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Wing Luke Museum
1900.4042 Document Address to the Philippine Lawyers Association of Washington DC, Arlington VA. September 20, 1986 A Quiet American Sounds Off: An Address Marumoto, William H. Mo 1986
1900.4043 Booklet
1900.4045 Booklet Details of the life of Iva Toguri, one of many women known as Tokyo Rose. Iva Toguri d'Aquino: Victim of a Legend 1976 National Committee for Iva Toguri
1900.4046 Article Challenging Nostalgia: Unveiling the Ghosts of Seattle's Nippon Kan Au Yong, Byron 2004 the Drama Review
1900.4048 article Pioneer Japanese Interracial Marriages in Seattle Litz, John R.
1900.4049 article Vanishing Sons: The Chinese Laundry Workers at 1813 Seventh Street, West Oakland, California Yang, Jeannie Kristen
1900.405 Article Washington Street Gambling Den Pulled Last Night, 15 Chinese men and 3 Caucasians were arrested and all of their gambling implements confiscated. Chinese Games Raided May 22,1897 The Seattle Times
1900.4050 article Human-interest story on Pioneer Square bookseller whose first four years were lived at Swedish Hospital. David Ishii, Bookseller Moody, Fred 2/29/2004 Seattle Times Magazine
1900.4051 article Deck stacked against Asians: Casinos play off gambling-intensive culture Skolnik, Sam
1900.4052 article Ichiro's Shadow: Doger is not yet a phenomenon Sakazaki, Jack
1900.4053 Article A look at the Wing Luke Asian Museum's exhibit "Playing for Keeps: Asian Pacific Americans in Sports." Includes interviews with Frank Fujii, Seattle's first Asian American head coach of a Seattle area high school; Wang Yung, fencing champion; and Phi Pham, one of three Asian women on the Northwest Power lifting Team. Making sports history Beason, Tyrone April 17, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.4054 article Essay by a Seattle high school student exhorting people of Japanese background to get 'Americanized' , and improve their mental and social conditions and prove to the American people that we are completely imbued with the American spirit of democracy and loyalty. Lauds democracy and Christianity. Americanization Hamada, Ishi
1900.4055 article Americaning the Nipponese Okajima, Dorothea Ai
1900.4056 article Americanization Yagawa, Toki Mi
1900.4057 article My Conception of America Arai, Tama
1900.4058 article Essay by a University of Washington student encouraging the U. S. and Japan to cooperate for the good of each other. True Kiplingism Okajima, Thelma Shizu
1900.4059 Article The Drums of the Dong Son Culture
1900.406 Article One Chinese was stabbed to death, three were critically wounded, and one Filipino was badly cut up in a riot staged by fifty Filipinos and Chinese in an alleged Chinatown gambling den. Chinese, Filipinos Wage Deadly Row Over Gambling Loss September 1, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4060 Article The Bronze Dong Son Drums Markbreiter, Stephen
1900.4061 Article Musical Instruments, Baskets, and Utensils Lewis, Paul
1900.4062 Article Dongson Drum
1900.4063 Article Dong Son Drums in Viet Nam The Viet Nam Social Science Publishing House 1990
1900.4064 Article New Light on a Forgotten Past Solheim, Wilhelm G. March 1971 National Geographic
1900.4065 Article Dragon Boats
1900.4066 Article Asian Dragons
1900.4067 Article Dragons
1900.4068 Article The Dragon Reid, Lori
1900.4069 Article The Birth of the Hina Doll Fujimoto, Hiroshi 3/2/53 The Mainichi
1900.407 The First Victim to be Buried is Called a Devoted Family Man 2/24/1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4070 Article Girl's Day Case, Frederick 2/29/1984 Seattle Times
1900.4071 Article The Doll Ceremony: A Vanishing Ritual Iritani, Evelyn Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4072 Article Holidays Just for Kids! Robinson Rondoe, Jeanne 5/3/94 Christian Science Monitor
1900.4073 Document The Doll Festival and Girl's Day
1900.4074 Document The Hinamatsuri or Doll Festival
1900.4075 Document Doll's Festival
1900.4076 Document O-Hinamatsuri
1900.4077 Document Girl's Day Exhibit
1900.4078 Article Girl's Day Kyoto-style Empress on left Emperor on right
1900.4079 Booklet Hinamatsuri
1900.408 Article Benjamin Ng and Willie Mak are arrested in connection with the Wah Mee Massacre. More information is given on Benjamin Ng. One Suspect in Killings had Trouble for Years Miletich, Steve February 24, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4080 Article Features the Chinatown Discovery Tour, led by Vi Mar and Howard King Gifted guide: Vi Mar's tours keep the city's ethnic history alive Villano, Matt May 2004 Sunset Magazine
