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2001.046.005.068 Book Overview of Chinese painting What we have seen and heard about Chinese Painting Guo Ruo Xu 1934 Wang Yun Wu
2001.046.005.069 Book Lee Xie I lived in Jia Xing District in a place named Peng Lai Ge. This is a review of painters of the middle of the Qing dynasty. Lee Xie Yi 1934
2001.046.005.070 Book One of a series on Classical Chinese and the development of writing. Chinese Characters and Calligraphy Chen Bin He 1935 ed. Wang Yun wu
2001.046.005.071 Book SunXia feng (1584 1675) was a famous scholar known for his 18 mottos. Lee Er Qu was a poor man educated by his mother and became renowned as a great scholar and is known for his 28 key points about study. Teachings of Sun Xia Feng (Sun Chi-feng) and Lee Er Qu (Li Yung) Xie Guo Zhen 1935 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.072 Book Huang Li Zhou (1610- 1695) was a Confucian scholar at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty. Huang fought for years along Ming claimants on the east coast. After he retired to a life of scholarship in 1649 he wrote biographies of Ming figures and analyized the structure of government, suggesting a less structured organization of scholars. Teachings of Huang Li zhou (Huang Tsung Hsi) Xie Guo Zhen 1933 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.073 Book Gu Ning Ren (1613 - 1682) was a Confucian scholar of the early Qing. Teachings of Gu Ning Ren (Ku Yen wu)? Xie Guo Zhen 1930 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.074 Book Poetry of Cao zi Jian Poetry of Cao zi Jian Chen Yi Bai 1928 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.075 Book Su shi is also known as Su Dong po Poetry of Su Shi Yan Ji Cheng
2001.046.005.076 Book One of 11 gifted poets of the Qing dynasty Poetry of Wang Shi zhen Hu Qu fei 1931 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.077 Book Poems of Dao Yuan ming Poetry of Dao Yuan ming Fu dong Hua, ed. 1927 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.078 Book Writings of Yun Jing a leader of a school of thought in Qing Dynasty Writings of Yun Ching Zhuang Shi and Fei Shi Hong 1930/1933 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.079 Book Fang Bao and Yua Nai were of the Tang Cheng school. Writings of Fang (Pao) and Yue (Nai) Zhuang Shi and Zhao Chen 1933/1928
2001.046.005.080 Book Poetry of the Song Part of the series "The Complete Library" ed by Y.W. Wong Song Shi Pie Sai Fu Yu Lu 1930 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.081 Book Review of Literature from Song Dynasty Lu Shi Mian 1935/1931 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.082 Book An introduction to Chinese painting Elementary Introduction to Chinese Art Zhu Zong Yuan 1933 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.083 Book Selected Works of Han Wei and the Six Dynasties Zhong Li he 1933
2001.046.005.084 Book Poetry of the Tang dynasty divided into four sections according to style and then by poet. Special Selections of Tang Dynastry Poetry, ed. by Wang Yun Wu Shen De qian 1935
2001.046.005.085 Book Special Selection of Qing Dynasty Poetry Shen De Qian 1933 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.086 Book Record of famous Scholars of the Qing Dynasty from before 1846 15 chapters grouped into four categories according to their takes on Confucius, Mencius, Cheng yi or Zhu xi. Record of Qing Scholars before 1846 Tang Jian 1935 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.087 Book A history of the Chinese Secret Societies beginnning with the Han dynasty Yellow Turbans; White Lotus (Bai Lian Hui); Tian Din Hui; Triad Society, including secret messages from tea cup arrangements; Ge Lao Hui; Xing Zhong Hui; Tang Meng Hui; Many were joined by famous politicians and leaders. Brief History of China's Secret Societies Ping Shan zhou 1935 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.089 Book Xia Wen yan was a famous painter of the Yuan Dynasty. This book is a reprint of his work on Chinese painting. He gives six key points and then goes over the three divisions of painting. The Precious Mirror of Painting Xian Wen Yan 1933 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.090 Book Bao Shi Cheng is a literary critic of the Qing Dyansty In this book he reviews the content of literature and its twin component - calligraphy. A Ship's Twin Oars Bao Shi Cheng 1935
