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2007.066.015 Book It is 1837 when Hong ascends to Heaven. While there, he is charged by God, his Heavenly Father - attired in black dragon robe and high-brimmed hat, his mouth almost hidden by his luxuriant golden beard - to slay the demon devils who are leading the people on earth astray. Their leader is Yan Luo, king of hell, the Dragon Demon of the Eastern Sea. Hong does battle in Heaven, armed by his father with sword and seal, aided by his elder brother, Jesus. Returned to his home village in south China, he resolves to carry on the struggle against the evil polluting humanity. He knows himself to be the younger brother of Jesus Christ, God's Chinese son. The Taiping uprising, led by Hong Xiuquan, was a massive millennial movement that, in its violent rise and fall between 1845 and 1864, cost at least twenty million Chinese their lives. In the course of this struggle the Taiping succeeded in overturning the authority of the ruling Qing dynasty throughout a massive territory in southern China. This the Taiping ruled as their Heavenly Kingdom from their seat in Nanjing for eleven years, until they were overcome in an apocalypse wrought by Qing and Western forces, the Book of Revelation become history. In this master work of the historian's art, Jonathan Spence creates a history of intimate detail and grand scale. We enter the fevered dream world of Hong Xiuquan as he meets his Heavenly family; we see the torments awaiting earthly sinners in King Yan Luo's hell; we feel the anxieties of Westerners living circumscribed lives on the edges of a China they do not understand. This is a China of vast instability, ruled by a dynasty in decline, beset by pirates and bandits in areas beyond the government's reach, pressed by Western traders to embrace opium, Western missionaries the word of God, and arms dealers the new weapons of the industrial revolution. Hong's movement ignites this volatile situation, and Spence captures the result on a breathtaking canvas of clashing armies, daring strategic thrusts, and protracted, deadly sieges. It is a story of historical power with striking resonances today. God's Chinese Son: The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan Spence, Jonathan D. 1996 W.W. Norton and Company, Inc.
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2007.066.117 Book The story of the Chinese in America - their struggle for survival, acceptance, and full participation in American life, from the Gold Rush to the present. The Story of the Chinese in America Sung, Betty Lee 1971 Collier Books
2007.066.118 Book "Chink!": A Documentary History of Anti-Chinese Prejudice in America Wu, Cheng-Tsu, ed. 1972 World Publishing
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2007.066.120 Book A Compilation of the Laws of the Republic of China 1967
2007.066.121 Book Rural Nutrition in China Whyte, R.O. 1972 Oxford University Press
2007.066.122 Book Streetlife China Dutton, Michael 1998 Cambridge University Press
2007.066.123 Book Between 1870 and 1942, people of Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino ancestry toiled in the salmon canneries on coastal bays and streams from central California to western Alaska. Successive generations of Asian immigrants and Asian Americans formed the predominant body of workers in an industry that played a central role in the economic growth of the western states and territories. This book traces the shifts in the ethnic and gender composition of the cannery labor market from its origins through its decline and examines the workers' creation of work cultures and social communities. Organizing Asian American Labor: The Pacific Coast Canned-Salmon Industry, 1870-1942 Friday, Chris 1994 Temple University Press
2007.066.124 Book Contagious Divides: Epidemics and Race in San Francisco's Chinatown Shah, Nayan 2001 University of California Press
2007.066.125 Book Rent Collection Courtyard: Sculpures of Oppression and Revolt 1968 Foreign Language Press
2007.066.126 Book The Cantonese Manual for Health Professionals Leung, Peter C.Y. 1978 University of California, Davis
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2007.066.128 Book Chinese Gold: The Chinese in the Monterey Bay Region Lydon, Sandy 1985 Capitola Book Co.
2007.066.129 Book Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World Wetherford, Jack 2004 Three Rivers Press
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2007.066.132 Book Outlines of Chinese Symbolism and Art Motives Williams, C.A.S. 1976 Dover Publications, Inc.
