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1900.5923 Article New Mexico Gov. John E. Miles advised New Mexico landowners not to sell property to Japanese Americans from the West Coast who might want to establish farm colonies in the state. No Land For Japs 04/08/42
1900.5924 Article Would-be farmers who wished to take over the farms being left by the Japanese were told to negotiate on their own because there was the mistaken impression that the Farm Security Administration was taking over the farms and then would sell or lease them when that was not the case. Advice Given On How To Get Jap Property 04/00/42
1900.5925 Article Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt replied to a letter from James Y. Sakamoto, chairman of the Emergency Defense Council of the Japanese American Citizens League, in which she stated that she was sure the government would do its best to provide for persons of Japanese descent being evacuated and would protect them from violence. Mrs. Roosevelt Gives Japs Here Assurance 04/08/42
1900.5926 Article Addittional Japanese residents of Los Angeles County were being removed from their homes as federal officials met with Western governors to prepare for the movement of the evacuees into those states. U.S. to Move 2,500 More Japanese 04/08/42
1900.5927 Article Four Western governors asked that the federal government take responsibility for the care, feeding and guardng of the Japanese evacuees should there be an internment camp in their state as well as their removal after the war is over. Federal officials were meeting with the Western governors to inform them of the evacuation program. Governors Ask U.S. to Direct Alien Removal 0408/42
1900.5928 Article An article in a local newspaper reported that Negro (sic), as blacks were called then, candidates for nursing were being discriminated against by local hospitals and that none were being accepted for training. Racial Nurse Bars Charged 04/00/42
1900.5929 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, serving in the army, said that all Japanese cannot be considered fifth columnists and that though the older adults were born in a foreign country, their sons fight for this country in the military service. Soldier Speaks 04/09/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5930 Article The last person of Japanese ancestry removed from San Diego was a naval veteran, Isakichi Kanasawa, who served 30 years in the U.S. navy. Last Jap Removed From San Diego 04/11/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5931 Article Evacuation of the Japanese from the West Coast was expected to be completed by May 20, according to Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt, commanding general of the Western Defense Command. De Witt Says Jap Evacuation Will Be Completed May 20 04/11/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5932 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said that he was disgusted and surprised that some of the soldiers who helped evacuate the Japanese residents from Bainbridge Island wept when doing their job, and he wondered if they wept when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Soldier and Evacuees Ray, F.W. 04/06/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5933 Article A Japanese American man Hideo Saiki was charged with violating the curfew imposed on persons of Japanese descent when Seattle police arrested him for driving erratically. Jap Charged With Curfew Violation 04/00/42
1900.5934 Article .The removal of all Japanese from Seattle was imminent, according to Gerald Shucklin, chief assistant United States attorney, who had returned from a meeting with other U.S. attorneys who met in San Francisco. All Seattle Japanese To Be Moved Soon 04/12/42
1900.5935 Article Paul Ohtaki, a former resident from Bainbridge Island who was evacuated to Manzanar, California, told about the journey to the internment camp and his impression of the camp in a letter to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Bainbridge Japanese Tells of Journey South 04/10/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5936 Article Two Japanese Americans were arrested for violating the curfew that all persons of Japanese descent were to observe. They were supposed to be in their homes by 8 p.m. 2 Japs Accused of Curfew Violation 04/00/42
1900.5937 Article Idaho was expected to receive 10,000 Japanese evacuated from the West Coast to be placed in an internment camp. Idaho Gov. Chase A. Clark had opposed the idea, as well as the Idaho Grange and the American Legion, but he was mollified when notified that the Japanese would be under military guard. 10,000 Japs Will Be Interned in Idaho 04/12/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5938 Article Hideo Saiki of Bellevue became the first Japanese to be held in violation of the curfew that was imposed on all Japanese on the West Coast. He pleaded guilty on the charge before a U.S. Commissioner. Japanese Farmer Pleads Guilty to Curfew Charge 04/11/42
1900.5939 Article Any alien, including enemy aliens, will be eligible for naturalization if they are servinng in the U.S. armed forces, according to a new rule from the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Naturalization Rule Changed 0400/42
1900.594 Language Assistance Directory State Department of Licensing June, 1986
1900.5940 Article A Saturday Evening Post editorial denounced John Rankin, Mississippi congressman, for his racist rant on Japanese Americans as reminiscent of Hilter's policies. Is It a Race War? 04/11/42 Saturday Evening Post
1900.5941 Article Japanese American high school seniors met at the University YMCA to hear speakers tell them of opportunities for higher education at other schools after they are evacuated. They were encouraged to continue their educations to become leaders of tomorrow. Jap Students Told How to Keep Up Study 04/00/42
1900.5942 Article A Japanese American woman married to a Filipino challenged the curfew imposed on Japanese residents on the West Coast. She petitioned for a writ of habeas corpus, saying that the curfew was unconstituional. Nisei Wife of Filipino Tests Curfew Law 04/00/42
1900.5943 Article A Bainbridge Island Japanese American woman wrote a letter to her friend in Seattle in which she described the journey to Manzanar and what her living conditions are like in the internment camp. Evacuated Bainbridge Girl Can't Get Used to Idleness 04/00/42
1900.5944 Article Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt, commaning general of the Western Defense Comman, announced that all Japanese on the West Coast will have been removed by May 20. In the meantime, colleges and universities outside the exclusion zone said they would be willing to accept Japanese American students being evacuated from the West Coast. All Japs Will Move By May 20 04/00/42
1900.5945 Article Japanese residents of Mexico were given an additional ten days to evacuate the Pacific Coast of the country and move to the interior. Hermosillo Delays Jap Expulsion 04/11/42 Seattle Times
1900.5946 Article Some students organized a petition to counter the one presented by Gatewood School mothers who want the Japanese American clerks at the schools to be fired. The clerks resigned their positions. Petition Opposes Gatewood 'Moms' 04/00/42
1900.5947 Article New operators of hotels, rooming houses and apartemts taking over the ones left by the soon-to-be-evacuated Japanese were warned not to try to profiteer from their new operation. Group To Fight Profiteering On Jap Hotels 04/00/42
1900.5948 Article Bainbridge Island Japanese evacuated to a reception center in California found Japanese from Los Angeles' Little Tokyo were "too Oriental" for their taste. It was suggested that some segregation might be in order so as not to present this kind of a problem. The Good With The Bad 04/00/42
