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Wing Luke Museum
2003.500.734 Book Reissue of 1978 volume "100 Seikado Treasures" a photo collection of the Seikado Foundation collection of Asian art spanning 1300 years Seikado Treasures 1987 Misubishi Corporation
2003.500.735 Book My Country and My People Lin, Yutang 1935 The John Day Company, Inc.
2003.500.736 Book community partnership inter- institutional project of art and family histories. Finding Family Stories Japanese American National Museum 1998 Japanese American National Museum
2003.500.737 Book What I Want to Know About Japan: Brief Answers to Questions Asked about Japan by American Juniot High School Students 1988 Japan Information Center
2003.500.738 Stories and recipes of Japanese Americans. The Rice Cooker's Companion: Japanese American Food and Stories Nishikawa, Gayle T. 2000 Japanese American National Historical Socoety
2003.500.739 Book Introductory Studies on the Sino-Japanese Conflict Miki, Kiyoshi and Karoku Hosokawa 1941 Japanese Council: Institute of Pacific Relations
2003.500.740 Book Farm-House Kitao, H. 1956
2003.500.741 Book Catalogue of the Palace Museum in the Prople's Republic of China The Palace Museum 1978 The Palace Museum
2003.500.742 Book Little Museums: Over 1,000 Small (and Not-So-Small) American Showplaces Arany, Lynne and Archie Hobson 1998 Henry Holt And Co.
2003.500.743 Book Classics in Chinese Philosophy Baskin, Wade, ed. 1972 Philosophical Library
2003.500.744 Book Extracts form Zhuangzi, Mengzi and Han Feizi. Three Ways of Thought in Ancient China Waley, Arthur 1956 Doubleday
2003.500.745 Book A History of Chinese Philosophy: The Period of the Philosophers (from the Beginnings to Circa 100 B.C.) Fung, Yu-lan; Derk Bodde, trans. 1937 Henri Vetch
2003.500.746 Book The philosophy of the Ch'eng brothers, eminent Sung scholars and influencial in the philosophy known as Neo - Confucianism Two Chinese Philosophers: Ch'eng Ming-tao and Ch'eng Yi-ch'uan Graham, A.C. 1978 Lund Humphries
2003.500.747 Book The history of the house and family of China's famous sage in Qufu, China. In the Mansion of Confucius' Descendants: An Oral History Kong, Demao and Lan Ke 1984 New World Press
2003.500.748 Book The writings of Mengzi. The second book of the four classic texts of China. Mencius Lau, D.C., trans. 1970 Penguin
2003.500.749 Book Self-Knowledge (Atmaboda) Nikhilananda, Swami 1980 Ramakrishna - Vivekanda Center
2003.500.750 Book Korea: A Photographic Report on a Country..Whose Fate Is Being Decided Today..And Some of the People Who Will Decide It... Bristol, Horace 1948 Toppan Press
2003.500.751 Book A wry, witty antidote to the dizzying pace of the modern world. Lin Yutang's prescription is the classic Chinese philosophy of life: revere inaction as much as action, invoke humor to maintain a healthy attitude, and never forget that there will always be plenty of fools around who are willing--indeed, eager--to be busy, to make themselves useful, and to exercise power while you bask in the simple joy of existence. At a time when we're overwhelmed with wake-up calls, here is a refreshing, playful reminder to savor life's simple pleasures. The Importance of Living Lin, Yutang 1942 The John Day Company, Inc.
2003.500.752 Book Tao Magic: The Chinese Art of the Occult Legeza, Laszlo 1975 Pantheon Books
2003.500.753 Book Your Eastern Star: Oriental Astrology, Reincarnation and the Future Logan, Daniel 1972 William Morrow & Co.