2001.046.005.091 Book The history of Chinese education theory by a early Chinese Republic thinker - Ren Shi-guang. His theory was based on Confucian and Sun Yatsen's Three Principles of the People. The two volume work covers education theory from primitive society through the dynasties to the founding of the Republic. The History of Chinese Educational Theory Ren Shi-guang 1937 Wang Yun Wu
2001.046.005.092 Book Two vilume work on the History of Chinese Law History of Chinese Law Yang Hong Lie 1936 Wang Yun Wu
2001.046.005.093 Book 125 Chinese parables in English and Chinese. These parables are oftern used to explain viewpoints. Ancient Chinese Parables Sun Kwei Ting 1924 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.094 Book Reprint of the earliest work on economics in China. Heng Kuan was the governor of the Lu Jiang area during the Han Dynasty. The book, originally in ten volumes, 60 chapters relates the debate between Sang Hang yangand the Legalists of Emperor Wu and Confucianists on who should control the monopolies of iron, salt and liquor. Debate On Salt and Iron Heng Kuan
2001.046.005.095 Book This textbook teaches the correct way to interact socially. Chapter one is on literature and art and talks about greetings to married persons, birthdays. Chapter two is on poetry, Three on letters, Four on telegrams, five on couplets, six on invitations, seven on contracts, eight on advertisements. Social Intercourse/ 1933 World Book Store
2001.046.005.096 Book Guan de Xing was a famous opera actor and during the war against Japan in the 1930's - 40s he edited these stories to sing the praises of heroic deeds to inspire the people to fight. 100 Thousand Bomb Stories Guan de Xing 1938
2001.046.005.097 Book The author, failing the Imperial Examinations at the end of the Qing dynasty amused himself with this collection of near vulgar jokes. Collection of Jokes Cheng Shi-Jui 1898
2001.046.005.098 Book Three stories. One is about a young couple who marry even though he is already married. The second if the love story of an orphan. The third is speculations. Love and Crime Gao Yun Chi 1930 Nan Xing Book Store
2001.046.005.099 Magazine Published in Toi San (Tai Shan) county of Guangdong Province/ Chen Family history Wing Cheun Monthly June 1927
2001.046.005.100 Book Three Character Learning Textbook for the primary school. All sentences are in three characters. Three Character Learning 1861 DAn Zhu Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.101 Book First volume of a set of four of stories of the Warring States period. Stories of the Eastern Zhou Da Wen Book Store
2001.046.005.102 Book A brief introduction on the politics, economy and organizations of the new Soviet Union Researching New Russia Shao Piao ping 1920
2001.046.005.103 Book Parts 13, 14, 15 of this work explaining the development of Chinese characters. Chinese Character Development Xu Shen Ji
2001.046.005.104 Book Dictionary Organized by sound. Dictionary
2001.046.005.105 Book Third volume of a four volume set of "The Water Margin" Water Margin Vol. 4 Shi Nan An 1937 Da Wen Book Store
2001.046.005.106 Book One of the earliest texts used to teach children Chinese characters. They trace over the red characters in black ink. Red Character Book Kung Shun
2001.046.005.107 Book 300 Tang dyanasty poems 300 Tang Poems Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.108 Book Dai Zhen was a 'kaozheng' scholar of the 18th century. Hu Shi, author of "Study More Problems, Talk less of Isms" was an early Chinese reformer who tried to find an middle path between the radical May Fourth Students and more conservative Chinese. The Philosophy of Tai Chen (Dai Zhen) Hu Shi (Hu Shih) 1927 The Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.109 Book 100 Chapters written as a dialogue. The New Text Book of Mandarin Jin Guo Pu and Ping Yan Dao Zhi 1898 Ping Yan Pao Zhi
2001.046.005.110 Book The English title page reads: Copy Books for Easy Chinese Lessons for Illiterates. Large Chinese characters with each brush stroke numbered in Chinese 1000 Chinese Character's Copybook for the Common People National Association of Mass Education Movement 1924/1929 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.111 Book Chinese characters to be copied for learning them by brush stroke. The brush strokes are numbered in Arabic numerals Copybook for Calligraphy Kin Kung Calligraphy Academy
2001.046.005.112 Book A western innovation in chinese education. Zhang Shi Zhao created this book using eight speeches and expoused the use of pronouns, verbs, adjectives and other grammer usages. Chinese Grammer for High School Zhang Shi zhao, ed. 1906 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.113 Book Speeches of Zhong Rong Guang Zhong Rong Guang