1900.5949 Article An editor of the University of Washington Daily said that some students were preparing a counter-petition to the one from the Gatewood mothers who wanted the Japanese American clerks in the Seattle Public Schools to be fired. The editor said the mothers were not protecting American ideals on the homefront. Edmundson, Bill 04/00/42 University of Washington Daily
1900.595 Washington State Resource Directory Washington State Commission on Asian American Affairs 1978 Commission on Asian American Affairs
1900.5950 Article A letter writer, a student at the University of Washington, said that those who discriminate as in the case of the Gatewood School mothers, should look to the example of Jesus who forgave his persecutors. Moe, Olive 04/00/42
1900.5951 Article A letter writer said that the actions of the Gatewood School mothers was an attack on American citizens and create division and disunity during time of war which was condemned by everyone. Moritz, Paul 04/00/42
1900.5952 Article A letter writer criticized an editorial in the University of Washington Daily that said the mothers at Gatewood School who urged the firing of Japanese American clerks at Seattle's public elementary schools were intolerant. Bangs, Mrs. Arthur 04/00/42 University of Washington Daily
1900.5953 Article Inoculation against typhoid fever was given to Japanese men, women and children who were soon to be evacuated at the Japanese Cannery Workers office on Main Street Japs Inoculated Against Typhus 04/00/42
1900.5954 Article The Gov. of Kansas said Japanese from the West Coast were unwelcome in his state and said for the state patrol and other state employees to prevent them from entering. However, an editorial in a Seattle paper said that the federal government and army will be the ones to decide where these people can go, and Kansas cannot override them. Even Into Kansas 04/00/42
1900.5955 Article Japanese residents of Western Washington were to be sent to an internment camp in Idaho after first going to an assembly center in Puyallup. Meanwhile, steps were being taken to have others take over their farms so that there would be a continuous production of farm crops. Idaho Farm Colony Planned For Japanese From Coast 04/12/42
1900.5956 Article Colorado's Senator Ed. C. Johnson asked that Milton Eidsenhower's War Relocation Authority take charge of the voluntary evacuees who came to Colorado. Colorado Jap Problem Referred to Biddle
1900.5957 Article Five Japanese men, one of whom had caused a disturbance in a hotel, were arrested without charge after police went to investigate the cause of the disturbance. 5 Japs In Hotel Room Arrested 04/00/42
1900.5958 Article Members of the Japanese community lined up at the Associatin of Japanese Cannery Workers office to get anti-typhoid vaccination shots after the association offered the free service from their treasury after their own members had already been vaccinated. Getting Ready To Leave Seattle 04/14/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5959 Article Strawberries were expected to be higher in price after the Japanese are evacuated since replacements won't be readily available. Jap Evacuation to Hoist Price of Strawberries 04/14/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.596 Hepatitis B, Thalassemia, Tuberculosis Asian Specific Protocols Asian American Health Forum November 1990 Asian American Health Forum, Inc.
1900.5960 Article Five Japanese men were expected to be charged with curfew violation after they had been arrested for causing a disturbance in a hotel. 5 Japanese Held Here as Possible Curfew Violators 04/00/42
1900.5961 Article Hideo Saiki was sentenced to 15 days in jail for violating the curfew law. Jap Given 15 Days On Curfew Charge 04/15/42
1900.5962 Article Filipinos members of the Seattle Cannery Workers Union agreed to take over the farmlands to be vacated by Japanese farmers in an agreement with the Farm Security Administration as they filed papers in Olympia. Filipinos Seek To Buy Jap Land 04/13/42
1900.5963 Article Rumors regarding the assembly centers should be put to rest, said Col. Karl R. Bendetsen, spokesman for the army, who said that both Japanese and non-Japanese were giving out misinformation. Alien Rumors Held False 04/13/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5964 Article Mothers with little children or pregnant mothers who will be sent on trains were to be given special attention with doctor and nurses on the train and special Pullman cars for their use. Mothers And Babies to Get Special Care 04/00/42
1900.5965 Article Western Washingtn was to be divided into seven areas, and evacuation was to take place according to how close the people were to defense installations and thereafter how necessary their crops were to the country's defense program. Evacuation May Hinge On Harvests Niendorff, Fred 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5966 Article Filipinos who were planning to take over the farms vacated by the Japanese were to get financial aid from the Farm Security Administration, according to Frank Kershisnik, district officer. Filipinos Get Aid On Jap Farms 04/00/42
1900.5967 Article The secretary of the Arizona Farm Bureau Federation requested that Japanese evacuees be used to relieve a shortage of farm labor by having them work on farms under army supervision. Jap Evacuees Sought For Work on Farms 04/00/42 Seattle Times
1900.5968 Article Military police took over control of the Pacific International Livestock Exposition building which had been converted to an assembly center for Japanese evacuees awaiting further movement out of military areas. Army Takes Over Jap Assembly Center 04/15/42 Seattle Post-intelligencer
1900.5969 Article Floyd Schmoe, a representative of the American Friends Service Committee who had made tours of the alien intenment camp and also the assembly centers, said that the alien camp was better than the assembly centers and that rehabilitation of the Japanese was the main priority. Resettlement of Japs Discussed by Schmoe 04/00/42
1900.597 Published by Judi M. Yorioka and G. David Hoy Seattle Asian Business and Professional Directory 1983 The NW Asian Publishers
1900.5970 Article A Japanese janitor Matsutaro Ota at the Seattle Hotel was killed when his body became wedged between the elevator and elevator shaft wall when he went to work there. Elevator Mishap Kills Japanese 04/00/42
1900.5971 Article The army announced that the Gila River Indian Reservation will be the site of internment camp for Japanese evacuated from the West Coast. Construction was to start immediately, according to the War Relocation Authority, which will administer the camp. Japs To Be Put On Reservation 04/16/42 Seattle Times
1900.5972 Article An editorial in one of the local Seattle newspapers castigated the Utah colleges for their refusal to allow Japanese American students to transfer there, although the president of the University of Utah seemed to alter his objection a bit by stating that those in good standing might possibly be allowed. So Solly--No Wanty
1900.5973 Article Mary Asaba Ventura, a Japanese American woman married to a Filipino, was denied exception to the curfew law imposed on all persons of Japanese descent in a federal court case. Woman Denied Exception in Alien Curfew
1900.5974 Article Floyd Schmoe, a former forestry instructor at the Univesity of Washington, told a meeting of the Mortar Board alumnae that the internment camps for Japanese were filthy and dirty and that the alien enemy camp in Missoula was better than the ones for citizens. He asked the Mortar Board alumnae to assist the evacuees in any way they could. Evacuee Camps "Filthy" Taylor, Virginia 04/00/42 University of Washington Daily (?)
