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Wing Luke Museum
2011.019.082 Book The Rice Cycle: The Grain that Created a Culture Sesoko, Tsune, ed. 1974 Japan External Trade Organization
2011.019.083 Spiral-Bound Bainbridge Island Japanese American Memorial: Study of Alternatives/Environmental Assessment 2005 Jones & Jones Architects and Landscape Architects, Ltd.
2011.019.084 Pamphlet No. 22. Argued October 11, 12, 1944. - Decided December 18, 1944. Leading Decisions of the United States Supreme Court: Korematsu v. United States Aikin, Charles, ed. 1963? Chandler Publishing Company
2011.019.085 Book Japanese Mythology Piggott, Juliet 1969 Paul Hamlyn
2011.019.086 Binder Go For Broke: A 100th Bn/442nd Regimental Combat Team Story Yamane, George 2000 George Yamane
2011.028.001 Book Oral Histories of 35 Chinese Americans who immigrated 1934-1968 Voices of the Second Wave: Chinese Americans in Seattle Yang, Dori Jones 2011 East West Insights
2011.028.002 Booklet Award ceremony booklet on Melvin R. Lohmann Medal, which is awarded by the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology from Oklahoma State University. This booklet honors Dr. Paul Liao. Celebrating Accomplishment 1991-2011 2011 Oklahoma State University
2011.028.003 Book [Autobiography of Dr. Paul B. Liao] Liao, Paul B. 2010
2011.028.004 Booklet Integrating Worldwide Chinese Talents and Resources
2011.033.001 Book Chinese on the American Frontier Dirlik, Arif, ed. 2003 Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
2011.033.002 Book Dreaming of Gold, Dreaming of Home: Transnationalism and Migration Between the United States and South China, 1882-1943 Hsu, Madeline Yuan-yin 2000 Stanford University Press
2011.033.003 Book Chinese Immigrants, African Americans, and Racial Anxiety in the United States, 1848-82 Aarim-Heriot, Najia 2003 University of Illinois Press
2011.033.004 Book The Transnational History of a Chinese Family: Immigrant Letters, Family Business, and Reverse Migration Liu, Haiming 2006 Rutgers University Press
2011.033.005 Book The Anti-Chinese Movement in California Sandmeyer, Elmer Clarence 1991 University of Illinois Press
2011.033.006 Book Considers the many ways in which Chinese living in the United States during the exclusion era maintained ties with China through a constant flow of people, economic resources, as well as political and cultural ideas. This book describes the changing patterns of Chinese immigration and strategies for circumventing exclusion laws. Chinese American Transnationalism: The Flow of People, Resources, and Ideas between China and America during the Exclusion Era Chan, Sucheng, ed. 2006 Temple University Press
2011.033.007 Book Claiming America: Constructing Chinese American Identities during the Exclusion Era Wong, K. Scott, ed. 1998 Temple University Press
2011.033.008 Book Chinese American Voices: From the Gold Rush to the Present Yung, Judy, ed. 2006 University of California Press
2011.033.009 Book In Search of Equality: The Chinese Struggle against Discrimination in Nineteenth-Century America McClain, Charles J. 1994 University of California Press
2011.033.010 Book Unbound Feet: A Social History of Chinese Women in San Francisco Yung, Judy 1995 University of California Press
2011.033.011 Book Chinese Americans: The Immigrant Experience Miscevic, Dusanka 2000 Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, Inc.
