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Wing Luke Museum
1900.2153 Article Article announcing a fundraiser to build the Wing Luke Asian Museum Luke Museum Drive Starts July 17, 1966 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2154 Article about the missing plane where Wing Luke died. Canton Born Luke often Mentioned for Higher Posts may 18, 1965 Seattle Times
1900.2155 Article which appeared after Wing Luke's election to Seattle's City Council. Luke to "Bring Honor" to his city and Family Reed, Stan November 1962 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2156 Weather delayed the examination of wreckage of plane where Wing Luke and 2 others died three years ago. Trip to Luke Wreckage delayed October 7, 1968 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2157 Air Team Reaches Luke Plane October 9, 1968 Seattle Times
1900.2158 Contents includes: an entry for the Bicentennial Essay Contest, a short article on Wing Luke as a leader, and copies of newspapers articles published after his plane was recovered. The Late City Councilman Wing Luke Wang, Anne M. 1/20/1976 Paper
1900.2159 Three articles, two at the time of the crash of the airplane where Wing Luke died and one announcing the discovery of that plane after 3.5 years. Wing Luke's Plane Found october 6, 1968 Seattle Times
1900.216 Article International Examiner features 22 Japanese American businesses as part of a series that looks at Seattle Asian small businesses. Compiled by the Seattle Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League and Ken Mochizuki. Pioneer Small Businesses Feb. 18, 1987 International Examiner
1900.2160 Folder contains biographical information, list of endorsements when Wing Luke ran for City Countcil and the nomination made to KOMO tv to feature him in a 60-second special feature. Wing Luke: Political Leader of Chinese Rights King, Lorri May 6, 1988 paper
1900.2161 Article Creation of the Wing Luke Asian Museum Museum in Luke's Memory is Begun May 17, 1967 The Seattle Times
1900.2162 West Seattle Memories 1999 Booklet
1900.2163 1998,1999,2000 Chinese America: History Perspectives Journal
1900.2164 Article A 15-year history of the International Examiner. Includes how it has evolved and the important people who have supported it in many ways. Spirit and heart of the Asian community Iwamoto, Gary December 7, 198 International Examiner
1900.2165 Article From the APEC Visitor's Guide Chinatown/International District (see related for map and more info). History is just a walk around the block Wong, Dean 1994 International Examiner
1900.2166 International Hotel tenants plan human blockade Lopez October 1976 International Examiner
1900.2167 Seattle's first Chinatown Dorpat November 25, 19 Seattle Times
1900.2168 Letter to Wing Luke Asian Museum proposing a presentation of a presentation onthe life of China Joe, Juneau Alaska, outline of the presentation, pictures of China Joe and brochure of Story Box, the group that developed and presented the program. China Joe Information 12/30/1992 letter
1900.2169 Daughter's Odyssey leads her to family she never knew Olsen July 12, 2000 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.217 Divisions Hamper International District Schwartz 2/9/76 Seattle Times
1900.2170 Article The article argues that Locke is well liked, but too moderate. He doesn't take a hard stand on anything, and a candidate like Republican John Carlson could beat him for reelection. Governor Soccer Dad Tarpley, Catherine May 18, 2000 Seattle Weekly
1900.2171 Settlement Processes of the Japanese and the Changing Structure of their Territory in Seattle Sugiura 2/28/1996
1900.2172 Sociocultural Space and symbolization Process: A case Study of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles Sugiura 1998
1900.2173 Wing Luke Asian Museum Media Kit Diep 1999 - 2000
1900.2174 Article Don Ahn (Dongkuk Ahn) Walter Wickiser Gallery 2000 Walter Wickiser Gallery
1900.2175 Photo of Gerorge Nakamura receiving Soldier's medal for heroism duing battle at Leghorn Italy. Nakamura Honored 1944 Army Pictorial Service
1900.2176 Wing Luke Cheng, Howard 6/27/1990 paper
1900.2178 Article History of the Wing Luke Museum and mentions it's exhibit "East Meets Northwest" Wing Luke Museum bridges gap Himes, Andrew February 6, 198 The Daily, University of Washington
1900.2179 Article A corporation forms to promote development of a Chinese community museum in memory of City Councilman Wing Luke, lost in a plane in May, 1965. Wing Luke Museum is Planned 1966