2003.500.754 Book Chinese Zodiac Book: The Secret Astrology of the Orient Song, Kim Hai 1973 Simon & Schuster
2003.500.755 Book Learn how the five elements, four seasons, and the ascendant sign based on hour of birth can affect your personality. Find out what happens in your chart when Eastern moon sign meets Western sun sign, and discover the 144 marriage combinations to see the relationships between the twelve lunar signs. Look to the future and learn how you are likely to fare in the upcoming years. The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes Lau, Theodora 1979 Harper Colophon Books
2003.500.756 The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes Lau, Theodora 1979 Harper Colophon
2003.500.757 Book The I Ching and You Hook, Diana ffarington 1973 E.P. Dutton and Co.
2003.500.758 Book The lower abdomen as the center of health and spirituality Hara: The Vital Centre of Man Durckheim, Karlfried Graf von 1962 George Allen & Unwin Ltd
2003.500.759 Book The Path to Good Fortune Chung, Lily 1997 Llewellyn Publications
2003.500.760 Book Ki in Daily Life Koichi, Tohei 1978 Ki No Kenkyuki
2003.500.761 Book Japanese Etiquette: An Introduction World's Young Women's Christian Association 1982 Charles E. Tuttle
2003.500.762 Book The Great Asian Religions: An Anthology Chan, Wing-tsit, ed. 1969 Macmillan Publishing Company
2003.500.763 The Great Asian Religions Chan , Ismail Al Faruqi, Joseph Kitagawa, P.T.Raju, Wing - tsit 1969 MacMillan
2003.500.764 Book Hindu Scriptures Zaehner, R.C., trans. 1984 Dent & Sons
2003.500.765 Book Bhagavad-gita As It Is Prabhupada, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami 1983 Bhaktivedanta Book trust
2003.500.766 Book Hinduism: A Cultural Perspective Kinsley, David 1982 Prentice Hall
2003.500.767 Book Darsan: Seeing the Divine Image in India Eck, Diana L. 1998 Columbia University Press
2003.500.768 Book Zen Buddhism Suzuki, DT 1956 Doubleday Anchor
2003.500.769 Book Buddhism in Chinese History Wright, Arthur F. 1991 Stanford University Press
2003.500.770 Book The Way of Zen Watts, Alan W. 1959 The New American Library
2003.500.771 Book Manual of Zen Buddhism Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro 1960 Grove Press, Inc.
2003.500.772 Book Japanese Buddhism Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro 1938 Board of Tourist Industry Japanese Goverment Railways
2003.500.773 Book Soka Gakkai is the lay organization of the Nichiren Shoshu sect of Japanese Buddhism. Soka Gakkai, Builders of the Third Civilzation Dator, James Allen 1969 University of Washington Press
2003.500.774 Book Zen in the Art of Archery Herrigel, Eugen 1971 Vintage
2003.500.775 Book The Training of the Zen Buddhist Monk Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro 1959 University Press
2003.500.776 Book As told to Heinrich Harrer translated from the German by Edward Fitzgerald Tibet Is My Country: The Autobiography of Thubten Jigme Norbu, Brother of the Dalai Lama Thubten, Jigme Norbu 1961 E.P. Dutton and Co.
2003.500.777 Book The Zen Koan: Its History and Use in Rinsai Zen Miura, Isshu, and Ruth Fuller Sasaki 1965 Harcourt, Brace & World
2003.500.778 Book Chinese Religions: From 1000 B.C. to the Present Day Smith, D. Howard 1968 Holt, Rinehart and Winston
2003.500.800 Book The Chinese Religion and the Baha'i Faith Chew, Phillis Ghim Lian 1993 George Ronald
2003.500.8000 Manuscript Part II Data from the Artifact Documentation Project for Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve Cultural Artifacts of Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve Trebon, Theresa 1998 Continuum History and Research
2003.500.8001 Documents Chinese merchants in the PNW and legal resistance to discrimination Brokers Between Worlds: Chinese Merchants and Legal Culture in the Pacific Northwest, 1852 - 1925 Stevens, Todd 2003
2003.500.801 Book Chinese Religion: An Introduction Thompson, Laurence G. 1979 Wadsworth Publishing Company
2003.500.802 Book I Ching: Book of Changes Legge, James, trans. 1969 Bantam Books
2003.500.803 Book The Sacred Books of China; The Texts of Taoism Legge, James, trans. 1962 Dover Publications
2003.500.804 Book The Sacred Books of China: The Texts of Taoism Legge, James, trans. 1962 Dover Publications
2003.500.805 Book The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine Veith, Ilza, trans. 1972 University of California Press
2003.500.806 Book The Way and Its Power: A Study of the Tao Te Ching and Its Place in Chinese Thought Waley, Arthur 1958 Grove Press, Inc.
