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Wing Luke Museum
2003.500.502 Book Agricultural Change and Peasant Choice in a Thai Village Moerman, Michael 1968 University of California Press
2003.500.503 Book Marriage Law and Policy in the Chinese People's Republic Meijer, M.J. 1971 Hong Kong University Press
2003.500.504 Book Ritual Bronzes of Ancient China Ackerman, Phyllis 1945 The Dryden Press
2003.500.505 Book Historical Relics Unearthed in New China 1972 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.506 Book Life in Urban Korea Lee, Hyo-jae 1971 Taewon Pub. Co.
2003.500.507 Book Learning to be Chinese: The Political Socialization of Children in Taiwan Wilson, Richard W. 1970 MIT Press
2003.500.508 Book Excerpts of Chinese documents A Chinese View of China Gittings, John 1973 Pantheon Books
2003.500.509 Book Childhood in China Kessen, William, ed. 1976 Yale University Press
2003.500.510 Book Folk Religion in an Urban Setting: A Study of Hakka Villagers in Transition Berkowitz, Morris I., Fredrick P. Brandauer, and John H. Reed 1969 Christian Study Centre On Chinese Religion and Culture
2003.500.511 Book The Prehistory of China: An Archaeological Exploration Treistman, Judith M. 1972 Doubleday and Co.
2003.500.512 Book Village "Contracts" in Tokugawa Japan: Fifty Specimens with English Translations Henderson, Dan Fenno 1974 University of Washington Press
2003.500.513 Book My China Odyssey Johnson, Emilie 1981 Silver Fox Connections
2003.500.514 Book America's Response to China Cohen, Warren I. 1971 John Wiley & Sons
2003.500.515 Book Along the Yellow River (Huang He) Wei, Huang 1975
2003.500.516 Book The Studies of Land Reform in Taiwan Zhang, Lai 1973
2003.500.517 Book The Glories of China Lang, Yuheng and Hu Yourui 1966
2003.500.518 Book Selections from Taiwan Studies Xiang, Changguan 1969
2003.500.519 Middle School Studies on Taiwan He, Futian 1969 Commercial Press
2003.500.520 Comprehensive History of Taiwan Vol I & II Lian, Heng 1954
2003.500.521 Fighting Corruption Fang, Zeyang 1997
2003.500.522 Book Hong Kong Today 1974 Association of Radical East Asian Studies
2003.500.523 Book Taiwan in the Past, Present and Future Association of Taiwan Studies 1975
2003.500.524 Book Social Change in a Suburban Village of Taipei (Xi he Aear) Wen, Chung-i, Chia-min Hsu, Hai-yuan Hchu, and Shun-erh Huang 1974 Academia Sinica
2003.500.525 Book The Four Books Xie, Bing-ying
2003.500.526 Book Modern Writer's Letters Kong, Ling Qing, ed. 1935
2003.500.527 Peace Talks between China and Taiwan Wang, Mingyi 1996
2003.500.528 Politics and Economy of Taiwan Zhu, Yun peng 1998
2003.500.529 Ancient China World Culture Association
2003.500.530 Book A boy in long-ago China sees the world around him from a butterfly's point of view. Based on the writings of philosopher Chuang Tzu. The Butterfly Boy Yep, Laurence 1993 Farrar, Straus and Giroux
2003.500.531 Book When he is old and ill, an emperor realizes at last the value of a living nightingale over a mechanical one. The Emperor and the Nightingale So, Meilo 1992 Macmillan Publishing Company
2003.500.532 Book Feng Shui for Lovers Hsu, Shan-Tung 2001 Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute
2003.500.533 Book Fundamentals of Feng Shui Hsu, Shan-Tung 1999 Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute
2003.500.534 Book The Floating World in Japanese Fiction Hibbett, Howard 1978 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2003.500.535 Book Japan in the Muromachi Age Hall, John Whitney, ed. 1977 University of California Press
2003.500.536 Book East Asia: Tradition and Transformation Revised Edition Fairbank, John K. 1989 Houghton Mifflin Company
2003.500.537 Book Political Dynamics in Contemporary Japan Allinson, Gary D. and Yasunori Sone, eds 1993 Cornell University Press
2003.500.538 Book The Empire of the Steppes: A History of Central Asia Grousset, Rene 1970 Rutgers University Press
2003.500.539 Book Teenage immigrants from various countries recount the emotional experience of fleeing their homelands and adjusting to a new life in the United States. New Kids in Town: Oral Histories of Immigrant Teens Bode, Janet 1989 Scholastic Inc.
