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1900.7625 Article Article details Tony Ng, Benjamin Ng and Willie Mak's whereabouts the night of the murder and mentions that Mak returned to the crime scene after the murder. A Chinatown suspect went back to scene, police report Miletich, Steve April 2, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7626 Article Court date set for July, "speedy trial" delayed by defence's need to collect evidence. July trial date set for 2 accused in Chinatown slayings Johnston, Steve April 2, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7627 Article Discusses compensation from a victims of violent crime fund that the State of Washington set up in 1970s. Compensation for massacre's victims April 2, 1983 Chinese Post
1900.7628 Article Article describes press effort to obtain information from search warrent. Wah Mee information still secret Johnston, Steve April 5, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7629 Article Article discusses press's attempts to gain sealed information. Judge rejects press plea to see full 'massacre' document Hopkins, Jack April 5, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.763 Gidra was published in Los Angeles from 1969 - 1974 to provide a forum for community expression and to counter the pervasive media stereotypes of Asian Americans Gidra: The Twentieth Anniversary Edition Evelyn 1990 Magazine
1900.7630 Article Article mentions third suspect, Tony Ng, and discusses his possible whereabouts. Third suspect of massacre charged April 2, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7631 Article Article describes press effort to release sealed information about massacre to the public. Defense claims that releasing the information might bias potential witnesses. Newspapers rebuffed in Wah Mee case Johnston, Steve April 5, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7632 Article Editorial saying that victims' families should claim benefits from the State of Washington, as relatives of violent crime victims. Editorial: Our Rights To Benefits In The United States Hung, Szeto April 2, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7633 Article Article describes Wah Mee Massacre and mentions the police search for the third suspect, Tony Ng. Police named third suspect in Wah Mee Club murders
1900.7634 Article Article discusses court proceedings to publicize information withheld in order to ensure a fair trial for Ng and Mak. Case for reporter shield law looks better Reistrup, John April 6, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7635 Article Describes Tony Ng's possible involvement in the Wah Mee Massacre and his subsequent dissaperance. Third Wah Mee suspect may have fled state April 6, 1983 Beacon Hill News
1900.7636 Article Relatives of Willie Mak may have helped him destroy evidence related to the Massacre. Two held as accessories in Wah Mee mass murders Brown, Charles E. August 8, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7637 Article Article describes police search for Tony Ng, and how warrent will now allow Ng to be apprehended internationally. Third Man Charged in Seattle April 6, 1983 East/West
1900.7638 Article New charges in Wah Mee case, Sonny Kwan and Kwan Fung Mak are accused of destroying evidence. Father of Kwan claims he is innocent. Washing car seen as destroying Wah Mee evidence Nalder, Eric April 9, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7639 Article Sonny Kwan and Kwan Fung Mak are charged with destroying evidence. Their lawyer complains about high bail. Wah Mee suspect's kin plead innocent April 14, 1983
1900.764 Uwajimaya is profiled as one of five family businesses that have flourished. A Family Affair: Uwajimaya Inc. Haupt March 1992 Washington CEO
1900.7640 Article Article describes charges against Sonny Kwan and Kwan Fung Mak, and how they allegedly destroyed evidence of finger prints. 2 more Chinatown charges Foster, George April 13, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7641 Article Sonny Kwan and Kwan Fung Mak, relatives of supsect Willie Mak, are held on bail for charges of destroying evidence related to the Wah Mee Massacre. Article also mentions that Sonny Kwan petitioned the school board and was featured in news articles about school integration. Two men charged in Wah Mee case April 13, 1983 Beacon Hill News
1900.7642 Article Sonny Kwan and Kwan Fung Mak are charged with tampering with evidence. Kin of mass-murder suspects charged Johnston, Steve April 13, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7643 Article Article desrcibes arrests of Sonny Kwan and Kwan Fung Mak, and their charge of destroying fingerprint evidence from Wah Mee Massacre. Two Arrested in Connection With Wah Mee Slayings April 13, 1983 East/West
