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Wing Luke Museum
1900.1782 Article on Mukai Farm and Garden on Vashon Island Kuni Mukai's Garden: An Immigrant's Story Fall 1997 Garden Conservancy Newsletter
1900.1783 Extensive booklet with information and pictures about the Mukai family and the early development of the Garden. A Historic Treasure: The Mukai Farm and Garden Millar, Mary M. 1997 Booklet
1900.1784 Article The history of Seattle's Japanese American baseball team, the Mikados. Seattle's First Ballplayers Ogawa, Elmer June 1955 Scene Magazine
1900.1785 Interview with Kerri Sakamoto Intensely Personal Stories: Talking with the Author of "The Electric Field" Kuniyuki February 17 - M International Examiner
1900.1786 King County Heritage Directory AKCHO 1998 - 1999 Directory
1900.1787 Review of "Climate of the Country" by Marnie Muller Conscience and Commitment Takami February 17 - M International Examiner
1900.1788 Review of "Reminising in Swingtime" by George Yoshida And the band Played On.. Pai February 18 - M International Examiner
1900.1789 Lions Help Usher in Chinese New Year Schubert, Ruth February 17, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.179 Young Abbot Carries a World of Responsibilities on His Shoulders Kuo 8/23/97 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1790 Crystal City: Forgotten World War II Camp Mochizuki April 29, 1997 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1791 Article A four-member panel at the University of Washington presented a discussion title Seattle Japanese American Women inthe World War II Incarceration Camps . Seattleites Recall Camp Memories Mochizuki, Ken April 15, 1997 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1792 A Big Addition to Little Tokyo Cheng, Scarlet January 21, 199 Los Angeles Times
1900.1793 Article Article about the Wing Luke Museum. Includes mention of artifacts, exhibits, and history of the Museum. Seattle's Asian past remembered Cummins, Caroline January 1999 Reno Air Approach
1900.1796 Kim Long, the Enigma Schneider and Ron Redmond February 5, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1797 State Needed help Handling Flood of Refugees in '70's Schneider and Ron Redmond February 5, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1798 Director of Refugee Service Resigns Schneider and Ron Redmond February 6, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1799 Life in Land of the Free Clouded by Threats Schneider and Ron Redmond February 5, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.180 Against the Odds Heng Heng Grocer Builds on his Success Ng 8/23/97 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1800 Non-Profit Agencies with Connections to Kim Long Nguyen Schneider and Ron Redmond February 5, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1801 A Ringmaster of Refugee Services Schneider, Andrew and Ron Redmond and Lise Olsen February 4, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1802 Two Great Artistic Forces Unite February 12, 19 Postcard
1900.1803 Little Saigon has Blossomed Over Past Decade Higgins, Mark July 19, 1997 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1804 Immigrant Surges Still Boost its Energy Higgins July 19, 1997 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1805 Area's Future Mixes Old Buildings, New Project Higgins July 19, 1997 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1806 Business Association Maintains Pride Higgins July 19, 1997 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1807 Tumultous History in Danger of slipping Away Higgins July 19, 1997 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1808 Old Associations Hold Little Appeal for New Generations Higgins July 19, 1997 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1809 The History of the Japanese American Farmers in the Pike Place Market Japanese American Citizens League, Seattle Chapter 1999 Japanese American Citizens League
1900.181 Remembering Chinatown: Plenty of Family Togetherness Chinn 8/23/97 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1811 Dec. 1998; Feb. 1999; Asian Pacific Affairs National Asian Pacific Center on Aging December 1998 Newsletter
1900.1812 December 1998; The Shinbun Japanese American Chamber of Commerce Newsletter
