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CCM-KFM.020.080 Newsletter Newsletter featuring the temple, Selvotthikputsasna Selvotthikputsasna Association of Nun and Lay Women of Cambodia
CCM-KFM.020.081 Newsletter During the Times When No One Can Speak Neak Chea Ad Hoc Association
CCM-KFM.020.082 Newsletter Contents: Establishing connections, confess, next fix; National border issues; Teaching youths important social issue; "Eating after an expert": Pretending to not know; The need to resolve prostitution and rape Strength of the People of Strength of the Politicians? Neak Chea Ad Hoc Association
CCM-KFM.020.083 Book Khmer Rouge 203 Hoy, Vannak
Chow.097 Book Eat and Stay Slim
Chow.098 Book Life Classic Photographs
Chow.099 Book Great People of the 20th Century
Chow.100 Book Dieting for One
Cookbook 1.001 Book Dok Suni: Recipes from My Mother's Korean Kitchen Kwak, Jenny 1998
Cookbook 1.002 Book Takeaway: Noodle Soups, Salads and Stir-Fries Huynh, Les 2006
Cookbook 2.001 Book The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook Miller, Gloria Bley 1988
Cookbook 2.002 Book Recipes for Every Home Yeung, Cecilia J. Au
Cookbook 2.003 Book Economical and Nourishing Chinese Dishes
Cookbook 3.001 Book Oriental Flavors Oriental Flavors St. Peter's Sunday School and St. Mary's Guild 1952
Cookbook 4.001 Book Chinese Recipes Chinese Recipes Hom, Ken 1994
Cookbook 4.002 Book Wing Luke Asian Museum Fall 2001 Recipe Collection Wing Luke Asian Museum Fall 2001 Recipe Collection Wing Luke Asian Museum 2001
Cookbook 4.003 Book Oriental Flavors Revised Edition Oriental Flavors Revised Edition St. Peter's Episcopal Churchwomen 1969
Cookbook 4.004 Book Oriental Flavors Book II Oriental Flavors Book II St. Peter's Episcopal Churchwomen 1983
Cookbook 4.005 Book Out Montana Way Out Montana Way Yeo, Bonnie 1989
Cookbook 4.006 Book Louise's Florida Cookbook Louise's Florida Cookbook Lamme, Louise 1968
Cookbook 4.007 Book The Best from New Mexico Kitchens The Best from New Mexico Kitchens Cameron, Sheila MacNiven 1978
Cookbook 4.008 Book The Official Louisiana Seafood and Wild Game Cookbook The Official Louisiana Seafood and Wild Game Cookbook Byrd, Wade, ed. 1990
Cookbook 4.009 Book Flavors of China Flavors of China Chinese Parent Service Organization 1986
Cookbook 4.010 Book Aunty Pua's Keiki Cookbook Aunty Pua's Keiki Cookbook Corum, Ann Kondo 1991
Cookbook 4.011 Book Celebrate 100: The Washington State Centennial Cookbook Celebrate 100: The Washington State Centennial Cookbook 1989
Cookbook 4.012 Book Arigato! Thank you: Celebrity Cookbook Arigato! Thank you: Celebrity Cookbook Uwajimaya 2008
Cookbook 5.001 Book Pupus: An Island Tradition Pupus: An Island Tradition Fukuda, Sachi 1995
Cookbook 5.002 Book The Legacy of the Japanese in Hawaii: Cuisine The Legacy of the Japanese in Hawaii: Cuisine Miura-Kaminaka, Muriel 1989
Cookbook 5.003 Book Japanese Cooking: Pure and Simple Japanese Cooking: Pure and Simple Scott, David 1986
Cookbook 6.001 Book Unbearably Good! Mochi Lovers Cookbook Unbearably Good! Mochi Lovers Cookbook DeVirgilio-Lam, Teresa 1999
