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Wing Luke Museum
1900.6106 Article The Manzanar Free Press evolved into a four page printed paper after starting out as a mimeographed newspaper. Japs in California Publish Paper 08/02/42
1900.6107 Article A riot at the Santa Anita Assembly Center was put down after there was an assault on an evacuee suspected of being an informer. Army Quells Rioting At Jap Evacuee Camp 08/10/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6108 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer decried the complaints of Japanese Americans and said that they don't understand the anger and temper of the American people. Japanese Problem Dailey, Claude A. 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligerncer
1900.6109 Article Internees at the Puyallup Assembly Center were to be moved to the Minidoka Relocation Center in Idaho near Eden. A volunteer party of about 200 were to leave earlier to help set up the camp. Seattle Japs Will Shift To Idaho Center 08/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.611 Concerns of Asian American Women Task Force on Asian American Women June 1976 Report
1900.6110 Article Internees at the Puyallup Assembly Center were preparing to leave the place for a permanent camp in Idaho called the Minidoka Relocation Center. James Y. Sakamoto, former publisher of the Japanese American Courier and head of the self-government at the Puyalllup Center, said people would now be able to get their feet on the ground after the temporary quarters in Puyallup. Japs Begin Exodus At Puyallup Center Bermann, R.B. 08/10/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6111 Article Evacuation of the Puyallup Assembly Center began with an advance party of 200 leaving to help set up the Minidoka Relocation Center where the Puyallup Center evacuees will be moved to. Once the camp is readied, trainloads of 500 per day will leave for the Minidoka Center until all of the Puyallup Assembly Center is emptied. Evacuation Of Japs Begun At Puyallup Bermann, R.B. 08/10/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6112 Document A copy of a photograph shows a couple who are being parted temporarily while the husband leaves the Puyallup Assembly Center as part of the advance party while his wife remains to join him later. Honeymooners 08/10/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6113 Document A copy of a photograph shows Harry Yanagimachi and Dick Setsuda going over the list of names of the people who will be in the advance party that will go to the Minidoka Relocation Center to help set up the camp. Calling Roll Of Those Who Will Go To New Camp 08/10/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6114 Article A letter writer of Japanese descent wrote to the Seattle P-I asking for understanding of Japanese Americans since they were limited in what they could do but that they were doing their bit for the war effort. Japanese Problem Endo, Bob 08/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6115 Article Japanese Americans were leading a drive to get fellow Japanese Americans to donate to the Red Cross war fund's goal of $300,000 for Seattle/King County. American-Born Japanese Aid Red Cross Fund
1900.6116 Booklet Photocopy of the book "Circle of Friendship", which is about Asian Pacific American artists from Washington, D.C. Circle of Friendship: Asian Pacific American Artists Cross Cultural Heritage and the American Experience, A Cultural Education Project HIRO, ed. 1992 Asian American Arts and Media, Inc.
1900.6117 Report Chinese cash coins (wen) identification. Wen have been found all over the United States, especially in places where there were a high population of Chinese Americans. Includes pictures of wen. Chinese Wen - Cash Money Identification Kingsbury, Lawrence A. January 1995 US Department of Agriculture
1900.6118 Article The life of Chinese residents along King Street. Includes a focus on Florence Eng and her family history, and Goon Dip's history and legacy. Winding Down King Street Bock, Paula April 17, 1994 The Seattle Times
1900.6119 Article Tells how Gary Locke works in the House of Representatives. Includes a history of the Representative and his views on certain issues. Gary Locke: The Man Who Mistook His Life for the Legislature Moody, Fred February 27, 19 Seattle Weekly
1900.612 English for Your First Job: A Beginning Vocational ESL Textbok Prince 1981
1900.6120 Report List of Japanese Americans held at Fort Missoula's Department of Justice Alien Detention Camp during World War II. Partial list of names of Japanese men held at Fort Missoula's Department of Justice Alien Detention Camp 1941-1944 Sands, Diane Historical Museum at Fort Missoula
