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Wing Luke Museum
1900.1970 Asian American Market Increases with Population Growth Hwang July 24 - 30, 1 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1971 Mayor Paul Schell visits ID to battle crime Public Safety Biggest Problem say ID Residents, Businesses Vu July 24 - 30, 1 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1972 Part of the NW Asian Weekly awards Silvestre Tangalan: a Pioneer Who Stands Tall Giudici July 24 - 30, 1 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1973 "Xiu Xiu": Joan Chen's Magnificent Tribute to Women and sent-down children Winfrey July 24 - 30, 1 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1974 Cambodian American family visits Cambodia in 1990 again when the author's grandfather dies in 1999. A Search For Home Reang July 27, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1975 Joseph Santos Ileto was killed by white supremicist in California. Seattle memorial. Memorial Held For Postal Worker Burkitt September 1, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1976 Article Weather hardships to Hmong flower farmers Flower Growers in Full Gloom Farhat, Sally September 2, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1977 SAAM changing directions in collections and exhibitions. SAAM Still Struggles with Low Attendance, chilly Relations with Asian-American Community Updike September 5, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1978 Long time curator of Asian art retires. Good overview of the SAAM and its collections, directions and limitations at the time of Bill Rathburn's retirement. Chief Curator Leaves Legacy of Passionate Scholarship Berger, David September 5, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1979 Origins of Japanese population, Details the research that first Japanese were related to Ainu and modern Japanese are close genetic kin to Koreans and Chinese. Japanese find Their Ancestral Roots Are Tangled Fackler, Martin August 29, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.198 Scott Oki and the Oki Foundation A Passion For Giving Jones 5/5/97 Costco Connection
1900.1980 The few artifacts which tell of the Chinese workers who were driven off Whidbey island China Story: Driven Off Whidbey Connolly August 18, 1999 South Whidbey Record
1900.1981 booklet Elementary education text The Asian American Experience A Special Report Luke, Bettie Sing 1987 R.E.A.C.H Center for Multicultural and Global Education
1900.1982 Photo story on Chinese new year in Seattle, 1961, year of the ox, 4659. Time of Joy, Reverence King, Yuki February 12, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1983 How the building of the Kingdome galvanized the young Asian American community How the Kingdome Spurred the Asian-American Community's Coming of Age Tsutakawa July 8, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1984 Three articles, Revisiting the Life and Legacy of a Pioneering Filipino Writer (also indexed at BIO 0 D4 R48) and an excerpt from Bulosan's book, "America Is in the Heart" , and notice of a mural installed at the Internation District's Eastern Hotel as part of the Carlos Bulosan Memorial Exhibit. Carlos Bulosan, In the Heart De Leon, Ferdinand M. *** August 8, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1985 Japanese Past Displayed in Panama Hotel Le, Phuong July 23, 1999 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1986 The Decolonization of the Mind: Resistance to Ideological Representations & the Reconstruction of Identity Detera, Eydie Calderon Fall 1997 Annotated Bibliography
1900.1987 How values shape views of the world Deciding What's Valuable Stripling Seattle Times
1900.1988 Tuai Looks Like top challenger for Mayor Cunningham, Ross May 10, 1973 Seattle Times
1900.1989 Refugees from Cambodia's civil war are returning to help rebuild the country. Phnom Penh Connections Bock July 11, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.199 Article Gary Locke elected governor of Washington over Ellen Craswell by an immense margin of 60-40. Victory For Asian Americans in Washington State Kang, Myong-Chol 12/1/96 KoreAm Journal
