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Wing Luke Museum
1900.1073 In the Realm of the Senses: The Works of Mel Chin 1998
1900.1074 Good Dip was without doubt the area'smost prominent Chinese of his generation. Served as Chinese govenment's Consul in Seattle, provided labor for the fish canneries, started a hemstitch imdustry in Portland, Oregon, and owned or was director of a number of mining and investment companies. Goon Dip: Entrepreneur, Diplomat and Community Leader Jue, Willard G. 1984 Annals Chinese History Society of the Pac. NW
1900.1075 Alaskan Nikkei Suguro February 1993 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1076 Brief biography of Patricia Akiyama, Senator Patty Murray's newly appointed press secretary. Patricia Akiyama: Nikkei Named Press Secretary to Sen. Murray Mochizuki, Ken February 1993 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1077 Olympic preview of figure skaters, 1992 The Jewel of the Winter Games DeFord, Frank February 10, 19 Newsweek
1900.1078 Internees returned to live in the Japanese Language School in the International District because they were unable to find housing in 1945 A Bittersweet Journey Back To Their Past Eng, Lily October 27, 199 Seattle Times
1900.1079 Stories on CD by Maxine Hong Kingston and Brenda Wong Aoki New Japanese Ghost Stories on CD Blauvelt December 17, 19 International Examiner
1900.108 Article A tour around the Chinatown/Internatonal District. Includes history, interesting facts, and highlights of places. Inside Chinatown Larsen, Katrine June 2003 Where Magazine
1900.108.001 'East' - A Pleasant Surprise Blauvelt 10/18/89 International Examiner
1900.1080 Poet Garrett Hongo author of "Yellow River" and "Volcano Journal" "Explosive" Poet Reads At Whitman College Bunnell December 1992 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1081 Article Review of the film "Indochine" about a young Vietnamese girl navigating between her French adoptive mother, her white male lover, and her increasing role in the fight for Vietnamese independence in 1930. Indochine - A Frenchman's Look at French Indochina Jung, Soya December 16, 19 International Examiner
1900.1082 Art professor at the University of Washington and pioneer Filpino - American artist Artist Val Laigo Passes Away Howe, Danny Akiyama December 16, 19 International Examiner
1900.1085 Article Article featuring a review of the WLM exhibit, "Beyond the Rock Garden: Craft Forms for a New World." Includes how the Museum has been supported by the community, both financially and physically. Wing Luke Asian Museum: Culture and Community Glowen, Ron August 1996 Art Access
1900.1086 La Grande Ranger District Wallawa - Whitman National Forest report on archaeological site 6-36-27/1 now labeled Two Dragon Camp. Heritage Program Report: A Chinese Settlement in the Camp Carson Mining Area, Union County Oregon Mead January 1993 Report
1900.1087 Article Crosscurrents UCLA Asian American Studies Center Summer 1992 UCLA Asian American Studies Center Resource Development and Publications
1900.1088 Seattle Chinese Business Directory 1986 - 1987 Seattle Chinese Post 1986 - 1987 Directory
1900.1089 Chinese immigrant to Hawaii Ah Dai Comes To Hawaii Law, trans. 1975 Book
1900.109 Article A ceremony marks the beginning of the development of the Wing Luke Memorial Museum. Wing Luke Memorial Museum Is Started May 16, 1967 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.109.001 Lion Dance, Seattle Chinese Community Drill Team Lion Dance Team Practices for New Year Wong , Dean 2/6/91 International Examiner
1900.1090 The Oakland Museum catalogue of their exhibit "Three Generations of Chinese". Three Generations of Chinese - East and West Sun 1973 Exhibition Catalogue
1900.1091 A Slice of Rice 1993 Flyer
1900.1092 Why were miners and railroad workers out of the evacuation area fired? Did U.S. Gov't or Military Order the Dismissal? Weglyn July 4 - 17, 19 Paific Citizen