Cookbook 6.002 Book Hawai'i's Best Mochi Recipes Hawai'i's Best Mochi Recipes Hee, Jean Watanabe 2000
Cookbook 6.003 Book Hawai'i's Bento Box Cookbook Hawai'i's Bento Box Cookbook Yuen, Susan 2008
Cookbook 6.004 Book Flavors of China Flavors of China Chinese Parent Service Organization 1986
Cookbook 6.005 Book Flavors of China: Volume II, Asian Edition Flavors of China: Volume II, Asian Edition Chinese Parents Service Organization 1992
Cookbook 6.006 Book Every Grain of Rice: A Taste of Our Chinese Childhood in America Every Grain of Rice: A Taste of Our Chinese Childhood in America Blonder, Ellen and Low, Annabel 1998
Cookbook 6.007 Book Centennial Cookbook, 1901-2001 Centennial Cookbook, 1901-2001 Seattle Buddhist Church 2001
Cookbook 6.008 Book The Chinese and Asian Kitchen Bible The Chinese and Asian Kitchen Bible Morris, Sallie and Hsiung, Deh-Ta 2002
Cookbook 7.001 Book Sharing Our Best: Celebrating 110 Years, 1896-2006 Sharing Our Best: Celebrating 110 Years, 1896-2006 Chinese Baptist Church 2006
Cookbook 7.002 Book Best of Our Favorite Recipes: 50th Anniversary, 1946-1996 Best of Our Favorite Recipes: 50th Anniversary, 1946-1996 Maui Association for Family and Community Education 2002
Cookbook 7.003 Book The Hali'imaile General Store Cookbook The Hali'imaile General Store Cookbook Gannon, Beverly and Friedman, Bonnie 2000
Cookbook 7.004 Book China Modern: 100 Cutting-Edge, Fusion-Style Recipes for the 21st Century China Modern: 100 Cutting-Edge, Fusion-Style Recipes for the 21st Century Huang, Ching-He 2006
Cookbook 7.005 Book Fast Food, Far East: Quick and Easy Dishes from China and Asia Fast Food, Far East: Quick and Easy Dishes from China and Asia Doeser, Linda 1999
Cookbook 7.006 Book Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia Alford, Jeffrey and Duguid, Naomi 2000
Cookbook 8.001 Book Enjoy! Chinese Cooking Enjoy! Chinese Cooking Lew, Judy 1980
Cookbook 8.002 Book Potluck Favorites Potluck Favorites Japanese Baptist Church 1981
Cookbook 8.003 Book Gail Wong's Authentic-Original Chinese Recipes from Hawaii Gail Wong's Authentic-Original Chinese Recipes from Hawaii Wong, Gail 1966
Cookbook 8.004 Book Quick and Easy Dim Sum Appetizers and Light Meals Quick and Easy Dim Sum Appetizers and Light Meals Lew, Judy 1990
Cookbook 8.005 Book Step-by-step Chinese Step-by-step Chinese Hsiung, Deh-Ta and Lee, Wendy 2001
Cookbook 9.001 Book Typical Japanese Cooking Typical Japanese Cooking Egami, Tomi 1959
HIGO.054 Dictionary New Alphabetical Japanese English Dictionary
KAHS.001.001 Book Confrontations, Crossings, and Convergence: Photographs of the Philippines and the United States 1898-1998 De La Cruz, Enrique B. and Pearlie Rose S. Balayut
KAHS.001.002 Book Catalog for the exhibitions Kimchi xtravaganza! and Memory matters, held June 6, 1997-Jan. 10, 1998. Kimchi Xtravaganza! Han, Ju Hui Judy and Korean American Museum
KAHS.001.003 Book Catalog for the exhibitions Kimchi xtravaganza! and Memory matters, held June 6, 1997-Jan. 10, 1998. Kimchi Xtravaganza! Han, Ju Hui Judy and Korean American Museum
KAHS.001.004 Book In English and Korean. Their footsteps : a pictorial history of Koreans in Hawaii since 1903 Lee, Samuel S. O.
