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Wing Luke Museum
2001.046.005.270 Book Telegram and Telegraph regulations and code numbers for Chinese characters. Telegraph Language book in Cipher Code Meng Xue Book Store
2001.046.005.271 Book 21 lessons on history Each lesson has two historical stories with an illustration and simple heading in classical Chinese. Illustrated History Book for Primary School Chen Jun Qing 1919 Meng Xue Book Store
2001.046.005.272 Book Commoner Thousand Character Copy Book
2001.046.005.273 Book The Civil Rights Doctrine Sun Yatsen 1923 Ming ji Book Store
2001.046.005.274 Book Chinese calligraphy copy book Chinese Character Copy Book Kin Kung Calligraphy Academy
2001.046.005.275 Book 14 chapters on politics and society. Human Sympathy Lu Xin 1909 San Guang Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.276 Book Hai Ping Yong (Pacific) Book Store CAtalogue Books on Astronomy, geography, history, politics, education, commerce, finance, agriculture, science, philosophy, law, text books, dictionaries, fortune telling. Hai Ping Yong & Co. Book Catalogue Yang Yuhen 1920 Hai Ping Yong
2001.046.005.277 Book See 2001.046.005.205 Novel of criminal female slave traders and collusion with the police. Slave Market Xu Zhoudai 1921 World Journal
2001.046.005.278 Book 20 lessons: 1) Filial Piety 2) Treat everyone like your brother 3) Respect Aunts and Uncles 4) Keep old friendships in mind 5) Aid the needy 6) Be Honest 7) Do not keep what you find 8) Be publis sprited 9) Volunteer for the community 10) Be courageous IN Volume III are 21 lessons on courage, study and frugality The Republic's Text Book: Cultivate One's Moral Character Bao Gongyi 1911 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.279 Book This first volume is on biology and pond ecosystems Science: the New Edition for Primary School Seniors Du Yaoquan 1911 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.280 Book Human Physiology and Structure Chen Zi 1911 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.281 Book Detective story Huo Sang is the main character and a famous detective. In this case an elderly man comes to him saying his son has been kidnapped and the ransom is 10,000. It is to be delivered to a ship on the Huang Pu river, the "Wu Fu Chuan". The detective and his assistant save the child and arrest the kidnappers. Wu Fu Chuan Cheng Xiaoqing 1922 Da Dong Book Store
2001.046.005.283 Book Two volumes; New York detective Ke na investigates a murder at a race track. The murderer is a beautiful woman named Yita. The New Airship 1911 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.284 Book In ancient England a queen has a daughter that befriends a lion and learns the art of battle from a knight of the red cross. Fantastic Talk Ling Shu, trans. 1912 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.285 Book Two volumes I & II of a Sherlock Holmes story. Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 1901 Da Tong Book Store
2001.046.005.286 Book The Dream of the Red Chamber Vol. 14, 15 Cao Xuegin
2001.046.005.287 Book Strange Tales from a Robber's Den 1907 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.288 Book This book has three sections: I: Confucianism is one kind of religion II: Confucianism must be well developed in China now. III: The Economic Principles of Confucius The end piece has reviews in English and the title is in English on the back page. Chen Huanzhang was a professor at Columbia University. Discussions on Confucianism Chen Huanzhang huan-chang 1912 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.289 Book Fei Nai Jie's Wonderful Case Zhang Mojun 1911 Guang zhi Book Store
2001.046.005.290 Book Ling Yu, trans. 1909 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.291 Book Translation from English to Chinese The story of Christians in Palestine put to death by being fed to lions. Couple in a Pool of Blood Xue Yie, trans. 1912 Commercial Press Ltd
2001.046.005.292 Book Japanese novel traslated into Chinese of upper class Japanese. Love story and concerns a ring with hidden poison. Zhi Yuan Dang
2001.046.005.293 Book Three copies of the same volume. Problems with facial dermitology and use of cosmetics. Cosmetology: What Women Need to Know Qian Ying 1915; 1921 Jin Bu Book Store
2001.046.005.294 Book Six part work on the works of Xu Zhenya, novels, poems and articles. Xu Zhenya Selected Works Xu Zhen ya 1920
2001.046.005.295 Book Catalogue of books. Service Supply Co. 831-833 Grant Avenue San Francisco Jing Shan Book Catalogue Jin Shang Co.