1900.5975 Article Plans were being made to evacuate all of Alaska's Japanese residents, and they were told to report to military posts for final removal. 04/00/42
1900.5976 Article In a letter to the edtior of the Post-Intelligencer, a writer warned of a previous letter writer's connections and also of the danger of being lulled into a false sense of security. Japanese Problem Baxter, Charles M. 04/00/42 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5977 Article Finishing touches were added to the Puyallup Assembly Center, and it was now ready to received Japanese evacuees. The Army Corps of Engineers finished the work in just 17 days and at half of the budgeted amount. Army Finishes Puyallup Camp for 8,000 Japs Fitchett, Carolton 04/17/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5978 Article A U.S. senator from Iowa said he had heard reports that Japanese internees were being paid more than American soldiers, plus questionable activities by internees. He offered a four point program on what should be done to the internees. Jap Internees' Pay Atacked 04/15/42 Seattle Times
1900.5979 Article Japanese books and .38 caliber cartridges were found by a Seattle woman in a vacant lot and turned over to the police. Japanese Books, Bullets Found 04/00l/42
1900.598 Selling to the Government in Washington State Deshaye Feb. 1985 Office of Small Business
1900.5980 Document Two pictures showed the areas of the Puyallup Fairgrounds which have been converted to barracks and will be used by Japanese evacuees who will be moved there shortly. Japanese Village 04/17/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5981 Article The evacuation of Japanese from the West Coast would put a crimp in the oyster business because so many Japanese are involved in the business and thus they would leave a big void when they are gone. Oyster Raisers Lose Jap Help 04/00/42
1900.5982 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer pointed out that Japanese were to be sent to concentration camps, had to obey a curfew and were restricted to how far they could travel; but she wrote that the U.S. Constitution states that citizens could not be deprived of their rights that are enjoyed by other citizens. Nisei on Constitution Ogawa, Betty 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5983 Article A Filipino leader Vincente Villamin visiting Seattle told how Filipinos can aid the war effort by continuing their work on farms and in the canneries and that he was hopeful of organizing a Filipino unit of the army. Leader Asks Filipinos To Work Farms 04/00/42
1900.5984 Article The Wartime Civil Control Administration has expedited the transfer of numerous Japanese farms along the West Coast and Arizona to others with more than two-thirds of them having changed hands. Jap Farms Now in New Hands 04/21/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5985 Article The Japanese American Citizens League, Seattle chapter, pledged cooperation with the government's evacuation orders in a meeting of the members in Seattle. Japanese Group Pledges Total Evacuation Aid 04/00/42
1900.5986 Article Judge Lloyd L. Black declined to dismiss the indictment against Thomas Masuda, accused of being an agent for Japan. Also, the judge refused to return Masuda's papers that his attorneys said were seized illegally. Charge Against Masuda Upheld 04/00/42
1900.5987 Article Twelve new exclusion orders were issued by Gen. John L. DeWitt of which two of them were to affect the Seattle area leading to the evacuation of 2,000 Japanese from this area. 2,000 Japs In Seattle Must Move By May 3 04/21/42 Seattle Times
1900.5988 Article The Great Northern Daily News, a Japanese daily newspaper, published its last edition with the imminent evacuation as its theme. Meanwhile, the weekly all-English Japanese American Courier did not state its plans. Throughout Seattle Japanese were making preparation for the evacuation. Jap Paper's Last Big Story Is of Evacuation 04/00/42
1900.5989 Article The Japanese coordinating committee of Mono County in California, noting the movement of some coastal Japanese to interior areas, issued a warning that it was not a good idea because of lack of finances and facilities to accommodate newcomers. California County Balks at Japanese 04/21/42 Seattle Times
1900.599 Educational Equity for Asian and Pacific American Women Thein April, 1980 National Association for Asian and Pacific America
1900.5990 Article New exclusion orders were issued to residents in the Los Angeles area, and a new rule allowed people to drive their cars to the reception center if they wished. It was also announced that a reception center was being built in Northern California on the Tule Lake Reclamation Project. 2,000 Japs Told To Move 04/20/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5991 Article A columnist reported that there were 500,000 Japanese in Brazil but that the 150,000 Japanese in Hawaii were more of a concern for him. He said that if the Japanese were deemed to be dangerous in California, why aren't they considered dangerous in Hawaii? Please Note 04/00/42
1900.5992 Article Thomas Masuda's trial of being an agent for Japan without registering as such will proceed as scheduled despite claims by his attorneys that his office was searched without permission although he had given permission for FBI agents to search his house. Judge Refuses To Return Jap Office Papers 04/00./42
1900.5993 Article A California congressm introduced a joint resolution in Congress to bar citizenship of children born to a person ineligible for American citizenship. That would have excluded all children of Japanese and Chinese immigrants because they were denied naturalization privileges. Bill Would Limit U.S. Citizenship 04/21/42 Seattle Times
1900.5994 Article Plans were under way to evacuate all the Japanese from Seattle as new exclusion orders were issued. An assembly center at the Puyallup Fairgrounds will be where they will be housed. DeWitt Orders Evacuation Of Seattle Japs 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5995 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer stated that Japanese Americans should be grateful that the U.S. government has acted as it has because it has prevented race riots should any untoward actions be done by the Japanese population. Another Vieew Levin, Richard 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5996 Article Alaska Japanese were to be sent to the Puyallup Assembly, but their date of arrival and departure was not to be revealed because of militray necessity. Puyallup Will Get Alaskan Japanese 04/21/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5997 Article Plans were being drawn up to prepare for the movement of all the Japanese from Seattle to the Puyallup Assembly Center with a staff composed of Japanese Americans from the Emergency Defense Council of the Japanese American Citizens League. Work Started For Evacuation of Japanese Bermann, R.B. 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5998 Article Stafff of the Puyallup Assembly Center which will administer the camp was chosen from among the Japanese American population of Seattle; James Y. Sakamoto, former publisher of the Japanese American Courier was named chief supervisor.. Organization of Japs Camp Staff Completed Bermann, R.B. 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5999 Article Fred Niendorff, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's financial editor, said that the army was doing a good job in the evacuation of Japanese and that there should be no interference with their stated objective. U.S. Army Doing Good Job Moving Japs From Coast Niendorff, Fred 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.600 Social Policy Issues in the Early Education of Asian American and Pacific Island Children Takanishi April, 1980 National Association for Asian and Pacific America
