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Wing Luke Museum
2004.037.515 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.516 Book a-h: Eight Chinese books titled "Lingnan Newsletter." Lingnan Newsletter
2004.037.517 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.518 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.519 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.520 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.522 Book Book; "The Principles and Practice of the Chinese Abacus" by Lau Chung Him, B.A. The Principles and Practice of the Chinese Abacus Lau Chung Him, B.A. 1958 Lau Chung Him & CO.
2004.037.523 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.524 Book English/Chinese book; "President Chiang Kai-Shek, Selected Messages, January-March, 1959." President Chiang Kai-Shek, Selected Messages, January-March, 1959 Government Information Office
2004.037.525 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.526 Book English/Chinese book; "Premier Chen Cheng's Report to the Legistlative Yuan (Verbal Report), February 20, 1959." Premier Chen Cheng's Report to the Legistlative Yuan (Verbal Report), February 20, 1959 Government Information Office
2004.037.527 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.529 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.530 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.531 Book Chinese book with black and white photgraphs.
2004.037.532 Book Chinese/ English book; "A Crucial Question: To Recongnize or Not to Recognize (1), October 10, 1959." A Crucial Question: To Recongnize or Not to Recognize (1), October 10, 1959
2004.037.533 Book Chinese book with black and white photographs.
2004.037.534 Book Book; "Commercial Guide to Hong Kong, Coronation Issue." Commercial Guide to Hong Kong
2004.037.535 Book Book: "Anti-Communist Movement, A Chinese-Filipino Joint Endeavor." Anti-Communist Movement
2004.037.536 Book a-b: Two books; "Classified Directory of Members, The Hong Kong Chinese Manufacturers' Union, Hong Kong." Classified Directory of Members
2004.037.537 Book Chinese/English book; "National Conference of Chinese Communities in America." National Conference of Chinese Communities in America
2004.037.538 Book Book; "Two Chinas ?" Two Chinas ? Dr. W.G. Goddard New Zealand Chinese Anti-Communist Union
2004.037.539 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.540 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.541 Book Chinese/English book; "Lingnan Middle School, Art Exhibition in aid of The Lingnan Middle School Building Fund." Lingnan Middle School, Art Exhibition in aid of The Lingnan Middle School Building Fund
2004.037.542 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.543 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.544 Book Chinese/English book; most of book is in Chinese with some letters in English.
2004.037.545 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.546 Book, Address Address book; titled "Blue Book of Telephone Numbers, The nicest gift of all is a Long Distance call... and inexpensive too!"
2004.037.547 Book Book; "German Exporter." German Exporter, Export-Journal of the German Industry
2004.037.548 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.550 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.551 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.552 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.553 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.554 Book Chinese book with photo of Chang Kai Shek on cover.
2004.037.555 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.556 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.557 Book Book; "How to Convert Your Money Into New Taiwan Dollars." How to Convert Your Money into New Taiwan Dollars 1960
2004.037.558 Book Book; "Essential Points of Foreign Investment Law of the Republic of China." Essential Points of Foreign Investment Law of the Republic of China 1960 Industrial Development & Investment Center, Council for the United States Aid
2004.037.559 Book Book; "Investment Laws of the Republic of China." Investment Laws of the Republic of China 1960 Industrial Development & Investment Center Council for United States Aid, Republic of China
2004.037.560 Book Book; "List of Exporters of Thailand." List of Exporters of Thailand Department of Economic Relations Ministry of Economic Affairs
2004.037.561 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.562 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.563 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.564 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.565 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.566 Book Chinese book with photo of Chang Kai Shek on cover.
2004.037.567 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.568 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.581 Booklet a+b: Two booklets; "Oriental Flavors, A Guide to Seattle's Chinatown." Oriental Flavors Chinese Publishing House
2004.037.582 Book
2004.037.583 Book Chinese book; "The Pictorial Biography of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen." Pictorial Biography of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen
2004.037.584 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.585 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.608 Booklet a-e: Slide out box with two booklets (one about Germany and the other about Greece) and a foldout map; From the American Geographical Society, Around the World Program. American Geographical Society 1965 Nelson Doubleday Inc.
