book After Hiroshima: America since 1945 Ganely, Albert C., Thomas T. Lyons, and Gilbert T. Sewall 1979 Independent School Press
2003.500.3058 Book Japan's War: The Great Pacific Conflict, 1853 to 1952 Hoyt, Edwin P. 1986 Da Capo Press
2003.500.3059 Book Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Physical, Medical, and Social Effects of the Atomic Bombings The Committee for the Compilation of Materials on Damage Caused by the Atomic 1981 Basic Books, Inc. Publishers
2003.500.306 Book Sacred Buddhist Images: The Essence of Japanese Heian Period Buddhist Paintings 1996 Nezu Institute of Fine Arts
2003.500.3060 Book The Modern Reader's Japanese-English Character Dictionary Nelson, Andrew Nathaniel 1982 Charles E. Tuttle Company: Publishers
2003.500.3061 Book Japanese Animal Art Baten, Lea 1989 Shufunotomo Co., Ltd
2003.500.3062 Book Nanga: Exhibition of Contemporary Nanga Paintings Yamawaki, Kameo, ed. 1972 Nippon Cultural Centre
2003.500.3063 Book Pocket Guide to Origami: Japanese Paper Folding 1959 Asahi Origami Club
2003.500.3064 Book Origami: Japanese Paper Folding 1959 Asahi Origami Club
2003.500.3065 Book The Usborne Book of Origami O'Brien, Eileen and Kate Needham 1996 EDC Publishing
2003.500.3066 Booklet The Green Lake Japanese American Community, 1900-1942 The Green Lake Japanese American Community Booklet Committee
2003.500.3067 Book Bruce and Norman Yonemoto: Memory, Matter, and Modern Romance Yonemoto, Bruce and Norman 1999 Japanese American National Museum
2003.500.3068 Book Heiwa, which means "peace" in Japanese, is a bilingual poetry anthology. Its 150 poems by 105 authors from America, Brazil, Canada, England, and Japan were chosen from over 300 submissions to an international competition. The rules of the competition allowed the poets to write haiku or tanka in English or Japanese on the theme of peace. The winning poems were then translated into the other language so as to make the poetry accessible to all. As an example of the range of the poets' exploration of the theme of peace, one of the English haiku poets offered the following meditation, "Sand castles/ becoming/ sand," while one of the Japanese haiku poets illustrated the importance of harmony in Japanese society by observing, "Wishing to be/ a reliable mother - / I shall make sushi." Heiwa (peace) : peace poetry in English and Japanese / edited by Jiro Nakano and Brien Hallet Nakano, Jiro 1995 Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace
2003.500.3069 Book Bonsai: Culture and Care of Miniature Trees McDowell, Jack, ed. 1971 Lane Books
2003.500.307 Shanghai Museum Bulletin, No. 7 1996 Shanghai
2003.500.3070 Book Flying Origami: Origami from Pure Fun to True Science Nakamura, Eiji 1972 Japan Publications Inc.
2003.500.3071 Book The Road to the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Shimbun, Asahi 1999 Asahi Shimbun
2003.500.3072 Booklet Camp Roberts, California, and Camp Chaffee, Arkansas, 1942 Daly, Wilfred V. 1942 Wilfred V. Daly
2003.500.3073 Book The Poet-Painters: Buson and His Followers French, Calvin L. 1974 The University of Michigan Museum of Art
2003.500.3074 Book Japanese Flower Arrangement Notebook Kroh, Patricia 1962 Doubleday and Company, Inc.
2003.500.3075 Booklet Yugi: Paintings and Toys form the Children of Japan 1990 Founders Gallery, University of San Diego
2003.500.3076 Book Yankee Samurai: The Secret Role of Nisei in America's Pacific Victory Harrington, Joseph D. 1979 Pettigrew Enterprises, Inc.
2003.500.3077 Book Yamato: A Rage in Heaven Kato, Ken 1990 Warner Books
2003.500.3078 Book The Temple of the Golden Pavilion Mishima, Yukio 1994 Random House
2003.500.3079 Book Selections by nine leading women writers are presented, introduced by biographical essays written by the editor. The stories and essays are linked by historical context, but also by theme: the struggle of women to find artisitic and personal freedom To Live and to Write: Selections by Japanese Women Writers, 1913-1938 Tanaka, Yukiko, ed. 1987 The Seal Press
2003.500.308 Shanghai Museum Bulletin, No. 6 1996 Shanghai
2003.500.3080 Book After the Quake: Stories Murakami, Haruki; Jay Rubin, trans. 2002 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.3081 Book Traveller's Literary Companion: Japan Guest, Harry 1995 Passport Books
