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Wing Luke Museum
2001.046.005.477 Book Index of interviews: Black Project Filipino Project Kittitas Project Pacific Project Wahkiakum Project Whatcom Project Oral History Index: Washington State Oral/Aural Hisotry Program 1974 - 1977 Rune, Anne ed. 1977 Washington State Archives
2001.046.005.478 Book Chinese language textbook with instruction on reading Chinese newspapers. Newspaper Chinese by the Inductive Method Creel, Herrlee Glessner 1943 University of Chicago Press
2001.046.005.479 Journal Vol. 1, No. 1 The New Order in Asia The Far Eastern Quarterly November 1941 Far Eastern Association
2001.046.005.480 Book A Syllabic Dictionary of the Chinese Language Arranged according to the Wu-Fang Yuan Yin Williams, S. Wells 1909 North China Union College
2001.046.005.481 Pamphlet Book catalogue for Oriental/ Asian books Oriental Miscellany Probsthain, Arthur Arthur Probsthain
2001.046.005.482 Booklet Booklet for use with the Chinese language records for the Hua Wen Ch'u Chieh Hua Wen Ch'u Chieh Leger, Samuel H. 1948 California College in China
2001.046.005.483 Booklet Bee-keeping methods The Pearce Method of Bee-Keeping Pearce, Joseph A. 1910 The Fruit Belt Publishing Co.
2001.046.005.484 Pamphlet Plague and methods to combat it in China in the late 19th, early 20th century. Plague and Disinfection Wu Lien Teh Methodist Publishing House
2001.046.005.485 Pamphlet Listing of books The Oriental and African Supplement W. Heffer & Sons Ltd W. Heffer & Sons Ltd.
2001.046.005.486 Pamphlet Listing of books. A Catalogue of Books on Eastern Art and Archaeology and Egyptology and Assyriology W. Heffer & Sons Ltd W. Heffer & Sons
2001.046.005.487 Pamphlet Condensed and Desiccated Milk Wells, Levi 1919 USDA
2001.046.005.488 Pamphlet Pre publication notice of the printing of a collection of Chinese Studies from 1201 - 1897. Tsorng Shu Jyi Cherng 1935 The Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.489 Pamphlet Publishers list of books on the Orient Probstain's Oriental Series Probsthain, Arthur
2001.046.005.490 Book Quotations from Chinese leader Mao tse-tung. Mao's little red book. Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-tung Mao Tse-tung 1967 Foreign Language Press
2001.046.005.491 Booklet Indian Runner Duck Culture Berry, A.A. 1900 Berry's Golden Rule Poultry Farm
2001.046.005.492 Bulletin Methods to hatch chicken eggs. Incubation and Incubators Wood, Richard H. 1905 USDA
2001.046.005.493 Magazine August, 1905 edition of the Open Court with article on Hugo de Vries; Some Magaicians I have Met; A Religious Book of China - the T'ai Shang Kan Ying P'ien or The Treatise of the Exalted One on Response and Retribution. The Open Court: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Science of Religion, the Religion of Science, and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea Carus, Paul, ed. 1905 Open Court Publishing Co.
2001.046.005.494 Book The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth Testimony Publishing co
2001.046.005.495 Book History of Seattle's Chinese American community as told through a series of interviews with members. Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans: The First 100 Years Chew, Ron, ed. 1994 University of Washington Press, Wing Luke Asian Museum
2001.046.005.496 Book 2 - copies Exhibition catalogue for Three Generations of Chinese: East and West held at the Oakland museum from October 2 - 28th 1973. Three Generations of Chinese East and West Oakland Museum 1973 Oakland Museum
2001.046.005.497 Book History of the Chinese in America an illustrated history and catalog of the exhibition = [Kan k`u ts`ang sang liang pai nien : Mei-kuo Hua jen li shih wen wu chan lan] The Chinese of America 1795 - 1980 Lai, Him Mark, Joe Huang, Don Wong 1980 Chinese Cultural Foundation
2001.046.005.498 Book Chinese art and culture and Chinese American identity. Ting: The Caldron, Chinese Art & Identity in San Francisco Harvey, Nick, ed. 1970 Glide Urban Center
2001.046.005.499 Booklet This pamphlet was written from the book by the same title published by the Oakland Museum in 1973 and was printed as an aid to the exhibition at the Chinese Culture Center in San Francisco December 15, 1973 - February 17, 1974. Three Generations of Chinese - East and West Chinn, Thomas W. 1973 Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco
2001.046.005.500 Booklet History of the Chinese United Methodist Church in Los Angeles. Chinese United Methodist Church 80th Anniversary Pang, Stephen, ed. 1970 Chinese United Methodist Church
2001.046.005.501 Journal Special issue of the journal California History on the history of the Chinese Americans in California. California History 1978 California Historical Society
2001.046.005.502 Booklet Seattle's Asian American history Seattle's Other History: Our Asian-American Heritage Burke, Edward 1979 Profanity Hill Press
2001.046.005.503 Booklet History of Seattle in photographs Pictorial History of Seattle Warren, James 1962 Warren Enterprise