1900.7644 Article Bing Kung Association offers reward for information or help in catching anyone responsible for the Wah Mee Masssacre. Reward: Chinese tong offers $30,000 in Wah Mee murders Brown, Charles April 14, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7645 Article Sonny Kwan and Kwan Fung Mak are arrested for destroying evidence important in Wah Mee Masscare. 2 held for destroying evidence of massacre Foster, George April 9, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7646 Article Sonny Kwan and Fung Fai Mak are released on bail. Both are accused of tampering with evidence important in the Wah Mee Massacre. Father of Kwan expresses his conviction of son's innocence. Article mentions charity raised for Chinn Law, one of the Wah Mee victims. Wah Mee Murder Development April 16, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7647 Article Article describes $30,000 reward for information and the release of Sonny Kwan and Kwan Fung Mak on bail. Wah Mee case brings $30,000 reward offer April 20, 1983
1900.7648 Article Article discusses police trip to Vancouver while searching for missing suspect Tong Ng. Also mentions arrest of Sonny Kwan and Kwan Fung Mak for tampering with evidence. Seattle police discuss Wah Mee investigation with Canadian police April 20, 1983 International Examiner
1900.7649 Article Opinion piece. Ron Chew argues that disclosing sealed information would prevent defendents Mak and Ng from having a fair trial. Chew argues that the Seattle Times and Post Intelligencer are wrong to pursue disclosure. Wah Mee Murders Let's reserve the trial for a court of law Chew, Ron April 20, 1983 International Examiner
1900.765 Pacific Asian American Women Writers West PAAWWW Reads to a Full House Oct. 23, 1987 Pacific Citizen
1900.7650 Article Judge allows witness Wai Chinn's testimony to be taped for trial, citing Chin's continuing health issues and bullet fragments lodged in his neck. Chinatown survivor to testify on video Miletich, Steve May 10, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7651 Article Sonny Kwan pleads guilty to tampering with evidence in Wah Mee case, and agrees to cooperate fully with police during trial. Suspect will talk in Chinatown case Sherman, Bruce May 24, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7652 Article Editorial raises concern for high crime rate in cities, and advocates strong punishment for murderers. Editorial: When will the crimes stop? May 21, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7653 Article Sonny Kwan agrees to give information and cooperate with police in exchange for light sentence. Kwan Fung Mak is also expected to make a similar plea agreement. Suspect to testify in Wah Mee trial Brooks, Tom May 24, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7654 Article Article updates information about testimony of witness Wai Y. Chin and his ablility to appear in court. Massacre witness to testify Hopkins, Jack Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7655 Article Defendents' lawyers want a survey to figure out whether Ng and Mak will be able to receive a fair trial in the state of Washington, due to pre-trial publicity. Wah Mee case suspects want publicity survey May 26, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7656 Article Lawyers of Ng and Mak demand a survey to explore whether publicity will make a fair trial difficult. Wah Mee case suspects want publicity survey May 26, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7657 Article Article summaraizes crime trends in Seattle for the year and compares murder rate to past years. Describes recent unsolved murders. May is month of murder; 10 killed in city, county Brown, Charles E. May 31, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7658 Article Lawyer for Mak resigns, trial delayed further. Chinatown Massacre attorney quits case Hopkins, Jack May 28, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7659 Article Article describes efforts to set trial date and potentially try Ng and Mak separately Trial date due in Wah Mee murder case Emery, Julie June 2, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.766 Jude Narita in one woman show "The Coming into Passion/Song for a Sansei" Narita's "Song" Looks at Roles of Asian Women Arkatov August 26, 1987 Los Angeles Times
1900.7660 Article Kwan Fung Mak, Willie Mak's brother pleads guilty to tampering with evidence and agrees to testify at trial. Massacre suspect's brother tells court he tampered with evidence Hopkins, Jack June 1, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7661 Article Discussion of when trial date will be, and whether Ng and Mak will be tried together or separately. Massacre defendants disagree on when the trial should start Hopkins, Jack June 2, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7662 Article Judge denies requests to move back trial date to October. Ng's attorney pushes for an early trial date. Chinatown trial date is moved up June 9, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7663 Article De Yonge discusses pretrial