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Wing Luke Museum
1900.813 Retrospective of the life and work of Henry Takayoshi The Photography of Henry Takayoshi Bainbridge Island Historical Society 1993
1900.814 Negatives and prints of photographs by Henry Takayoshi Henry Takayoshi: Photos 1993
1900.815 Book Brochue exhibition of fountain sculptures at the History and Folk Museum, Sendai, Japan, from April 22 - 26, 1981. George Tsutakawa Contemporary Sculpture Center 1981 Contemporary Sculpture Center
1900.816 Containing biographical information about Geroge Tsutakawa, a selected bibliography, and a checklist of the works in the exhibition from show at SAM, November 26 - December 29, 1985. Documents Northwest: The PONCHO Series - George Tsutakawa Seattle Art Museum 1985 Seattle Art Museum
1900.817 Textual overview of George Tsutakawa career, including: personal information, exhibitions, commissions, publications, research travels, documentary films, video tapes, and lectures. George Tsutakawa 1981
1900.818 Oregon Nikkei Endowment
1900.819 Pages 13-22 and 138-139 from the book Frank Matsure, Frontier Photographer written by JoAnn Roe and published by Madrona Publisher. History and partial biography of Okanogan Japanese American Photographer . Frank Matsura Roe, JoAnn 1981 Madrona Publishers
1900.823 Article on internment on the anniversary of Executive order 9066 Voices From the Camps: Japanese Americans Remember Internment Matthee, Imbert 2/19/1998 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.824 Report Describes both classical and modern Japanese literature, up to the 1970's. Facts about Japan: Literature May, 1977 Public Information Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
1900.825 Report Describes the organization of the Japanese government in the 1970's. Facts about Japan: Government August 1977 Public Information Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
1900.826 Report A description of Japan's industrialization and economic status until the 1970's. Facts about Japan: Japan's Economy December 1977 Public Information Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
1900.827 Report Describes the flag and the national anthem of Japan, "Kimigayo". Includes sheet music to play the national anthem. Facts about Japan: National Flag and Anthem March 1977 Public Information Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
1900.828 Report Describes the history of modern eduation in Japan, from the Meiji Restoration through the 1970's. Facts about Japan: Education October 1973 Public Information Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
1900.829 Report Describes women's rights and social status in Japan during the 1970's. Facts about Japan: Status of Women April 1975 Public Information Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
1900.830 Significance of Studies on Okinawan culture The Japan Foundation Newsletter Vol. XI, No. 1-2 July 1983 Newsletter
1900.831 What Can Japan do For Asia? The Japan Foundation Newsletter Vol. VII, No. 6 Feb - March 198 Newsletter
1900.832 Gordon Hirabayashi tells of his arrest and conviction for resisting the curfew and violating a military order, his fight to the Supreme Court and the aftermath of this battle. Growing Up American in Washington Hirabayashi, Gordon 1992 Washington Comes of Age
1900.833 Remains of 6,000 year old matriarchal society in the Yellow River basin. Also terra cotta figure brochure from tomb of Qin Shi Huang. The Panpo Site Museum: Xian, China 1978 Catalogue
1900.834 Article Artilcle interview with Ronald Takaki in Teaching Tolerance. Takaki explains the concept of America being multicultural. Reflections From A Different Mirror Spring 1994 Teaching Tolerance
1900.835 Richard Chen meets Mark Roberts who was on of the crew of the USS Whipple which picked up refugees, including Chen, from boat off the Vietnamese coast in 1978 Rescue Remembered: Twenty years later, Vietnam refugee meets his rescuer Nicolas-Perez Feb 7 - 13, 199 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.836 Article The Wing Luke Asian Museum's New Years exhibit of Korea, Japan, Laos, Vietnam and Kmhmu. Wing Luke Exhibit Helps Asian-Americans Celebrate Asian New Year in America Hsu, Eric Feb. 4-17, 1998 International Examiner
1900.837 Review of "Within the Silence" which was presented before the American Jewish Committee Voices Emerge on an American Tragedy: Japanese Americans and their WWII Plight Smith January 8, 1998 New Jersey Star Ledger
1900.838 Living voices production of "Within the Silence - Share the Courage". Performed for the Lake Oswego Junior High School WWII Japanese internment comes as jolt to students Pratt, Chastity January 29, 199 The Oregonian