2001.046.005.296 Book Tiny book. Chapter's 7,8,9 in this volume. Cleaverness about Trivial Things Zhiu Xiang Guan Zhu
2001.046.005.297 Book The story of two scholars - Ling Qing Sheng and Yi Tingzhi and the interest of a young girl Fang Xiaotao and the trouble that occurs. Zai Jin Pao
2001.046.005.298 Book Japanese Elementary text used in Seattle? Japanese Text Book for Primary School Elementary School Reader
2001.046.005.299 Book Studies in the Acts and Epistles Bosworth, Edward L. 1898 International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations
2001.046.005.300 Book The Records and Letters of the Apostolic Age Burton, Ernest De Witt 1895 The Caxton Press
2001.046.005.301 Book An agreement among a family or friends to pool money to help all. An assocation of formed to hold the money and to pay out to all members at a certain time. Agreement
2001.046.005.302 Book Collection of letters in English from England and translated into Chinese concerning love and marriage between various relations. Letters on Love and Marriage
2001.046.005.303 Book Mutual aid agreement Constitution
2001.046.005.304 Book Expanded Letter Composition with notes, 2 collections 1895 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.305 Book Detective Grayson solves a murder. Murder in the Parlor 1912 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.306 Book The chief of police and two detectives solve a murder mystery the Case of the Mutilated Corpse
2001.046.005.307 Book In Paris France, a maid is killed by a poison syringe. The Toxic Needle 1912 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.308 Book 12 English detective stories translated into Classical Chinese Sang Baile's Detective Stories
2001.046.005.309 Book 11 Chinese detective stories of the dective Duo Na Wen. Duo Na Wen's Detective Stories 1912 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.310 Book Volume 11 - 20 of a novel about a man broght back to life by a god so to be rejoined with his wife. Meng Lijun and Huangzu shaohua. Resurection of the King 1918
2001.046.005.311 Book Ethical lessons. Filial piety education morality Republican Ethical Readers For Common Schools, Voll. 4,5,6 Bao Gongyi June 1912 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.312 Book Death of Bi Yu: Part I Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.313 Book To Pass the Dharma to the Nun Part 4 of the Death of Bi Yu
2001.046.005.314 Book The Death of Bi Yu Yi Wen Tang Book store
2001.046.005.315 Book A treatise on the evils of opium. Please Don't Use Opium Yi Wen Tang Bookstore
2001.046.005.316 Book A ballad script about the evils of prostitution. A Flower Branch Marked by the Emperor
2001.046.005.317 Book Volume III of the story of Zhao Jun a royal maid in Han Dynasty China who is married to the Chief of a non-Han group. Zhao Jun to Marry
2001.046.005.318 Book Standard constitution of mutual aid society. Constitution of Mutual Aid Society
2001.046.005.319 Book Three parts in this book. Part I Textual Research on our Geneology Part II A Song of Chinese History Part III Dear Compatriots To Awake all Chinese
2001.046.005.320 Book Catchy phrases to popularize healthy recipes. A Song Book Of Chinese Recipes for Health
2001.046.005.321 Book Volume I of this work. A scholar goes to Suzhou to study and love. A Love Letter from a Scholar
2001.046.005.322 Book Story of Zhao Changyin and Jinniang. Zhao Changyin
2001.046.005.323 Book The Cause of the insurrection of the arm; Recovery of Wuhan; the military government; politics of military government. Revolution in China Wang Jingshi 1912 Du Chang hao
2001.046.005.324 Book Biography of Sun Yatsen and explanation of his writings and their meaning for China. Dr. Sun Yatsen and China Tan Haishan 1925 San Ming Book Store
2001.046.005.325 Book Overseas Chinese education; Interview with Chiang Kaishek. Overseas Chinese Affairs Monthly Magazine 1959 Overseas Chinese Affairs Monthly Commission
2001.046.005.326 Book Biography of Alexander Hamilton Life of Alexander Hamilton FLH Pott, Trans. 1912 Christian Literature Society
2001.046.005.327 Book Book of Christian hymns. Gospel Hymns 1919 Baptist Publication Society
2001.046.005.328 Book Humanity Lu Xin
2001.046.005.329 Book Novel of the Chinese revolution of 1911. Autumn in Nanking Leng Hongsheng 1915 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.330 Book Issue no. 88 a special children's poetry edition. Poetry Style 1979 Zheng Xin Book Store