2003.500.807 Lao Tsu Tao Te Ching Feng and Jane English, trans., Gia - fu 1972 Vintage
2003.500.808 Book The Secret of the Golden Flower: A Chinese Book of Life Wilhelm, Richard, trans. 1962 Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc.
2003.500.809 Book The Taoist Vision McNaughton, William 1973 University of Michigan Press
2003.500.810 Book Third volume in the "tao - time" trilogy which includes The Tao of Science and the Man of Many Qualities" both b the same author. Ch'i: A Neo-Taoist Approach to Life Siu, R.G.H. 1974 The MIT Press
2003.500.811 Book Taoism: The Parting of the Way Welch, Holmes 1971 Beacon Press
2003.500.812 Book Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization Zimmer, Heinrich 1962 Harper & Row
2003.500.813 Book Yao Ceremonial Paintings Lemoine, Jacques 1982 White Lotus
2003.500.814 Book Shinto: The Kami Way Ono, Sokyo 1969 Charles E. Tuttle
2003.500.815 Book The Life and Hard Times of a Korean Shaman: Of Tales and the Telling of Tales Kendall, Laurel 1988 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.816 Book Shamans, Housewives, and Other Restless Spirits: Women in Korean Ritual Life Kendall, Laurel 1987 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.817 Book 21 Books on: 1. Medicine, 2. Food, 3. Folk Arts, 4. Painting, 5. Calligraphy, 6. Study, 7. Architecture, 8. Furniture, 9. Chop Engraving, 10. Clothing, 11. Tea, 12. Chinese Opera, 13. Jade, 14. Written Language, 15. Music, 16. Festivals, 17. Pottery and Porcelain, 18. Chinese Dance, 19. Chinese Bronzes, 20. Kung Fu, 21. Philosophy Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan 1992 Kwang Hwa Publishing
2003.500.818 Book Shimotsuke paper dolls are dolls made of paper by a traditional method of the Snimostike area (Tochigi Prefecture). Doll making illustrations. Japanese Paper Dolls: Shimotsuke Hitogata Suwa, Shigeo 1996 Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.
2003.500.819 Book Sutras and poems on filial piety The Throat of the Peacock: A Book of Modern Senryu on Parents and Children with a Sutra by the Buddha about Filial Devotion Isaacson, Harold, ed. 1977 Theatre Art Books
2003.500.820 Book Buddhism Humphreys, Christmas 1954 Penguin
2003.500.821 Book Glimpses of Glorious Pagan 1986 The Universities Press
2003.500.822 Book Rebirth: The Tibetan Game of Liberation Tatz, Mark, and Jody Kent 1977 Anchor Books
2003.500.823 Book EXCERPTS FROM THE DALAI LAMAS' SPEECHES IN THE US IN 1981 Ocean of Wisdom: Guidelines for Living The Dalai Lama 1989 Clear Light Publishing
2003.500.824 Book The Tantric View of Life Guenther, Herbert V. 1976 Shambala
2003.500.825 Book The First Zen Institute of America in Japan 1959 The First Zen Institute of America in Japan
2003.500.826 Book The Buddhist Religion: A Historical Introduction Robinson, Richard H. 1982 Wadsworth Publishing Company
2003.500.827 Book The World of Tibetan Buddhism: An Overview of Its Philosophy and Practice The Dalai Lama 1995 Wisdom Publications
2003.500.828 Book Hans Ku?ng, world-renowned theologian, sees the wisdom religions of China as the third great religious orientation of the world alongside the Semitic prophetic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and the mystical religions of Hinduism and Buddhism in India. In this book, Dr. Julia Ching, Shanghai-horn scholar and professor of religious studies at the University of Toronto, presents these Chinese religions in all their complexity, followed by an analysis from a Christian perspective by Dr. Ku?ng. For centuries, Western interpreters of the Chinese have argued that they are not a religious people, citing their practical morality as evidence of a humanism without transcendence. However, thorough historical evidence indicates a surviving religious folk culture incorporating age-old rituals with striking similarities to the ancient traditions of Judaism and Christianity. These eminent scholars trace the significance of religious traditions on the history of China and give compelling glimpses of the effect of Chinese spirituality on Western society. They open our eyes to a world that is not so separate and foreign as the West once imagined.-- Christianity and Chinese Religions Kung, Hans and Julia Ching 1989 Doubleday Publishing Group
2003.500.829 Book China and the Cross: A Survey of Missionary History Cary-Elwes, Columbia 1956 P.J. Kennedy
2003.500.830 Book Proverbs of Ashes: Violence, Redemptive Suffering and the Search for What Saves Us Brock, Rita Nakashima 2001 Beacon Press
2003.500.831 Book History of the Japanese Christian Missions in North America A Centennial Legacy: History of the Japanese Christian Missions in North America, 1877-1977 Koga, Sumio 1977 Nobart, Inc.