1900.839 Article Story of Seichi Nakahara, his arrest on December 7, 1941 and subsequent death An Enemy Alien's Mysterious Fate Murase, Kanji February 3, 199 Nikkei Heritage Webpage
1900.840 Article Five options to consider on affirmative action's future. Part 4 of 4 parts. Initiative 200 poses the question of the need for AA> Equality on the Job Brune, Tom February 11, 19 Seattle Times
1900.841 Article Diversity facts and goals Part 3 of a 4 part series. Includes information for Boeing and Microsoft. Equality on the Job Brune, Tom February 10, 19 Seattle Times
1900.842 Article Part 2 of a 4 part series on affirmative action in Washington State. Includes State Patrol and the plus three program that favors Vietnam and disabled veterans and other disabled. Nearly half of all affirmative action hires are whiteincluding 2.19% white men. Equality on the Job Brune, Tom February 9, 199 Seattle Times
1900.843 Article Part 1 of a 4 part series investigating what affirmative action is and is not and the results on hiring during the AA period. Equality on the Job Brune, Tom February 8, 199 Seattle Times
1900.844 Shiro Kashino was a decorated war hero until a run in with a superior led to trumped up charges and dismissal of rank. Restored in 1997 A Hero's Justice: 52 years later, Army clears veteran's name Matthee, Imbert February 9, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.845 "Home: Places Between Asia and America" part of Winterfest '98 Coming 'Home': For Asian - American Artists, a three - year journey of discovery leads to an unusual rite of passage in Seattle Tu, Janet I-Chin February 8, 199 Seattle Times
1900.847 Article Richard Chen meets Mark Roberts who was on of the crew of the USS Whipple which picked up refugees, including Chen, from boat off the Vietnamese coast in 1978 Reliving day 'sea of people' were saved Eng, Lily February 4, 199 Seattle Times
1900.848 Dissident Bo Fu moves to Seattle to begin a new life after being granted political asylum New Life, old fears for Chinese dissident Fryer November 11, 19 Seattle Times
1900.849 Vietnamese immigrant helps pottery makers in Vietnam by buying their wares. Out of conflict, commitment: In helping a village in Vietnam , son remembers his father's example De Leon February 6, 199 Seattle Times
1900.850 Conference packet includes: The petition of Gordon Hirabayashi; Flyer Pride and shame; Day of Remembrance 1988, Asian american Historical Outline; Redress! The American Promise; Concentration Camps American Style; What Was our Crime; JACL Legislative Edu National JACL Nikkei Educational Conference: Future of Education from a Nikkei Perspective 1988 Conference Catalogue
1900.851 Manchoukuo publication to give the "facts" about Manchoukuo's development since 1932 Manchoukuo Illustrated Bureau of Information and Publicity May 1936 Booklet
1900.852 Chinese picture book on the Palace Museum once known as the forbidden city in Beijing, China. Translation in separate booklet. The Palace Museum 1981 Booklet
1900.853 Sections on calligraphy, food, names and writing, festivals, schools and culture Japanese Activity Book Yunker 1990 ? Booklet
1900.854 Booklet Overview of some Thai cultural practices, including religion, marriage, and burial practices. Fact sheets on Thailand: Thai Culture Nanakon, Pluang January 1977 Government Public Relations Department
1900.855 Thai Fashion Through the Ages Public Relations Department 1979 Booklet
1900.856 Washington state directory Chinese - American businesses Chinese Community Phone Directory for the State of Washington Seattle Chinatown Chamber of Commerce 1971
1900.857 Anniversary issue of American Legion post magazine from New York The American Legion 50th Anniversary Lt. B.R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291 June 3, 1995 Magazine
1900.858 Early Chinese women pioneers in Idaho. Chinese Women in Idaho during the Anti - Chinese Movement Before 1900 Xu February 1994 Thesis
1900.859 Chinese Americans in Washington State The Legacy of Washington State's Early Chinese Pioneers Chin, Doug & Art Chin March 4, 1987 International Examiner
1900.860 Article William K. Nakamura receives the Medal of Honor posthumously. William K. Nakamura Awarded Medal of Honor May 27, 2000
1900.861 Article Part 5 of six of a series Post War Chinese American History in Seattle, with a focus on where Chinese Americans have settled. Chinese adapt to American life in post-war Seattle Chin, Doug February 17, 19 International Examiner
1900.862 Early family associations of Seattle Chinese American community How and Why the Chinese Associations Developed Chin January 20, 198 International Examiner