1900.6000 Article Wing Luke and the political landscape of Seattle in 1962 Seattle Exceptionalism: The Life and Legacy of Wing Chong Luke So, Connie Ching 2000 University of California
1900.6001 Report Report covers Wong Tsu, a Chinese engineer who assisted Bill Boeing in designing one of the first Boeing airplanes. Report 1- Wong Tsu Biography (in English) Report 2- Wong Tsu Biography (in Chinese) Email is an invitation to Wong Tsu Exhibit Celebration at the Museum of Flight Flyer 1- an invitation to Wong Tsu in China at the Museum of Flight Flyer 2- photocopy of Flyer 1 Flyer 3- program for the Wong Tsu Celebration at the Museum of Flight Flyer 4- coupon (in English and Chinese) for the same exhibit Business card- for the China National Aviation Corporation Wong Tsu Biography 2005 Museum of Flight
1900.6002 Program Memorial Service pamphlet for Benjamin Chuyo Tsutsumoto (1929-2004), and two cards to thank people for attending. Benjamin Chuyo Tsutsumoto (1929-2004) 2004
1900.6003 Article Charles A. Agers of the Farm Security Administration urged anyone interested in taking over the farms being vacated by Japanese evacuees to do so immediately because of the need for food production during the war. Farmers Sought for Jap Acreage 04/00/42
1900.6004 Document A photograph shows Japanese Americans planning for the evacuation in Seattle at an office with leaders of the Japanese American Citizens League in charge. Evacuation Plans Being Perfected 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6005 Article Leaders for the evacuation process were named and will be in the vanguard of those who will enter the Puyallup Assembly Center. Directions and bulletins have been disseminated, so people were all informed as to where to assemble and when to leave. Leaders Named For Evacuation 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6006 Article An editorial in a local newspaper mentioned how efficiently the evacuation process was going and that the evacuation could lead to fewer people returning to Seattle and that some may opt to go to Japan. In light of the evacuation, the question of citizenship to any people should be addressed. Japanese Evacuation 04/00/42
1900.6007 Article The agent for the Farm Security Administration urged all potential farmers who could take over the farms operated by the Japanese to registerr with his office, so arrangements could be made to have them take over the vacated farms. Operators Sought For Jap Farms 04/00/42
1900.6008 Article A Japanese American letter writer to the P-I disagreed with a previous Japanese American's interpretation of the Constitution regarding what a state can enforce, the right to arms, and rulings from the army. Nisei Reply Shimoyama, Betty 04/23/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6009 Article The minister of the Japanese Methodist Church, Rev. Thomas Machida, thanked the people of Seattle for the friendships and opportunities that were offered here and looked forward to the day of peace when the Japanese could return and resume their place in this city. Jap Pastor Thanks City For Privileges 04/00/42
1900.601 Asian and Pacific American Early Education: Resesarch Needs Kitano April, 1980 Paper
1900.6010 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Violet Yokoyama, said farewell to Seattle and would leave without bitterness, knowing they could count on American justice and fair play. She also expressed thanks for all the kindness and sympathy shown by the people. Nisei Farewell Yokoyama, Violet 04/23/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6011 Article Six Japanese American students arrived at the University of Idaho in Moscow, but had not been invited by the president of the university. Gov. Chase Clark of Idaho was to meet with President H.C. Dale to see what should be done with the univited. Idaho U. Head Gives Stand On Jap Students 04/25/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6012 Article Registration of Japanese was completed in two areas of Seattle, and the people who have registered will soon be sent to the Puyallup Assembly Center. Registration for other Japanese in the city will take place later. Japs Finish Registrations 0400/42
1900.6013 Article A sixty-seven year old Seatte engineer was fined for abducting a Japanese American safety patrol student who was on duty. The engineer felt the boy shouldn't be on patrol duty because the U.S. was at war with Japan. Court Upholds Rights Of Jap Boy Patrolman 04/00/42
1900.6014 Article A burglar who had previously tried to rob the home of Mrs. Tsuyada Ike was captured and identified as the same one who was caught at another home because he had left a letter at the Ike home detailing his criminal record in a job application. Burglar Trapped By Letter 04/00/42
1900.6015 Article The president of the University of Minnesota, W.C. Coffey, announced that the university would not allow Japanese American students to transfer there pending a policy established by the federal government. Ban Jap Students 04/26/42 Seattle Post-Inelligencer
1900.6016 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said he was a Caucasian American who was a friend of the Japanese, and he expressed belief that once the Axis powers have been defeated, the future should look bright for the persons of Japanese ancestry. Friend of Japanese Bonus, Albert D. 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6017 Article Rev. Leopold H. Tibesar, pastor of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Catholic Church, has decided to follow his flock to the internment camps, wherever they may be. At the church, there was an eighth grade graduation ceremony held early because of the imminent evacuation. Pictures showed part of the ceremony. Catholic Shepherd to Follow Japanese Flock Mitchell, E.J. 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6018 Article Registration of Japanese evacuees was done at two locations in Seattle, and those that have been registered were to be sent to the Puyallup Assembly Center. Medical exams were supposed to be held at the same time, but were postponed till the next day because of the sheer numbers. Registration of Jap Evacuees Gets Under Way in Seattle 04/26/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6019 Document A photograph in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer showed a family gettting their temperatures taken by a nurse prior to their evacuation to an assembly center. Evacuees Given Checkup 04/27/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.602 Comments of Patsy Takemoto Mink, Fofo I. F. Sunia, Allan L. Seid, Gladys Chang Keith Hardy, and Norman Y. Mineta Five Asian and Pacific American Perspectives on Educational Policy April, 1980 Paper