1900.1093 Article Tour of Chinatown/International District Venture no Farther Than The International District For a Sampling of Asia Anderson, Hilda November 6, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1094 Article Several museums interested in moving into Union Station, including Wing Luke Museum, the Burke Museum, the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), and the Washington State Historical Society. Union Station may become museum's new home Wong, Dean March 5, 1996 International Examiner
1900.1095 Article WLAM is looking to fund their Pioneer Asian American Artist exhibit. Asian American artist support October 21, 199 Artweek
1900.1096 Article Featuring the Wing Luke Asian Museum's exhibit "They Painted from Their Hearts: Pioneer Asian American Artists." Focuses on the artists that contributed to the exhibit. East meets Northwest at the Wing Luke Hackett, Regina September 8, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1097 Article Review of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Out of Focus." Includes a look at racial discrimination in relation to the exhibit. "Out of Focus": Wing Luke Provides Clear Look at Strereotyping Luna, Deni Dec. 30-Jan. 30 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1098 Article Review of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Out of Focus." Includes a brief look at the exhibit, the people who worked on it, the exhibit's programs, and the sponsors. Additionally, there is a brief mention of the Museum's New Year exhibit "Asian New Year Traditions." Wing Luke Asian Museum opens two new exhibits Kim, Peter D. January 3-16, 1 International Examiner
1900.1099 Article Review of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Out of Focus - Media Stereotypes of Asian Pacific Americans." Includes highlights of some of the pieces and who was behind the exhibit. Exhibit defies the power of stereotypes Bustillo, Miebeth R. March 6-19, 199 International Examiner
1900.110 Article All In the Family Barbieri, Heather Doran 9/1990 Pacific Northwest
1900.110.001 Lion Dance, Sonny Kwan The Last Lion Dance? Wong 11/15/80 International Examiner
1900.1100 Article Review of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Out of Focus." Includes a look at some of the objects and the history of Asian American racial discrimination. 'Where are you really from?' Holdcroft, Leslie January 19, 199 Valley Daily News
1900.1101 Article A review of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Out of Focus." Includes a look at the examples of the steretypes and the history of Asian American racial discrimination. Twisted Visions: From villain to plaything to servant, exhibit catalogs litany of Asian American stereotypes Ho, Vanessa January 18, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1102 Article A review of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Out of Focus." Includes taking a look at the issue of racial discrimination in the media. Fu Manchu's legacy Hahn, Sumi February 7, 199 Seattle Weekly
1900.1103 Article A review of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Out of Focus." Includes quotes from members of the Asian American community on Asian American racial discrimination. Asian stereotyping: Out of focus, out of time, out of line... Honda, Harry K. March 1-14, 199 Pacific Citizen
1900.1104 "Twenty years After the Fall of Saigon" Out of Vietnam De Leon, Ferdinand April 28, 1995 Seattle Times
1900.1105 "Twenty years After the Fall of Saigon" Vietnamese Tell Post-War Story Emanuel, Ann January 18, 199 the Times-News
1900.1107 "The First 100 Years: Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans Exhibit is Testimony to Struggle, Triumph of City's Chinese Americans Bouillon,Donna Harui March 12, 1994 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1108 Article The Wing Luke Museum's oral history project "The First 100 Years: Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans." Includes interviews with Project Coordinator John Pai and staffer Cassie Chinn. Chinese oral history exhibit links present, past generations Del Rosario, Carina A. March 16-April International Examiner