1900.863 Thank you letter from the Yakima Area Arboretum for Jack Takayama's assistance in building a Japanese garden. Xerox with photograph Letter: To Jack Takayama Jenkins, Phil Oct. 12, 1978
1900.864 Jack Takayama: We lost a teacher and confident Santos, Bob International Examiner
1900.865 Jack Takayama: Kobe Park's Master Gardener Rullan, Remedios E. September 1978 International Examiner
1900.866 Restoration of Kobe Terrace Park by Jack Takayama, Robert Williams and four young people. Kobe Terrace: Born Again Reiner, Cathy August 26, 1978 Seattle Times
1900.867 Prepared for historic preservation office to aid in planning historic preservation. The Chinese in Arizona 1870 - 1950 Dames & Moore May 1992 Research Paper
1900.868 A site - specific installation and performance exhibition featuring photo-based work by four Asian Canadian artists presented through the demonstration of a designated cultural act in the ancient Chinese practice of achieving harmony or Feng Shui Feng Shui: Installation and performance Maestro, Lani 1993 On Edge, Locus
1900.869 Chinese American business directory Seattle Chinese Yellow Pages 9th Annual Seattle Chinese Post 1994 - 1995
1900.870 Issue devoted to Chinese medicine in America. Articles include :Chinese Medicine in America: A Study of Adaptation, by Christopher Muench; The Museum and Traditional Asian Medicine: a Study in Collaboration, by Paul Buell; The Kam Wah Chung & Co. Museum in John Day Oregon, by Carolyn Micnhimer and Glen W. Davidson Chinese Medicine in America Spring 1988 Caduceus: A Museum Quarterly for the Health Sciences
1900.871 Presents Sichuan and China from the perspective of an eleven year old boy. Letters From Chengdu Moulden, and Mary Hamond July, 1987 Booklet
1900.872 A three year study devoted to study factors that are related to general sense of well-being or life satisfaction among the Nisei as they move into their later year. Nisei Aging Project Leonetti, Donna L. 1983 Report
1900.873 Homestay letters and articles from Japanese students visiting Salem, Oregon. The Appendices have information on Salem's early Japanese community Japanese Discovery of Salem, Oregon Kawagoe-Salem Friendship Society Summer 1993
1900.874 Opera program for "The Beautiful Bait" Celebrity Attractions Presents Foo Hsing Theatre October 19, 196 Brochure
1900.876 D.H. Lew works with the Crusade for Freedom and its new branch the Committee for Free Asia which broadcasts to mainland China visits Washington State. New Hope in China: Visitor from red -dominated country says Crusade bearing fruit September 28, 1 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.877 Chinese (Taiwan) ambassador to the US stops in Seattle. Along with him was the daughter of the former Premier General Chang Chun, Mrs. Daniel Lew. Wellington Koo Seattle Visitor August 20, 1950 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.878 Dr. Daniel Lew will speak at China Club's annual banquet. Lew a member of the Committee for Free Asia. Chinese New Year Parties Planned February 8, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.879 Mentions Guay Lee, Sui Gim Lock and Lung sing Luke Seattle's Chinese are Industious, Happy Colony Howell August 6, 1956 Seattle Methodist Church?
1900.880 Group photo with President Roosevelt. Helen Lew is in photo The President Signs "May Day-Child Health Day' Proclamation March 18, 1944 New York Times
1900.881 Registration form for week long project in Siskyou Mountains of southern Oregon focusing on legacy of Chinese miners. Archaeology of the Chinese Miner's Legacy: A Heritage Expedition LaLande 1998 Brochure
1900.882 Excerpt s from oral interview with Rich Gurtiza and the Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, Region 37 APA Workers' History Project: Rich Gurtiza Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance March 4- 17, 19 International Examiner
1900.883 Excerpts from oral history interview with Melanie Sako and the International Brotherhood of Electrician Workers APA Workers' History Project: Melanie Sako Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance March 4- 17, 19 International Examiner
1900.884 Help Wanted: Asian Immigrants Seek Training for the New Job Market through Community Agencies and Colleges Ritts March 4- 17, 19 International Examiner
1900.885 Ron Chew calls for removal of offensive poster at ObaChine Restaurant's Art Decried as Racist de Leon March 5, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.886 Ron Chew calls for removal of offensive poster at ObaChine Trouble in Rainy City: APA's Object to Picture In New Wolfgang Puck Restaurant Hsu March 4-17, 199 International Examiner
1900.887 Immigrants at Work: Don't Give Up Ritts March 4-17, 199 International Examiner