1900.6020 Article A symbol of friendship between the U.S. and Japan is a stone lantern and cherry trees at Seward Park sent to Seattle from Japan for the city's help during the earthquake in Yokohama in 1923. Now these symbols stand as a mockery between the two nations because they are at war with each other. Two photographs showed these symbols. Era of Peace Brought These Gifts Jacobsen, Berne 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6021 Article Six Japanese Americans were arrested for violating the curfew that was imposed on them; they were supposed to be at their residences between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. 6 Japanese Jailed Over Curfew 04/00/42
1900.6022 Document A photograph in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer showed two police officers posting notices regarding evacuation of Japanese living in the area and the instructions that go with it. Official Notice Given Japanese 04/00/42 Seatte Post-Intelligencer
1900.6023 Article Seattle's protestant church leaders were making plans to see that the Japanese evacuated from the city will have services available to them in the camps. Protestants Name Pastor For Japanese 04/00/42 Seatte Post-Intelligencer
1900.6024 Article The first of thousands of evacuees to be sent to the Puyallup Assembly Center arrived there with the army in charge of the removal. These were people with special skills that can help set up the camp. They were met by people from Alaska who had already arrived there. 305 Japanese Quit City; More Go Tomorrow Bermann, R.B. 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6025 Article A call was made to have people take over the farms being vacated by Japanese who are to be evacuated. Operators for Jap Farms Sought by State Chief 04/00/42
1900.6026 Article All of Portland's Japanese residents were to be evacuated in one fell swoop and sent to an assembly center at the Pacific International Livestock Exposition grounds. Portland was to be the first major Pacific Coast city to be completely evacuated of Japanese. All Japanese Ordered Out of Portland 04/29/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6027 Article Some 500 more Japanese were scheduled to leave Seattle for the Puyallup Assembly Center. They will leave in a caravan from Beacon Ave. and Alaska St. and be under the supervision of the army. 500 Japanese Leaving Today for Puyallup 04/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6028 Document A photograph in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer showed a group of Japanese with their children, plus a soldier carrying one child, as the people prepared for evacuation Helpful 04/2942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6029 Document The first group to arrive at the Puyallup Assembly Center had dinner at one of the mess halls. They appeared to be hungry since it was their first meal after being on the move since morning. Their First Meal In Camp 04/29/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.603 Second Language Acquisition Program June, 1993 Paper
1900.6030 Article A commentary by a columnist decried racial discrimination and said it would be detrimental to democracy. Seattle, Wash.... 04/00/42
1900.6031 Article Chicalo (?) Shioshi, a grocery owner in Portland, Or, bought $13,500 worth of war bonds prior to leaving for an assembly center. This money was from profits he made operating the grocery store with his brother Sam. Japanese Sells Store, Buys $13,500 Bonds 05/02/42
1900.6032 Article An Episcopal missionary to the Japanese community in the Seattle area, Mrs. Margaret Peppers, stated that she would follow the Japanese to the internment camps when the evacuation takes place. Woman Missionary Hopes To Keep Ties With Japanese 05/01/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6033 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said that Japanese have good qualities, but that evacuation is necessary; and all the Japanese ask for is a square deal, and that's what the U.S. will give them. Postman on Japanese Qualls, Frank 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6034 Document The Rev. Father L.H. Tibesar was shown pictured in the Seattle P-I greeting an evacuee arriving among the crowd at the Puayllup Assembly Center. First Evacuees Arrive At Camp 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6035 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer warned of the treachery and cruelty of the soldiers of Japan and said that this could happen here if there were an invasion of the coast. The Japanese were unassimilable and should be shipped back to Japan after the end of the war. Distrusts Japanese Morrison, Edgar A. 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6036 Document The local American Friends Service Committee sent out a bulletin to the Japanese community telling of their availability and desire to help in the resettlement once the people are placed in permanent locales. Bulletin No. 5 American Friends Service Committee 05/05/42 American Friends Service Committee
1900.6037 Document Pictures from a local Seattle metropolitan newspaper showed Japanese from Seattle getting settled in at the Puyallup Assembly Center. People were shown getting firewood; the "mayor" of the center had two stenographers working with him; and a cook posed before the kitchen stove. Japanese Pack Their Own Firewood 05/00/42
1900.6038 Article People were getting settled at the Puyalllup Assembly Center with Area A already filled and other evacuees to be expected shortly. Volunteers handled camp duties, and cooks were assigned to mess halls. There were no schools. Japanese Organize Own Government at Puyallup 05/00/42
1900.6039 Article Registration was finishing up in Seattle, and the remaining were to be sent to the Puyallup Assembly Center. Registration of Remaining Japs Starts 05/00/42
1900.604 Attorney General's Asian and Pacific Islander Advisory Committe Dec. 1988 Report
1900.6040 Article Two Japanese Americans were bound over to the federal grand jury for violating the curfew order. Japs Bound Over In Curfew Case 05/00/42
