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Wing Luke Museum
1900.3802 Article On the WLAM's Hip-Hop exhibit, "It's Like That: Asian Pacific Americans and the Seattle Hip-Hop Scene." "It's Like That": A Hip-Hop Exhibition at the Wing Luke Asian Museum July 2003 Filipino American Herald
1900.3805 article "Playing for Keeps: Asian Americans in Sports" Aug 9-15, 2003 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3808 Article Democrat Gary Locke and Republican Ellen Craswell win the primaries, presenting voters with two very different choices for governor. Craswell, Locke Rise to Top Paulson, Michael September 18, 1 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.381 Hen Sen Chin Herbal Medicine Tsutakawa 9/11/1977 Seattle Times
1900.382 Hideo Hoshide: 'I Never Missed a Deadline Fujii 1/23/1985 International Examiner
1900.383 An Interview with Poet and Activist Janice Mirikitani Blauvelt 7/4/1984 International Examiner
1900.384 Art Lum and Julianne Kumasaka Japanese Americans to Honor Two Volunteers as 'Unsung Heros' Varney 10/5/ Seattle Times
1900.385 Karen Wong Mercer Island Housewife is a Chinese Whirlwind Almquist 1/7/1973 Seattle Times
1900.386 Mercer Island Mourns Lillian Goon Dip Damm 8/21/1975 Mercer Island Reporter
1900.387 The Multi - Talents of Betty Tong Lao Gissing 2/19/1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.3871 article EMP Live Aug 6-12, 2003 Seattle Weekly
1900.3879 article
1900.388 Carlos Bulosan New Headstone Selected for Bulosan Grave Chew 7/4/1984 International Examiner
1900.3884 Article Move Bitch, Jin's On the Way Inoue, Todd Summer 2003 Hyphen
1900.3885 article
Photos by Jimmy Chin
8 Miles High & Rising Strauss, Robert Fall 2003 Carleton College Voice
1900.3889 article APA Hip-hop exhibition November 18, 20 The Asian Reporter
1900.389 Ti Locke Northwest Tribune: 'This Paper Will Not Be Bland' Chew 2/2/1983 International Examiner
1900.3890 article Alums Hail Successes of Asian athletes Carol N. Vu Sept 6-12, 2003 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3893 article Major events in the Philippines' troubled recent history The Asian Reporter
1900.3895 article Tuyet Nguyen receives the International Examiner Community Voice Award. Tuyet Nguyen: Quietly making waves in the community Nguyen, Nhien May 21- June 3, International Examiner
1900.3898 Article Article in The Fountain, UW Alumni Association's Member Newsletter, about WLAM's exhibit on Asian American athletes, "Playing for Keeps: Asian Pacific Americans in Sports" UW Asian Athletes Featured in Museum Exhibit Summer 2003 UW Alumni Association
1900.390 Ping Chow: A Chinese Celebrity in Own Right Wolverton 1/27/1974 Seattle Times
1900.3900 article Ichiro: Pinch-Pitcher? John Hickey April 15, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3901 article Hasegawa a man for all seasons David Andriesen April 15, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3902 article Relief for Pineiro John Hickey April 14, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3903 article Hasegawa puts in OT, relieves M's worries Jose Miguel Romero April 14, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.3904 article Skating's star shines brighter than ever Bruemmer, Hayley May 10-16, 2003 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3905 article Storm of fresh attention Mark Bergin Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3906 article Yao Ming at the Rose Garden Edward J. Han April 1, 2003 The Asian Reporter
1900.3907 article Made in Japan Larry Stone April 29, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.3908 article Climbing the Charts Withers, Bud May 15, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.3909 article Xue not ready for NBA July 8, 2003 Asian Reporter
1900.391 Warren Chan A Pioneer in the Judical System White 2/13/1982 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.3910 article Caddie's my Daddy Doug Ferguson July 9, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3911 article Woods, Els poised for British showdown Doug Ferguson July 16, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3912 picture Poor Putting hurts Woods July 19, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.3913 article Woods prepares for PGA Associated Press July 31, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.3914 article Asian teams compete for world youth cup August 3, 2003 The Asian Reporter