2004.037.609 Book Chinese book; "A History of Chinese in Canada" by David T. H. Lee. A History of Chinese in Canada David T. H. Lee
2004.037.610 Book Book, "International Traders' Handbook" 1935 Edition. International Traders' Handbook 1935 The Commercial Museum
2004.037.611 Book Book; "Sentence Construction, For Middle and Normal Schools" by D.Y. Loh. Sentence Construction D.Y. Loh 1919 Commericial Press, Limited
2004.037.612 Book Chinese book; stamped date on cover and first page Sep 16 1958.
2004.037.613 Book Book; "Applied Business English" by Hubert A. Hagar and "Applied Business Correspondence" by Rupert P. Sorelle. Applied Business English and Applied Business Correspondence Hubert A. Hagar and Rupert P. Sorelle 1924 The Gregg Publishing Company
2004.037.614 Book Book; "Taiwan Today" by Han Lih-Wu. Taiwan Today Han Lih-Wu 1952 Hwa Kuo Publishing Co.
2004.037.615 Dictionary Dictionary; "Modern Portuguese-English, English-Portuguese Dictionary." Modern Portuguese-English, English-Portuguese Dictionary 1943 David McKay Company
2004.037.616 Book Book; "Complete Instructions For Shippers to Cuba" by Ramon P. Casado. Complete Instructions For Shippers to Cuba Ramon P. Casado 1937 Unz & Co.
2004.037.617 Book Book; "The Business Man's Encyclopedia." The Business Man's Encyclopedia The Business Press
2004.037.618 Book Book; "China Handbook 1951." China Handbook, 1951 1951 China Publishing Company
2004.037.619 Book Chinese Book with foldout forms.
2004.037.620 Book Book; "United States Import Duties, June 1946." United States Import Duties, June 1946 1946 Department of State
2004.037.621 Book Book; "Nash's Expenditious Measurer." Nash's Expenditious Measure 1948 The Baker & Taylor Co.
2004.037.622 Book Book; "Geography of China." Geography of China Horatio B. Hawkins, M.A. 1918 Commercial Press, Limited
2004.037.623 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.624 Book Book; "A Practical Spanish Grammar for Border Patrol Officers." A Practical Spanish Grammar for Border Patrol Officers John G. Friar and George W. Kelly 1946 U.S. Department of Justice
2004.037.625 Map Book cover with folded map of Malaya attached; map glued to canvas material. Malaya, 1931
2004.037.626 Book a+b: Two Chinese books.
2004.037.627 Book Book; "Treasury Decisions, Under the Customs, Certain Internal Revenue, Narcotic, and Other Laws." Treasury Decisions 1947 U.S. Government Printing Office
2004.037.628 Book Book; "A Foreign-Trade Zone for Puget Sound: Its Economic Desirability and Feasibility." A Foreign- Trade Zone for Puget Sound: Its Economic Desirability and Feasibility Charles J. Miller 1947 Port of Seattle
2004.037.629 Book Book; "An Introduction to Doing Import and Export Business." An Introduction to Doing import and Export Business Chamber of Commerce of the United States
2004.037.630 Book Book; "English Grammar Step by Step" by John B. DeLacy. English Grammar Step by Step John B. DeLacy 1931 Seattle Public Schools
2004.037.631 Book Book; "Credit and Payment Terms in Foreign Countries." Credit and Payment Terms in Foreign Countries 1931 U.S. Government Printing Office
2004.037.632 Book Book; "The Spice Handbook, Spices, Aromatic Seeds and Herbs" by J.W. Parry. The Spice Handbook J.W. Parry 1945 Chemical Publishing Co., Inc.
2004.037.633 Book Directory; "Marine Digest, Pacific Coast Maritime Directory, 1978-79." Marine Digest Marine Digest
2004.037.634 Dictionary Dictionary; "A New English-Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionary." A New English-Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionary Arthur Angeli 1913 David McKay
2004.037.635 Dictionary German-Chinese Dictionary; "Deutsch-Chinesisches Worterbuch." Deutsch-Chinesisches Worterbuch 1927
2004.037.636 Book a-d: Four books; "Recent Paintings by Professor Chao Shao-An." Recent Paintings by Professor Chao Shao-An Lingnam Art Studio
2004.037.639 Book Chinese/English book; "Republic of China To-Day 1963." Republic of China To-Day 1963 1963 Overseas Chinese Affairs Commision
2004.037.640 Book Chinese book with stamp date Nov 15 1955 on cover.
2004.037.641 Magazine Magazine; "Hong Kong Lee Clansmen Association." Hong Kong Lee Clansman Association
2004.037.652 Book Book; "The Automatic Letter Writer & Dictation System." The Automatic Letter Writer & Dictation System 1918 A.W. Shaw Company
2004.037.653 Book Book; "American Import & Export Bulletin, Year 1935." American Import & Export Bulletin, Year 1935 1935 WM. B. Joyce & Co.