2001.046.005.331 Book Republic of China oppostition to the normalization of relations be tween mainland China and Japan and a warning to Japan that mainland China plans to conquor it. Japan's Courts Destruction 1971 Union of Oveseas Chinese
2001.046.005.332 Book Classical Chinese treatise on evolution by a Christian minister. On Evolution G.W. Sheppard 1912 Christian Literature Society
2001.046.005.333 Book Using Christianity and evolutionary theory White talks of the evolution of women and for women to progress in China there must be an improved family system; women would have to study music, printing and home economics; be able to raise children and learn at home and to study hard. Progress Of Women L.M.White 1912 Christian Literature Society
2001.046.005.334 Book The moral lessons of Christianity make it ideal to be the state religion of China. Christianity: The State Religion 1912 Christian Literature Society
2001.046.005.335 Book How to draft personal letters for women . Letter Writing for Women: The New edition, Vol. 2 Du Zhiting 1907 Hui Wen Institute
2001.046.005.336 Book This work details communication methods of lovers. It includes information on how to arrange the position of a stamp to send a certain message; How to buy flowers; How to buy jewelry; examples of letters from America and Europe, and China; Function of a love letter and its transportation; Outline of love letters; Methods of persuassion. How to Write a Love Letter Deng Zhaoliang 1929 New Education Publishing House
2001.046.005.337 Book News of An Ping county, Guandong province, China. An Ping Bulletin 1960 An Ping Bulletin Commission
2001.046.005.338 Book Bulletin of Xinning County, Guandong province, China Xinning Magazine 1960 Xinning Magazine Commission
2001.046.005.339 Book Bulletin of the county of Yingchuan Wing Cheun, Guandong province China. Yingchuan Monthly Wing Cheun 1926 Yingcuan Monthly
2001.046.005.340 Book Instruction on doing math using paper and pen as opposed to using an abacus. Mathmatical Calculations on Paper 1906 Meihua Book Store
2001.046.005.341 Book Story of Bai Ruyu, a celestial in the Palace of the Moon. Drunken Dream in the Moon Palace Cheng Wen tang Book Store
2001.046.005.342 Book Chinese dictionary wiht seal style header characters Chinese Dictionary with Seal Style Characters 1717/ 1920
2001.046.005.343 Book The father of Lu Mengzheng was a selfish fellow and became very poor. When he passed away his son Lu Mengzheng is given a position where he may be the one ot marry the Prime Minesters daughter by catching an embroidered ball. The Story of the Embroidered Ball Xian Qin Ju Shi Zhui Jing Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.344 Book Story of evil daughter who steals the valued cup, with glowing purple clouds. The Valued Cup De Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.345 Book Story of Luo Cheng of the Tang Dynasty The Luo Family Legacy Vol. I Wu Guo Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.346 Book The Luo Family Legacy Vol. III
2001.046.005.347 Book The Luo Family Vol. IV Wu Gui Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.348 Book Story of the Luo Family during the Tang Dynasty The Luo Family Vol V Wu Gui Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.349 Book The Luo Family Vol. VI Wu Gui Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.350 Book After unjustly causing the deaths of innocent men, the Dong family is punished by heaven. Dong sends a message to future decendents to atone for his sins so the family name may be restored. Dong Family's Penence Dan Gui Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.351 Book The story of the scholar Pan Jin a cynical man nicknamed Huangtang "Absurd" Jin. Tales of Pan Jin Pan Xiahun Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.352 Book Fable about the site of the ferry crossing across the Luo Yang river in Fujian province China. The Luo Yang Bridge Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.353 Book Song Dynasty story of the beseiged Zhao Kuangyin and the relief troops led by Tao Sanchun. The Command of Tao Sanchun Dan Zhu Tang book Store