1900.1990 Author of Divided Destiny, A History of Japanese Americans in Seattle, a book that spans 100 years from immigration to 1999. Seattle Resident and city official makes history with book Holly-Gottlieb, Allie January 6, 1999 North Central Outlook
1900.1991 Maddening History Ferguson, Courtney 2/25/1999 Tacoma Reporter
1900.1992 Article Jan Johnson's discovery of trunks owned by Japanese Americans in the Panama Hotel. The trunks were left behind because Japanese Americans couldn't take too many items to the internment camps. Heartbreak Hotel Wilson, Charles March/April 199 Preservation
1900.1993 Owned and helped operate Higo Variety store, a family business since 1932. Obituary: Ayako Betty Murakami September 5, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1994 Augie Takatsuka of Vashon Island was a member of the 442nd. This interview was conducted by JonLee Joseph. Oral History Interview with Augie Takatsuka Joseph Spring 1999 Inteview
1900.1995 Biography of Eng Ah King by his great granddaughter. The Honorable Mr. King Yee, Angela June 1, 1999 Paper
1900.1996 Review of SAM exhibition Painted with Light: Photographs of the Seattle Camera Club In 1920s Seattle, Photo Group Saw its Medium as Art Updike, Robin September 13, 1 Seattle Times
1900.1997 Money given to help disadvantaged students not targeted to any one Asian American group Gateses' Grants: Asians Feel Snubbed Varner, Lynne Sptember 20, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1998 A Celebration of Tradition & Community: Sumo in the Pacific Northwest, 1905 - 1943 Svinth Summer 1999 Columbia Magazine Summer 1999
1900.1999 The men responsible for protecting the Chinese in Seattle from the mob trying to oust them and the structure of power in Seattle Interests and Allegiances: The Role of the Home Guard in the 1886 Anti-Chinese Uprising in Seattle Leavitt, Noah June 6, 1995 Paper
1900.200 Cambodian Textiles Restoring a Fine Khmer Craft Rent by Revolution Reif 6/22/97 New York Times
1900.2000 Mrs. Jinsei Takamura Koto Music: Preserving a Japanese Tradition Nash August 24, 1969 Seattle Times
1900.2001 The family of Louie Hong still run the House of Hong restaurant Family Talk: The Hong Family March 17, 1991 Seattle Times
1900.2002 Faye Hong and Hugo Louie own and operate the Atlas Resturant Atlas Strong Contender for Best in Chinatown Hinterberger OCTOBER 19, 197 Seattle Times
1900.2003 Photocopies of the paper; May 19, 1928; September 5, 1931; April 27, 1935; December 14, 1940; October 3, 1941; April 24, 1942; The Japanese American Courier Photocopy
1900.2004 1943 - 1945 Minidoka Irrigator Photocopy
1900.2005 E-mailed news article on Asian Pacific Women veterans includes photo resources and exhibit resources Asian Pacific Women in the Military September 28, 1 Articles
1900.2006 Japanese American National Museum Spring 1991 Newsletter
1900.2008 Article Preview of David Henry Hwang's 'Golden Child', produced by the Seattle Repertory Theater. Raising the 'Golden Child' Berson, Misha September 26, 1 The Seattle Times
1900.2009 Masato Tamura, Ryoichi Iwakiri, and the Fife Judo Dojo 1923-1942 Svinth 1999 Paper 1999
1900.201 Photo and article of Chinese American Union soldier An Oriental Yankee Soldier Archer 9/1/94 Civil War Times
1900.2010 the Bok Kai festival in Marysville California offers opportunity for study of the diversity within the unity of Chinese popular religion Dancing with the Dragon: a study of Ritual and Inter-ethnic community Relations Chace, Paul 1994 Booklet
1900.2011 The roll of the Bok Kai festival in interethnic relations in Marysville CA. The Bok Kai Festival in 1931 in Historic Marysville: Creating a California Community Chace, Paul 1992 Booklet
1900.2012 Synopsis of exclusive Immigration and naturalization laws in the united states and events leading to their repeal
1900.2013 APA Orgs Join the Brownout of Network Television Organization of Chinese Americans 9/16/1999 E-mail