1900.6041 Article A white man and his Japanese wife faced the prospects of separation when the wife and their daughter were expected to be evacuated. Their daughter is a University of Washington senior and is scheduled for graduation when she received an exemption from evacuation, but now the exemption has been canceled. A photo showed the father and daughter. Man, Japanese Wife, Daughter May Be Parted 05/00/42 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.6042 Document Mrs. Dixie Iseri was shown registering Miss Tomiko Miyaoka in Kent, WA in a photograph prior to evacuation of all Japanese from the area. Volunteer Aids Evacuees 05/00/42
1900.6043 Article Japanese farmers in King County were registering in preparation for evacuation as the Farm Security Administration continued its program of transferring the farms to white and Filipino farmers. Kent, WA was outside the registration area, but Mrs. Kisa Iseri of Kent was preparing her family for the eventual evacuation. Farms Sign For Evacuation 05/00/42
1900.6044 Article An article in The Saturday Evening Post told of the problems of the Japanese who were to be removed from California and the effect the vacancy of their farms will have on the state's economy. Especially in the Salinas Valley, they dominate in certain crops, but white farmers seemed to welcome their disappearance. Moving inland was explored by the Japanese farmers, but total evacuation was inevitable because safety and security of the West Coast was the overriding issue. The People Nobody Wants Taylor, Frank J. 05/02/42 Saturday Evening Post
1900.6045 Article A Japanese American University of Washington student, Gordon K. Hirabayashi, was arrested and held in the King County jail for refusing to evacuate along with other Japanese and Japanese Ameicans who are prohibited from being in Seattle. Jap Evacuation Violator Jailed 05/00/42
1900.6046 Article The state highway department mowed down a field of turnips left by a Japanese family that had evcuated after some people had expressed concern that the yellowing plants' flowers were being used as a guide to the Sand Point Naval Air Station. Possible Jap Plot Nipped In the Bud 05/00/42
1900.6047 Article Thomas Masuda, a local Japanese American attorney on trial for being an unregistered agent of Japan, revealed that he had received a $200 gift from the Japanese consul for services rendered. He said he assisted the consulate on legislative matters. Consul's $200 'Gift' Accepted 05/00/42
1900.6048 Article The last remaining Japanese in Seattle were asked to register and prepare for evacuation to the Puyallup Assembly Center, while those in rural Pierce County were also scheduled to register in preparation for eventual evacuation. Two maps showed the areas affected. All Japs Will Quit Seattle By Saturday Bermann, R.B. 05/10/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6049 Document A copy of a letter written by a Japanese alien Mr. Tasuo Takno to Mr. Win, a Federal Reserve Bank officer asking for help in recovering some missing items. (The English was quite garbled so it was not quite possible to understand.) Takano, Tatsuo 05/12/42
1900.605 Employment Opportunities Center Project Pioneer: Employment Services for Indo - Chinese Refugees Kihara July 31, 1976 Report
1900.6050 Document Gordon K. Hirayabshi revealed in his letter why he could not obey the evacuation order sending persons of Japanese ancestry into internment camps. He cited constitutional and Bill of Rights guarantees as his authority for resisting the evacuation. Why I refused to register for evacuation Hirabayashi, Gordon K. 05/13/42
1900.6051 Article A recopying of an article from the Seatte Times reported on Gordon K. Hirabayashi's stand as a conscientious objector and his refusal to obey the evacuation order. 05/20/42 Seattle Times
1900.6052 Document Bill Marutani, a student at the University of Washington, wrote an open letter to a Mrs. Williams reminding her that many Japanese in this country are Americans and that they are like just any other Americans except for their physical appearance. Marutani, Bill 05/12/42
1900.6053 Article The last remaining areas of the Puget Sound corridor still having Japanese residents were soon to be emptied of them as new exclusion orders were put into effect. Japanese residents of southwestern King County, western Pierce County and Kitsap County were ordered to register for eventual evacuation. More Japanese Get Evacuation Orders in New DeWitt Action Bermann, R.B. 05/13/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6054 Article The trial of Japanese Americn attorney Thomas Masuda was nearing an end after Masuda finished his testimony. He had been accused of being an agent of Japan without registering with the state department. Masuda Takes Stand As Case Nears Jury 05/00/42
1900.6055 Article With the evacuation of Japanese from the Puget Sound area, a suggestion was made that (native) Indian labor from British Columbia be used to make up for the labor shortage. More Indian Labor Sought 0500/42
1900.6056 Article Evacuation of the remaining Japanese in the city began,and the city was soon to be empty of all Japanese who used to live in Seattle. Two days of convoys were to send the people to the Puyallup Assembly Center. Evacuation of Remaining Japs To Begin 05/00/42
1900.6057 Article A riot ensued at a prison at the Immigration Building in Vancouver, Canada after the Japanees inmates broke windows and turned on a hose. They were protesting the taking away of the privilege of talking to their wives and friends who visited them. Guards Quell Vancouver Jap Riot 05/14/42
1900.6058 Article Mike Masaoka, national secretary and field executive of the Japanese American Citizens League, praised the country's handling of the evacuation of Japanese residents and said it was "fair, reasonable and tolerant." Jap-U.S. Leader Praises Fairness Of Evacuation 05/14/42
1900.6059 Article The Tolan national defense migration committee criticized the handling of evacuees' property and said that selling the items was not a good idea when they might need these things in the future. It urged that Congress extend the war damage insurance act to protect the property. Jap Property Handling Criticized 05/14/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.606 Employment Opportunities for Vietnamese Refugees Resettling in the State of Washington Supplemental Proposal : Project Pioneer Shigaki Oct. 6, 1975 Report
1900.6060 Article Oregon's Japanese in the northwest corner of the state were all expected to be evacuated before Seattle's Japanese were. However, some of the evacuees in Oregon were to be allowed to harvest sugar beets in the southeastern part of the state because of a severe labor shortage. Oregon Japs Ordered Out 05/00/42
1900.6061 Article Thomas S. Masuda, local Japanese American attorney, was acquitted of being an unregistered agent of the Japanese government by a jury. Masuda Wins Acquittal On Agent Charge 05/00/52