1900.218 Article 5 articles: The histories and legacies of 4 Seattle Chinese American families and their businesses. Article on L1 & L4 - The history of the immigration of Jimmy Mar's father to the United States and the starting of the Yick Fung Company in the Chinatown/International District. "Conference explores the settler's legacy" (L1) - The Wing Luke Museum is a sponsor of the "Chinese Heritage of the Pacific Northwest Conference." The Conference will explore the "unknown pioneer legacy" of early Chinese-American settlers. "'Doc' Hay: an herbalist of wide renown" (L4) - The history of Helen Kay's relatives in John Day, OR, and how they started a Chinese medicine shop there. "Passangers and 'paper sons' in Chinatown" (L4) - The history of Al Mar's father, Harry K. Mar Dong, who immigrated from China to Seattle and started a business in the Chinatown/International District. "A family grocery that still means business" (L4) - The history of Raymond Chinn and Florence Eng's father, Hugh Chin, who owned lots of businesses in the Chinatown/International District and was bold enough to start businesses in other parts of Seattle. Links to History Gelernter, Carey Quan September 5, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.2180 Grocer's Son won Place on Council October 6, 1968 Seattle Times
1900.2181 The History of the Cathay Post #186 the American Legion 1945-2000 2000 Booklet
1900.2182 contains: Chinese Americans in the Seattle Times 1900 - 1909 Japanese Americans in the Seattle Times from 1941 - 1945 Japanese American Soldiers - 1941 -1945 UW Special Collections Japanese American photographs; manuscripts SPL Japanese Americ Resources on Asian Americans Litz 1995 List
1900.2183 Chinese Americans in the Seattle Times 1900 - 1909 Litz 1995 List
1900.2184 Japanese Americans in the Seattle Times from 1941 - 1945 Litz 1995 List
1900.2185 Japanese American Soldiers - in the Seattle Times 1941 -1945 Litz 1996 List
1900.2186 UW Special Collections Japanese American photographs; manuscripts 1996 List
1900.2187 SPL Japanese American Biography index Priestly 1980 List
1900.2188 SPL Seattle Room Japanese American resource Litz 1999 List
1900.2189 Japanese American articles in Pacific Northwest Quarterly and Washington Historical Quarterly Litz 1994 List
1900.219 Article Mentions Wah Mee massacre, Ruby Chow, chinese opera, family associations, and relates it to Sun Tzu and The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Inside Chinatown: Our Life is War Chin, Frank May 4, 1983 The Weekly
1900.2190 Seko Family Collection Photographs Litz List
1900.2191 Clark Kinsey Photographs of Japanese Americans in the Timber Industry Litz 1998 List
1900.2192 Japanese Association of North America Index at UW Special Collections 1980 List
1900.2193 Japanese American Photograph Collection Special Collections, University of Washington Litz 1994 List
1900.2194 Historical Records of Washington State: Japanese Americans WSHRAB 1981 List
1900.2195 Open housing ordinance debated and amended by the Seattle City council will go to voters. Voters to Determine Fate of Modified Housing Law Willix, Douglas October 26, 196 Seattle Times
1900.2196 Engaging the Entire Community: A New Role for Permanent Collections Lila Wallace-Readers Digest fund February 1999 Lila Walla-Reader;s Digest Fund
1900.2197 A guide book on ways to arrange exhibits and collections to engage audiences. Opening the Door to the Entire Community: How Museums are Using Permanent Collections to Engage Audiences. Lila Wallace-Readers Digest fund November 1998 Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund
1900.2198 Needs assessment for Safe Housing for Asian/pacific Islander Women Hiraga 1999 paper
1900.2199 Hmong New Year Celebration 1999 Flyer
1900.220 Reprint of Articles printed in International Examiner, 10/17/84, 11/7/84, 11/21/84 The International District: History of an Urban, Ethnic Neighborhood In Seattle Chin 11/21/84 International Examiner
1900.2200 Preserving Local Chinese Operatic Traditions Lindou, Angela R. June 1999 University of Washington, Graduate Museology Program
1900.2201 A Report on Asian Pacific Islander Veterans1 Vet Center Asian Pacific Islander Veterans Working 1998 Report
1900.2202 Booklet Facts and history about Seattle's Chinatown/International District. Articles by Dean Wong and Carina A. Del Rosario. APEC Visitor's Guide Chinatown/International District 1994 International Examiner
1900.2203 Uwajimaya: Looking At a Legacy Allman May 2000 Metropolitan Living
1900.2204 Article Article on the 1997 JACCC Taiko Conference, specifically giving info about Taiko Four Hundred Taiko Drummers Descend on Little Tokyo Ebata, Duane 1997 Tozai Times