1900.3915 article Remembrance of Brian Wright, figure skating choreograher of the year in 1994 and worked with Kristi Yamaguchi, Michael Weiss and Scott Davis. Wright poured his passion into choreography on ice Brennan, Christine August 4, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.3916 article Top-prize scramble Doug Ferguson August 6, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3917 article Wie brings short game to LPGA Paul Newberry
1900.3918 article Dr. Peter Domoto will be honored by the Northwest Asian Weekly Foundation as 2003's Asian American Living Pioneer. He helped found WA State's Access to Baby and Child Dentistry program which helps Medicaid-eligible children receive oral health care. He was also the first Asian American player on the UC Berkeley football team. Ex-football player spent life catching cavities Ching, Jennifer Aug 30-Sept 5, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3919 article Local Player Kickin' It Jesse Froehling Aug 30-Sept 5, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.392 Ruby Chow Rhodes 12/9/1984 Seattle Times
1900.3920 article Chang, 31, retires from tennis Associated Press Aug 30- Sept 5, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3921 article Summary of the professional tennis career of Michael Chang. Michael Chang's greatness Sept 6-12, 2003 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3922 article Amy Yee inducted into Hall of Fame Carol N. Vu October 11-17, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3923 article Stephenson: Asians are 'killing' LPGA MSNBC
1900.3924 article 5-0 Making Waves R.B. Fallstrom September 19, 2 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3925 article Wie: hopes of making the cut slim in male tour-level event Sept 19, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3926 article Hawaii prep star commits to Cougs August 7, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3927 article Meet the Seahawks July 29, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3928 article Thailand Refuge From Terror W.E. Garrett May 1980 National Geographic
1900.393 Ruby Chow: 'The Council's Good Fortune' 1/21/1979 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3930 Article Couple make a new life Brad Wong April 10, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3931 Article 'Dateline' gives a shocking look at racial profiling Melanie Mcfarland April 9, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3932 article Still Searching Polo May 4, 2004 The Asian Reporter
1900.3933 article Japanese-American guitarist plays flamenco at Aladdin Theatre Pamela Ellgen May 4, 2004 The Asian Reporter
1900.3934 article Adoption brings the world together Sept 14, 2003 Seattle Times
1900.3935 article Adoption Stories From The Heart September 11, 2 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3936 article That's My Girl Carrie Howard May 11, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.3937 article Asian Babies, American Parents Lisa Charlie Ritts May 19-June 2, International Examiner
1900.3938 article Stitching Together History Susan Phinney January 12, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.394 A Short Biography of King - Chau Mui
1900.3940 article Made In Misery Brad Wong Nov 17, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3941 Article The process and work on the exhibit "If Tired Hands Could Talk". Includes the importance of having an exhibit like this and the oral histories that were incorporated into the exhibit. "If Tired Hands Could Talk" Chew, Ron July/Aug 2002 Museum News
1900.3942 article If Tired Hands Could Talk June 20-26, 200 The Stranger
1900.3943 article Seattle's Asian garment workers share stories in new video documentary Van Diep Jan 15, 2002 The Asian Reporter
1900.3945 article Former sweatshop workers speak out Cheryl Ross May 8-14, 1999 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3946 Article Features the Wing Luke Museum exhibit "Portrait of a Community" which gives an overview of the history of the Chinatown/International District. Exhibit tells of trials, triumphs in the I.D. Yasuda, Deanna January 19-25, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3947 Article Wing Luke Museum gets an updated look. Bold New Look Hank, Rusty Dec 19, 2001-Ja International Examiner
1900.3949 Article Celebrating the completion of the Wing Luke Museum's new entry renovation. A New Facade Rekdal, Cynthia Winter 2001 Organization of Chinese Americans
1900.395 Sonnet Takahisa Explains Her Fascination with Art Museum and Japanese Festivals Lau 12/15/1982 International Examiner
