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Wing Luke Museum
2009.001.015 Book Traditional Performing Arts of Korea Jeon, Kyung-wook 2008 The Korea Foundation
2009.001.016 Book The Collection of the National Folk Museum of Korea Chang, Jong-soo, ed. 2007 National Folk Museum of Korea
2009.001.017 Book 100 Highlights: National Museum of Korea [in Korean] 2006 [in Korean]
2009.001.018 Book National Museum of Korea 2007 Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea
2009.001.019 CD National Museum of Korea: Digital Museum 2.0 2007 Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea
2009.001.020 Tape, Video An overview of many different forms of Korean art, from shrines to Buddhas to the Great Map of the Eastern Realm. The first disc is DVD for all players, the second AVI (Audio Video Interleave) for computers. Korean Culture in History 2008 National Museum of Korea
2009.001.021 Disk, Compact Chronological Table of Korean History and Map 2008 National Museum of Korea
2009.005.001 Book A memoir of the American-born daughter of Chinese immigrants who lived within the traditions and fears of the Chinese past as well as the realities of the alien modern American culture. The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts Kingston, Maxine Hong 1977 Random House
2009.005.002 Book Madam White Snake Ellis, Myra, ed. and trans. 1981 Federal Publications
2009.005.003 Book In the City of Contradictions Chiang, Fay 1979 Sunbury Press
2009.005.004 Book Anthology of Chinese Literature: From Early Times to the Fourteenth Century Birch, Cyril, ed. 1967 Grove Press, Inc.
2009.005.005 Book Cantonese Bruce, R. 1983 Teach Yourself Books, Hodder and Stoughton
2009.005.006 Book An aged Chinese grandmother tells some Chinese folk tales and legends to her grandchildren. Tales of a Chinese Grandmother Carpenter, Frances 1982 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2009.005.007 Book Captures the tone of everyday life in an American Chinatown, describing its bachelor society and focusing on a young couple who must reconcile their dreams of married life with reality. Eat a Bowl of Tea Chu, Louis 1979 University of Washington Press
2009.005.008 Book In the Sea of Sterile Mountains: The Chinese in British Columbia Morton, James 1974 J.J. Douglas Ltd.
2009.005.009 Book Number One Son Leong, Monfoon 1975 East/West Publishing Company
2009.005.010 Book The Curses of Third Uncle Yee, Paul 1986 James Lorimer and Company, Publishers
2009.005.011 Book The Chickencoop Chinaman and the Year of the Dragon: Two Plays Chin, Frank 1981 University of Washington Press
2009.005.012 Book "Chink!": A Documentary History of Anti-Chinese Prejudice in America Wu, Cheng-Tsu, ed. 1972 World Publishing
2009.005.013 Book Longtime Californ': A Documentary Study of an American Chinatown Nee, Victor G. 1973 Pantheon Books
2009.005.014 Book Sunrise: A Play in Four Acts Yu, Tsao 1978 Foreign Language Press
2009.005.015 Book Favorite Children's Stories from China 1983 Foreign Languages Press
2009.005.016 Book Art Ensemble 86: Chinese Canadian Artists, July 26 - August 21, 1986 1986 Chinese Cultural Centre
2009.005.017 Book Race Relations and the Chinese Canadian Community - Some Approaches: Suggestions on Organizing Seminars and Proceedings of Race Relations Seminars, Toronto 1983 1985 Chinese Canadian National Council
2009.005.018 Book Who Are the Chinese Texans?: Stories for Young Readers Martinello, Marian L. and William T. Field Jr. 1979 The University of Texas, Institute of Texan Cultures
2009.005.019 Book Labor history of the Chinese in America Chinese Working People in America: A Pictorial History Wei Min She Labor Committee 1974 United Front Press