KAHS.001.005 Book Ode to the Earth Namkung, Johsel
KAHS.001.006 Book A Korean-English dictionary A Korean-English Dictionary Martin, Samuel E., Yang Ha Lee and Sung-Un Chang
KAHS.001.007 Book History of Revolutionary Activities of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung
KAHS.001.008 Book America's Finest Gift to Korea: The Life of Philip Jaisohn Liem, Channing
KAHS.001.009 Book Article: The Korean Minority in Central Asia: The National Revival and Problem of Identity. International Journal of Central Asian Studies Volume 3 1998 Han-Woo, Choi
KAHS.001.010 Journal Spring/Summer 2003 Volume VII, Number 1 Table of contents: The U.S.-Korea Alliance: Past, Present and Future -- Chinese-North Korean Relations at a Crossroads -- Russia's Response to the 2002-2003 North Korean Nuclear Crisis -- Nuclear Issues in U.S.-Korea Relations: An Uncertain Security Future -- Brain Drain and Economic Development in the Context of U.S.-Korea Alliance -- Can Neo-Classical Principles Be an Appropriate Paradigm for the Future Economic Development in Korea? -- U.S. Services Trade and Investment in South Korea under the U.S.-ROK Alliance -- North Korea's Unofficial Market Economy and Its Implications -- Perspectives on the Economic Role of Korea and Korean Americans in U.S.-Korea Relations. International Journal of Korean Studies Korea Society and International Council on Korean Studies
KAHS.001.011 Book Handbook for the 2003 Conference of the Association of Asian American Studies. Manifold Destinies: 35 Years of Arts, Advocacy and the Academy Association of Asian American Studies
KAHS.001.012 Book January - December 1946. Kim Il Sung: Works Sung, Kim Il
KAHS.001.013 Book Kim Jong Il: The People's Leader In Sue, Choe
KAHS.001.014 Book Korea -- Pictorial works. Korea Korean Overseas Information Service
KAHS.001.015 Pamphlet Asian Americans -- Social conditions. Pacific Islander Americans -- Social conditions. Multicultural education -- United States. National government publication. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: A People Looking Forward: Action for Access and Partnerships in the 21st Century : interim report to the president and the nation President's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
KAHS.001.016 Book A boy's conflict of cultures. He is Insu, son of an American soldier and a Korean mother. While the father lives on base, Insu and his mother, who deals on the blackmarket, live in their village. Which doesn't prevent the father from insisting the boy attend Sunday school. Memories of My Ghost Brother Fenkl, Heinz Insu
KAHS.001.017 Book Koh, Hesung Chun. Hesung Chun Koh: Essays in Honor of Her Hwegap, 1989 Koh, Hesung Chun and Howard Kyongju Koh
KAHS.001.018 Book Hulbert's History of Korea Hulbert, Homer B. and Clarence Norwood Weems
KAHS.001.019 Book A Handbook on North Korea Chong, Bong-Uk
KAHS.001.020 Book The Korean War: An Annotated Bibliography Park, Hong-Kyu
KAHS.001.021 Book Korea (North). George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, North Korea Orwell, George
KAHS.001.022 Book Korean reunification question (1945- ). The Korean Conflict: Search for Unification Srivastava, M. P.
KAHS.001.023 Book Kim, Elizabeth. "Advance Reading Excerpt/Not for Sale" Ten Thousand Sorrows: The Extraordinary Journey of a Korean War Orphan Kim, Elizabeth
KAHS.001.024 Book James Scarth Gale and His History of the Korean People Gale, James Scarth and Richard Rutt
KAHS.001.025 Book Korea Under Japanese Colonial Rule: Studies of the Policy and Techniques of Japanese Colonialism: [proceedings of the Conference on Korea, November 12-14, 1970] Nahm, Andrew C.
KAHS.001.026 Book Korean-American Relations: Documents Pertaining to the Far Eastern Diplomacy of the United States. Volume II: The Period of Growing Influence, 1887-1895 Palmer, Spencer J.