2001.046.005.504 Book History of the land and house, developed by James Clise, that would be come Marymoor Park. Willowmoor: The Story of Marymoor Park Johnston, Helen and Richard 1976 King County Historical Association
2001.046.005.505 Book History of Lake Washington, Seattle Washington State The Lake Washington Story McDonald, Lucile 1979 Superior Publishing Co
2001.046.005.506 Book History of Seattle through photographs Seattle Now and Then Dorpat, Paul 1984 Tartu Publications
2001.046.005.507 Book Seattle's history. Seattle Past to Present Sale, Roger 1978 University of Washington Press
2001.046.005.508 Report Report on the historic preservation system at local and state levels. Historic Preservation in the State of Washington Ad Hoc Committee on Historic Preservation 1980 Washington State senate
2001.046.005.509 Book Special edition of the Wapato News Letter sponsored by the Filipino Commuity of Yakima Valley on the grand Opening of Its Hall in Wapato Washington March 22, 1952 Wapato Newsletter, Special Edition Ruiz, Julius, ed. 1952 Wapato News
2001.046.005.510 Report Cases of Racial discrimination due to stereotyoes and misinformation Asian Americans and Pacific Peoples: A Case of Mistaken Identity California Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights 1975 California Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights
2001.046.005.511 Report Report on the problems faced by Korean and Philippine educated health professionals seeking licensure in California. A Dream Unfulfilled: Korean and Pilipino Health Professionals in California California Advisory Committee 1975 California Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights
2001.046.005.512 Book History of Seattle Northwest Gateway: The Story of the Port of Seattle Binns, Archie 1941 Binfords and Mort
2001.046.005.513 Book Early history of Tacoma and south Puget Sound. Puget's Sound: A Narrative of Early Tacoma and the Southern Sound Morgan, Murray 1979 University of Washington Press
2001.046.005.514 Book Collection of works by newspaper columnist Emmett Watson Digressions of a Native Son Watson, Emmett 1982 The Pacific Institute Inc
2001.046.005.515 Book Story of Ing Hay (Doc Hay) and Lung On and their business and medical practice in John Day Oregon. China Doctor of John Day Barlow, Jeffery and Christine Richardson 1979 Binford and Mort Inc.
2001.046.005.516 Book Chinese American history in Seattle Chinese History in the Pacific Northwest Wong, Karen 1972 Karen Wong
2001.046.005.517 Booklet Survey of King County historic structures. King County Survey of Historic Places King County Department of Planning and Community Development 1979 King County Department of Planning and Community Development
2001.046.005.518 Booklet Chinese New Years in Los Angeles Chinese New Year Souvenir Program 1975 Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles 1975 Bill Hong
2001.046.005.519 Booklet Facisimile printing of historic photographs of Tacoma Washington Tacoma Beautiful
2001.046.005.520 Book Stories to tell when hiking and camping. Trail and Camp-Fire Stories Seton, Julia M. 1940/1950 Willing Publishing Co
2001.046.005.521 Book Articles on Asian American artists in the Pacific Northwest Turning Shadows into Light: Art and Culture of the Northwest's Early Asian/Pacific Community Tsutakawa, Mayumi and Alan Chong Lau eds. 1982 Young Pine Press
2001.046.005.522 Book Dominant community's view of Chinese and Japanese immigrants in Bellingham Washington An Ethnohistorical Study of the Dominant Community Reaction to the Chinese and Japanese Immigrant Communities in Bellingham, Washington Willson, Margaret 1982 Western Washington University
2001.046.005.523 Booklet Spanish expedition to the New World. Essays by Richard Polese, Michael Weber, Donald Cutter The Malaspina Expedition Museum of New Mexico 1977 Museum of New Mexico
2001.046.005.524 Booklet Elementary Chinese stories in characters and Romanized. Simple Chinese Stories Kennedy, George A. 1942 Department of Oriental Studies; Yale University
2001.046.005.525 Booklet History of Seattle by photographs and illustrations. Highlights of Seattle's History Illustrated Warren, James, and William McCoy 1982 Historical Society of Seattle and King County
2001.046.005.526 Book An Old Chinese play done into English Lady Precious Stream: An Old Chinese Play Done Into English According to Its Traditional Style S.I. Hsiung 1935 Liveright Publishing/ Methuen & Co
2001.046.005.527 Book English and Chinese Reader with a Dictionary I.M. Condit 1882 American Tract Society
2001.046.005.528 Book Thien Lou Leh Thia Su 1894
2001.053.005 Book elementary school reader. The Elson Readers: Book One Elson, William and Lura Runkel 1927 Scott, Foresman and Company
2001.053.055 Dictionary Chinese dictionary without cover.
2001.053.056 Book Book in Chinese, about various rituals, how to write letters, etc. titled" Dealing with Everything in the World." From 1940.