1900.888 Immigrants at Work: I Sent My Sons Through College Ritts March 4-17, 199 International Examiner
1900.889 Dean Wong on Dean Wong, Irene Kuniyuki and Rick Wong. The Eyes Have It: three Ways of Seeing a Community Wong March 4-17, 199 International Examiner
1900.890 Michi Weglyn, author of "Years of Infamy" LA Toasts Michi Weglyn: Pioneer Historian in Redress Movement Recieves "Fighting Spirit" Award Omori March 4-17, 199 International Examiner
1900.891 Initiative 200 debate Affirmative Action Showdown Ritts, Lisa Charlie March 4 - 17, 1 International Examiner
1900.892 History of the buildings built and used primarily by the Asian American community. The Asian-American Presence in Seattle: Architectural Tour/Society of Architectural Historians Rash 1995 Report
1900.893 Pamphlet Brochures and letters on the Chinatown tour from director Edward Burke. 3 brochures on the Chinatown Tour; 1 brochure on the Chinatown Discovery Tours 1 ad on the Chinatown Tour, 1 ad of a picture of the ID looking at the Kingdome 1 announcement on the Free Chinatown Party hosted by the Chinatown Tour 1 letter to Four Seas from Chinatown Tour about the bill for the New Years Eve luncheon with article titled "Chinatown Tour end party" which was an announcement of a year end party hosted by Chinatown Tour 1 letter from Crescent Foods to Chinatown Tour letting them know that Crescent Foods posted the announcement of the New Years Eve luncheon 1 letter from Chinatown Tour to The Seattle Times about the Tokyo Hotel article, includes a letter written in Japanese with Reliance Hospital on top, an Article of Incorporation of the Reliance Hospital Association, and the Tokyo Hotel article written by Polly Lane (about turning the Hotel into housing for women and children) Chinatown Tour 1976-1998
1900.894 Third Annual Ethnic Leadership Conference Ethnic Heritage Council 1984
1900.895 Articles collected by Charles Trakarnsilpa of the House of Jade in Market. Compiled to document alleged discrimination about older businesses. Pike Place Market Various
1900.896 Remembering early Chinese immigrant Lo Gee Gung Li June 30, 1976 East/West
1900.897 Article Ideas for Chinese Christmas shopping in the Chinatown/International District. Have a Chinese Christmas Dec. 17, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.898 Introduction to "Vision of a Warbride" a drama on Filipina warbrides. It premiered at the 1979 Far West convention in Sacramento Warbrides Draft
1900.899 Incomplete transcript of oral interview with Dr. and Mrs. Graves. Oral Interview tanscript with Dr, and Mrs. Giles Graves Mumford Oct. 1, 1976
1900.900 Juvenille report on Wing Luke Wing Luke Lu, Neal April 25, 1985 Paper
1900.901 Chronology of Chinese - American history in the Pacfic Northwest Chinese in Pacific Northwest Adams Paper
1900.902 Elementary education booklet on China China: A Multi - Arts Approach, Visual Arts Project Graves 1978? Booklet
1900.903 Story on successful Chinese-Americans and article on distorting Asian American image. What Do Chinese Americans Do Today? Collier
1900.904 Chinese History on the Olympic Peninsula Report
1900.905 Japanese on the Olympic Peninsula
1900.906 With bibliography Pacific Islanders in the Northwest
1900.907 Dean of admissions brought 24 Japanese-American students fromthe West coast to Texas University. This is a follow up study twenty years later. West Coast Nisei Students At Texas University War Relocation and Resettlement Mathews, E. J. July 1960 Paper
1900.908 Features Sharon Hashimoto, Lawson Inanda, Dianne Hai-Jew, Jim Wong-Chu, Jaimee Itagaki. Creative Sources: An Arts Supplement to the International Examiner Hashimoto, Sharon K. November 17, 19 International Examiner
1900.909 Titles of newspaper articles as well as a list of the photo collection at University of Washington and other sources of Japanese - American History The Japanese in the Seattle Times January 1, 1900 - December 31, 1909 Litz 1995 Seattle Times
1900.910 Chapter on Miki Uchida from book on immigrants who came to America between 1900 - 1930 Morning Glories at Minidoka: Miki Akiyama Uchida Bales, Carol Ann 1977 Tales of the Elders: A Memory Book
1900.912 The debate over the poster at ObaChine goes on. We Live in Different Worlds Kugiya March 12, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.913 The debate over the poster at ObaChine goes on. ObaChine Art: It's Freedom of Expression and a Message to Patrons Editorial March 14 - 20, International Examiner