2003.500.3082 Book Japan: Three Epochs of Modern Education Anderson, Ronald S. 1959 Government Printing Office
2003.500.3083 Book Baedeker's Japan 1983 Prentice-Hall Inc.
2003.500.3084 Book Illustrated Catalogue of Old Oriental Ceramics 1953 Tokyo National Museum
2003.500.3085 Book Japanese Studies in the United States: The 1990s 1996 The Japan Foundation
2003.500.3086 Book 1974 calendar '74 Faces of Japan 1974
2003.500.3087 Book 1974 calendar '74 Calendar 1974 Toyo Aluminium K.K.
2003.500.3088 Book 1977 calendar with changeable paper calendar and paper design [1977 calendar] 1977
2003.500.3089 Book Elementary Japanese for University Students: Texts Elisseeff, Serge and Edwin O. Reischauer 1942 Harvard University Press
2003.500.3090 Book Elementary Japanese for University Students: Vocabularies, Grammar and Notes Elisseeff, Serge and Edwin O. Reischauer 1942 Harvard University Press
2003.500.3091 Booklet Made in Japan: The Great Craft Tradition Morita, Akio 1990 The Hongkong Land Property Company, Ltd.
2003.500.3092 Book Modern Japanese Literature: An Anthology Keene, Donald, ed. 1956 Grove Press
2003.500.3093 Book A Poet's Story: For the Poet within Every One of Us Kumasaka, Kerri Lyn 2007 Fox Creek Publishing
2003.500.3094 Booklet Japanese Girl and Boy Paper Dolls in Full Color Allert, Kathy 1991 Dover Publications, Inc.
2003.500.3095 Book Justice in Our Time: The Japanese Canadian Redress Settlement Miki, Roy and Cassandra Kobayashi 1991 Talonbooks
2003.500.3096 Book Views of Japan 1996 Urban Connections Inc.
2003.500.3097 Book Discusses the history, culture, and religion of the Japanese, factors encouraging their emigration, and their acceptance as an ethnic group in North America. The Japanese Americans Kitano, Harry H. L. 1988 Chelsea House Publishers
2003.500.3098 Book The life of the eighteenth-century Japanese haiku poet. Includes translations of some of the poems. Wind in My Hand Fukuda, Hanako 1970 Golden Gate Junior Books
2003.500.3099 Book Village of Snowy Herons Inui, Tomiko 1959 Uchida Rokakuho Publishing House
2003.500.310 Book Higher Ground: Von hoherer Warte Szeto, Paul , ed. 1997 Evangelize China Fellowship
2003.500.3100 Book Children hear an old Japanese story about a fisherman who rode on a turtle's back to a beautiful place under the sea, and then ask questions about the story. Seashore Story Yashima, Taro 1967 The Viking Press
2003.500.3101 Book Puppe's Story: A Five-year-old Child's Remembrance of His Father's Remarkable Rescue of 6,000 Jewish Refugees during the Holocaust - The True Story of Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese Diplomat, as Told by His Son, Hiroki Sugihara, Hiroki 1996 Edu-Comm. Plus
2003.500.3102 Book Pen drawings and haiku-like comments about life, kept by the author from grade school days to college years. Leaves in the Sun Yuki 1967 John Weatherhill, Inc.
2003.500.3103 Book A cherry tree growing from the top of the wicked landlord's head is the beginning of his misfortunes and a better life for the poor villagers. Once Under the Cherry Blossom Tree: An Old Japanese Tale Say, Allen 1974 Dell Publishing Co.
2003.500.3104 Book Kristi Yamaguchi: Artist on Ice Donohue, Shiobhan 1994 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.3105 Book While living in a relocation camp during the World War II, a young Japanese American boy receives a message of hope from his grandfather. Blue Jay in the Desert Shigekawa, Marlene 1993 Polychrome Publishing
2003.500.3106 Book Photographs show Japanese lifestyle. Konnichiwa!: I Am a Japanese-American Girl Brown, Tricia 1995 Henry Holt and Company Inc.