1900.1813 January 1999 Seattle - Kobe Sister Association Newsletter
1900.1814 Washington State Jewish Historical Society 1999 Brochure
1900.1815 Won Ton of Love NWAAT 1999 Postcard
1900.1816 Brief synopsis of history of Asians on Bainbridge Island, WA and the newspaper owners who denounced the removal of Japanese into internment camps, the seizure of their property and the effort of prohibit the return of Bainbridge Japanese after World War II Couple Waged Lonely Battle for Intened Japanese - Americans Perry, Fredi 1989
1900.1817 Jesse Tam's Northwest International Bank Immigrant-Oriented Bank Counts on Word of Mouth Harrington March 14, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1818 Feb. 1999; Renton Historical Society and Museum Quarterly Newsletter
1900.182 Discover Unique Asian Vegetables From Indochinese Farmers of the Market 6/1/97 Market Fresh
1900.1820 Spring 1999; Restoration Quarterly Evergreen Painting Studios Newsletter
1900.1822 Homecoming on Bainbridge De Leon, Ferdinand M. *** March 22, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1823 Sharing History: Local Museums Preserve Our State's Heritage in Some Wonderful Settings Reiner March 20, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1824 Mulan Has Poor Debut with Chinese AP March 18, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1825 Why aren?t more Asian American men on TV newscasts? Missing Faces McFadden March 18, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1826 Summer Movie Tie-ins Reach Monstrous Proportions Berkowitz June 18, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.1827 Movie Review: Disney's Mulan Has Surprising Words, scenes Macdonald June 19, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.1828 "Mulan" the Latest Disney Film to be Slammed for its Messages DeWolf July 10, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.1829 Disney's "Mulan" Hits Wall of Red Tape in China Chu August 11, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.183 Cambodian Refugees find Their Way in White Center Giudici 8/16/97 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1830 On Toy Shelf, Even a Flop Like "Babe" Has Legs Fleeman December 15, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1831 China Agrees to Show Disney's Mulan L.A.Times February 8, 199 Seattle Times
1900.1832 Long Delayed "Mulan" Debuts in Shanghai Mc Donald February 23, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1833 Article Bailey Gatzert Elementary School starts an ESL course for their Asian American students who recently immigrated from Asia. The School had recently seen an increase of Asian immigrants attending the school. At Bailey Gatzert, they learn a 'Foreign' language Haigh, John January 21, 196 The Seattle Times
1900.1834 A Major Temple in the U.S.: The Seattle Buddhist Church Rumley, Larry February 13, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1835 Picture essay on shopping for groceries at Uwajimaya. In Seattle, Shopping At a Japanese Market Rumley, Larry October 2, 1966 Seattle Times
1900.1836 Article Several Kendo clubs operate throughout the Seattle area, including the Seattle Kendo Club in the International District, and a club at the University of Washington. Kendo Axman, Robert Bruce July 11, 1976 The Seattle Times
1900.1837 Mentions: Kay Ota, Julio Mina, M. Ota. An Inside Look at Sumner's Rhubarb Industry Anderson, Richard May 2, 1976 Seattle Times
1900.1838 Sun Ya restaurant's "Deem Sum" Sampling 'Touch of the Heart' Pastries Stockley April 25, 1976 Seattle Times
1900.1839 Harry and Mary Pang and their business and cooking school The Dragon and the Egg Roll Hinterberger March 7, 1976 Seattle Times
1900.184 Harry Yoshimura, Mutual Fish Market 8/1/97 Sunset magazine
1900.1840 Filipino Power Not Necessary Mendoza August 16, 1970 Seattle Times
1900.1841 The Filipino American: There's Always an Identity Crisis Cordova July 5, 1970 Seattle Times
1900.1842 Exotic Sounds of Ethnomusicology May 11, 1969 Seattle Times
1900.1843 Chinatown's Practicing Herbalist Spiers, Margaret Ann September 8, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1844 Chinatown Chinn February 17, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1845 He 'Jumped Ship' to Financial Success Haigh, John December 29, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1846 Vancouver B.C.'s three Chinese Dailies Steinbert, Jay October 6, 1974 Seattle Times
