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Wing Luke Museum
2003.500.3398 Book Photography of the Doshisha institutions. Doushisha 100Nen 1975
2003.500.3399 Book A story of how a village rid themselves of an ogre. Oni Imae, Yoshitomo 1972
2003.500.340 Book Memoirs of a Caucasian woman teacher of the internment camp in Poston, Arizona. Dusty Exile: Looking Back at Japanese Relocation During World War II Harris, Catherine Embree 1999 Mutual Publishing
2003.500.3400 Book Yukihiko Yasuda Art Collection Yasuda, Yukihiko 1974
2003.500.3401 Book [Kokeshi, Japanese dolls] 1956 Bijutsu Shuppan-sha
2003.500.3402 Book [Paintings of Japanese women]
2003.500.3403 Book [Japanese grammar/language] 1974
2003.500.3404 Book Japanese-Chinese Calque Dictionary Riyu Wailaiyu Cidian 1974
2003.500.3405 Tape, Video The inhabitants of Seattle's International District, a unique neighborhood where Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino Americans have come together as a political and social force, tell the story of the Asian immigrants who came to America, but seldom appeared in the pages of our history books. East of Occidental: The History of Seattle's Chinatown Ostrander, Lucy, prod. 1986 Prairie Fire Pictures
2003.500.3406 Tape, Video Using music, still photographs, and video footage, this documentary presents an historical record of the fateful day of September 11th. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and other members of his staff, such as Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik and Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen, recall their memories of the day the World Trade Towers were attacked. Many survivors and victim's families are interviewed. In Memoriam: New York City, 9/11/01 Home Box Office (HBO) 2002 Home Box Office (HBO)
2003.500.3407 Tape, Video Examines the pain and anguish that racism has caused in the lives of North American men of Asian, European, Latin and African descent. Out of their confrontations and struggles to understand and trust each other emerges an emotional and insightful portrayal into the type of dialogue most of us fear, but hope will happen sometime in our lifetime. The Color of Fear Lee, Mun Wah (producer, director) 1994 Stir-Fry Productions
2003.500.3408 Tape, Video Tells the stories of the Asian American garment workers whose contributions and struggles made Seattle the outerwear production capital of the world for nearly a century. Includes interviews with many of the women who worked in this industry. If Tired Hands Could Talk: Stories of Asian Garment Workers Gee, Shannon, prod. 2001 Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.3409 Tape, Video The word "settlers" evokes images of wagon trains from the East rolling over the Great Plains. But settlers also arrived from the other East--Far East. In 1870, Chinese made up ten percent of Montana's territorial population. And at the turn of the century, there were more than 2,000 Japanese living and working in the state. This film honors the settlers who came from the other East and made Montana their home. Using archival photographs, diaries, letters, and interviews with the few remaining descendants of these settlers, this film tells their stories. From the Far East to the Old West: Chinese and Japanese Settlers in Montana Murdo, Pat (producer) and Kathy Witowsky (writer, director) 1999 The Mansfield Center for Pacific Affairs
2003.500.341 Book Whispers on Paper Decker, Kathleen P. 1998 Laughing Cypress
2003.500.3410 Tape, Video Tells the story of Seattle's Chinatown through the eyes of two decaying buildings, which were once the center of a vibrant immigrant community, but are now passing into an uncertain future Finding Home in Chinatown Gee, Shannon, prod. 1998 Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.3411 Tape, Video Tells the story of Hazel Ying Lee, a Chinese-American who grew up in Portland, Oregon where she learned to fly. She later became a member of the WASPs, a group of over 1,000 pilots who became the first women to fly for the U.S. military and were used to ferry new airplanes from factories where they were built to points of embarkation around the country. Hazel was one of an elite group trained to fly pursuit aircraft and was often subjected to discrimination common at the time despite her patriotism and the kindness she showed everyone she met. A Brief Flight: Hazel Ying Lee and the Women Who Flew Pursuit Reese, Wayne, et al. (producers), Alan H. Rosenburg (director, writer) 2002 LAWAs Productions
