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Wing Luke Museum
2003.500.3227 Book In recent years the popular media have described Vietnamese Americans as representatives of the quintessentially American immigrant success story, attributing their accomplishments to the values they learn in the traditional, stable, hierarchical confines of their families. Questioning the accuracy of such family portrayals, Nazli Kibria draws on in-depth interviews and participant-observation with Vietnamese immigrants in Philadelphia to show how they construct their family lives in response to the social and economic challenges posed by migration and resettlement. To a surprising extent, the "traditional" family unit rarely exists, and its hierarchical organization has been greatly altered by conditions of greater relative equality in the resources that women, men, and children bring to their family life. Kibria offers a highly nuanced depiction of the gender and generational conflicts and divisions produced by these changes, and explores how this tension shapes both relations within families and strategies for dealing with life outside families. The author reveals that conflict, consensus-building, and accommodation all play a role in guiding immigrant families through transition, and that households with the greatest internal variety seem to be more successful in taking advantage of economic opportunities in the United States. Family Tightrope: The Changing Lives of Vietnamese Americans Kibria, Nazli 1993 Princeton University Press
2003.500.3228 Book Spirit of Jang-In: Treasures of Korean Metal Craft 2011 Powerhouse Museum
2003.500.3229 Book Government of Guam, 1981-1995: An Information Source Wang, Chih 1997 Micronesian Area Research Center
2003.500.323 Guam History: Perspectives, Volume One Carter, ed., Lee D. 1991 Micronesia Area Research Center
2003.500.3230 Book Making Scenes: Reggae, Punk, and Death Metal in 1990s Bali Baulch, Emma 2007 Duke University Press
2003.500.3231 Book Padju Epat: The Ma'anyan of Indonesian Borneo Hudson, A. B. 1972 Holt, Rinehart and Wintston, Inc.
2003.500.3232 Book Indonesia Oey, Eric, ed. 1988 APA Publications
2003.500.3233 Book Indonesia: A Reference Guide ? Garuda Indonesian Airways
2003.500.3234 Book The Semai: A Nonviolent People of Malaya Dentan, Robert Knox 1968 Holt, Rinehart and Winston
2003.500.3235 Book In a Corner of Asia: Being Tales and Impressions of Men and Things in the Malay Peninsula Clifford, Hugh 1926 Robert M. McBride and Company
2003.500.3236 Book Modern Indonesian Art: Three Generations of Tradition and Change, 1945-1990 Fisher, Joseph, ed. 1990 Panitia Pameran
2003.500.3237 Book Early Indonesian Textiles from Three Island Cultures: Sumba, Toraja, Lampung Holmgren, Robert J., and Anita E. Spertus 1989 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
2003.500.3238 Book Rescue from Shangri-La Imparato, Edward T. 1997 Turner Publishing Company
2003.500.3239 Book Nusantara: Museum and Its Founder Andrzej Wawrzyniak Waligora, Edward 1975 Ethnographical Museum
2003.500.324 Book Architectural Sketches of the Spanish Era Forts of Guam Driver, Marjorie G., and Omaira Brunal-Perry 1994 Micronesia Area Research Center
2003.500.3240 Book Dead Season: A Story of Murder and Revenge on the Philippine Island of Negros Berlow, Alan 1996 Pantheon Books
2003.500.3241 Book Emigrants, Entrepreneurs, and Evil Spirits: Life in a Philippine Village Griffiths, Stephen 1988 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3242 Booklet P.I. (Made in America): Filipino American Artists in the Pacific Northwest, May 1 - September 6, 1998 1998 Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.3243 Booklet A History and Description of the Bainbridge Island Filipino American Community Hall, Kitsap County, Washington 1994 Fil-Am Community of BI and Vicinity
2003.500.3244 Book The Well of Time: Eighteen Short Stories from Philippine Contemporary Literature Laygo, Teresito M. 1978 Asian American Bilingual Center
2003.500.3245 Book Doctrina Christiana: The First Book Printed in the Philippines, Manila, 1593. A facsimile of the copy in the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection, Library of Congress, Washington 1947 Library of Congress
2003.500.3246 Booklet Igorot Mining Methods Wilson, Laurence L. 1932 L.L. Wilson