1900.2205 Nisei Unit Fought with Distinction Barnett 1997 Santa Cruz County Sentinel
1900.2206 Article Review of 'Flipzoids', written by Ralph Pena and produced by the Northwest Asian American Theatre. Culture Clash has its Moments in "Flipzoids" Adcock, Joe October 3, 1998 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2207 The Vibrant spirit of the People Saheki, Yoshiko Mar - Apr. 1999 International Examiner
1900.2208 It?s the Gagaku Players at U.W. Rumley June 13, 1965 Seattle Times
1900.2209 Vietnamese Puppets, Each with a Story to Tell Dunning, Jennifer July 25, 1996 New York Times
1900.221 Article History of when Chinese immigrants first settled in Seattle and the Chinatown/International District. Includes history of Chinese immigrants' first arrival in the United States and the Anti-Chinese Riots in Seattle. The history of the International District: early Chinese immigration Chin, Doug October 17, 198 International Examiner
1900.2210 Mob Raids Hindus and Drives Them From city September 5, 19 The Reveille
1900.2211 Photo of Mrs. Stanley Chinn and Aurlie Chinn serving food at the world's fair food court. And photo of Chin Jo Lee and Carl Liu. Dorothy Neighbors Staff Takes Tour of food circus Neighbors May 21, 1962 Seattle Times
1900.2212 The Islander Journal Fall 1997 News paper
1900.2213 Nineteenth-Century Chinese and the Environment of the Pacific Northwest1 Liestman Winter 1998 Pacific Northwest Quarterly
1900.2214 Voices of the Community: The West Seattle Cultural Trail 1999 Booklet
1900.2215 The Voyage Home: Hawai'iloa's Northwest Journey 1997 Press Booke
1900.2216 Korean American Museum 1997 Press Book
1900.2217 Wing Luke Remembered Smith, Pete September 1991 King County Democrat
1900.2218 Wing Luke Asian Museum announces tickets for the gala 25th anniversary of the founding of the museum. Museum to Celebrate 25th Anniversary, remember Wing Luke Howe, Danny 1992 International Examiner
1900.2219 The Many Crusades of Wing Luke Rochester, Junius January 28, 198 Seattle Weekly
1900.222 Article Overview of the Chinatown/International District history, with a focus on Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos. The Origins of the International District Chin, Doug November 21, 19 International Examiner
1900.2220 Shoeless in Seattle 1994 Regent Magazine
1900.2221 Sister-in-law of Wing Luke compiles memories of him from his family. The Family Benefited from his generous heart Luke, Bettie Sing March 18, 1992 International Examiner
1900.2222 Article Remembering Wing Luke and a list of many of his accomplishments Wing Luke, a Man of Vision Lepley, Jean February 15, 19 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.2223 Photocopies of military materials in the collection, including letters. Wing Luke Military Documents WLAM Collection
1900.2224 Art in Seattle, 1900 - 1960 Kingsbury, Martha 1990 Paper
1900.2225 Many are cited for their willingness to stick to their principles, including Wing Luke. A Loud Bravo for Men of Courage Guzzo, Louis R. April 15, 1965 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2226 Woing Luke becomes cting mayor for a day. Seattle Chinese Mayor May Set U.S. Precedent July 29, 1964 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2227 Article The Long Way Home Duffy, Michael September 25, 2 Time
1900.2228 Article "America is home, but Asian Americans sometimes feel treated as outlanders with unproven loyalties." Profiles in Outrage Chua-Eoan, Howard September 25, 2 Time
1900.2229 Proposal for exhbition on Chinese medicine includes photographs of Hen Sen Chin and Kay Chiu Choy The Practice of Chinese Medicine in Seattle's International District: Thesis Project Exhibition Proposal Chang 1998 Thesis
1900.223 Article The history of Seattle Chinese Americans and the Chinatown/International District. Includes a breakdown of the types of Chinese Americans that settle here and where they live. Chinatown more than just restaurants Lee, Douglas March 9, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.2230 History of the Seattle Chapter of JACL from 1921-2000. JACL 79TH ANNIVERSARY JACL 2000 Booklet
1900.2231 Anti-Chinese riot in Denver in 1880 Colorado's Scariest Halloween Noel, Tom October 31, 200 Rocky Mountain News
1900.2233 Was geography an element in the diaspora of the Chinese from Idaho? Topophilia and Chinese Miners: Place Attachment in North Central Idaho Couch, Samuel L. May 1996 Samuel L. Couch
1900.2234 Radio aficionado Turns Collection into museum McNally, Shana July 21, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.2235 BAM Tests Time Honored Ideas January 7, 2001 Seattle Times