2004.037.654 Book Book; "Carpenter's World Travels, Familiar Talks About Countries and Peoples" by Frank G. Carpenter. Carpenter's World Travels Frank G. Carpenter 1926 Doubleday, Page & Company
2004.037.655 Magazine Chinese magazine.
2004.037.656 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.657 Book Book; "C.I.F. Directory of Hong Kong 1955." C.I.F. Directory of Hong Kong 1955
2004.037.658 Book Book; "C.I.F. Directory of Hong Kong 1959." C.I.F. Directory of Hong Kong 1959 1959
2004.037.659 Magazine Chinese magazine.
2004.037.660 Book Chinese book; photos of Sun Yat-Sen and Chiang Kai Shek on first few pages.
2004.037.661 Book Book; "50th Anniversary 1910-1960." 50th Anniversary 1910-1960 The Young China Morning Paper
2004.037.662 Book Book; "The Principal Articles of Chinese Commerce." The Principal Articles of Chinese Commerce Ernest Watson 1930 Order of the Inspector General of Customs
2004.037.664 Book Chinese book with photos of Chiang Kai Shek.
2004.037.665 Book Book; "In Memoriam the Free World Mourns President Chiang Kai-Shek." In Memoriam the Free World Mourns President Chiang Kai-Shek
2004.037.666 Book Chinese book; "50th Anniversary, Eastern Bakery Inc." 50th Anniversary, Eastern Bakery Inc.
2004.037.667 Directory Directory; "Washington State Chinese Community Directory." Washington State Chinese Community Directory 1971 Seattle Chinatown Chamber of Commerce
2004.037.668 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.669 Book Chinese book; "Six Districts Fellow-Villagers Fraternal Association of H.K." Six Districts Fellow-Villagers Fraternal Association of H.K.
2004.037.670 Book Eight Chinese books.
2004.037.671 Book Chinese book.
2004.037.673 Book Book; "Export Directory of Brazil 1975." Export Directory of Brazil 1975 Editora de Guias LTB S/A
2004.037.684 Directory Directory; "Los Angeles Chinese Business Directory, 1965." Los Angeles Chinese Business Directory, 1965 Chinese Publishing House
2004.037.685 Directory Directory; "BIF 1953, Hong Kong Directory." BIF 1953, Hong Kong Directory 1953 Beatrice Church, the Advertising and Publicity Bureau LTD.
2004.037.686 Book Book; "Asian Sources, Feb 1975." Asian Sources, Feb 1975
2004.037.688 Catalog Catalog; "Fidelity Products Co." Fidelity Products Co. Fidelity File Box, Inc.
2004.037.689 Booklet Booklet; "Washington State International Trade Fair, An Illustrative Reprise and 25 year History of Trade Fair." Washington State International Trade Fair Washington State International Trade Fair
2004.037.690 Book Book; "Asian Source, 1974." Asian Sources, Oct 1974 1974
2004.037.691 Catalog Catalog; "Standard Handling Devices Inc." Standard Handling Devices Inc.
2004.037.692 Booklet Booklet; "Cancer News, Spring, 1975, An American Cancer Society Publication." Cancer News, Spring, 1975 1975 American Cancer Society, Inc.
2004.037.693 Catalog Catalog; "Imex International LTD." Imex International LTD.
2004.037.694 Booklet American Cancer Society Annual Report 1974 American Cancer Society Annual Report 1974 1975 American Cancer Society, Inc.
2004.037.695 Magazine Magazine; "The Washington Policeman, The Official Publication of the Washington State Council of Police Officers, March, 1976." The Washington Policeman 1975 Washington State Council of Police Officers
2004.037.696 Catalog Catalog, "1976 Spring & Summer Supplement." 1976 Spring & Summer Supplement Modern Merchandising, Inc.