2003.500.3412 Tape, Video By means of historic footage plus dramatized reenactments, traces the history of Chinese immigration to the United States, especially the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943 which resulted in the detention of Chinese immigrants at the Angel Island Immigration Station in San Francisco Bay. Parts filmed at Angel Island State Park. Carved in Silence Lowe, Felicia, prod., dir. 1987 Felicia Lowe Productions
2003.500.3413 Tape, Video This video, funded by the USDA Forest Service, recounts the WIng Luke Asian Museum's 1994 Chinese Heritage Bus Tour. The five-day Chinese Heritage Tour of the American West chronicles historical sites in Oregon and Idaho. These sites, many of which are on public land, tell the stories of the Chinese pioneers whose labor was instrumental in the development of the West. Chinese Heritage Tour of the American West Pai, John (director), Dean Wong (script), USDA Forest Service 1996 KingStreet Media and Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.3414 Tape, Video The untold story of Chinese Americans who have served in the U.S. military, especially during World War II. Twenty eight men and women share their stories, representing the 20,000 Chinese Americans who served their country in a wide variety of wartime assignments. Also covers the involvement of Chinese Americans in the American Civil War, Spanish American War and World War I. We Served with Pride: The Chinese American Experience in WWII Hom, Montgomery 2000 NAATA
2003.500.3415 Tape, Video Tells the history of post-Indian settlement on Bainbridge Island, emphasizing logging and mills, farming, particularly starwberries and the community reaction to the relocation of the inhabitants of Japanese ancestry. Uses historic photographs, reminiscences and current scenes of the island to tell the story. Bainbridge: Voices of an Island Davenport, Chris (producer, director, writer) 1994 Galloping Pictures
2003.500.3416 Tape, Video Uses historical film footage, maps, old photographs, newspaper clippings, comic strips, handbills, and anti-Japanese literature to show the turmoil experienced by Japanese-Americans during World War II. Discusses the use of detention camps, focusing chiefly on events in Bainbridge Island, Washington. Visible Target Andersen, Cris and John de Graaf (producers, writers) 1985 Wombat Film & Video
2003.500.3417 Tape, Video Puyallup Valley JACL's Mochi Tsuki celebration. Mochi Tsuki is the Japanese tradition of the pounding of mochi or rice cakes and is celebrated during New Year's. Puyallup Valley JACL Presents Mochi Tsuki Dorris Video Productions
2003.500.3418 Tape, Video Set in a Japanese relocation camp during WWII, this fact-based story chronicles the journey of an American family torn apart by forced incarceration, a father's decision that challenges his son to find strength, and ultimately his son's triumph through courage, sacrifice and the All-American game of baseball. Day of Independence Onodera, Lisa (producer), Chris Tashima (director) 2003 Cedar Grove Productions
2003.500.3419 Tape, Video Six W.W.II internment camp survivors volunteered to demonstrate the process of art therapy while helping others and themselves to gain a better understanding of their experiences. Visual Memories: Japanese American Internment Lordkenaga, Rachel (producer, director) 2003 Powerful Pussycat Productions
2003.500.342 Book A young Chinese girl, her mother, and baby brother, immigrating to the United States in 1922, are detained on Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay with thirty other Chinese women while awaiting permission to enter the mainland. Angel Island Prisoner 1922 Chetin, Helen 1982 New Seed Press
2003.500.3420 Tape, Video Features never-before-seen home movies of the forced removal and incarceration of Japanesse Americans during World War II. Includes home movies often taken surreptitiously from the relocation centers at Minidoka (Idaho), Rohwer (Arkansas), Heart Mountain (Wyoming), Jerome (Arkansas), Granada (Colorado), and Topaz (Central Utah). Something Strong Within Nakamura, Robert A. (director, editor), Karen L. Ishizuka (producer, writer) 1994 Japanese American National Museum
2003.500.3421 Tape, Video Examines several troubling questions about the sneak attack that drew the United States into World War II. Pearl Harbor: 50 Years After Cain, Bob (host) 1991 CNN Video