1900.1847 Article The article describes the old Chinese lottery systems, and describes them as a way to make gambling fun. Chinese Lottery was a Chance to 'Get Well' Faber, Jim October 27, 197 The Seattle Times
1900.1848 Asian American Community Health Clinic For Asians, Free Health Care Suzuki November 3, 197 Seattle Times
1900.1849 Seattle's One Stop Oriental Supermarket Scully November 17, 19 Seattle Times
1900.185 A People without a Voice Higashi 8/20/97 International Examiner
1900.1850 Two young Montagnard boys adopted by Seattle doctor 'Americanizing' the Smiths Scully June 9, 1974 Seattle Times
1900.1851 Salmon Canning - it's A Fast and Furious Season Winters June 16, 1974 Seattle Times
1900.1852 Calligraphy: the Art of Writing Spiers July 14, 1974 Seattle Times
1900.1853 Auburn's 'Medieval' Pot Plant Corsaletti March 17, 1974 Seattle Times
1900.1854 Sea-Tac's 'Delivery Room' for Korean Orphans Steinberg March 24, 1974 Seattle Times
1900.1855 Chiyono Katayama, Shiro Iwana, Jeanette Iwana. For Girl's Day, A New Kimono Scully March 3, 1974 Seattle Times
1900.1856 Article Reporter describes the best places to get Chinese luncheon pastries (dim sum) in the Chinatown/International District. Chinese luncheon pastries: The International District's nearly secret delight Suffia, David December 31, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.1857 The Burdens of Filipino Americans Cordova January 14, 197 Seattle Times
1900.1858 The Art of Johsel Namkung February 4, 197 Seattle Times
1900.1859 Nita Ding demonstrates Chinese cooking Vegetables, Chinese Style Neighbors June 7, 1964 Seattle Times
1900.186 Article Wing Luke Asian Museum's history and next steps. Ron Chew discusses expansion of the Museum. Wing Luke Asian Museum: Coming of Age De Leon, Ferdinand M. June 22, 1997 The Seattle Times
1900.1860 Article Discussing what needs to be improved. Reporter asked local community members about improvements. Includes quotes from Wing Luke and his recommendation on the Chinatown/International District Seattle's Distinctive Charm: What Should Be Saved? McDonald, Lucile April 12, 1964 The Seattle Times
1900.1861 Article Bailey Gatzert Elementary School shows how multicultural their school is. The School has won awards from the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Force, which gives honors to projects, programs and activities which effectively contribute to a better understanding of America's heritage of personal liberty. Includes pictures of students from all backgrounds participating in a wide vareity of plays and projects. Full Integration at Bailey Gatzert Evans, Elizabeth Wright February 23, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.1862 Pike Place Market: Even its History Was Controversial McDonald, Lucile Janauary 19, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1863 Article Columnist recommends locals to check out the Chinatown/International District for its food, entertainment, and culture. Seattle Chinatown Is Fun Neighbors, Dorothy January 6, 1963 The Seattle Times
1900.1864 Article Kendo, a Japanese form of fencing, build character and discipline as well as the body. The Seattle Kendo Dojo meets at the Seattle Buddhist Church in the International District. Kendo: the Sword Way to Build Character Anderson, C. L. January 13, 196 The Seattle Times
1900.1865 Sikh Nupitals in Victoria Baird January 20, 196 Seattle Times
1900.1866 A Young Lama Learns Emery, Julie April 21, 1963 Seattle Times
1900.1867 Article Fountain Fantasy September 29, 1 Seattle Times
1900.1868 GO: An Old Game That Attracts a Variety of 'Generals' in Seattle March 7, 1965 Seattle Times
1900.1869 Seattle's Cabataan Folk Dancers August 29, 1965 Seattle Times
1900.187 A View From Afar: Lan Cao on 'Monkey Bridge' Thai 8/6/97 International Examiner
1900.1870 Seattle's Japanese Patriarch Belanger, Herb July 19, 1964 Seattle Times
1900.1871 Article The Wild Beauty of Point of Arches Kirk, Ruth August 9, 1964 Seattle Times
1900.1872 Bilingual Newspaper Boosts Seattle's Chinese Community Loomis October 25, 196 Seattle Times