2004.037.697 Catalog Catalog; "Pre-Christmas Tru-Specials." Pre-Christmas Tru-Specials Modern Merchandising, Inc
2004.037.698 Book Book; "Asian Sources, Feb 1974." Asian Sources, Feb 1974 1974
2004.037.699 Book Book; "Asian Sources, Oct 1973." Asian Sources, Oct 1973 1973
2004.037.703 Book Book; "Thomas' Wholesale Grocery and Kindred Trades Register, 50th Edition, 1948." Thomas' Wholesale Grocery and Kindred Trades Register, 50th Edition, 1948 1948 Thomas Publishing Company
2004.037.704 Dictionary Dictionary; "Business Man's Dictionary and Guide to English." Business Man's Dictionary and Guide to English 1938 Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc.
2004.037.705 Book Book; "The Chinese in the Americas." The Chinese in the Americas
2004.037.706 Book Book; "Custom House Guide, An Importers' Encyclopedia." Custom House Guide, An Importers' Encyclopedia 1935 Custom House Guide
2004.037.836 Directory Seattle Chinese Yellow Pages, 1994-1995. Seattle Chinese Yellow Pages, 1994-1995
2004.037.837 Book Singapore Exporters 1990/91 Singapore Exporters 1990/91
2004.037.841 Book a-c: Three Chinese book with preface in English titled "Report on Local Sef-Government in U.S.A." by Li Tsung-Huang.
2004.037.852 Book Book; 50th Anniversary, 1910-1960, The Young China Morning Paper. 50th Anniversary, 1910-1960 The Young China Morning Paper
2004.037.853 Newspaper One page of China Times newspaper.
2004.037.855 Booklet Recipe booklet titled "Recipes of Dried Lily Flower." Recipes of Dried Lily Flowers
2004.037.856 Booklet Booklet, "Tientsin Greenbeans Starch Sheet." Tientsin Greenbeans Starch Sheet China National Cereals & Foodstuffs Import and Export Corp., Tienstsin Branch
2004.037.919 Book a+b: Two "The Lee Family National Convention" books. The Lee Family National Convention
2004.037.920 Book a+b: Two "Lee Family Association, Lee On Dong Association" books. Lee Family Association, Lee On Dong Association
2004.037.921 Directory Seattle Chinese Business Directory 1985-86. Seattle Chinese Business Directory 1985-86 Seattle Chinese Post, Inc.
2004.037.922 Booklet Booklet,"The Miss Chinatown Pagent & Coronation" The Miss Chinatown Pagent & Coronation Seattle Chinatown Chamber of Commerce
2004.037.926 Book Chinese book; black Chinese writing on red cover.
2004.037.927 Booklet a+b: 2 booklets, "Oriental Restaurant Association, Health Care Coverage." Oriental Restaurant Association, Health Care Coverage King County Medical Blue Shield
2004.045.001 Documents Copies of Letters and Contracts dated 1921 from the Wa Chong Co. to the Salmon Bank Canning Co. of Richardson. Originals held at the Lopez Island Historical Museum. Wa Chong Co.
2004.047.085 Magazine This is Japan (volumes 7 - 18) 1959 - 1970
2004.047.086 Dictionary Sanseido's GEM Dictionary
2004.047.087 Book Japanese language paperback
2004.047.088 Dictionary Japanese English dictionary with tape on spine. Takenobu's Japanese English Dictionary
2004.050.005 BOOK Community church cookbook of the Lakeside Christian Church, 954 West Wellington Ave , Chicago IL published in 1975. Japanese American congregation More Family Favorites Lakeside Christian Church
2004.050.006 Book Japanese American Citizens League 50th Anniversary cookbook. Bridging the Generations: 50th Anniversary Cookbook JACL: Twin Cities Chapter
2004.050.007 Book Pacific Northwest Cookbook with sumi drawings by George Tsutakawa. Reprint of the original published under the title The Northwest Kitchen Great Meals from the Northwest: A Sesonal Cookbook Judie Geise
2004.050.008 Book Japanese American National Museum volunteer cookbook. Cooking With Love: Favorites of JANM Volunteers
2004.050.009 Book Story of the family of Masuo Yasui and his family in the Hood River Valley of Oregon. Stubborn Twig: Three Generations in the Life of a Japanese American Family Kessler, Lauren 1993 Penguin Books
2004.050.010 Book Whispered Silences presents memories and images of the American detention camps to which 110,000 people of Japanese ancestry, two-thirds of them U.S. citizens, were sent during World War II. Whispered Silences: Japanese Americans and World War II Okihiro, Gary Y. 1996 University of Washington Press