1900.3950 article 120 Respond to R.A. 4225 Oct 1-31, 2003 Filipino American Bulletin
1900.3951 article Filipino family in Washington state is granted deportation stay John K. Wiley Sept 2, 2003 The Asian Reporter
1900.3952 article Celebrate Filipino American History Month Oct 1, 2003 International Examiner
1900.3953 article Deportation of Filipino family delayed Linda Ashton Aug 6-19, 2003 International Examiner
1900.3954 Article The author's view of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "PI (Made in America): Filipino American Artists in the Pacific Northwest." Includes a look at Filipino American identity and quotes from two of the artists in the exhibit. New Wing Luke Museum exhibit is one of a kind Sezto, Kelvin May 1998 Asian Focus
1900.3955 article Asian Americans Take Sides in I-200 Debate Liza Javier Sept 16-Oct 7, International Examiner
1900.3956 article Among the People Shalin Hai-Jew Sept 16-Oct 7, International Examiner
1900.3957 article Filipino American artist Val Laigo is the subject of an upcoming documentary Oct 7-21, 1998 International Examiner
1900.3958 article Details of the beginning of the efforts, lead by Henry Miyatake, to seek redress for the people forced into relocation. Born in Seattle: Japanese American Redress - Part II Shimabukuro, Robert Sadamu Sept 16-Oct 7, International Examiner
1900.3959 article Weeknights at 11 with Lori Matsukawa Kathy Hsieh Sept 16-Oct 7, International Examiner
1900.396 Tribute to Issei Pioneers 1/23/1985 International Examiner
1900.3960 Article The Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "PI (Made in America): Filipino American Artists in the Pacific Northwest" has attracted many visitors. Includes details about a tour around the Chinatown/International District given by Fred and Dorothy Cordova, who talk about the Filipino American businesses that used to be in the neighborhood. In Seattle's Wing Luke Asian Museum: Pinoy exhibit attracts 4,500 visitors Oliveros, Claire September 8-14, The Asian Reporter
1900.3961 article Puppeteer tells lively tales of Chinese Life David Johnson April 28 -May 4 The Asian Reporter
1900.3962 article A Passionate Recovery Sung, Pei Pei Sept 16 - Oct 7 International Examiner
1900.3963 article Native sons and daughters Emil Guillermo May 1998 Filipino American Herald
1900.3964 article Hardhips of APA veterans recalled in exhibit Carina A. Del Rosario, Melissa London November 14-20, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3965 article Philippine martial law era dissected Jeff Wenger June 30 -July 6 The Asian Reporter
1900.3966 article Lost in urban Japan Yoshiko Saheki July 15- August International Examiner
1900.3967 article JoAnn Laureana Oligario Lily Eng June 13, 1999 The Seattle Times
1900.3968 article A Perfect Match Colety, Mark April 18-April Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3969 article Award-Winning Film to Make Seattle Debut David Takami May 19-June 1, International Examiner
1900.397 Hen Sen Chin Wide Range of Herb Teas Brewing Pleasure Stafford 3/30/1977 Seattle Times
1900.3970 article Unity, not rivalry, among people of color May 1-7, 2004 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3971 article One Family's Oddyssey to America John Everingham May 1980 National Geographic
1900.3972 article Troubled Odyssey of Vietnamese Fishermen Harvey Arden September 1981 National Geographic
1900.3973 article Hong Kong's Refugee Dilemma William S. Ellis November 1979 National Geographic
1900.3974 article No Place to Run W.E. Garrett January 1974 National Geographic
1900.3975 article Plight of the Boat People Larry Kohl February 1991 National Geographic
1900.3976 article The Hmong in America Spencer Sherman October 1988 National Geographic
1900.3977 article Study disputes bias claims in stops by troopers Warren Cornwall June 20, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.3978 article Affirmative action has friends in high places Jonathan Tilove June 23, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.3979 article Eastside Latino Population on Rise J. Patrick Coolican June 23, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.398 Willard Jue :The Passing of a Community Historian and Herbalist Wang 7/4/1984 International Examiner
1900.3980 article Just Another Day at the Lab Bach, Deborah November 4, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3981 article Idol-ized by fans The Seattle Times