1900.1109 Article Article on Wing Luke Museum's oral history project on Chinese Americans. Listening In: Chinese Americans pass on their untold stories in Wing Luke Museum's oral history project Iritani, Evelyn January 27, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.111 Article Shades of the Divine Farr, Sheila 6/12/2003
1900.111.001 Chinese American History, Immigration, Literature The Folksongs of the Early Chinese Immigrants Hai - Jew 10/5/88 International Examiner
1900.1110 Kong Yick's History Subject of Video Project Wong, Dean January 3 - 16, International Examiner
1900.1111 A Gathering of Heros: Nisei Vets and Holocaust Survivors Meet Watanabe November 15 - D International Examiner
1900.1112 Executive Order 9066 'Important to Know It Happened' Moy July 25, 1991 Seattle Times
1900.1113 Article A review of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Executive Order 9066: 50 Years Before and 50 Years After." The exhibit includes photos, furniture, and art from the Japanese American Internment. Internment exhibit is a stunner Ament, Deloris Tarzan February 20, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.1114 Executive Order 9066 WLAM Norris Spring 1992 Arterial
1900.1115 Article The beliefs that Chinese follow in Hong Kong. Includes a look at fung shui, having your fortune told by exploring your head, face, hands, or zodiac sign, and the Chinese almanac. For guidance in their daily lives, the Chinese rely on celestial wisdom
1900.1116 Asian American soldiers and the Asian wars they fought in. Film Review Jew, Doris J. Jew November 6 - 19 International Examiner
1900.1117 Article Wing Luke Asian Museum's exhibit "Woven Legacies: Following Clothing from East Asia to Seattle" featuring clothing from the Museum's collection and from local families. Wing Luke Asian Museum features collection treasures September 4-17, International Examiner
1900.1118 Article Wing Luke Asian Museum's exhibit "Welcoming the New: Celebrating Asian New year in America" featuring Hmong, Cambodia, Asian Indian and Chinese. Welcoming the New: Wing Luke exhibit shows the rich Asian celebrations of the new year January 24, 199 The Seattle Times
1900.1119 Article Chiune Sugihara, Japanese Consul to Lithuania helped Jews get visas to leave Europe. Includes history of a local couple he saved. Defiance and deliverance De Leon, Ferdinand M. October 22, 199 The Seattle Times
1900.112 Article Leaders try to dispel rumors Frey, Christine 6/5/2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.112.001 Article The seventh annual Pig Roast. First started by Uncle Bob Santos, it is now a community party. Includes history of the Roast and how it's brought the neighborhood together. We gather together... International District unites as the piggy turns Hahn, Jon July 24, 1997 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1120 Article 2 articles: Sugihara's List - How Hiroki Sugihara, Japanese consul, saved thousands of Jews during World War II by issuing them visas to leave Lithuania. Area family recalls lifesaving actions of Japanese consul - A Jewish couple, Lydia and Stefan Golston, survived because of Sugihara giving them visas. Sugihara's List Abe, Debby October 7, 1997 The News Tribune
1900.1121 It's in the Retelling of Our History that We Find the Heroes Cassidy March 5, 1994 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1122 Article Highlights Ron Chew, then director of the Wing Luke for the work he has done with the museum and his National Award for Museum Service. Top Achievers of 1995: The Best of Puget Sound January 1, 1996 Seattle Times
1900.1123 Article A call for art for the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "PI (Made in America): Filipino American Artists in the Pacific Northwest. Wing Luke to showcase Pinoy artists December 9-15, The Asian Reporter
1900.1124 Article Follows Charlene Mano on a tour of the Museum. Touring Our Asian Heritage Wong, Dean May 1-14, 1996 International Examiner