1900.2236 Slow-moving 'Sisters' has its moments Adcock, Joe January 13, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2237 Bird Flies Home DeLeon November 24, 19 Seattle Times
1900.2238 Hardware Landmark Dorpat April 30, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.2239 evengelical Chinese Church Korean Community Presbyterian Church Ethnic Churches McDonald, Sally April 23, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.224 Article The tearing down of the Welcome Annex Building. Includes first hand accounts of the history of the building and the tunnel that used to be under it. Farewell to Welcome Annex Reddin, John J. Nove. 6, 1968 The Seattle Times
1900.2240 Out of Vietnam Vinh April 30, 2000 Seattle Times
1900.2241 Militarism and Midwifery: The impact of Wartime Racial Politics on Japanese American Women Smith 2000 Willamette Journal
1900.2242 The Midwife Problem in the Far West:Japanese Immigrant Midwives in Hawaii and Washington Smith 1997 East Asian Cultural and Historical Perspectives
1900.2243 Complied from interviews of Andy Mizuki, Maxine Chan, Sue Taoka, Bob Santos, Irene Woo, Lesile Morishita An Oral History of the Danny Woo International District Community Gardens Vrandenburgh Fall 2000 Paper
1900.2244 Wing Luke: Anomaly in Seattle Politics Watson, Emmett July 9, 1963 Argus
1900.2245 Japanese Americans on alert for movie backlash Lyke, M. L. May 24, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2246 Interview with Woo Gen early Seattle Chinese pioneer and withness to the Seattle Chinese expulsion. Life History of Mr. Woo Gen Burnett, C.H. July 29, 1924 Hoover Institution Interview
1900.2247 Interview with Albert King early Seattle Chinese pioneer and head of the Ah King or King Cheong Lung Co. Life History and Social Document of Albert King Burnett, C.H. July 31, 1924 Hoover Institution Interview
1900.225 Little Known History of Alaskan Nikkei Reveals Life of Not Being the 'Outsider' Suguro 2/1/93 Northwest Nikkei
1900.2250 Hisotry Seattle area baseball and the Courier League before World War II. Harry Kataoka was a first-rate shortstop, and a good enough hitter that he knew just what to do when Yosh Tsuji left a pitch out over the plate that sunny July day on the Franklin High School field. "I got the big part of the bat on it," Kataoka said. The ball shot over the head of the left fielder to land on the turf beyond. "I went into third base standing up." That was 1941, in the semifinals of the annual Fourth of July tournament that marked the high point of the Japanese-American baseball season in the Pacific Northwest. The tournament was a much-anticipated event for the Japanese community in Seattle and beyond, drawing teams from throughout the region to play before thousands of fans. Despite Kataoka's triple, his Waseda team lost that Sunday morning game, 8-4, to the Western Giants, an elite Seattle team. In the afternoon, playing against the White River team from south of Auburn, the Giants won the championship, in a game that was final in more ways than one. That December, Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, igniting war with the United States. Within a few months, most of the Japanese-American baseball players, their families and their fans were gone, shipped by government order to internment camps hundreds of miles away. It was the end of a baseball era. Before Pearl Harbor Roberts, Gregory May 25, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer May 25, 2001
1900.2252 Ichiro Suzuki Running Start: His eclectic rookie season unfolds, few can get fill of Ichiro Andriesen, Dave May 22, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer May 22, 2001
1900.2253 Article History of Takuji Yamashita, who was denied his Law degree by the University of Washington when the university was just starting. He became a business man and fought for civil rights for Japanese Americans. Takuji Yamashita: A Pioneer Issei Civil Right Activist Goldsmith, Steven January 1, 2001 Northwest Nikkei/North American Post
1900.2254 John Balaban talks of his translations of the Vietnamese poet Ho Xuan Huong in the book Spring Essence Romance with a Rebel Marshall March 15, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2255 Native American art and artists The Buckskin Ceiling and its Discontents Shulman, Ken December 24, 20 New York Times
1900.2256 Lack of roles for Asian Americans The Faces in the Glass are Rarely Theirs Frutkin, Alan James December 24, 20 New York Times
1900.2257 Museums and Tribes: A Tricky Truce Kinzer, Stephen December 24, 20 New York Times