1900.3982 article 'Muslim cowgirl feminist' shares her faith in new book Holly Lebowitz Rossi April 17,2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3983 article 'Idol' reject Hung is hanging in there- but how? And why? Malcolm X Abram April 20, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3984 Article A program for Idaho Hispanic youths to reconnect with their culture and discuss current teen's issues. The program ends with a quinceanera, an event to indicate the teen is ready for adulthood. Young Hispanics connect through quinceanera Boone, Rebecca April 19, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3985 article An extraordinary life Josephine Bridges May 4, 2004 The Asian Reporter
1900.3986 article Rosales hangs on for first LPGA win May 3, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3987 article Bridging the digital divide Gregory Roberts May 4, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3988 article Asian population surges in U.S. Genaro C. Armas May 1, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3989 article Charges against teens dismissed Carol N. Vu Nov 1-7, 2003 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.399 Willard Jue, UW Herb Gardener Dies Emery 6/25/1984 Seattle Times
1900.3991 article Bilingual students have an advocate in Kono Jennifer Ching November 8-14, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3992 article Bills would let race be factor in college admissions again Florangela Davila January 22, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.3993 article It's Round 3 for Seattle's racial tiebreaker Sanjay Bhatt December 14, 20 The Seattle Times
1900.3994 Article I.D. Community Show-off returns 12/17/03- 1/6/0 International Examiner
1900.3995 article Anti-affirmative action demonstration proves to be an oversimplified recipe Jasmine Kar Tang November 5-18, International Examiner
1900.3996 article Not a true obituary but a summary of her commitment to Asian American rights and details of her health challenges and funeral. Chinn loved children and her community Vu , Carol N. Nov 29- Dec 5, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3997 article Karen Chinn dies at age 44 Dec 3-16, 2003 International Examiner
1900.3998 article Police chief apologizes over jaywalking 'bust' Brad Wong July 17, 2001 The Seattle Times
1900.3999 Article About the International District Legal Clinic, which helps Asian American low-income or non-English speakers with the Law. International District gets legal lift Diaz, Lisa L. May 22, 2000 The Seattle Times
1900.400 Wing Luke : 'Flowers Bloom Fragrantly Among the Riches and Honor' Rochester, Junius 5/15/1986
1900.4000 article Director sought for Arts Commission Staff February 19, 20 Daily Journal of Commerce
1900.4001 Article Features the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Visas for Life: The Story of Dr. Feng Shan Ho." Visas for Life Chesanow, David February 6-19, International Examiner
1900.4002 Article Article on the exhibit "Visas for Life: The Story of Dr. Feng Shan Ho" Visas for Life: The Story of Dr. Feng Shan Ho January 29, 200 The Asian Reporter
1900.4003 article New exhibit at Wing Luke chronicles a people's exodus Ferdinand De Leon April 28, 1995 The Seattle Times
1900.4005 article Prejudice breeds stupidity, study says Gareth Cook November 17, 20 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4006 article Affirmative action forum breaks myths, moves forward Ian Dapiaoen Nov 19- Dec 2, International Examiner
1900.4007 article Building bridges to minority parents Cara Solomon September 15, 2 The Seattle Times
1900.4008 Article With 15 months left as governor, Locke has lots of support from Asian American communities, although some people dislike his cuts to public education. Locke August 6-19, 20 International Examiner
1900.4009 article A Moment with... Elliott Kim, state commission on Asian Pacific American affairs Aug 19, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.401 Filipino Immigrants Seek Jobs Koslosky July 1976 International Examiner
1900.4010 article Hop on board for immigrant justice Pramila Jayapal/Steve Williamson Aug 7, 2003 Seattle Times
1900.4011 article Islander outreach program vanishing Deborah Bach July 8, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4012 article Kollin Min July 2003 Colors NW
1900.4013 article Deportee struggles to find a life in a 'foreign' land Lise Olsen June 30, 2003 SEattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4014 article Local effort reunites nurtured with nurturers Debera Carlton Harrell April 12, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4015 article Face still familiar to foster mom Tyrone Beason April 12, 2003 Seattle Times