2003.500.540 Book China Revealed presents the history of the relationships between Europe and the Celestial Empire of classical antiquity, from the time when the caravans began to bring a divine fabric known as silk to the shores of the Mediterranean from the far off, mysterious East, up to the fall of the Manchu Dynasty in 1911. China through the Eyes of the West: From Marco Polo to the Last Emperor Guadalupi, Gianni 2004 White Star S.r.l.
2003.500.541 Book Japan Inc.: An Introduction to Japanese Economics Vol. 2 (The Comic Book) Ishinomori, Shotaro 1996 Lanchester Press Inc.
2003.500.542 Book Classical Japanese Prose McCullough, Helen Craig, ed. 1990 Stanford University Press
2003.500.543 Book The Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa Fukuzawa, Yukichi 1966 Columbia University Press
2003.500.544 Book Nitobe Inazo: Japan's Bridge Across the Pacific Howes, John F., ed. 1995 Westview Press
2003.500.545 Book The Films of Akira Kurosawa Richie, Donald 1965 University of California Press
2003.500.546 Book No Sweat: Fashion, Free Trade and the Rights of Garment Workers Ross, Andrew ed. 1997 Verso
2003.500.547 Book First Street and Madison: Historical Archaeology of the Second Phoenix Chinatown Rogge, A.E., M. Keane, B. Luckingham, J. E. Ayres, P. Patterson, T. W. Bostwick 1992 Dames & More
2003.500.548 Highlights of the Collection 2001 University of New Mexico
2003.500.549 Book Haewon Chon: Soglia Chon, Haewon 2002 Walter Wickiser Gallery
2003.500.550 A Free People: Our Stories, Our Voices, Our Dreams Hmong Youth Cultural Awareness Project, 1994 Hmong Youth Cultural Awareness Project
2003.500.551 Book The Heart Mountain Story: Photographs by Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel of the World War II Internment of Japanese Americans Inouye, Mamoru 1997 Mamoru Inouye
2003.500.552 Book Sanyu: Catalogue Raison: Oil Paintings Wong, Rita 2001 Lin & Keng Art Publications
2003.500.553 Book The Yasui Family of Hood River Oregon Yasui, Robert S. 1987 Robert S. Yasui
2003.500.554 Book Transcending Boundries: Asian Musics in North America Terada, Yoshitaka., ed. 2001 National Museum of Ethnology
2003.500.555 Book Asian Traditions, Modern Expressions: Asian American Artists and Abstraction, 1945-1970 Wechsler, Jeffrey, ed. 1997 Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers
2003.500.556 Asian Americans: The Movement and the Moment Louie, Steve and Glenn Omatsu 2001 UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press
2003.500.557 Book Sento At Sixth and Main: Preserving Landmarks of Japanese American Heritage Dubrow, Gail 2002 Seattle Arts Commission
2003.500.558 Book Shirakawa: Stories From a Pacific Northwest Japanese American Community Flewelling, Stan 2002 White River Valley Museum