2001.053.057 Dictionary Chinese dictionary from 1924, gray-green cover, published by The Commercial Press Limited.
2001.053.058 Dictionary Chinese dictionary, titled "A Practical Students Dictionary," from 1924, published by Commercial Press Limited.
2001.053.059 Dictionary Chinese dictionary of homonyms, yellow cover
2001.053.060 Dictionary Chinese dictionary, green cloth cover, from 1925
2001.053.061 Dictionary English dictionary, Webster's Academic Dictionary, from 1895
2001.053.062 Dictionary English dictionary from 1940, titled "The Modern Webster Dictionary with Atlas of the World." Black cover, spine held together with tape.
2001.053.063 Dictionary Chinese dictionary in two volumes, titled "Word Ocean," from 1940 (a+b) a: volume 1 b: volume 2
2002.016.001 Book Reader Fifth Grade Japanese Reader
2002.016.002 Book Elementary School Reader parts 1 - 10, 12 Elementary School Reader Part I - X, XII Ministry of Education
2002.016.003 Book Elementary School Etiquette Book for First Grade Ministry of Education
2002.016.004 Book Elementary School Ettiquette Book for Second Grade Ministry of Education
2002.016.005 Book Standard Elementary School Morals Part II
2002.016.006 Book Standard Elementary School Arithmetic
2002.016.007 Book Standard Elementary School Arithmetic for Second Grade Ministry of Education
2002.016.008 Book Elementary School Penmanship Guide Second Grade Ministry of Education
2002.021.022 Book Two volume work. Chapter 1 - 249 prescriptions for disease. Chapter 2 - How to cook Chinese food. Chapter 3 - How to keep clothing in good condition Chapter 4 - How to repair household goods. Chapter 5 - Solutions to problems Chapter 6 - How to care for animals Chapter 7 - How to care for plants The Thousand Secret Recipes for Daily Use Tang Jin yu 1928 Tai Dong Book Store
2002.028.012 Article History and translation of the calligraphy on the driftwood screens Araki Driftwood Screens, the Yamamura, Susan 2015
2002.029.001 Book The Bruce Lee Story Linda Lee 1989 Ohara Publications
2002.029.002 Book Bruce Lee: The Incomparable Fighter M. Uyehara 1988 Ohara Publications
2002.029.003 Book The Insidious Fu-Manchu Sax Rohmer 1963 Pyramid
2002.029.004 Book The Hand of Fu-Manchu Sax Rohmer 1962 Pyramid
2002.054.009 Dictionary Romanized Japanese terms and English counterparts. Saseido's Concise Japanese English Dictionary 1923 Sanseido
2002.30.001 Book Traces the evolution of the American comic strip since the creation of the Yellow Kid in 1895 through an examination of over 130 original examples of comic strip art from major public and private collections. Children of the Yellow Kid: The Evolution of the American Comic Strip Harvey, Robert C. 1998 Frye Art Museum
2003.013.001 Booklet The threat of Japan to western civilization and christianity. The Yellow Peril (Japan) and Bible Prophecy Dan Gilbert, LlD 1943 Zondervan Publishing House
2003.020.001 Book Japanese American newspaper year book. Includes black ad white photos of businesses and individuals and recap of the news stories of 1936 and a listing of Japanese American businesses in the western US and Canada. In Japanese. The North American Times 1936 Edition Year Book
2003.028.001 Booklet Lock Kay Family of Olympia Wasihngton State history booklet. Kay Family history booklet. Fung, Jeni Kay 2002 Jeni Kay Fung
2003.029.001 Book Overview of the Tule Lake Internment Camp on the first anniversary of its start by the camps newspaper. A Tule Lake Interlude: First Anniversary May 27, 1942 - 1943 Tulean Dispatch May 1943 The Tulean Dispatch, War Relocation Authority
2003.029.002 Book Story of the Japanese American 442nd regement Americans: The Story of the 442nd Combat Team Shirey, Orville C. 1946 Infantry Journal Press
2003.029.003 Book Photo souvenir for US troops visiting Switzerland. Our Leave in Switzerland: A Souvenir of the visit of American soldiers to Switzerland in 1945/46 1946 Co-operative Zur Limmat