2001.046.005.354 Book Story of the difficulties of arranged marriages. The Sale of Guan Lun's Sister Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.355 Book This very small "Classical book on the filial piety" recites a Confucius lesson to his disciple Zeng Shen ?? on how to behave towards a senior, be it the own father, an elder brother or the ruler. The dialog-like text has probably been compiled by Zeng Cans own disciples. In spite of its smallness, this text is the core of Confucian social thinking which gives every person a defined position in the social context. In the Confucianist's eyes, behaviour following ones own position assured the stability of the familiy, the society, and the state. Social disorder would end in chaos and war. The Best Way to Rule the Family Tang Li Shan Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.356 Book Tang dynasty story of Mei Kui, who is unjustly killed. His benefactor seeing the plum (mei) blossoms falling will renounce the material world unless the plum trees bloom again, which they do the next day. Then Mei's son marries the benefactors daughter. The Plum Blooms Twice 1842 Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.357 Book Story of Mei Xiaolun, destitute since his father's death falls in love with Hua Quixian, who is also being suited by Li Fengchang. Mei eventually wins the highest scholar honors and the girl. The Mei and Li Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.358 Book The White Snake (Baishe zhuan ???) This is a very popular tale from the area of Hangzhou at least from the Five Dynasties Period. The White Snake Bai Suzhen ??? is very curious about the human life and transforms herself into a beautiful girl. She meets the young scholar Xu Xian ?? , and they fall in love. During the Dragon Boat Festival, Bai Suzhen drinks wine as retakes her original shape. Xu Xian is deeply frightened and dies. But with the help of a herb, Bai Suzhen reawakens him to life. Xu Xian seeks the help of a Buddhist monk named Fahai ???? . But Fahai fights against the White Snake Bai Suzhen and buries her beneath a pagoda. Only Xu Xian's son is able to free his mother from beneath the pagoda. The bad monk is transformed in a crab - the origin of the crabs in Hangzhou's West Lake. Pai Niangtzu Yung Chen Lei Feng ta/ White Snake Imprisoned in the Thunder Peak Pagoda. Dan Guz Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.359 Book He Ya Lan sells his wife's textiles at the fair but loses all of the money gambling. She says he is to raise a pig to sell to make up the money, but he looses that money as well. Ya Lan Sells the Pig Dan Zhu Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.360 Book Cantonese script of the story of the scholar Li long, whose fiance is sold to a brothel due to the transgresssions of her father. Li leaves his post to go find his fiance and they are reunited. Dan Zhu Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.361 Book Wang Tianhua's wife and child are killed in an accident. Wang in a contest is killed when the ghost of his wife causes hime to be blinded by dust. The Wang Tianhua is killed by Di Qing Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.362 Book Two volumes, 1,2 of the story of the 7th day of the seventh month according to the lunar calendar when the cowherd and maiden can meet. It is the night young women wish to be able to find their own lovers. Seventh Month Festival Paeon Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.363 Book Elementary text book. Elementary School Poetry Shou Jing Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.364 Book In this Chinese language education book every sentence has three characters. Trimetrical Classic Hua Xing Book Store
2001.046.005.365 Book Annotated thousand Character Classic. Qian Zi Wen/ Thousand Character Classic
2001.046.005.366 Book Made up of 32 lessons. Each lesson has a sentence made up of only four characters. there is a theme to each lesson from morality ot geography to the supernatural. The Four Character Classic/ Si Zi Qing
2001.046.005.367 Book the story of the ending of the Tang Dynasty from 926 CE to 960 CE and the beginning of the Song Dynasty. Nan Song Fei Long Zhuan Jin Zhang Book Store
2001.046.005.368 Book 5 - volumes. 1. List of family names; Trimetrical Classic; Multiplication tables; Rules for doing division with a one digit divisor on the abacus; Divination by tossing coins; letter writing; contracts; Li Chunfeng's land scriptures. Chinese Chronology, combination of stems and branches. 2. Thousand Character Classic; Paragraphs of the Thousand Character Classic; Contracts; Receipt; Letter of Reference; Letter of Appointment; 3. Chu Xi's advice on how to run the family economy; Common knowkedge of the ways of Society. 4. List of obscure Chinese characters; writings on birthdays; Rules of physiognomy. 5. Required course for all Chinese; four Character admonition; Addressing others. Handbook of Chinese Knowledge Guang Yi Book Store