1900.914 Protests over the poster at ObaChine Protesters Target Restaurant Artwork Wilson, Kimberly A.C. March 7, 1998 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.915 Chinese language courses in local high schools are increasing. A Difficult Lesson Lindblom March 10, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.916 Commentary on the triviality of the racial charges against ObaChine America is Abundant Land of Equal - opportunity Insult Malkin March 10, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.917 Barbara Lazaroff, owner of ObaChine, says she will replace offensive poster. Restaurant Owner to Compromise on Art March 9, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.918 Dr. Kyo Koike, 1878 - 1947: Physician, Poet, Photographer Zabliski April, 1977 Pacific Northwest Quarterly
1900.919 Kanreki: The 60th Anniversary History of the Japan - America Society of the State of Washington 1923 - 1983 Tsutakawa 1983 Booklet
1900.921 "Today for Tomorrow" 4th National Nisei Veteran's Reunion 1964 Booklet
1900.923 Filipino Community Organizations and Their Roots Rosete October 1997 Asianfocus
1900.924 Zhen Cosmetics Returns to Seattle at JCPenny Pech October 1997 Asianfocus
1900.925 "Exit the Dragon" makes debut in furious fashion Goto, L. T. October 1997 Asianfocus
1900.926 Ming-Na Wen: "Asian Men Need More role Models" Park , MIchael H. October 1997 Asianfocus
1900.927 Hero's Welcome Fadiman August/Septembe Civilization
1900.928 AAS 205: Hotbed of Asian American Stereotypes ? King October 1997 Asianfocus
1900.929 Burmise refugees in Thai refugee camp. A Land of War; A Journey of the Heart Bock, Paula September 28, 1 Seattle Times
1900.930 Museum of History and Industry Will Need Polishing For Downtown McLennan March 9, 1998 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.931 "American beats out Kwan" Asian Groups Attack MSNBC Headline Referring to Kwan Sorensen March 3. 1998 Seattle Times
1900.932 New on campus: "Whiteness Studies" Haynes Seattle Times
1900.933 Poetry describing life in the camps and its affect on the people interned. The Restitution; The Reconstitution of the Constitution Makuuchi, Munio T. February 1998 Asianfocus
1900.934 Two events are scheduled for what the JACL hopes will on day become nationally known as a Day of Rememberance. These events, speakers at the Puyallup Fair Grounds and an event called Within the Silence commemorates the forceful incarceration of people of Japanese ancestry at the beginning of World War II. A Day of Remembrance: Gathering at Puyallup fairgrounds to reflect on past injustice Park, Michael H. February 1998 Asianfocus
1900.935 Hope and Frustration: Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Day Nguyen, Vilaska P. February 1998 Asianfocus
1900.936 Asian Ethnic Studies: Crisis Update King February 1998 Asianfocus
1900.937 The Importance of creating 'Days of Remembrance" Abe, Frank February 1998 Asianfocus
1900.938 Sumi recapitulates her initial review of ObaChine and the poster. Table Hopping: Chink in the Wall Hahn, Sumi March 12, 1998 Seattle Weekly
1900.939 Review of Sam Ho in Bellevue. Gotta Get Some Hot Stuff Hahn February 5, 199 Seattle Weekly
1900.940 Readers respond to ObaChine story Letters to the Editor: ObaChine March 17, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.941 Ching Chong Chinaman Challenged Leong March 1998 Asianfocus
1900.942 Should English be the Offical Language? Lee March 1998 Asianfocus
1900.944 Returing plundered art Misplaced Treasures: Unplundering Art December 20, 19 The Economist
1900.945 Article How Can an Initiative of the People Stray So Far? Mizumori, Roger Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.946 "Red Corner", Seven Years in Tibet" and "Kundun" explore human rights in China and Tibet. Hollywood Hunks, Human rights and Holy Men Gee February 4-17, International Examiner
1900.947 What did they eat in Shangri-la? Jayasundera February 4-17, International Examiner
1900.948 Move to Make English the Common Language Elicits Sharp response Fron APAs Ritts February 4-17, International Examiner
1900.949 distance of distinct vision Laiwan 1992 Booklet
1900.950 An exhibit book on Chinese life and labor in the West, produced by the High Desert Museum, Bend, Oregon Gum San: Land of the Golden Mountain Barlow 1991 Booklet
1900.951 Article Explores the everyday life of Peter Bacho, author of "Cebu" and "Dark Blue Suit." Bacho writes about Filipino American life in Seattle. Peter Bacho's World Tizon, Alex March 1, 1998 The Seattle Times
1900.952 Brochure Produced by the Mai Wah Society, Inc. 17 West Mercury St. Butte, Montana 59701 The Butte Chinese Everett, George The Mai Wah Society, Inc
1900.953 Reconstruction of the Tea House at the University of Washington Arboretum's Japanese Gardens which was destroyed by vandels in 1973. Tea House Reconstructed