1900.613 Hearing Before the Committee on Governmental Affairs United States Senate Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians Act March 18, 1980 U.S.Government Printing Office
1900.614 Article Commission on Asian American Affairs Hayasaka, Lois Fall 1988 State of Washington, Commission on Asian American Affairs
1900.615 directory Resource directory. Asian Pacific Americans in Washington State Washington State Commission on Asian American Affairs 1988 Washington State Commission on Asian American Affairs
1900.616 Washington's Asian and Pacific American Studies: Today and Tomorrow March 16, 1979 Report
1900.617 Sponsored by the Washington State Commission on Asian American Affairs Office of the Governor A Report on a Conference of Delegates from Indochinese Associations in Washington State Matsudaira, Martin M September 24, 1 Commission on Asian American Affairs
1900.618 Washington State Asian Pacific American Organizations Resources Directory Commission on Asian American Affairs Feb. 1986
1900.619 An Analysis of Assertiveness and Self - Esteem of Asian/Pacific American Collage Students Haskins April 24, 1981 Paper
1900.620 Report The author suggests factoring in culture when counseling, especially when you counsel across cultures. Counseling Across Cultures: A Critique Lee, D. John July 1980 National Association for Asian and Pacific American Education
1900.6200 Article Chinese herbal doctor Clinic and store museum Chinese Doctor's Old West cures will stay lost without translation Cockle, Richard 2008 Oregonian
1900.621 Asian/Pacific American Men and Women Administrators Co - existing in Educational Leadership Washington Assc. for Asian and Pacific Am. Ed. June, 1980 Report
1900.622 Includes sections on education, employment, media images, cultural isolation, civil rights, immigration, health, housing, refugees, mental health, social services, children and youth, elderly, women Ten Years Later: A Public Hearing on the Issues Impacting Washington State's Asian Pacific Americans in the 1980's Wash. State Comm.on Asian American Affairs November 20, 19 Report
1900.623 Booklet A guide on multicultural instruction. Includes needs and goals, training school staff, and how to conduct multicultural instruction. Guide for Multicultural Education: Content and Context 1977 California State Department of Education
1900.624 Pamphlet Educational Concerns of Asian Americans Task Force on Education Dec. 6, 1974 Report
1900.625 Fifth East Coast Asian American Education Conference Entering the Mainstream! April 1984 Report
1900.626 Article Contains 14 resolutions with corresponding strategies for improving education for Asian Pacific Americans. Asian/Pacific American Education Agenda for the 1980's 1980 U.S. Dept. of Education
1900.627 1979 Washington State Asian and Pacific American Studies Symposium March 16, 1979 Program
1900.628 Asian and Pacific American Studies in the Northwest ; Strategies for the 1980's Kashima April 25, 1980 Paper
1900.629 The Second Annual Conference of the National Association for Asian and Pacific American Education Asian and Pacific American Perspectives on Educational Policy 1980 Program
1900.630 Article A National Conference by the National Association for Asian and Pacific American Education, APACS/US Office of Education, and the National Institute of Education. A folder that contains brochures, flyers, and articles on public education, conference schedule, higher education, bilingual education, and education statistics. Asian and Pacific American Education: Directions for the 1980's 1979
1900.631 Conference Report from Asian Pacific American Concerns Staff part of the Office of Education, U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Education Concerns of Asian and Pacific Americans 1978 Report
1900.632 Third Annual Conference of the National Association for Asian and Pacific American Education Education and Change 1981 Report
1900.633 Bibliography and Chinese New Year education activities. China: A Book of Activities Motomatsu June 1984
1900.634 Our Government (Chinese Version) DeCano II 1981 Asian American Bilingual Center
1900.635 Our Government (Korean Version) DeCano II 1981 Asian American Bilingual Center
1900.636 Report Paper presented at the National Conference of Social Welfare, San Francisco, California, May 13, 1975. Asian Americans Owan, Tom May 13, 1975 National Conference of Social Welfare
1900.637 Produced by State of Washington and the Asian American Cultural Heritage Program and Asian American Education Association. A Bibliography of Asian and Asian American Books for Elementary School Youngsters 1975