2003.500.832 Book The Chinese Empire: A General and Missionary Survey Broomhall, Marshall, ed. 1907 Morgan & Scott
2003.500.833 Book China Adventure Cassidy, Bertha E. 1962 American Advent Mission Society
2003.500.834 Book China in the 16th Century: The Journals of Matthew Ricci: 1583 - 1610 Ricci, Matthew and Louis J. Gallagher, trans. 1953 Random House
2003.500.835 Book The Panoramic View of Chinese Seal Development Na, Chih-liang 1972 China Cultural Enterprisese
2003.500.836 Book Bushido, The Soul of Japan: An Exposition of Japanese Thought Nitobe, Inazo 1974 Charles E. Tuttle
2003.500.837 Book Japanese Design Motifs: 4260 Illustrations of Heraldic Crests Adachi, Fumie, trans. 1972 Dover Publications, Inc.
2003.500.838 Book Frank Ching traces his family back thirtyfour generations to the poet Qin Guan Ancestors: 900 Years in the Life of a Chinese Family Ching, Frank 1988 William Morrow and Company, INC.
2003.500.839 Book A Chinese Childhood Chiang, Yee 1953 Methuen & Co.
2003.500.840 Book A Daughter of Han: The Autobiography of a Chinese Working Woman Pruitt, Ida 1967 Stanford University Press
2003.500.841 Book Old Madam Yin: A Memoir of Peking Life Pruitt, Ida 1979 Stanford University Press
2003.500.842 Book Two Go Together (Dogyo ni-nin) Okamoto, Adele Marie 1949 Bunseido
2003.500.843 Book Washingtonians: A Biographical Portrait of the State Brewster, David and David Buerge, eds 1988 Sasquatch Books
2003.500.844 Book Stubborn Twig: Three Generations in the Life of a Japanese American Family Kessler, Lauren 1993 Random House
2003.500.845 Book Born in Seattle, Jim Yoshida was trapped in Japan at the start of WW II and served in the Japanese army, he fought for and regained his American citizenship. The Two Worlds of Jim Yoshida Yoshida, Jim 1972 William Morrow and Company, Inc.
2003.500.846 Book A memoir of the American-born daughter of Chinese immigrants who lived within the traditions and fears of the Chinese past as well as the realities of the alien modern American culture. The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts Kingston, Maxine Hong 1977 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.847 Book Danish reporter in China falls in love. Their story of travel and writing. My Chinese Wife Eskelund, Karl 1945 Garden City Publishing
2003.500.848 Book Between Tears and Laughter Lin, Yutang 1943 Books, Inc.
2003.500.849 Book Madame Chiang Kai-shek's Trip Through the United States and Canada Chiang, May-ling Soong 1943 The Chinese Nationalist Daily
2003.500.850 Book The First Lady of China: The Historic Visit of Mme. Chiang Kai-shek to the United States in 1943 Thomas, Harry J. 1943 IBM
2003.500.851 Book Evacuation and resettlement study conducted during the course of the internment. The Spoilage: Japanese-American Evacuation and Resettlement During World War II Thomas, Dorothy Swaine 1969 University of California Press
2003.500.852 Book The Hiroshima Maidens: A Story of Courage, Compassion, and Survival Barker, Rodney 1985 Viking
2003.500.853 Book This volume describes the effect of the bombing of Hiroshima on six survivors of the atomic blast. Hiroshima Hersey, John 1946 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.854 Book American Surviors of Hiroshima Were We the Enemy?: American Survivors of Hiroshima Sodei, Rinjiro 1998 Westview Press
2003.500.855 Book Children of the A-Bomb: Testament of the Boys and Girls of Hiroshima Osada, Arata 1959 Uchida Rokakuho Publishing House
2003.500.856 Book While China Bleeds McRoberts, Duncan 1943 Zondervan Publishing House
2003.500.857 Book Japanese American soldiers during WWII. Bridge of Love Tsukano, John 1985 Hawaii Hosts
2003.500.858 Book Japan Style 1980 Kodansha International
2003.500.859 Book Touching the Stones: Tracing One Hundred Years of Japanese American History Sherman, Mark, ed. 1994 Oregon Nikkei Endowment Book
2003.500.860 Book And Justice for All: An Oral History of the Japanese American Detention Camps Tateishi, John 2001 University of Washington Press
2003.500.861 Book The story of the Christian ministry during the Internment Ministry in the Assembly and Relocation Centers of World War II Suzuki, Lester E. 1979 Yardbird Publishing Co.