2003.500.3422 Tape, Video The life of the Fujita family and the experiences with Executive Order 9066. The Fujita Family Experience Fujita, Harry (presenter) 1994 Skagit County Historical Museum
2003.500.3423 Tape, Video Relates the 100-year history of the Japanese Baptist Church of Seattle through narration and the use of historical photographs. Opens with the founding of the church by Rev. Fukumatsu Okizaki on May 23, 1899, and describes various ministers, buildings, and activities of the church throughout its history. Centennial Celebration of the Japanese Baptist Church Japanese Baptist Church 1999 Japanese Baptist Church
2003.500.3424 Tape, Video Using on-camera interviews, archival film footage and narration, tells the story of the Japanese-American soldiers who served in World War II as linguists and language specialists for the Intelligence Service and the story of the evacuation and relocation of their families and other Japanese-Americans to concentration camps. Prejudice and Patriotism: Americans of Japanese Ancestry in the Military Intelligence Service of WW II Kobayashi, Chris (writer, producer), Calvin Roberts (producer) 1998 National Japanese American Historical Society
2003.500.3425 Tape, Video Americans, organized as the Fair Play Committee, refused to be drafted from the concentration camp at Heart Mountain, Wyoming. Ready to fight, but not before their rights as U.S. citizens were restored and families released. The largest organized resistance to incarceration, leading to the largest trial for draft resistance in U.S. history. Prosecuted as criminals, Japanese American leaders and veterans ostracized them as traitors. The resisters served two years in prison, and for the next 50 were written out of the official history of Japanese America. Conscience and the Constitution Abe, Frank, prod. dir 2000 Transit Media
2003.500.3426 Tape, Video Along with Washingtonians William Nakamura and James Okubo, twenty other Asian American veterans, mostly Nisei (second-generation Japanese Americans), were awarded the Medal of Honor on June 21, 2000, for their service in World War II. Nakamura and Okubo were honored again on March 25, 2001, at a ceremony in Seattle, Washington. This video commemorates them and the thousands of other Nisei who served in the 100/442nd Regimental Combat Team, and Military Intelligence Service, during World War II. America at Its Best: Legacy of Two Nisei Patriots Matsudaira, Vince (producer, director) 2001 Nisei Veterans Committee
2003.500.3427 Tape, Video A video presentation of Yoshiko Uchida's children's book about a gift from the heart and friends separated by war. Joanna Yardley's original illustrations are intercut with rare home movies and historic photographs to tell this heartwarming story of emotional growth and understanding. Teacher Patty Nagano conducts a discussion and activities with a 2nd grade class after the story. The Bracelet UCLA Asian American Studies Center, JANM 2001 UCLA Asian American Studies Center, JANM
2003.500.3428 Tape, Video Set against the background of a controversial period in American history, the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, Come See The Paradise is the love story of an Irish-American man and a beautiful Japanese-American woman. Stars Dennis Quaid and Tamlyn Tomita. Come See the Paradise Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation 1991 CBS/Fox Video
2003.500.3429 Tape, Video Adapted from a fact-based play, Consul General Chiune Sugihara defies his own government and risks his career by issuing life-saving transit visas to Jewish refugees outside the Japanese Embassy in Lithuania. Visas and Virtue Tashima, Chris, dir. 1997 Cedar Grove Productions
2003.500.343 Book Growing Up Local: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose from Hawai'I Chock, Eric, James R. Harstad, Darrell H.Y. Lum and Bill Teter, eds 1998 Bamboo Ridge Press
2003.500.3430 Tape, Video The story, as told by Sgt. Howard Hanamura to his daughter, of the 100th/442 Regimental Combat Team, a segregated, Japanese American combat unit which fought in Europe during World War II. The ultimate mission of these soldiers was upholding the honor of their people. Honor Bound: A Personal Journey Saffa, Joan (producer, director), Wendy Hanamura (writer, narrator) 1995 Flower Village Films