KAHS.001.027 Book Communist North Korea; A Bibliographic Survey United States. Dept. of the Army
KAHS.001.028 Book Seoul: Past and Present: A Guide to Yi T'aejo's Capital Clark, Allen D. and Donald N. Clark
KAHS.001.029 Book Modern Korea and Kim Jong Il Shuhachi, Inoue
KAHS.001.030 Journal Vol. 6, No. 2/3, Summer/Fall 1995 Koreans in America; 7 1/2 Summer/Fall 1996 Korean Personality in Relation to Its Culture; 12, No. 1 2001 Korean Diaspora in China: Ethnicity, Identity and Change; Korean and Korean American Studies Bulletin
KAHS.001.031 Journal Spring 1978 Volume LXXIX, No. 1 Contains article, "Korean Women Pioneers of the Pacific Northwest." Oregon Historical Quarterly
KAHS.001.032 Book The Dynamics of Korean Economic Development Soon, Cho
KAHS.001.033 Book June 1930 - December 1945. Kim Il Sung: Works Sung, Kim Il
KAHS.001.034 Book Hulbert's History of Korea Hulbert, Homer B. and Clarence Norwood Weems
KAHS.001.035 Book Arts, Korean. Cookery, Korean. Boxed collection of illustrated pamphlets: 1. The Korean alphabet -- 2. Printing heritage -- 3. Pottery -- 4. Tanch'ong -- 5. Patterns -- 6. Changshin-gu : personal ornaments -- 7. Chasu : embroidery -- 8. Paper crafts -- 9. Pojagi : wrapping cloths -- 10. Folk paintings -- 11. Traditional musical instruments -- 12. Masks and mask-dance dramas -- 13. Gardens -- 14. Seshi customs -- 15. Shamanism -- 16. Rites of passage -- 17. Ssirum : Korean wrestling -- 18. Taekwondo -- 19. Korean ginseng -- 20. Kimchi Korean Heritage Series Korean Overseas Information Service
KAHS.001.036 Book Korea's Heritage: A Regional and Social Geography McCune, Shannon
KAHS.001.037 Book James Scarth Gale and His History of the Korean People Gale, James Scarth and Richard Rutt
KAHS.001.038 Book The Opening of Korea: A Study of Chinese Diplomacy 1876-1885 Chien, Frederick Foo
KAHS.001.039 Book The Politics of Korean Nationalism Lee, Chong-Sik
KAHS.001.040 Book Korean Studies Today: Development and State of the Field Sung-nyong Lee; Pang-han Kim; Pyong-su Min; Soul Taehakkyo. Tonga Munhwa Yon'gus
KAHS.001.041 Book The Koreans and Their Culture Osgood, Cornelius
KAHS.001.042 Book Six Korean Women: The Socialization of Shamanism Harvey, Youngsook Kim
KAHS.001.043 Book Korean Politics in Transition Wright, Edward Reynolds
KAHS.001.044 Book Political Leadership in Korea Suh, Dae-Sook and Chae-Jin Lee
KAHS.001.045 Book A History of Korea Henthorn, William E.
KAHS.001.046 Book BL2230 .C5 1961 Religions of Old Korea Clark, Charles Allen
KAHS.001.047 Book Korea: The Politics of the Vortex Henderson, Gregory
KAHS.001.048 Book Social change. The Changing Korean Village Ki-Hyuk, Pak and Sidney D. Gamble
KAHS.001.049 Book A Comparative Study of South and North Korea South Korea. National Unification Board.
KAHS.001.050 Book Traditional Korea: A Cultural History Joe, Wanne J.
KAHS.001.051 Book East Asia. Korea and the Old Orders in Eastern Asia Nelson, M. Frederick
KAHS.001.052 Book Korea and the Politics of Imperialism, 1876-1910 Kim, C. I. Eugene and Han-Kyo Kim
KAHS.001.053 Book The History of Korea Pow-key, Sohn, Kim Col-choon and Hong Yi-sup.
KAHS.001.054 Book The Koreans in Hawai'i: A Pictorial History 1903-2003 Chang, Roberta and Wayne Patterson
KAHS.001.055 Book Century of the Tiger: One Hundred Years of Korean Culture in America 1903-2003 Foster, Jenny Ryun, Frank Stewart and Heinz Insu Fenkl
KAHS.001.056 Book Korea. Korea: Its Land, People and Culture of All Ages
KAHS.001.057 Book Korea's Economy: Past and Present Korea Development Institute.
KAHS.001.058 Book In early-twentieth-century Korea, Najin Han, the privileged daughter of a calligrapher, longs to choose her own destiny. Smart and headstrong, she is encouraged by her mother--but her stern father is determined to maintain tradition, especially as the Japanese steadily gain control of his beloved country. The Calligrapher's Daughter Kim, Eugenia
KAHS.001.059 Book Title also in Korean. Based on the author's series of articles about Korean village life, which were published anonymously in 1957 and 1968 by the Korea Times. Korean Works and Days Rutt, Richard
KAHS.001.060 Book Translation of Chosen shi. Translated and edited by Warren W. Smith, Jr., and Benjamin H. Hazard. A History of Korea Hatada, Takashi
KAHS.001.061 Book Documents of Korean Communism 1918-1948 Suh, Dae-Sook
KAHS.001.062 Book The Korean Communist Movement 1918-1948 Suh, Dae-Sook
KAHS.001.063 Book Zending. Korea and Christianity: The Problem of Identification with Tradition Palmer, Spencer J.