1900.1125 Article A look at the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "One Song, Many Voices," which features all types of ethnicities within the Asian American community. Asians emerge from the shadows Abe, Debby May 9, 1993 The Herald
1900.1126 Article Ron Chew gives University of Washington students a tour of the Chinatown/International District. The students will conduct oral histories of residents in the neigborhood to include in the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "One Song, Many Voices." Includes how the neighborhood has changed over the years. Living history: Students get opportunity to connect their future to this collective past Cronin, Mary Elizabeth May 3, 1993 The Seattle Times
1900.1127 Clothing designer Josie Natori Josie Natori November 1991 Working Woman
1900.1128 The program for a roast of Bob Santos. Includes a very brief tribute and list of roasters as well as a summary of the work of the Northwest Labor and Employment Law Office (LELO). The Bob Santos Roast and Spaghetti Buffet 1991 Program
1900.1129 Northwest Asian American Theatre presents a Philip Kan Gotanda and Marc Hayashi musical A Song For a Nisei Fisherman Gotanda, Philip Kan 1991 Flyer
1900.113 Program Asian Heritage Month 1998 Events Asian Heritage Month 5/1998
1900.113.001 Emerald City Philharmonic James Mihara: Giving Birth to an Orchestra Lau 4/17/91 International Examinier
1900.1131 Bharti Kirchner's first novel "Shiva Dancing" Review. In Life and in Art Fry March 15, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.1132 Writings by Ezra Vogel, Michael Oksenberg, Carl Riskin and Robert A. Scalapino The Cultural Revolution 1967 in Review 1968 Michigan Papers in Chinese Studies No. 2
1900.1133 Paliamentary resolution on Japan's role in WWII . Instead of shazaai which mean apology, the term used in the proposed resolution is hansei meaning sould-searhing or reflection. Not really an apology. Soul Searching Not Apology: Japan to Approve WWII Resolution June 8, 1995 Seattle Times
1900.1134 Article The author gathers quotes from various stakeholders on whether an apology from the US government for slavery will produce any positive results. The article includes a sidebar that details other instances of apologies and reparations, including the US government's for the Japanese Internment. Americans argue whether apology would heal wounds Enda, Jodi June 26, 1997
1900.1135 Transcript Augie Takatsuka talks about growing up on Vashon Island, racial discrimination, and his experiences as part of the 442nd Division in WW II. Oral History Interview with Augie Takatsuka: Vashon Island, Washington Joseph, JonLee April 1999
1900.1136 Chinese booklet on traditional Chinese kites from the China National Industrial Products Corp., Tientsin Arts and crafts Branch Kite Booklet
1900.1137 Tongass Historical Society Museum and Ketchikan Totem Heritage Center Tongass Historical Society Museum Brochure
1900.1139 The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies 1994 Newsletter 1994 Brochure
1900.114 Article A look at the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "It's Like That: Asian Pacific Americans and the Seattle Hip-Hop Scene." Includes interviews with curator George Quibuyan, Darvin and Hoven Vida, and Nestor Rodriguez. Hip-Hop, Asian style Hackett, Regina July 5, 2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.114.001 Friends Recall: The Glory That Was Once Nippon Kan's 10/17/84 International Examinier
1900.1140 Sports stadium threatens Washington DC's Chinatown. The Last Days of Chinatown Fisher January 29, 199 The Washington Post
1900.1141 Association of King County Historical Organizations Newsletter Heritage News, Vol. 3, No. 4 AKCHO December 1997 Newsletter
1900.1142 Article Crosscurrents UCLA Asian American Studies Center Fall/Winter 199 UCLA Asian American Studies Center Resource Development and Publications