1900.638 Article The "Eight Pound Livelihood" is an exhibit on Chinese laundry workers, and was developed by the New York Chinatown History Project and the New York State Museum. Robert Glick and Paul Calhoun took 60 black-and-white photographs of New York's Chinatown and have displayed it as an exhibit. Both exhibits are to be displayed in the New York Public Library. Two exhibits on laundry workers and Chinatown open in New York December 7, 198 East/West
1900.639 Published by the Washington State Commission on Asian American Affairs Commission on Asian American Affairs Hayasaka, Lois E. 1976 Washington State Commission on Asian American Affairs
1900.640 Book Washington State Planning and Community Affairs Agency, presents changes and characteristics of nonwhite racial groups in Washington from 1870 - 1960. Nonwhite Races: State of Washington Schmid, Calvin F, Charles E. Nobbe, and Arlene E. Mitchell 1968 Washington State: Planning and Community Affairs Agency
1900.641 Pamphlet Building Our Own Chinese Nursing Home Society 1990 Chinese Nursing Home Society
1900.642 Article This bulletin summarizes the availability of immigrant numbers during July 1983. Immigrant Numbers for July 1983 U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consulate Affairs, Visa Office July 1983 Bureau of Cultural Affairs Bulletin
1900.643 Report of the Yakima Valley Asian American Task Force, Commission on Asian American Affairs. Rural Asian Americans: An Assessment Pascua, Jr, Reynaldo July 1976 State of Washington Commission on Asian American Affairs
1900.644 Deomonstratrin Project forAsian Americans, 1608 Jeffersaon Street, Seattle, WA. 98122 Quarterly Report: Demonstration Project for Asian Americans Kim September 1974 Report
1900.645 Article USC religion professor Donald Miller and freelance photographer Jerry Berndt have a new photography exhibit on religious activity in Los Angeles' immigrant communities, including several Asian American communities. To Live and Pray in L.A. Rourke, Mary January 23, 200 Los Angeles Times
1900.646 Department of Social and Health Services Report: Refugee Assistance Termination Study Wilson Feb. 1983 Report
1900.647 Office for Asian American Affairs Involvement in the Indochina Refugee Resettlement Program Cheung Jan. 1976 Program
1900.648 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, No. 1 Nov. 1979 Newsletter
1900.649 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, No. 2 Dec. 1979 Newsletter
1900.6499 Article Fire at the Louisa Hotel Lost and Found in Chinatown's Ashes Conklin, Ellis E. March 19, 2014 Seattle Weekly
1900.650 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, No. 3 Jan. 1980 Newsletter
1900.6500 Document Asian Pacific American Hertage preservation A Plan for the Protection of Asian Pacific American Heritage in King County, Washington Dubrow, Gail and Jennifer Meisner June 1995
1900.651 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, No. 5 March 1980 Newsletter
1900.652 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, No. 6 April 1980 Newsletter
1900.653 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, No. 7 May 1980 Newsletter
1900.654 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, No. 10 August 1980 Newsletter
1900.655 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, No. 11 Sept. 1980 Newsletter
1900.656 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy: Semi - Annual Report March 1, 1980 Report
1900.657 United Cambodian Community The Cambodian Tragedy Young Oct. 1979 Pamphlet
1900.658 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, No. 8 June 1980 Newsletter
1900.659 Indochinese Refugees Nurse Aide vocational Training Dreaney June 10, 1981 Report
1900.660 Refugee Hospitality/Culinary Arts Project Hidaka June 12, 1981 Report
1900.661 Interventions with a Single Parent Vietnamese Family Scott April 1981 Report
1900.662 Alternative Approaches to Refugee Resettlement Finnan March 15, 1981 Report
1900.663 Post Conference Report: First PAC Northwest Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Conference on Human Services and Social Actions Hom, George L. June 1974 Report
1900.664 Nhan Quyen Cua Ban Pamphlet
1900.665 Quyen Loi Cua Nguoi Bi Bat Luc Pamphlet
1900.666 Report: Special Refugee Employment Project Implementaion Report Turner August 1985 Report
