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Wing Luke Museum
1900.297 Story and photos of Chinese Store in John Day, Oregon. Opium, Herbs, Food Still Stock Shelves Of John Day 'Store'. Kuizenga 2/18/71 The Oregonian
1900.298 Article Photo essay on the Celebration of Double Ten by stringing 150 lanterns designed by Ben Woo across the Chinatown/International District streets. Beauty, Beast and A New Lantern For Chinatown King, Yuki October 7, 1962 The Seattle Times
1900.299 Story on performance by the Luck Ngi Music and Drama Society. Seattle's Chinese Opera Burt, Lyle 4/1/62 Seattle Times
1900.300 New York Chinatown Street Gangs. Nicky Louie's Mean Streets: Tongs Strike Back in Chinatown Jacobson 2/7/77 Voice
1900.3000 Article Article on Wing Luke Asian Museum's foundation and programs with a focus on Asian Pacific immigrants Wing Luke - the people's museum Wong, Brad Feb 10, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3001 Booklet Brochure about the Mosaic International District Apartments. Includes floorplans of appartments. Mosaic International District Apartments 2003 The Fortune Group
1900.3002 Program Golden Circle Awards Jeni Mar Herbert M. Tsuchiya Jade Guild Golden Circle Awards & Lunar New Year Celebration Organization of Chinese American January 30, 200 Organization of Chinese Americans
1900.3003 Article The Lakers' Shaquille O'Neal said he was joking, not being a racist about Yao Shaq says he was joking about Yao January 11, 200 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.3004 Article Reviews of Japanese Restaurants in Seattle Shiki Japanese Restaurant, Tuna House, Taka Sushi, Chiso, Shushiman, and Hiroshi's You know how to eat sushi, don't you? Just put your lips together and blowfish Leson, Nancy January 24, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.3005 Brochure Northwest Asian Ameican Theatre Anniversary Dinner Northwest Asian American Theatre Anniversary Dinner Northwest Asian American Theatre 2002 Northwest Asian American Theatre
1900.3006 Brochure A traveling guide on 'The Washington Experience of the Lewis & Clark Expedition'. The Washington Experience of The Lewis & Clark Expedition 2001
1900.3007 Brochure A resource guide to bicentennial commemorative projects in washington state Lewis and Clark in Washington State/ A Resource Guide to Bicentennial Commemorative Projects in Washington State Feb 2003 Washington State Agency Assistance Team
1900.3008 Brochure A self-guided explorting guide on Oregon/Washington Lewis & Clark Lewis & Clark Bicentennial 2003-2006 June 2002 Lewis & Clark Bicentennial 2003-2006
1900.3009 Article The history of the Panama Hotel and how Jan Johnson, current owner, has mainted the aging building. Tea and Treasures Bock, Paula November 3, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.301 the International Hotel eviction The Year of the Eviction Chen 12/28/77 The San Francisco Journal
1900.3010 Article Article from The Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Vol 1. to Vol 15. 9/10/1943-2/17/ The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.3012 Article Article from the Japanese American Courier The Japanese-American Courier May 19, 1928 The Japanese-American Courier
1900.3013 Article Articles from The Japanese American Courier The Japanese American Courier Volume XY. No. 745 April 24, 1942 The Japanese American Courier
1900.3014 Article Articles from The Japanese American Courier The Japanese American Courier Vol IV, No. 193 September 5, 19 The Japanese American Courier
1900.3015 Article Articles from The Japanese American Courier The Japanese American Courier Vol. VII, No. 380 April 27, 1935 The Japanese American Courier
1900.3016 Article Articles from the Japanese American Courier The Japanese American Courier Volume III, No. 674 Dec 14, 1940 The Japanese American Courier
1900.3017 Article Article from The Japanese American Courier The Japanese American Courier Volume IV, No. 716 October 3, 1941 The Japanese American Courier
1900.3018 Article Articles from the Northwest Times Sports The Northwest Times Sports January 24, 195 The Northwest Times Sports
1900.3019 Article Articles from The Northwest Times The Northwest Times- SE. 5594 July 29, 1953 The Northwest Times
1900.302 A Long Ways From Home Bronkhorst 12/25/77 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3020 Article Articles from the Northwest Times The Northwest Times January 1, 1947 The Northwest Times