2003.500.3431 Tape, Video Frank Kitamoto of Bainbridge Island, Washington was among the first of 110,000 west coast Japanese Americans forced to leave their homes during World War II. As Frank relates his three years of internment, students from Bainbridge High School develop archival photographs of his internment experiences. Together, Frank and the students discuss the need to safeguard civil rights. After Silence Shelton, Lois (producer, director, writer), Joan Piper (producer) 2003 Bullfrog Films
2003.500.3432 Tape, Video Two American airmen meet very different fates when their bomber is shot down over wartime Japan. Captive Hearts Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Inc. 1987 CBS/Fox Video
2003.500.3433 Tape, Video Seoul Korea National Tourism Organization
2003.500.3434 Tape, Video A personal and political film about the filmmaker's experiences being adopted from South Korea and raised by an American family. Also explores the reconciling of different identities. First Person Plural Liem, Deann Borshay (writer, producer, director), Vivien Hillgrove (writer, edit 2000 NAATA
2003.500.3435 Tape, Video In Korean [Korean video] Consulate General of the Republic of Korea
2003.500.3436 Tape, Video In Korean [Korean video] Consulate General of the Republic of Korea
2003.500.3437 Tape, Video Fleeing from the horrors of war-torn Cambodia, the Yann family settles in Chattanooga, Tennessee with their caring American sponsors. Young Linn Yann is determined to make something of her life and strives to master the difficult language of her newly adopted country to compete in a regional spelling competition. The Girl Who Spelled Freedom 1987 The Walt Disney Company
2003.500.3438 Tape, Video Chronicles the historic journey of the Polynesian voyaging canoe, Hawai'iloa, as it sailed from Seattle, Washington to Juneau, Alaska in the summer of 1995. The voyage was a true homecoming for the Hawai'iloa. Its twin hulls were carved from 400-year-old spruce trees donated by the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian nations of Canada and Alaska and by the Sealaska Corporation. The passage of the canoe through the native villages of the Northwest Inside Passage united thousands of indigenous peoples in an unprecedented celebration of their heritage and culture. The Voyage Home: Hawai'iloa's Northwest Journey 1996 Williams Communications
2003.500.3439 Tape, Video Oral history interviews with immigrants from Jamaica and other places from the Caribbean. Finding a Place, Maintaining Ties: Greater Hartford's West Indians 2002 The Connecticut Historical Society
2003.500.344 Book Lucky at Love: Stories and Essays from Asia Browning-Larsen, Eric 1999 Pacific Pathfinders Press
2003.500.3440 Tape, Video his film is the result of a community-based research project that explores people's memories of childhood in four St. Louis-area African American neighborhoods. Through research and oral history interviews, the film looks at the institutions, both formal and informal, that nurtured the lives of children during the period from the 1940s to the 1980s. The neighborhoods include Kinloch, in St. Louis County, Carr Square and The Ville in St. Louis City, and the south end of East St. Louis, in Illinois. These neighborhoods were diverse economically, socially, and structurally. Each experienced an increase in its African American population during the Great Migration in the early 1900s. Through the Eyes of a Child McClendon,W. Stinson, and Rodney M. Thompson (producers) 1999 Missouri Historical Society
2003.500.3441 Tape, Video Infant cradleboards were an integral part of Indian culture. Today they provide a means for linking young mothers to their ancestors. Hence, today cradleboards are seeing an important resurgence. This video describes why cradleboards have been so important to the Indian people, as well as how they were made and used. It features elders from the Yakama and Warm Springs tribes of Washington and Oregon. Cradleboards: A Tradition of Safety and Security 1999 Washington Traffic Safety Commission
2003.500.3442 Tape, Video Long time residents of West seattle tell their memories of aspects of life in the early to mid 20th century. Tales of West Seattle 1999 The Southwest Seattle Historical Society
2003.500.3443 Tape, Video Pictures of the local area (no sound) Facing Up to the Challenges: A Changing Society 1995 Sawtooth National Forest
2003.500.3444 Tape, Video Northwest Reports with Lars Larson
2003.500.3445 Tape, Video Japanese American panelist talk about the experiences of World War II, including internment. Years of Infamy: Internment of Japanese Americans During World War II 1996 Pacific Lutheran University