2007.066.133 Book Maxine Hong Kingston brings her richly astonishing perception to the San Francisco of the sixties and its life of youth and art. Her hero is Wittman Ah Sing, a young Chinese American one year out of Berkeley, six feet tall, skinny, hip, an unstoppable, word-drunk playwright, poet and talker. Wittman is (naturally, given the time and place) a rebel. But, like Monkey - the blessed saint-troublemaker of Chinese legend who helped bring the Buddhist scriptures from India, and to whom our hero bears more than a passing resemblance - Wittman is a rebel with a cause. Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book Kingston, Maxine Hong 1989 Alfred A. Knopf
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2007.066.175 Book An illustrated record of the primitive industries of China's masses, whose life is toil, and thus an account of Chinese civilization; records of Chinese, oriental, and other primitive industries being the result of an expedition begun in the year 1921, planned, equipped and directed by Henry Chapman Mercer China at Work Hommel, Rudolph P. 1969 M.I.T. Press
2007.066.176 Book Lessons in the Pronunciation of the Cantonese Language Cantonese Sounds and Tones Huang, Parker Po-fei 1965 New Asia--Yale-in-China Chinese Language Center
2007.066.177 Book English language text to accompany the text Speak Cantonese Book One An English Supplement to Speak Cantonese Book One (revised edition) 1969 New Asia--Yale-in-China Chinese Language Center
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2007.066.180 Book Introductory textbook for colloquial Taiwanese Chinese; in two volumes An Introduction to Taiwanese Colloquial Ko, Chek Hoan and Tan, Pang Tin 1960 Maryknoll Language School
2007.066.181 Book Tables finding date equivalences between Western and Chinese traditional calendars; a 1961 reprint of a 1955 original. Liang qian nian Zhong xi li dui zhao biao = A Sino-Western calendar for two thousand years, 1-2000 A. D. Xue, Zhongsan. 1961 Commercial Press
2007.066.182 Book A contrastive glossary of English and Chinese Chinese Linguistic Usage 1925-1975 Weingartner, Fredric F and Yang, Paul Fu-mien 1985 Student Book Company
2007.066.183 Book Slavery in the Former Han Dynasty. A 1967 reissue of a 1943 original Slavery in China During the Former Han Dynasty, 206 BC - AD 25 Wilbur, C Martin 1967 (1943) Russell and Russell
2007.066.184 Book A history of mathematics in China; a 1997 edition in English (the original edition was in French, published by Masson, Paris 1987). A History of Chinese Mathematics Martzloff, Jean-Claud 1997 Springer-Verlag
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2007.066.190 Book A short, illustrated, history of opium in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Opium: A Portrait of the Heavenly Demon Hodgson, Barbara 1999 Chronical Books
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2007.066.192 Book A description of Chinese migratory workers in Taiwan, the Dutch East Indies, British Malakka, the Philippines, Hawaii, South Africa and France. The period covered is from the Qing Dynasty to the 1920s. Originally published in 1923. Chinese Migrations, with Special Reference to Labor Conditions Chen, Ta 1967 Ch'eng-Wen Publishing Company
2007.066.193 Book An account of Chinese traditional law concerning the social life of the people: Family organization, succession and inheritance, marriage, landownership and tenure, and village and local administration. Based on the Da Qing Lu Li, General Code of Laws of the Qing Empire. Originally published in 1921. Chinese Family and Commercial Law Jamieson, George 1970 Vetch and Lee
2007.066.194 Book A book of common phrases based on frequently used characters derived from the Chinese vocabulary of the Yale University text-book Chinese Dialogs. Chinese Slang Wang, Dong-Ho 1971 Shwang-Dz-Sying Publishing House
2007.066.195 Book Four plays and 11 poems by well-known Chinese authors, in Chinese and with notes and vocabulary in English. Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature: Volume One: Plays and Poems Liu, Wu-chi and Tien-yi Li, eds 1964 Far Eastern Publications, Yale University
2007.066.196 Book Second-level text in Chinese characters for students perparing to read Chinese newspapers and magazines. Read About China Lee, Pao-ch'en 1967 Far Eastern Publications, Yale University
2007.066.197 Book English translations from the Shijing (or Book of Poetry, or Odes). First published in 1937. The Book of Songs: Translated from the Chinese Waley, Arthur, trans. 1960 Grove Press, Inc.
2007.066.198 Book Six papers on rural and urban conditions in Hong Kong in the late 1960s. The Changing Face of Hong Kong: Proceedings of a Week-end Symposium of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch Dwyer, D. W., ed. 1971 The Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
2007.066.199 Book A handbook for the general reader explaining the terms that would be encountered in English-language books on Chinese art. A Handbook of Chinese Art for Collectors and Students Medley, Margaret 1965 Horizon Press Publishers
2007.066.200 Book A translation of the Xiyou Bu, a 17th-century novel by a Buddhist monk and scholar, featuring characters from the famous novel Journey to the West (Xiyou Ji). The author's exploration of dreams is said to pre-date modern western dream theory by two and a half centuries. The Tower of Myriad Mirrors: A Supplement to Journey to the West Tung, Yueh; Shuen-fu Lin and Larry J. Schulz, trans. 1988 Asian Humanities Press
2007.066.201 Book An account of observations in late Qing China intended for the general reader, and of help to businessmen, politicians, travellers and others interested in conditions there. First published in 1898. China in Transformation Colquhoun, Archibald R. 1904 Harper & Brothers