1900.3021 Article Articles from the Northwest Times The Northwest Times/ Fourth Anniversary Edition Volume 4, Number 1 January 1, 1950 The Northwest Times
1900.3022 Article Articles from the Nothwest Times The Northwest Times Volume 4, Number 34 April 26, 1950 The Northwest Times
1900.3023 Article Articles from the Nothwest Times The Northwest TImes Volume 7, number 56 July 22, 1953 The Northwest Times
1900.3024 Article Articles from the Northwest Times The Northwest Times Volume 7, Number 58 July 29, 1953 The Northwest Times
1900.3025 Article Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Volume III, No. 2 March 6, 1943 The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.3026 Article Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Volume III, No3 March 13, 1943 The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.3027 Article Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Volume III, No.5 March 27, 1943 The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.3028 Article Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Volume III, No. 7 April 10, 1943 The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.3029 Article Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Volume III, No.14 May 29, 1943 The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.303 Bicentennial Biographies: Wing Luke Evans, Walter 9/12/75 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3030 Article Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Volume III< No. 15 June 5, 1943 The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.3031 Article Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Volume III, No. 19 July 3, 1943 The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.3032 Article Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Volume III, No. 24 August 7, 1943 The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.3033 Article Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Volume III, No. 32 October 2, 1943 The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.3034 Article Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Volume IV, Number 28 Sept 16, 1944 The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.3035 Article Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Volume IV, Number 28 Spet 16, 1944 The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.3036 Article Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator The Minidoka Irrigator Volume IV, Number 28 Sept 16,1944 The Minidoka Irrigator
1900.3037 article Seattle's First Chinese Resident McDonald, Lucile September 11, 1 Seattle Times
1900.3038 Article Danny Chinn is a chef, who apprenticed at Twin Dragons, served as a cook in the US Army, and worked at Trader Vic's in LA. [Danny Chinn, Twin Dragons]
1900.304 Hen Sen Chin Your Every Atom Has Your Signature 9/1/72 The Esoterian
1900.305 Shopping Little Hong Kong Pechter 8/1/76 San Francisco Examiner
1900.306 Article Story of Lum Kong, Woo Gen and the trial of an Immigration official charged with extortion in 1914. It continues with Woo Gen's wife trying to get back into the US from China. U. S. may grant Chinese widow residence here 1934 The Seattle Times
1900.307 The Chinese in Marin - History Begins in 1855 Yung 1/12/77 East/West
1900.308 Photo essay on Muy Yuk Hong. One Among Many Chinese Pioneers Dong 7/1/76 International Examiner
1900.309 Wa Chong laborers and the construction of the Ship Canal. Seattle's Big Ditch Duncan 4/1/73 Seattle Times
1900.310 Jose Rizal Park, Book On Jose Rizal, rizal Bridge And Park Preservation Society. Upcoming Book Will Depict Filipino Achievements and Struggles 12/15/82 International Examiner
1900.311 Article Filipino American Baseball Player, Bobby Balcena. An interview with baseball great Bobby Balcena Castilla, Greg S. October 20, 198 International Examiner
1900.312 Frank Chin's play 'Oofty Goofty'. 'Oofty Goofty' Play Suffers From Vague Plotting Sugai, Esther 10/20/82 International Examiner
1900.313 Reporter suggests that Willie Mak draffe Chinatown into court with him when it was characterised as gambling, tong, and hoodlums What Willie Mak Did To Chinatown Chew, Ron 10/19/83 International Examiner
1900.314 New Hong Kong Malaysian Restaurant The Eyes Have It Hahn 9/10/97 Seattle Weekly
1900.315 Review of Shallots Asian Bistro Wok Around Belltown Hahn 9/17/97 Seattle Weekly