2003.500.3446 Tape, Video While riding through Ho Chi Minh City in a pedicab, or xich-lo, a visiting Vietnamese-American woman reminisces about her privileged childhood in the former Saigon, the effects of the Vietnamese War, and her feelings for her former and current cultures. Xich-lo = Cyclo: A Film Nguyen, M. Trinh 1996 Distributed by NAATA/CrossCurrent Media
2003.500.3447 Tape, Video Documentary on young South Korean women who work in sex related enterprises adjacent to American military bases in South Korea. Also explores the lives of Korean American women who came to the United States as wives of American servicemen. The Women Outside 1995 Third World Newsreel
2003.500.3448 Tape, Video A Slice of Rice, Frijoles, and Greens is a humorous and poignant mix of stories that gives vivid insights into the Asian, Latino, African and Deaf American experience. Using theater, music and movement, these artists open windows to their own worlds through their personal tales. Though each slice may be different, "rice, frijoles, and greens" join to make a statement that entertains while enlightening, taking audiences beyond cultural borders. A Grain of Sand - In a poetic fusion of story, song, and video imagery, Nobuko Miyamoto breaks through the forces of silence in search of her own song. To All Relations - Certain celebrations with community memebers and Great Leap Great Leap Presents Excerpts from "A Slice of Rice, Frijoles and Greens," "A Grain of Sand" and "To All Relations" Great Leap
2003.500.3449 Tape, Video Travel Theory Yokoshi, Yasuko (director, choreographer, performer) 2000 Performance Space 122, Taipei Theater, Mulberry St. Theater
2003.500.345 Book The United States and East Asia Van Alstyne, Richard W. 1973 W.W. Norton
2003.500.3450 Book [Japanese Dictionary]
2003.500.3451 Book Festivals and celebrations for children. Kodomo no Matsuri Kurosaki, Yoshisuke 1952
2003.500.3452 Book A picture book about, "Shichi Go San," a celebration held November 15th for children who have turned 3 and 7 years of age for girls, or 3 and 5 for boys. Ureshiina
2003.500.3453 Book Volume 1 and 2 [Discussion Materials Teacher Librarians]
2003.500.3454 Book [Design Motifs of Japanese Culture] 1967
2003.500.3455 Book Peace Cats Mirikitani, Jimmy Tsutomu 2007 Random House/Kodansha
2003.500.3456 Journal [Japanese Journal]
2003.500.3457 Book Journey through Asia: Masterpieces in the Brooklyn Museum of Art Poster, Amy G. 2003 Brooklyn Museum of Art
2003.500.3458 Book Leuchtende Schatze Wedding, Alex 1957 Alfred Holz Verlag
2003.500.3459 Magazine Kimono 1954 1954
2003.500.346 DVD About Ping and Ruby Chow Ping and Ruby Chow 2007 Edit 1 Media
2003.500.3460 Book Chinese book teaching Japanese language Fundamental Japanese
2003.500.3461 Book Chinese book teaching Japanese language Japanese ABC
2003.500.3462 Book Chinese book teaching Japanese language A Key to Japanese
2003.500.3463 Book [Japanese 3rd grade Social Studies workbook]
2003.500.3464 Book [Japanese doll making]
2003.500.3465 Magazine [Japanese toys]
2003.500.3466 Magazine [Japanese dolls]
2003.500.3467 Book [Japanese wall scrolls in temples]
2003.500.3468 Book [Japanese textiles]
2003.500.3469 Book [A Handbook for Student Assistants in School Libraries]
2003.500.347 Book Padmasambhava's great realization and spiritual power created the conditions for the propagation of vajrayana teachings in this world. The Lotus-Born: The Life Story of Padmasambhava Tsogyal, Yeshe 1993 Shambhala Press
2003.500.3470 Book Volume 2: History of Books; 3: Production and Distribution of Books; 4: How to Use Dctionaries; 5: Classification of Books; 6: Etiquette in a Library; 7: How to Use Library [Slide Series for Library Instruction]
2003.500.3471 Book [Japanese exhibit catalog on pottery]
2003.500.3472 Book Selected Bibliography for Social Studies in Elementary School 1961 JSLA
2003.500.3473 Book Selected Bibliography for Social Studies in Junior High School 1961 JSLA
2003.500.3474 Book [Japanese flower arrangement]
2003.500.3475 Booklet [A Basic Book Collection for School Libraries (once a year); Record of "The National School Library Seminar"]
2003.500.3476 Book Volume 1: Selection and Accession of Book; 2: Book Arrangement; 3: Subject Catalog; 4: Arrangement of Non-book Materials; 5: Guidance in Book Reading [Practical Business of School Library (5 vols)] Japanese School Library Association