1900.1143 Article In Chinese. This is the part of a series on the Chinese in Seattle. 1889 - 1925, The Birth of Chinatown and 1925 - 1935, The Difficult and Hard Period. Photos of Chin Key, Dan Woo's maternal Grandfather, Ma Dong, builder of the Hong Kong Restaurant, and Woo Bing, Dan Woo's grandfather. The History of the Chinese in Seattle (III) 1889 - 1925 and 1925 - 1935 Li, Wei-ing February 13-19, Seattle Chinese Post
1900.1144 Villagers tell of Japan's Germ Warfare in China Kimura, Shigeyoshi June 14, 1996 Seattle Times
1900.1145 Article During WW II, American POW's died as victims of Japanese medical experiments. After the war, 23 Japanese people were found guilty of charges including vivisection and wrongful removal of body parts. Grisly WW II Fact: Japanese Dissected American POW's Alive Easton, Thomas June 4, 1995 Seattle Times
1900.1146 Newsletter Undersea Quarterly Periodical
1900.1148 Historic Seattle Historic Seattle Fall 1997, Summ Periodical
1900.1149 The Influence of American Television on Social Stereotypes and Values of Americans and Its Cultural Impact on Youths in the Republic of Singapore Chong August 1989 Thesis
1900.115.001 Adoption, korean American, Korean Identity Development Society, PO Box 60102, Seattle, WA. 98160 - 0102 Korean Adoption - You Are Always A Part of Your History Mullen 5/15/91 International Examinier
1900.1150 Article Article: Anthony Chan's opinion of the Chinatown/International District. He writes that the District is "sleazy" and the restaurants have "bad Chinese food." Letter: From Bob Santos that points out the wrong facts that Chan had stated, and explains the improvement of the District. Seattle's Asiantown Like Any Other Chan, Anthony October 18, 199 Asian Week
1900.1151 Asian American Audiences and Public Broadcasting Hur, K Kyoon March 1982 Office of Communication Research Corporation for Public Broadcasting
1900.1152 Members of the Tsutakawa family The Tsutakawa Legacy Ingle August 7 -13, 1 The Weekley
1900.1153 Lifetime achievement award for George Tsutakawa. Mentioned in this annual report. Japanese American Citizens League 1996 Annual Report Pacific Citizen December 1997 Pacific Citizen
1900.1154 Countertenor Brian Asawa The Next Thing You Know, Countertenors Could Be Stars Kozinn July 17, 1994 New York Times
1900.1155 Invitation to Bellevue Art Museum Show , a 60-year retrospective. Eternal Laughter: A Sixty Year Retrospective by George Tsutakawa 1990 Invitation
1900.1156 Letter asking for support of HR 1172/ S 1037 the Justice for Wards Cove Workers Act to allow the Wards Cove vs. Antonio case to go to court. Includes supplemental materials. Justice for Wards Cove Workers Committee Sako, Melanie June 17, 1994 Letter and accompanying articles
1900.1157 FAX: First Profile of AsianPacific Americans in U.S. Economy Reveals Pockets of Prosperity, Poverty. Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. May 18, 1994 FAX
1900.1158 Article Asians Terrorized in Housing Projects Chin, Steven January 17, 199 San Francisco Examiner
1900.1159 Asian Pacific American Democrats Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month May 17, 1994
1900.116 Report The Tuskegee Army Air Corps: As Remembered by Officer R.J. Webb Webb, Bob 4/3/1996
1900.116.001 Filipino Youth Drill Team: An Affirmation That We Have Family Hayashi, Sumi 10/17/84 International Examinier
1900.1160 Article The biography of Chiune Sugihara Envoy's Pen Saves Lives, Costs Future Watanabe, Teresa March 20, 1994 L.A. Times
1900.1161 Asian Pacific Caucus May 22, 1994 Washington Post
1900.1162 Housing in Metropolitan Areas - Asian or Pacific Islander Households Bureau of the Census April 1995 Report
1900.1163 Article Profiles Gary Locke and his potential to be a representative Asian American politician. During his campaign, he played to his immgrant family history, Chinese work ethic, and the stereotype of Asian American virtue. Locke Step Liu, Eric 1994 Washington Post Magazine
1900.1164 Getting Political Creamer, Beverly November 27, 19 The Honolulu Advertiser