1900.2014 Contains 2 articles: notice of his death and The Subtle Collages of Paul Horiuchi by R. M. Campbell critiqueing an exhibit at the Gordon Woodeside Gallery dated 11/16/1975 Northwest Artist Paul Horiuchi, 93, dies Hackett, Regina August 31, 1999 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2015 Paul Horiuchi, 93, Earned World Fame as an Artist Peterson, Julie August 30, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.2016 Uwajimaya Village Construction Continues September 14, 1 Press Release
1900.2017 APA Women in Battle September 28, 1 E-mail
1900.2018 The Hong vamily, owners of the House of Hong in the Seattle International District are profiled. Family Talk: Hong Family March 17, 1991 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2019 Atlas strong contender for Best in Chinatown 2 Hinterberger October 19, 197 Seattle Times
1900.202 Bun - ching Lam Chinese Composer Writes 'Useless Music' Sugai 3/5/86 International Examiner
1900.2020 John McGraw was the Sheriff of Seattle during the Chinese expulsion. John Hart McGraw June 1999 Pioneer Association
1900.2022 Novel with fictional photographer Wilfred Eng of Seattle Orton Pulls An Art-World Shocker Farr October 1, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.2023 The Advancing Chinese Frontier in America Lee December 6, 198 draft
1900.2024 The history of the Chinese doctor AC Ah Fong and his apothecary in Boise Idaho The Ah-Fong Apothecary of Boise Idaho: a Brief History And Analysis Muench, Christopher and Paul Buell 1982 Paper
1900.2025 Theory and Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine Buell, Paul January 11, 198 Paper
1900.2026 Choy's Herbs history A Brief History of Herbal Medicine Paper
1900.2027 Washington: The First One Hundred Years Duncan, Don February 12, 19 Seattle Times
1900.2028 Article Recent Creations and Reflections Vol I Shimazaki, Teiko 1998 Laughing Cypress
1900.2029 The Dust of Life: America's Children Abandoned in Vietnam McMichael 10/25/99 Seattle Times
1900.203 Composer Bright Sheng Hai-Jew 3/6/91 International Examiner
1900.2030 East Asian Lacquers Knight 1992 Booklet
1900.2031 Luetjen Named Deputy Director at MOHAI Tose, Cynthia September 13, 1 Seattle Times
1900.2032 CIEL Cohousing: a Residient Designated Neighborhood in West Seattle 1998 Flier
1900.2033 New Year's Already? For Some Cultures, Yes Reiner November 9, 199 Seattle Times
1900.2034 Gordon Hirabayashi Takami, David February 17, 19 History Ink
1900.2035 Shopping at the Great Wall Mall in Kent, Washington A Day at the Great Wall Mall Chan 11/7/99
1900.2036 A Report on Asian Pacific Islander Veterans Vet Center Asian Pacific Islander Veterans Working Spring 1998 Report
1900.2037 St. Paul MN. Newspaper Asian American Press October 22, 199 Newspaper
1900.2039 October - December 1999; China Council Quarterly Northwest China Council Newsletter
1900.204 Taiko Music is Seattle Festival Will Feature Four Groups 3/1/89 International Examiner
1900.2040 16 Boeing engineers accuse Boeing of discrimination The Silent Treatment: Asian American Employees at Boeing Song, Kyung M. December 5, 199 Seattle Times
1900.2042 One Who Wouldn't Give In Barber, Mike November 26, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2043 Article Positive review of "S.A.M. I Am", a play written by Garrett H Omata, directed by David Hsieh, and produced by Seattle's Repertory Actors Theatre. "S.A.M. I Am" is Comedy and Social Satire Berson, Misha November 18, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.2044 Article "Inside Out: New Chinese Art" exhibit review New Face of China Updike, Robin November 18, 19 Seattle Times
1900.2045 Article The Chinatown/International District community and the police form the Coummunity Action Partnership, which helps business in the area and improves public safety. Community partnership revitalizes International District Le, Phuong November 23, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.2046 National Japanese American Memorial Remembering an American Tragedy Paulson October 22, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2047 Article The closing of Russell's Meat Market after 90 years in business. Bob Chinn purchased the business in 1978. Owned by the Russell family and opened in 1909 by William Russell. Russell's Meat Market to close after 90 years Hodson, Jeff December 27, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.2048 Report of Japanese American Heritage within National Historic Landmarks Dubrow September 23, 1 Report