2003.500.3107 Book A little Japanese girl tries to hide the fact that she has cracked her new red clogs. A Pair of Red Clogs Matsuno, Masako 1960 The World Publishing Company
2003.500.3108 Book The Inchling Wells, Florence 1953 The Foreign Affairs Association of Japan
2003.500.3109 Book A collection of twenty poems about animals, including the peacock, giraffe, and sea cucumber. Includes both Japanese and English text. The Animals: Selected Poems Mado, Michio 1992 Macmillan Publishing Company
2003.500.311 Book Chamorro Legends on the Island of Guam Van Peenen, Mavis Warner 1993 Micronesia Area Research Center
2003.500.3110 Book Mine's: The Diary of Dori-Ann Yoneda Yamada, Joanne Hawaii Curriculum Center
2003.500.3111 Book Introduces Japan's geography, history, society, economy, and government structure. Japan in Pictures 1989 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.3112 Book On her third birthday, Momo (whose name means "Peach" in her parents' native Japan) receives rubber boots and an umbrella. Impatiently she waits for a rainy day so she can try out her new apparel. Umbrella Yashima, Taro 1970 The Viking Press
2003.500.3113 Book A young girl grows up in a closely-knit Japanese American family in California during the 1930's, a time of great prejudice. A Jar of Dreams Uchida, Yoshiko 1993 Macmillan Publishing Company
2003.500.3114 Book A Family in Japan Elkin, Judith 1987 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.3115 Book Japanese Children's Songs Tsugawa, Shuichi 1959 Fuji Publishing Co., LTD
2003.500.3116 Book Kaguyahime, the Moon Child: A Story of Old Japan 1959 Fuji Publishing Co., LTD
2003.500.3117 Book A teenaged boy only a finger-length high proves himself a warrior by vanquishing two monsters with his cunning and bravery. Little Fingerling Hughes, Monica 1989 Ideals Children's Books
2003.500.3118 Book This book looks at the various multicultural celebrations and festivals in Japan. Japan the Culture Kalman, Bobbie 1989 Crabtree Publishing Company
2003.500.3119 Book Photographs and text describe the geography, scenic sights, people, industry, and transportation of Japan. Japan the Land Kalman, Bobbie 1989 Crabtree Publishing Company
2003.500.312 Book Cross, Sword, and Silver: The Nascent Spanish Colony in the Mariana Islands Driver, Marjorie G. 1993 Micronesia Area Research Center
2003.500.3120 Book Reveals the daily lives of the Japanese people at home, work, school, and play. Japan the People Kalman, Bobbie 1989 Crabtree Publishing Company
2003.500.3121 Book A career biography of the Japanese conductor famous for directing major western orchestras worldwide. Seiji Ozawa: Symphony Conductor Simon, Charnan 1992 Childrens Press
2003.500.3122 Book The artist tells her childhood memories of the bombing of Hiroshima, and the aftermath. My Hiroshima Morimoto, Junko 1990 Penguin Books
2003.500.3123 Book Beacon Hill Boys Mochizuki, Ken 2002 Scholastic Press
2003.500.3124 Book Tells the true story of Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat stationed in Lithuania in 1940 who risked the safety of his own family members and put his job on the line by issuing visas to as many as 10,000 Jews who were facing death at the hands of the Nazis. Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story Mochizuki, Ken 1997 Lee and Low Books, Inc.
2003.500.3125 Book A Japanese American family return to their ordinary life after being relocated during World War II. After their release from an American concentration camp, a Japanese-American girl and her family try to reconstruct their lives amidst strong anti-Japanese feelings which breed fear, distrust, and violence. Journey Home Uchida, Yoshiko 1992 Macmillan Publishing Company
2003.500.3126 Book The Flute Player of Beppu Gallant, Kathryn 1960 Coward-McCann, Inc.
2003.500.3127 Book A Japanese folk tale about the brave daughter of a samurai warrior and her journey to be reunited with her exiled father. The Samurai's Daughter: A Japanese Legend San Souci, Robert D. 1992 Penguin Books
2003.500.3128 Book An extraordinary beautiful moon princess who is sent to Earth for punishment temporarily becomes the daughter of a poor bamboo cutter and his wife. The Tale of the Shining Princess Fisher, Sally 1980 The Viking Press
2003.500.3129 Book Because he spread flames and destruction when he laughed, the Emperor's jolly dragon had to be banished from the kingdom. The Laughing Dragon Mahood, Kenneth 1970 Charles Scribner's Sons
2003.500.313 Book Fray Juan Pobre's Residence in the Marianas 1602 Driver, Marjorie G. 1993 Micronesia Area Research Center