2001.046.005.114 Book Four pages with no cover. It may be a standard agreement of mutual aid group.
2001.046.005.115 Book Part of the Confucian Classic Four Books The second part of the Analects of Confucius Four Books; Analects Guang yi Book Store
2001.046.005.116 Book The catalogue lists books sold by the Sun Tai Lok Co., in Chinese. Subjects include: history, geography, arthmetic, physics, art, music, education, philosophy, etc. Sun Tai Lok Co. Catalogue 1925 Sun Tai Lok Library
2001.046.005.117 Book Account Book
2001.046.005.118 Book Grass style calligraphy with regular style characters beside them. Shi Qi Calligraphy of Mei Nan Palace Yu gu SAn Fan Book Store
2001.046.005.119 Book Clothing and Ornamentation of Tang Dynasty China 1979 Industrial Arts Institute of Beijing
2001.046.005.120 Book In China it is thought by some that one will be reincarnated as a person or animal. By looking at one's appearance you can tell what you will be in the future and what you were in in the past. Three Lifetimes in Turn
2001.046.005.121 Book Christian hymns in Chinese Gospel Hymns 1923 China Baptist Publication Society
2001.046.005.122 Book The script of a Cantonese Opera Jin Gang Zuan The original story of Jin Gang Zuan where a young window, Ms. Chen, only married for a few days, adopts a son, who will inherit her family's fortune. Her inlaws concoct a story that Ms Chen has an affair with her adopted son and they die because of the scandal. However, in the end they are rehabilitated. Jin Gang Zuan
2001.046.005.123 Book In the same spirit in which Shi Nai an wrote the original Water Margin in the Yuan Dynasty, and the oppression of the Mongol government so Dong Qing rewrites the story during the Qing Dynasty to describe the oppression of the Manchus. The New Water Margin Dong Qing 1900 (?) Zhong Hua Learned Society
2001.046.005.124 Book A merchant leaves on a business trip leaving his two daughters at a friends. Whe he returns they are gone and he must hire a detective to find them. San Dang 1922 Zhen Hua Book Store
2001.046.005.125 Book The title Jing Shi Muyu refers to encourage good deeds and the beating of a wooden instrument used by Buddhists when chanting. "MuYu" is a wooden fish. Jing Gang Zuan Jing Shi Muyu
2001.046.005.126 Book From the secong aspect of Confucian development To culivate Oneself for your Family. Cultivate Onself for the Family
2001.046.005.127 Book Cantonese OPera Story Bai Yu Shuang was a pretty young lady when her mother died. Her father remarried and the new step mother was very evil. When the father was sent to Yu Nan province as an officer, Bai Yu Shuang was raped and planned to kill herself until she was saved visiting her mother's grave. Bai yu Shuang Commits Suicide
2001.046.005.128 Book Cantonese opera story The story concerns the daughter of a retired Minister. After moving back to his home village he passes awaya nd his wife also becomes ill. The daughter searches for a cure and is told in a dream about the Everblooming Lotus and where to get it. There she meets a young scholar who helps her get the plant and asks her to marry him. Si Ji Lian Hua
2001.046.005.129 Book The story of Chen Shi Mei during the Song Dyansty. Vol 1 Chen Shi Meng was a married scholar. He went to the capial to take the Imperial Examinations and was the Number One scholar. The Emperor arranged for him to marry a princess and he accepted despite alrerady being married. Whe his wife and children showed up, he wanted to have them killed, but the Officer Bao-Gong, knowing the truth saved then and had Chen executed. Chen Shi Mei San Guan Tang Vol. 1
2001.046.005.130 Book Vol. 3 of Xiao Yin Yang Shan concerns a brother and sister. The sister is desired by the Emperor and she is abducted and taken to him and still refuses to to be his wife and is thrown into the prison. Xiao Yin Yang Shan Vol. 3
2001.046.005.131 Magazine Magazine for overseas Chinese from Guangdong (Canton) Kew Tung Po 51 1948
2001.046.005.132 Book Calligraphy copy book in regular script Huang Zi Yuan Copy Book Huang Zi Yuan
2001.046.005.134 Book The first edition of the Traditional Chinese reference book to come out since 1949. With 10 million characters, 5676 ingredients of Chinese medicine and 4500 plates. Each herb is listed by the number of strokes in its character. Each listing has an illustration, different names, location, how to cultivate it, how it works, use and in the appendix are recipes. The Chinese Traditional Medicine Dictionary in three volumes 1958-1965 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.135 Book This piece of work is also known as the Thousand Character Classic, and actually does contain exactly 1000 unique characters. They are in the form of 125 four character couplets (125 * 4 * 2 = 1000). This piece of work can be found in any Chinese almanac or Tung Su in the form of the "Thousand Character Composition in Four Styles of Handwriting", namely regular, official, cursive and seal character forms. The first page (1a) and last page (14b) contain four couplets each, whilst every other page, (1b, 2a, 2b, 3a .... 14a) have four and a half couplets each. Below, we leave out the page numbering used in the Tung Su, but set out each line as four character couplets. Thousand Character Composition in Four Styles of Handwriting Shou Jin Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.136 Book Calligraphy of Zhang Zhi Dong. The title Xiang Gong was bestowed posthumously. Zhang was an eminent official in the latter Qing Dynasty. He was the governor of Hubei and Hunan and was instrumental in bringing western technology to build up China, including building the railway from Beijing to Hankow and then to Canton and using the coal from Ping xian in Jiang xi province and the iron from a mine in Hubei. Zhang Wen Xiang Gong's Calligraphy Zhang Zhi Dong Shan Gu Shan Fan Book Store