1900.6062 Article A number of Japanese American students at the University of Washington were admitted to honor societies on campus at a convocation ceremony held on campus. 524 Scholastic Awards Made To Outstanding U.W. Students 05/14/42
1900.6063 Document A document written by Caleb Foote for the organizatin F.O.R. tells of the comparison between how Germany and Austria treated its Jewish citizens and how the U.S.treated its Japanese American citizens and what people could do to help. Japanese Evacuation Shows Totalitarian Trends Foote, Caleb 05/20/42
1900.6064 Article The trial of C.T. Takahashi, a Japanese Ameican exporter/importer, revealed that his telephone bill to Japan amounted to $1,000 a month and that he had made a contract to send to send three 80,000 gals. tanks to Japan; but with the ban on sending war materials to Japan, he was planning to send them to China with the ultimate destination to be Japan. Jap Exporter Goes On Trial In U.S. Court 05/00/42
1900.6065 Article Jimmy Sakamoto, the publisher of the Japanese American Courier, expressed gratitude and appreciation to the American public for their kindness and said that since it was war, he and others were willing to make the sacrifices the government asked for. Nisei Farewell Sakamoto, James Y. 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6066 Article Japanese cherry trees in Denny Park had been cut down, probably in protest against the fact that Japan attacked the U.S. Still, the park's caretaker and a police office were puzzled over the vandalism. Jap Cherry Tress Chopped Down 05/00/42
1900.6067 Article The remaining areas of King County still having Japanese residents were soon to be evacuated and sent to Pindedale, CA. Also, the farms that were being left behind were being transferred to other farmers. Japs In Rural Areas Sign Up 05/00/42
1900.6068 Article The ramining Japanese in King County were ordered to leave and those still in Seattle were to be evacuated to complete the removal of all Seattle Japanese. All Remaining Japs In County Must Leave 05/00l/42
1900.6069 Document A picture shows two men in a Canadian interment camp standing in front of what is called a Mess Hall, or a dining area. Enemies 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.607 Social Service Program to Compliment Project Pioneer Asian Counseling and Referral Service June 25, 1975 Report
1900.6070 Article Bill Hosokawa, Seattle Japanese American journalist, expressed the thoughts and feelings of an internee incarcerated at the Puyallup Assembly Center for one of Seattle's metropolitan dailies. Japanese Evacuee Tells His Own Story Hosokawa, Bill 05/00/42
1900.6071 Article A column by syndicated columnist Westbrook Pegler criticizes the Negro press for questioning the evacuation of Japanese from the West Coast as an example of racism. Pegler asks what they would have the U.S. government do. Negro Press Discusses Jap Evacuation Pegler, Westbrook 05/18/42
1900.6072 Article A person who resides in Hawaii gave his views on what happened during and after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. (Unfortunately the article was cut off and the rest of it was not included.) The Hawaiian Scene Thacker, Earl M. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6073 Article Bainbridge Island Japanese have formed baseball teams at the Manzanar camp in the Owens Valley. The girls team had a recent ballgame and lost by a huge margin to a team from Los Angeles. Evacuees Form Basseball Loop 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6074 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer made a recommendation for a canal from Puget Sound to the Columbia River to be built by interned Japanese. Japanese Canal Plan Wilson, James M. 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6075 Article A Japanese man in Los Angeles hanged himself leaving a note indicating he was ashamed at what Japan did, and this was a way of atoning. Jap Was Ashamed So He Ended Life 05/23/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6076 Article 477 acres of farmland were entrusted to Western Farm and Produce, Inc. when it received a loan from the Wartime Civil Control Administration to continue farm operations in Bellevue. The area had been one of the major producers of vegetables for the Seattle area. Jap Bellevue Farms Bought 05/00/42
1900.6077 Article Testimony was made at the trial of Charles Takahashi and Edward Osawa that a Chinese importer/exporter was used to send storage tanks to Shanghai and that these tanks' eventual destination was Japan. The men were accused of using a subterfuge to get these tanks to Japan in violation of U.S. laws forbidding strategic items being traded to Japan. Chinese Takes Stand In Trial Of Japs Here 05/00/42
1900.6078 Article Japanese Americans sent communication to the Seattle City Council reaffirming their loyalty to the U.S. and thanked the people of the city for all that they had done for them during this trying period. Evacuated Japs Reaffirm U.S. Oath 05/00/42
1900.6079 Article The jury was deliberating a verdict in the trial of Charles T. Takahashi and Edward Osawa as the attorneys made their closing arguments. The men were on trial for trying to send storage tanks to Japan by first sending them to Shanghai in order to get around the ban of trading strategic material to Japan. Fates Of 2 Japs Now In Hands Of Jurymen 05/00/42
1900.608 Northwest Asian American Studies Research Group Asians in the Northwest: An Annotated Bibliography Yoshitomi Sep. 1978
1900.6080 Article San Francisco at one time tried to segregate Japanese students in the city, but the Japanese government protested that this was a violation of a treaty, so the city relented. Japanese students now attend the same schools as the rest of the children and also attend private Japanese language schools for two hours a day. 05/00/42
1900.6081 Document The American Friends Service Committee was asked by the War Relocation Authority to take charge of a program to get Japanese American students who want to go to college to transfer to institutions outside the prohibited zone. Japanese Student Relocation 05/00/42
1900.6082 Document Milton Eisenhower, the director of the War Relocation Authority, wrote a letter to Clarence E. Pickett of the Americn Friends Service Committee to formulate a plan for getting Japanese American college age students to transfer from the camps to institutions outside the West Coast. A Letter from the War Relocation Authority Eisenhower, Milton S. 05/05/42
1900.6083 Document A letter from John J. McCloy, assistant secretary of war, to Clarence E. Pickett of the American Friends Service committee expressed McCloy's approval of getting Japanese American students in the camps to transfer to colleges and universities outside the West Coast. A letter from the Assistant Secretary of War McCloy, John J. 05/21/42
1900.6084 Document An essay by Thomas R. Bodien highlights tht evacuation, its causes, and its attendant problems and questions whether justice prevailed and what will happen to those sent to the camps. The Japanese Displacement Bodine, Thomas R. 05./00/42