2007.066.202 Book A classic account of the impact of geography and ecology on Chinese history and that of her neighbors on the north, west, and northwest. Originally published in 1940. Inner Asian Frontiers of China Lattimore, Owen 1962 Becon Press
2007.066.203 Book Eleven articles on local social history of the Pearl River Delta in South China. Down to Earth: The Territorial Bond in South China Faure, David and Helen F. Siu, eds 1995 Stanford University Press
2007.066.204 Book A cross-cultural study of opium smokers and nonsmokers in China and the West, with a focus on how each side perceived the other. The Fall of the God of Money: Opium Smoking in Nineteenth-Century China McMahon, Keith 2002 Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
2007.066.205 Book A study aid for using Ch'ing (Qing) Dynasty documents in research. Twenty-one documents, with vocabulary, notes, and explanations. Ch'ing Documents: an Introductory Syllabus - Volume 1, Introduction, Notes, and Appendices; Volume 2, Chinese Texts Fairbank, John K, Compiler 1965 East Asian Research Center, Harvard University
2007.066.206 Book This study focuses on James Legge (1815-1897), one of the most important 19th-century figures in the cultural exchange between China and the West. The narrative illuminates the era in which Legge lived as well as the surroundings in which he worked. The Victorian Translation of China: James Legge's Oriental Pilgrimage Giratdot, Norman J. 2002 University of California Press
2007.066.207 Book An illustrated study of "paper gods" common in houshold religion in China. This is a 1969 reprint of the 1940 original. Chinese Peasant Cults: Being a Study of Chinese Paper Gods Day, Clarence Burton 1969 Ch'eng Wen Publishing Company
2007.066.208 Book Eleven articles on recent Taiwanese history, with an introduction by the editor. Taiwan in Modern Times Sih, Paul K. T., ed. 1973 St John's University Press
2007.066.209 Book An account and analysis of a genre of writing called "zhiguai" ("accounts of anomalies"; recording "strange" enounters between humans and various denizens of the spirit-world, the miraculous feats of masters of esoteric arts, the wonders or exotic lands, and fragments of anciet mythology, published between the Han dynast (206 BCE) and the Sui dynasty (which ended in 618 CE). Strange Writing: Anomaly Accounts in Early Medieval China Campany, Robert Ford 1996 State University of New York Press
2007.066.210 Book A compendium of Chinese mythology, described by the author as a "Who's Who of the Chinese Otherworld." This is a 1961 reprint of the 1932 original. A Dictionary of Chinese Mythology Werner, E. T. C. 1961 The Julian Press
2007.066.211 Book A socio-cultural history of China up to its first unification under the Ch'in (Qin). This is a 1978 english translation of the La Chine Antique, originally published in 1927 and revised by the author in 1965. China in Antiquity Maspero, Henri; Frank A. Kierman, trans. 1978 University of Massachussetts Press
2007.066.212 Book A collection of 14 short stories from the Ming Dynasty. Vignettes from the Late Ming: A Hsiao-p'in Anthology Ye, Yang 1999 University of Washington Press
2007.066.213 Book An English translation of the "Pao-p'u tzu" (circa 320 CE) by Ko Hung Alchemy, Medicine, Religion in the China of AD 320: The "Nei P'ien" ("Pao-p'u tzu", Daoist text) of Ko Hung Hung, Ko; James R. Ware, trans. 1966 Massachussetts Institute of Technology Press
2007.066.214 Book Nineteen sources on opium in China in the 19th and 20th centuries drawn from selected memoirs, diplomatic reports, newspapers, and jounrals from the Qing dynasty, the Republic, and the People's Republic. Modern China and Opium: A Reader Baumler, Alan, ed. 2004 University of Michigan Press
2007.066.215 Book A description of the structure of the Qing dynasty imperial government, covering the emperor and the imperial court, metropolitan governemnt establishments, the various ministries (boards), the metropolitan prefecture and Manchuria, provincial administration, and the dependencies of China. This is an undated Taiwanese reprint of the 1912 original. Present Day Political Organization of China Brunnert, H. S. and V. V. Hagelstrom 1912 Kelly and Walsh
2007.066.216 Book Character text to accompany the text "Chinese Dialogues", published by Far Eastern Publications, Yale University. First published in 1958. Character Text for Chinese Dialogues Wang, Fred Fang-yu 1968 Far Eastern Publications, Yale University
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2007.066.218 Book Chronicles the evolution of China's twentieth-centure anti-narcotics movement from its beginnings in 1906, through its successes in the early years of the People's Republic to its continuance today in the face of resurgent opium and heroin use. Anti-drug Crusades in Twentieth-century China: Nationalism, History, and State Building Zhou, Yongming 1999 Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
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2007.066.222 Book Four articles on social, economic, and political aspects of Taiwanese history. Taiwan: Studies in Chinese Local History Gordon, Leonard H. D., ed. 1970 Columbia University Press
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2007.066.225 Book An historical and linguistic account of the Chinese languages. Chinese Norman, Jerry 1993 Cambridge University Press
2007.066.226 Book Contains a general description of the island, notices of church work based on Dutch documants, an account of the Chinese conquest of the island, and five appendices. This is a 1967 reprint of the 1903 original. Formosa Under the Dutch: Described from Contemporary Records with Explanatory Notes and a Bibliography of the Island Campbell, Wm. 1967 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Company
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