1900.316 Flower vender Prai Xiong Flowers a Way of Life for Prai Xiong Soloman 9/1/97 Pike Place Market News
1900.317 Seattle Chinese Garden in West Seattle Seattle Chinese Garden Society Flyer
1900.318 Supports the garden founded by Fujitaro Kubota in 1929. Kubota Garden Foundation Flyer
1900.319 Article The Luck Ngi Musical Society is the only Chinese orchestra and opera company in the Pacific Northwest. It is preparing to present the second installment of the Chinese opera, "Lake Precious Stream." Chinatown Has Its Own Counterpart of Seattle Symphony Organization Reddin, John J. April 25, 1965 Seattle Times
1900.320 Seattle Chinese Actors Follow Customs of Homeland in All Their Theatricals 1/4/48 Seattle Times
1900.322 Chinese Language Newspaper to Debut Gough 1/17/82 Seattle Times
1900.323 A Need for News in Ethnic Communities Chebuhar 3/3/79 Seattle Times
1900.324 Seattle Gets Chinese Language Newspaper Glover 1/20/82 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.325 The American Born Chinese Brigade Portland Press Club 1900 Portland Press Club's Souvenir
1900.326 Blood and Sweat In the Golden Mountains Lai 1/1/76 East West
1900.327 Article The Chinese Baptist Church is being built in the Chinatown/International District. Includes who led the fundraising of the building and it's history. Chinese Baptist Church Groundbreaking Saturday October 30, 197 American Baptist Churches of the Northwest
1900.328 Chinese Community Concepts Changing Cowles 6/24/72 Spokane Daily Chronicle
1900.329 Chinese Consul Given Portland 10/2/06 Oregonian
1900.330 1899 The Chinese Inhabitants of Portland, Oregon
1900.331 The Chinese Renaissance In Idaho Penson 2/6/72 The Idaho Statesman
1900.332 Chin Han and The Chinese School of Seattle Rowland
1900.333 Contributions of the Chinese to the United States Wong
1900.334 Correspondence from Vaughan Brown to Nora B. Cummins 10/1/30
1900.335 Correspondence with Madame Chiang Kai - shek 4/22/75 Kuo Ming Tang
1900.336 Excerpts from "Golden Tassels: A History of the Chinese In Washington Chin
1900.337 Article Article puts a spotlight on smuggling Chinese into the US through shipping containers. Includes the history of Chinese immigration, anti-Chinese issues, and the rise of smuggling immigrants into the US. Immigrants take ever-more perilous routes to America Paton, Dean Jan. 25, 2000 The Christian Science Monitor
1900.338 Living Pioneers of Washington Meany
1900.339 Article A dramatized account of social, political, and revolutionary groups in San Francisco's Chinatown in the late 1960's. It addresses the growth of Chinese gangs, problems in education, and rifts between American and foreign born Chinese. The New Yellow Peril Wolfe, Tom December 1, 196 Esquire
1900.340 Organizations: Friends of China 2/27/56 Time
1900.341 Origin of Chinese American Family Names Traced Louie 6/4/88
1900.342 Zee Tai Company Port Townsend's Pioneer Chinese Merchants Willson, Maragret and Jeff MacDonald Winter 1983 Landmarks
1900.343 Reaction is Sharp and Divided in Seattle's Chinese Community Vandermyne 12/17/1978 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.344 Red Guard on Grant Avenue Lyman April, 1970 Transaction
1900.345 Remembering Seattle's Pioneer Chinese Reddin 2/11/1971 Seattle Times
1900.346 Scrapbook Chinn 1940's
1900.347 Scrapbook # 2 Chinn 1950's - 60's
1900.348 Article How Chinese Americans have shaped Seattle since they started immigrating to the city. Sojourners, Immigrants and Ethnics: The Saga of the Chinese in Seattle Lee, Douglas W. Summer 1981 Portage
1900.349 Excerpts from "Straw Hats, Sandals and Steel" Hildebrand 1977 Straw Hats, Sandals and Steel
1900.350 Tacoma's Chinese Tunnels Harrison Sum 1986 The Washboard
1900.3500 Article Written in Sorrow: Thoughts of the interned children Rebekah Denn January 9, 2002 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3501 Article Museums Salute Veterans Sean Robinson May 31, 1999 SoundLife
1900.3503 article A Different Battle May 25, 1999 Soy Source
1900.3504 Article WLM receives a huge grant from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund. Wing Luke receives big grant to expand its reach Feb 23-March 1, The Asian Reporter
1900.3505 Article Veterans in the spotlight May 29, 1999 The Seattle Times
1900.3506 Article Memorial Day Activities May 31, 1999 The Seattle Times