2009.005.020 Book Traces the history of the Chinese in the United States focusing on their struggle for acceptance by the white population and their contributions to the development of their new country. An Illustrated History of the Chinese in America McCunn, Ruthanne Lum 1979 Design Enterprises of San Francisco
2009.005.021 Book The Chinese of America, 1785-1980: An Illustrated History and Catalog of the Exhibition Lai, Him Mark, Joe Huang, and Don Wong 1980 Chinese Culture Foundation
2009.005.022 Book Because of the road sweeper's belief in him, a dragon saves the city of Wu from the Wild Horsemen of the north. Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like Williams, Jay 1976 Four Winds Press
2009.005.023 Book Johnnie looks forward to weekends when he visits his grandmother, who lives outside the city of Singapore in a little house in an orchard, with only her animals for company. Based on the author/artist's childhood memories. At Grandmother's House Lim, John 1984 Tundra Books
2009.005.024 Book Describes the astrologer, parasol vendor, tailor, spice grinder, firecracker shop, open-air opera, and other small businesses operating in Singapore several decades ago, as seen through the eyes of a small boy. Merchants of the Mysterious East Lim, John 1981 Tundra Books
2009.005.025 Book Chin Chiang has long dreamed of dancing the dragon's dance, but when the first day of the Year of the Dragon arrives and he is to dance with his grandfather, he is sure he will shame his family and bring bad luck to everyone. Chin Chiang and the Dragon's Dance Wallace, Ian 1985 Douglas and McIntyre
2009.005.026 Book New Canadian Kid: A Play for Young People Foon, Dennis 1982 Pulp Press Book Publishers
2009.005.027 Book First published in 1946, this autobiography of the well-known Filipino poet describes his boyhood in the Philippines, his voyage to America, and his years of hardship and despair as an itinerant laborer following the harvest trail in the rural West. Bulosan does not spare the reader any of the horrors that accompanied the migrant's life; but his quiet, stoic voice is the most convincing witness to those terrible events. America Is in the Heart: A Personal History Bulosan, Carlos 1979 University of Washington Press
2009.005.028 Book Naomi Nakane, a child of Japanese immigrant parents, is interned by the Canadians at the Beginning of World War II when she is five years old. Obasan Kogawa, Joy 1981 Lester and Orpen Dennys Publishers
2009.005.029 Book A Japanese-American's personal account of growing up in Seattle in the 1930s and of being subjected to relocation during World War II. Nisei Daughter Sone, Monica 1982 University of Washington Press
2009.005.030 Book In the aftermath of World War II, Ichiro, a Japanese American, returns home to Seattle to make a new start after two years in an internment camp and two years in prison for refusing to be drafted. No-No Boy Okada, John 1979 University of Washington Press
2009.005.031 Book Woman from Hiroshima Mori, Toshio 1978 Isthmus Press
2009.005.032 Book Yellow Fever Shiomi, R.A. 1984 Playwrights Canada
2009.005.033 Book This book is a largely photographic history of the Japanese who went to Canada from 1877-1977, probably from a museum exhibit. A Dream of Riches: The Japanese Canadians, 1877-1977 1978 Japanese Canadian Centennial Project Committee
2009.005.034 Book The Third Americans: A Select Bibliography on Asians in America with Annotations Tong, Te-kong 1980 CHCUS, Inc.
2009.005.035 Book Artists' projects which focus on Asians in the New World Yellow Peril Reconsidered Wong, Paul, ed. 1990 On Edge
2009.005.036 Book Hanai: An Anthology of Asian American Writings 1980 Department of Ethnic Studies, University of California
2009.005.037 Book Asian-American Authors Hsu, Kai-yu 1972 Houghton Mifflin Company
2009.005.038 Book Yardbird Reader, Volume 3 Reed, Ishmael, ed. 1974 Yardbird Publishing