1900.954 Article A look at the Wing Luke Asian Museum exhibit "Renewal of America: Voices of Recent Asian Pacific Immigrants." Focuses on Loan Nguyen, curator of the exhibit, who talks about the oral histories she took for the exhibit. Points of Reference: "Renewal of America" at the Wing Luke Asian Museum mines the immigration experience Higashi, Chris November 5-18, International Examiner
1900.955 Article The traditions of Lunar New Year in Hong Kong. Some are illegal (burning incense to honor ancestors) and some have been changed from it's original thinking (firecrackers were used to scare off evil spirits; now they're used for fun and festivity). Year of the Horse gallops in Moritz, Frederic A. February 10, 19 The Christian Science Monitor
1900.956 Seattle - King County Convention and Visitors Bureau Let Us Show You Pioneer Square 1976 Brochure
1900.957 Bill Spiedel's Underground Tour of Seattle. Seattle Underground Spiedel Brochure
1900.958 San Jose Taiko Postcard Postcard
1900.959 State of War: A Novel by Ninotchka Rosca 1988 Postcard
1900.960 The Streets of Dai Fau: Arnold Genthe's Photographs of SanFrancisco's Old Chinatown New York Chinatown History Project 1988 Postcard
1900.961 Living On Tokyo Time 1987 Postcard
1900.962 Love Sutras: Did You Kama? 1988 Postcard
1900.963 PBS Series of three Asian American programs: Made in China; Dollar a Day, 10 Cents a Dance; the New Puritans: The Sikhs of Yuba City. Silk Screen: An Asian American Perspective 1987 Postcard
1900.964 Group Theatre Company Changing Faces Postcard
1900.965 Out of Silence; Family Gathering 1988 Postcard
1900.966 Eye of the Coconut 1987 Postcard
1900.967 Bell Form No. 5, Two piece composition by Chui Faising
1900.968 Stew Rice: A Hawaii Play 1987 Postcard
1900.969 Jude Narita: Coming into Passion/Song for a Sansei 1987 Flyer
1900.970 Brochure detailing the annual pilgrimage to Manzanar War Relocation Center sponsored by The Manzanar Committe. Folder also contains a map and guided tour of the location. The Manzanar Pilgrimage: A Living History Manzanar Committee 1982 Brochure
1900.971 Public Hearing 1981 Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians September 10, 1 Document
1900.974 Concentration Camps American Style Uno December 1974 The Pacific Citizen
1900.975 W W 2 gov't cover - up: Evacuation Uno December, 1975 The Pacific Citizen
1900.976 Discusses the issue of reparation for World War II Japanese American internees. Outlines the JACL campaign for reparations and includes a list of some rcommended books on the history of the Japanese in the United States. Reparations for Evacuees Urged on Individual Basis, May Rally JACL Nationally Masaoka, Mike December, 1975 The Pacific Citizen
1900.977 Asa Nagai, 101, Issei Pioneer Beers, Carole October 5, 1997 Seattle Times
1900.978 Bob Santos never Forgot his Filipino Roots Watson, Emmett October 5, 1997 Seattle Times
1900.979 Article Gary Locke receives a warm welcome in Chengdu, China, on his 12 day trip through China. Locke hope to expand cultural, business, and educational ties between Washington and China. Governor Draws Crowd Postman, David October 7, 1997 The Seattle Times
1900.980 In Through the Out Door: "Exit the Dragon" Storms into Seattle Colety, Mark October 11 - 17 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.981 Chinese Service Center Celebrates 25 Years October 11 - 17 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.982 60 days for 1973 conviction of bribing officers to conduct gambling Woo Gets Bribe Sentence September 10, 1 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.983 Restaurant Operator Sentenced to 60 Days 1977 Seattle Times
1900.984 Kimiyo Nakauye Flower Arrangement Has a History Tsutakawa November 19, 19 Seattle Times
1900.985 Review of "Eating Chinese Food Naked" by Mei Ng, Scribner, 1998. Exploring Taboo Subjects Kim March 1998 Asianfocus
1900.986 Wisteria Plaza ready, waiting Lane June 25, 1977 Seattle Times
1900.987 Photographer Johsel Namkung Namkung Captures Spirit of Place Tarzan, Deloris April 8, 1978 Seattle Times
1900.988 A brief history of the Japanese in the U.S. and an argument that oriental peoples have sturggled to obtain justice but are not part of the 1960s' more active, violent acts undertaken by other minorities. The Yellow Peril: The Hard Life of Japanese Immigrants and How Their Assimilation Has Progressed Matsuda, Yoichi June 8, 1969 Seattle Times
1900.989 The White Peril?: How it Looks Today on the Civil Rights Scene Katagiri June 8, 1969 Seattle Times
1900.990 Article A look at the International District in the shadow of the new Kingdome. What's ahead for old Chinatown? March 1976 Sunset Magazine
1900.991 How Mochi is Made Jones December 30, 19