1900.2258 For Art as for People, Home can be an Elusive Idea Larson December 24, 20 New York Times
1900.2259 First Asian female to become a movie star. Anna May Wong Leibfried, Philip February 23, 20
1900.226 Article Paul Horiuchi receives a Lifetime Achievement award from the Wing Luke Asian Museum. Honoring an Artist Who Lived His Dream Ament, Deloris Tarzan February 5, 199 Seattle Times
1900.2260 Article A history of the Danny Woo Garden told through oral histories. An Oral History of the Danny Woo International District Community Gardens Vradenburgh, Elaine Fall 2000 Elaine Vradenburgh
1900.2262 History of the Japanese American baseball teams and their tours in Japan Seattle and the Japanese -United States Basball Connection, 1905 - 1926 Shibazaki, Ryoichi 1981 Paper 1981
1900.2263 Man finds Vietnamese wife after 30 years Vietnam Vet Strengthens ties to family left behind Brooks, Diane May 17, 2001 Seattle Times
1900.2264 Chinese Moms Highly Revered McGann May 14, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2265 Museums as Walk-in Closets Bohlen May 8, 2001 New York Times
1900.2266 Welcome to the Experience Economy Pine, B. Joseph II July 1998 Harvard Business Review
1900.2267 Poll: Many don't trust people of Chinese Descent Kang April 25, 2001 Seattle Times
1900.2268 Article The Wing Luke Museum's permanent exhibit "Camp Harmony D-4-44" which focuses on the Japanese American assembly center in Puyallup. Disharmony Wolfe, George May 2001 METROPOLITANLIVING
1900.227 Article Mayumi Tsutakawa explains how her Japanese culture influenced her throughout her life, from growing up to the naming of her son. Includes background info on her father, George Tsutakawa. An inheritance to be nurtured Tsutakawa, Mayumi October 25, 198 The Seattle Times
1900.2270 Josephine Patrick recalls Filipino author Carlos Bulosan. Summarizes his life and includes titles of his most important works. Revisiting the Life and legacy of pioneering Filipino writer Carlos Bulosan De Leon, Ferdinand M. *** August 8, 1999 Seattle Times
1900.2271 Profile of painter, poet and greengrocer, Alan Lau, and his new work: Blues and Greens: A Produce Worker's Journal. Greengrocer / Poet / Painter / Friend Allman, Karen Maeda July 2000 Metrpolitan Living
1900.2272 Article Features the exhibit "If Tired Hands Could Talk", which focuses on Asian American women garment workers. Includes interviews with some of the women. Threads of the Past Beason, Tyrone May 14, 2001 The Seattle Times
1900.2273 Report A report on family records and social history in Tokugawa era Japan, from the World Conference on Records and Geneological Seminar, in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 5-8, 1969. Details different types of family records including official geneologies, official service records, samurai rosters, private geneologies, and biographies. Family Records and Social History in Tokugawa Japan Moore, Ray A August, 1969 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1900.2274 Report A report on the content and use of the Chinese local history Fang-Chih, from the World Conference on Records and Geneological Seminar in Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug 5-8, 1969. The Content and use of the Chinese Local History Fang Chih Leng, Tsun August, 1969 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1900.2275 Report A report on geneological methods and sources for the Chinese immigrants to the US, from the World Conference on Records and Geneological Seminar in Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug 5-8, 1969. The report covers the history of Chinese family names, and immigration to the US. Genealogical Methods and Sources for the Chinese Immigrants to the U.S. Chinn, Thomas W. August, 1969 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1900.2276 Report A report on the extent and preservation of geneological record in China, from the World Conference on Records and Geneological Seminar, in Salt Lake City, UT, 5-8 August, 1969. It details the writing and destruction of geneological texts in China from the Chin dynasty through the Republic of China (Taiwan). The Extent and preservation of Genealogical Records in China Lo, Hsiang-Lin August, 1969 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1900.2277 Report A report on the scholastic application of the Chinese clan geneologies, from the World Conference on Records and Geneological Seminar, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug 5-8, 1969. Scholastic Application of the Chinese Clan Genealogies, Part I Eberhard, Wolfram August, 1969 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1900.2278 Report A report