1900.2049 Article Members of the Seattle Kung Fu Club started a fight with the members of Hin Kai Mak's Kung Fu School over a percieved insult to their master, John Leong. Melee Between Kung Fu Schools Breaks Out Mangat, Annu March 13 - 19, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.205 Taiko: An Asian American Style Chinn 6/1/81 International Examiner
1900.2050 Legacy House Newsletter Newsletter
1900.2051 2 4-postcard sets of color postcards of the exhibit at the Eastern Hotel documenting the history of filipino Americans in the I.D. Used to advertise the Grand Opening and Reception of the Carlos Bulosan Memorial Exhibit at the Eastern Hotel in Seattle's International Distrial. The artist is Eliseo Art Silva and the mural is "Can You Read the Secrets of History in My Face?" Carlos Bulosan Memorial Exhibit 1999 Postcards
1900.2052 Wong Ah See accused of attempted murder pf cellmate Chew Lang On. Tries to Kill his Cellmate June 6, 1902 San Francisco Call
1900.2053 Article Retrospective of Tsutakawa at galleries. Northwest Masters On View Updike, Robin January 13, 200 Seattle Times
1900.2054 Bilingual, bicultural agency assists Asians, Pacific Islanders Place That Feels Like Home Sanchez Janaury 26, 200 Seattle Times
1900.2055 Addition of Asian foods to school menus. Bellevue School Rolls Out Sushi; kids eat it up Vinh, Tan Janaury 27, 200 Seattle Times
1900.2056 Bio of Dr. Kyo Koike Japanese American photographer and Seattle resident . One of the founders of the Seattle Camera Club. Dr. Kyo Koike, 1878 - 1947 Zabilski, Carol April 1977 Pacific Northwest Quarterly
1900.2057 Chin Tue Dong son of Chin Gee Hee and only registered Chinese American voter in Seattle. Asks Passport to China: well - known Chinese Native of Seattle wants to visit the Flowery Kingdom September 7, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2058 Chinese Stowaways in America Fryer January 23, 200 Seattle Times
1900.2059 To contribute to the growth and well being of the Vietnamese community in the greater Seattle area and to preserve and promote the Vietnamese cultural heritage. Helping Link 1999 Flyer
1900.206 Two Local Taiko Groups Merge into One Wong 2/20/91 International Examiner
1900.2060 Photos of Japanese Americans returning to Japan from Portland, OR aboard the Gen. W.H. Gordon. Japanese Arrive for Long Voyage Home December 27, 19 Oregonian
1900.2061 Article about Japanese Americans returning to Japan from Portland, OR aboard the Gen. W.H. Gordon. Returing Japs Confident U.S. Lost War Ewing December 29, 19 Oregonian
1900.2062 Article about Japanese Americans returning to Japan from Portland, OR aboard the Gen. W.H. Gordon. Many of 4500 Japs to Sail Here Think Trip Due to Nippon Victory Ewing December 29, 19 Oregonian
1900.2063 Old Japs Think Their side Won December 29, 19 Oregonian
1900.2064 Seattle Chinese Yellow Pages 1997 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.2065 Greater Seattle & Vicinity Japanese American Directory 1999 JACL
1900.2066 Article This item is a booklet containing color reproductions of the paintings of Rongxu Long. There is some biographical information included. Selected Gouache Paintings by Rongxu Long 1998
1900.2067 History of early Chinese immigration to the U.S. Chinese and the Gold Rush Sheafer 1977/1998 Booklet
1900.2068 Booklet The history of Chinese American fashion in Hawaii. Starts from 1852 (male laborers) and ends in 1975 (the changing styles of cheong sam, Chinese American women's traditional dress). Includes photographs. Reflections of Time: A Chronology of Chinese Fashions in Hawaii Chong, Douglas D.L. 1977 Hawaii Chinese History Center