2003.500.862 Book Concentration Camps USA: Japanese Americans and World War II Daniels, Roger 1971 Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc.
2003.500.863 Book The correspondence of Iwao Matsushita and his wife Hanaye. He was interned in Ft. Missoula, Montana and she at Mindoka, Idaho. Imprisoned Apart: The World War II Correspondence of an Issei Couple Fiset, Louis 1997 University of Washington Press
2003.500.864 Book Story of the National Council for Japanese-American Redress Repairing America: An Account of the Movement for Japanese-American Redress Hohri, William Minoru 1988 Washington State University Press
2003.500.865 Book The Knights of Bushido: the Shocking History of Japanese War Atrocities Russel, Lord 1958 New York: E.P. Dutton
2003.500.866 Book A history of the forcible removal and imprisonment by the army of the 115, 000 citizens and alien Japanese who were living on the West coast in the spring of 1942 Exile of a Race Fisher, Anne Reeploeg 1987 Anne Reeploeg Fisher
2003.500.867 Book Japanese Paper Dolls Ishigaki, Komako 1988 Hoikusha Publishing Co., Ltd.
2003.500.868 Book People on Our Side Snow, Edgar 1944 Random House
2003.500.869 Book Japanese American in Japan during WWII is conscripted into the Japanese Army and becomes prisoner of USSR. 1,000 Days in Siberia: the Odyssey of a Japanese-American POW Sano, Iwao Peter 1997 University of Nebraska Press
2003.500.870 Book History of the internment camp at Manzanar, California with photos by Ansel Adams. Manzanar Armor, John 1988 Times Books
2003.500.871 DVD Following the Dream 2005 Zhongguo guo ji dian shi zong gong si
2003.500.872 Book Pilgrimage: One Woman's Return to a Changing India Jayapal, Pramila 2000 Seal Press
2003.500.873 Book The Golden Road to Modernity: Village Life in Contemporary Burma Nash, Manning 1965 John Wiley & Sons
2003.500.874 Book Gopalpur: A South Indian Village Beals, Alan R. 1964 Holt, Reinhardt, and Winston
2003.500.875 Book The Himalayan Kingdoms: Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim Gibbons, Bob and Bob Ashford 1983 Hippocrene Books Inc.
2003.500.876 Book Documentary history of crisis in Asia in the twentieth century Conflict and Tension in the Far East: Key Documents, 1894 - 1960 Maki, John M. 1961 University of Washington Press