on the scholastic application of the Chinese clan geneologies, from the World Conference on Records and Geneological Seminar in Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug 5-8, 1969. Scholastic Application of the Chinese Clan Genealogies, Part II Lo, Hsiang-Lin August, 1969 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1900.2279 Report Reports on Important Library Collections in the Republic of China, from the World Conference on Records and Geneological Seminar, Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug 5-8, 1969. A Brief Description of Library Programs in East Asia, I Chang, Peter August, 1969 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1900.228 Article Gary Locke beat Ellen Craswell to become Washington State governor. The article says that voters were turned off by Craswell's mixing of politics and Christianity and seemed to like Locke based on his image rather than any real platform. A Moment of Triumph For Chinese American Paulson, Michael November 6, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2280 Report A report on the Jinshin Koseki, the Japanese family registry, as a source for scholars of Japan, from the World Conference on Records and Geneological Seminar, in Salt Lake City, UT, 5-8 August, 1969. The Koseki as a Source for the Scholar of Japan, Part I Fujiki, Norio August, 1969 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1900.2281 Report Report on the Use of the Japanese Family Register for Genetic Studies and Its Reliability, from the World Conference on Records and Geneological Seminar, in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 5-8, 1969. The Koseki as a Source for the Scholar of Japan II Yanase, Toshiyuki August, 1969 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1900.2282 Report A report on the extent and preservation of original historical records in Japan, including government records and personal diaries, from the World Conference on Records and Geneological Seminar, in Salt Lake City, UT, 5-8 August, 1969. The Extent and Preservation of Original Historical Records in Japan Hiraga, Noburu August, 1969 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1900.2283 Marion Leung called consummate teacher, was active in church Beers, Carole February 24, 20 Seattle Times
1900.2284 Takujki Yamashita will be admitted, posthumously, to the Bar of Washington State 100 years after this brilliant scholar was denied the bar due to his race. Details of his legal battles and his life after losing those battles. Justice for Scholar comes a century later Cook, Rebecca February 24, 20 Seattle Times
1900.2285 Early Japanese American community leader dies Roberts, Gregory Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2286 Civil Rights Pioneer admitted to the Bar Foster, Heath March 2, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2287 The Asian Ization of America Barker March 22, 2001 USA Today
1900.2288 JACL 79th Anniversary: A History of the Seattle Chapter 2000 Booklet
1900.2289 History of the Chinese community in Olympia, Washington, 1853-1940 Early Chinese Community at Olympia, Washington Echtle, jr. 1995 Paper
1900.229 Article Gary Locke wins the 1996 election to become the first Chinese American governor in the continental United States. His candidate, Ellen Craswell ran as a conservative Christian, which hurt her campaign. Locke Wins Decisively Postman, David November 6, 199 Seattle Times
1900.2290 Breaking Down the Camps Taylor December 2001 Seattle Magazine
1900.2291 Article Highlights places to see in the Chinatown/International District East Meets Northwest Schultz, Kathy December 2001 Seattle Magazine
1900.2292 Article Construction and placement of the dragons in the Chinatown/International District. Defining symbol for a special place Mulady, Kathy November 20, 20 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2293 Seattle Buddhist Temple celebrates its 100th Year Whitely November 10, 20 Seattle Times
1900.2294 China Tomorrow Foundation Su 2000 Flyer
1900.2295 Article Cheryll Leo-Gwin donates dragon mural to Wing Luke Asian Museum. A dragon marks Year of the Rat Tarzan, Deloris February 2, 198 The Seattle Times
1900.2296 Paul Buell curates exhibit on Ah-Fong and his Chinese medicine at Wing Luke Memorial museum. Small inset article on Hen Sen Chin Herbal Healers Case, Frederick February 2, 198 Seattle Times
1900.2297 Directory Portion from a business directory listing Chinese businesses in the Chinatown/International District by street. Business Directory 1930
1900.2298 Mariner's Japanese pitcher Already Famous Davila April 8, 2001 Seattle Times, Pacific Magazine April 8, 2001