1900.2069 Advertising Copy 1998 Great Northern R.R. Co.
1900.207 Yellow Seattle Chin, Frank 2/1/78 The Weekly
1900.2070 Doing Our Own Thing: A chat with Ron Chew. Wing Luke Asian Museum September 1999 Northwest Lesbian & Gay History Museum Project
1900.2071 A Roaring Celebration: Try a New Year's Party of the Lunar Kind Dunnewind, Stephanie February 4, 200 Seattle Times
1900.2072 there may be a baby boom coming as couples try to have children in a very auspicious year. Dragon Babies Tu February 4, 200 Seattle Times
1900.2073 Article The Wing Luke Museum, in partnership with MOHAI, puts on an exhibit about the history of Sagamiya Confections, a Japanese bakery that operated in Seattle from the 1900's to 1970's. They were especially known for their mochi. History of the Sagamiya Confectionary to be Exhibited
1900.2074 New Chinese-American Museum Hunts Buried Roots Aronson, Raney February 27, 19 Wall Street Journal
1900.2075 Joan Yoshitomi named Seattle's Japanese Woman of the Year . Details of her career and effectiveness, especially in the educational community. Joan Yoshitomi, getting people together to get things done. Cassidy, Susan L. April 6, 1991 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.2076 Japanese American Korean War Veterans kamikawa June 1996 Flyer
1900.2077 Fighting a Different Battle: Filipinos Say America has withheld Veteran's Benefits Matthee November 11, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2078 Jose Calugas, only Filipino recipient of the medal of honor Bravery of Local War Hero is Remembered by Many Colety November 8, 199 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.2079 The Infamy of Bataan and Corregidor: An Historical Remembrance Luna , Rosendo June 8, 1996 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.208 The wartime experiences of Japanese Canadians was harsher than that of Japanese Americans but has received little attention. Families were serparated, possessions sold and commissions charged for the sales. Men were not allowed to enlist as officials were afraid if they fought they might be allowed to vote. Discusses the community's efforts to secure a charter of rights as part of the Canadian Constitution. Japanese Canadians Gelernter, Carey Quan 8/30/81 Seattle Times
1900.2080 Search is on for WWII Heroes Some Say Were Shortchanged Kasindorf, Martin September 17, 1 USA Today
1900.2081 A War on Two fronts: Asian Americans Battled Enemy and Racism Abe November 11, 19 The News Tribune
1900.2082 The Asian American Vietnam Veteran: "we were there and we deserved to be recognized" Mochizuki, Ken November 5, 198 International Examiner
1900.2083 Story on Helen Zia and her new book - "Asian American Dreams" Asian and American De Leon, Ferdinand M April 7, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.2084 Memories of Wing Luke's contribution to saving the Pike Place Market Memories of former City Official Wing Luke Thompson, Leon July , 1998 Pike Place Market News
1900.2085 Japanese American Heritage Projects 1998
1900.2086 Furuya Men Ito Issei: A History of Japanese Immigrants in North A
1900.2087 Current Chinese illegal immigration. The Rush to "Gold Mountain": Why Smuggled Chinese Bet everything on a Chance to Live and Work in the U.S. Tizon April 16, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.2088 Asian American Community Rallies for Lee Drogin, Bob February 25, 20 Seattle Times. LA Times
1900.2089 Review of the novel "The Barbarians are Coming" Heartbreaker: A Chinese American Chef Loves 'em and leaves 'em Im March 2, 2000 Seattle Weekly
1900.209 Includes some breakdown of the Nikkei business communiy in Seattle, anecdotal estimates of losses and summary oof the War Relocation Authority's 1946 report "The Wartime Handling of Evacuee Property". Nikkei Lost Homes, Goods, Businesses Katz, Dean 8/30/81 Seattle Times
1900.2090 The Chinese and Washington's Railroads The Chinese and Washington's Railroads Chin Paper
1900.2091 Hawaiians are Taking the Lead in Regaining Ancestral Remains Christensen March 12, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.2092 Conference in San Francisco, April 27 - April 20, 2000 Nikkei 2000 Conference: Empowering Our Community in the 21st Century 2000 Brochure