2003.500.559 Book Histories of Vashon Island farmers including chapters on Japanese American strawberry farmers August Takatsuka, Mary Matsuda Gruenwald, Masahiro Mukai. , Vashon Island's Agricultural Roots: Tales of the Tilth as Told by Island Farmers Woodroffe, Pamela J. 2002 Writers Club Press
2003.500.560 Book Seattle Welcomes the World Sixth-Grade Students of Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences Class of 2008 2002 Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences
2003.500.561 Book Collection of articles on King County History. Includes Nhien Nguyen, "Building a Vietnamese Community From Scratch: the First Fifteen years." and Ron E. Magden, "Buddhism Comes to Seattle" More Voices, New Stories: King County, Washington's First 150 Years Wright, Mary C., ed. 2002 Pacific Northwest Historians Guild
2003.500.562 Book Chinese Opera Kuo, Alex 1998 Asia 2000
2003.500.563 Book Lipstick and Other Stories Kuo, Alex 2001 Asia 2000
2003.500.564 Book This Fierce Geography: Poems Kuo, Alex 1999 Limberlost Press
2003.500.565 Book Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art Mass MoCA: From Mill to Museum Trainer, Jennifer, ed. 2000 MASS MoCA Publications
2003.500.566 Book Pictorial history of the Great Wall in China The Great Wall Yu, Jin 1980 Cultural Relics Publishing House
2003.500.567 Book Includes recipes Food in Tibetan Life Dorjie, Rinjing 1985 Prospect Books
2003.500.568 Book Illustrated children's book of tales in Chinese with English translation Chinese Sayings Told in Pictures 1987 Sinorama Magazine
2003.500.569 50th Anniversary 1910 - 1960 of The Young China Morning Paper 1960
2003.500.570 Book Comparative study of Chinese and Euroamerican miners in the context of racial nativism. Chinese Gold Miners of Northeastern Oregon, 1862-1900 Steeves, Laban Richard 1984 Laban Richard Steeves
2003.500.571 Book Artists' projects which focus on Asians in the New World Yellow Peril Reconsidered Wong, Paul, ed. 1990 On Edge
2003.500.572 Booklet [Japanese fiction/nonfiction]
2003.500.573 Book Japanese language text on political geography. Modern Political Geography Jackson, W.A. Douglas, and Shoichi Yokoyama 1979 Taimei-do Publishing
2003.500.574 Book A tribute to Akiko Nakagawa Akiko
2003.500.575 Book Pictorial of the Highland Park Methodist Church in Spokane, WA. Sixty-Five Years in Pictures 1967 Issei Commission on Evangelism
2003.500.576 Book Water colors of life in Camp Harmony and Minidoka during the Internment Kenjiro Nomura: The George and Betty Nomura Collection McKivor, June Mukai, ed. 1991 Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.577 Book Photos and timeline of the Seattle Buddhist Church Betsuin Seattle Betsuin, 1901-1991 1991 Seattle Betsuin