2001.046.005.369 Book The Investiture of the Gods (Fengshen yanyi ????; also called Fengshen bang ???) Attributed to Xu Zhonglin ??? (d. 1566) or to Lu Xixing ??? (d. 1601), this novel of the type of a historical romance is a great fantasy about the overthrow of the bad, depraved ruler Zhou ? of the Shang dynasty by king Wu of Zhou ???. The sources for this novel include oral and written material about Taoist heroes and gods, monsters and spirits that assist king Wu in subduing the bad ruler or help bad king Zhou to resist the heaven appointed rebel. Inspired by his fox-ghost concubine Daji ?? (not Danji!), king Zhou murders his loyal ministers and even his own son. After the downfall of Shang, the suicide of king Zhou and the exorcism of Daji by Jiang Ziya ???, king Wu enfeoffs all his followers with a part of the kingdom, creating the Zhou feudal system. The deceased and killed heroes (the "gods" of the title), even the enemies, are invested with a heavenly constellation. The novel is well-composed and organized in an endless sequence of battles between the heroes that are not only fighting with weapons but also with words, trying to persuade the opponent to follow the justified side. The monotony of the endless battles makes the book a quite boring lecture, even if the author tries to introduce unexpected elements like suddenly joining Taoist or even Buddhist heroes.[ The Investiture of the Gods
2001.046.005.370 Book Vol. 3 of this edition of the Dream of the Red Chamber. Dream of the Red Chamber/Heng Lou Meng
2001.046.005.371 Book The scholar Jin Ting rui was to marry the daughter of his Uncle Mai, when the uncle back out because Jin was so poor. Jin was to marry Qiang Xian because he had retrieved the embroidered ball she had thrown to her suiters. Jin leaves the ball at the temple where he ahd gone to ask of his future and it is found by Qiang Xian's friend Qiang Chan. Jin eventually wins the honor of being first scholar in the Imperial examinations and marries both women. the Story of the Scholar Jin Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.372 Book Story of Li Qi, who remarries after his first wife dies, so his son and daughter will have a mother. He leaves on business and is gone for a long time. The stepmother takes up with another man and the children leave to find their father and are reunited. Liu Si Qin Yi Wen Tang BookStore
2001.046.005.373 Book Story of Xiao Xiong and Wang Jiang Xian and their engagement and the kidnapping of the bride by Tang Long Quong and his eventual defeat. Jin Si Fu Die Dan Gui Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.374 Book Story of Xiao Xiong and Wang Jiang Xian and their engagement and the kidnapping of the bride by Tang Long Quong and his eventual defeat. Ji Si Fu Die Dan Gui Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.375 Book Story of Xiao Xiong and Wang Jiang Xian and their engagement and the kidnapping of the bride by Tang Long Quong and his eventual defeat. Jin Si Fu Die Dan Gui Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.376 Book Zhou dynasty story of Emperor Zhuang Wang and hist wives. Zhu Si Qin Qing Xiang Ge Book Store
2001.046.005.377 Book Story of injustice bringing a young woman to the verge of suicide. The Suicide of Bai Yushuang Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.378 Book Attack the West of China Ren Gui Wu Gui Tang Book store
2001.046.005.379 Book Need and love join together a scholar and young woman. The Ever Blooming Lotus Yi wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.380 Book Comedy opera script Birthday Felicitations of a Fool Yi wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.381 Book Vol I and 2 copies of Vol II. Cantonese ballad script about a young scholar Su Wengui whose father was an official in the Song Dynasty. As tribute a trib gives the Emperor a valued butterfly and it is given to Su Wengui as a wedding gift. Butterfly from the West Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.382 Book After the revolution their was a call to forego giving offerings to the local gods. In Cantonese. To Oppose the Local Gods Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.383 Book A daughter opposes the will of her father and is put to death. Zhu Long Jin Nu Drown One's Daughter in a Basket Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.384 Book Story of scholar and love. Shi Chu Xiang Lian The Stone Transformed into a Fragrant Lotus Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.385 Book Cantonese ballad script about a cad whose wife is punished for her trangressions. Gui Ma Yuan Shi Cai Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.386 Book Story of Xiao Xiong and Wang Jiang Xian and their engagement and the kidnapping of the bride by Tang Long Quong and his eventual defeat. The Green Leaf Jade Fan 1905 Hua Xing Book store