2003.036.001 Tape, Video Series surveys the last 150 years of economic and political development in the Pacific Basin, and the connections between the nations of eastern Asia and the United States. 1. The Two Coasts of China: Asia and the Challenge of the West Discusses the clash of Western and Chinese cultures as China's ports were transformed into trading centers and technological advances displaced traditional ways of working and living. As a result of China's slowness to change, her power and influence over the Pacific theater quickly diminished, and Japan stepped into the forefront. Stories of the Mongol Invasions, Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion are recreated using original production footage shot in Mongolia, China, Japan and Southeast Asia. 2. The Meiji Revolution Discusses the clash of Western and Chinese cultures as China's ports were transformed into trading centers and technological advances displaced traditional ways of working and living. As a result of China's slowness to change, her power and influence over the Pacific theater quickly diminished, and Japan stepped into the forefront. Stories of the Mongol Invasions, Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion are recreated using original production footage shot in Mongolia, China, Japan and Southeast Asia. 3. From the Barrel of a Gun Describes the revolution began by Asia's political leaders following WW II. Shows how the Pacific war, the cultural revolution in China and the Vietnam War stem from the roots of nationalism. The end of colonial dominance and the subsequent rise of nationalism and communism are told through the lives of Ho Chi Minh, The Vietnamese revolutionary, and Sukarno, the founding father of Indonesia. 4. Writers and Revolutionaries The lives of Lu Xun, China's greatest modern writer, and Kita Ikki, the famous Japanese philosopher, are highlighted. Both revolutionaries explored the traditional strengths and weaknesses of their societies, with Lu Xun writing scathing satires aimed at China's ineffective leadership. Kita Ikki, on the other hand, watched with alarm as his radical teachings were distorted by right wing extremists and used to design a monstrous blueprint for a Japanese world empire. Details how China became vulnerable to the threat of the encroaching Japanese. 5. Reinventing Japan Describes the allied relationship that developed between the U.S. and Japan following WW II. Set to the sounds of big band jazz, the program tells the stories of real men and women--both American and Japanese--who lived through the Occupation. Reveals the unexpected results of America's ambitious efforts to mold Japan into its own image and analyzes the astonishing present-day consequences. 6. Inside Japan, Inc. Examines the economic miracle of post-war Japan and the increasing tensions between Japan and the United States because of Japan's resolve to control its own economic destiny. 7. Big Business and the Ghost of Confucius Describes the economic success stories of Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore. Examines how these newly industrialized countries moved to the forefront of the world economy so rapidly. Examines the role played by America and Confucian beliefs in shaping the successful formula for East Asian capitalism and grapples with the question of the role of government in economic growth. Presents profiles and interviews of politicians and business leaders like former Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, and the chairman of South Korea's Hyundai Corp. 8. The Fight for Democracy Documents the struggle for democracy in South Korea. Discusses South Korea's economic development and the government's policies, including loans to companies such as Hyundai, where the lifting of the government ban on unions led to conflict with workers. The documentary examines Korea's political history from its beginnings through Japanese occupation, the Korean War, the uprising in Kwangju in 1980, and the massive protests of 1987, to the present. Analyzes historical Anti-American attitudes and today's grassroots political movements. 9. Sentimental Imperialists: America in Asia Examines the stereotypic attitudes of Westerners towards Asia from 1776 to the present. Presents specific case studies of the U.S. relationships with China and the Philippines. 10. The Pacific Century: The Future of the Pacific Basin Confronts the economic, political, and cultural challenges that must be faced to secure America's future as a global player in the Pacific Basin region. The Pacific Century 1992 Pacific Basin Institute/KCTS