2011.033.012 Book Traces the evolution of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, including the history of Chinese immigration to the United States, the factors that served to increase their populations here, and the subsequent efforts to limit further immigration and encourage the departure of the Chinese already in America. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 Soennichsen, John 2011 ABC-CLIO, LLC
2011.033.013 Book Radical Heritage: Labor, Socialism, and Reform in Washington and British Columbia, 1885-1917 Schwantes, Carlos A. 1994 University of Idaho Press
2011.033.014 Book Asian America: Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850 Daniels, Roger 1995 University of Washington Press
2011.040.001 Book Voices of War Castillo, Obdulia Rigor 2011 Gorham Printing
2011.040.002 Book Raindrops Castillo, Obdulia Rigor 2000 Gorham Printing
2011.040.003 Book Journey to Sunrise Castillo, Obdulia Rigor 2005 Gorham Printing
2011.040.004 Book Of Bamboo Poles and Boys: Ang Palo-Sebo Castillo, Obdulia Rigor 2005 Rex Printing Inc
2011.040.005 Book Let's Sing and Dance: A Handbook of Rhythmic Activities Castillo, Obdulia Rigor 2003 Gorham Printing
2011.043.001 Book The story of two sisters, one brought up in the U.S., the other in China. The American sister is contemptuous of the other's belief in ghosts until events cause her to understand what they can do. The Hundred Secret Senses Tan, Amy 1995 Ballantine Books
2011.043.002 Book Winnie and Helen have kept each other's worst secrets for more than fifty years. Now, because she believes she is dying, Helen wants to expose everything. And Winnie angrily determines that she must be the one to tell her daughter, Pearl, about the past--including the terrible truth even Helen does not know. And so begins Winnie's story of her life on a small island outside Shanghai in the 1920s, and other places in China during World War II, and traces the happy and desperate events that led to Winnie's coming to America in 1949. The Kitchen God's Wife Tan, Amy 1991 Ballantine Books
2011.043.003 Book The Changs immigrated to the United States from China for education and safety but are distracted by other goals. Typical American Jen, Gish 1991 Houghton Mifflin Company
2011.043.004 Book Dear Diane: Questions and Answers for Asian American Women Wong, Diane Yen-Mei 1983 Asian Women United of California
2011.043.005 Book Dear Diane: Letters From Our Daughters Wong, Diane Yen-Mei 1983 Asian Women United of California
2011.043.006 Book The Indian Way Koller, John M. 1982 Macmillan Publishing Company
2012.003.001 Book Hawaiian Heritage: A Brief Illustrated History Mellen, Kathleen Dickenson 1963 Hastings House
2012.003.002 Book The Year of the Dog Liu, Hung 1994 Steinbaum Krauss Gallery
2012.003.003 Book An anecdotal account of a young black woman growing up in Seattle. The Good Times are Killing Me Barry, Lynda 1988 The Real Comet Press
2012.003.004 Book Everything in the World Barry, Lynda 1986 Harper and Row, Publishers
2012.003.005 Book Big Ideas Barry, Lynda 1983 HarperCollins
2012.003.006 Book Girls and Boys Barry, Lynda 1981 The Real Comet Press
2012.003.007 Book The Fun House Barry, Lynda 1987 Harper and Row, Publishers
2012.003.008 Book The Freddie Stories Barry, Lynda 1999 Sasquatch Books
2012.003.009 Book Down the Street Barry, Lynda 1988 Harper and Row, Publishers
2012.003.010 Book Joseph Park: Moon Beam Caress Held, Robin 2005 Frye Art Museum
2012.017.001 Book Reading the Wood: Techniques and Projects from a Master Woodworker Elkan, Michael 1996 Sterling Publishing Co.
2012.018.001 Book Jing Ho, Hauk Ho: A Make It, Do It, Learn It, Book of Chinese Activities for Children Rekdal, C.K. 1976 Fortune Cookie Press
2012.018.002 Book China: Coloring Guide Seablom, Victoria, ed. 1979 Seablom Design
2012.018.003 Book Chinese Opera 1973 The National Chinese Opera Theater
2012.018.004 Pamphlet Common Symbols in Chinese Art Pauline Lake
2012.018.005 Booklet Meeting Ground: Chinese Children, Chinese Friends; A Children's Museum Activity Book Migdal, Marcia 1983 The Children's Museum, Seattle
2012.018.006 Book Examines the customs, traditions, foods and lore associated with the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Happy New Year! Kung-Hsi Fa-Ts'ai! Demi 1997 Crown Publishers
2012.018.007 Book Favorite Children's Stories from China and Tibet Hume, Lotta Carswell 1972 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2012.018.008 Book A readable and thoughtful review of the history of a great but tragically exploited people. China Fessler, Loren 1963 Time Incorporated