2003.500.877 Book Southeast Asia Karnow, Stanley 1962 Time Incorporated
2003.500.878 Book Hill Farms and Padi Fields: Life in Mainland Southeast Asia Burling, Robbins 1965 Prentice-Hall, Inc.
2003.500.879 Book The Lone Wolf: The Art of Sudjana Kerton 2006 Honolulu Academy of Arts
2003.500.880 Book Southeast Asia: A Brief History Meyer, Milton W. 1971 Littlefield, Adams & Co.
2003.500.881 Book The Far East in the Modern World Michael, Franz H. and George E. Taylor 1964 Holt, Reinhardt & Winston
2003.500.882 Book Costume and Culture: Vanishing Textiles of Some of the Tai Groups in Laos P.D.R. Naenna, Patricia 1990 Studio Naenna
2003.500.883 Book Burma: A Travel Survival Kit Wheeler, Tony 1988 Lonely Planet
2003.500.884 Book Burma Klein, Wilhelm 1988 APA Publications
2003.500.885 Book Burmese Family Khaing, Mi Mi 1962 Indiana University Press
2003.500.886 Book Prepared under the auspices of the US Military during the war it studies the higlands groups known as the Bru, the Tau-oi, Pacoh, Katu, Cua, Hre, Jeh, Phuong, and Duan The Montagnards of South Vietnam: A Study of Nine Tribes Mole, Robert L. 1970 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2003.500.887 Book Pre unification guide to south Vietnam by American women's group Guide to Viet-Nam Sales, Jeanne M. 1974 American Women's Association of Saigon
2003.500.888 Book Revolusi and Evolusi, Sudjana Kerton: The Revolution and Evolution of Sudjana Kerton Wright, Astri 1999 Sanggar Luhur
2003.500.889 Book The Girl in the Picture: The Kim Phuc Story Chong, Denise 1999 Viking
2003.500.890 Book Pictorial look at North Vietnam during the American war. Face of North Vietnam Riboud, Marc; Philippe Devillers, text writer 1970 Holt, Rinehart and Winston
2003.500.891 Book Where the Ashes Are: The Odyssey of a Vietnamese Family Nguyen, Qui Duc 1994 Addison Wesley
2003.500.893 Book The Traditional Chinese State in Ming Times (1368-1644) Hucker, Charles O. 1978 University of Arizona Press
2003.500.894 Book The Philippine Story Bernstein, David 1947 Farrar, Straus andCo.
2003.500.895 Booklet Intramuros: A Historical Guide Gatbonton, Esperanza Bunag 1980 Intramuros Administration
2003.500.896 Journal Journal of the North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol. LIX - 1928 1928 Kelley & Walsh
2003.500.897 Book Sources of Chinese Tradition De Bary, Wm. Theodore, ed. 1960 Columbia University Press
2003.500.898 Book Sources of Chinese Tradition: Volume II De Bary, Wm. Theodore, ed. 1960 Columbia University Press
2003.500.899 Book Sources of Chinese Tradition: Volume I De Bary, Wm. Theodore, ed. 1960 Columbia University Press
2003.500.900 Book Things Chinese Aero, Rita 1980 Dolphin Books
2003.500.901 Book China in Change: An Approach to Understanding Bates, M. Searle 1969 Friendship Press
2003.500.902 Book Detailed description of land and resources China's Geographic Foundations: A Survey of the Land and Its People Cressey, George Babcock 1934 McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc.
2003.500.903 Book Culture China Handbook Editorial Committee and Liang Liangxing and Zhu Peiyu, trans. 1982 Foreign Language Press
2003.500.904 Book The Chinese: Their History and Culture Latourette, Kenneth Scott 1943 Macmillan
2003.500.905 Book China of To-Day Walter, Wilhelm P.O. 1932 Kelly & Walsh
2003.500.906 Book Translation of the diary of the Japanese Buddhist monk Ennin or Jikaku Daishi who went to China in 838 c.e. insearch of religious texts. First hand account of T'ang China. Ennin's Diary:The Record of a Pilgrimage to China in Search of the Law Ennin and Edwin O. Reischauer, trans. 1955 The Ronald Press Co.
2003.500.909 Book Imperial China: Photographs, 1850-1912 Worswick, Clark 1978 Pennwick Publishing, Inc.
2003.500.910 Book The Trans-Salwin Shan State of Kiang Tung Younghusband, G.J. 2005 Silkworm Books
2003.500.911 Book Into China. Bigland, Eileen 1940 Macmillan Co.
2003.500.912 Book Color illustrations and black and white drawings with text by Blake China Menpes, Mortimer and Henry Arthur Blake 1909 Adam and Charles Black