2003.500.3247 Book Confrontations, Crossings, and Convergence: Photographs of the Philippines and the United States, 1898-1998 de la Cruz, Enrique B., and Pearlie Rose S. Baluyut, eds 1998 UCLA Asian American Studies Center
2003.500.3248 Book A Century of Puget Sound Nikkei History Mochizuki, Ken 2012 Japanese American Citizens League
2003.500.3249 Book Conversations with Traditions: Nilima Sheikh and Shahzia Sikander Desai, Vishakha N. 2001 Asia Society
2003.500.325 Book Smithsonian Opportunities for Research and Study in History, Art, Science Smithsonian Institution 1998 Smithsonian Institution Press
2003.500.3250 Book Indian Art Mitter, Partha 2001 Oxford University Press
2003.500.3251 Book The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook Miller, Gloria Bley 1988 Crown Publishers
2003.500.3252 Book A Festival of Lights: Photographs of India at Night Foster, Giraud 2001 Man and Lion Press
2003.500.3253 Book Thailand: Seven Days in the Kingdom Warren, William 1987 Times Edition
2003.500.3254 Book From Exiles to Immigrants: The Refugees from Southeast Asia Takaki, Ronald 1995 Chelsea House Publishers
2003.500.3255 Book Although she cannot speak or hear, Lotus trains as a Khmer court dancer and becomes eloquent in dancing out the legends of the gods. Silent Lotus Lee, Jeanne M. 1991 Farrar, Straus and Giroux
2003.500.3256 Book In the late 1970s twelve-year-old Dara joins a refugee camp in war-torn Cambodia and becomes separated from her family. The Clay Marble Ho, Minfong 1993 Farrar, Straus and Giroux
2003.500.3257 Book Having fled Cambodia four years earlier to escape the Khmer Rouge army, seventeen-year-old Sundara is torn between remaining faithful to her own people and enjoying life in her Oregon high school as a "regular" American. Children of the River Crew, Linda 1989 Dell Publishing Co.
2003.500.3258 Book Discusses the geography, history, people, and culture of the only landlocked country of the Indochinese peninsula. Laos Diamond, Judith 1989 Childrens Press
2003.500.3259 Book An introduction to the only landlocked occupant of the Indochinese peninsula. Laos Jacobsen, Karen 1991 Childrens Press
2003.500.326 Book Reminiscing in Swingtime: Japanese Americans in American Popular Music Yoshida, George 1997 National Japanese American Historical Society
2003.500.3260 Book Introduces the history, land, people, religion, and culture of this exotic country in Southeast Asia. Thailand Jacobsen, Karen 1989 Childrens Press
2003.500.3261 Book An introduction to the history, land, people, government, economy, and culture of the southeast Asian country once known as Siam. Thailand in Pictures 1989 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.3262 Book Photographs and text describe the life and culture of a family living in Pa Bong, a village in northern Thailand. A Family in Thailand Thomson, Ruth 1988 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.3263 Book Eight Vietnamese folktales include an Oriental Cinderella tale and a legend explaining why all the crows seem to vanish from Vietnam during the month of Ngau. The Beggar in the Blanket and Other Vietnamese Tales Graham, Gail B. 1970 The Dial Press
2003.500.3264 Book Folk Tales from Vietnam Monigold, Glenn W. 1964 The Peter Pauper Press
2003.500.3265 Book A collection of poetic legends which reveal the basic beliefs and quality of the Vietnamese people. Land of Seagull and Fox: Folk Tales of Vietnam Sun, Ruth Q. 1967 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2003.500.3266 Book Thirteen-year-old Mai and her family embark on a dangerous sea voyage from Vietnam to Hong Kong to escape the unpredictable and often brutal Vietnamese government. Goodbye, Vietnam Whelan, Gloria 1993 Random House
2003.500.3267 Book Eight tales sent by letter from a Saigon war refugee to his foster mother in the United States. Talking animals, spirits of the mountains and the sea, and fairies tell of the origins of the country and explain seasonal occurrences such as the monsoons. Fairy Tales from Viet Nam Robertson, Dorothy Lewis 1968 Dodd, Mead and Company
2003.500.3268 Book Explores the geography, history, people, and culture of Vietnam. Vietnam Jacobsen, Karen 1992 Childrens Press
2003.500.3269 Book A young Vietnamese girl visiting the graves of her ancestors finds the old gravekeeper frightening until a severe storm reveals to her the old woman's kindness. Ba-Nam Lee, Jeanne M. 1987 Henry Holt and Company Inc.