2003.500.3477 Magazine Volume 66: Kabuki; 96; Japanese dolls [Japanese culture]
2003.500.3478 Book [History and information about Kokeshi Dolls]
2003.500.3479 Book [Japanese motifs and symbols]
2003.500.348 Book The World in Color: Japan Ogrizek, Dore, ed. 1957 McGraw-Hill Book Co.
2003.500.3480 Book [Library catalog]
2003.500.3481 Book The Defense Academy
2003.500.3482 Book [Japanese flower arrangements]
2003.500.3483 Book [Japanese flower arrangements]
2003.500.3484 Book [Japanese music and dance]
2003.500.3485 Book [Japanese flower arrangements]
2003.500.3486 Book [Japanese flower arrangements]
2003.500.3487 Book [Origami]
2003.500.3488 Book [Japanese paintings and ceramics] 1972
2003.500.3489 Book [Japanese kids crafts] Hoikusha
2003.500.349 Book Hammond's New Supreme Illustrated Atlas of the World 1939 C.S. Hammond
2003.500.3490 Book [Study of Biographies]
2003.500.3491 Book [Japanese culture]
2003.500.3492 Book [Japanese school book]
2003.500.3493 Book [Move Them; Japan's Traditional Artifact Exhibition]
2003.500.3494 Book [Kokutani Ceramics]
2003.500.3495 Book [Japanese doll making]
2003.500.3496 Book [The Note for Reading]
2003.500.3497 Book [Collection of Spontaneous Poems and Paintings: Koshinshu] Kobori, Sokei 1978
2003.500.3498 Book [Buddhist Priest Biography Pictorial]
2003.500.3499 Book [Japanese Dictionary]
2003.500.350 Where Cultures Come Together: the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, 10th Anniversary Commemorative Book 1980 - 1990 1990 the Japanese American Cultural and Community Cente
2003.500.3500 Book [Chinese dictionary, Volume 1 and 2]
2003.500.3501 Booklet Japanese Dolls, Japanese Clothing, Tea Ceremony
2003.500.3502 Booklet Oyster Farming
2003.500.3503 Booklet A Lesson in American History: The Japanese American Experience 2002 JACL, National Education Committee
2003.500.3504 Tape Video tapes on: A - 1. Weaving: Nishijin Textiles, 2. Dyeing: Kyoto Yuzen; B - 3. Ceramics: Shigaraki Ware, 4. Lacquer: Wajima Ware; C - 5. Woodworking: Kyoto Joinery, 6. Metalworking: Sakai Forged Blades; D - 7. Papermaking: Echizen Paper, 8. Brushes and Sumi Ink: Nara Writing Utensils The Traditional Crafts of Japan: Video Edition 1992 Diamond, Inc
2003.500.3505 Book [Japanese paintings] 1985
2003.500.3506 Book [Book filled with Japanese paintings]
2003.500.3507 Book [Geography in Japan]
2003.500.3508 Book [Japanese paintings of birds]
2003.500.3509 Book Costumes of the Minority Peoples of China 1982 Binobi
2003.500.351 Book These ten stories reflect the conflict Asian Americans face in balancing an ancient heritage and an unknown future. American Eyes: New Asian American Short Stories for Young Adults Carlson, Lori, ed. 1996 Fawcett Juniper
2003.500.3510 Book Korean art from Musee Guimet L'Art coreen au musee Guimet
2003.500.3511 Book in Korean A Way to Unification of Korea (Tongillo Gahnungil) 1995 Unification of Korea Academic Research Foundation
2003.500.3512 Book Resemblance to the Beauty of Nature, Traditional Cosmetics of Korea 2006 Korean Cultural Center
2003.500.3513 Book All the Way through with Him Lee, Gloria
2003.500.3514 Book Korean Business Directory 2006-2007 2006
2003.500.3515 Book Glossary of Terms - Exhibitions at the National Museum of Korea: Art History 2006 National Museum of Korea
2003.500.3516 Book 10 books featuring South Korean culture [Information about South Korea]
2003.500.3517 Book in Korean and English [All about Korea]
2003.500.3518 Book in Korean and English [Information on Korea today]