1900.1165 A professor at the University of Hawaii is embroiled in controversy when she a suggested a Caucasian male should leave. She is facing censure and/or dismissal and many see the issue as one of freedom of speech. Trask Words Whip Free - Speech Whirl Manuel, Susan Star - Bulletin
1900.1166 Play based on the experiences of Minoru Yasui Unvanquished: A Play based on the story of Minoru Yasui Program
1900.1167 The Wash Gotanda, Philip Kan 1990 Program
1900.1168 Program NAATA Tenth Anniversary National Asian American Telecommunications Association November 15, 19 National Asian American Telecommunications Association
1900.1169 Asian Pacific Islander American Candidates election results 1994 1994 Democratic National Committee
1900.117 Article Prisoner of Khmer Rouge resurfaces, aims to testify Decherd, Chris 3/30/2003 Seattle Times
1900.117.001 film based on the Bon Dainagon Scroll c. 1175, Produced by the Audio Visual Center, Indiana University. Conspiracy In Kyoto: An Art Film 1/1/53 Flyer
1900.1170 The Hawaii Herald, Vol. 13, No. 14 July 17, 1992
1900.1171 Article Civil Rights Issues Facing Asian Americans in the 1990's United States Commission on Civil Rights February 1992 U.S. Government Printing Office
1900.1172 Reforming Japan Japan Views Quarterly, Vol. II, No. 3 The Asia Foundation Autumn 1993 Periodical
1900.1173 Women, Career, Sex and Family Japan Views Quarterly, Vol. II, No. 2 The Asia Foundation Summer 1993 Periodical
1900.1174 Foreign Aid: help or hinderance? Japan Views Quarterly, Vol. II, No. 1 The Asia Foundation Spring 1993 Periodical
1900.1175 Japan Views Quarterly, Vol. IV, No. 4 The Asia Foundation April 1994 Periodical
1900.1176 Japan Views Quarterly, Vol. IV, No. 3 The Asia Foundation March 1994 Periodical
1900.1177 Japan Views Quarterly, Vol. IV, No. 2 The Asia Foundation February 1994 Periodical
1900.1178 Japan Views Quarterly, Vol. IV, No. 1 The Asia Foundation January 1994 Periodical
1900.1179 Japan Views Quarterly, Vol. III, No. 12 The Asia Foundation December 1993 Periodical
1900.118 Article Title to go with hype Ferguson, Doug 6/23/2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.118.001 The Unexceptional Japanese Film: Are More Preferred in Japan than those that Intrigue the West Richie 7/1/55 Films in Review
1900.1180 Japan Views Quarterly, Vol. III, No. 11 The Asia Foundation November 1993 Periodical
1900.1181 Japan Views Quarterly, Vol. III, No. 10 The Asia Foundation October 1993
1900.1182 Japan Views Quarterly, Vol. III, No. 9 The Asia Foundation September 1993
1900.1183 Japan Views Quarterly, Vol. III, No. 8 The Asia Foundation August 1993 Periodical
1900.1185 Burke Museum exhibit publication Spirit of Korea: Folk Art of Korea 1979 Program
1900.1186 The origin of tradition, the making of the tradition, changes in the tradition, the road to modernization Korea's History Korean Overseas Information Service 1988 Booklet
1900.1187 A Sea of Religion, Language and Literature, The Arts Music and Dance, Film and Drama Korea's Cultural and Artistic Heritage Korean Overseas Information Service 1988 Booklet
1900.1189 Cantonese opera transcription in Chinese from the Luck Ngi Musical club for use in the exhibit "A Bridge Home" Muk Yu Book, Cantonese Opera Book Wah 1997 copy
1900.119 Article 2003 Spring High School All-Stars Seattle Post Intelligencer 6/12/2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.119.001 Exquisite New Films From Japan 11/15/54 Life
1900.1190 Musical groups for information about Asian American music and a list of historic Asian American musicians Contact List Historic List Wing Luke Asian Museum 1997 Exhibit, "A Bridge Home"
1900.1191 Index to three volumes of interviews, musician lists and relevant articles. Index to "A Bridge Home" exhibit's information Wing Luke Asian Museum 1997 Exhibit, "A Bridge Home"
1900.1192 Scrapbook of the history of "The Skyliners" by one of its members. "Presenting the Skyliners" a scrapbook Kubota 1997 Exhibit, "A Bridge Home"