1900.3507 article Memorial Day Activities May 30, 1999 The Seattle Times
1900.3508 article Japanese American named U.S. Army Chief of Staff 1999 International Examiner
1900.3509 article Grandmother/granddaughter story: a recipe for delight Leroy Chin 1999 International Examiner
1900.351 Was There Really a Chinese Tunnel Rorden 9/8/1974 Tacoma News Tribune
1900.3510 article A Different Battle: Stories of Asian-Pacific American Veterans Paula Bock June 13, 1999 The Seattle Times
1900.3511 Article Celebrating the awarding of a grant from the Lila Wallace-Readers' Digest Foundation. Wing Luke's Wing-Ding Giudici, Carey C.
1900.3512 article Divided Destiny; A Loving Reminder of our Ancestors and Parents Chizu Omori April 7-21, 199 International Examiner
1900.3513 Article Forgotten Heroes Resurrected Miki Suetsugu July 9-15, 1999 The North American Post
1900.3514 article Pete Sua Michael Park June 13, 1999 The Seattle Times
1900.3515 Article Victorino "Victor" Ovena Paula Bock June 13, 1999 The Seattle times
1900.3516 article Greens and Blues Melissa Lin Oct 21- Nov 4, International Examiner
1900.3517 article Your Vote Could Make the Difference Lisa Charlie Ritts Oct 21- Nov 4, International examiner
1900.3518 article Lost in Chinatown Jeff Wenger Oct 21- Nov 4, International Examiner
1900.3519 article Bellwether Bill Wong Oct 21- Nov 4, International Examiner
1900.3520 articles The Beach of Lost Souls Liza Javier Oct 21 - Nov 4, International Examiner
1900.3521 article An ad for the "Golden Roots- Korean Americans in Washinton State" was posted in the Arts section of the October 21- November 4, 1998 edition of International Examiner. Golden Roots Oct 21- Nov 4, International Examiner
1900.3522 article A Dual Pioneer in Golf Ray C. Lam Oct 21- Nov 4, International Examiner
1900.3523 article Lorenzo "Larry" Silvestre Jose Velasquez June 13, 1999 The Seattle Times
1900.3524 article Lesson Unlearned Douglas Spangle September 2, 20 The Asian reporter
1900.3525 article Civic leader, lawyer acquitted in 1942 of U.S. spy charges Jonathan Martin August 6, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.3526 article A Testament of Survival for JapaneseAmericans Beth Kaiman June 27, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.3527 article Bound for an American way of life Marc Ramirez July 8, 2003 The Seatle Times
1900.3528 article True to their values True to their school True to their friendship Sherry Stripling May 5, 2002 The Seattle Times
1900.3529 article Musicians Commemorate Singing of Japanese Internment Order Melinda Bargreen February 16, 20 The Seattle Times
1900.353 After the Gold Rush Rohe Montana: Magazine of Western History
1900.3530 article Through Our Eyes Kang, Seung April 2000
1900.3531 article Review of " Divided Destiny: A History of Japanese Americans in Seattle" Tetsuden Kashima 1999 University of Washington Press
1900.3532 Article Wing Luke Asian Museum received a $600,000 from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund. Wing Luke Receives Largest Grant in Museum's History Brown, Carol Feb 3-17, 1999 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3533 article Korean Daughter Honors Heritage Julie Lee May 8-14, 1999 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.3534 article Asian Pacific Heritage Month: Our All-American Celebration Ron Chew May19-June 1, 1 International Examiner
1900.3535 article An American Story: The History of Chinese Immigrants Sian Wu May 21- June 3, International Examiner
1900.3536 article
1900.3537 Article The photo exhibition "Executive Order 9066" features photos by Dorothea Lange. The exhibit will be on display at Bainbridge Island with accompanying community programs, which include film screenings of "Visible Target" and Emi of Bainbridge" and a reception with Walt and Mildred Woodward. Photos tell story of Japanese Internment November 1986 Northwest Ethnic News
1900.3538 article What is Chinese in America? Polo March 18, 2003 The Asian Reporter
1900.354 Agbayani Village: A Home For Retired Farmworkers Lopez July, 1977 International Examiner
1900.3540 article A Review of the book "Beacon Hill Boys" by Ken Mochizuki Everyday Heroism Bridges, Josephine February 18, 20 The Asian Reporter
1900.3547 Article Review of the Wing Luke Asian Museum's book, Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans: The First 100 Years Holding on to a legacy Sato, Dan August 17, 1994 International Examiner