2003.500.3130 Book The Girl Who Loved Caterpillars: A Twelfth-Century Tale from Japan Merrill, Jean 1992 Philomel Books
2003.500.3131 Book O-E Yama: The Story of General Raiko and the Ogres of O-E Yama 1959 Fuji Publishing Co., LTD
2003.500.3132 Book The Village Tree Yashima, Taro 1953 The Viking Press
2003.500.3133 Book Japan: A History in Art Smith, Bradley 1964 Doubleday and Co.
2003.500.3134 Book Isamu Noguchi: Space of Akari and Stone Noguchi, Isamu 1985 Libro Port Co., LTD
2003.500.3135 Book Yukei, Reflective Paths: Japanese Art, a Personal Passage Through Eight Centuries 2008 Kagedo japanese Art
2003.500.3136 Book Breaking Light: Arts of 20th Century Japan 2007 Kagedo Japanese Art
2003.500.3137 Book Light Through Clouds: Modern Japanese Painting 2005 Kagedo Japanese Art
2003.500.3138 Book This Is Japan 1961 Asahi Publishing Company
2003.500.3139 Book America and Japan in Amity and Trade 1938 Osaka Mainichi
2003.500.314 Book Historical Survey of the Spanish Mission Sites on Guam 1669-1800 Haynes, Douglas E., and William L. Wuerch 1993 Micronesia Area Research Center
2003.500.3140 Book A biography of Chinese American film star Anna May Wong who, in spite of limited opportunities, achieved her dream of becoming an actress and worked to represent her race on screen in a truthful, positive manner. Shining Star: The Anna May Wong Story Yoo, Paula 2009 Lee and Low Books, Inc.
2003.500.3141 Book Perpetually Cool: The Many Lives of Anna May Wong (1905-1961) Chan, Anthony B. 2003 The Scarecrow Press, Inc.
2003.500.3142 Book Destination: Chungking Han, Suyin 1953 Jonathan Cape
2003.500.3143 Book Stories from Old China: Folklore of the World Dolch, Edward W. 1964 Garrard Publishing Company
2003.500.3144 Book At the Hong Kong Movies: 600 Reviews form 1988 till the Handover Fonoroff, Paul 1999 Film Biweekly Publishing House
2003.500.3145 Book Primitive Passions: Visuality, Sexuality, Ethnography, and Contemporary Chinese Cinema Chow, Rey 1995 Columbia University Press
2003.500.3146 Book Chinese Americans Moy, Tina 1995 Marshall Cavendish Corporation
2003.500.3147 Book Selling Songs and Smiles: The Sex Trade in Heian and Kamakura Japan Goodwin, Janet R. 2007 University of Hawai'i Press
2003.500.3148 Book Japanese Painting Akiyama, Terukazu 1977 Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.
2003.500.3149 Booklet Booklet on the Salmon exhibit featured at Museum of History and Industry A Community Shaped by Salmon: Salmon, the Salmon Industry and the Asian Pacific American Experience 2000 Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.315 Book Guide to the Manuscript Collection at the Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Reserch Center, University of Guam Wuerch, William L. 1998 Micronesia Area Research Center
2003.500.3150 Booklet Honoring Our Past: An Oral History of Asian Pacific Americans in Girl Scouts del Rosario, Carina A., ed. 2002 Girl Scouts - Totem Council
2003.500.3151 Book Still Present Pasts: Forgotten War, Living Memories 2007 Total Museum of Contemporary Art
2003.500.3152 Book The Collection of the National Folk Museum of Korea Chang, Jong-soo, ed. 2007 National Folk Museum of Korea
2003.500.3153 Book Han-gang River 1986 Seoul Metropolitan Government
2003.500.3154 Book a series of books from years 2001 to 2005, 2010-2012 Resources for Korean Studies: A Selected Bibliography for Regular Distribution The Korea Foundation
2003.500.3155 Book New Chinese Cinemas: Forms, Identities, Politics Browne, Nick, Paul G. Pickowicz, Vivian Sobchack, and Esther Yau, eds 1996 Cambridge University Press
2003.500.3156 Book The Complete History of China Roberts, J.A.G. 2003 Sutton Publishing
2003.500.3157 Journal Vol 2 - 1996, Vol 3 - 1997, Vol 4 - 1998-99, Vol 5 - 2000-01 Korean American Historical Society: Occasional Papers Korean American Historical Society
2003.500.3158 Booklet Korean WRAPsody: The Visual Legacy of Pojagi Um, Nancy Anjung Korean American Museum
2003.500.3159 Book Kimchi Xtravaganza! Han, Ju Hui Judy, ed. 1997 Korean American Museum
2003.500.316 Book Indonesia: General Information on Irian Jaya ? Dpt of Foreign Affairs and Dpt of Information
2003.500.3160 Book Wild Flowers of Tokdo Island, Korea Kim, Tae-Jeong Korean Overseas Information Service
2003.500.3161 Book Johsel Namkung: An Artist's View of Nature 1978 Seattle Art Museum
2003.500.3162 Book Image Theater 2006 Coreana Museum of Art
2003.500.3163 Book Park, Hang-Ryul: Meditation - Yonder the Flickering Flame Park, Hang-Ryul 2000 Bill Hodges Gallery
2003.500.3164 Book A Breeze Over Troubled Water Whang, Inkie 2004 Woodruff Arts Center
2003.500.3165 Book The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption Vance, Janine 2005 Misplaced Children LLC