2001.046.005.387 Book During the Ming Dynasty Ding Fang, head of the Board of Revenue has received an Imperial edict to investigate the empires accounts and exposes problems. He is promoted to Prime Minister and his son is betrothed to the daughter of another high ranking official all arranged by the Emperor. Yu Xiao Qin Ji Part I Yin Gui Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.388 Book Continuation of the story of loyal statesman Ding Fang and his son Ding Wen xian. Yu Xiao Qin Ji Part II Chen Meizhuang, ed. Yin Gui Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.389 Book Story of the first Emperor of the Song Dynasty before he was Emperor. Jin Qiao Wen Gua, vol. 1, 2 Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.390 Book During the period know as the Three Kingdoms, Xu Shu advisor to Liu Bei, and leaves to serve Cao Cao and returns three times. To See Shu Off Three Times Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.391 Book Seventh Month Festival Paeon Dan Zhu Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.392 Book Emperor Xuan Wang's womanizing leads to popular uprising. Xuan Wang's Three Annoyances Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.393 Book Cantonese ballad of couple betrothed at birth then separated. They meet later when Pan Bizheng leaves on a ship and Chen Jiaolian realizes it is her fiance and follows the boat to become reunited with Pan. Miss Chen Follows the Ship
2001.046.005.394 Book Man's second wife convinces him to murder his children by his first wife. Severe punishment follows. Instigation of Murder Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.395 Book Collection of 43 hymns in Chinese Fukien Hymnal 1869 The Gospel Church
2001.046.005.398 Book Story of Xue Pingqui The Story of Xue Pingqui
2001.046.005.399 Book Story of poor man, given the job of gardener, falls in love with his benefactor's daughter, takes the Imperial exams and does well and marries the daughter. The Chrysanthemum with Golden Leaves, (Portion)
2001.046.005.400 Book Lin Zhongqiang is almost taken to be a concubine of the emperor. Xiao Yin Yang Fan
2001.046.005.401 Book Story of Mu Lian Chinese legend has it that a long time ago, there lived a young man, Mu Lian and his widowed mother. His mother was a wicked woman. She often turned away beggars who came to her door asking for food. She liked to jeer at the working poor and their dirty clothes; in essence, the only person she cared about was herself. Mu Lian on the other hand was a kind soul. He was a gentle person and always willing to help anybody who was in need. One day he decided to become a monk and this did not please his mother. She scowled at him for being such a useless son; she wanted him to go out and work to earn more money for her. Wealth and materialistic things meant more to her than anything else. When she saw that she could not dissuade her son, a plan began to hatch in her mind. She decided to play a trick on the monks just to get back at them for taking away her son. Now it was the custom to offer food to the monks (this custom still exists to this very day), but only vegetarian food. Mu Lian's mother thought that it was nonsensical that these monks did not eat meat, so one day she offered food to some monks and slipped in some non-vegetarian items. According to one version of the story, the wicked woman was punished immediately and was sent to hell. Mu Lian wanted to save his mother's soul because he knew her soul was suffering. He set out and ventured deep into the bowels of hell. Soon he came upon his mother and he saw that she was sitting a bed of very sharp pointy stakes and was holding on to a basin of blood. Mu Lian tried feeding her some food but the food would either turn into fire or blood. It was hopeless: he couldn't do anything for her so he left. He returned home and started to pray. It is said that Buddha heard Mu Lian's prayers and was touched by Mu Lian's compassion. Thus Buddha decreed that once a year, the gates of hell be opened so that the lost souls will be able to roam the earth and be fed. This is why every year on the seventh day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar, the Chinese celebrate the festival of the hungry ghost. This is one