2003.036.003 Book Japanese guide to English Letter Writing Guide to English Letter - Writing 1907 Hakubunkwan
2003.043.005 Book Folk Art Yoshida, Shoya 1979 Hoikusha
2003.043.006 Book Outlines of Chinese Symbolism and Art Motives Williams, C.A.S. 1976 Dover Publications, Inc.
2003.043.007 BOOK Chinese Art, Vol I & II S.W. Bushell, C. M. G. 1914 Victoria and Albert Museum
2003.043.008 Book Chinese Art Burling, Judith and Arthur Hart Burling 1953 Bonanza Books
2003.043.009 Book A History of Far Eastern Art Lee, Sherman E. 1964 Prentice Hall
2003.056.001 Book Forbidden Stitch: An Asian American Women's Anthology Lim, Shirley Geok-lin, ed. 1989 CALYX Books
2003.056.002 DVD A coming-of-age tale based on the diary and letters of Stanley Hayami. A Flicker in Eternity: Based on the Diary and Letters of Stanley Hayami Kaneko, Ann, Dir. 2012 California State Library
2003.056.003 DVD How Bruce Lee Changed the World Webb, Steve, Dir. 2009 History Channel
2003.066.011 Book Large oversize hard cover Japanese book in English on Japanese dolls. Dolls of Japan 1957 Toto Shuppan
2003.067.001 Book Two volumes on Japan. Volume I is subtitled: Religion, Culture, Popular Practices Volume II is: Japanese Psychology, Tradition, Cutoms and Manners. Japan in a Nutshell in two volumes 1952 Atsuhara Sakai
2003.067.002 Book Japan culture Approach To Japanese Culture Kokusai bunka Shinkokai
2003.067.003 Book Tawaraya Sotatsu; Kodansha Library of Japanese Art #6 Ichimatsu Tanaka, ed. Elise Grilli, English Text 1956 Charles E. Tuttle
2003.067.004 Book Sesshu Toyo Tanio Nakamura, ed. Elise Gilli, English Text 1957 Charles E. Tuttle
2003.068.007 Newspaper The International Examiner, Seattle WA The International Examiner 1978-1989
2003.071.001 Book Developing and designing museums and exhibitions Museum Energy Huang, Kuang-nan 2003 National Museum of History
2003.071.002 Report 2002 Annual Report of the National Museum of History National Museum of History 2002 National Museum of History
2003.071.003 Report 9 reports from the Crisis and Opportunity Forum Includes: 1. Gathering Asian American Stories: Wing Luke Asian Museum, A Model for Museums of a New Millennium by Mr. Ron Chew, Executive Director, WIng Luke Asian Museum 2. Introspection on the Museum Management in Taiwan: Human Resource and Budget Planning by Dr. Huang, Kuang-nan, Director, National Museum of History 3. A Museum with Perseverance and Innovation by Dr. Li, Chia-Wei, Director, National Museum of Natural Science 4. Museum of the New Century: Case of Gyeongju National Museum of Korea by Mr. Park, Young Bok, Director General, Gyeongju National Museum of Korea 5. The Case of Jacquemart-Andre Museum: An Original Solution when Confronting Crisis by Dr. Nicolas Sainte Fare Garnot, Director, Jacequemart-Andre Museum 6. Evolving from "Death Scene" to Lifestyle Destination and Learning Centers: The Development of Museums in Singapore, a 115 year experience by Ms. Lee Chor Lin, Director, Singapore History Museum 7. The Sustainable Development of Taiwan's Museums in a Time of Changes by Dr. Tu, Cheng-sheng, Director, National Palace Museum 8. Future Museums: A European Perspective by Dr. Simon Knell, Director/Head of Department of Museum Studies, University of Leicester Crisis and Opportunity: Museums in the New Century, Forum of Museum Directors, 2003 National Museum of History 2003 National Museum of History
2003.071.004 Tape, Video Poon Kang (Pei Kang)
2003.071.005 Book History of the Buddhist Matsu temple in Pei Kang (Poon Kang) Taiwan. The Chau Tien Temple in Peikang Li, Chien-Lang 1992 Lee Shien Wen
2003.071.006 Book Anapji Hall: Gyeongju National Museum 2002 Tongcheon Publishing Co.
2003.071.007 Book Archaeology Hall: Gyeongju National Museum 2002 Tongcheon Publishing Co.
2003.071.008 Book Art Hall: Gyeongju National Museum 2002 Tongcheon Publishing Co.
2003.071.009 Book A Guidebook to "Historic Monuments and Sites Day" 2003 Council for Cultural Affairs
2003.071.010 Book Abstracts of small cultural museums in Taiwan. Taiwan Cultural Map Council for Cultural Affairs
2003.071.011 Book A Collection of Archival Documents from Ponkan Academica Historica 2001 Academia Historica
2003.071.012 Book Peikang 2000
2003.071.013 Book Taiwan's Aboriginal Peoples Council for Cultural Affairs 2002
2003.077.004 Book Three volumes of this journal, No. 6 October 1959; No. 9, April, 1961, No. 16. Lalit Kala: A Journal Of Oriental Art, Chiefly Indian Lalit Kala Akademi
2003.500 Book Story of the Stone, the Cao Xueqin 1988 Penguin
2003.500.001 Book This is a vivid, different kind of hisotry-hisotry as actually lived by an eyewitness who candidly tells how events unfolded for ordinary people during the war in the Pacific. It is a story of coming of age in chaotic times, from the unique perspective of a yung woman in the Jewish community of Shanghai. Strangers Always: A Jewish Family in Wartime Shanghai Krasno, Rena 1992 Pacific View Press
2003.500.002 Tape Becoming American: The Chinese Experience Becoming American: The Chinese Experience Thirteen WNET New York March 3, 2003 Thirteen WNET
2003.500.003 Tape, Video The wife of Fujimatsu Moriguchi, founder of Uwajimaya. The Angel of Uwajimaya: Sadako Moriguchi, 1907-2002 Vaun S. Raymond VSR Documentary Video
2003.500.004 Tape Ford Foundation grant film of the devlopment of urban areas into art and cultural facilities. Up downside Nancy Kelly Mother Lode Productions
2003.500.005 Book Willamette Industries, Inc. was formed in its persent corporate strucure in 1967, but its heritage dates back to 1906 when its parent company, Willamette Valley Lumber Co., was formed. Making The Most Of The Best: A History of Willamette Industries, Inc. Catherine Baldwin Dunn 1994 Willamette Industries, Inc.