2003.500.578 Book Nisei Odyssey: The Camp Years Mitsuoka, Norio 1991 Bowder Printing and Publishing Co.
2003.500.579 Book Reprint of original 1944 Manzanar yearbook. Our World 1943-1944, Manzanar High Honda, Diane, ed. 1998
2003.500.580 Book A ten year retrospective of the Seattle Artist program sponsored by the Seattle Arts Commission. Seattle Collects Seattle: A Ten Year Retrospective of the Seattle Artists Program Sponsored by the Seattle Arts Commission Sellars, Beth, ed. 1997 Seattle Arts Commission
2003.500.581 Book Wheels Led the Way: Horse-Drawn Vehicles, Plain and Fancy, 1820-1920 Crawford, Jeanne R. 1973 Yakima Valley Museum and Historical Society
2003.500.582 Book As the Valley Was: A Pictorial View of the Community Life in the Yakima River Valley from the Yakima River's Origin at Cle Elum to Its Junction with the Columbia River During the Era 1900-1915 Crawford, Jeanne R. 1976 Yakima Valley Museum and Historical Society
2003.500.583 Book Prehistoric to Song Dynasty The University Prints - Series O, Section II: Early Chinese Art Sickman, Laurence C.S., ed. 19-? The University Prints
2003.500.584 Booklet The University Prints - Series O, Section I: Early Indian and Indonesian Art Rowland, Benjamin, ed. ? The University Prints
2003.500.585 Chinese ideas in the West Chinese Ideas in the West Bodde, Derk 1948 Asiatic Studies in American Education
2003.500.586 The Story of Chinese Books Liu, and Zheng Rusi, Guojin 1985 Foreign Language Press
2003.500.587 Book Juvinille book on Japanese traditional arts. Swords, Samurai and Suzuribako...What's a Suzuribako? Wasilewski, Marcy A. 1979 Springfield Library & Museums Association
2003.500.588 Book Politics, Porn and Protest: Japanese Avant-Garde Cinema in the 1960s and 1970s Standish, Isolde 2011 The Continuum International Publishing Group
2003.500.590 Booklet Black and White brochue in Japanese and English. No Photos Okinawa Arts and Crafts Okinawa Arts and Crafts Center
2003.500.591 Book Yokohama Doll Musuem Yokohama Doll Museum
2003.500.592 Book Exhibit from May 20 - June 31, 1976 Japanese Folk Textiles: An Exhibit of Folk Textiles, Pottery, Basketry, and Other Folk Crafts of Japan 1976 Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.593 Book The Kimono and Western Clothes Shirasu, Masako The Fashion Group
2003.500.594 Book Okinawa: The Land, Arts and Crafts 1983 Kumamoto Museum of Art
2003.500.595 Booklet A Collection of newspaper articles collected by Yoriko Watanabe Sasaki and published by her brother James Watannabe, MD. The articles detailing the grim horrors of the Pacific War were grouped together with the articles concerning Japanese American Citizens. [News clippings on Japanese-American evacuation during World War II] Sasaki, Yoriko Watanabe
2003.500.596 Book The Minidoka internment camp in English and Japanese This Was Minidoka Yamaguchi, Jack 1989 Jack Yamaguchi
2003.500.597 Book From an exhibit of sixty five Korean artists Land of Morning Calm: An Exhibition of Contemporary Korean Metal and Fiber Art 1989 Northern Arizona University Art Gallery
2003.500.598 Book Japanese Folk Toys: The Playful Arts Baten, Lea 1992 Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.
2003.500.599 Xerox of part of the original book. This section on the home itself and objects in it as well as weaving techniques. Barrio Caticugan: A Visayan Filipino Community Hart, Donn V. 1954
2003.500.600 Book Malaysian Traditional Crafts Peacock, B.A.V. 1981 Urban Council
2003.500.601 Booklet Flower Cloth of the Hmong Simonsen, Thordis 1985 The Denver Museum of Natural History
2003.500.602 Book Reflections Tamura, George T. 1995 George Tamura
2003.500.603 Magazine No. 119, 1990 China Tourism China Tourism Press
2003.500.604 Book Issei and Nisei: The Internment Years Kitagawa, Daisuke 1967 Seabury Press
2003.500.605 Book A Vietnemese family resettling in California gold country. Grass Roof, Tin Roof Strom, Dao 2003 Houghton Mifflin Company
2003.500.606 Book The Tao of Yao: Insights from Basketball's Brightest Big Man Chin, Oliver 2004 Frog, Ltd.
2003.500.607 Book Sojourn: A Family Saga Hutton, Esther Robbins 1997 Esfir Books
2003.500.608 Book Striking it Rich: Treasures from Gold Mountain Yamada, Debbie Leung 2001 Polychrome Publishing
2003.500.609 Book William Adams, Englishman and his adventures in Japan. Samurai William: The Englishman Who Opened Japan Milton, Giles 2003 Farrar, Straus and Giroux
2003.500.610 Book A story of how a boy survives the abuse by his choir director. Edinburgh Chee, Alexander 2002 Picador USA
2003.500.611 Book We Should Never Meet: Stories Phan, Aimee 2004 St. Martin's Press
2003.500.612 Book The Tao of Tai-Chi Chuan: Way to Rejuvination Jou, Tsung Hwa 1985 Tai Chi Foundation
2003.500.613 Book From exhibit in Hong Kong; many photos of related artifacts and customs. Local Traditional Chinese Wedding Hong Kong Urban Council 1987 Friendship Printing Co.