of five major festivals in the Chinese culture. Food and drink will be offered at night outside the gates of houses. This is so that the ghosts do not enter their houses and cause trouble. A traditional food made for this festival is steamed sweet bread. Lanterns are lit to help guide the ghosts to the feasts set out for them. Special paper money is also burned as offerings to these ghosts so that they can take it back to hell and spend it there. To make sure that these souls stay out of trouble, entertainment is set up round the clock, mainly Chinese operas performed on outdoor stages. Luo Bu Tiao Jing, vol. 4 Dan Zhu Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.402 Book Collection of stories on the Chinese revolution . 1) Celebrating the Rising of the Flag of the REpublic of China 2) Revolution in Guangdong province in 1911. 3) Funeral oration for the 72 martyrs in the Huanghua grave of the Revolutionary Martyr. Nationalist Story Anthology Chong De Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.403 Book Feng Yi Pavillion Dan Zhu Tong Book Store
2001.046.005.404 Book The Story of Liang Tian Lai, vol. 3 Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.405 Book Story of poor man, given the job of gardener, falls in love with his benefactor's daughter, takes the Imperial exams and does well and marries the daughter. The Chrysanthemum With Golden Leaves Xi Hou Ju Si Dan Gui Tong Book Store
2001.046.005.406 Book Qi Xian, in order to cure her mother needs the neighbor's White lotus, and while attempting to get it becomes betrothed to the neighbor scholar. After the examinations and many adventures they are married. Ever Blooming Lotus Dan Gui Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.407 Book Volume III & IV of novel of treachery. A Triad Double Edged Sword Dan Zhu Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.408 Book Tao Hua Rui Ying Ping Vol. I Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.409 Book Story of yong scholar who falls in love, but due to circumstances, cannot marry for many years. Ba Cai Zi 1920 The Continent Library
2001.046.005.410 Book Volumes 11,12,15, 17, 18, 19, 20 of this edition. The Three Kingdoms (Sanguo yanyi ????; also called Sanguo zhi yanyi ?????) This romance about the war between the three kingdoms Wei ?, Wu ? and Shu ? is said to be a writing by Luo Guanzhong ??? (1494), but it was probably already written during the Yuan dynasty. It developed from popular stories about the heroes of that historical period, their strategies, tactics and battles. Comparing the novel with the historical book Sanguo zhi (written during the Jin dynasty) and the Song time "Summary of the Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government" Zizhi tongjian gangmu ??????, we see that there is a great difference in judgment about justified rule. Contrasting to the historical book, where the ruler of Wei, Cao Cao ??, is seen as the legal ruler of all China, the later histories and the romance see him as an usurpator of the throne that has to be possessed by the Liu family, whose descendant Liu Bei ?? was ruling in Shu. Central figures in the novel are heroes like the wise tactician Zhuge Liang ???, Zhang Fei ?? or the red faced semi-god Guan Yu ??. Not describing in black and white, the novel judges nevertheless between the good side, the followes of Liu Bei, and their conterparts like Sun Quan ??, king of Wu, and the usurper Dong Zhuo ??. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Luo Guanzhong Jin Zhoung Book Store
2001.046.005.411 Journal Journal of historical and contemporary Chinese art. 21 issues. 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,15,16,17,18,19,20,23,24,25,26,27. Artist 1974-1982 Artist Publishing House
2001.046.005.412 Book Seven issues of Overseas Chinese Culture magazine. Issues 1,2,3,4,5,6, and The Voice of Overseas Chinese Issue 2. Overseas Chinese Culture 1947 Overseas Chinese Culture Society
2001.046.005.413 Book Artilces include: Under the government of the Chinese Communist Party the people of mainland China are starving. Conference of American Democracy Party The China Post Weekly July 17, 1960 The China Post
2001.046.005.414 Book Articles on Chen Cheng the head of the government in Republic of China, Taiwan. The Textile industry in Hong Kong. Sinwen Tientai Weekly/ Newsdom July 19, 1958 Huang Mianling
2001.046.005.415 Book Articles include: The most pressing task, news, pvc industry in Taiwan, Bei Zhuyi's life. China Life December 1, 195 China Life Publications