2003.500.006 Book Willamette Industries, Inc. was formed in its present corporate structure in 1967, but its heritage dates back to 1906 when its parent company, Willamette Valley Lumber Co., was formed. Making The Most Of The Best: A History of Willamette Industries, Inc. Dunn, Catherine Baldwin 1994 Willamette Industries, Inc.
2003.500.007 Book When Raymond's mother becomes sick, he remembers that she misses the living things of the country and, with the help of their neighbor, he tries to prepare the perfect present for her. Raymond's Perfect Present Louie, Therese On 2002 Lee and Low Books, Inc.
2003.500.008 Book Kyung Soon is the youngest daughter of a Korean famly. In her daily struggles to help her family survive the war's devastation, she is encouraged by her mother's wisdom and insight. When her mother dies, Kyung Soon contiues valiantly to protect her younger brother and help her father. My Treacherous Journey: Guided by the Wisdom of a Korean Mother Yun, Kyung Soon 2002 Elton-Wolf Publishing
2003.500.009 Book How Feung Shui can bring good fortune, works. What the Chinese Elements are and who uses Feng Shui today. The Elements of Feng Shui Kwok, Man-Ho, and Joanne O'Brien 1997 Barnes & Noble Books
2003.500.010 Book A step by step guide to Japanese Paper Cord Weaving Mizuhiki Kogei Nyumon: A step by step guide to Japanese Paper Cord Weaving Haruko, Kate Motoda foundation
2003.500.011 Book A photographic Journey of Golden Gate National Parks A Photographic Journey: Golden Gate National Parks Colasurdo, Christine 2002 Golden Gate National Parks Association
2003.500.012 Book The Arab Americans' history in metro Detroit Arab Americans in Metro Detroit: A Pictorial History Ameri, Anan and Yvonne Lockwood 2001 Arcadia Publishing
2003.500.013 Book A step by step guide to Japanese Paper Cord Weaving Mizuhiki Kogei Nyumon: A Step by Step Guide to Japanese Paper Cord Weaving Shimizu, Haruko 1998 H. Shimizu
2003.500.014 Book The secret life of a Japanese-American pharmacist in a small town in New York. On the surface a model of propriety and serenity, he is torn by memories of his service in the Japanese army in World War II and the comfort woman he loved and could not save. A Gesture Life Lee, Chang-rae 1999 Penguin Books
2003.500.015 Manuscript A draft of a manuscript focusing on Chinese Americans on Whidbey Island. Traces of the Chinese in Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve, Whidbey Island, Washington Dubrow, Gail Lee 2003 Trust Board of Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve
2003.500.016 Book Four stories of the relationship between Japan and Port Angeles Washington, State. An Ocean Between Us Iritani, Evelyn 1994 William Morrow and Company, Inc.
2003.500.017 Book Another look at the Internment of Japanese Americans Years of Infamy: The Untold Story of America's Concentration Camps Weglyn, Michi 1976 William Morrow and Company, Inc.
2003.500.018 Book Drawings with brief comments by the author describe her memories of life in a California internment camp during World War II. Citizen 13660 Okubo, Mine 1946 Columbia University Press
2003.500.019 Spiral-Bound 90 year history of the Beacon Hill park designed by the Olmstead Brothers Landscape firm. Jefferson Park Reconstructed: A 100-Year History 2003 Jefferson Park Alliance
2003.500.020 Book General history of Japanese Americans Japanese Americans: The Formation and Transformations of an Ethnic Group Spickard, Paul R. 1996 Twayne Publishers
2003.500.021 Book Struggling to Be Heard offers various theoretical frameworks for understanding culture and language diversity in Asian Pacific American young people. Struggling to Be Heard: The Unmet Needs of Asian Pacific American Children Pang, Valerie Ooka and Li-Rong Lilly Cheng, eds 1998 State University of New York Press
2003.500.022 Book In the early 1980s tens of thousands of Cambodian refugees fled their war weary country to take up residence in the United States. This book is the story of that passage, and the story of the Khmer Americans to recreate the fabric of culture and identity in the aftermath of the Khmer holocaust. Khmer America: Identity and Moral Education in a Diasporic Community Smith-Hefner, Nancy J. 1999 University of California Press
2003.500.023 Book A Japanese-American's personal account of growing up in Seattle in the 1930s and of being subjected to relocation during World War II. Nisei Daughter Sone, Monica 1953 Little, Brown and Company
2003.500.024 Book In the aftermath of World War II, Ichiro, a Japanese American, returns home to Seattle to make a new start after two years in an internment camp and two years in prison for refusing to be drafted. No-No Boy Okada, John 1992 University of Washington Press
2003.500.025 Book Cantonese Opera in New Yorks Chinatown Essays by Sau Yan Chan and Sai-shing Yung , and Isabelle Duchesne Red Boat on the Canal: Cantonese Opera in New York Chinatown Duchesne, Isabelle, ed. 2000 Museum of the Chinese in the Americas
2003.500.026 Book History of the Chinese in the United States, New York. Where is Home: Chinese in the Americas Lee, Cynthia, ed. 2002 Museum of the Chinese in the Americas
2003.500.027 Book History of and how to of Zen meditation To Forget the Self: An Illustrated Guide to Zen Meditation Buksbazen, John Daishin 1977 Zen Center of Los Angeles
2003.500.028 Book Exploring the relationships among the Issei, Nisei and Sansei Japanese American generations, the author has crafted four dramas. Fish Head Soup and Other Plays Gotanda, Philip Kan 1995 University of Washington Press
2003.500.029 Book Growing Up Asian American is the first anthology of its kind and fills a void in the American cultural library. Editor Maria Hong has selected thirty-two classic stories and essays by some of American's most respected and loved authors as well as compelling and touching works from new and lesser-known writers. Growing Up Asian American: An Anthology Hong, Maria, ed. 1993 William Morrow and Company, Inc.