2003.500.3519 Book The Washington Year: A Contemporary View, 1980-1981 1982 Henry Art Gallery
2003.500.352 Book Accompanies the Museum's inaugural exhibit which focuses on the early immigration and settlement years of the first generation of Japanese immigrants in the United States. Issei Pioneers: Hawaii and the Mainland 1885 to 1924 Kikumura, Akemi 1992 Japanese American National Museum
2003.500.3520 Book Van Deren Coke, Scholar as Collector: An Exhibition of Photographs 2001 University of New Mexico Art Museum
2003.500.3521 Booklet Stages of Influence: The Universal Theatre of Hughie Lee-Smith Marion, Sara L. 2001 University of New Mexico Art Museum
2003.500.3522 Book The American Swedish Institute: Turnblad's Castle Lewis, Anne Gillespie 1999 The American Swedish Institute
2003.500.3523 Book Looks at the ways in which the work of artists in Seattle was intricately intertwined with the city and explores the diverse styles that arose from a complex and wide-ranging set of ideas about modern art. Essays present modern art in the context of Seattle's social and physical growth. What It Meant to Be Modern: Seattle Art at Mid-Century Conkelton, Sheryl 2000 Henry Art Gallery
2003.500.3524 Book Good Show!: A Practical Guide for Temporary Exhibitions Witteborg, Lothar P. 1991 Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service
2003.500.3525 Book CJKV Information Processing Lunde, Ken 1999 O'Reilly
2003.500.3526 Book Jazz Baby Weatherford, Carole Boston 2002 Lee and Low
2003.500.3527 Book Art in Other Places: Artists at Work in America's Community and Social Institutions Cleveland, William 2000 Arts Extension Service Press
2003.500.3528 Book African-American Artists - IV 2006 Bill Hodges Gallery
2003.500.3529 Book Print Casebooks 10: The Best in Exhibition Design Carpenter, Edward K. 1994 RC Publications
2003.500.353 Book Shifting Perceptions: Contemporary L. A. Visions Snow, Hilary K., ed. 2000 Pacific Asia Museum
2003.500.3530 Book Turntable Timmy Perry, Michael 2002 Free Will Press
2003.500.3531 Book In the Presence of the Past: The Washington State History Museum Most, Stephen 1996 The Washington State History Museum
2003.500.3532 Booklet Kwakiutl Art Speck, Chief Henry 1963 BC Indian Designs
2003.500.3533 Book The Wonderful Story of Zaal: A Persian Legend Batmanglij, M. and N. 1985 Mage Publishers, Inc.
2003.500.3534 Book in Dutch Den Haag Verbaan, Danny 2000 Scriptum
2003.500.3535 Book Museums of the Northwest: Discover the Best Collections in Washington, Oregon, and Lower British Columbia Baskas, Harriet 1999 Sasquatch Books
2003.500.3536 Book Creating the British Galleries at the V & A: A Study in Museology Wilk, Christopher and Nick Humphrey 2004 V & A Publications
2003.500.3537 Book New Roles and Missions of Museums: INTERCOM 2006 Symposium 2006 INTERCOM
2003.500.3538 Book A Suitcase of Dreams: Immigration Stories from the Skirball Cultural Center Kale, Shelly 2001 Skirball Cultural Center
2003.500.3539 Book Nosotros, The Hispanic People of Oregon: Essays and Recollections Gamboa, Erasmo and Carolyn M. Buan, eds 1995 The Oregon Council for the Humanities
2003.500.354 Book A Gathering Place: Artmaking by Asian/Pacific Women in Traditional and Contemporary Directions Lee, Candace 1995 Pacific Asia Museum
2003.500.3540 Book Northwest Black Pioneers: A Centennial Tribute Hayes, Ralph and Joe Franklin 1994 Bon Marche
2003.500.3541 Book Lonely Eagles: The Story of America's Black Air Force in World War II Rose, Robert A. 1996 Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.