2001.046.005.137 Book Copybook of stone inscription rubbing of the calligraphy of Huang Ting Jing at the Song Fei pavillion. Song means pine and Fei is Wind. The sound of the wing in the pine trees is the Song Fei Ge Bei. Calligraphy from the Song Feng Ge Bei Huang Ting Jing
2001.046.005.138 Book Article by Zhuge Liang written during the Three Kingdoms period. It is about advice given to the son of Liu Bei, Liu Shan of the Shu Han kingdom. The article is a call to arms to defend the kingdom. It was used extensively throughout Chinese history to encourage defense of the country. Why I ask to dispatch Troops Zhuge Liang Shang Gu Shan Fan Book Store
2001.046.005.139 Book Poetry of Su Dong Po from about 1,000 CE relating to the Chibi area of Hubei province. Chibi Fu Poetry of Su Dong Po Su Dong Po Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.140 Book Instruction book on how to paint traditional Chinese landscapes. Elementary course of Traditional Chinese painting of Mountains and Water Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.141 Book the calligraphy of Nan Yuan with commentary by scholars to explain the meaning of the selections. Nan Yuan Zhen Ji Nan Yuan Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.142 Book Qian Nan Yuan Moji Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.143 Book Illustrations of the expressions of the human body. One chapter is of oil painting and Chinese ink and wash painting. Others are of the expressions of lines and there is a chapter on using shdow and on hands. The Expression of Human Beauty Wan Lai-ming
2001.046.005.144 Book A historical novel of Wu Zetian, the forst woman Emperor. the History of Wu Zetian World Bookstore
2001.046.005.145 Book A cultural history of China from the Song to the Qing/ A Cultural History of China from the Song to the Present Chen Anren 1936 Wang Yunwu
2001.046.005.146 Book A history if Chinese political theory The History of Chinese Political Theory Yang Youjiang 1937 Wang Yun Wu
2001.046.005.147 Book Dictionary with side by side images of Chinese characters in three styles: Caoshu, Kaishu and Xing shu. Kaishu is block type, Xingshu is running style and Caoshu is cursive style. Dictionary of Calligraphy Styles Meijia Book Store
2001.046.005.148 Book A Collection of 48 folk stories. Chinese Folk Tales Xiusheng Book Store
2001.046.005.149 Book Book on the making and dringking of tea. From sources of tea, to tea history, early tea writings, and drinking tea. Part of it its the Cha Jing written in the Tang Dynasty by Chang Youxin. How to Brew and Drink Tea Sheng Xun gi 1977 Evergreen Book Store
2001.046.005.150 Book A detective novel translated from English Who is Guilty? 1910 Zhixin Book Store
2001.046.005.151 Book Yanzi Jian "Swallow Letter" refers to love letters and this collection deals with love stories. Yangzi Jian 1908 Shizhong Book Store
2001.046.005.152 Book Student dictionary New Compact Student Dictionary 1917 Hui Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.153 Book Dictionary by Radical Student Pocket Dictionary Guangyi Book Store 1919 Guaugyi Bok Store
2001.046.005.154 Book Student Dictionary with Standard Phonetics 1925 Zhong Shan Book Store
2001.046.005.155 Book Ming Loyalist groups at the end of the dynasty formed secret resistance organizations Studies of Secret Societies and their Activites during the Ming Qing transition Xie Guo Zhen 1935 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.156 Book Multipurpose primary school textbook. The work of Mr. Cheng and Mr. Zou. Primary School Textbook 1923
2001.046.005.157 Book In this book every line has three characters. The lines are from the Confucian classics and there is explanation about each. San Zi Jing Ma Jian Ji Book Store
2001.046.005.158 Book Cantonese love ballads Cantonese Ballads Tong yi Book Store
2001.046.005.159 Book More Chinese architectural designs, especially for doors, windows and floors. Designs of the Architectural Decoration of China 1985 Nanshan Book Store
2001.046.005.160 Book Yan Yuan was a famous Confucian scholar at the end of the Ming, begining of the Qing Commentary on the Doctrines of Yen Yuan Dai Wang 1933 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.161 Book Ming Dynasty literature Four parts: 1) Introduction on Ming literature 2) Poetry 3) on "Qu" a type of verse that was sung, that began in the Southern Song. 4) The eight part essay - a literary composition prescribed for Imperial Civil Service examinations. Literature of the Ming Dynasty Qian Ji Bo (Ch'ien Chi Po) 1934 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.162 Book New Style poetry emerged after 1911 called "XinShi". It is a free form verse written in vernacular. Outline of New Style Poetry Hu Huai Chen 1922 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.163 Book Eight distinguished poets of China: Yu Yuan, Tao Yuan-ming, Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Ju Yi, Su Shi, Lu You, Wang Shi Jing (Wang Yu Yang) The Eight Great Poets of China 1925 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.164 Book A series of seven songs used for various functions as when the Emperor made a scarifice or celebrated with his subordinates. Collection of Ancient Songs Ku Kan Ru, Wang Yun Wu, ed. 1926 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.165 Book Poetry of Meng Hao ran also know as Meng jiao of the Tang Dynasty Poetry of Meng Hao ran Fu Dong Hua 1931 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.166 Book Definition of Ancient Chinese poetry Poetry before the Tang dynasty The Source of Chinese Poetry Fu Dong Hua 1930 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.167 Book Chinese poetry in four chapters: Poetry's standards and Artistic conception. Survey of Chinese Poetry Fan Kuang 1933 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.168 Book Overview of Chinese Poetry in nine chapters. History, classification, composition and its progress. Overview of Chinese Poetry Yang Hong Lie 1928 Commercial PressLtd.