2001.046.005.416 Book Featrure articles include anti-confucius elements of the 1911 revolution, and May Fourth Movement of 1919. Doctrine of Confucuis Quarterly Sage - Confucius Hall
2001.046.005.417 Book International issues in politics and economics. Zhong Yang Bao Dao/ The Central Report May 25, 1946
2001.046.005.418 Book Exhibition catalogue in English and Chinese with color reproductions of art of Tinghua that had been purchased by an Englishman in 1854 and were purchased by the Urban League for the Hong Kong Art Museum in 1975. TingHua: Paintings from His Studio 1976 Hong Kong Museum of Art
2001.046.005.419 Book Chinese and English words and phrases. Written on the inside of the cover is: Chin Foon/ Fun A Step in English Tongue for Chinese Tang Chi Kun 1909 Kwong Ngai
2001.046.005.420 Book Expanded edition of herbal reference work including chemical make-up and latin names. Pharmacognosy 1971 Health Publishing House
2001.046.005.421 Book Chinese Medicine and their Preparation 1970 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.422 Book Purchasing Account Book Entries for the purchase of tobacco and milk and other items. Accounting Book 1915
2001.046.005.423 Book Daily accounting book of the Li Hua ? store. Accounting Book 1916
2001.046.005.424 Book Daily accounts book Purchases include tabacco, milk, medicine, matches. Accounting Book 1921
2001.046.005.425 Book Daily accounting book. 1916
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2001.046.005.462 Book Ballad script In this popular account, the story opens with a herd boy named Niu Lang who is poor and has only one ox. One day the ox tells her master to go to a certain stream where he will see some heavenly fairies bathing. If he steals the clothes of one of them, the ox says, he will gain himself a bride, as she will be unable to fly away. One day the herd boy does as instructed. All of the maidens fly away except the one Chih-Nu, who was also called the weaver. Because she can?t do anything else, she follows the cowherd and becomes his wife. A few years went by, and the old cow, feeling it was about to die, said to its master, "When I am dead take off my skin and fill it with golden sand. Then take the ring from my nose and make it into a packet pouch. Carry it with you always and when you are in trouble it will help you." During the following years, the weaver bore the cowherd a son and a daughter. Often the weaver would ask her husband where he had hidden her fairy dress but he would never tell her. One night she pleaded so enchantingly that he told her--whereupon she quickly snatched the garment and flew up into the sky. The cowherd seized the children and flew up to heaven with the aid of the magic cowhide. The weaver's response was to take a golden hairpin and draw a long line to cut off the pursuit. This turned into a broad raging river. The cowherd poured the sand out of the hide into the river until if formed a big sandbank, which he was then able to cross. But the weaver again drew another long celestial river, which successfully impeded the cowherd who had used up all his sand. He then took the ring out of his packet and threw it at his wife; she threw her shuttle in return. Suddenly one of the lesser gods appeared and ordered them to make peace. They were to stay apart except for one night of the year. In this version the two stars that are visible behind the cowherd (Altair) and the weaver (Vega) are the ring and the shuttle. There are apparently so many versions of this story that you can pick and choose among the many subtexts and characters and just cut and paste and then spin them to your heart's content. However, the basic legend always concerns the weaving girl Chih-Nu and the herdboy Niu Lang, who fall in love and consequently neglect to do their work. The gods solve this problem by placing the River of Heaven (our Milky Way) between the two lovers with the provision that they will be able to see each other for at least one night of the year-the seventh day of the seventh month. On that day all the magpies on Earth fly up to heaven and form a bridge with their spread wings so that the lovers can cross the river to meet. Some variations of the legend say that the lovers were actually told that they could only meet once a month. This message is given to a magpie for delivery--but the magpie gets it wrong and tell them they can only meet once a year! (So it goes.) The Fable of the Seventh day of the Seventh Month. Yi Wen Tang Book Store
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