2012.018.009 Book Chinese in 10 Minutes a Day Kershul, Kristine 1982 Bilingual Books Inc.
2012.018.010 Book Chinese Step-By-Step: Step One Wang, Gwen T. 1986 Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
2012.018.011 Book The Peacock Maiden: Folk Tales from China 1991 Foreign Languages Press
2012.018.012 Book Chinese Folk Tales Kuo, Louise 1976 Celestial Arts
2012.018.013 Book Beijing Legends Jin, Shoushen 1982 Panda Books
2012.018.014 Book Folktales of China Eberhard, Wolfram, ed. 1973 Washington Square Press
2012.018.015 Book Tales of Old Japan Mitford, A.B. 1982 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2012.018.016 Book Folktales of Japan Seki, Keigo, ed. 1963 University of Chicago Press
2012.018.017 Book Folk Tales from Korea Zong, In-sob 1974 Hollym Corporation
2012.018.018 Book Eighteen tales from the folklore of India, including The Compassionate King, The Cobra and the Crows, The Greedy Heron, The Ignorant Brahmin, and How to Succeed in Business With Only a Dead Mouse. India Folk Tales Herman, A.L., ed. 1968 The Peter Pauper Press
2012.018.019 Book Gods, Demons, and Others Narayan, R.K. 1964 The Viking Press
2012.018.020 Book Tibetan Folk Tales Hyde-Chambers, Fredrick 1981 Shambhala Publications
2012.018.021 Book The Legends and Myths of Hawaii: The Fables and Folk-lore of a Strange People Kalakaua, David 1972 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2012.018.022 Book A Short Synopsis of the Most Essential Points in Hawaiian Grammar Alexander, W.D. 1968 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2012.018.023 Book Folk Music Festival in Hawaii: Folk Songs from Asia, The Pacific and America Kelly, Jr., John M. 1965 Boston Music Company
2012.018.024 Book Hawaiian Journey Mullins, Joseph G. 1978 Mutual Publishing
2012.018.025 Book Young Folks Hawaiian Time: A Collection of True Hawaiian Children's Stories Pitchford, Genie 1972 Mid-Pacific Press, Inc.
2012.018.026 Book Folk Tales from Asia: For Children Everywhere 1975 John Weatherhill, Inc.
2012.018.027 Book Peoples of Washington: Perspectives on Cultural Diversity White, Sid, ed. 1989 Washington State University Press
2012.018.028 Book Presents tales from China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Asian-Pacific Folktales and Legends Faurot, Jeannette L., ed. 1995 Simon and Schuster
2012.018.029 Newspaper Volume 1, No. 4 October 1984 Discover China in Seattle Seattle Chinese Post
2012.018.030 Magazine Volume 158, No.1, July 1980 National Geographic National Geographic
2012.018.031 Book A protrayal of the geographical and human diversity of China. Journey Into China 1982 The National Geographic Society
2012.021.003 Booklet History of the International Community Health Services Bringing Health Care Home 1973 - 2008 Chew, Ron 2008 ICHS
2012.023.001 Book Book Letters from a Chinese Official: Being an Eastern View of Western Civilization McClure, Phillips, Co., 1903 Published anonymously by By G. Lowes Dickinson this little book was taken for a genuine document by many critics, among others, Mr. William Jennings Bryan, who wrote an elaborate answer to it. The writer was an English university lecturer. Letters from a Chinese Official: Being an Eastern View of Western Civilization G. Lowes Dickinson 1903
2012.027.001 DVD Racist animated television series National Lampoon Presents Mr. Wong Mr. Wong
2012.033.001 Book Commemoration for those whose education was interruped by WW II and Internment Long Journey Home: UW Nikkei Stidents 1941/1942 - 2008 Kashima, Tetsuden, Theresa Murdock and Steven Sumida 2011
2012.039.001 Book Chinese text book 1930
2012.039.002 Book Chinese Text Book
2012.039.003 Book Japanese Text Book Civics 1942
2012.039.004 Book Japanese Text Book Art Drawing
2012.039.005 Book Japanese Text Book Craft Design 1944
2012.043.001 Book Illustrations by Keye Luke Unfinished Song of Achmed Mohammed Liederman, Earle 1951 House-Warven
2012.043.002 Book Red Hardcover book Directory of overseas Chinese Chinese Around the World, the Vol. I Chang, Stephen H. 1965
2012.043.003 Book Green hardcover book Directory of overseas Chinese Chinese Around the World, the Vol. II Chang, Stephen H. 1970 World Chinese Publishign Asociation
2012.043.004 Book Blue hardcover book plastic slipcase Overseas Chinese Chinese Around the World, the Chang, Stephen H. 1973 World Chinese Publishing Association
2012.043.005 Book Annual Yearbook of Garfield High School 1935 The Arrow 1935 1935 Garfield HS
2012.043.006 Book Annual Yearbook Sealth 1936 Broadway High School Sealth 1936 Broadway HS