1900.2093 Maxine Chan cooks early Chinese food. Digging in: Activist Excavates Culinary History De Leon March 19, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.2094 Ads Speak to Asian-Americans Elliot, Stuart March 6, 2000 New York Times
1900.2095 Asian Multimedia Wong, Dean Monograph
1900.2096 A Daughter's Journey: One Family's Passage from Vietnam Le, Phuong March 6 - 9, 20 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2097 25th anniversary of the fall of Cambodia to the Khmer Rouge marked with candle light vigil. Slowly, Cambodians Speak Out Hodson April 17, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.2098 CHSA Gala Benfit program Casting Our Voices: Chinese American Broadcast Pioneers Chinese Historical Society of America 1999 Program
1900.210 Japanese Americans Caught in World War II Anger Katz, Dean 8/30/81 Seattle Times
1900.2100 Bu Gao Ban New York Chinatown History Project 1985 Newsletter
1900.2101 Garment Union okays funds for Chinese contracts Chew October 1976 International Examiner
1900.2103 He Can Always Have the Moon: The Story of Ah Kan Reddy, Sheila D. 1993 Paper
1900.2104 A Coloring Book of Overseas Chinese in Northeastern Nevada Nunez 1993 Booklet
1900.2105 Ah Toy: A successful 19th Century Entrepreneur Kingsbury, Lawrence A. January 1994 Heritage Program, Payette National Forest.
1900.2106 Article Many Chinese immigrated to Ohio in the late 19th century when gold was discovered there. The article described their occupations, living conditions, and the decline of the community after Chiense exclusion. The Chinese Pioneer in Idaho: An Overview Reddy, Sheila D March 1993 Heritage Program Payette National Forest
1900.2109 Henry Art Gallery exhibition What it meant to be Modern Conkelton, Sheryl 1999 Catalogue
1900.211 From the Mouths of Children, Some Insights about the World Haub 11/19/93 Seattle Times
1900.2110 Tribute to one honors all Corsaletti August 2, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.2111 Archaeological interpretation of Chinese mining site Ruins of a World: Chinese Gold Mining at the Mon-tung site in the Snake River Canyon James October 1995 Monograph
1900.2113 Chick sexing August 19, 2000 North American Post
1900.2114 Fund Drive Mounted for D.C. memorial to Japanese Americans Redmond February 19, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2115 RAW Gallery in the lobby of Northwest Asian American Theatre. Brief mention of Fugami's other artistic work. Absolutely Seattle: Tracy Fugami Rose, Cynthia April 4, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.2116 Article Stereotypes of Asian women in media, focusing on how Asian women are perceived as either powerful women who date white men or exotic sexual beings. Includes a look at Lisa Ling's roles in Ally McBeal and Shanghai Noon, and how it's ok for an Asian man to date white women, but not ok for an Asian woman to date white men. Mentions ways Asian Americans change that stereotype, one of which is through an Asian American television network. About Face: How sex and race are dividing Asian Americans Im, Soyon August 24, 2000 Seattle Weekly
1900.2117 Office Ergonomics 1997 Pamphlet
1900.2118 Artlab Australia 1999 brochure
1900.2119 Gambling Raid Settlement Kuo August 5 - 11, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.212 Masa Mukai, Japanese American Honoring a Pioneer Gerlernter 11/19/93 Seattle Times
1900.2120 Kong Yick buildings Saved from seizure Wong August 5 - 11, International Examiner
1900.2121 Minority Groups of Burma Steinberg August 1974 Sawadde
1900.2122 Article Contains three articles ethnic groups in Thailand: the Lahu and their new year celebration, the Lisu and the their long history (that article is incomplete) and a day-in-the-life of the Akha. Includes some photos. New Year - Lahu Style Lewis, Elaine T. November - Dece Sawadde
1900.2123 If these Walls Could Talk Wong January 20 - Fe International Examiner
1900.2125 Tattoos of chinese or Japanese characters Think before you Ink Parvaz July 11, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.2126 Transformations of Tradition: three Generations of Japanese American Music making Asai Fall 1995 Musical Quarterly
1900.2127 Japantown small but significant part of I.D. May , 2000 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.2128 Honoring Cindy Domingo, Alice Ito, Rocky Kim, Betty Patu, Sam Solberg The Tenth Annual Asian pacific American Community Voice Awards May 17, 2000 International Examiner