1900.4016 article Fans tell legend of the 'Dragon' Mary Spicuzza June 25, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.4017 article ObaChine restaurant snubbed in poster dispute Hugo Kugiya May 27, 1998 The Seattle Times
1900.4018 article
1900.4019 article Tsutakawa gates to be unveiled on May 15 Takami, David May 18, 2004 International Examiner
1900.402 Copy of the transcript from New Year interview at the Burke Museum Interview with Ms. Maxine Chan, Mr. Ron Chew, Ms. Helen Kay, Ms. Laura Wong, and Mr. Donny Chin Kahn, Miriam 8/11/1997 Burke Museum Interview
1900.4020 article John Pai enriches community life with artistic vision del Rosario, Carina A. May 5 - 18, 200 International Examiner
1900.4021 article Maria Batayola: Perennial dreamer and consummate doer Chew, Ron May 18, 2004 International Examiner
1900.4022 article Report: NYPD's "no-turbans" policy wrong Erik Derr May 15-21, 2004 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4023 article Shinseki honored at Army museum May 15-21, 2004 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4024 article Fizzy Frenzy of irreverence is a squeal Joe Adcock May 13, 2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4025 article More black students file claims against schools J. Patrick Coolican May 21, 2004 Seattle Times
1900.4026 article Fertile ground for a young plantsman's dreams Marty Wingate May 12, 2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4027 article A Closer Look at Race at Wing Luke, Beyond talk artwork expresses what words cannot say about race and racism May 7, 2004 Asian Weekly
1900.4029 article Laotion arts exhibit December 30, 20 The Asian Reporter
1900.403 Article A raid by Seattle police on the Hong Say Assoc. resulted in 77 arrests, mostly for gambling, and accusations of discrimination with Mayor Wes Uhlman upset at the severity of the actions. Arrests Draw Uhlman's Wrath Corsaletti, Lou February 7, 197 The Seattle Times
1900.4030 article Wing Luke Asian Museum features folk arts exhibit of Lao Prince Tiao Nithakhong Somsanith January 20, 200 The Asian Reporter
1900.4031 article Bring in da drums: Taikoproject has a booming story to tell Tina Potterf April 30, 2004 Seattle Times
1900.4032 article 'Searching for Asian America' finds leader, artist and dedicated doctor Pamela Sitt May 5, 2004 Seattle Times
1900.4033 article A Dragon Makes Waves May 6, 2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4034 article Grande Dames Mapes, Lynda V. May 9, 2004 Seattle Times Magazine
1900.4035 article The Colonel and the Pacifist: Karl Bendetsen, Perry Saito, and the Incarceration of Japanese Americans During WWII
1900.4036 Article Jackson Street Jump: When Music was good and money was like dirt de barros, Paul
1900.4037 Article History of the New Washington Oyster Co. founded in 1931 by Rikimatsu Harry Hatate, Moritari George Yangimachi, Fred Yoshioka, Sentaro Charles Murakami, Kinmatsu Kanazawa. Willapa Bay's J-A Oystermen, Part 2: New Washington Oyster Company Allen, Doug September 17, 2 The Chinook Observer
1900.4038 Directory, Telephone Indo-American Business Pages: Washington 2004 Indo-American Business Pages
1900.4039 Booklet Gallery exhibition of works of Fay Chong at the Carolyn Staley Gallery May 3 - June 2, 1990. Artistic Co-ordinator: Nina Ventura Curator: Laura Brunsman Fay Chong: Northwesr Watercolorist: A Look Back Staley, Carolyn 1990 Carolyn Staley - Fine Prints
1900.404 Article Summary of the recent housing developments in the Chinatown/International District and police belief that, in spite of Wah Mee massacre, the worst problem is street alcoholics. Chinatown: 'This is the safest community in Seattle' Anderson, Rick February 19, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.4040 Report Collection of resources for review by public school teachers and administrators to encourage incorporation of Asian American studies in the regular curriculum. Educators and Asian American Studies Center for Research and Services for Multiethnic Education 1974 Center for Research and Services for Multiethnic Education
1900.4041 Article Civil rights activist who challenged Nevada's law forbidding marriage of people of color and Caucasians. Civil Rights Activist Nikki Bridges Flynn: 1923-2003 Stallone, Steve 2003 Voice of the ILWU
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