KAHS.001.064 Book Cookery, Korean. Lee Wade's Korean Cook-book Wade, Lee, Joan Rutt and Sandra Mattielli
KAHS.001.065 Book Modern Korean: An Intermediate Reader Kim, Nam-Kil
KAHS.001.066 Book Facts about Korea Korean Overseas Information Service
KAHS.001.067 Book Perceptions of Ethnic Identity Among Korean-Born Adoptees and Their Caucasian-American Parents Cole, Jill C.
KAHS.001.068 Book Korean Americans. Part of the series, "The New Americans." The Korean Americans Hurh, Won Moo
KAHS.001.069 Book A story, in pictures and music, of children on their way to school on a rainy day. CD included. Stories without words. Yellow Umbrella Liu, Jae Soo and Dong Il Sheen
KAHS.001.070 Book Korean American investigator Allen Choice agrees to help his girlfriend Linda find the cause of her brother's death, a search which leads from a car filled with drug-related chemicals, through the L.A. rave scene, to Ecstasy supplier Lowell Bangs. Underkill: An Allen Choice Novel Chang, Leonard
KAHS.001.071 Book Their Footsteps: A Pictorial History of Koreans in Hawaii Since 1903
KAHS.001.072 Book The Grass Roof Kang, Younghill
KAHS.001.073 Book Chang, Chi-rak, -- 1905- Song of Ariran: A Korean Communist in the Chinese Revolution Wales, Nym and Kim San
KAHS.001.074 Book History of the Korean Church Clark, Allen D.
KAHS.001.075 Book East Goes West: The Making of an Oriental Yankee Kang, Younghill
KAHS.001.076 Book Part of "In America" series. Surveys the immigration of Koreans to America from 1903 to the present time and identifies the contributions of individual Koreans to American life and culture. Korean Americans. Koreans in America Patterson, Wayne and Hyung-chan Kim
KAHS.001.077 Book Contents: Beyond our shadows. From nothing, a consciousness -- Surrogate slaves to American dreamers -- The awakening. Detroit blues: "Because of you motherfuckers" -- To market, to market, New York style -- Gangsters, gooks, geishas, and geeks -- Up from innocence. Welcome to Washington -- Lost and found in L.A. -- For richer, for poorer -- Moving the mountain. Out on the front lines -- Reinventing our culture -- The last bastion -- Living our dreams. Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an American People Zia, Helen
KAHS.001.078 Book Asians -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- United States -- History. Asian Americans -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- History. Emigration and immigration law -- United States -- History. Asian Americans and Congress: A Documentary History Kim, Hyung-Chan
KAHS.001.079 Book Korea -- Social life and customs -- 1910-1945 -- Fiction. Three Generations Sang-seop, Yom
KAHS.001.080 Book Oral history. Contents: Urban impressionist / K.W. Lee -- Dirty laundry / Stella Soon-Hi Koh -- War zone / Dong Hwan Ku -- Launched / Imjung Kwuon -- Revitalizing America / Tong Sun Lim -- Hot pepper / "Maeun Koch'u" -- Spiritual tension / Kyong-Ae Price -- Multiple-box person / Dredge Kang -- Causal connection / Doh-An Kim -- Distorted history / Eun Sik Yang -- Tasting America / Sung Yong Park -- Chino / Kyu [Min] Lee -- Starting from zero / Kathy Kim -- Dragon / Sean Suh -- Tommy's mother / Brenda Paik Sunoo -- Away from the center / Richard Chung -- A humble messenger / Kyung-Ja Lee -- A seeker and a fighter / Youn Jae Kim -- Strong determination / Han Chol Hong -- No spokesperson / Hyun Yi Kang -- House of Haesun / Y. Chang -- Getting real / Paul Kim -- Cruise control / Alexander Hull -- Head of household / Serena Choi -- Non-traditional and Korean / Sandy Lee -- Second homeland / Young Soon Han -- Love letter from a stranger / Yanny Rhee -- Hanging onto my dream / James Ryu -- One chapter a day / Nataly Kim -- Man of the house / James Park -- Pilgrimage / Jay Kun Yoo -- Born to be a soldier / Young Kim -- Adopted / Janine Bishop -- Black and Korean / Kook Kim Dean -- Year of the sheep / Kun Soo Kang -- A higher ground / Young Shin -- Perpetually marginal / Sookhee Choe Kim -- As American as possible / Bong Hwan Kim. East to America: Korean American Life Stories Kim, Elaine H. and Eui-Young Yu
KAHS.001.081 Book Adoption. Intercountry Adoptions: A Study of Self Concept of Adolescent Korean Children Who Were Adopted by American Families Kim, Dong S.
