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Wing Luke Museum
NVC.004.046 DVD Louise Kashino Takisaki, Tak Toda, Matsue Watanabe, and Massie Tomita: "Women of the NVC" Louise Kashino Takisaki, Tak Toda, Matsue Watanabe, and Massie Tomita: "Women of the NVC" May 28, 2011
NVC.004.047 DVD Brooks Andrew: "World War II Years" Brooks Andrew: "World War II Years" June 18, 2011
NVC.004.048 DVD Gene Akutsu: "My Wartime Years" Gene Akutsu: "My Wartime Years" July 23, 2011
NVC.004.049 DVD Tomio Moriguchi: "My American Experiences" Tomio Moriguchi: "My American Experiences" August 20, 2011
NVC.004.050 DVD Tom Ikeda: "Densho" Tom Ikeda: "Densho" September 17, 2
NVC.004.051 DVD Dee & Sam Goto: "Our Japanese Heritage" Dee & Sam Goto: "Our Japanese Heritage" October 29, 201
NVC.004.052 DVD Keith Yamaguchi: "The Vietnam War" Keith Yamaguchi: "The Vietnam War" November 19, 20
NVC.004.053 DVD Paul Aoki: "U.S. Naval Academy" Paul Aoki: "U.S. Naval Academy" January 28, 201
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South Asian #2.005 Book "Siddhartha", paperback by Herman Hesse
Wong.008 Dictionary 6 - string bound sections in a cloth bound enclosure. New Dictionary of the Republic of China 1912 - 1949 1988
Wong.009 Book Book Diamond - Shanghai based journal with articles on Chinese society. Diamond
Wong.010 Book Book Gambling handbook Gambling Handbook 1937
Wong.011 Book 5 - volumes string bound books Volumes 6 - 10 of a Classic Literature compendium
Wong.013 Book String bound book How to bet on pigeon racing Handbook of Pigeon Racing Betting 1878
Wong.014 Book Book, paperback Medical terms and Chinese translations English Chinese Medical Lexicon Cousland, Philip B. 1924
Wong.015 Book Book The Three Principles of the People, also translated as Three People's Principles, San-min Doctrine, or Tridemism[1] is a political philosophy developed by Sun Yat-sen as part of a philosophy to make China a free, prosperous, and powerful nation. The three principles are often translated and summarized as nationalism, democracy, and the livelihood of the people. Three Principles of the People Sun Yat sen 1927
Wong.016 Book Book, paper (2 copies) The Butterfly Lovers is a Chinese legend of a tragic love story of a pair of lovers, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai , whose names form the title of the story. The title is often abbreviated to Liang Zhu and often regarded as the Chinese equivalent of Romeo and Juliet. Butterfly Lovers
Wong.018 Magazine 6 - issues of the Asia Pictorial Asia Pictorial
Wong.019 Magazine 47 copies Life Mirror (Ren sheng man tan) Zhonghua wen hua shi ye gong si
Wong.020 Book Book No cover Hand written and then printed pages of restaurant menu items in English or French translated into Chinese. Dictionary of menu items in English and Chinese
Wong.021 Book Book, paperback Fresno Chinese Business Directory Fresno Chinese Business Directory 1964
Wong.023 Book Book Miniature dictionary, torn spine World Concise English-Chinese Dictionary
Wong.024 Game Card Game Chiang Gow
Wong.025 Book Book Smal red hard cover book Bing Kung Tong membership certificate On cover BK Free Mason Bing Kong Tong Membership
Wong.035 Book Book Tung Chu or Tung Shing Most of the contents of the book deals with what is suitable to do on each day. Some Chinese families still follow these days for wedding ceremonies, funerals, etc. Tung Chu (Shing)
Wong.037 Magazine Time Magazine Issue on China after the death of Mao Tsetung Time September 20, 1
Wong.039 Directory Directory Spokane, Seattle, Tacoma 1963 Chinese Business Directory 1963
Wong.053 Booklet History of the Hong Kong Wong Clan association to 1973 4 copies Hong Kong Wong Clan Association 1973
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