2012.043.007 Book Annual Yearbook Sealth Broadway High SChool 1941 Sealth 1941 Broadway HS
2012.045.001 Book A Practical English-Chinese Pronouncing Dictionary Chen, Janey 1970 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2012.045.002 Book The Cantonese Speaker's Dictionary Cowles, Roy T. 1965 Hong Kong University Press
2012.045.003 Book This dictionary uses the Yale Romanization for transcribing Cantonese. The conversion table of Romanization gives Meyer-Wempe and International Phonetic Alphabet equivalents, but not those for Jyutping (developed in 1993) or Sydney Lau's system. Contents: Preface; Introduction (Pronunciation Guide, Grammatical Notations); A Dictionary of Cantonese (English-Cantonese, Cantonese-English, Character Index); A List of Geographical Names and Common Chinese Surnames; Conversion table of romanization; List of Books Consulted. Cantonese Dictionary, Cantonese-English, English-Cantonese Huang, Parker Po-fei 1970 Yale University Press
2012.046.001 Book Does race still matter? In the United States, legal categories of race continue to multiply. Have these official definitions, once constructed by a white majority for exclusionary and oppressive ends, successfully transformed into tools for enforcing civil rights? After a historical background, Lott gives a detailed explanation of the origins and implications of Directive 15 - a critical juncture in the recent legal development of census and national data categories. She then turns to the complexities of Asian American identities, deconstructing widely accepted minority/majority classifications, and historicizing the changing definitions of those labels Asian Americans: From Racial Category to Multiple Identities Lott, Juanita Tamayo 1998 AltaMira Press
2012.046.002 Book Filipinos in Washington, D.C. Cacas, Rita M. 2009 Arcadia Publishing
2012.046.003 book Itchy Brown Girl Seeks Employment is an ironic Curriculum Vitae where life and work experiences one wouldn't want a potential employer to know are highlighted using vulnerability, wit, observation, and candor. Ella deCastro Baron a first generation Asian American woman challenged by her parents' faith, inherited sickness, and questionable life choices shares of beginning and ending relationships, restlessness, miracles, prejudice, entitlement, and community. She leaves it up to the reader to decide, after assessing her background, education, professional experience, fieldwork, high (and low) achievements, if she is someone worth investing in. Itchy Brown Girl Seeks Employment Baron, Ella deCastro 2009 San Diego City Works Press
2012.046.004 Book An iconic figure of the Asian American movement, Richard Aoki (1938--2009) was also, as the most prominent non-Black member of the Black Panther Party, a key architect of Afro-Asian solidarity in the 1960s and '70s. His life story exposes the personal side of political activism as it illuminates the history of ethnic nationalism and radical internationalism in America. A reflection of this interconnection, Samurai among Panthers weaves together two narratives: Aoki's dramatic first-person chronicle and an interpretive history by a leading scholar of the Asian American movement, Diane C. Fujino. Aoki's candid account of himself takes us from his early years in Japanese American internment camps to his political education on the streets of Oakland, to his emergence in the Black Panther Party. As his story unfolds, we see how his parents' separation inside the camps and his father's illegal activities shaped the development of Aoki's politics. Fujino situates his life within the context of twentieth-century history-World War II, the Cold War, and the protests of the 1960s. She demonstrates how activism is both an accidental and an intentional endeavor and how a militant activist practice can also promote participatory democracy and social service. The result of these parallel voices and analysis in Samurai among Panthers is a complex-and sometimes contradictory-portrait of a singularly extraordinary activist and an expansion and deepening of our understanding of the history he lived. Samurai among Panthers: Richard Aoki on Race, Resistance, and a Paradoxical Life Fujino, Diane 2012 University of Minnesota Press