KAHS.001.082 Book Voices from the Straw Mat: Toward an Ethnography of Korean Story Singing Park, Chan E.
KAHS.001.083 Book Koreans in America Choy, Bong-Youn
KAHS.001.084 Book Korean Americans -- California -- Los Angeles -- History -- 20th century. Riots -- California -- Los Angeles -- History -- 20th century. Los Angeles (Calif.) -- Ethnic relations. Contents: The Los Angeles riots, the Korean American story -- Reckoning via the riots -- Diaspora formation: modernity and mobility -- Mapping the Korean diaspora in Los Angeles -- Korean American entrepreneurship -- American ideologies on trial. Blue Dreams: Korean Americans and the Los Angeles Riots Abelman, Nancy and John Lie
KAHS.001.085 Book History of Korean-Americans in the Washington Metropolitan Area 1883-1993 Chae, Young Chang
KAHS.001.086 Book Journey of the Wild Geese Lee, Jayson
KAHS.001.087 Book Contents: Chinese Americans -- Japanese Americans -- Filipino Americans -- Southeast Asian Americans -- Korean Americans -- Asian Indian Americans -- Pacific Islander Americans. Everything You Need to Know About Asian-American History Cao, Lan and Himilce Novas
KAHS.001.088 Book Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Women Kim-Gibson, Dai Sil
KAHS.001.089 Book International Korean Adoption: A Fifty-Year History of Policy and Practice Bergquist, Kathleen Ja Sook et al.
KAHS.001.090 Book Socio-Cultural Conflict Between African American and Korean American Asante, Molefi Kete and Eungjun Min
KAHS.001.091 Book Tosan Ahn Ch'Ang-Ho: A Profile of a Prophetic Patriot Kim, Hyung-chan
KAHS.001.092 Book Koh, Hesung Chun. Hesung Chun Koh: Essays in Honor of Her Hwegap: 1989 Koh, Howard Kyongju
KAHS.001.093 Book Korean Patterns Crane, Paul S.
KAHS.001.094 Book National characteristics, Korean. Korean Patterns Crane, Paul S.
KAHS.001.095 Book Korean Americans. Foreword / David G. Horner. -- Congratulations / Chung Gi Kim. -- Introduction / Ho-Youn Kwon. -- Keynote address: Dealing responsibly with discord / Paula J. Trout. -- I. Ethnic perception: self and others. Majority Americans? perception of Koreans in the United States ; Shame and confusion among Korean-American youths ; Ethnic perception in Biblical and other literature / Everett Jackson ; Ethnic identity in first, 1.5, and second generation Korean-Americans ; Home vs. homeland. -- II. Trends of interracial marriage and marital conflicts. Korean intermarriage ; Attitudinal survey on dating and mate selection among Korean American college students ; Bi-racial marriage between Korean women and American servicemen. -- III. Education and career. A modern experiment in educating the children of Asian immigrants ; Education and career development in multicultural society. -- IV. Interracial conflict and resolution: business and politics. Community-based disaster management ; Los Angeles "riots" and the Korean-American community ; Political economy of Korean-African American conflict ; Perception and reality of the relationship between Korean merchants and African-American customers. Korean Americans: Conflict and Harmony Kwon, Ho-Youn
KAHS.001.096 Book "Uncorrected Proof - Not For Sale." Short autobiographical works by a Korean-American daughter of immigrant parents describes her fractious relationship with her demanding mother, her struggles with balancing the dynamics of two very different cultures, and her efforts to overcome financial hardships while pursuing an education. Happy Birthday or Whatever: Track Suits, Kim Chee, and Other Family Disasters Choi, Annie
KAHS.001.097 Book Quiet Odyssey: A Pioneer Korean Woman in America Lee, Mary Paik and Sucheng Chan
KAHS.001.098 Book Strangers From a Different Shore: A History of Asian Americans Takaki, Ronald
KAHS.001.099 Book In this classic tale, Richard Kim paints seven vivid scenes from a boyhood and early adolescence in Korea at the height of the Japanese occupation, 1932 to 1945. Taking its title from the grim fact that the occupiers forced the Koreans to renounce their own names and adopt Japanese names instead, the book follows one Korean family through the Japanese occupation to the surrender of the Japanese Empire. Lost Names: Scenes from a Korean Boyhood Kim, Richard E.