1900.1193 Information on Asian and Asian American music by ethnic gorup. A Bridge Home Exhibit Vol. I, Music by Ethnic Group Wing Luke Asian Museum 1997 Exhibit, "A Bridge Home"
1900.1194 A Bridge Home Exhibit Vol. II, Articles on Musicians Wing Luke Asian Museum 1997 Exhibit, "A Bridge Home"
1900.1195 Interviews with Hanzaburo Araki, G, Fujii, I. Christian, Karla Cruz, Eyind Kang, Primo Kim, Daran Kravanh, Henry Louie, Nature Boyz, Yoshio Tomita, Sam Yee A Bridge Home Exhibit Vol. III, Transcribed Interviews Wing Luke Asian Museum 1997 Exhibit, "A Bridge Home"
1900.1196 Transcripts of the oral interviews Alaska's Japanese Pioneers: Faces, Voices, Stories, Oral History Transcripts Inouye 1994 Alaska's Japanese Pioneers Research Project Team
1900.1197 Clayton Chinn protests QFC's selling of racial product Asian Caracatures on "Oriental" Salad Dressing Spark Uproar, Protest Del Rosario Nov. 3 - 16, 19 International Examiner
1900.1198 Article Gary Locke wins election as King County Executive. Gary Locke is New King County Executive Del Rosario, Carina A Nov. 3 - 16, 19 International Examiner
1900.1199 Editorial/Opinion: Johnny's Fine Foods Shows Us Education is Still Badly Needed Nov. 3 - 16, 19 International Examiner
1900.120 Brochure Brochure advertising the ceremony to honor Medal of Honor recipients, W.K. Nakamura and J.K. Okubo who finally, after 50 years, received the honor.j United States Army Medal of Honor Citations Nisei Veterans Committee 2001
1900.120.001 Booklet Program guide to the Chinatown/International District's Summer Festival. Includes a tour of the many businesses of the CID and a list of performers and activities. 22nd Annual Chinatown/International District Summer Festival Official Program Guide July 12-13, 199 International Examiner
1900.1200 Book review of "Stubborn Twig" by Lauren Kessler Author Unveils Struggles, Triumphs of Nikkei Family in Book Del Rosario Nov. 3 - 16, 19 International Examiner
1900.1201 "Barkada Syndrome" from the KilUSAn Performing Arts Theatre Ensemble Musical Satire Spotlights Filipino Gangs Del Rosario Nov. 3 - 16, 19 International Examiner
1900.1202 Tanscription of diary written during WW II by a Japanese American Interned in the Minidoka Internment Camp in Hunt Idaho Tsuguo Ikeda's Minidoka Diary Ikeda 1941 - 45 Transcribed
1900.1203 Guide to posers of famous Asian Americans. 3 sets in the library. Additonal information in "The Role of Racial Minorities in the United States. " Asian American Image Posters Seattle Public Schools 1977 Seattle Public Schools
1900.1204 Colorful western map of Beijing with illustrations of western views of China in 1930's A Map and History of Peiping Dorn 1936
1900.1205 Glimpses of Chinese Inner Life A Cabin Passenger October 1857 New Family Magazine
1900.1206 Seafair Filipino American Community Festival August 1991 Program
1900.1207 Issues Vol. I, No,s: 2, 10, 11, 12; Vol. II, No.s 1, 3, 4, 8, 12; Vol. 3, No,s: 2, 3, 4; Vol. 1, 1970, No.s. 2, 3,4, 6, 7, 9, 10. Seattle Chinese Community Newsletter Mar, ed. 1961 - 1963 Newsletter
1900.121 Program Yellow Fever: The Internment Seattle Central Community College 2003
1900.121.001 Senator Offends Asian Americans Farragher, Thomas 7/11/97 Seattle Times
1900.1210 Article History of Judo in Washington and Oregon with oral histories, list of Nisei Veterans, glossary, bibliography. Getting a Grip: Judo in the Japanese American communities of Washington and Oregon: 1900 - 1950 Svinth, Joseph R. 1998 Manuscript 1998
1900.1212 Beyond Manzanar: A Personal View of Asian American Womanhood Houston 1978 Chapter
1900.1213 A set of 40 black and white posters of famous Asian Americans. The posters are in two sets on the oversize shelf. (Top) Asian American Image Posters 2 1977 Seattle Public Schools
1900.1214 Article Chapter 1 from "Asian-Americans: Social and Psychological Perspectives Volume II" Focuses on the history of Japanese American families from when they started immigrating to the United States to modern JA families. The Japanese American Family Kitano, Harry H. L. 1980 Science and Behavior Books, Inc.