publicity and his own perceptions of how information has affected his attitudes towards murders. Request adds new twist to a fair trial De Yonge, John June 15, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7664 Article Ng and Mak's defense lawyers argue against death penalty, but judge rejects arguments. Death penalty is attacked in Chinatown trial June 16, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7665 Article Legal scholar, Ng and Mak's lawyers argue that crime charges should be listed differently. Judge to study one Wah Mee challenge Emery, Julie June 16, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7666 Article Article reports on efforts to delay trial date, and confirms that trial will begin in August. Judge refuses to delay trial of Wah Mee defendants Emery, Julie June 29, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7667 Article Article discusses trial date. Massacre trial delay requested Suffia, David June 26, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7668 Article Discusses change in defense attorneys. Ng and Mak are both receiving legal help at the public's expense after being deemed indignant . 2nd attorney appointed for defendant in Wah Mee case June 18, 1983
1900.767 Article Tennis championship Florida, PNW Among USTA League Winners Sikowitz, Peter November 1984 Tennis USA
1900.7670 Article Bing Kung Tong raises reward offer for information related to Wah Mee killings. Bing Kong Tong Doubles Seattle Case Reward July 6, 183 East/West
1900.7671 Article Article describes legal debate about court delays and how press has handled case Wah Mee defendant asks for separate trial, change of venue July 7, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7672 Article Ng makes accusatory statemens about Mak. Two Chinatown supsects at odds Hopkins, Jack July 9, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7673 Article Lawyers for Mak dispute court date. Discussion of anonymous informant who claims " the real planners of the massacre are not on trial." Two lawyers seek to quit defense in Wah Mee case Emery, Julie July 12, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7674 Article Article discusses Mak's laywer and the potential for the lawyer to withdraw from the case. Also questions police handling of case. Wah Mee lawyers ask to withdraw Hopkins, Jack July 12, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7675 Article Judge rules that Mak's lawyers must continue working and that Mak will be tried jointly with Ng in August. Two lawyers must stay on massacre case Hopkins, Jack July 16, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7676 Article Police investigation of Wah Mee Massacre goes over budget, Seattle Police Department demands more money. Wah Mee probe is putting icty's police in the red Foster, George July 22, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7677 Article Prosecutors comment on fairness of pre-trial and media exposure of suspects. News of massacre was factual, say prosecutors Emery, Julie July 10, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7678 Article Mak's lawyers feel unprepared to defend him on the scheduled trial date, and desire more time. Mention of confidential informant who supplied police with additional information. Wah Mee suspect's lawyers want off the case Emery, Julie July 11, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7679 Article Interviews with Chinatown/ International District residents about Wah Mee murders. Trial set to open in Wah Mee Massacre Suffia, David July 31, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.768 Describes the fate of the children of the Hood River, OR Yasui family during World War II and their educational and careers accomplishments following the war. They are the family of Minoru Yasui, lawyer and imprisoned for challenging the curfew law for Japanese Americans. In Time Of War Kessler, Lauren Winter, 1986 Old Oregon
1900.7680 Article Some pre-trial hearings for Wah Mee Murder case closed to public and press. Judge rules that trial should not be moved to another county, and that trial will be delayed only one week. Lawyers and judges discuss how much access the press should have to information. End of article cut off. Judge bars press and public from Wah Mee hearings Hopkins, Jack July 29, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7681 Article Discussion of closed hearings. Ng and Mak's attorneys demand separate trials at hearing. Court to bar public from Wah Mee pretrial hearing Emery, Julie July 29, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7682 Article Article interviews Marcheeta Chinn, widow of Wah Mee victim Henning Chinn. Discusses victims, families' ability to collect compesation for crimes. Interviews with residents and leaders of International District. Chinese community scarred by mass murder Suffia, David July 31, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7683 Article Article about how to avoid becoming a victim of crime. Stopping Crime- Everybody Can Help Lam, Dennis July 2, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7684 Article Judge separates Ng and Mak's trials. Ng's will take place first. Mak's lawyers need more preparatory time. Two suspects in Wah Mee killings get separate trials Parker, Laura August 4, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7685 Article Discussion of separate trials. Hearing is not open to the press. Closed-door Wah Mee hearing runs 5 hours, continues today August 3, 1983