1900.3548 article The Story of Seattle's Early Chinese Americans Jane W. Nelson Sept 28, 1994 Mercer Island Reporter
1900.3549 article Review of "Reflections of Seattle'sChinese Americans: The First 100 Years" Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans Maier, Scott August 29, 1994 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.355 Alaskan Cannery Workers: 'No Easy life for An Alaskero' Tayag 8/15/1978 Ang Katipunan
1900.3550 article Chinese In New York April 18, 1999 The New York Times
1900.3551 Article Article From "Chinese America: History Perspectives 2000". Ron Chew tells the history of the Museum and how far it has come. The Wing Luke Asian Museum: Gathering Asian American Stories Chew, Ron 2000 Chinese Historical Society of America
1900.3552 media release Chinese American History The Legacy Lives On Katie Tupper
1900.3553 article Head-scarf Furor Covers A Deeper Issue Matthew Schofield March 7, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3554 article Bush Immigration Proposal a Flop Ron Hutcheson March 6, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3555 Article A girl from a small village in Kenya gets the courage and backing from her village to go to a US college. Making her case: Village backs Kenyan girl's goal: Attend U.S. college Argetsinger, Amy March 8, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3556 article Kenyan Defies tradition for Education Amy Argetsinger March 7, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3557 article Foreigners are taking jobs of Americans. Don't Blame 'Them' for Taking 'Our' Jobs Plate, Tom March 17, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3558 article Tribes Flex Growing Muscle at Ballot Box Lewis Kamb March 9, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3559 article In New Orleans, Vietnamese Refugees Find a Little Peace Bragg, Rick October 2, 2000 The New York Times
1900.356 Cannery Workers Union Emerges from War Years and McCarthy Era Viernes July, 1977 International Examiner
1900.3560 article Deck Stacked Against Asians Sam Skolnik Feb 24, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3561 article Chinese-born Composer Credits Move to U.S. for Her Success R.M. Campbell March 12, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3562 article Melancholy of Nostalgia, through a Dissident's Eyes John Freeman March 7, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3563 article 'Idol' Reject Idolized By Web Fans Michelle Locke Feb 23, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3564 article Official Vietnamese Flag Provokes Protests, Pain Tan Vinh Feb 23, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3565 article Holding Her Own Ringer, Sandy The Seattle Times
1900.3566 Article The Smithsonian Intitution exhibit "Through My Father's Eyes" was displayed at the Wing Luke Museum. The exhibit displays the photos taken by Californian (and Filipino American) Ricardo Alvarado, who took pictures of Filipino Americans in California. The Museum also added pictures of Seattle Filipino Americans. Includes interviews with Alvarado's daughter and Dorothy Cordova. Filipinos who paved the way: Two photo exhibits chronicle an immigrant community Broom, Jack December 14, 20 The Seattle Times
1900.3567 article Foundation Helps Those of Mixed Race John Iwasaki March 20, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3568 article Massive Monkees Put Seattle On the B-Boy Map Regina Hackett February 13, 20 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3569 article Capitol Hill remix: New venues recharge club scene Tom Scanlon Feb 27, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.357 The 'China Gangs' in the Alaska Packers Association Canneries Nash 7/10/1975 Chinese Historical Association
1900.3570 article Sikh athletes trade wickets for buckets Mike Vlahovich Feb 17, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3571 article Jerome "Jeromeskee" Aparis, a member of Seattle b-boy hip-hop group Massive Monkees, performs at Caterarts At the Lakeside during a celebration party Wednesday. Aparis was one of four members sent t London for an international competition, and the boys returned with a second-place in the two-man category and a first in four-man competition. Dancing on a Hip-Hop Throne Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3572 Article On the 2nd edition of Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans. Oral history project book reissued after ten years Feb 18-March 2, International Examiner