1900.6666 Article Tsue Chong Company THE NONDESCRIPT little shop at Eighth Avenue South and South Weller Street is the factory store for the Tsue Chong Company, maker of Rose Brand Chinese noodles and fortune cookies. Fourth-generation proprietor Tim Louie explains the generations of loyal customers: ?We?ve been fortunate. We?ve been blessed. We have our niche. We have our legacy.? Tim?s great-grandfather, Gar Hip Louie, came to Seattle from a village near Toishan, in the Guangdong province of South China. He saw an opportunity ? there were plenty of Chinese restaurants, but no noodle factories. He used a hand-cranked machine to make noodles, then wrap them in newspaper and deliver them fresh. Tim?s grandfather, Fat Yuen Louie, took over when his father retired. He ran the business with his wife, Eng Shee, who added fortune cookies, and the company grew rapidly. About the time Tim started elementary school, Fat Yuen and Eng Shee Louie retired, and their sons, Tim?s father, Henry, and his uncle Kenneth, took control. ?Growing up,? Tim explains, ?I had the opportunity ? to live with my paternal grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa were at home raising me; they taught me Chinese, Chinese culture, our family roots and heritage, while my uncle and my mom and dad continued operating the business.? Tim spent teenage summers working at Tsue Chong, but says he never felt pressure to join the company. In fact, he left Seattle to study science at Whitworth University in Spokane. Two years later, he transferred to the University of Washington and changed his major to business, and only then did he consider a career at Tsue Chong. His father made him learn the business from the ground up. All his employees are Chinese; they speak Toishan or Cantonese, and live on Beacon Hill or in the International District. Most came from China at middle age to give their families better opportunities, and most spend their entire careers at Tsue Chong. Tim says they?re very dedicated and loyal, one of the main reasons Tsue Chong?s production has remained in Chinatown since 1917. They produce about 80,000 fortune cookies and 10,000 pounds of noodle products a day, including fresh, dried, steamed and fried varieties, and dumpling wrappers for wonton, gyoza and egg roll. Just as Tim?s father didn?t pressure him to join the business, he and his wife, Linda, encourage their two children to do what they want. It seems unlikely the company will stay in the family. Tim doesn?t seem concerned, as long as Tsue Chong continues as an integral part of the community, one he feels loyal to and serves in another very different way. For 35 years, Tim has been Scoutmaster for the Boy Scout troop he belonged to as a boy. When Tim transferred to the UW, a friend told him the Scoutmaster was retiring and asked him to help him lead the troop. Tim agreed, arranging his studies around Scouts on Tuesdays. Over the years, Tim has served as Scoutmaster to countless boys, including his son, Gregory, and he?s proud of the men they?ve become. Tim says he feels fortunate and blessed to have a close-knit family, run a thriving business he cares about and be part of a supportive community. But it?s clear his success is due to much more than luck. A Nourishing Legacy Bloom, Lenora January 17, 201 Seattle Times
1900.6667 Article Huang (Wong) family and business letters foprm back ground of this study of a Chinese American family Transnational Communication in a Chinese American Family Based on the Family Letters, 1912 - 1938 Wang, Gengwu 2013
1900.6668 Article "The Chinese Must Go": The United States Army and the Anti-Chinese Riots in Washington Territory, 1885 - 1886 Laurie, Clayton D. January 1990 Pacific Northwest Quarterly
1900.6669 Article Story of artist Tyrus Wong Hard Path for Bambi Art Legend Fox, Margalit New York Times
1900.667 Program Research and Eveluation Section, Office of Research and Data Analysis, Department of Social Services, Olympia, WA. Report: Refugee Assistance Termination Study: A 10 Month Follow Up Report Wilson July 1983 Report
1900.668 Driver's Guide In Khmer Booklet
1900.669 Population Bulletin: Asian Americans: Growth, Change and Diversity Gardner Oct. 1985 Bulletin
1900.670 1982 Survey of Minority - Owned Business Enterprises: Asian Americans, American Indians and Other Minorities U.S. Department of Commerce Oct. 1986 Survey
1900.671 1980 Census of Population: Vol. I, Chapter B, General Population Characteristics, Part 49 Washington U.S. Department of Commerce August 1982
1900.672 The Profile of the Vietnamese American Community Le, Ngoan 1994 Paper
1900.673 Article Former Japanese American internees gather at Manzanar to mark the 60th anniversary of Executive Order 9066. Some drew comparisons to the detainment of Middle Eastern Americans after 9/11. Features a profile of photographer Toyo Mitayake. Former Japanese American internees gather to mark 60th anniversary of federal detention order Marquez, Sandra May 4, 2002