1900.7686 Article Article discusses trial of Mak and Ng, and the continued search for Tony Ng. Also mentions police desire to add dectectives for the International District. Wah Mee murer trial set to begin next week August 3, 1983
1900.7687 Article Letter to the editor complaining of tolerance for gambling and relief that gambling has decreaced since Wah Mee Massacre. Thanking Wah Mee suspects Bui, Choi Yee August 5, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7688 Booklet Companion booklet to traveling exhibit Remembering 1882. It explores the historical debate around the Exclusion Act from its origin throug its full repeal in 1968. Remembering 1882: Fighting for Civil Rights in the Shadow of the Chinese Exclusion Act Yu, Connie Young 2012 Chinese Historical Society of America
1900.7689 Booklet Architecture in San Fancisco's Chinatown The Architecture of San Francisco Chinatown Choy, Phillip P. 2008 Chinese Historical Society of America
1900.769 Obituary of Minoru Yasui Minoru Yasui: An Outspoken and Outraged American Kinoshita, Cherry 12/3/1986 International Examiner
1900.7690 Booklet in 2010 CHSA purchased 7 paintings of the original 12 from Kan's restaurant in San Francisco painted bv Jake Lee. The pamphlet shows 8 Jake Lee paintings and their captions. Finding Jake Lee: The Paintings at Kan's 2010 Chinese Historical Society of America
1900.7691 Booklet Catalogue of the exhibit The Tag Project by Wendy Maruyama Historical text by Susan Hasegawa and Barbara McBane Exhibit is on the Japanese American internment experience The Tag Project/Executive Order 9066 Maruyama, Wendy January 2012 University Art Gallery, San Diego State University
1900.7692 Article Describes historical and contemporary significance of Chinatown and how Massacre has affected neighborhood. Chinatown tragedy Seattle's tragedy Scates, Shelby August 2, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7693 Article Gail Tanaka responds to Scates' article about Chinatown, and clarifies information about city money funding development in the International District. City takes pride in this community Tanaka, Gail August 10, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7694 Article Describes case from arrest of Ng and Mak to beginning of trial. Discusses legal issues surrounding trial, other possible criminal activity by Ng and Mak, and the role of tongs in the Chinese community. Wah Mee trial will rekindle killings' horror Dardarian, Suki August 6, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.7695 Article Describes jury selection process for Ng's trial. Potential jurors objecting to dealth penalty are eliminated. Potential Jurors Grilled on Death Penalty McCarthy, Kathy Associated Press
1900.7696 Article Deliberation on jury selection. Death penalty quiz at trial Parker, Laura August 9, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7697 Article Describes jury selection process. Two candidates ruled out for their views on the death penalty. Long process to pick Wah Mee jury beings Dardarian, Suki August 9, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.7698 Article Article describes jury selection process. The jury Questions center on death penalty Emery, Julie August 9, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7699 Article Describes jury selection. Two potential jurors eliminated because of their views on the death penalty. The Wah Mee jury Emery, Julie August 9, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.770 Article Profile of Yasui family and Chen family Doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief... Timberman, Polly May 13, 1987 Kaleidoscope Hood River News
1900.7700 Article Discussion of jury selection. Interview with University of Washington professor Elizabeth Loftus about the pscyhology of jury selection. Picking jury harder than eeny-meeny-miney-mo Dardarian, Suki August 10, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.7701 Article Continued debate about jury selection. Death penalty continues to be 'on trial' in screening of jurors Emery, Julie August 10, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7702 Article Article reports on jury selection, and potential other crimes that Ng and Mak may have committed. Jury selection begins for first Wah Mee trial August 10, 1983 Beacon Hill News