1900.992 Chinatown Ponders Domed Stadium Clever June 11, 1972 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.993 Should Orientals Join Blacks in Racial Protests? Inouye, Ray October 12, 196 Seattle Times
1900.994 Tule Lake 30 Years Later June 10, 1974 Time
1900.995 Review of Bill Hosokawa's book, Nisei, The Quiet Americans". Flawed Democracy Inouye, Ray December 28, 19 Seattle Times
1900.996 Should there be redress for internment? Yes, Say Seattle Area Activists Watanabe September 7, 19 Seattle Times
1900.997 The North American Post Japanese Newspaper Here is Dying Whitely January 5, 1973 Seattle Times
1900.998 A Japanese American who was sent to Japan prior to World War II but was stuck in that country until several years after the war. Re recounts her experiences. An American Interned in Japan? - This is what it was like. Kodama, Miyoko February 8, 197 Boeing News
1900.999 Article Renovating the Bush Hotel to create Single Room Occupancy housing and office space. International District Community Center: Urban Renewal Without People Removal Troth, Ernest June 1979 Public Authority Journal
1900.9998 Article An American Success Story West, Karen 2016 Alaska Airlines
1900.9999 Monograph Presentation on the Nippon Kan by Ed Burke. 2011
1900.V001 Tape, Video Video of quilt made by students of Lafayette, Indiana middle school to honor the WW II exoeriences of Japanese Americans. It was on display at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Seattle in 2003. The 120,000 Tassel Tapestry
1987.023.034 Book Green Cloth bound soft cover book, "Guide to Correspondence Styles" The book opens left to right and has an embossed rectangular frame in upper half for the title. A branch forms an oval in the rectangle and there is a bird in the upper right corner. The title is stamped in gold in Chinese characters. The title is also along the spne in gold. The publisher's logo is embossed on the back. The interior pages are white with black printing. The cover is separated from the front and the spine. 1914
1987.023.035 Book Green cloth hard covered book, Chinese Dictionary The book opens left to right. The embossed cover has flower and scroll frame with the title in Chinese characters. The spine has a white outline bars and windows for the title. The title is on the spine in gold. Embossed on the back is the logo of the publisher. The cover is separating from the spine on the third page. 1913
1987.023.036 Book Red cloth bound hardcover book, "The Chinese in North America: A Guide to their Life and Progress" On the cover the title is in black Chinese characters and in a black rectangle below this is the title in red letters in English. Along the spine the title is in English in red letters in a black square and below this in black Chinese characters. The paper book cover protector is red with a black illustration of a Chinatown gate. The title is in black Chinese characters with white shadows. The title in English is below this in white letters on a black rectangle. The back of the cover is white with black Chinese characters. The book opens from left to right. It has glossy pages with numerous black and white photographs. 1949
1987.023.037 Book Blue paperback cover book with red panel on the left side of the front. The Twenty - five Anniversary of the Ng Gee Herb Co., San Francisco.The book opens from left to right. On the panel on the front the title is in black Chinese characters with a blue outlined seal stamp at the bottom. Stamped on the right side in purple within a purple line frame is "Wing Quong Co., 517-7th Ave. So. Seattle, Wash., U.S.A." There are Chinese characters artound the English words and stamped below this also in purple are four columns of Chinese characters. Then printed in red is: "Not For Sale" and "Made In China" The title is also printed in black Chinese characters on the spine. The interior pages are yellowing, the cover is dirty and torn at the bottom of the spine. 1940
1987.023.038 Book Red cloth hardback book, "English - Chinese Phrase Book and Dictionary" The title is in gold printing along the spine. Written in pencil on the inside of the front and back cover is "Suey Lock." The title pages are pink and the rest of the book has white pages. The text alternates Chinese and English. The book was published in Vancouver, B.C. by the Thomson Stationary Co. The cover is worn in spots and is coming loose from the pages at the front. CAUTION. 1910
1990.4809 Article Arai Indorsed by Committee 04/09/37 Seattle Times