1900.674 Studies in Filipino Second Language Acquisition Ramos July 1979 Paper
1900.675 Civil Rights Digest: Asian and Pacific Americans Fall1976 Magazine
1900.676 A Report on Anti - Asian Violence in the United States Japanese American Citizens League 1985 Report
1900.677 Office of Research and Data Analysis Report: Special Refugee Employment Project Outcome Report Wolfhagen April 1986 Report
1900.678 Driver's Guide in Vietnamese Department of Motor Vehicles
1900.6781 Article Interview with Installation Artists Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo Lead Pencil Studio on the piece for the Wing Luke Museum. See multimedia link. What is Lead Pencil Studio doing in the basement of the Wing Luke Museum? Graves, Jen 2014
1900.679 Supplimentary lessons about Japan. Modern Japan: An Idea Book for K - 12 Teachers Bernson April 1983
1900.680 Thesis Asian American Politics In the City of Seattle Chen, Katy Summer 1992
1900.6800 Report Seattle's Japanese Farmers: The Influence of Japanese Immigrants on the Pike Place Market Bernstein, Elissa 2009
1900.6801 Booklet Pacific Island community health, economics and education Voices of Pacific Island Woment Residing in the Pacific Northwest Pacific Island Women's Association 2006
1900.6802 Report Hearing on air safety in the aftermath of the Wing Luke plane crash. State of Washington Legislative Council. Subcommittee Hearing on Air Safety 09/01/1965
1900.6803 Article Paul Horiuchi Honored by exhibit in Japan on Japanese Artist in America Honored and Honorable Paul Horiuchi, the Hawthorn, Maggie August 12, 1973 Seattle PI
1900.6804 Binder Luke Family History tree Luke Family History
1900.681 Program for the State of Asian Pacific America: Economoic Diversity Issues and Policies. Asian Pacific American Public Policy Institute Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics May 1994 Program
1900.682 Asian Pacific American Heritage Council: 3rd Annual Leadership Conference May 1994 Asian Pacific American Heritage Council
1900.683 The Tarnished Golden Door: Civil Rights Issues in Immigration United States Commission on Civil rights Sept. 1980 Report
1900.684 Seattle Public Schools Bilingual Programs/Work Training Program: Biligual Peer Tutoring Project 1980 Tutor Handbook
1900.685 The Intensive English as a Second Language And Cultural Orientation Program in Southeast Asia Center for Applied Linguistics July 1982
1900.686 Working with the Bilingual Community 1979
1900.687 Booklet A catalog of resources (books, video, lesson plans) on eliminating sexism, racism, handicapism and other anti-human biases from school and society. Racism and Sexism Resource Center for Educators 1981 Council on Interracial Books for Children
1900.688 Pamphlet Bilingual Day Care Programming For Asian Children Otto April 1979 Paper
1900.689 Booklet A booklet on why it's important to teach multiculturalism and multiethnic issues in US schools. Policy and Legislation Needed for Multicultural Education Baker, Gwendolyn C. April 1979 National Institute of Education
1900.690 Asian Pacific American Organizations Resource Guide Commission on Asian American Affairs Jan. 1982
1900.6900 Article Records were used when Chinese Americans immigrated to the US. During the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, Chinese couldn't become citizens and had to apply to enter the US. These files are now housed at the National Archives and can be accessed online. Includes photos, immigration records, and variety of other documents. Chinese Exclusion Act Records: A Neglected Genealogical Source Nicola, Patricia Hackett March 2006 Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly
1900.691 Window Dressing on the Set: An Update U.S. Commission on Civil Rights 1979
1900.692 Education and Income Inequality: The Case of Young Filipino Americans Macaranas Dec. 1978 Report
1900.693 Asian American, Black, Chicano, Native American, Exempt & Classified Personnel in Washington's Community College System State Board For Community College Education Fall 1974
1900.694 Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao, Hmong and Asian Indian Languages Materials for Immigrants and Refugees Multicultural Distributing Center 1992
1900.695 A Teacher's Handbook Shifting Gears: Hands on Acitivities for Learning Workplace skills and English as a Second Language The Experiment in International Living 1983
1900.696 A Teacher's Handbook Opening Lines: A Competency - based Curriculum inenglish as a Second Language The Experiment in International Living 1983