KAHS.001.100 Book American Immigrant Cultures: Builders of a Nation Levinson, David and Melvin Ember
KAHS.001.101 Book American Immigrant Cultures: Builders of a Nation Levinson, David and Melvin Ember
KAHS.001.102 Pamphlet Philip Jaisohn Memorial Papers No. 6 Asian American Students Speak Out Lee, Chong-Sik
KAHS.001.103 Pamphlet Philip Jaisohn Memorial Papers No. 1 Assimilation of the Korean Minority in the United States Hurh, Won Moo
KAHS.001.104 Pamphlet Dr. Philip Jaisohn, The Proud Hero Philip Jaisohn Memorial Foundation
KAHS.001.105 Pamphlet Philip Jaisohn Memorial Papers No. 3 Koreans in Emlyn: A Community in Transition Hubler, William Henry
KAHS.001.106 Pamphlet Philip Jaisohn Memorial Papers No. 11 Roots and Assimilation Chung, Tong Soo
KAHS.001.107 Pamphlet National characteristics, Korean. Philip Jaisohn Memorial Papers No. 7 Korean Ideas and Values Kalton, Michael C.
KAHS.001.108 Pamphlet Art, Korean. Philip Jaisohn Memorial Paper Number 10 Korean Art Lee, Lena Kim
KAHS.001.109 Pamphlet Philip Jaisohn Memorial Papers Number 8. The Korean Merchants in the Black Community: Their Relations and Conflicts with Strategies for Conflict Resolution and Prevention Yu, Jin H.
KAHS.001.110 Pamphlet Philip Jaisohn Memorial Papers No. 1. Assimilation of the Korean Minority in the United States Hurh, Won Moo
KAHS.001.111 Book A Condensed History of the Kungminhoe: The Korean National Association 1903-1945 Hyun, John K.
KAHS.001.112 Journal Vol. VI, No. 3, Sumber 1975; Vol. XXV, No. 2, Summer 1994 Towards a New Philosophy of Education for a Unified Korea Korea Observer
KAHS.001.113 Book Korean American Identities: A Look Forward Kim, Hyojoung
KAHS.001.114 Book Korean Americans. Foreword / Young Seek Choue. -- Preface / David G. Horner. -- Introduction / Ho-Youn Kwon, Shin Kim. -- Caught between two worlds. -- Ethnic identity ; The 1.5 generation ; Academic and occupational preferences of Korean American youth ; Depression and suicidal behavior among Asian whiz kids ; Career prospects of Korean immigrants' children. -- Attitudes toward dating and marriage among young Korean Americans ; Pre-marital sexuality ; Mate selection patterns of young Korean Americans. -- Interorganizational context of the Korean community for the participation of the emerging generation ; A challenge and an opportunity ; The changing role of Korean-Americans ; 1.5 and 2.0 generation of Korean women. -- Transformation of a first-generation church into a bilingual second generation church ; Temptation to conform and call to transform. -- Korean American youth and their religious experience ; Issues of internalized shame in Asian Americans ; A case study of drop-out students in Korean American community ; The changing process : before, during and after camp experience. The Emerging Generation of Korean-Americans Kwon, Ho-Youn and Shin Kim
KAHS.001.115 Book Overseas Koreans Kwang-kyu, Lee
KAHS.001.116 Book Clement, Thomas Park, -- 1951 or 2- The Unforgotten War: Dust of the Streets Clement, Thomas Park
KAHS.001.117 Book By opening letters addressed to a previous tenant, a man in New York learns of a plan to commit murder by a worker fired for sleeping with the employer's wife. The man intervenes with unfortunate results. Dispatches from the Cold Chang, Leonard
KAHS.001.118 Book Signed by the author. The Winding Road Hood, W. Edmund and Ung Ho Chang
KAHS.001.119 Book Drawing on a vast array of data - archival materials, interviews with officials, social workers, and the candid revelations of sex industry workers - Moon explores the way in which the bodies of Korean prostitutes - where, when, and how they worked and lived - were used by the United States and the Korean governments in their security agreements. Weaving together issues of gender, race, sex, the relationship between individuals and the state, and foreign policy, she shows how women such as the Korean prostitutes are marginalized and made invisible in militarily dependent societies both because of the degradation of their work and because of their importance for national security. Sex Among Allies: Military Prostitution in U.S.-Korea Relations Moon, Katharine H. S.