2003.500.030 Book Two volumes on the religion, culture, popular practices, psychology, tradition, customs and manners of the Japanese people. Japan in a Nutshell Sakai, Atsuharu 1949 Yamagata Printing Co.
2003.500.031 Book Sliding Doors Kawai, Michi 1950 Keisen Jogakuen
2003.500.032 Booklet Wildflowers of Northern Mongolia in the Lake Hovsgol Protected Area. Wildflowers of Northern Mongolia Oyumaa, J. 2001 Lake Hovsgol, Protected Area
2003.500.033 Book Portrays the story of those Japanese Americans who refused to cooperate Tule Lake Miyakawa, Edward 2002 House by the Sea Publishing Company
2003.500.034 Book Asian American confronts killing in Vietnam. An American Sin: A Novel Su, Frederick 2001 Bytewrite LLC
2003.500.035 Book Story of the memorial to Japanese Americans in Washington DC Patriotism, Perseverance, Posterity: The Story of the National Japanese American Memorial 2001 National Japanese American Memorial Foundation
2003.500.036 Book Exhibition catalogue with photographs of the artists works with articles by Maxine Hong Kingston, Kathleen Hana, Jade Snow Wong and Forrest Merrill. Jade Snow Wong: A Retrospective Poon, Irene, ed. 2002 The Chinese Historical Society of America
2003.500.037 Tape, Video At the conclusion of WW II 120,000 men, women and children of Japanese ancestry were released after three years of imprisionment in internment camps. Each was given $25 dollars and a train ticket home. For many home was California - the Santa Clara or Salinas Valley or the Central Coast. This documentary tells their stories of struggle, hardship and triumph as they rebuilt their lives. Return to the Valley: the Japanese American Experience After WW II 2003 KTEH Silicon Valley Public Television
2003.500.038 Book The long-awaited second edition of the oral history classic, Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans: The First 100 Years, now features 102 individual stories and portraits of pioneer elders. With candor, wit and eloquence, they describe their bittersweet memories of early Chinatown, the era of World War II and the community that emerged before the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans: The First 100 Years Chew, Ron, ed. 2003 Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.039 Book Mapping State Cultural Policy: The State of Washington Schuster, J. Mark, ed. 2003 Cultural Policy Center, University of Chicago
2003.500.040 Book Article on WLAM exhibit Golden Roots: Korean Americans in Washington State by Airyang Park All the way through with Him
2003.500.041 Book Between 1870 and 1942, people of Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino ancestry toiled in the salmon canneries on coastal bays and streams from central California to western Alaska. Successive generations of Asian immigrants and Asian Americans formed the predominant body of workers in an industry that played a central role in the economic growth of the western states and territories. This book traces the shifts in the ethnic and gender composition of the cannery labor market from its origins through its decline and examines the workers' creation of work cultures and social communities. Organizing Asian American Labor: The Pacific Coast Canned-Salmon Industry, 1870-1942 Friday, Chris 1994 Temple University Press
2003.500.042 Book A Guide to the Manuscript Collections in the Eastern Washington State Historical Society Nolan, Edward W. 1987 Eastern Washington State Historical Society
2003.500.043 Journal 29.2 Asian Americans: A Success Story? Sue, Stanley and Harry Kitano, Eds. 1973 Journal of Social Issues
2003.500.044 Article "As Truly American asYour Son" in Oregon Historical Quarterly, Winter 2003 Eisenberg, Ellen 2003 Oregon Hisotrical Society
2003.500.045 Book History of the authors family in China and America. Who Was Bao-Xiang? Lin, Jung-Tai and Johnny Lin and Joann Lin Oshima, trans. 2003 Jung-Tai Lin
2003.500.046 Magazine Vol. II No. 2 & 3 Illustrated children's stories from Japan. Silver Bells: Children's Magazine from Japan 1953
2003.500.047 Book A detailed history of the Varsity Victory Volunteers in the larger contect of Hawai'i before and during WW II. No Sword To Bury: Japanese Americans in Hawai'i during WW II Odo, Franklin 2004 Temple University Press
2003.500.048 Book Iris Chang, the daughter of second-wave Chinese immigrants, has written a narrative that encompasses the entire history of one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States, an epic story that spans 150 years and continues to the present day. Chang takes a fresh look at what it means to be an American and draws a complex portrait of the many accomplishments of the Chinese in their adopted country, from building the transcontinental railroad to major scientific and technological advances. A sensitive, deeply moving story of individuals whose lives have shaped and been shaped by this history, The Chinese in America is a saga of raw human tenacity and a testament to the determination of a people to forge an identity and destiny in a strange land. The Chinese in America: A Narrative History Chang, Iris 2003 Penguin Books