1900.697 Includes the findings of the Commission and its recommendations for redress for Japanese, Japanese Americans, and Aleuts. Personal Justice Denied: Summary and Recommendations of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians Japanese American Citizens League 1983 Japanese American Citizens League
1900.699 The findings of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians are found in Part 1. Part 2 details the recommendations of the Commission for redress of all persons relocated and/or interned. Personal Justice Denied: Part 2: Recommendations. Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians. June 1983 U.S. Government Printing Office
1900.6999 DVD Kobo grand opening and small business award Kobo grand opening; Small Business Award 2008
1900.700 Conference agenda brochure Refugee Resettlement - State Perspective Nov. 1980 Pamphlet
1900.7000 Article Telltale Signs of a fresh fish, The Huston, Barbara
1900.7001 Article Michiko Myamoto specializes in teaching unusually gifted pianists. Teachers of Note(s) Lee, Wayne June 17, 1985 The Seattle Times
1900.7002 Article Corn Signals Season Hunt, Judi May 23, 1976 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7003 Article Article includes a profile of Frank Fujii, interned at Tule Lake as a child, and who worked as a high school teacher, basektball coach, and community college administrator. Commitment to America: Citizens of the '80s give old-fashioned service Gwinn, Mary Ann July 3, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7004 Article Obituary for Yukio Kuniyuki, a Seattle restaurant and hotel owner, as well as a high school baseball star and active community member. Yukio Kuniyuki, 76, former star athlete January 11, 198 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7005 Article Pat Morita, who plays Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid franchise spent time in a TB sanitorium (recovering from spinal tuberculosis) and Manzanar internment camp. Before becoming an actor, he worked as a migrant farm worker and a data processor at an aerospace firm. 'Pat' Morita: From TB Sanitarium to internment camp to show-biz fame Champlin, Charles June 22, 1986 The Seattle Times
1900.7006 Article Dr. Mitziko Sawada is scheduled to give a talk on Seabrook Farms, a farming and food processing company that recruited Japanese Americans from internment camps during WWII. Talk on Seabrook Farms slated June 13, 1986 Pacific Citizen
1900.7007 Article Review of the book Sushi and Sourdough by Tooru J. Kanazawa. The book deals with the experiences of the Issei in the Alaska gold rush. From the Frying Pan: "Sushi and Sourdough" Worth the Wait Hosokawa, Bill January 26, 199 Pacific Citizen
1900.7008 Article
1900.7009 Article Story of the Bush Hotel, The Chin, Sue
1900.701 Article Filmmaker John Pai has created a movie about artist Val Laigo titled "The Life and Art of Val Laigo." Article includes a picture of the artist Film, Video and Media October 7-21, 1 International Examiner
1900.7010 Article Ms. Nancy Kazama's class flies a Japanese carp over Graham Hill Elementary School in celebration of Children's Day. Kazama San's Class Go Fly a Carp May 5, 1976 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7012 Article Theresa Fujiwara was appointed as the Executive Director of Asian Counseling and Referral Services (ACRS), replacing Dave Okimoto 'I believe in participatory kind of management' Castilla, Greg August 21, 1985 International Examiner
1900.7013 Article Cal Harada opened up his own electronics store, Inter-Audio, which specializes in car and home stereo equipment. Formerly, he managed several Tape Town stores and served as operations manager. New store specializes in car and home stereo equipment Hayashi, Sumi July 18, 1984 International Examiner
1900.7014 Article The Examiner honors the contributions of 12 outstanding volunteers in the Asian American community. Twelve of our Outstanding Volunteers October 3, 1984 International Examiner
1900.7015 Article Some and Kaoru Kokita built a Japanese style house in Seattle to entertain guests A Japanese House Built for Tradition Daniel, Linda October 31, 198 The Seattle Times
1900.7016 Article Review of "Fresh Voices of the Community: Korean American Youth", Hillary Gray's exhibit and dissertation on Korean American high school students. She partnered with students to create the exhibit. UW Student Organizes Korean American Exhibit Jackson, Kate May 27, 1998 The Daily, University of Washington
1900.7017 Article Review of two books: Asian Amnericans: Chinese and Japanese in the United States Since 1850 by Roger Daniels and Strangers from a Different Shore: A History of Asian Americans by Ronald Takaki. America's abuse of Asians traced Sundvall, Mitsu Akiyama August 13, 1989 The Seattle Times