1900.2129 Another Chaper in a Quiet History Cheng January 21, 199 Los Angeles Times
1900.213 Asian - American Stories de Leon 4/3/94 Seattle Times
1900.2130 80-20: A New Force in American politics is being born - Asian Americans who plan to make their voices heard Tilove May 28, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.2131 Chinese immigrants who died in container. Plea for Final Farewell Tizon May 10, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.2132 Article A look at the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Through Our Eyes: Twentieth-Century Asian-American Photography in the Pacific Northwest." Includes a look at the artists' pieces in the exhibit. Exhibit is like a community photo album of Seattle's Asian Americans Hackett, Regina May 5, 2000 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2133 Hirabayashi honored by the UW with its Distinguished Alumnus Award. Hirabayashi to receive Arts and Sciences honor April 27, 2000 University Week
1900.2134 Playground of Power: Seattle's Kingdom Regnier January 15, 200 Paper
1900.2135 Development in the International District Lin April 5, 2000 International Examiner
1900.2136 Brave New Museums Anderson, Ross February 20, 20 Seattle Times
1900.2137 Women health Workers and the Color Line in the Japanese American "Relocation Centers" of World War II Smith 1999 bulletin of Historical Medicine
1900.2138 Documenting the Kites of Cambodia Spring 1999 Kite Journal
1900.2139 Toyojiro Tsukuno Services Set April 4, 1962 Seattle Times
1900.214 Pamphlet Downtown Seattle Office Building Directory and Map Downtown Seattle, 1986-1987: Office Building Directory 1986 Puget Sound Business Journal
1900.2140 Asians See the Three Faces of Barbie as a Snub Wen May 27, 2000 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2141 They're Hot they're Sexy, they're Asian men Nakamura May 7, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.2142 Behave Like your Actions Reflect on all Chinese Jackson 1991 Smithsonian Magazine
1900.2143 The Historical Development of the International District Chin
1900.2144 Article History of the Chinatown/International District. Includes a list of buildings in the area at the time and a map. International District: History and Description October 1991
1900.2145 Wing Luke was the first Chinese-American pledged to the Oval Club, University of Washington honorary society. Wing Luke pledged to Oval Club May 11, 1949 Seattle Times
1900.2146 Invisible and In Need: Philanthropic Giving to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders December 1992 Report
1900.2147 Wing Luke, learning from his Example Glick, Jay 1993 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.2148 Article On the Chinese Oral History Project (Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans). Includes the hardships Chinese Americans had coming to the U.S. Harvesting Seattle's Chinese history: an interview with Ron Chew Raece, Greg 1993 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.2149 Article Chatty assessment of Ruby Chow's influence in Seattle as she retires from the King County Council. Includes a portrait from some other publication. Ruby Chow Paved Way for Others Ng, Assunta 1993 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.215 Article Wing Luke Asian Museum conducted oral history interviews of residents of the Chinatown/International District. 7 out of the 30 interviews are featured in this article. Tales of the I.D. February 27, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.2150 Article The local history of Filipino Americans arriving in Washington State and Seattle. The history of Filipino Americans in Seattle Barboza, Ursula 1993 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.2151 Chatting with Mayumi Tsutakawa: Asian American literature, arts and ethnicity Hai-jew 1993 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.2152 Article Wing Luke Museum moves into new space that was formerly a parking garage. Under One Roof: Wing Luke Musuem gets more space, security and stature Tarzan, Deloris January 25, 198 The Seattle Times
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