2009.005.039 Book Opening Doors: Vancouver's East End Marlatt, Daphne and Carole Itter, eds 1979 Ministry of Provincial Secretary and Government Services
2009.005.040 Book AIIIEEEEE! is an anthology of the writings of fourteen accomplished Americans of Japanese Chinese and Filipino descent. AIIIEEEEE!: An Anthology of Asian American Writers Chin, Frank, ed. 1975 Doubleday
2009.005.041 Journal Volume 29, No. 2, 1973 (Asian Americans: A Success Story?) The Journal of Social Issues The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
2009.005.042 Book HomeGrown: Asian American Experiences from the Pacific Northwest 1980 University of Washington
2009.005.043 Tape, cassette Poets record themselves reciting their own poems for a workshop, which turned into it's own form of art work. Pan Asian Holiday Tour Syquia, Luis, ed. 1981 Community Information Network, Kearny Street Workshop
2009.005.044 Book Echoes from Gold Mountain: An Asian American Journal Asian American Student Association, California State University 1979 Peace Press
2009.005.045 Book Inalienable Rice: A Chinese and Japanese Canadian Anthology 1979 Powell Street Revue and The Chinese Canadian Writers Workshop
2009.005.046 Book Roots: An Asian American Reader Tachiki, Amy, ed. 1971 UCLA Asian American Studies Center
2009.005.047 Book Counterpoint: Perspectives on Asian America Gee, Emma, ed. 1978 UCLA Asian American Studies Center
2009.005.048 Book Echoes from Gold Mountain: An Asian American Journal Asian American Student Association, California State University 1978 Peace Press
2009.010.001 Book The loves of Raymond Ding, a Chinese-American who wonders if one can be a lapsed Chinese "like a lapsed Catholic." He becomes the first divorced person in his family, but eventually finds true love with a half-Japanese, half-Irish girl from the Midwest who cures him of his ethnic angst. American Knees Wong, Shawn 1996 Simon and Schuster
2009.010.002 Book HomeGrown: Asian American Experiences from the Pacific Northwest 1980 University of Washington
2009.010.003 Book Follows the experiences of Rainsford Chan, a fourth-generation Chinese American as he embarks on a journey to understand the legacy of his forebears, and to finally claim America as his own in California. Homebase Wong, Shawn 1979 I. Reed Books
2009.010.004 Book photo history of Japanese Americans in the Seattle Area from 1912 to 1988. a look at the Nikkei experience in Seattle and nearby areas during three common points of reference. Before the War, The WAr, After the WAR Coming Home Mochizuki, Ken, ed. 1988 Japanese American Citizens League
2009.010.005 Booklet Collection of newspaper articles compiled by Yoriko Watanabe Sasaki regading the Internment of Japanese Americans at Minidoka and published by her brother James Watanabe. [News clippings on Japanese-American evacuation during World War II] Sasaki, Yoriko Watanabe
2009.010.006 Book [Set of 5 books of 5 different Japanese comics]
2009.010.007 Book Modern Japanese Stories: An Anthology Morris, Ivan, ed. 1980 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2009.010.008 Book Barefoot Gen Nakazawa, Keiji 1978 Project Gen
2009.010.009 Book Japanese Pilgrimage Statler, Oliver 1983 William Morrow and Company, Inc.
2009.010.010 Book Guilt Payment Pak, Ty 1983 Bamboo Ridge Press
2009.010.011 Book Filipinos, Forgotten Asian Americans: A Pictorial Essay , 1763-circa 1963 Cordova, Fred 1983 Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
2009.018.001 Book The Forbidden Book: The Philippine-American War in Political Cartoons Ignacio, Abe 2004 T'Boli Publishing
2009.018.002 Book The Forbidden Book: The Philippine-American War in Political Cartoons Ignacio, Abe 2004 T'Boli Publishing
2009.022..036 Book The American Record in the Far East Latourette, Kenneth Scott 1952