1900.7018 Article The Ocean City Restaurant, the largest restaurant in the International District, held its grand opening on August 31,1984. It is doing well since the opening. Largest restaurant in District opens for business September 19, 1 International Examiner
1900.7019 Article Japanese puppeteers performe at Freeway Park in Seattle as part of the Festival of American Folklife. Japan's ancient past lives at Freeway Park August 28, 1976 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.702 The First National Conference on Asian American Mental Health Huey 1972 Pamphlet
1900.7020 Article Announcement of the play, The Gambling Den by Akemi Kikumure New East West Play Focuses on Conflicts in Prewar Family
1900.7021 Article Rock of Great Friendship
1900.7022 Article The Japanese American Citizens League will hand out awards to significant members of the Asian American community. Japanese American citizens will make community awards September 22, 1 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7023 Article State Asian commission pleads for emergency funds Schumacher, Elouise
1900.7024 Article
1900.7025 Article Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS) celebrates its 10th Anniversary. Includes history of the organization. ACRS has come a long way in 10 years Castilla, Greg S. June 1, 1983 International Examiner
1900.7027 Article Issei Dreams Evaporated Fuhrman, Janice
1900.7028 Article New book looks at Hawaii immigration
1900.7029 Article Japanese American camp life recalled in novel by former counselor Mochizuki, Ken
1900.703 Article Report To the Governor on Discrimination Against Asians Asian American Advisory Council June 30, 1973 State of Washington Asian American Advisory Council
1900.7030 Article New Series a unique chance for JA Actors Cohen, Norman
1900.7031 Article The making of 'Nisei Soldier' Chew, Ron
1900.7032 Article Review of film, Nisei Soldier: Standard Bearer for an Exiled People which wone 1st prize in the 1984 American Film Festival and and 1985 EMMY Nisei Soldier
1900.7033 Article Interview with Philip Gotanda, playwright who was in Seattle for the opening of A Song for a Nisei Fisherman. An interview with Philip Gotanda Hayashi, Sumi 06/01/1983 International Examiner
1900.7034 Article A pictorial history of the Japanese American pioneers in Hawaii Takami, David
1900.7035 Article Garden view is worth a million Ekren, Dave
1900.7036 Article Noted architect Minoru Yamasaki dies of cancer Angelos, Constantine
1900.7037 Article Living Like a Refugee Barros, Paul De
1900.7038 Article Tony Ng is mysery man in massacre
1900.7039 Article Comprehensive summary of the massacre, the criminals and their background. Wah Mee Anderson, Rick
1900.704 Employment Patterns of Southeast Asian Refugees Bach Oct. 1980 Monthly Labor Review
1900.7040 Article Resonating evocative drama, A Song for a Nisei Fisherman Sugai, Esther
1900.7041 Article Review of two films: Unfinished Business and Nisei Soldier: Standard Bearer for an Exiled People. Powerful films recall pain and shame of WWII racism Carter, Don
1900.7042 Article Newscaster Tokuda Authors Book on Well-Known Whale
1900.7043 Article Review of the book Metamorphosis: Stages in a Life by David Suzuki Metamorphosis; Stages in a Life Suguro, Ed
1900.7044 Article Filipino Warbrides, The San Diego, Josie
1900.7045 Article Developing Indochinese Self-Reliance
1900.7046 Article Refugees learn new culture here Angelos, Constantine
1900.7047 Article Melting Pot: Schools help Indochinese over hurdle Angelos, Constantine
1900.7048 Article Asian counseling service helps immgrants adjust to a new life Slind-Flor, Victoria
1900.7049 Article Refugees may get new lands to till
1900.705 Booklet A short book on the history of government in both English and Tagalog. Starting with how government was made and how other countries run their governments. Includes a look at US government. Our Government: (Filipino version) DeCano, Pio, Jr. 1981 Asian American Bilingual Center
1900.7050 Article Immigrants and the Economy
1900.7051 Article Seattle's 'second' Chinese Immigration Rumley, Larry
1900.7052 Article Thousands of Hmong become refugees in America because of the after effects of the Vietnam War, where thousands of Hmong were being slaughtered. However, life has not been easy for Hmong refugees, as American culture is way different for them. It's been hard for Hmong to integrate into American society. Many Hmong, puzzled by life in U.S., yearn for old days in Laos Morin, Stephen P. February 16, 19 Wall Street Journal