1900.3573 article Goodbye To Perry Ko's Ramirez, Marc Feb 1, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3574 article Never Underestimate customer's 'bad' taste Chang, Young Feb 3, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3575 article Behind the Scenes Bright Sheng's 'The Phoenix' Melinda Bargreen Feb 1, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3578 article No Shifty Move: Ichiro Will Stay in Leadoff Spot Bob Sherwin March 29, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3579 article After Legal Missteps, Apologize to Capt. Yee March 29, 2004 Seattle Times
1900.358 Chinaman Waits 20 Years Clifford 3/17/1926 World
1900.3580 article Bainbridge Island Site Eyed for Waterfront Park, Memorial Tan Ving March 30, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3581 article SAM's provocative new photo exhibit probes questions of race and identity. Who are You? Beason,Tyrone March 25, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3582 Article Article contains an ad for the musem. Cultural Crossroads Brad Broberg December 2003 Alaska Airlines
1900.3583 article Wie Just One Shot Away Associated Press January 17, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3584 article Wie Misses Cut By a Wee Stroke in Sony Open Seattle Times News Services January 17, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.3585 Article Naming the new community center in the Chinatown/International District. Looking at the name of Chinatown/International District and the controversies behind it. Identity Crisis Shin, Yong-Woong February 2004 ColorsNW Inc.
1900.3586 article Museums exhibit growing pains Tice, Carol Feb 5, 2004 Puget Sound Business Journal
1900.3587 article Blood Donations More Diverse Julie Davidow Feb 19, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3589 article Army has some nerve making accusations Suzanne Oelke March 23, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.359 Chinese Laborers Story 5/18/69 World
1900.3590 article Amend I-200, Affirm Affirmative Action January 25, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.3591 article Race and Ethnicity: Unequal treatment was fairly rejected Paul Guppy January 26, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.3592 article Proportion in good measure Stefan Sharkansky January 26, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.3593 article Abandoned baby leads 'Tokyo Godfathers' on a heartwarming odyssey Sean Axmaker January 23, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3594 article Japanese Story Jan 28- Feb 3, Seattle Weekly
1900.3595 article Hello, Totoro and Japanese Culture Doree Armstrong January 23, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3596 article Fearless Around the Fairways John Boyle March 23, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3597 article Phillip Chu, center, grimaces as he and fellow members of the Seattle Kung-Fu Tai Chi Association carry a "jong", a heavy pedestal used in Lion Dance performances, back to their school yesterday after performing in a Chinese New Year celebration in Seattle's Chinatown International District. This is the year of the monkey. According to tradition, children born this year will be intelligent and well-liked by all. Hard work is part of their 'jong' and dance January 26, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.3598 article Preparing for New Year Blast January 25, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.3599 article Yee reprimanded for two infractions The associated press March 23, 2004 The Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3600 article Army chaplain reprimanded on adultery, porn charges Will Dunham March 23, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.3601 article Denial of Lawyer Sparks Suit Chris McGann March 23, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3602 article For first time, immigrants get a voice John Iwasaki January 24, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.3603 article Apologists for one side will never solve anything Ziyad Zaitoun January 25, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
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