KAHS.001.120 Book The Koreans in America: 1882-1974 Kim, Hyung-chan and Wayne Patterson
KAHS.001.121 Book The Christians of Korea Moffett, Samuel Hugh
KAHS.001.122 Book Korea. Korea: Land of Broken Calm McCune, Shannon
KAHS.001.123 Book Forever Alien: A Korean Memoir, 1930-1951 Che, Sunny
KAHS.001.124 Book One Man's Korea Wade, James
KAHS.001.125 Book Seoul: Old City, Modern Capital: A Practical Guidebook Korea, Special City of Seoul
KAHS.001.126 Book The Korean-American Experience: A Detailed Analysis of How Well Korean-Americans Adjust to Life in the United States Rhee, Helen Choi
KAHS.001.127 Book Women Struggling for a New Life: The Role of Religion in the Cultural Passage from Korea to America Kim, Ai Ra
KAHS.001.128 Book Over the Mountain, Across the Water: Autobiography of a Christian from North Korea Kim, Yunkuk David
KAHS.001.129 Book Korea's Tragic Hours: The Closing Years of the Yi Dynasty Korea's Tragic Hours: The Closing Years of the Yi Dynasty McGrane, George
KAHS.001.130 Book Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Koreans in Los Angeles 1965-1982 Light, Ivan and Edna Bonacich
KAHS.001.131 Book Korean American Women: From Tradition to Modern Feminism Song, Young I. and Ailee Moon
KAHS.001.132 Book Korean American Pioneer Dosan: A Biography of Dosan Chang-ho Ahn Kim, Byung and Pacific Institute for Peacemaking
KAHS.001.133 Book Ahn, Chai Ho. Ahn, Sun Duk. The Life of a Korean Doctor: The Autobiography of Chai Ho Ahn Ahn, Choi Ho, Myong Whai Kim and Carol Naab
KAHS.001.134 Book Oral history. Passages to Paradise: Early Korean Immigrant Narratives from Hawai'i Rhodes, Daisy Chun
KAHS.001.135 Book The Korean Frontier in America: Immigration to Hawaii 1896-1910 Patterson, Wayne
KAHS.001.136 Book The Ilse: First Generation Korean Immigrants in Hawai'i, 1903-1973 Patterson, Wayne
KAHS.001.137 Book A Korean grandmother tells her grandchildren the traditional tales and legends of their country. Tales of a Korean Grandmother Carpenter, Frances
KAHS.001.138 Book A Korean grandmother tells her grandchildren the traditional tales and legends of their country. Tales of a Korean Grandmother Carpenter, Frances
KAHS.001.139 Book Kwangju Uprising, Kwangju-si, Korea, 1980. Laying Claim to the Memory of May: A Look Back at the 1980 Kwangju Uprising Lewis, Linda S.
KAHS.001.140 Book Philip Jaisohn: The First Korean American -- A Forgotten Hero Liem, Channing
KAHS.001.141 Book My Forty Year Fight for Korea Yim, Louise
KAHS.001.142 Book What Can I Do?: Based on the Revised Family Law , Actual Cases of Family Legal Counseling Lee, Tai-Young and Soun-Sook Chyung
KAHS.001.143 Book The Golden Mountain: The Autobiography of a Korean Immigrant 1895-1960 Charr, Easurk Emsen
KAHS.001.144 Book An Index to English Language Newspapers Published in Korea 1896-1937 Elrod, J. Mcree
KAHS.001.145 Book Pacific Voices: Keeping Our Cultures Alive Kahn, Miriam and Erin Younger
KAHS.001.146 Book Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: A Historical Anthology Hune, Shirley and Gail M. Nomura
KAHS.001.147 Book National Museum of Korea
KAHS.001.148 Book Kungnip Minsok Pangmulgwan (Korea) Cover title: Korean Folk Museum. Guide to the National Folk Museum
KAHS.001.149 Book The Korean Political Tradition and Law: Essays in Korean Law and Legal History Pyong-Choon, Hahm
KAHS.001.150 Book A Short History of Korea Centre for East Asian Cultural Studies
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