2003.500.3542 Book Encyclopedia of Northwest Music: From Classical Recordings to Classic Rock Performances, Your Guide to the Best of the Region Bush, James 1999 Sasquatch Books
2003.500.3543 Book University of New Mexico Art Museum: Highlights of the Collections 2001 University of New Mexico
2003.500.3544 Book West Seattle Memories, Alki: A Memory Book Project of the Log House Museum and the Southwest Seattle Historical Society 1999 Capturing Memories
2003.500.3545 Book The Soul of a Tree: a Woodworker's Reflections Nakashima, George 1988 Kodansha International
2003.500.3546 Book "George Nakashima (1905-1990) is best known for his unique pieces of furniture, which are prized for their respect for the natural forms of the tree and the inherent grain of the wood. This remarkable creative spirit was also an architect, who designed a number of distinguished buildings during his career. Above all, he was a man committed to the integration of his life as an artist with the rhythms of the natural world. Working with his family and a crew of workmen in his studio, he left a rich legacy, not only the works of his extraordinary personal artistry, but a creative tradition that continues to flourish in the Nakashima Studio today. Told by Nakashima's daughter and colleague, the designer Mira Nakashima, this story of the artist's life examines not only the furniture and the architecture that he designed, but also the philosophical and spiritual underpinning of his work, his personal worldview, his quest for the integration of humanity and nature, and for world peace." "Lavishly illustrated with superb photographs of Nakashima's work, many taken expressly for this book, and with documentary photographs from the Nakashima archive, Nature, Form, and Spirit: The Life and Legacy of George Nakashima is an insightful and beautiful evocation of the life, art, and world of one of America's outstanding designers."--BOOK JACKET. Nature Form & Spirit: the Life and Legacy of George Nakashima Nakashima, Mira 2003 Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers
2003.500.3547 Book George Nakashima, Woodworker Nakashima, George 2012 George Nakashima Woodworker S. A.
2003.500.3548 Book Born in 1937 in a port city a thousand miles north of Shanghai, Adeline Yen Mah was the youngest child of an affluent Chinese family who enjoyed rare privileges during a time of political and cultural upheaval. But wealth and position could not shield Adeline from a childhood of appalling emotional abuse at the hands of a cruel and manipulative Eurasian stepmother. Falling Leaves: The True Story of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter Mah, Adeline Yen 1997 Random House
2003.500.3549 Book A Single Pebble Hersey, John 1982 Bantam Books
2003.500.355 Book Shifting Ground: Transformed Views of the American Landscape Howard, Rhonda Lane 2000 Henry Art Gallery
2003.500.3550 Book China Kublin, Michael and Hyman Kublin 1991 Houghton Mifflin
2003.500.3551 Book Dynasty Elegant, Robert S. 1977 Fawcett Crest
2003.500.3552 Book Recounts the experiences of Anna Leonowens, who worked for the King of Siam in the 1860s as a translator and tutor to his children. Anna and the King of Siam Landon, Margaret 1944 John Day Company
2003.500.3553 Book Silk Baricco, Alessandro 1997 Vintage Books
2003.500.3554 Book Japan Kublin, Michael and Hyman Kublin 1990 Houghton Mifflin
2003.500.3555 Journal Social Process in Hawaii 1994 University of Hawaii at Manoa
2003.500.3556 Book Hawaii: Islands Under the Influence Kent, Noel J. 1993 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3557 Book We, the Navigators: The Ancient Art of Landfinding in the Pacific Lewis, David 1994 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3558 Book Unwritten Literature of Hawaii: The Sacred Songs of the Hula Emerson, Nathaniel B. 1997 Ai Pohaku Press
2003.500.3559 Book Tales and Traditions of the People of Old (Na Mo'olelo a ka Po'e Kahiko) Kamakau, Samuel Manaiakalani 1993 Bishop Museum Press
2003.500.356 Book Archaeological remains of the internment sites. Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites Burton, Jeffery F. 1999 U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service
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