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2003.500.050 Book Voices of Healing: Spirit and Unity After 9/11 in the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Smith, Icy ed. 2004 Organization of Chinese Americans
2003.500.054 Documents
2003.500.055 Book Roger Shimomura: Stereotypes and Admonitions Shimomura, Roger 2004 Greg Kucera Gallery
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2003.500.065 Book First published in 1946, this autobiography of the well-known Filipino poet describes his boyhood in the Philippines, his voyage to America, and his years of hardship and despair as an itinerant laborer following the harvest trail in the rural West. Bulosan does not spare the reader any of the horrors that accompanied the migrant's life; but his quiet, stoic voice is the most convincing witness to those terrible events. America Is in the Heart: A Personal History Bulosan, Carlos 1996 University of Washington Press
2003.500.066 Book Dogeaters Hagedorn, Jessica 1990 Penguin Books
2003.500.067 Book [Book on Zuolie Deng and his Chinese calligraphy] 2006
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2003.500.072 Book All I Asking for Is My Body Murayama, Milton 1988 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.073 Book Angel Island, in San Francisco Bay, was the entry, internment center, and often closest approach to the US for Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century. Here are the thoughts they carved and inkbrushed on their barrack's walls, discovered after the center closed in 1940. Facing pages of Chinese and English. Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, 1910-1940 Lai, Him Mark, ed. 1996 University of Washington Press
2003.500.074 Book Hmong Means Free: Life in Laos and America Chan, Sucheng, ed. 1994 Temple University Press
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2003.500.076 Book The Changs immigrated to the United States from China for education and safety but are distracted by other goals. Typical American Jen, Gish 1992 Houghton Mifflin Company
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2003.500.078 Book Charlie Chan is Dead: An Anthology of Contemporary Asian American Fiction Hagedorn, Jessica, ed. 1993 Penguin Books
2003.500.079 Book This biographical novel is the extraordinary story of a remarkable woman and her achievement of respect and dignity among the pioneer women of the early American West. Thousand Pieces of Gold: A Biographical Novel McCunn, Ruthanne Lum 1988 Beacon Press
2003.500.080 Book A memoir of the American-born daughter of Chinese immigrants who lived within the traditions and fears of the Chinese past as well as the realities of the alien modern American culture. The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts Kingston, Maxine Hong 1989 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.081 Book A clash of ethnic and professional loyalties is the subject of this novel. The protagonist is a Korean-American who works for a private intelligence service and is assigned to spy on a rising Korean-American politician. To blow the whistle on a fellow ethnic would hurt his tribe, on the other hand there is his professional reputation to consider. Native Speaker Lee, Chang-rae 1995 Riverhead Books
2003.500.082 Book Our Stories: Life Stories of Sixteen Taiwanese American Couples Yang, Carole 2004 North American Taiwanese Women's Association
2003.500.083 CD Downside Up captures the beginnings of American's largest museum of contemporary art, MASS MoCA and the rebirth of the host city, North Adams Downside Up Kelly, Nancy 2002
2003.500.084 Book With national pride and occasional fear, a brother and sister face the increasingly oppressive occupation of Korea by Japan during World War II, which threatens to suppress Korean culture entirely. When My Name Was Keoko Park, Linda Sue 2002 Random House
2003.500.085 Book The lives of people in both straight and lesbian relationships, all with connections to a book entitled NP. They include the author's children and the translator's mistress. Written by one of Japan's leading pop writers. N.P.: A Novel Yoshimoto, Banana 1994 Grove Press, Inc.
2003.500.086 Book The Snow Falling on Chagall's Village: Selected Poems Kim, Ch'un-Su 1998 Cornell University
2003.500.087 Book Black Candle: Poems about Women from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee 1991 CALYX Books
2003.500.088 Book Letters of the Dragon: An Anthology of Bruce Lee's Correspondence with Family, Friends, and Fans, 1958-1973 Lee, Bruce 1998 Charles E. Tuttle Company
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