1900.6085 Article The top ten graduating students in June 1942 from Seattle's nine high schools were listed, and 15 were of Japanese descent, although they had already been evacuated and would not participate in the graduation ceremonies but would be listed in the graduation programs. Seattle High Schools List Honor Graduates Steward, Anne 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6086 Article A court proceeding was to begin for Gordon K. Hirabayashi who refused to comply with the order to evacuate along with other persons of Japanese descent. His claim was based on his denial of due process which was his right as a citizen. Jap Evacuation Order Faces Test In Court 05/00/42
1900.6087 Article A Japanese American student already evacuated was the winner of a poster contest sponsored by the Seattle Traffic and Safety Council and United Commercial Travelers. Young Jap Evacuee Wins Poster Contest 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6088 Article A jury deliberated on the trial of Charles T. Takahashi and Edward Y. Osawa, who were accused of attempting to send storage tanks to China but whose ultimate destination was said to be Japan. They tried to get an export license for this in violation of an embargo of such items to Japan. Hung Jury In Jap Case Dismissed 05/24/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6089 Article The Big Horn region of Wyoming will be the site of an intenment camp of 10,000 Japanese from the West Coast, according to Karl R. Bendetsen of the Western Defense Command. Wyoming to Get 10,000 Coast Japs 05/24/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.609 Filipinos for Affirmative Action: Annual Report June 30, 1991
1900.6090 Article Fourteen counties in Washington and 24 counties in Oregon were to be emptied of all Japanese residents by June 3, the deadline for the total evacuation. Control stations were set up in centers of Japanese population to register the reamining Japanese in Washington state. June 3 To See All Japs Out Of 14 Counties 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6091 Article A sheriff in Deschutes County in Oregon was posting orders for all Japanese to evacuate the county by June 3 although there are no Japanese residents in the county. No Japanese But 'Orders is Orders' 05/27/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6092 Article Internees at the Puyallup Assembly Center, called Camp Harmony, were settling down to try to make their living quarters as livable as possible by adding touches of what they used to have at home. Dental service, a newspaper, church choirs, etc. were some of the things available at the camp. Two photographs, one showing an evacuee's room and another of people lining up for a meal, accompanied the article. Camp Harmony Japs Living Up to Name Berman, R.B. 05/25/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6093 Article Three Seattle area girls were reported missing, and one of them from Algona was thought to have left her home to see her Japanese American friends who had been evacuated since she was reported missing the same day of the evacuation. Police Seek 3 Missing Girls 05/00/42
1900.6094 Document A representative from the Fellowship of Reconciliation told of the group's sending recordings to the Puyallup Assembly Center and of the positive response they received. They urged others to do the same to help make life a bit more pleasant in the camp. An addendum asked for arts and crafts supplies. Regarding Recorded Music For Assembly And Reception Centers Spencer, Roger 05/29/42
1900.6095 Document A copy of a photograph shows five women inspecting an issue of the Camp Harmony News Letter. First Edition 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6096 Document A copy of a photograph shows Clarence Arai kneeling to plant some vegetables near his living quarters at the Puyallup Assembly Center. Victory Garden 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6097 Document A copy of a newspaper photograph shows the mess hall at the Puyallup Assembly Center in the midst of preparing a meal. No Food Shortage 05/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6098 Article The Wartime Civil Control Administration announced that its work to transfer the evacuated Japanese's farmlands to other farmers was now complete, and that there would be no interruption of farm production in King and Pierce Counties. Jap Farm Output To Continue 05/29/42
1900.6099 Article The remaining Japanese in the Kittitas, Yakima, Klickitat, Benton and part of Chelan and Okanogan Counties were to prepare for evacuation by registering at Civil Control stations. Inland Japs Ordered Out 05/00/42
1900.610 Settling In 2: A Competency Based Curriculum for U.S. Cultural Orientation Shapiro 1985
1900.6100 Article A man who had comitted suicide in Los Angeles and left a note expressing regret was not Japanese but Chinese, it was learned from the police who had fingerprints identifying the man. Chinese Embarrasses Japs With His Suicide Message 05/27/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6101 Article A suggestion was made by the Wash. State Democratic chairman that Japanese and well-behaved convicts be allowed to work in the lumber industry but was rejected by the Congress of Industrial Organization and the International Woodworkers' Association as dangerous and impractical. Proposal That Japs Aid Lumbermen Hit 05/31/42
1900.6102 Article Japanese American graduating students at Puyallup High School--four girls and a boy--received their diplomas at the school's regular commencement after they were allowed to leave the Puyallup Assembly Center to participlate in the ceremonies. No such privileges were given to Seattle Japanese American students who will just be listed in the schools' commencement programs. 5 Jap Graduates At Exercises 05/30/42
1900.6103 Article Japanese Americans who have never lived or attended school in Japan will be allowed to leave the relocation centers for jobs if they have a definite offer outside the Western Defense Command. Rule on Japs' Jobs Outside Camps 08/01/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6104 Article A satirical letter to the editor by a Japanese American internee at the Puyallup Assembly Center spoke in jest of the treatment he was receiving and that he was in "agreement" with what was happening to him. Satire Hiroshige, K. 08/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.6105 Article A cache of dynamite, poisons and other chemicals, and photographs of military installations and oil fields was found on vacated farmhouses that Japanese farmers had previously occupied. Jap Sabotage Caches Found/Dynamite, Poisons Found on Jap Farms (Title of same Times article as previous P-I article.) 08/06/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer/Seattle Times
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