1900.1873 Busy and Happy: Seattle Buddhist Day Nursery Keeps Youngsters Rumley November 8, 196 Seattle Times
1900.1874 New Slant on Rice May 14, 1967 Seattle Times
1900.1875 Seattle's Young Filipinos Have Organized A Drill Team That's Different Evans March 26, 1967 Seattle Times
1900.1876 On Vancouver Island, Exhuming 'Ancient' Chinese Pottery January 22, 196 Seattle Times
1900.1877 Seattle Sports: From Waterfront Horse Races to the Seahawks Droker, Howard January 20, 198 Seattle Times
1900.1878 Vancouver island's Chinese Ghost Town McKinley November 26, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1879 Tek Wong of Gim Ling is featured Dim Sum: It Means 'Heart's Delight' Stockley Ocober 29, 1967 Seattle Times
1900.188 Article How small family farming has changed over the years for John Matsuoka and his family. A Bellevue Man of the Soil Sees More Than Just Crops Grow in Past 50 Years Morris, Keiko 8/20/97 Seattle Times
1900.1880 From Trash to Treasure: 75 Year Old Meng Huang Mines Daily Discards to Make His Art Le, Phuong February 9, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1881 My House: No Matter the Language, Home Ownership can become Reality When Real-Estate Pros Learn Multicultural Awareness Rhodes March 21, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1882 Out of India: Bharti Kirchner Brings the Stories of Her Homeland's Women to America's Best-seller Lists Ament April 6, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1883 How Not to Catch a Spy Nelan, Bruce A. March 22, 1999 Time Magazine
1900.1884 Breaking Boundries, Building Bridges WLAM April 1999 Postcard
1900.1885 Publication notice and order form for Voices of Color, ed. By Yolonda Alaniz and Nellie Wong Voices of Color Red Letter Press March 1999 Postcard
1900.1886 Nineteenth - Century Chinese and the Environment of the Pacific Northwest Liestman Winter 1998 - 9 Pacific Northwest Quarterly
1900.1887 Spring 99; Seaspan: The Northwest Consortium for Southeast Asian Studies Newsletter
1900.1888 winter 99; Shoreline Historical Museum Newsletter
1900.1889 Winter 98 - 99 LORD: Cultural Resources Planning & Management Newsletter
1900.189 Review of 'Monkey Bridge" by Lan Cao with interview with the author. Post - war Memoir of a Vietnamese American Ballay 8/1/97 Asianfocus
1900.1890 Spring 99; The Cornerstone: Small Museum Administrators Committee Newsletter
1900.1891 Winter 99; Chinese Information and Service Center's Newsletter Newsletter
1900.1892 March/April 99 The Greater Seattle Viet Nam Association Newsletter
1900.1893 April 99; Museum Notes: Eastern Washington State Historical Society Newsletter
1900.1894 Spring 99; Bu Gao Ban: Museum of Chinese in the Americas Newsletter
1900.1895 Eastside History: A Japanese American Story April 1999 Flier
1900.1897 A Concert of Chinese Classical Music. Chang, Dir. April 1999 Flier
1900.1898 Janet Jeng and Cynthia Wuu make soap Worked to a Lather in Soap Business Rose March 24, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.190 India Marks 50: Remembering the Elation of Independence Morris 8/15/97 Seattle Times
1900.1900 Article Edward and Elizabeth Burke's book "Seattle's Other History" was denied being sold at Bon Marche's festival focusing on Asian culture. Was book on Seattle's Asians shut out of Bon festival? Slind-Flor, Victoria September 17, 1 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1901 Hobart Area Recollections Maple Valley Historical Society 1988 Booklet
1900.1902 The First Chinese in Seattle Chin December 16, 19 International Examiner
1900.1904 Chinese History in the Pacific Northwest Wong 1972 Photocopied book
1900.1905 Between Two Worlds: Experiences of the Tulalip Indian Boarding School Marr 1993 Booklet
1900.1906 Seattle Historical Vingettes Suffia Newspaper Clippings
1900.1907 New Chief Sees Political Role for MOHAI Rose, Cynthia May 13, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1908 Working On the Railroad Working On the Railroad May 11, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1909 Progam for symposium on Asian American theatre New World Theatre Asian American Theatre NWAAT 1999 Flier
1900.191 Shawn Wong Chairman Wong: In a Novel Move the U. W. English Department Names a Creative Writer as the New Chair Hahn 6/1/97 Seattle Times