2012.046.005 Book Tens of thousands of Filipinos who have lived, worked, and raised families for over five generations in this unique city stake their rightful claim to more than a century of shared history in San Francisco. The photographs herein attest to the early arrivals, who came as merchant mariners, businesspeople, scholars, and musicians, as well as agricultural and domestic workers. But their story has often been ignored, told incompletely by others, and edited too selectively by many. The Filipino American experience both epitomizes and defies the traditional immigrant storyline, and these pictures honestly and respectfully document the fruits of their labors, the products of their perseverance, and, at times, their resistance to social exclusion and economic suppression. Filipinos In San Francisco Filipino American National Historical Society 2011 Arcadia Publishing
2012.046.006 book All eyes are now focused on California - a state that has set precedent for anti-discrimination initiatives since its first policies in 1934 preceded federal policies by almost a decade. The contributors to this volume came together with the belief that today's highly emotional and rhetorical debate over affirmative action would be better informed if it were grounded in an analysis of the strategies and outcomes of California's programs over the last quarter century. Impacts of Affirmative Action: Policies and Consequences in California Ong, Paul 1999 AltaMira Press
2012.046.007 book The inspirational account of a Japanese-American family's triumph in the face of the death of their three children, two from AIDS and a third the victim of a tragic drive-by shooting, Honor Thy Children chronicles the creation, devastation, and remarkable resurrection of the Nakatanis - who journey from unimaginable grief to healing. Honor Thy Children: One Family's Journey to Wholeness Fumia, Molly 1997 Conari Press
2012.046.008 book This intimate and detailed biography draws on interviews with friends and family members, as well as Hayakawa's own papers and journals, to bring this controversial and fascinating figure to life. He was an enigma to colleagues as well as adversaries, a Republican senator who consistently bucked his party's ideals with his support of the women's movement, abortion rights, and even Ronald Reagan's search for a female running mate. The son of Japanese immigrants, born and raised in Canada before moving to the United States, Hayakawa emerges here as a complex and complicated figure. In Thought and Action: the Enigmatic Life of S.I. Hayakawa Haslam, Gerald W. University of Nebraska
2012.046.009 book "Teachers often find it difficult each May to gather materials for Asian Pacific Heritage Month to remember these struggles ... To fill this gap, our team has collected information about twenty notable Asian and Pacific Island Americans who shaped our country. Each profile consists of a short body of text, appropriate from Grades 4-8, and a large portrait." Crossing Boundaries: Asian & Pacific Islander Americans Collier, Irene Dea 2010 The Association of Chinese Teachers
2012.047.001 Booklet Journey Down the Yangtze: From Dragon's Tail to Dragon's Head Neighbor, Tese Wintz 1998 University of Washington
2012.047.002 Book Combining sensitivity and eloquence with a broad appeal, Li-Young Lee walks in the footsteps of Stanley Kunitz and Billy Collins as one of the United States's most beloved poets. Playful, erotic, at times mysterious, his work describes the immanent value of everyday experience. Straightforward language and simple narratives become gateways to the most powerful formulations of beauty, wisdom, and divine love. Behind My Eyes Lee, Li-Young 2008 W.W. Norton and Company, Inc.
2012.047.003 Book Turning Shadows Into Light: Art and Culture of the Northwest's Early Asian/Pacific Community Tsutakawa, Mayumi, ed. 1982 Young Pine Press
2012.047.004 Book Flowers Blooming Against a Bruised Gray Sky Kalu, Uchechi 2006 Whit Press
2012.047.005 Book Good Luck Gold and Other Poems Wong, Janet S. 1994 Simon and Schuster
2012.047.006 Book Madchild Running Egawa, Keith 1999 Red Crane Books
2012.047.007 Book Telling Tales From Asia: A Resource Book For All Who Love Telling Stories Spagnoli, Cathy 1999 Tulika Publishers
2012.049.001 Book A Century of Puget Sound Nikkei History Mochizuki, Ken 2012 Japanese American Citizens League
2013.011.001 Book Chinese in Washington State Chin, Doug 2013 OCA Greater Seattle
2013.027.002 Book Comic strip compilation Contains stereotypical Asian character Charlie Hilarious Adventures of the Nearsighted Mister Magoo 1967
2013.033.010 Article Anti-Oriental Agitation and the Rise of Working-class Racism February 1973 Social Science and Modern Society
2013.033.012 Article Pertains to courthouse building Medal of Honor recipient William Nakamura. Senate Approves Courthouse Tribute November 2, 200