2001.046.005.169 Book History of (Sung) Song Poetry in two parts. The forst part is on the Northern Sung and the reformation of poetry and talks of the poets: Ou Yang Xiu, Wang An Shi, Su Shi, Huang Ting Jiang. Part Two is on the Southern Song and the poets: Lu You, Fan Chneg Da, and Yang Wan Li. Poetry of the Sung Dynasty 1930 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.170 Book Book on Poetry It has sections on early Chinese poetry and the use of 5 or 7 characters per line with no tonal patterns or rhyme schemes and goes on to talk about the development of Lu Shi poems with eight lines of five to seven characters of strict tonal and rhyme schemes and JuiJu poems of four lines with 5 - 7 characters and a strict tonal and rhyme scheme. Collection of Yuan Dynasty Poetry Zhang Jing Xing
2001.046.005.171 Book A collection of poetry of the Ming Dynasty The author feels the poetry of the Ming restored the form to that of the ancients. Collection of Poetry of the Ming Chen de Qian / Zhou Zhun 1932 Wang Yun Wu
2001.046.005.172 Book Bilingual edition of the Confucian Four Books The Great Learnning; Doctrine of the Mean; Analects; Mencius The Four Books
2001.046.005.173 Book Three volumes 2 - 4 of techniques of Chinese painting Album of Painting from Gai zi Yuan
2001.046.005.174 Book Vol. 3 & 4 of Stories of the Southern Song dynasty Annals of the Southern Song
2001.046.005.175 Book Collection of favorite stories Zhen Hao Chang
2001.046.005.176 Book 4 volume edition of Off color Chinese jokes and humour. A Collection of Humour
2001.046.005.177 Book Chritian hymns in Chinese with a numbered musical notation Universal Hymnal Xi An Tang
2001.046.005.178 Book New Testament Bible 1932 British and Foreign Bible Society/ American Bible Society
2001.046.005.179 Book 2 Volume Medical Dictionary This dictionary is organized by the number of strokes in each character of the medicine's name. Each entry contains the source of the herb; other names; production area; harvest time; use; dosage; reference information. Chinese Medical Dictionary Chen Cun Ren 1936 World Book Store
2001.046.005.180 Book 2 Volume Medical Dictionary This dictionary is organized by the number of strokes in each character of the medicine's name. Each entry contains the source of the herb; other names; production area; harvest time; use; dosage; reference information. the editor was the Principal of the Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Shanghai in the 1920s. Xie Guan, ed. 1926 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.181 Book Translated from Japanese. This book gives details on the active ingredients of plants and animals used in traditioanl medicine. The use of Plants and Animals in Traditional medcine Ye Ju Guan trans. 1952 Qian Qing Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.182 Book Hand written collection of Chinese herbal medicine recipies - formulas Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Formulas
2001.046.005.183 Book Introduction to Chinese traditional medicine and a list of the important books of Chinese medicine Lecture on Chinese Traditional Medicine Xie Hai Zhou 1967 Ri Xin Book Store
2001.046.005.184 Book 4 - copies of a Detective story that takes place in New York. The Willey Rabbit's Burrow 1923 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.185 Book Political article on the possibility of the Big Euopean Powers, the US and Japan to recognize the new government of China and not infringe upon her rights or territory. How to Get the Big Powers to Recognize the New Chinese Government Mo An Ren 1912 Da Tong Newspaper Office
2001.046.005.186 Book Treatise on Christian prayer. Translated from English to Chinese by H.L. Zia. The Secret Prayer Life John R. Mott 1906 General Committee Young Men's Christian Association
2001.046.005.187 Book Translated from English into classical Chinese. Western love story. Deeply in Love 1911 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.188 Book Commentary of the section of the new testament Bible called ACTS. Studies in Acts Chen Jin Yong (Dzing King Yuong) 1908 The Chinese Tract Society
2001.046.005.189 Book The life of Queen Victoria of England, 1819 - 1907 in Classical Chinese The Life of "Victoria the Good" Rev. W. Gilbert Walshe 1903 Society for the Diffusion of Christian and General Knowedge among the Chinese
2001.046.005.190 Book Tract translated by Issac Mason and Yin Pao Lu into classical Chinese this anti-war appeal. Is there Not a Better Way? A Plea For Arbitration Ellen Robinson 1912 Christian Literature Society
2001.046.005.191 Book Statement by Madame Chiang Kai Shek (Jiang Jie Shi) on Christianity My Religion Song Mei Ling 1934 Christian Literature Society