1900.4081 Brochure A Living Language: Chinese Characters September 1982 Kwang Hwa
1900.4082 Articles Chinese Word-A-Day Lew, Gordon
1900.4083 Article Chinese Turn To Western Style Script Smith, Charles R. 8/22/1976
1900.4084 Document Vocabulary and Useful Phrases
1900.4085 Article The Formation Of Characters
1900.4086 Article KOKESHI
1900.4087 Article Kokeshi Doll: Young Woman
1900.4088 Article Kokeshi
1900.4089 Article Miyagi Kokeshi Dolls
1900.409 Article Background on the origin of Chinese lotteries which are basd on a poem written by a Chinese Emperor, Hun Sun Origin of the Great Chinese Lottery October 21,1895 The Seattle Times
1900.4090 Article Miyagi Kokeshi
1900.4091 Article Kokeshi Dolls
1900.4092 Article Kokeshi dolls
1900.4093 Document Kokeshi Doll Display of Georgia Sealoff Sealoff, Georgia
1900.4094 Document Letter about donation to Seattle Public Libraries Kokeshi Dolls
1900.4095 Article Gibbin, Jill and David
1900.4096 article Puget Sound Journal: Remembering the Killing Fileds Brad Wong July 3, 2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4097 Article Fuji Musume-Wistaria Girl
1900.4098 Article The Boy's Festival
1900.4099 Article The White Horse Baten, Lea
1900.410 Chinatown Tour in Seattle's ID offers insights into the history of the area and Seattle's gambling dens. Peek Into Old Seattle's Chinese Gambling Dens Anderson, Barry 2/6/1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4100 Article The Image and the Motif Japanese Dolls: Identification Chart and Line Drawing Baten, Lea
1900.4101 Document Friendship Doll Locations Skiles, Rosie
1900.4102 Article Kokeshi
1900.4103 Article Baguio and the Mountain Province
1900.4104 Article Philippine Hats
1900.4105 Article The Goose At The Wedding Murphy, Sunny September-Octob
1900.4106 Article The Five Fortunes Rich, Irene S.
1900.4107 Article World of Chinese Macrame Su, Yang
1900.4108 Article Chinese Birdcages: A New Study Based on the Donegan Collection Lannom, Gloria W. September-Octob
1900.4109 Article Chinese Lacquerware Shen, Fu-wen China Reconstructs
1900.411 Before the Wah Mee killings most police either did not know about the gambling in the ID or felt it was of little consequence. Police officers assigned to the ID are interviewed. Secrets Of Chinatown Friedman, Marcia 2/24/1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4110 Article China and Japan
1900.4111 Article Traditional Korean Dress Bradford Long, Peggy
1900.4112 Article Korean Dress Yang, S.M.
1900.4113 Article Boycott in Butte: Organized Labor and the Chinese Community, 1896-1897 Flaherty, Stacy A. 1987, Winter Montana: Magazine of Western History
1900.4114 Article Chinese Doctor Builds Life in Butte Waldrup, Hal April 26, 1992 Montana Standard
1900.4115 Article Marking Massacre site shifts direction Gregory Nokes July 4, 2004
1900.4116 Article Mentions Wing Luke Asian Museum The Message Marc Ramirez July 18, 2004 Seattle Times
1900.4117 Article Coming to America Richard Seven July 4, 2004 Pacific Northwest
1900.4118 Article Class, Gender, and Race: Chinese Servants in the North American West Terry Abraham March 26, 1996 Pacific and Pacific Northwest Association for Asian American Studies
1900.4119 Article Kwantung to Big Sky: The Chinese in Montana, 1864-1900 Robert R. Swartout, Jr. Winter 1988 Montana the Magazine of Western History
1900.412 Article Residents of Chinatown react to the news that Tony Ng is arrested in Canada, in connection to the Wah Mee Massacre. "They Got Tony": Three Simple Words echo through streets of Chinatown Anderson, Richard October 5, 1984 The Seattle Times
1900.4120 Article After the Gold Rush Randall E. Rohe Autumn 1982 Montana the Magazine of Western History
1900.4121 Article Law and Chinese in Frontier Montana John R. Wunder Summer 1980 Montana the Magazine of Western History
1900.4122 Article Chinese Life in Helena A. H. Hersey June, 1888 Northwest Magazine
1900.4123 Article Racial Strife Over National Origin Marked Early History Lyle Downing
1900.4124 Article Additional article titled "600 Chinese were here in Early '20s" included in side margin of main article. Butte Chinatown Was Sinister Place in Tong War Days of 1921-22 Lewis T. Poole January 9, 1955 Montana Standard
1900.4125 Article The Question Unanswered Tashun Wisemiller Spring 2002 Susan Koch Library Research Scholarship