2013.033.016 Article "A rundown of the stages and levels of awareness" The Negro-to-Black Conversion Experience William E. Cross Jr. July 1971 Black World
2013.033.017 Article Examines achievement orientation, cultural values, and personalities of Japanese Americans Achievement, Culture and Personality: The Case of the Japanese Americans William Caudill, George De Vos December 1956 American Anthropologist
2013.033.021 Article Printed chapter 2 from book. History of early Chinese immigrants in Vancouver Island. Creating Outsiders, 1875-1903 Kay J. Anderson 1991 McGill-Queen's University Press
2013.033.023 Article Two photocopied exerpt pages from unknown book. Pages 68, 69, 72, 73. Japanese population employment in late 19th century. Development of Japanese communities in Western U.S. East to America, In Interior America
2013.033.026 Article Chapter 1 titled Three Worlds. Explains "mutual dependence" in the forms of clan, caste, and clubs. Notes from Clan, Caste and Club: Chapter 1- Three Worlds Francis L.K. Hsu 1963 Van Nostrand Company
2013.033.027 Article Immigration and integration of Chinese to British Columbia. Strangers Entertained: A History of the Ethnic Groups of British Colunbia, Chapter 23 The Chinese John Norris 1971 Evergreen Press Limited
2013.033.028 Newsletter Article in the Pacific Historical Review examining Racism and stereotypes in California in the 1870s. Sambo and the Heathen Chinee: Californian's Racial Stereotypes in the Late 1870s Luther W. Spoehr May 1973 The Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association
2013.033.029 Article Article from Journal reprinted by the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Examines changes in Japanese psychological behavioral characteristics in modern Japan. General Culture: The Influence of Social Structure and Culture on Human Behavior in Modern Japan William A. Caudill 1973 The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
2013.033.030 Article Article in review exploring a thesis that white-black relations in America are those of colonizer and colonized. Analyzes urban riots, cultural nationalism, and ghetto control policies. Internal Colonialism and Ghetto Revolt Robert Blauner 1969 American Sociological Review
2013.033.031 Newspaper Newspaper with articles titled: "Nikkei Greenhouse Pioneers" and "Last of the Nikkei Farmers". Nikkei Greenhouse Pioneers, Last of the Nikkei Farmers Ryo Kumasaka, Ed Suguro May 1991 Northwest Nikkei
2013.033.033 Booklet Booklet introducing the JACL (Japanese Americal Citizens League). Readings on their mission and history. JACL Better Americans in a Greater America Japanese American Citizens League
2013.033.034 Booklet Article in the Seattle Sun Newspaper. Talks about resettling costs and repayment for dislocated Japanese Americans in 1942. Japanese-Americans Seek Redress for Injustices Maria Taylor April 28, 1976 Seattle Sun
2013.033.035 Newspaper News article from Seattle Times questioning if new construction is actually leading to a "a high quality public realm". Argues streetscape is not condusive to Seattle's original style and functions. A Missed Opportunity: Independent Projects Patch City Into a Crazy Quilt Mark Hinshaw July 15, 2001 The Seattle Times
2013.033.036 Newsletter A newsletter consisting of articles about Bob Santos, Section 8 housing, Seattle City Counsil, Washington's Living Wage Movement, Funding for Housing and Shelters, public transit, The Gates Foundation, senior housing, and community land trusts. A Publication of the Low Income Housing Institute Karen Savage March 2001 Housing Washington
2013.033.037 Booklet A published summary of a study on Asian Pacific American community development challenges and opportunities. Building Capacity: The Challenges and Opportunities of Asian Pacific American Community Development The Urban Institute October 2000 The Urban Institute
2013.033.039 Newspaper A news article suggesting a solution for the Atlas Hotel after its' renovation. A possible housing solution for elderly men. A Chance for International District Hotels Alf Collins July 29, 1973 The Seattle Times
2013.033.042 Article A compilation of Ah Kan's records, photographs, and history. A breif biography. He Can Always Have the Moon: The Story of Ah Kan Sheila D. Reddy 1993 Heritage Program Payette NAtional Forest
2013.033.052 Article Describing Dim Sum in the International District. The International District's Nearly Secret Delight: Chinese Luncheon Pasteries Dave Suffia December 31, 19 The Seattle Times