2003.500.614 Book Puppet Theatres in Hong Kong and their Origins Tsao, Pen-yeh 1987 Hong Kong Urban Council
2003.500.615 Book Folkways of Chinese children and their clothing Children of the Gods: Dress and Symbolism in China Szeto, Naomi Yin-yin and Valery M. Garrett 1990 Hong Kong Urban Council
2003.500.616 Book Traditional Woodblock Prints of Taiwan 1985 Council for Cultural Planning and Development
2003.500.617 Book The Graphic Art of Chinese Folklore 1977 National Museum of History Republic of China
2003.500.618 Book Ethnic Costume From Guizhou: Clothing Designs and Decorations from Minority Ethnic Groups in Southwest China Nationalities Affairs Commission of Guizhou, Folk Art Gallery of Guizhou 1987 Foreign Language Press
2003.500.619 Book Richly Woven Traditions: Costumes of the Miao of Southwest China and Beyond 1987 China House Gallery, China Institute in America
2003.500.620 Book Set of 14 booklets in separate binding. Japan Bristol, Horace 1949 East-West Toppan Press
2003.500.621 Book Important Japanese Swords, Fittings and Armour 1981 Sotheby's
2003.500.622 Book Paper cut illustratred soft cover book on the forceable removal of the Chinese from Olympia Washington in 1886 Sent Out on the Tracks They Built: Sinophobia in Olympia, 1886 Dougher, Sarah 1998 Sarah Dougher and Nikki McClure
2003.500.623 Book Lakhon Bassac, Stories by Koung Peang and Pun Nhiv, Essays and translations by Leendavy Koung, chiny Ky, Prolung Khan Ngin, William Westerman and Debora Kodish The Giant Never Wins Kodish, Debora, ed. 1994 Philadelphia Folklore Project
2003.500.624 Book The Four Seasons: Japanese Haiku, Second Series 1958 Peter Pauper Press
2003.500.625 Book The New Testament: Revised Standard Version and Japanese Colloquial Version, Bilingual Edition 1956 Japan Bible Society
2003.500.626 Book Stories from a teacher's students point of view in Japan after WWII Echoes From A Mountain School Muchaku, Seikyo; Genevieve Caulfield and Michiko Kimura, trans. 1953 Kenkyusaha LTD
2003.500.627 Book Stories From Enshu: A Collection of Folk Tales From Western Shizuoka Prefecture Wood, Gary. Caroline Powell and F. Stimson Harriman, eds 1986 HICE
2003.500.628 Anthology of articles from Getting Together a progressive bilingual Chinese American newspaper from San Francisco Chinese Workers: Past and Present Getting Together, 1970 Getting together
2003.500.629 Book Taiwan 1980 Department of Information, Taiwan Provincial Government
2003.500.630 Book Myths and Rebuses in Chinese Art 1988 Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
2003.500.631 Book Festivals in Taiwan Wieman, Earl 1996 Tourism Bureau
2003.500.632 Book The Haiku Anthology: Haiku and Senryu in English Van den Heuvel, Cor 1986 Simon and Schuster
2003.500.633 Book The Traditional Art of Chinese Woodblock Prints Council for Cultural Planning and Development 1986 Chen Chi-lu
2003.500.634 Book Korea, My Motherland Adams, Edward B. 1988 Kemongsa
2003.500.635 Book Korean Cultural Resource Book 1978 Seattle Bilingual Services Project
2003.500.636 Book Flo Oy Wong: Whispers of the Past 2006 40 Acres Art Gallery
2003.500.637 Journal Korea Annual 1988 1988 Yonhap News Agency
2003.500.638 Han - gang River 1986 Seoul Metropolitan Government
2003.500.639 Korean Relics in Japan 1991 The Korea Foundation