1900.7703 Article Further discussion of jury selection process and the role that potential jury members' beleifs on the dealth penality are playing in choosing the jury. Chinatown Trial: Jurors Advised of 'Gruesome," "Chilling" Evidence McCarthy, Kathy August 10, 198 Associated Press
1900.7704 Article Defense and prosecution lawyers question potential jurors about death penalty. John Henry Browne, Benjamin Ng's attorney says he took the case because he is "absolutely opposed to the death penalty." For the defense...for the prosecution Parker, Laura August 12, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7705 Article Potential jurors discuss ability to convict and sentence a person to death. Potential jurors suffer own trials over life, death Dardarian, Suki August 12, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.7706 Article Article describes jury selection process and how potential jurors react to gruesome evidence. Potential jurors told of Wah Mee carnage Emery, Julie August 11, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7707 Article Defense and prosecution discuss ideal juror candidates. Chinatown trial zeros in on ideal jury Parker, Laura August 11, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7708 Article Discusses length of trial and possiblity of sequestering jury during trial. Wah Mee lawyers want jury isolated Parker, Laura August 13, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7709 Article Victims' families and their process to claim government benefits as survivors is stalled by possibility that victims may have been engaged in illegal activity of gambling when they died. Victims' relatives are interviewed about their feelings. Wah Mee Murder Murder Victim's families face the future August 13, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.771 Divorce of middle age couple "The Wash" explores the ties that break James August 17, 1988 New York Times
1900.7710 Article Editorial piece calling tong involvement in Wah Mee murders unlikely, and questioning whether poor social services and tolerance towards gambling practices played a role in murders. Wah Mee Murder- Whose fault August 13, 1983
1900.7711 Article Describes the chosen jurors for Benjamin Ng's trial, their jobs, and hobbies. Eight men, four women picked for jury in Wah Mee murder trial Emery, Julie August 16, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7712 Article Background on trial and jury selection. Seattle Murder Trial Begins With Selection of Jurors August 17, 1983 East/West
1900.7713 Article Biographies of defence and prosecution attorneys. Details lawyers' perspectives on the case and the death penalty charge. Chinatown trial a legal showcase Dardarian, Suki August 15, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.7714 Article Article discusses circumstances of Mak's confession and police questioning of Ng's girlfriend. Wah Mee confession held inadmissible Emery, Julie August 16, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7715 Article Court finds Mak's confession inadmissible in Ng trial. Article discusses Kennis Izumi's role as Ng's girlfriend. Chinatown confession disclosed Parker, Laura August 16, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7716 Article Article describes jurors, their jobs and passtimes. Chinatown massaacre jury ready for trial Parker, Laura August 16, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7717 Article Describes testimony by Kennis Izumi, Benjamin Ng's girlfriend, and the police search of her room. Room search ruled legal after girlfriend testifies in Ng's trial Emery, Julie The Seattle Times
1900.7718 Article Ng's defense lawyers want to include Mak's inadmissible confession. Article provides new details about witnesses and the sequence of events during killings. Massacre suspect didn't pull the trigger, jury hears Parker, Laura August 17, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7719 Article Benjamin Ng's lawyers present evidence that Ng did not commit murders, but admit that he was present at the crime scene. Chinatown supsect present, but didn't kill, attorney says Dardarian, Suki August 10, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.772 LEAP fact sheet, workshops, publications, memebership. Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics. Inc. 1994 flyers
1900.7720 Article Short biographies of jurors selected for Benjamin Ng's trial. Second part details Kennis Izumi's testimony Jury of 4 women, 8 men to decide Chinatown defendant's fate Dardarian, Suki August 16, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.7721 Article Article details evidence given in trial regarding Benjamin Ng's whereabouts during murders. Wah Mee jury hears opening remarks Chew, Ron August 17, 1983 International Examiner