1900.1910 Promotional flier for the I.D. Chinatown International District Wong 1999 Flier
1900.1911 Trees planted to replace those cut down in 1942 in Kent (Thomas) Washington. Trees of Beauty will help heal wartime's scars Stiffler 1999 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1912 Opening of Great Wall shopping mall Asian Speciality Shops Are Focus of Great wall shopping Mall Staff 1999 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1913 spring 1999, The Asian American 1 Asian American Institute Newsletter
1900.1914 Card advertising MoCA's exhibition Brooklyn's New Chinese Community MoCA 1999 Postcard
1900.1915 Restoring the Mukai farm and garden on Vashon island Out on Vashon, a Plot of Land with a Rich Tale. Large, Jerry May 2, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1916 Flier for program on examining struggles and triumphs of Asian Pacific American workers. Asian Pacific American Workers: Our Past, Our Future Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance May 27, 1999 Asian Resource Center
1900.1919 Digging into the Past: Excavating the Gold Creek Chinese Heritage Site 1999 Flier
1900.192 Room For the Spirit: State's Sikh Community Outgrows Its Only Temple as Old Culture, Religion Root 6/4/97 Seattle Times
1900.1920 From Gold Mountain to the New Millennium Chinese Historical Society of San Diego 1999 Flier
1900.1921 Puck's Trendy, Controversial ObaChine Closes its Doors staff June 3, 1999 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1922 Experience Music Project in Seattle. And Now For Something Completely Different Seven, Richard March 7, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1923 New Visions for Asian American Drama Berson, Misha May 6, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1925 The Yamamoto Family has operated and owned a greenhouse and nursery in Kitsap county since 1949. Yamamoto Nursery & Japanese Iris Garden 1999 Flier
1900.1926 PHOnomena Le June 9, 1999 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1927 Postcard for exhibition on artwork and crafts created in WW II internment camps Art From Internment Camps Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center 1999 Postcard
1900.1928 Eastside History: A Japanese American Story 1 1999 Program
1900.1929 Greater Seattle & Vicinity Japanese American Community Directory Japanese American Citizens League, Seattle Chapter 1999 Directory
1900.193 Article The members of the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce want to change the International District's name to "Chinatown" or "Chinatown/International District." Opponents say "International District" has a way of explaining how not only how Chinese have influenced the District, but also Japanese, Filipino and even African American. Drive is launched to put Chinatown back in name of International District Matthee, Imbert June 7, 1997 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1930 Renton Washington Rowe and Jack R. Evans 1987 booklet
1900.1931 Summer 1995; Museum Views Newsletter
1900.1932 Booklet New Years celebration at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center. Includes performances, music, martial arts demonstrations, art demonstrations and food from Asian cultures. Asia Pacific New Year Celebration 1999 Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center
1900.1933 Program for the awards ceremony Asian American Community Voice Awards; Martha Choe, Alan Lau, Bea Kiyohara and Bob Santos International Examiner May 19, 1999 Program
1900.1934 Article With arts flourishing, groups wondering 'what comes next?' McLennan, Douglas May 31, 1999 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1936 Xerox copy of pages of UW yearbook, 1919 or 1921 focusing on illustrations by Rose Law Yow and various Asian student clubs; Filipino, Japanese, Chinese The Class of Twenty One University of Washington 1919 Xerox Yearbook
1900.1937 Article Star Tofu, 608 S. Weller, is closing after 27 years. The company wa run by Yoji and Elinor Maeda. Star Tofu was unique because they make its tofu using negari. Star Tofu's closing marks the end of an era Kawaguchi, Marti February 5-18, International Examiner
1900.1938 Article Star Tofu in the Chinatown/International District is closing after 27 years. Star Tofu was unique because they make its tofu using negari. Star tofu closes Mochizuki, Ken February 18, 19 Northwest Nikkei/North American Post