2003.500.3166 Book Eternal Images of Sakyamuni: Two Gilt-Bronze Korean National Treasures 2008 Korea Foundation
2003.500.3167 Book The Smile of Buddha: 1600 Years of Buddhist Art in Korea 2008 Centre for Fine Arts
2003.500.3168 Book Dictionary of Korean Art and Archaeology Whitfield, Roderick, ed. 2004 Hollym Corporation
2003.500.3169 Book It's Fun Being Young In Korea Hyun, Peter, ed. 1978 Saem Toh Sa Publsing Co.
2003.500.317 Book Father Sanvitores: His Life, Times, and Martyrdom Johnston, Emilie G., ed. 1993 Micronesia Area Research Center
2003.500.3170 Book The Story of Woong and His Birthday Gilbert, Jung Ja Lee 1977 US Department of Education
2003.500.3171 Book Korean Americans Bandon, Alexandra 1994 Macmillan Publishing Company
2003.500.3172 Book Surveys the immigration of Koreans to America from 1903 to the present time and identifies the contributions of individual Koreans to American life and culture. The Koreans in America Patterson, Wayne 1986 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.3173 Book Introduces the geography, history, people, and culture of the country known as "the land of morning calm." Korea Jacobsen, Karen 1989 Childrens Press
2003.500.3174 Book Presents the numbers one to ten in Korean, using each number to introduce concepts about Korea and its culture. Count Your Way through Korea Haskins, Jim 1989 Carolrhoda Books, Inc.
2003.500.3175 Book Describes the busy life of eleven-year-old Chun Yung Mee who lives with her family in a village in the Republic of Korea. A Family in South Korea Ashby, Gwynneth 1987 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.3176 Book A young Korean immigrant learns to adjust to her new life in America by heeding the words of an ancient Korean king. In English and Korean. Aekyung's Dream Paek, Min 1988 Children's Book Press
2003.500.3177 Book The Rabbit's Escape Han, Suzanne Crowder 1995 Henry Holt and Company Inc.
2003.500.3178 Book A young boy's rescue of several pheasants from a giant snake has unforeseen consequences. Bong Nam and the Pheasants Yoo, Edward Yushin 1979 Prentice Hall
2003.500.3179 Book An Eye for the Dragon: Southeast Asia Observed, 1954-1970 Bloodworth, Dennis 1970 Farrar, Straus and Giroux
2003.500.318 Book Beyond the Dream: A Search For Meaning Thompson, Laura 1991 Micronesia Area Research Center
2003.500.3180 Book The Golden Peninsula: Culture and Adaptation in Mainland Southeast Asia Keyes, Charles, F. 1995 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3181 Newsletter Volume 19, No. 11, 2010; 20, No. 2, 2011 Korea Foundation Korea Foundation
2003.500.3182 Magazine July 2012 Where Magazine Morris Visitor Publications
2003.500.3183 Booklet Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh Thai International
2003.500.3184 Book Arts of the South Seas Linton, Ralph and Paul S. Wingert 1946 Simon and Schuster
2003.500.3185 Booklet Southeast Asian Americans Maher, Jan and Doug Selwyn 1991 Turman Publishing Co.
2003.500.3186 Book Majesty of the Sacred: Art of India, the Himalayas and Southeast Asia 2007 Marcel Nies Oriental Art
2003.500.3187 Book The Stone of Heaven: The Secret History of Imperial Green Jade Levy, Adrian and Cathy Scott-Clark 2001 Weidenfeld and Nicolson
2003.500.3188 Book Khmer Court Dance: A Comprehensive Study of Movements, Gestures, and Postures as Applied Techniques Sam, Chan Moly 1987 Khmer Studies Institute
2003.500.3189 Book Angkor Empire Walker, George B. 1955 Signet Press
2003.500.319 Book Recollections of Olden Days Palomo, Jose R. 1992 Micronesia Area Research Center
2003.500.3190 Book Refugees from Cambodia: A Look at History, Culture and the Refugee Crisis United States Catholic Conference