1900.7722 Article Jurors see pictures of victims and hear evidence about the sequence of events during murder. Chinatown jury hears gory tale of how 13 died Dardarian, Suki August 17, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.7723 Article Describes court proceedings and testimony from witnesses at crime scene and evidence linking Benjamin Ng to crime. Wah Mee Trial: Dispassionate testimony details the horror of Chinatown mass slaying Emery, Julie August 17, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7724 Article Wai Y. Chin testifies. Includes biographical information of Chin and information about what he witnessed during murders. 'Hands up' order began Chinatown survivor's ordeal Dardarian, Suki August 18, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.7725 Article Information about Wai Y. Chin's role as a dealer at the Wah Mee club. Further information about Chin's testimony. Wah Mee Trial: Massacre's lone survivor testifies Ng carried gun during Chinatown robbery Emery, Julie August 17, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7726 Article Information on Chin's testimony and description of crime scene. 'Like firecrackers': Surviovr tells of Wah Mee massacre Jones, Lansing August 18, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7727 Article Biography of Wai Y. Chin, article describes how Chin met Ng and how he came to work in Wah Mee Club. Onetime Chinese farm boy is focus of trial Emery, Julie August 18, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7728 Article Additional biographic details about Chin's life and questions asked to Chin during trial. 'Bap-bap-bap'- Survivor tells of 13 slayings Parker, Laura August 18,1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7729 Article Willie Mak's brother, Kwan Fung Mak, testifies at Benjamin Ng's trial. Also reports on testimony by Wai Chung Tam and Yen Lau who report hearing Ng and Mak plan a robbery. Defendants discussed robbing Wah Mee club in February, jury told Dardarian, Suki August 19, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.773 For Asian Americans, a Way to Fight a Maddening Stereotype Louie, Vivian August 8, 1993 New York Times
1900.7730 Article Friends of Ng testify at trial, discussion of guns used for murder and Benjamin Ng's exposure to and knowledge of.22 caliber weapon used in murders. Ng, Mak talked of robbery, jury told Parker, Laura August 19, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7731 Article Article discusses evidence that Benjamin Ng had prior knowledge of the murders and plotted the murder with Willie Mak. Some 'smoking gun' testimony highlights massacre-trial start August 21, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7732 Article Article discusses testimony of witness about night of crime. Mentions information about guns used and found at Ng and Mak's homes. Wah Mee suspect got home wet, tired, witness tells jury Emery, Julie August 19, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7733 Article Article discusses why towels were wrapped around two victims' heads. Two of 13 victims had towels on heads- why? Emery, Julie August 20, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7734 Article Article describes medical examiner's testimony at Benjamin Ng's trial. Doctors describe the carnage at Wah Mee Parker, Laura August 20, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7735 Article Article details medical examiner's tesimony about deaths. Includes testimony mentioning victims' names. Medical examiner gives detailed view of Wah Mee deaths Dardarian, Suki August 20, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.7736 Article Doctor of survivor Wai Y. Chin testifies about his injuries. Wah Mee jurors get assault details Emery, Julie August 21, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7737 Article Article discusses the Press's desire to publish facts about trial and weighs it against Benjamin Ng's lawyers contention that information about the trial may bias jurors. Press-coverage impact argued: Massacre-trial defense again says lock up jury Dardarian, Suki August 21, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.7738 Article Article profiles Kennis Izumi, Benjamin Ng's girlfriend and her thoughts about the trial. Wah Mee: Girlfriend stands by Ng McCarthy, Kathy August 22, 1983 Associated Press
1900.7739 Article Article discusses guns used to commit massacre, and evidence linking Benjamin Ng to crime. Also mentions Kennis Izumi's testimony to the court. Expert links pistol to massacre at Wah Mee gambling parlor Emery, Julie August 23, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.774 Stereotype belies diversity of Asians Asian Americans Don't Fit Their Monochrome Image Lee, Moon July 27, 1993 Christian Science Monitor
1900.7740 Article Article describes feelings of Kennis Izumi as expressed in court, and Benjamin Ng's actions the night of the Wah Mee murders. Ng's girl says he wore 2 guns night of killings Parker, Laura August 23, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7741 Article Jury delivers a verdict of guilty in Benjamin Ng's trial. Article describes initial reactions in court room and the coming process for sentencing. Chinatown Trial McCarthy, Kathy August 24, 1983 Associated Press