2009.022.001 Book A Selected Bibliography of Books, Films, Filmslides, Records and Exhibitions About Asia 1957
2009.022.002 Book The Thai Peoples Seidenfaden, Erik 1958
2009.022.003 Book Asian Survey 1965
2009.022.004 Book Asian Survey 1966
2009.022.005 Book Asian Survey 1966
2009.022.006 Book Asian Survey 1964
2009.022.007 Book Asian Survey 1964
2009.022.008 Book Asian Survey 1964
2009.022.009 Book Asian Survey 1964
2009.022.010 Book Asian Survey 1965
2009.022.011 Book Asian Survey 1965
2009.022.012 Book Asian Survey 1964
2009.022.013 Book International Social Science Bulletin 1952
2009.022.014 Book Welcome to Thailand
2009.022.015 Book The Coinage of Siam le May, Reginald, Ph.D 1961
2009.022.016 Book An Atlas of Thailand's Agricultural Resource 1959
2009.022.017 Book Buddhism in Thailand and A modern Thai's Interpretation of Buddhism Bhavilai, R.
2009.022.018 Book Asian Studies Book Exihibit
2009.022.019 Book Asian Studies
2009.022.020 Book Mongolian Journey Jisl, Lumir 1960
2009.022.021 Book On the Road through Tibet Sis-Josef Vanis, Vladimir and Urwin, Iris
2009.022.022 Book China Tames Her River Chun, Hwang
2009.022.023 Book Persian Painting of the Fourteenth Century Barrett, Douglas
2009.022.024 Book Geography of China 1972
2009.022.025 Book Transition Nadler, S.I. 1966
2009.022.026 Book Resolution of the Central Office for South Vietnam 1966
2009.022.027 Book Vietnamese Time Concepts and Behavior Patterns
2009.022.028 Book The Future of Vietnam Lyons S.J., Daniel 1965
2009.022.029 Book Vietnam Conflict Map
2009.022.030 Book Vietnam 1968
2009.022.031 Book A Study Prospects for the Viet Cong 1966
2009.022.032 Booklet Reflections of a Colonel of the North Vietnamese Army Tran, Van Dac 1962
2009.022.033 Booklet Interviews with Senior Captain Phan Van Xoung, North Vietnamese Army 1968
2009.022.034 Booklet Press Release: United States Mission in Vietnam 1968
2009.022.035 Booklet Interviews with Senior Captain Phan Van Xoung, North Vietnamese Army Part II 1968
2009.022.036 Book The Role of Youth in Asia 1967
2009.022.037 Book [Thailand Language Book]
2009.022.038 Book Republic of Korea 1955
2009.022.039 Book The American Record in the Far East 1945-1951 Latourette, Kenneth Scott 1952
2009.022.040 Book The Future of South-East Asia: An Indian View Panikkar, K.M. 1943
2009.022.041 Book Daughters of India Wilson, Margaret 1928
2009.022.042 Book Buddhism Humphreys, Christmas 1954
2009.022.043 Book Spotlight on Asia Wint, Guy 1955
2009.022.044 Book South-East Asia in Turmoil Crozier, Brian 1965
2009.022.045 Book My Country Thailand Sarasas, Phra 1956
2009.022.046 Book Assamese Drama: An Outline Goswami, P.
2009.022.047 Book A Child Widow's Story Felton, Monica 1966
2009.022.048 Book India's Silent Revolution Fisher, Fred B. 1919
2009.022.049 Book SIAM Graham, W.A. 1924
2009.022.050 Book A Short History of Muslim Rule in India Prasha, Ish wari, M.A., LL.B., D.Litt.
2009.022.051 Book Behind the Lines-Hanoi Salibury, Harrison E. 1967
2009.022.052 Book Chinese Art: From the Beginning to the T'ang Dynasty Keim, Jean A.
2009.022.053 Book The Battle for Asia Snow, Edgar 1915
2009.022.054 Book Eastern Religions and Western Though Radhakrishnan, S. 1940
2009.022.055 Book Indian Outcaste: The Biography of an Untouchable Hazari 1951
2009.022.056 Book Briefing Notes on the Royal Kingdom of Laos
2009.022.057 Book Japanese Art
2009.022.058 Booklet Chinese Art
2009.022.059 Book Women in China Lucas, Christopher 1965
2009.022.060 Booklet Children's Palace
2009.022.061 Book China's Urban Communes Lethbridge, Henry J. 1961
2009.022.062 Book A Personal Matter Oe, Kenzaburo 1969
2009.022.063 Book Bangkok Bulletin 1959
2009.022.064 Book Festivals of Malaya Mansoon, Joy 1965
2009.022.065 Book The Family PaChin 1964
2009.022.066 Book Chinese Paintings, XI-XIV Centuries Cahill, James
2009.022.067 Book Brief Guide to the Chinese Woven Fabrics 1938
2009.022.068 Booklet Chinese Communist Atrocities Exhibition 1958