1900.2299 Songs for suburban Sacrifices and some Important Aspects of Chinese Religion Lee 1995 Thesis
1900.230 Article Gary Locke's Inauguration Ball is the largest in Washington history and there is a lot of enthusiasm around his election, but now he needs to answer hard questions about what he will do in his term. Inaugural Day a joyous one Postman, David January 16, 199 Seattle Times
1900.2300 Article on the Internment and four black and white drawings of Internment life. Japanese American Internment; Time/Life; Fabulous Century, Vol. V; Home Front Fabulous Century
1900.2301 1st National APIA Spoken Word & Poetry Summit 2001 6/8/01 Web page
1900.2302 From A History Bursting with Telling: Asian Americans in Washington State Klingle, Matthew W. 1998 Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest
1900.2303 The 2nd International Film Festival Hong Kong honored James Howe with memories from many people. This packet includes the text, in both English and Chinese, of these memories, pictures of Mr. Howe and a filmography Tribute to James Wong Howe 1978 Hong Kong Film Festival
1900.2304 An excerpt from the periodical Yardbird, Volume 3. An extensive James Wong Howe Chin, Frank 1974 Yardbird, vol. 3
1900.2305 Organization of Chinese Americans. 2001: Continuing Our Odyessey for Full Equality 2001 Program
1900.2306 Northwest Pride on Display in Two of Seattle's ethnic museums Anderson February 22, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2307 Golden Child flyer 1999 FLYER
1900.2308 Copy of the report from SPL, report is for the years 1946-1951. Shoulder to Shoulder: A Five Year Report of the Jackson Street Community Council 1951 copy
1900.2309 Medicine, Midwifery, and the state Smith February 2001 Journal of Asian American Studies
1900.231 Article Describes Locke's Innaugural Ball for his first term as governor, the biggest innaugural ball in Washington State's history. The Event: Sequins, satin and cigars as new governor gets in the swing Davila, Florangela January 16, 199 The Seattle Times
1900.2310 Caregiving in Camp: Japanese American Women and Community Health in World War II Smith 2001 Guilt by Association
1900.2311 After 56 summers, two men recall a fiery moment in history Jamieson July 26, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2312 Claiming Victim Status Will Do Little to Eradicate Racism Li, Chi-Dooh July 26, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2313 Our Arts, Our Land: A Young reader's Guide to selected folkarts of Hawaii Schuster 2000 Booklet
1900.2314 The script of a presentation at the Skagit County Historical Museum in La Conner, WA by Hayy Fujita. He related his experiences during World War II and answered questions. Includes a newspaper article from the Skagit Valley Herald announcing the lecture, as well as brochures for the traveling exhibit which was assembled by Wing Luke Asian Museum. Executive Order 9066: The Fujita Family Experience Fujita, Harry N. 1994 `
1900.2315 Article on the Smithsonian exhibit: A More Perfect Union. Tribute to the Constitution documents 'wartime hysteria' Hackett, Regina October 13, 198 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2316 Article Announcing the opening of the exhibit, Shared Dreams: Images of the Asians and Pacific American Experience in Washington State 'Shared Dreams' Exhibit Opens in Seattle September 8, 19 Pacific Citizen
1900.2317 Article The photo exhibit "Executive Order 9066" will be on display at Bainbridge Island, Washington. The exhibit focuses on photos taken during the Japanese American internment by the War Relocation Authority photographers. Programming for the exhibit features screenings and discussions. E.O. 9066 Photo Exhibit Traces Japanese American Internment October 31, 198 Pacific Citizen
1900.2318 Article The Wing Luke Museum hosts the traveling photo exhibit "Executive Order 9066." The photos were taken by Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams and depict Japanese Americans before and during internment. Photos depict a U.S. horror Campbell, R. M. August 22, 1985 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2319 Walt and Mildred Woodward receive the Edison Uno Memorial Civil Rights Award in Chicago, given by the JACL for their opposition to the Internment. Two voices Against World War II's anti-Japanese Tide Emanuel, Phil July 28, 1986 Seattle Times
1900.232 Article Front Page Photo Gov. Locke has A Ball in Olympia January 16, 199 Seattle Times