1900.4126 Article Chinese Customs and Pastimes in Old Spokane Judy Nelson May 1995 Joel E. Ferris Foundation
1900.4127 Article We knew we weren't the enemy Hosokawa, Robert R. July 28, 2004 Christian Science Monitor
1900.4128 Article Isle musician Tau Moe saved lives in Holocaust Mary Vorsino
1900.4129 Article Cambodian Deportees Face Hard Realities Chris Decherd January 16, 200 Asian Weekly
1900.413 Article incomplete. Tip Sent Authorities North of the Border to Find Ng 10/5/1984 Seattle Times
1900.4130 Article Cambodia: 25 Years Later Ker Munthit January 6, 2004 Seattle Times
1900.4131 Article Dancers bring Cambodian culture to the Northwest Elaine Iwano July 2-15, 2003 International Examiner
1900.4132 Article Spirit Survives Polo November 25, 20 Asian Reporter
1900.4133 Article Balancing Act Nguyen, Nhien
1900.4134 Article Magnificent Nikkei Art in and around Town January 1, 2004 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4135 Article Focuses on the exhibit "Beyond Talk, Redrawing Race", which encourages people who have different perspectives to share their thoughts and experiences about race. Race: talk the talk, walk the walk Huynh, Diem May 8-14, 2004 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4136 Article Bruce Lee A Fan's Tribute Tyrone Beason May 27, 2003 Seattle Times
1900.4137 Article End Modern Slavery Rep. Velma Veloria, Sen. Jeann Kohl-Welles, Sutapa Basu & Norma Timbang November 8-14, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4138 Article Welcome to America's workforce Mary Lou Sanelli December 28, 20 Seattle Times
1900.4139 Article American Dreamer Elizabeth Rhodes
1900.414 Tony Ng is Mystery Man in Massacre 10/5/1984 Seattle Times
1900.4140 Article A photograph of Mak Fai Washington Kung Fu Club performing a Lion Dance during Lunar New Year celebrations in the Chinatown/International District. A Lion's Share of Good Luck January 24, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4141 Article He created Kubota Gardens Iwasaki, John August 17, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4145 Article Photojournal report on the camp and what it looks like now. Minidoka Memories Tamura, Teresa 08/15/2004 Seattle Times
1900.4146 Article Where Did East Meet West? In L.A. Heseon Park 07/01/2004 L.A. Times
1900.4147 Article Furuya Men Ito, Kazuo
1900.4148 Article Miscellaneous articles on the artist Isamu Noguchi Isamu Noguchi
1900.4149 Article Rufino Cacabelos 2004
1900.415 Article Details of the by-laws of the Hop Sing Tong, the Chinatown fraternal organization prominent in gambling and protection. Unveiled in Court: How To Run A Gambling Den Ramirez, Raul October 23, 197 San Francisco Examiner
1900.4150 Article Notes on Chinese Fans Jue, Willard Wing Luke Asian Museum
1900.4151 Article Chinese Fans
1900.4152 Article Burmese Spirit Kingdom: The Pantheon of Thirty-Seven Nats McLean, Sarah
1900.4153 Article Wu-Yue White Wood Carvings Yu, Rong China Tourism Pictorial
1900.4154 Document National Endowment for the Arts Planning Grant Museum of History and Industry
1900.4155 Document Collection Evaluation Form: "Iron Chink" Museum of History and Industry
1900.4156 Article Monk's Food (Lohan Chai)
1900.4157 Pamphlet Japanese Recipes Tada, Tatsuji 1960 Japan Trade Center
1900.4158 Article Treasure Chests Gales, Helen Winter 1977 Arirang
1900.4159 Document The Art of Chinese Furniture Hill, Warren T.
1900.416 Victims Wouldn't Even Tell of Crime 2/24/1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4160 Article Oriental Rugs: MOHAI's Rug Collection Sherman, Judy J. Winter 1982 Portage
1900.4161 Article Copy of an illustration of a Ching Dynasty Woman in home surroundings. Chinese woman in home surroundings
1900.4162 Article To the Ancient Chinese, Life was a Symbol
1900.4163 Article Explanation that a butsudan is a small cabinet or nich containing an image of Buddha plus ancestral mortuary tablets. Butsudan
1900.4164 Pamphlet Standard Rules for the Chinese Domino Game of Mah Jong
1900.4165 Article Chinese lottery was a chance to 'get well' Faber, Jim 10/27/74 Seattle Times
1900.4166 Article Chinese Games with Dice and Dominoes Culin, Stewart 1893 Report of National Museum
1900.4167 Article The rules for playing the filipino game, Sungka which, in the United States is usually called mancala. Sungka
1900.4168 Article The rules for playing sunca, also known in the Philippines as Sungka and in the United States as mancala. Sunca World Wide Games, INC.