2003.500.640 Book Korea: Contrast and Harmony 1980 Korea Overseas Information Service
2003.500.641 Book Geography China Handbook Editorial Committee and Liang Liangxing, trans. 1983 Foreign Language Press
2003.500.642 Book Japan travel book. Japan in Four Seasons 1961 Japan Travel Bureau
2003.500.643 Book Japan Expo '70 Guide Waldo, Myra 1970 Collier Books
2003.500.644 Book Based on an actual story but now in the annals of folk tales. The Forty-Seven Ronin Story Allyn, John 1992 Charles E. Tuttle
2003.500.645 Book A Bilingual Vietnamese English reader to maintain the Vietnamese language and to promote English and to teach about Viet - Nam and its culture. Ky Niem Que Huong: The Childhood Memories of Viet Nam Tran, Van Dien 1981 Tu Sach Song Ngu Huong Viet
2003.500.646 Book Chinese Arts of the Sung and Yuan Periods Tokyo National Museum 1961 Tokyo National Museum
2003.500.647 Book Annotated Outlines of the History of Chinese Arts Freer Gallery of Art 1946 Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution
2003.500.648 York Avenue Galleries: Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings Sotheby's, 1981 Sotheby's
2003.500.649 Book An Album of Embroidery Designs Nam San Nam San
2003.500.650 Book On the Ships of Cheng-Ho Pao, Tsen-Peng 1961 National Historical Museum
2003.500.651 Book Designs of the Architectural Decoration of China Nam San
2003.500.652 Book Chinese Paper-cut Flowers Nam San
2003.500.653 Book Wonders of China Zhilong, Fan, ed. 1986 China Cultural Corporation
2003.500.655 Book Chinese Culture for Children (and Grown-Ups too) Pang, Margaret Y. 1976 Chinese Culture for Childern
2003.500.656 Book Seoul, Korea 1989 Seoul Metropolitan Government
2003.500.657 Mizuhiki: Kogei Nyumon: A Step by Step guide to Japanese Paper Cord Weaving Shizumizi, Haruko 1998
2003.500.658 Book Choson Democratic People's Republic at a Crossroads 1997
2003.500.659 Book in Korean Korea's Specialty Museums Lee, Yo Sup 1997 Sae Shi
2003.500.660 Book Folk Plays/Games and Folk Consciousness Kim, Son Poog 1997
2003.500.661 Book Seventy Year History of Korean Children's Songs Han, Yong Hee 1996 Sae Kwang
2003.500.662 Book Today and Tomorrow: Korean Family Culture 1996 Social Science Research Institute
2003.500.663 100 Traditional Artists in Korea Lee, Kyu Won 1996 Hyun Ahm Sah
2003.500.664 Book [Li Dynasty Costume] Geum, Key-sook 1994 Youl Hwa Dang
2003.500.665 Book in Korean The Korean War and U.S. Kim, Chull Baum 1996
2003.500.666 Atlas, Japan, in Japanese 1974
2003.500.667 Exhibition of the Rin-pa 1972 Tokyo National Museum
2003.500.668 Book Annotated Outlines of the History of Japanese Arts 1955 Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian
2003.500.669 Book Catalogue of an Exhibition of Japanese Porcelain 1956 The Oriental Ceramic Society
2003.500.700 Book in Korean Korean Value System in Transition Period Lim, Han, ed. 1996 Science Institute
2003.500.701 Book Blue and White: Early Japanese Export Ware Lerner, Martin 1978 Metropolitan Museum of Art
2003.500.703 Booklet A Representation of 3,000 Years of the Art of Japan: from Mayuyama Collection 1974 Nieman Marcus
2003.500.704 Book Directions of Playing "Chinese Game of Four Winds" Wing Fat Cheung
2003.500.705 Koshinshu: (Crimson Heart) A Collection of Poems with Paintings Kobori, Sokei 1978 Shufu-no-tomo