2004.050.011 Book Asian American history Everything You Need to Know About Asian-American History Cao, Lan 1996 Penguin Books
2004.053.008 BOOK Japanese book. Bound accordian style with cloth covered boards. English translation "Family Record" Published in 1936 for use in keeping records of family ancestory. Contains map of US and Japanese population as of 1922 Map of Provinces of Japan including Korea. Wagaya no Rekishi Family Record Toga, Yoichi 1936
2004.058.041 Booklet Twelve Weeks to Health 1926 Funk & Wagnalls Company
2004.058.042 Book From One to a Million Cross & Miller
2004.058.043 Booklet The Children's Hospital Orthopedic Hospital
2004.058.044 Booklet Booklet describing the Language Phone foreign instruction method. Listening in on The Language Phone Funk & Wagnalls Company
2004.058.045 Directory Directory of Lawyers
2004.058.046 Book Russia John H. Snodgrass 1913
2004.058.048 Book The China Rebublican Telegraphic Code Hsin-Min Telegraphic Code Company
2004.058.049 Book My Country and My People Lin Yutang 1938 Halcyon House
2004.058.053 Book Chinese book; red hardback cover
2004.058.054 Book Chinese book; orange hardback cover with black print on front Hsin-Min Telegraphic Code Company
2004.058.055 Book Burgundy hardback cover book, "Views of China," photographs of landmarks and scenery in China. Views of China 1915
2004.100.001 Report Kong Yick Building East: 715-725 South King Street, Historical Narrative Gee, Shannon 2004 Shannon Gee
2004.200.001 Tape, Video The Filipinos of the Pike Place Market The Market Foundation
2004.200.002 Tape, Video In pre-WWII Vancouver, the Asahi baseball team was unbeatable. When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, the Canadian government sent everyone of Japanese descent to internment camps. Faced with hardship and isolation, the former Asahi members survived by playing baseball. Sleeping Tigers: The Asahi Baseball Story Osborne, Jari (writer, director), Karen King-Chigbo (producer) 2003 National Film Board of Canada
2004.200.003 Tape, Video Southeat Asians of the Pike Place Market The Market Foundation 2003
2004.200.004 DVD In 1914 the Komagata Maru, a vessel with 376 immigrants from British India, became the first ship carrying immigrants to be turned away from Canada. The consequences were felt throuhgout the British Empire. Continuous Journey Ali Kazimi 2004/ /
2004.200.005 Tape, Video The untold story of how Asians--Filipino, Chinese, Asian Indian--first arrived in the Americas. Film crosses centuries and oceans from the 16th century Manila-Acapulco trade, to the Opium War, to the 19th century plantation coolie labor in South America and the Caribbean. Ancestors in the Americas: Coolies, Sailors, Settlers Ding, Loni 1996 Center for Educational Telecommunications
2004.200.006 Tape, Video Chronicles the arrival of the Chinese during the 1850s to 1880s in California during the Gold Rush period and their subsequent settlement in the Western states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. Includes the history of their labor, community building and activism for justice and equality in the courts of mid-19th century America. Ancestors in the Americas: Chinese in the Frontier West, An American Story Ding, Loni 1998 Center for Educational Telecommunications
2004.200.008 Tape, Video Copy of TV presentation. Japanese Geisha Secret Life of Geisha 1999/ / A & E
2005.002.026 Magazine From Association Room, "Literary Digest" 8 copies, Nov 1927, June 16 1928, Sept 24 1932, Oct 22 1932, Nov 12 1932, Dec 10 1932, Nov 26 1932, Dec 31 1932. The Literary Digest
2005.002.027 Magazine From Association Room, Outdoor Life, Nov 1927, Found in Quong Tuck Co Space Outdoor Life
2005.002.028 Magazine From Association Room, Popular Science Monthly, Oct 1927 and Jan 1928, found in Quong Tuck Co space. Popular Science Monthly Oct. 1927, Jan
2005.002.030 Book From Association Room, Red hardcover, dust jacket glued to front and back, "Murder Upstairs" by Adam Bliss, Grosset+Dunlap New York 1934. Murder Upstairs Bliss, Adam 1934 Grosset Dunlap