1900.2320 Reviews of two Tsutakawa exhibits, one at the Seattle Art Museum and one at the Foster/White Gallery. Includes brief mention of Daniel Shurman' show, also at Foster/White. This Tsutakawa Exhibit Goes For Broke Hackett, Regina January 23, 198 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2321 Documents Flyer - Announces the Kobe Park Festival, which includes live entertainment, arts and crafts sale, cultural exhibits, Asian foods, and martial arts demonstration. Celebration of the opening of the Park. Program - History of the Kobe Terrace Park, which was completed in June 1976. The park was given a Yukimidoro, Japanese stone lantern, that had previously been in Kobe, Japan's garden. Includes a list of Seattle's Mayor, City Council Members, Board of Park Commissioners, Members of the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation, the Mayor of Kobe, and the Park's architects, contractors and lantern installers. "Happy 200th Birthday, From Kobe" - Seattle Post Intelligencer, June 3, 1976, pg E1; The Installation of the Japanese Stone Lantern "Yum Yum at Kobe Park" - Seattle Post Intelligencer, June 6, 1976, pg A3; Celebration of the newly opened Kobe Terrace Park. Includes a look at the most popular item at the celebration: yakitori. Kobe Park Festival June 1976 City of Seattle
1900.2322 Asian Immigrants Need Helping Hand Tsang, Greg June 5, 1976 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2323 Uwajimaya: it Began With a Fishcake Peddler Lewis September 17, 1 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2324 Buddhist Church Starts Public Park construction July 4, 1976 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2325 Bon Odori Festival: One of the largest in the Nation Lal, Viibha July 18, 1984 International Examiner
1900.2326 Bengie Santos: a uniquely Asian American dance concert Sugai July 18, 1984 International Examiner
1900.2327 Japanese Community tries to raise $2 million for new nursing home Fujii March 20, 1985 International Examiner
1900.2328 Keiro Nursing Home will expand Wang January 4, 1984 International Examiner
1900.2329 Article Wing Luke Memorial Museum received the King County Arts Commission's 1985 Arts Service Award. The money received from this award and other funding is to go to moving into a new space by January 1987. Includes a drawing of what the new Museum would look like. "We'll have the possiblity of hosting blockbusting exhibits" Chan, Jill May 21, 1986 International Examiner
1900.233 Article Gary Locke is sworn in as the nation's first Chinese American governor in a history-making ceremony that marked his rise from a childhood in a Seattle housing project to his new home in the governor's mansion. A History-making Day Paulson, Michael January 16, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2330 Article Features the recent opening of the Asian Plaza on 12th and Jackson in Little Saigon. 'There was a need for small shops for Asian-oriented businesses' Fujii, Ann July 3, 1985 International Examiner
1900.2331 Article Obituary for Henry T. Kubota, a publisher of the North American Post. He passed away before receiving reparations for the Japanese American internment. Kubota, Japanese Newspaper Publisher, dies November 18, 19 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.2332 The Kimuras saved a Christmas Tradition Duncan December 11, 19 Seattle Times
1900.2333 Artists featured in SAM exhibit Views and Visions of the Pacific Northwest. Paul Horiuchi, George Tsutakawa, Roger Shimomura, Kenjiro Nomura, Kamekichi Tokita Pride Amid Prejudice Hackett, Regina August 9, 1990 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2334 Incomplete article on the life of Frank Hideo Hattori who was honored on his 82nd birthday in Seattle, WA. Once an Internee, he has long served the community Glover, Darrell September 11, 1 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2335 Frank Mas Fukuhara has compiled a booklet on Japanese American war dead - "Uncommon American Patriots" Valor's Conquest over Prejudice Gelernter, Carey Quan May 28, 1990 Seattle Times
1900.2336 Composer Commissioned by PNB scores one for the old hometown Campbell March 28, 1986 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2339 Article The history of making the book, Beacon Hill Boys, into a film. 'Our folks didn't let us down' Mochizuki, Ken March 6, 1985 International Examiner
1900.234 Article The seating arrangement at Locke's innauguration intensifies the tensions between representatives of mainland China and Taiwan. Inauguration Heightens China -Taiwan Tension Matthee, Imbert January 16, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
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