1991.003.016 Book (a) The Hundred Best Characters, by Herbert A. Giles, LL.D. Published by Kelly and Walsh, Limited of Shanghai-Hongkong-Singapore, 1925. 72 numbered pages, with two additional pages of Giles work, plus front and back fly leaf has handwritten characters and translation for food items. (b) Envelope, red and white patterned with Chinese characters on front, as well as "John A. Dean" envelope seal flap on back, with Republic of China stamped, cancelled, and numberals "20.5.30" Stamp is green, with white English and Chinese lettering. Plus red Chinese characters. (c) letter, all in Chinese characters W: 8", L: 11-1/4" DAMAGE: Pages dogeared; cover torn, back; lower right corner missing, front cover; spine broken, torn. 1925
1991.003.017 Book (a) "An Official Guide to Eastern Asia, Vol. IV, China" rust colored book. spine reads the same (exception: for "guide" reads "guidebook") Bottom of spine reads "I.J.G.R." for "Imperial Japanese Government Railways" Overleaf signed "J.A. Dean, N.Y. City - 1935" Title page signed "J.F.(?)Kholer, New York City, U.S.A." 414 numbered pages. Miyako Hotel, Kyoto, Japan stamp. (b) Folded colored map of China on shiny paper stamped with blue Miyako Hotel, Kyoto, Japan stamp on back stored in pocket in back of book. DAMAGE: lower left corner, front, worn through
1991.003.020 Book Paperback guidebook front cover illustrated with man riding camel leading another; men bearing banners, palanquin; temple, gates, etc. title on bottom of cover, "Guide to Peking" Title repeated on spine, blue on white. Contents is a general mix of information, text on pulp, photos on treated paper. 142 numbered pages. DAMAGE: cover torn, repaired with scotch taper, cover bent, broken, pages dogeared, torn.
1991.003.023 Book (a) Pamphlet entitled "General Information: Oriental Culture Summer College of Tokyo" The front is marked by hand "I attended in 1930; (s) J.A. Dean.) Consists of front and back cover, 19 numbered pages. (b) Single large sheet, printed on both sides, consisting of "Brief Information of the Oriental Culture Summer College of Tokyo." Reverse features course schedule, fees. (c) Letter from Kaju Nakamura, President of Summer College, Thanks for support in opening college in Summer 1932.
1991.003.024 Book (a) Pamphlet entitled "General Information on the Oriental Culture Summer College of Tokyo"...July 8 - August 10, 1940 (b) Printed letter from Kaju Nakamura, President of the Summer College soliciting students (incl. Nisei).
1991.003.025 Book (a) Yellow-covered guidebook (simulated raindrop pattern) to "Imperial Palace Museum. Peking" Published by "Peking Leader Press" 18 numbered pages. Photo of museum (?) frontispiece, three foldout maps. (b) Single sheet of yellow paper, standard 8-1/2" x 11" with ceremonial prayer given by the Emperor on accession. DAMAGE: Small tears, separate from cover, spine repaired with transparent tape.
1991.003.026 Book Blue-gray paperback textbook (edges browning with age) "Geography of China" & globe on cover. Chinese ideographs over all. Figures "D829" and "P1591" in upper right corner of front cover and flyleaf. Written by Horatio B. Hawkins, M.A., published in 1927 by "The Commercial Press Limited. Shanghai, China." 85 numbered pages with notes (Index) and vocabulary additional. DAMAGE: Pages dogeared, one of three binding strings broken, spine torn, peeling.
1991.036.005 Book Blue hard-covered book entitled "The Minidoka Interlude" with a planet and stars embossed on cover. September 1942 - October 1943. Photographs of residents and events at Camp Minidoka, Hunt, Idaho Minidoka Interlude 9/42
1991.077.001 Book Two cloth covered, open stitched, paperback books on Japan A: Book, H: 8.625", W: 6.125", D: .5", Dark purple silk cover faded to maroon on the front, over paper forms the front and back covers. These are stitched together with the text of the book by an exterior white silk cord which is tied through and around four perforations near the spine. The title is printed vertically on a piece of plain paper in green ink and is glued to the front. It says in English: "THEIR JAPAN." the pages are printed on folded sheets and appear to be a type of rice paper. It was written by Frederic de Garis and published in June, 1936. B: Book, H: 10", W: 7", D: .625", Dark green cotton cloth over paper forms the cover. These are stitched together with the text of the book by an exterior white cotton cord which is tied through and around four perforations. The title is printed in red in English and says: "Japan Today" on a piece of white paper which is glued to the right hand side of the front cover. It is a pictorial guide put together by Dr. Shodo Taki, published by the Society of Japanese Cultural Information 1948. Printed in ink on inside of front cover is: "Margaret Daniels, Yokohama, June 6, 1948." Many photos show U.S. occupation forces. Below
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