1900.1939 Excerpts from exhibition catalogue of Seattle Art Museum on Northwest Artists; excerpts on Paul Horiuchi, George Tsutakawa. Northwest Traditions Clarke, Sarah 1978 Seattle Art Museum
1900.194 is a greengrocer who follows his heart and leads many in the Asian American Cultural Scene. Peas, Poetry and Art: Alan Lau * 6/16/97 Seattle Times
1900.1940 Articles on Tsutakawa, Val Laigo. "Art & Diversity" Lai, ed 1995 Seattle Arts
1900.1941 S.F. radio Station blasted for Ito Parody Ha, Julie 10/24/94 AsianWeek
1900.1942 APA's make the Interracial Connection In American Media Hall, Patricia Wong 11/18/94 AsianWeek
1900.1943 Minority Journalists Identify Stereotypes 9/1/94 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1944 Asian American Calendar Girls (and Boys) Chung, Philip W. 1/5/94 Korea Times
1900.1945 October 5, 1984 Seattle Times
1900.1948 Article Photogravure section in the Seattle Sunday Times shows local Chinese Americans and their avocations as actors Seattle Chinese Actors Follow Customs of Homeland in all their Theatricals January 4, 1948 Seattle Times Rotogravure
1900.1949 Article on Luck Ngi opera. Chinatown has Its Own Counterpart of Seattle Symphony Organization Reddin April 25, 1965 Seattle Times
1900.195 Korean Cultural Festival Korean Community Makes Long Range Plans Slaughter 6/13/97 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1950 Two photos pf Weller one from 1919 Paving Weller Street Dorpat July 21, 1996 Seattle Times
1900.1951 Bishop Drugs Iwamoto International Examiner
1900.1952 Chinese immigrants and the environment. Nineteenth-Century Chinese and the Environment of the Pacific Northwest Liestman Winter 1998/99 Pacific Northwest Quarterly
1900.1953 Article The building of the Kingdome in early 1970's created an intergenerational Asian American consciousness and community How the Kingdome Spurred the Asian American Community's Coming of Age Tsutakawa, Mayumi July 8, 1999 The Seattle Times
1900.1954 International District: An Inventory of Urban Design Resources Historic Seattle P & D 1975 Pamphlet
1900.1956 Copy of an agreemment between Twin Wo Charley of Portland, OR and the Northern Pacific Railroad Company for labor. Railroad Labor Agreement March, 1888 Xerox copy
1900.1958 Copies of the Kitsap County Census for Port Gamble, listing Asian immigrants and their occupations. Port Gamble Census 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 Xerox Copy
1900.196 Article City of Seattle considering Union Station for City Hall. 'City hall' plan at least a year down the track Schaefer, David Jan. 24, 1985 The Seattle Times
1900.1960 The U.S. Korea Review Korea Society Magazine
1900.1961 Announcement and review of the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. Designed by Gyo Obata the Museum features exhibitions, walled water garden designed by Robert Murase and room for a resource center. A New Home for the Story of Japanese - Americans Littlejohn, David 1999 Wall Street Journal
1900.1962 Article highlights the perfunctory search efforts of the State of Washington's Director of Aeronautics as demonstrated by the search for Seattle Councilman Wing Luke. The Fouled-Up Search For Wing Luke Halpin, James July 1965 Seattle Magazine
1900.1963 Review of Lydia Minatoya's novel The Strangeness of Beauty The Power of Beauty Ament June 20, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.1964 U.S. Japan Fair in Seattle '93 1993 Magazine
1900.1965 Article Perspectives on Affirmative Action LEAP 1995 Asian Pacific American Public Policy Institute
1900.1966 The Chinese Community in Jefferson County Naylor 1998 Draft
1900.1968 Article A feature on Washington governor Gary Locke, including his trip to China and his ancestral village, and biographical information. American Tale: Washington Governor Gary Locke Explores his roots in Jilong, China Donahue, Bill November 24, 19 People
1900.1969 Weller Street Pedestrian Bridge New Weller Street Bridge Opens Vu July 17 - 23, 1 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.197 Article Outsiders in "the Land of the Free" Daniels, Roger Fall 1996 Columbia
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