1900.7053 Article Refugees offered land to farm Paynter, Susan
1900.7054 Article Manzanar Riot: A Japanese American-Style 'Rashomon' Yamamoto, J.K.
1900.7055 Article Articles on the play about Japanese American internment Breaking the Silence Andrews, Paul
1900.7056 Article Widley-acclaimed novelist once disdained fiction Takami, David
1900.7057 Article Ding: Soldiers' Story Continues Yamamoto, J.K.
1900.7058 Article From Conference to Compendium Honda, Harry
1900.7059 Article Book on Myer does us all a service Shikuma, Stan
1900.706 Article Success of Asian Americans: Fact or Fiction? United States Commission on Civil Rights September 1980
1900.7061 Booklet statistics of the succesful of Asian Americans Success of Asian Americans: Fact or Fiction? 1980 United States Commission on Civil Rights
1900.7062 Booklet focusing on the civil rights of Asian and Pacific Americans Civil Rights Digest 1976 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
1900.7063 Booklet marks the first-ever effort to measure the impact of information technology on the health of Seattle Information Technology Indicators for a Healthy Community 2002 City of Seattle
1900.7064 Booklet gives names, voices, and faces to the wartime contributions and experience of Asian Americans Allies and Enemies: The Dilemma of Asian Americans during World War II The Museum of Chinese in the Americas
1900.7065 Booklet the arts and culture of seattle of 2008 2008 Report to the Community: Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs
1900.7066 Booklet asian pacifice heritage Vision: A Special Asian Pacific Heritage Month Supplement Metro East Publications, Inc.
1900.7067 Booklet information about languages High Hope for a Perfect Language Lee, Ruby Pao Wah
1900.7068 Booklet program of the community of museums The Community of Museums: Seeking the Common Good 2002 Amerian Association of Museums
1900.7069 Booklet This project is designed to bring closer ties to the Asian/Pacific Islander communities we serve and the Mt. Hood National Forest. Our hope is by describing events, activities, histories, special places, and adding in some photographs we can build connections between the people and the land we manage, thereby giving the Asian/Pacific Islanders a stake in our National Forest, a sense of place. A Sense of Place US Department of Agriculture
1900.707 Article Recent Activities Against Citizens and Residents of Asian Decent U.S. Commission on Civil Rights 1987 Clearinghouse Publication No. 88
1900.7070 Booklet program for celebration dinner 5th Annual Golden Circle Awards & Lunar New Year Celebration DInner 2004 Organization of Chinese Americans, Inc.
1900.7071 Booklet talks about Asian Americans migrating, doing labor, and their community in Washington State A History Bursting With Telling: Asian Americans in Washington State 2000
1900.7072 Booklet history of washington state The State of Washington The Washington Historical Society
1900.7073 Booklet Japanese American Citizens League installation banquet program Seatlte Japanese American Citizens League: 69th Annual Installation Banquet 1991 The Sea-Tac Marriott
1900.7074 Booklet EDI's graduation dinner program of 2002 9th Annual EDI Graduation DInner 2002 Executive Development Institute
1900.7075 Booklet Information about LEAP program LEAP: Growing Leaders
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