2005.002.031 Book From Association Room, White hardcover, "The Yellow Claw" by Sax Rohmer, AL Bart Co. New York, 1915; Third Printing; 1920. The Yellow Claw Rohmer, Max 1920 Al Bart Co
2005.002.032 Book From Association Room, Hardcover green book, "Dope" by Sax Rohmer, A,L Bart Co New York, 1919. Dope Rohmer, Max 1919 A L Bart
2005.002.036 Book From Association Room, "Ridpath's History of the World, Vol I" Jones Brothers Pub, Cincinnati OH, 1910. Ridpath's History of the World
2005.002.037 Book From Association Room, Tyee UW Yearbook 1926 The 1926 Tyee
2005.002.038 Book From Association Room, Tyee UW Yearbook 1923, Property of Jack Eng. The 1923 Tyee
2005.002.039 Book From Association Room, "Everyday English Book I" Commercial Press, Shanghai 1916, Written on inside cover: "Jan 29, 1929, Seattle, Washington, Propery of Woo Dann Poy". Every-Day English 1916 Commercial Press
2005.004 Book Published by The China Publishing Company Shanghai First edition May 1937. First de luxe edition, first printing hard back binding in publisher's original brick-red silk brocade with floral scarlet and colour silk brocade spine and exposed deep navy silk twinnings, gilt lettering to upper panel. 8vo 9?" x 7?" x, 119 [pp]. Printed on specially prepared Chinese paper made by hand from bamboo fibre. The Chinese characters on the silk cover are a translation of the titles in the Generalissimos own calligraphy. Two documents written very shortly after the capture of Ching Kai-Shek during a mutiny in December 1936. SIGNED in blue fountain by the author to free front end paper Sian: A Coup d'Etat Mayling Soong Chiang
2005.013.009 Newspaper Northwest Nikkei Northwest Nikkei
2005.013.010 Newspaper Hawaii Herald Hawaii Herald: Hawaii's Japanese American Journal
2005.013.011 Magazine 9 - issues of the National Japanese American Historical Society magazine Nikkei Heritage. Nikkei Heritage
2005.013.012 Magazine Japanese American National Museum magazine Japanese American National Museum
2005.013.013 Booklet Collection of inflamatory newspaper articles about Japanese Americans during WW II collected by Yoriko Watanabe Sasaki [News clippings on Japanese-American evacuation during World War II] Sasaki, Yoriko Watanabe
2005.013.014 Booklet Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction Office For Equity Education's Multicultural Education Resource Series on The Japanese American Internment, 1942-45. The Japanese American Internment, 1942-45: A Lesson From Recent History 1985 Japanese American Internment Instructional Unit Commitee
2005.013.015 Book History of the Seattle District US Army Corps of Engineers 1896-1968 History of the Seattle District US Army Corps of Engineers 1896-1968
2005.013.016 Book Water Resources Development by the US Corps of Engineers in Washington Water Resources Development by the US Corps of Engineers in Washington
2005.013.017 Book Article co-authored by Bob Sato on Cedar Falls Project Waterpower '87 Vol 2
2005.014.001 Book Paperback cookbook. Peanut Butter publishing., Seattle: 1990 A Wok with Mary Pang Pang, Mary
2005.015.001 Book History of the Seattle Hiroshima Ken Jin Kai. The prefecture association of Japanese American immigrants. Seattle Hiroshima Club Centennial Anniversary 1901 - 2001 Seattle Hiroshima Club 2004 Seattle Hiroshima Club
2005.019.001 Scrapbook Newspaper Clippings from Seattle 1941 - December 1942 Articles have been copied and catalogued. See 1900.5011 through 1900.6115 in the Library database
2005.025.001a Book Anthology of stories of personal experiences of the Japanese American Internment. From Our Side of the Fence: Growing Up in America's Concentration Camps Dempster, Brian Komei, ed. 2001 Kearny Street Workshop
2005.071 Magazine Information, culture, artifacts, and arts in different parts of China. Information, culture, and news in different parts of China. China Hua Bao 1980/02/ P.R.C.
2005.071.002 Magazine Information, culture, and arts in different parts of China. China 1987/12/ P.R.C.
2005.071.003 Magazine Information, culture, and arts in different parts of China. China 1988/09/ P.R.C.
2005.071.004 Magazine Information, culture, and arts in different parts of China. China 1987/10/ P.R.C.
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