2001.046.005.192 Book In classical Chinese this book describes the symbiotic relationship Daoism and Buddhism have in China and how they have influenced each other. Taoism & Buddhism Compared with Christianity Zhang Yi Jing 1919 China Baptist Publication Society
2001.046.005.193 Book A history of the Wuchang Revolt The Chinese Revolution Huang Jiang shi March 1911 Pu-chang Store
2001.046.005.194 Book A text on how the Imperialist powers hurt China; how to overthrow the Qing; How to develop China. One person's account of his historical revelations On the back is "Jas S. Hwang" Suddenly Wake Up
2001.046.005.195 Book Favorite Chinese Folk Operas 101 operatic stories. Favorite Folk Opera
2001.046.005.196 Book Revised edition of the classic 1000 characters written in four styles - regular, running, official and seal. Four Styles of 1000 Characters Jin Zhang Book Store
2001.046.005.197 Book eighteen chapters on raising and breeding chickens. A Practical Guide to Poultry Breeding Hu Jiao Yang 1910 Zhong Xin Book Store
2001.046.005.198 Book 2 copies In classical Chinese this is a novel of the Revolution of 1911. The scholar Wang joins the ranks of the revolution and falls in love with a woman from Naiking at Wuchang. A Beauty From Nanking Leng Hong Sheng 1913 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.199 Book The 24 Histories relate the history of China from the Qin Dynasty to the Ming. Volume V covers the end of the Northern Song, Southern Song and Ming. Vol. VI is about the end of the Ming and beginning ofthe Qing. 24 Histories for Popular Literature vol. V, VI
2001.046.005.200 Book Chapters 1 - 40 of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Luo Guan Zhong 1903 Jin Zhang Book Store
2001.046.005.201 Book Translated from Polish into Chinese. The story of a man, Rolonblink and his daughter, Mary traveling to America. The Lofty Ideal of America Bao Tian xiao 1923 Da Dong Book Store
2001.046.005.202 Book 7 - copies of "Improve Your Appearance: A Required Reading for Women" Improve Your Appearance Qian Ying 1921 Jin Bu Book Store
2001.046.005.203 Book Chapters 41 - 60. Dream of the Red Chamber Vol. III Cao Xueqin The Oriental Book Company
2001.046.005.204 Book Second Volume part II with chapters 129 - 281. Letters in Classical Chinese written at the end of the Qing Dynasty. Text Book for Writing Business Letters
2001.046.005.205 Book A novel of criminal women slave traders and their collusion with the police. Slave Market Xu Zhou Dai 1923 World Book Store
2001.046.005.206 Book Second volume of Chinese Text Book for Primary School for Overseas Chinese. Chinese Text Book for Primary School 1951 Zheng Zhong Book Store
2001.046.005.207 Magazine Magazine for Overseas Chinese from the five counties of Jiang Min, Tai San, xing Hui, Zhong Shan, Kai Ping. Overseas Chinese Magazine 1947, October Ling Xun Hua
2001.046.005.208 Book The transcripts of a series of five lectures given by John Dewey in Beijing in 1919 or 1920 on Chinese society and China's road to freedom. Science of Social Structure John Dewey (Luo Su) 1926 Xin zhi Book store
2001.046.005.209 Book Meeting held in Taipei, Taiwan , in 1971. The theme of the meeting was to unite all overseas Chinese to fight against the communist government of the mainland. Fourth Council of Overseas Chinese Union Meeting Minutes 1971
2001.046.005.210 Book Translated from English into Chinese. A story of interstellar space travel. Fantasia 1908 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.211 Book A love story during the time of the Chinese revolution. The women are working for equality and freedom and the men for revolution, but at the beginning freedom to choose one's spouse did not always have a happy ending. The term Hai Tong refers to a flower, but when perceeding 'note'refers to a love story. Love Note Jian Hen 1915 Guangyi Book Store
2001.046.005.212 Book 36 lessons on speaking Chinese Practical Chinese Conversation Wang Pu 1920 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.213 Book Modern Essential Chinese is a collection of student articles. The first part are from primary school seniors and the second from High School students. Modern Essential Chinese 1930 Guang Wen Book Store
2001.046.005.214 Book A novel based on a character from Dream of the Red Chamber - Ling Dai Yu. Ling Dai Yu's Journal Yu Xie Lun 1918 The World Journal
2001.046.005.215 Book A text book of Classical Chinese expressions written in the vernacular Cantonese for women and children being educated privately. Text book for Women and Children Lu Jun 1902