1900.7742 Article Concluding arguments by defense and prosecution in Benjamin Ng's trial. First Wah Mee Trial Ending Soon August 24, 1983 East/West
1900.7743 Article Wai Chinn's memories of the murders. Wah Mee Massacre Trial: Sole survivor's account of the massacre Ng, Assunta August 20, 1983 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7744 Article Information from Kennis Izumi's testimony and about guns used in killings. Defendant silent as Wah Mee trial nears end Dardarian, Suki August 23, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.7745 Article Similarities between robberies in Vancouver, B.C. and Wah Mee Massacre. BC robberies similar to Wah mee incident August 23, 1983 Associated Press
1900.7746 Article Guilty verdict for Benjamin Ng. Closing arguments from defense and prosecution regarding Ng's guilt. Mention's Bessie Ng and Kennis Izumi and their reaction to the ruling. Ng found guilty of aggravated murder Dardarian, Suki August 24, 1983 Everett Herald
1900.7747 Article Profiles prosecutors in Benjamin Ng's trial and includes facts about their lives. Wah Mee prosecutors are idealists Emery, Julie August 24, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7748 Article Reactions to Benjamin Ng's guilty verdict. Chinatown Trial, 2 Takes McCarthy, Kathy August 24, 1983 Associated Press
1900.7749 Booklet Film Theatre History Seattle from MOHAI exhibit Celluloid Seattle 2013 Museum of History and Industry
1900.775 Study Finds Neglect of Asian Poor Kang, F. Connie Dec. 2, 1993 Los Angleles Times
1900.7750 Booklet Wing Nien Soy Bean Company founded in SF Chinatown during WW II was the first manufacturer of soy sauce in the US, Founded by Brother's in law George Hall and John C. Young. Wing Nien Brand: A Story of Longevity Yu, Connie Young and Effie Hall Dilworth 2013 Chinese Historical Society of America
1900.7751 Magazine Two article related to Seattle Social justice p. 21 Gordon Hirabayashi: Challenging the internment of Japanese Americans p. 24 Ardo Hersi: Organizing against institutional racism and youth incaceration. Quaker Action American Friends Service Committee
1900.776 The Perils of Success: Asians Have Become Exemplary Immigranrs but at a Price Walsh, James Fall 1993 Time
1900.777 Periodical The New Asian Standard, Vol. I, No. 1 October 1991 IAMBIC Group
1900.778 Public policy report flyer for book Policy Issues to the Year 2020 LEAP 1994 Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc
1900.779 Article Common Ground LEAP 1995 LEAP Asian Pacific American Public Policy Institute
1900.780 Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics Newsletter LEAP Connections, Vol. 8, No. 2 LEAP April 1995
1900.781 Explanasian : The Official Newsletter of the Asian American Writer's Workshop, Vol. 2, No. 2 FAll 1992
1900.782 The NAPALC Review, Vol. 1, No. 3 Winter 1995
1900.783 Asian American women committed to progressive social change National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, Vol. 1, No. 1 August 1996
1900.784 Article Senator Daniel K. Inouye congratulates Hiroshi Miyamura during a dinner in Hiroshi's honor. Inouye received a Congressional Medal of Honor for his service in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Miyamura received a Medal of Honor for his service during the Korean War. Community Heroes
1900.785 Asian American Journalists Association National Convention 1991 1991 Asian American Journalists Association
1900.786 Helping Link Anti- Violence Project The goal: a place to feel safe Ramirez, Marc Dec. 7, 1997 Seattle Times
1900.787 Koreans keep culture alive cooking up fiery kimchi Eng Dec. 10, 1997 Seattle Times
1900.788 Pinoy Stories: Peter Bacho captures Seattle's Filipino Struggle in a dozen short stories Baillargeon Dec. 3, 1997 Seattle Weekly
1900.789 AsiAm: Celebrating the Asian American, Vol. 1, No. 1 Dec. 1986 Magazine
1900.8000 Report Livable South Downtown The Livable South Downtown Planning Study includes many project components that support analysis and decision-making about a range of issues in the study area. Please also look in the Environmental Impacts Statement (EIS) section of this web site for studies that directly pertain to the South Downtown EIS effort. See Livable South Downtown Seattle Seattle Department of Planning and Development 2009 City of Seattle
1900.8001 Report A thesis on Chinese Americans living in Aurora, Nevada. In the late 1800s this mining community created Ordinance 32, which stated that Chinese Americans could only live in a certain area of town. The thesis explores this Ordinance and the consequences of it through archaeology from the town. Archaeology on Spring Street: Discrimination, Ordinance 32, and the Overseas Chinese in Aurora, Nevada Dale, Emily S. December 2011 Emily S. Dale