1900.4169 Article Chinese Chess
1900.417 Wah Mee Anderson 2/19/1984 Seattle Times
1900.4170 Article Mah Jongg Trucco, Terry
1900.4171 Article Article taken from another source that briefly discusses the Korean kite, its practical use, kite games, and use in new year festivities. Korea: Toys and Games
1900.4172 Article The article details the rules of playing Sungka, usually known in the United States as mancala. A Study of Philippine Games Lopez, Mellie Leandicho
1900.4173 Article Direction For Playing Mah-Jongg: "Chinese Game of Four Winds"
1900.4174 Article Outlines of Chinese Symbolism and Art Motives Williams, C.A.S. Dover
1900.4175 Article Article retrieved from Smithsonian Center for Material Research and Education Website: The Care and Handling of Ivory Objects 9/25/00 Smithsonian Center for Material Research and Education
1900.4176 Article Fruit Jars Owens, Mitchell
1900.4178 Article On the cover of The Seattle Times Pictorical it features three kites: one that is handcrafted, and two that are Japanese in origin. The Colorful World of Kites March 26, 1978 The Seattle Times
1900.4179 Article An advertisement on the kites that the Smithsonian sells. Includes pictures of 10 kites. Smithsonian Kites Are Flying! Smithsonian Institution
1900.418 Article Reddin reminisces about the old Chinese run gambling houses, which operated in the 1930s. When Seattle Was a "Wide Open" Town Reddin, John J. March 26, 1972 The Seattle Times
1900.4180 Article
1900.4181 Article Burmese Lacquerware Markert, Susan Mar-Apr 1979 Sawaddi
1900.4182 Map Map of People's Republic of China January 1973
1900.4183 Map The Peoples of China July 1980 National Geographic
1900.4184 Map China, Map November 1964 National Geographic
1900.4185 Map A map, dated 1971, of Asia with, on the verso, many of the people of mainland southeast asia are identified and brief explanation of the size and characteristics of each ethnic group. The Peoples of Mainland Southeast Asia March 1971 National Geographic
1900.4186 Map China's Administrative Divisions
1900.4187 Map Map of the People's Republic of China June 1981 Cartographic Publishing House
1900.4188 Article Pongsan Masked Dance Kendall, Lauren Chosun Magazine
1900.4189 Article Brief article on the making and use of Korean masks used in mask dramas. Inxluswa illustrations of 8 masks. Korean Masks
1900.419 Article Color reproductions of works by Toi Hoang produced by Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art, an auxiliary of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. SECA Art Award 1994 SECA 1994 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
1900.4190 Article Sculptor Ryu Recreates Forgotten Masks Kwon, Byung-Rin
1900.4191 Article Seems incomplete. Eight masks are illustrated but some of the explanatory text seems to be missing. Korean Masks: Catalogue from Musee de L'Homme Tabor, Troy E.