2009.022.069 Book Contraditions 1958
2009.022.070 Book The Traveller's Malay Pronouncing Hand-book 1894
2009.022.071 Book Welcome to Smiling Road: The Land of Yellow Robe 1966
2009.022.072 Book The Makioka Sisters Tanizaki, Junichiro 1966
2009.022.073 Book The Lady of Chinese Courtyard Cooper, Elizabeth 1914
2009.022.074 Book Nisei Daughter Sone, Monica 1953
2009.022.075 Book Basic Information on Indonesia
2009.022.076 Book Indonesia thorugh Foreign Eyes
2009.022.077 Book Land of the Lotus Eaters Bartlett, Norman 1959
2009.022.078 Book Brief Authority: Excursion of a Common Man in an Uncommon World Stanton, Edwin F. 1954
2009.022.079 Book Six Years in the Malay Jungle Wells, Carveth 1926
2009.022.080 Book Malay: A Guide to the Spoken Language 1943
2009.022.081 Book Pocket English-Malay Vocabulary and Dialgues 1953
2009.022.082 Book Vietnam: Between Two Truces Lacouture, Jean 1966
2009.022.083 Book Vietnam Crisis Pan, Stephen Ph.D. and Lyons, Daniel S.J. 1966
2009.022.084 Book Chinese Society in Thailand: An Analytical History Skinner, G. William 1957
2009.022.085 Book China under Communism: The First Five Years Walker, Richard L. 1955
2009.022.086 Book Asian Survey 1964
2009.022.087 Book Asian Survey 1964
2009.022.088 Book Newsletter of the Association for Asian Studies 1963
2009.022.089 Book The Journal of Asian Studies 1957
2009.022.090 Book The Journal of Asian Studies 1956
2009.022.091 Book The Journal of Asian Studies 1957
2009.022.092 Book The Journal of Asian Studies 1958
2009.022.093 Book The Far Eastern Quarterly 1956
2009.022.094 Book The Journal of Asian Studies 1957
2009.022.095 Book The Making of Modern Malaya Ryan, N.J. 1965
2009.022.096 Book Eighteenth Cemtury Chinese Poet Waley, Arthur 1956
2009.022.097 Book Books on the Orient 1964
2009.022.098 Book New Chinese Poetry Kwang-Chung, Yu 1960
2009.022.099 Book Early to Rise Luciano, Norbert 1961
2009.022.100 Book Thailand, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia Cady, John F. 1966
2009.022.101 Book Eyewitness in Indo-China Starobin, Joseph R. 1954
2009.022.102 Book China: Lore, Legend, and Lyrics Barondes. R. De Rohan, M.D., F.R.S.A. 1960
2009.022.103 Book Selected Stories of Lu Hsun 1972
2009.022.104 Book Thai Tourist Guide 1957
2009.022.105 Book Bangkhuad: A Community Study in Thailand Kaufman, Howard Keva 1960
2009.022.106 Book Siamese Harem Life Leonowens, Anna H. 1953
2009.022.107 Book Anna and the King of Siam Landon, Margaret 1944
2009.022.108 Book Asia: A Short Story Gowen, Robert H. 1926
2009.022.109 Book East of Home Rau, Santha Rama 1950
2009.022.110 Book [Thai Language]
2009.022.111 Book Thailand: An Introduction to Modern Siam Bisch, Noel F. 1959
2009.022.112 Book Bangkok Siam 1928
2009.022.113 Book The Buddhist Way of Life Smith, F. Harold 1951
2009.022.114 Book A Buddhist Catechism Bhikkhu, Subhadra 1907
2009.022.115 Book Dhammapada Vaidya, P.L. 1934
2009.022.116 Book [Thai Language]
2009.022.117 Book [Thai Language]
2009.022.118 Book The Message of Buddha Wadia, A.S. 1938
2009.022.119 Book India and China: A Thousand Years of Cultural Relations Bagchi, Prabodh Chandra 1951
2009.022.120 Book Menace in Malaya Miller, Harry 1954
2009.022.121 Book A Day in Taiwan Kuo, Paul
2009.022.122 Book [Chinese Language]
2009.022.123 Book Ainu Life and Legends Kindaiti, Kyosuke 1941
2009.022.124 Book Kimono Paris, John 1922
2009.022.125 Book Headline Series - Korea: Dilemma of Underdeveloped Country Weems, Clarence Norwood 1960
2009.022.126 Book Area Handbook for South Vietnam Smith, Henry H.; Bernier, Donald W.; Bunge, Frederica M.; ect. 1967
2009.022.127 Book Japan's Dream of World Empire: The Tanaka Memorial Crow, Carl 1942
2009.022.128 Book Lantern in the Valley Griffis, Faye Campbell 1956
2009.022.129 Book Crossroads of the Java Sea Leeuw, Hendrik De 1931
2009.022.130 Book Chinese Art Burling, Judith; Burling, Arthur Hart 1953
2009.022.131 Book Oceanic Mythology Poignant, Roslyn
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