2003.500.3191 Book Fighters, Refugees, Immigrants: A Story of the Hmong Goldfarb, Mace 1982 Carolrhoda Books, Inc.
2003.500.3192 Book The Flood: How Hmong Names Began - A Hmong Folk Take in Beginning ESL: Level 2 Johnson, Charles, ed. 1981 Linguistics Department
2003.500.3193 Book Kammu Phonology and Morphology Svantesson, Jan-Olof 1983 CWK Gleerup
2003.500.3194 Book The Ethnic Lao - Who Are They? Moore-Howard, Patricia 1992 Sacramento City Unified School District
2003.500.3195 Book Creating Pa Ndau Applique: A New Approach to an Ancient Art Form Hassel, Carla J. 1984 Wallace-Homestead Book Company
2003.500.3196 Book Six Hmong Folk Tales Retold in English Johnson, Charles, and Ava Dale Johnson 1981 Linguistics Department, Macalester College
2003.500.3197 Book Hmong: History of a People Quincy, Keith 1988 Eastern Washington University Press
2003.500.3198 Book Hmong and Yao: Mountain Peoples of Southeast Asia Hamilton-Merritt, Jane 1982 Survive
2003.500.3199 Book Textiles as Texts - Arts of Hmong Women from Laos: An Exhibition of Traditional Clothing and Songs of the Hmong Women of Southern California Catlin, Amy, and Dixie Swift 1987 The Woman's Building
2003.500.320 Book Carolinians in the Mariana Islands in the 1800's: Selected Documents from the Holdings of the Spanish Documents Collection at the Micronesian Area Research Center Driver, Marjorie G. and Omaira Brunal-Perry 1996 Micronesia Area Research Center
2003.500.3200 Book Grandmother's Path, Grandfather's Way: Hmong Preservation Project - Oral Lore, Generation to Generation Vang, Lue, and Judy Lewis 1984 Zellerbach Family Fund
2003.500.3201 Spiral-Bound The Hmong, Yesterday and Today Moore-Howard, Patricia 1987 Patricia Moore-Howard
2003.500.3202 Book The IU Mien: Tradition and Change Moore-Howard, Patricia 1989 Patricia Moore-Howard
2003.500.3203 Book Village Life in Modern Thailand deYoung, John E. 1955 University of California Press
2003.500.3204 Book Fishermen of South Thailand Fraser, Jr., Thomas M. 1966 Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc.
2003.500.3205 Book The Arts of Thailand: A Handbook of the Architecture, Sculpture and Painting of Thailand (Siam), and a Catalogue of the Exhibition in the United States in 1960-61-62 Bowie, Theodore, ed. 1960 Indiana University Press
2003.500.3206 Book The English Governess at the Siamese Court: Being Recollections of Six Years in the Royal Palace at Bangkok Leonowens, Anna Harriette 1988 Oxford University Press
2003.500.3207 Book Lua' of North Thailand, The Material Culture of the Upland Village of Pa Pae: An Exhibition at the Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum of the University of Washington Seattle, Washington 1978 Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum
2003.500.3208 Book Thai Style Warren, William 1989 Rizzoli
2003.500.3209 Book Learning to Read Thai Ponmanee, Sriwilai 2000 Thai Studies Center, Chiang Mai University
2003.500.321 Book Chronicle of the Mariana Islands del Carmen, Aniceto Ibanez; Francisco Resano del Corazon de Jesus; et al 1998 Micronesia Area Research Center
2003.500.3210 Book [Book in Thai on games]
2003.500.3211 Book A binder with detailed information of objects listed under accessn#1983.052; and essays and articles on Yao Pien Fa Hang Collection
2003.500.3212 Book The Ainu of Northern Japan: A Study in Conquest and Acculturation Takakura, Shinichiro; John A. Harriosn, trans. 1960 The American Philosophical Society
2003.500.3213 Book The Smaller Dragon: A Political History of Vietnam Buttinger, Joseph 1958 Frederick A. Praeger
2003.500.3214 Book A Different War: Vietnam in Art Lippard, Lucy R. 1990 The Real Comet Press
2003.500.3215 Book The Face of Viet-Nam: The Land and the People 1966 Mike Roberts Color Production
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