2013.033.053 Article Newsarticle and photographs of Yesler way in 1900 and 2002. Now and then, history of Seattle. Yesler In the Rough Paul Dorpat May 5, 2002 The Seattle Times
2013.033.054 Article History of Seattle. Newspaper photograph of 1907 Montlake logging canal. Lake union, portage bay history. Short Haul Paul Dorpat June 2, 2002 The Seattle Times
2013.033.056 Newspaper Seattle Times with article about Asian American diversity in Seattle. Asian Mosaic Expanding Barbara A. Serrano June 9, 1991 The Seattle Times
2013.033.058 Article Yuen Gam Woo, owner of Moon Temple in Wallingford obituary. Yuen Gam Woo, Restaurateur Who 'Made Best Almond Chicken in Town' Elouise Schumacher January 29, 199 The Seattle Times
2013.033.059 Article Article from the Seattle Times documenting the living conditions in the Milwaukee Hotel in 1973. A Place to Live, but... John Bell January 21, 197 The Seattle Times
2013.033.060 Article History of Seattle. Newspaper photograph of Jackson Street and 12th Ave in 1883 compared to today. Jackson Street Regrade, 1883 Paul Dorpat October 17, 199 The Seattle TImes
2013.033.061 Article Chapter in book titled "Tragedy in Chinatown". About Walla Walla's Chinese community. Outlines a fire caused by New Year fireworks at the Chinese Masonic Lodge that killed 11 people. History of the Chinese Masonic Lodge. Walla Walla: A Nice Place to Raise a Family 1920-1949 Robert A. Bennett 1988 Pioneer Press Books
2013.033.062 Article Article from the Seattle Times about Gary Locke before he ran for governor. Gary Locke: Seattle Democrat Paying More Attention to Calls that He Run for Governor Jim Simon March 20, 1992 The Seattle Times
2013.033.063 Article Newspaper photograph of Weller Street in 1919. History laying bricks to paving streets in Seattle. Paving Weller Street Paul Dorpat July 21, 1996 The Seattle Times
2013.033.064 Article Newsarticle outlining a zoning dispute in International District over a 2 story restaurant complex. Outlines a shooting that happened at the site and citizens nervous about crime rates. Tong history. chinese Tong's Restaurant Plans Stir Fears Peyton Whitely November 21, 19 The Seattle Times
2013.033.065 Article Newspaper photograph of gas yard on Jackson and King Street in 1907. History of Seattle's Gas Yard. King Street Gas Yard Paul Dorpat April 25, 1993 The Seattle Times
2013.033.066 Article Ruby Chow v.s. Ron Sims for city council. Two news articles about their campaigns. Chow Faces Defection Amoung Chinese-Americans, Split Spurs Chow's Supporters Peter Rhinearson, Dan Coughlin August 13-18, The Seattle Times, The Seattle Post Intellegencer
2013.033.067 Article Newsarticle describing discrimination toward Asian youth in Seattle. Article suggests we use the term 'gang' too loosely when describing groups of Asian youths in Seattle. No Gangs in Seattle, Say Chinese Youths Peyton Whitley November 22, 19 The Seattle Times
2013.033.068 Article Newsarticle comparing Seattle Tongs to the dangers of San Fransisco Tongs. Article suggesting there is not much illegal activity in the Tongs of Seattle. Tong history and use to protect against racial discrimination and exploitation. Are Tong's Big-Gambling Days Gone? Peyton Whitely November 21, 19 The Seattle Times
2013.033.069 Article A somber newsarticle detailing the poor state of the M. Hee Wo Medicine Co. Article suggests that Chinese herbal medicine is not disappearing but this company is already gone. M. Hee Wo Medicine Co. Belongs to a Different Age Paul Henderson July 7, 1973 The Seattle Times
2013.033.070 Article Newsarticle outlining the life of volunteerism for Anne Chinn Lew-Wing. Short biography of her life and her presence in the Asian-American community in Seattle. Anne Chinn Lew-Wing: A Lifetime of Giving Fidelius Kuo March 20, 1993 NW Asian Weekly
2013.033.071 Article Newsarticle describing the book "Bittermelon: The Last Rural Chinese Town in America". Locke, California built by Chinese immigrants. Chinese-American history. The Last Rural Chinese Town in America Kathryn Chinn December 16, 19 The International Examiner
2013.033.072 Article Details of a massacre killing 31 Chinese miners in 1887. Questioning if justice was served to the muderers. Snake River Massacre. Massacre on Rive Retold: Wholesale Slaying of 31 Chinese Miners Remembered by Craig A. W. Nelson November 7, 193 Walla Walla Union
2013.033.073 Article Illustrations and information on Bill Gulick's story and research about the Snake River Massacre and area. Snake River history. Murder and stolen gold from Chinese minors. Snake River Area Where Many Died July 9, 1973 The Seattle Times