1900.8002 Article The history of the the S.S. Great Republic, one of the ships that carried Chinese to Oregon. It only conducted one voyage, sinking in the Columbia River. The ship contains many treasures, including objects from those Chinese passengers. Shipwreck at Columbia River mouth played key role in Chinese immigration Wells, Robert November 17, 20 The Oregonian
1900.8003 Article Poacher Ray Hillsman illegally hunted bears in order to sell parts, chiefly gallbladders, to buyers. Bear gallbladders, highly prized in traditional Asian medicinal practices, commanded lucrative prices from Asian Americans. Article details the evidence gathering and eventual arrest in Hillsman's case. The Hunting of the Poacher King Barcott, Bruce
1900.8004 Article A study on the background and creation of Public Development Authorities. Features the Pike Place Market PDA and the SCIDpda as examples. Fundamental Consideration on Public Development Authority in terms of the Paradigm Shift in Urban Management Maeyama, Soichiro 2013
1900.8005 Magazine Summarizes the legacy of discrimination against Chinese American immigrants to the Pacific Northwest. Also details efforts to chronicle and preserve that history. Homage to a Bitter Heritage Judd, Ron
1900.8006 article Profile of the Army Specialized Training Program, whose graduates include Wing Luke. Whiz kids have made significant contributions Dean, Rob
1900.8007 article Five newspaper clippings from the Seattle Times 1917-1918, featuring box scores from games played by the Mikados in the Seattle City League. 1917-1918 Seattle Times
1900.8008 article Ambassador Curtis Chin Named to Top Post at AIT April 2012 Asian Fortune
1900.8009 article An investigation of Chinese foodways for the purpose of understanding food heritage in Hong Kong society. From foodways to intangible heritage: A Case study of CHinese culinary resource, retail and recipe in Hong Kong Cheung, Sidney March 2012 Routledge
1900.8010 Teaching guide A researched teaching guide on Roger Shimomura's exhibition "Yellow Terror". Window on the Work 2010
1900.8011 article Jackson St. Regrade - Raising the Neighborhood
1900.8012 Magazine Winter 2000 (2 copies) Ukiyo- E Society Bulletin Ukiyo-E Society of America
1900.8013 Article Upper Columbia Chinese Placering
1900.8014 Magazine Survey and Guide 2014-2015 National Museum of Ethnology, Japan
1900.8015 Newsletter March 2015, June 2015, Annual Report 2014 Renton Historical Society & Museum Quarterly
1900.8016 newsletter Winter 2014/2015 National Park Service
1900.8017 article vol. 1 no. 3 June 1979; February 1979 (2 copies) Public Authority Journal
1900.8018 Article An overview of the Issei who immigrated to the Pacific Northwest. A Brief History of the Japanese Immigrants In the State of Washington
1900.8019 newsletter Spring 2015 The Affiliate: News about Smithsonian Affiliates
1900.8020 Booklet Booklet on exhibition on Chinese American participation in the China Burma India Theatre in World War II Called to Rise: Chinese Americans in CBI Yu, Connie Young 2016 Chinese Historical Society of American
1900.8021 Article Memoir excerpt recounts the pilot Sid Gerber and his flight with Wing Luke Memoir Palmer, Doug
1900.804 Oakland Museum exhibit book Three Generations of Chinese East and West Sun 1973
1900.805 The Story of a Chinese immigrant woman told to Dai Sen Kam and Beverly Kam Wong An Dai Comes to Hawaii Young 1975 Book
1900.806 Development Plan The International District - Seattle: An Action Program for Physical Development The District Design Group June 30. 1973 Report
1900.807 Crosscurrents: News Magazine of the Asian American Studies Center, Vol. 15, No. 2 Summer 1992 Newsletter
1900.808 Seattle Chinese Business Directory, 1986 - 1987 1987
1900.809 Asian American issue, Shawn Wong, Frank Chin, Victor and Brett Nee Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, Vol. 4, No. 3 Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars Fall 1972 Periodical
1900.8090 Article Feature on Danny Chinn, chef at TRader Vic's restaurant in the Benjamin Franklin Hotel in Seattle. He was the chef at the Trader Vic's in Los Angeles. Seattle Times
1900.8091 Article Japanese American sports clubs in Seattle. Includes a feature of the Taiyo Athletic Club, and how baseball became the biggest sport for Japanese Americans. Memories of Nisei sports clubs Tsutakawa, Mayumi July 1976 International Examiner
1900.8092 Article Jessica Hagedorn Filipino American artist Native Daughter Talbot, Margaret January 13, 199 San Francisco Examiner
1900.810 La Grande Ranger District, Wallowa Whitman National Forest Heritage Program Report: Two Dragon Camp: A Chinese Settlement in the Camp Carson Mining Area, Union County Oregon Mead, ed. January 1993 Report
1900.811 Agenda and related materiels for conference The Second Chinese Heritage of the Pacific Northwest Conference 1993
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