2003.500.706 Kokaratsu: Ceramics Part II Kazusabura, Mizumachi
2003.500.707 More of Japan's Traditional Artifacts Exhibition 1973
2003.500.708 Kokutani: Ceramics
2003.500.709 Pictorial biography of Buddhist priest Hitaka Seji Himaki Tadashi, Moria
2003.500.710 Book A Sad Toy: A Unique and Popular Japanese Poet, Takuboku's Life and His Poems Takamine, Hiroshi 1962 Tokyo News Service
2003.500.711 Book The Maids and Deathwatch: Two Plays Genet, Jean 1982 Grove Weidenfeld
2003.500.712 Book Japanese Folk-Toys Nisizawa, Tekiho 1939 Board of Tourist Industry
2003.500.713 Book Kanazawa: The Other Side of Japan Stevens, Ruth 1986 Kanazawa Tourist Association
2003.500.714 Book Japan Hoikusha Publishing, ed.; Don Kenny, trans. 1982 Hoikusha Publishing
2003.500.715 Book Asian Americans in Transition Karnow, Stanley 1992 The Asia Society
2003.500.716 Book Impressions of Japan Yakuhin, Bayer 1965 Bitjutsu Shuppan-sha
2003.500.717 Book Sudjana Kerton in Indonesian Modern Art: Separate History 2003 Sanggar Luhur
2003.500.718 Book Sources of East Asian Tradition, Volume 2: The Modern Period De Bary, Wm. Theodore, ed. 2008 Columbia University Press
2003.500.719 Book Konosuke Matsushita: Portrait of a Japanese Business Magnate Sheba, Togo 1970 The Rengo Press, Ltd.
2003.500.720 Ninjutsu Draeger, Donn 1980 Phoenix Books
2003.500.721 Book Zen Buddhism 1959 Peter Pauper Press
2003.500.722 Book Book about Japan, given to those who visited the country during the 1964 Olympic Games Japan 1964 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2003.500.723 Book Shugakuin Imperial Villa 1968
2003.500.724 Book book on Japan published by U.S. Air Force Base Welcome - This is Japan 1958 Office of Information Services, Yokota Air Base
2003.500.725 Book The Dawns of Tradition 1983 Nissan
2003.500.726 Book Chinese and Japanese Religions Vol. 3 Readings in Eastern Religious Thought Frazier, Allie M., ed. 1969 The Westminster Press
2003.500.727 Book Pictorial history of Japanese Americans Due Process: Americans of Japanese Ancestry and the United States Constitution 1787-1994 Uyeda, Clifford I., ed. 1995 National Japanese American Historical Society
2003.500.728 Book Village "Contracts" in Tokugawa Japan: Fifty Specimens with English Translations and Comments Henderson, Dan Fenno 1975 University of Washington Press
2003.500.729 Daedalus: Showa: The Japan of Hirohito 1990 American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2003.500.730 Book The State of Asian Pacific America: Economic Diversity, Issues and Policies, A Public Policy Report Ong, Paul, ed. 1994 LEAP Asian Pacific American Public Policy Institute
2003.500.731 Book The State of Asian Pacific America: Reframing the Immigration Debate, A Public Policy Report Hing, Bill Ong, ed. 1996 LEAP Asian Pacific American Public Policy Institute
2003.500.732 Book Asian/Pacific Americans in Washington State: Historic Context Document Dubrow, G., G. Nomura, D.G. Doyle, R. Wong, C. So, S. Wong, W. Shi and L. Artu 1992 Department of Community Development: OAHP
2003.500.733 Book A plan for missionary work in China Adult Guide on "Understanding China and the Chinese People" Lacy, Creighton 1969 Friendship Press
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