1900.4192 Article Timeless magic of painted faces Wu, Mei 2/26/88 China Daily
1900.4193 Article Program description, synopsis and text for the Pongsan Mask Dance Drama. Includes a brief history of the origins of the dance drama and of the history of the Korean Pongsan Mask Dance-Drama Preservation Society. Pongsan Mask Dance-Drama Korean Pongsan Mask Dance-Drama Troupe
1900.4194 Article Discusses the traditional Korean dance drama called the Mask Dance Drama of Yangju. Mask Dance Drama of Humor and Satire Kwon, Byung-Rin
1900.4195 Article Pongsan T'alch'um, Masked Dance of Humor and Satire Hyun-Ok, Jin
1900.4196 Paper Article on the Chinese in Hawaii and on the Wo Hing Society and Museum. The Wo Hing building was build in 1912 as a social and fraternal hall for the Wo Hing Society a branch of the Chee Kung Tong. In the late 19th Century hundreds of Chinese lived in the Lahaina area, but by the 1940s had left for opportunities in Oahu. The museum opened in 1984. Chinese People in Hawaii and the Wo Hing Society Maui Historical Society
1900.4197 Article A Tribute to Uncommon Valor John Litz 03/31/01 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4198 Article Uncommon Courage: Patriotism and Civil Liberties 04/20/02 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4199 Article Hyphenated Americans Bai, Matt 10/28/01 New York Times Magazine
1900.420 Article Color reproductions of works by Hung Liu, John Beech, and Maria Porges, produced by Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art, an auxiliary of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. SECA Art Award 1992 Bishop, Janet 1992 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
1900.4200 Article A time to make amends Brettmann, Allan 05/06/02 The Oregonian
1900.4201 Article Blood Brothers Hampton Sides 11/01/01 Modern Maturity
1900.4202 Article America's Date With Infamy Peter Carlson 12/07/01 The Oregonian
1900.4203 Article Summary of the history of the NVC from inception to 2001. Even after all these years Sakura, Christina 06/05/01 Asian American Journal: International Examiner
1900.4204 Article Article prompted by the video documentary, Uncommon Courage: Patriotism and Civil Rights. America's Secret Weapon - The MIS Nisei of WWII Honda, Harry 10/18/01
1900.4205 Article 'Uncommon Courage' MIS Documentary Premieres 06/14/01
1900.4206 Article Student brings alive plight of Japanese American soldiers 04/11/02
1900.4207 Article Spark Matsunaga Elementary School Opens 11/01/01
1900.4208 Article MISLS and WACs Marutani, Bill 03/01/01
1900.4209 Article Lupow MIS Veterans Meet in Seattle .Arima, James 04/15/99 North American Post
1900.421 Films include: "My America...or Honk If You Love Buddha", "A Man's Man's World", "Sunsets", "Edge, Cult and Camp IV", "From Sand to Celluloid: Aboriginal Filmmakers", "There is No Name For This", "A Woman's Work is ...", Shopping For Fangs", A Page of Ma Short Films Get New Life At Asian America Film Festival Hartl 9/28/1997 Seattle Times
1900.4210 Article WWII-era Japanese Americans have memorial 06/25/01
1900.4211 Article New Washington memorial honors Japanese Americans 06/30/01
1900.4212 Article Medal of Honor Ceremony, March 25, 2001 Yamane, George 02/17/01
1900.4213 Article Nakamura Recognition Reaches Critical Mass 09/27/00
1900.4214 Article Clinton Signs Bill to Name Courthouse After MOH Recipient Nakamura 12/14/00
1900.4215 Article Katsumi Nakadate: Uncommon Valor Hill, James 07/01/01
1900.4216 Article Discusses filmmaker Frank Abe's documentary on KCTS-TV called Conscience and the Constitution - tells the story of the prosecution and incarceration of 85 interned Japanese Americans who, in 1944, refused to be drafted into the U.S. military unless their rights as citizens were restored. Prisoners of Conscience McKinnon, Heather December 12, 20 The Seattle Times
1900.4217 Article Museum looking at WWII monument 01/30/01 The Spokesman-Review
1900.4218 Article Memorial honors Japanese-American veterans, internees Hartman, Carl 06/30/01
1900.4219 Article Camp tour of Mindoka recalls experience of June Takahashi. Clipped to articleis hand-written note by someone who was in the camp with June. Internment camp tour sobers daughter Bossick, Karen 12/10/01 The Oregonian
1900.422 Article Governor Gary Locke is planning a trip around Asia, including to his ancestral home in Jilong. The trip has the potential to open many opportunities. Governor in Asia: Locke's Trip Both Personal, Symbolic Postman, David September 28, 1 The Seattle Times
1900.4220 Article Minidoka joins parks system 10/28/01
1900.4221 Article Minidoka: A National Monument National JACL Headquarters 02/10/01 North American Post
1900.4222 Article JACL Applauds Clinton's Commitment to Preserving the WWII Internment Camps 12/14/00
1900.4223 Article Hays Takes Over as Superintendant of Manzanar Historic Site Nakagawa, Martha 05/31/01
1900.4224 Article Clinton creates six more monuments Riechmann, Deb 01/19/01
1900.4225 Article Senators want cash to operate new Idaho national monument 08/18/01 Pacific Citizen
1900.4226 Article February 19, 2001 - Remembrance at the Wing Luke Asian Museum WLAM staff, Tetsuden Kashima 02/17/01 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4227 Article Garden of Remembrance: "War should not happen again" Yamamoto, Kazumi 07/10/01 The North American Post
1900.4228 Article Still Foreign? The Perils of Being Asian in Difficult Times Chong-Suk Han 5/1/01 International Examiner
1900.4229 Article Jo Ann Bowman
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