2013.033.074 Article Newsarticle on Cantonese radio program in Seattle. Providing an educational broadcast to help unify and direct Cantonese speakers in Seattle. Chinese Voice Helps Foreign Born Julie Emery March 25, 1973 The Seattle TImes
2013.033.075 Article A collection of newsarticles addressing the gambling raid and arrest of 77 people in Seattle's International District Heng Club. "Tielsch Would Dismiss 43 in Heng Raid" "Judge Doesn't See Bias in Gambling Law" by Larry Brown "Gambling Rap Hits Dozen" "City Will Try to Dismiss Charges Against 40 in Raid" by Dave Birkland Gambling Raid in Seattle Articles February 8-10, Seattle Post Intelligencer
2013.033.076 Article Newsarticle recounting protest at the groundbreaking ceremony for the king dome stadium. Stadium Started with Mud-Slingling Protest Greg Heberlein November 3, 197 The Seattle Times
2013.033.077 Article Newsarticle with photograph of King Street Station when it first opened in 1906. Seattle King Street Station construction history. Venice on the Tideflats Paul Dorpat June 5, 1994 The Seattle TImes
2013.033.078 Article Newsarticle on logging history and the Montlake cut. Beginning of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. The Montlake Cut Proved a Troublesome Job for Pioneers Dr. James Warren October 20, 198 The Seattle Post Intelligencer
2013.033.079 Article Newsarticle with photograph of First Ave S and Washington St from 1873. Discusses MOHAI historian, Lorraine McConaghy's book and career. History Traced in a Treasury of Files Paul Dorpat November 20, 20 The Seattle Times
2013.033.081 Article Photocopy scanned page of book. Includes 2 pictures of the Chin Gee Hee building at 400 Second Ave in Seattle in early 20th century. Seattle's Pioneer Square Joy Keniston-Longrie 2009 Arcadia Press
2013.033.083 Book Photocopied sections of book. History of Washington State. Exerpts contain information about the early timber industry, farming, and other early employment. Exerpts on early homesteaders in Washington, census data, and early Chinese immigration history. Anti-Chinese sentiment in early Washington. Washington Territory Robert E. Ficken 2002 Washington State University Press
2013.033.085 Article Essay about the history of Chinese immigration to the Columbia River region. Focus on discriminatory legislation and the Exclusion Act of 1882. Focus on Chinese immigrants contribution to the fishery canning process. Silent Sojourn: The Chinese Along the Lower COlumbia River 1870-1900 Chris C. Friday Lewis and Clark College
2013.033.086 Article Essay/case study investigating clubs of Asian awareness at Renton High School. Race awareness. Case Study: The Renton High School Asian AMerican Student Association Past and Present Alan R. Wing
2013.033.087 Article Printed thumbnail history of Bellingham, Washington. First peoples, logging history, photographs of old Bellingham. From Bellingham-Thumbnail History October 28, 201 Washington State Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation
2013.033.089 Magazine Gee How Oak Tin Association published journal. Includes biographies of members, Chinese business adds, histories, classical Chinese literature. Seattle USA Hing W. Chinn December 1990 Gee How Oak Tin Association
2013.033.090 Article Author recounts his grandfather's experience working in the Warren Cannery. Photocopied photographs of the cannery in 1980. Warren Cannery Glenn R. Steiner February 1980
2013.033.092 Article Newspaper article about Chinese immigration to Taiwan and the United States after 1949. Elise Chin, George Chin, and Dr. William Ho recount their histories and life in Seattle. Seattle's 'Second' Chinese Immigration Larry Rumley May 5, 1974 The Seattle Times
2013.033.093 Magazine Magazine with articles attributed to Asian culture in Seattle, Asian immigration in Seattle, Japanese arts, Seattle's international district, Filipino American experience, Asian Youth in Seattle, and bilingual education. Puget Soundings April 1978 Junior League of Seattle
2013.033.094 Article Draft of Doug Chin's book "Seattle's International DIstrict". Draft of Seattle's International District history. The International District Condition Doug Chin The International DIstrict Youth Council
2013.033.095 Article Draft of article about early Chinese immigration to the U.S. from beginning to 1965. Chinese in Seattle: The First 100 Years Doug Chin
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