2001.046.005.216 Book This is three volumes of a set of four and includes the Great Learning (Da Xue), Doctrine of the Mean and Analects of Confucius. Mencius is not included. The Four Books Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.217 Book First volume of four of the end of the Warring states and the domination of the Qin. History of the End of the Warring States Period
2001.046.005.218 Book First volume of the history of the Southern Song dynasty. Southern Song Fly Dragon Biography
2001.046.005.219 Book The story of Zhou Gong, who was the Duke of Zhou in the Spring and Autumn Period. He was Wen Wang's, the founder of the Zhou (Chou) dynasty, younger brother. Many of these stories revolve around a divination given by Zhou Gong and how it is influenced by a supernatural being, the Peach Girl. Zhou Gong Mai Gua (Divination) Yi Wen Tong book store
2001.046.005.220 Book Five copies of the story if Zhou Gong and his servant Peng Jian in lyric form. Zhou Gong's Divination
2001.046.005.221 Book The story of Zhou Gong and his divinations and relationship with the Peach Girl in lyric form. Zhou Gong's Divintation Yi Wen Tong Book store
2001.046.005.222 Book Part of the story of Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai in lyric form. Shan Bo's Visit to a Friend Yi Wen Tong Book Store
2001.046.005.223 Book A story concerning Tank Ming huang and his concubine Yang where An Lui Shan attacks the Capital.
2001.046.005.224 Book The Emperor Tang Ming Huang must kill his own concubine Yang to appease his army. Tang Ming Huang escapes to the West.
2001.046.005.225 Book After Tang Ming Huang puts down An Lui Shan's rebellion he returns and pines for his favorite concubine, Yang. To Meet the Beauty Again
2001.046.005.226 Book Liang Shan bo and Zhu Ying Tai meet. Shan bo is not able marry Ying Tai and dies of a broken heart. Ying Tai hears of his death and has a memorial ceremony for him at his grave. Ying Tai holds a Memorial Service for Liang Shan Bo Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.227 Book Vol. I of the Peony Tree Pavilion ballad lyrics. It is the love story of Du Li Niang and Liu Zhi Kai who met in a dream at the Peony Tree Pavilion. Peony Tree Pavilion Yi Wen Tang book store
2001.046.005.228 Book Volumes I & V of lyrics of ballad singer. A story of a young scholar in Yangzhou who eventually becomes the number one scholar and his love life. Having a Gnawing Regret Yi Wen Tang Bookstore
2001.046.005.229 Book two copies of a pamphlet with Confucian analects. Get Along Well with the Whole Family
2001.046.005.230 Book Two Song dynasty ministers are granted children by the Jade Emperor and the court ackowledges the engagement of the children with jewels from a western state. Xi Fan Bao Die Vol. 1,2,3,4,5,6 "Jewels from the West" Yi Wen Book Store
2001.046.005.231 Book five copies of the same book. The story of a boy and girl who overcome difficulties to get married. Xi Fan Bao Die Yi Wen Book Store
2001.046.005.232 Book Di Qing Zhan Wang Tianhua "Di Qing Murders Wang Tianhua"
2001.046.005.233 Book Cantonese opera ballad lyrics Mayuan leads a life of aimless pleasure. Gui Mayuan Shicai "The Talented Mayuan" Yi Wen Book Store
2001.046.005.234 Book Two copies of vol 1 & 2 of this ballad. Bai Yushuang was engaged to the scholar Luo, but both families were poor and they could not marry. Bai was so despondent she cried at her mother's grave contemplating suicide but ends up helping another. Bai Yushuang Contemplates Suicide Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.235 Book Seventh day of the Seventh month refers to the story of the herder and maid who can meet in the sky only once a year on the 7th day of the 7th month and it is a time when women plan to get married. Qizi Zan Hua Yi Wen Tang Book store
2001.046.005.236 Book Zhou Dynasty story for Cantonese Opera Nanyin Zhusi Qin Ge Ji Qin g Xiang Ge Book store
2001.046.005.237 Book Cantonese ballad. Ministers in ancient China agree to arrange marriage between their two unborn children. Yu Kui Bao Shan
2001.046.005.238 Book Cantonese ballad Hide the Child in the Well vol. 2 Yi Wen Tang Bok Store
2001.046.005.239 Book The story of Xiuying Jin and her pregnancy by a minor landlord and his refusal to marry her. Hua Rui Han Chun Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.240 Book Continuation of .239. The Denunciation Three copies of the same ballad. The character Xinying Jin is refused marriage by her lover after she has a child and she returns home. Jing Chao Die Yong Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.241 Book Continuation of 2001.046.005.240 Fo Fa means "Buddha Dharma" (teaching) chuan is "pass on" and Ni is a "Buddhist nun" Zhangshi becomes a nun. Fo Fa Chuan Ni Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.242 Book Vol. 8 - 11 of the list of Chinese surnames. Hundred Families Surnames, vol. 8 - 11 in two volumes