1900.1215 A Concert of Chinese Classical Music Chinese Arts and Music Association 1996 Program
1900.1216 Set of 8 post cards with different color photos of ceramic pieces Ceramic Art of Japan Post Cards
1900.1217 Different Standards in Probes of Americans of Asian Descent Choe and Hubert Locke, Paul Schell, and Ron Sims Sept. 3, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.122 Article The Way of Bruce Lee Dizon, Kristin 6/26/2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.122.001 Presidents Initiative on Race Is Changing Minds Harder Than Changing U.S. Laws Enda, Jodi 7/15/97 Seattle Times
1900.1221 Very short article on Alan Lau and his art and poetry. Planet Northwest: Producing Fine Art and Poetry Aoki, Elizabeth January 21, 199 Seattle Times
1900.1222 Northwestern Washington State Publication: Issues: Aug 1998, Sept. 1 - 15, 1998, Asian Pacific Sentinel ASIAN PACIFIC SENTINEL
1900.1224 Japanese American internees and their families make a pilgimage to the 'No - no camp' where loyalty and patriotism meant different things to those who were there. Return to Tule Lake Eng July 12, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.1225 Taky Kimura remembers Bruce Lee Gone but not Forgotten Seven, Richard July 12, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.1226 After years of closure due to pollution, Puget Sound's shellfish operations are back in business. Profiles Jerry Yamashita's Western Oyster Co.. After years of closure due to pollution, Puget Sound's shellfish operations are back in business Anderson, Ross July 9, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.1227 Newsletter of the Hale Halawai O Hawai'I Resource Center, 605 S. Riverside Dr., Seattle, WA 98108 Hale Halawai O Hawai'I Spring 1997 Newsletter
1900.1228 Chinese Culture and Art Festival 1997 Flyer
1900.1229 New Music From Dancing Cat: Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar 1997 Brochure
1900.123 Article Family ties Leson, Nancy Seattle Times
1900.123.001 Pol Pot's Capture Revives Old Wounds Reang 7/7/97 Seattle Times
1900.1230 Flyer for the celebration of composer Jason Hwang's residency at the University Settlement House in New York Celebration of Jason Kao Hwang's Residency April 1998 Flyer
1900.1231 The Osgood File, Transcription Osgood Feb. 4, 1997 Transcript
1900.1232 Transcript Transcript of a radio broadcast by Dave Beck featuring the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "A Bridge Home: Music in the Lives of Asian Pacific Americans," which is about music and Asian Pacific Americans. Includes an interview with Byron Au Yong, the curator of the exhibit, and Alan Lau, the exhibit's curatorial advisor. KUOW Weekday Transcription June 4, 1997 KUOW
1900.1233 Transcript Transcript of a radio broadcast by Ingrid Lobet featuring the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "A Bridge Home: Music in the Lives of Asian Pacific Americans," which is about music and Asian Pacific Americans. Includes an interview with Byron Au Yong, the curator of the exhibit. KPLU 88.5 Radio Transcription August 21, 1997 KPLU
1900.1234 Asian Festivals of Washington State: Hmong New Year Brochure
1900.1235 Asian Festivals of Washington State: Diwali Indian Festival of Lights Brochure
1900.1236 Transcript of personal diary Tsuguo Ikeda's Wartime Diary Ikeda 1941 - 45 Diary
1900.1238 A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the United States Constitution Smithsonian Institution 1987 Copied Brochure
1900.1239 9066 50 years before and 50 years after Exhibition at the Wing Luke Asian Museum Artifacts of Internment Gelernter, Carey Quan Nov. 24, 1991 Seattle Times
1900.124 Article Bob Hikida ran shop that was focal point Green, Sara Jean 5/30/2003 Seattle Times
1900.124.001 Article The Korean Culture Camp is a five day program for Korean adoptee children to learn about Korean culture. Adoptees realize they are not alone: Camp brings together children from Korea Beason, Tyrone July 11, 1997 The Seattle Times
1900.1240 'My Dad Looks like Michael Gross' Mullen May 15, 1991 International Examiner
1900.1241 You Are Always a Part of Your History" Mullen May 15, 1991 International Examiner
1900.1242 The Difference is a Global Perspective Winfrey, B. R. May 15, 1991 International Examiner
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