2003.500.913 Book Wandering in Northern China Franck, Harry A. 1923 Grosset and Dunlap
2003.500.914 Book Through China's Wall Peck, Graham 1940 Houghton Mifflin Co
2003.500.915 Book China: Behind the Mask Phillips, Warren,Robert Keatley 1973 Dow Jones Books
2003.500.916 Book A Day on a Chinese Commune Topping, Audrey 1972 Grosset & Dunlap
2003.500.917 Book China: The Dream of Man? Zetterholm, Tore 1977 Ridgeway Editions
2003.500.918 Book China Returns Mehnert, Klaus 1972 E.P. Dutton & Co.
2003.500.919 Book Chinese Shadows Leys, Simon 1977 The Viking Press
2003.500.920 Book 800,000,000: The Real China Terrill, Ross 1972 Little, Brown and Company
2003.500.921 Book The East is Red: The View Inside China Williams, Maslyn 1967 William Morrow & Co.
2003.500.922 Book "Explaining China" Allen, Steve 1980 Crown Publishers
2003.500.923 Book The China Guidebook Kaplan, Fredric M. 1986 Eurasia Press
2003.500.924 Book Inside China Today: A Western View Dimond, E. Grey 1983 W.W. Norton & Co.
2003.500.925 Book Across China Jenkins, Peter 1986 William Morrow/Sweet Springs Press Book
2003.500.926 Spiral-Bound Articles from an Asian American studies class; articles gathered by Professor Connie So from University of Washington AAS 210 2003
2003.500.927 Book Behind the Mask of Chivalry: The Making of the Second Ku Klux Klan MacLean, Nancy 1994 Oxford University Press
2003.500.928 Book Chinese Encounters Morath, Inge and Arthur Miller 1979 Farrar, Straus, Giroux
2003.500.929 Book China Diary Spender, Stephen and David Hockney 1982 Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
2003.500.930 Book New Archaeological Finds in China: Discoveries During the Cultural Revolution Foreign Language Press 1972 Foreign Language Press
2003.500.931 Book The Exhibition of Archaeological Finds of the People's Republic of China 1974 National Gallery of Art
2003.500.932 Book Dragon Tales Brines, Celia R. 1943 Pacific Press Publishing Association
2003.500.933 Book China to 1850: A Short History Hucker, Charles O. 1978 Stanford University Press
2003.500.934 Book Chinese Civilization: An Introduction Eichhorn, Werner 1969 Praeger
2003.500.935 Book Traditional China Liu, James T.C. and Wei-ming Tu, eds. 1970 Prentice-Hall
2003.500.936 Book Firecracker Land: Pictures of the Chinese World for Younger Readers Ayscough, Florence 1932 Houghton Mifflin
2003.500.937 Book Chinese Creeds and Customs Vol. 1 Burkhardt, V.R. 1954 The South China Morning Post
2003.500.938 Book Chinese Civilization and Society: A Sourcebook Ebrey, Patricia Buckley, ed. 1981 Free Press
2003.500.939 Book China: A Short Cultural History Fitzgerald, C.P. 1972 Praeger Publishers
2003.500.940 Book China Fung, Kwok Ying 1943 Henry Holt and Co.
2003.500.941 Book Last Moments of a World Gaan, Margaret 1978 W.W. Norton & Co.
2003.500.942 Book Pencil Speakings From Peking Grantham, A.E. 1918 George Allen & Unwin Ltd.
2003.500.943 Book The Mind of China Harvey, Edwin D. 1933 Yale University Press
2003.500.944 Book Life and Lifestyles China Handbook Editorial Committee and Chen Zhucai, trans. 1985 Foreign Language Press
2003.500.945 Book Excerpts from Chinese writings The Civilization of China: From the Formative Period to the Coming of the West Li, Dun J. 1975 Scribner's
2003.500.946 My Country My People Lin, Yutang 1938 Halcyon House, New York
2003.500.947 Book The Soul of China de Riencourt, Amaury 1958 Coward-McCann, Inc.
2003.500.948 Book the author was for 22 years a missionary on the American Board in China. He compares the China of his time with what he sees as the values of western civlization. Chinese Characteristics Smith, Arthur H. 1894 Fleming H. Revell Company
2003.500.949 Book Made in China: The Story of China's Expression Spencer, Cornelia 1943 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.950 Book Chinese Fantastics Steep, Thomas 1925 The Century Co.
2003.500.951 Book China: The Land and The People Winfield, Gerald F. 1948 William Sloane Associates
2003.500.952 Book Comparative study Confucianism, Christianity and China Yeh, Theodore T.Y. 1969 Philosophical Library
2003.500.953 Book Through a Moon Gate Yuan, L.Z. 1949 The Mercury Press
2003.500.954 Book The Chinese Bonavia, David 1980 Lippincott & Crowell
2003.500.955 Book Christian missionary to China recounts the scene and relates stories of converted women in China Pagoda Shadows: Studies From Life In China Fielde, Adele M. 1884 W.G.Corthhell
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