2001.046.005.243 Book Military education for students Teacher's Manual for Military Drill for Middle Schools Xu Fulin 1913 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.244 Book Model letters directly applicable to womeN in revolutionary China Letter Composition for Women Du Zhiting
2001.046.005.245 Book Primary school letter writing textbook The ABC of Chinese Letters, Vol 1, 2 Ge Xucun 1917 Hui Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.246 Book Early Republic of China primary school reader on science, politics, equality and freedom. National Chinese Reader Zhuang Shu 1911 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.247 Book Post civil war Republic of China magazine critcizing the Chinese communists, specifcally land reform and the "five evils" movement. Yan Ping's voice August 11, 1952
2001.046.005.248 Book Eight chapters on composition for everyday affairs. Complete Book of Practical Writing World Journal 1933 World Journal
2001.046.005.249 Book First volume of four volume set. Title may be translated as "Fourth Gifted Scholar Book" In this story the daughter of Shan Xianren, Shan Dao, a gifted poet and her performance in front of the Imperial Court. Si Caizi Quanzhuan Fourth Gifted Scholar Book Tian Bao Lou Book Store
2001.046.005.250 Book Letter Writing Manual Letter Writing Manual from Sui Jinlon Shen Qi 1921 Ching Wen Book Store
2001.046.005.251 Book manual on how to write nine types of letters Chinese Letter Writing Manual Shang You She 1915 Zhang Fu Ji Book Store
2001.046.005.252 Book Story of two brothers, the eldest successful and the younger a hedonist. The Savage Party Lin Jianya 1923 Yi Ming Book Store
2001.046.005.253 Book Writing letters Letter Composition Manual Jin Zhang Book Store
2001.046.005.254 Book How to write letters in the Republic of China. To your family; consolation; information; reference. Letter Writing in New China He Qun 1918 Guangyi Book Store
2001.046.005.255 Book Sign language used to communitcate in a stock exchange Sign Language in Stock Exchanges Huang Lu Shi 1912 Science book store
2001.046.005.256 Book Commercial shipping law Commercial and Maritime Law Jiang Yun 1912 Science Bookstore
2001.046.005.257 Book The business of banking Banking Law Wang Yu Bing 1913 Science Book Store
2001.046.005.258 Book 44 letters between lovers. Letters to Lovers Li Dingyi 1916 Yi Ming Book Store
2001.046.005.259 Book Mathematics in Arabic numerals Mathematics using Arabic Numerals Gu Dingming Wen Ming Book Store
2001.046.005.260 Book Teaching Materials of Chinese Grammer Sun Laing gong 1914 Oriental Book Co Ya Dong
2001.046.005.261 Book A compilation of three articles: The Science of Social Structure China's Road to Freedom Men and Women of Young China by Bo lake The Science of Social Structure Bertrand Russel 1922 Xing Ji Book Store
2001.046.005.262 Book Catalogue of the Fat Ming Company, San Francisco
2001.046.005.263 Book Second volume of this ballad about a young scholar, Cui Ziliang and a young lady, Du Rengxian, a famous courtesan. Du Rengxian finances Cui's trip to the capital to take the Imerial examiniation. Cui receives the highest marks at the examination. The Emperor asks him if yhe knows a cure for his ill daughter and Cui tells him of a piece of jade jewelery his family owns that may help. Pi Pa Bao ben The Sorrowful Muse of the Pi Pa
2001.046.005.264 Book Book of Rites abridged
2001.046.005.265 Book The Essential's of the Theory of Sun Yatsen Zhou Fohai 1924 Ming Ji Book Store
2001.046.005.266 Book Shantineketan Rearson
2001.046.005.267 Book Cantonese opera "Good Heart part of the Day"? Story takes place at the end of the Qing Dynasty a man named Zhang Peixiu, had two daughters. The eldest was married to Wu Liugen and the youngest was engaged to a member of the He family. It was feared that her bethrothed had been killed in Taiwan and she married a member of the Li family. When He Beijun returned there was a confrontation and He had to escape. Eventually the Li family allowed He Beijun to marry the younger daughter. Ban Ri Liang Xin Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.268 Book Post revolution reader. Twenty lessons on desirable social behavior. Lesson 1 is about "why we have to correct bad habits from the old society: Wedding Ceremony waste Need for Monogamy End opium use Abstain from early marriages Worship of Buddhism Demons and monsters etc. The Common Education Reader Vol. III Dong Tingan 1912 Mei Hua Book Store
2001.046.005.269 Book General Rules of Commercial Law Huang Luzhong 1911 Science Book Store
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