2003.500.327 Book The Korean Relics in Japan: 1. Nippon Mingeikan 1993 Korea Foundation
2003.500.3270 Book Surveys Vietnamese immigration to the United States and discusses the contributions made by Vietnamese to various areas of American life. The Vietnamese in America Rutledge, Paul 1987 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.3271 Book A collection of five Vietnamese fairy tales, including "Little Finger of the Watermelon Patch" and "The Lampstand Princess." The Brocaded Slipper and Other Vietnamese Tales Vuong, Lynette Dyer 1982 HarperCollins
2003.500.3272 Book When a Vietnamese boy breaks his family's Gia Truyen, a teapot which houses May Man, the good spirit, he tries to repair the damage in order to keep away evil spirits and bad fortune. Hoang Breaks the Lucky Teapot Breckler, Rosemary K. 1992 Houghton Mifflin Company
2003.500.3273 Book With the help of her grandmother and the first snow she has ever seen, a little Vietnamese girl begins to understand how death can be accepted as a natural part of life. First Snow Coutant, Helen 1974 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.3274 Book A young Vietnamese American girl describes her family and school life, Saturday activities, and celebration of TET, the Vietnamese New Year. Lee Ann: The Story of a Vietnamese-American Girl Brown, Tricia 1991 G.P. Putnam's Sons
2003.500.3275 Book Shunned and mistreated because of her mixed heritage and determined to avoid an arranged marriage, seventeen-year-old Loi runs away to Ho Chi Minh City with the hope that she and the boy she loves will be able to go to the United States to find her American father. Song of the Buffalo Boy Garland, Sherry 1992 Harcourt Brace and Company
2003.500.3276 Book A twelve-year-old Vietnamese boy relates his experiences as he tries to adjust to his new life in the United States with his mother and American marine stepfather. My Name Is San Ho Pettit, Jayne 1992 Scholastic Inc.
2003.500.3277 Book The author describes his close relationship to two water buffalo that were part of his family when he was growing up in a village in the central highlands of Vietnam. Water Buffalo Days: Growing Up in Vietnam Huynh, Quang Nhuong 1997 HarperCollins
2003.500.3278 Book Determined in her effort to play basketball, a young Afro-American girl gives it one more shot with the support of a special friend. Allie's Basketball Dream Barber, Barbara E. 1996 Lee and Low Books, Inc.
2003.500.3279 Book Recounts the exeriences of Filipino immigrants. In the Heart of Filipino America: Immigrants from the Pacific Isles Takaki, Ronald 1995 Chelsea House Publishers
2003.500.328 Book Pilipino America at the Crossroads - 100 Years of United States-Philippines Relations: A Selected, Partially Annotated Bibliography of Materials at UCLA Ebio, Raul, 1998 UCLA Asian American Studies Center
2003.500.3280 Book Nene, a Filipino American girl, confronts the minority myth that all Asians excel at mathematics, and, in doing so, overcomes her own fears. Nene and the Horrible Math Monster Villanueva, Marie 1993 Polychrome Publishing
2003.500.3281 Book Pagdiriwang 2: Stories of Filipino Rites and Rituals Mercado, Monina A. 1975 Philippine Appliance Corporation
2003.500.3282 Book Filipino Rites and Rituals 1974 Philippine Appliance Corporation
2003.500.3283 Book Filipino Myths and Legends 1973 Philippine Appliance Corporation
2003.500.3284 Book The Seven Golden Cities of the Sun Joaquin, Nick 1981 Philippine Appliance Corporation
2003.500.3285 Book Profiles in Achievement Mercado, Monina A. 1977 Philippine Appliance Corporation
2003.500.3286 Book Stories Filipinos Tell Mercado, Monina A. 1976 Philippine Appliance Corporation
2003.500.3287 Book Filipino Arts and Crafts Mercado, Monina A. 1980 Philippine Appliance Corporation
2003.500.3288 Book Games Filipino Children Play Mercado, Monina A. 1978 Philippine Appliance Corporation
2003.500.3289 Book Discusses the history, culture, and religion of the Filipinos, factors encouraging their emigration, and their acceptance as an ethnic group in North America. The Filipino Americans Stern, Jennifer 1989 Chelsea House Publishers
2003.500.329 Booklet Self published Story of a Japanese American Family which farmed on Kitsap Peninsula before intenment. Were interned at Tule Lake and Heart Mountain. The Story of My Life Fukuzawa, Jun 1998 Jun Fukuzawa
2003.500.3290 Book Introduces the land, history, people, economy, and government of the more than seven thousand islands comprising the Philippines. Philippines in Pictures 1991 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.3291 Book Great Filipino Battles Mercado, Monina A. 1979 Philippine Appliance Corporation
2003.500.3292 Book A young Vietnamese girl saves a lotus seed and carries it with her everywhere to remember a brave emperor and the homeland that she has to flee. The Lotus Seed Garland, Sherry 1993 Harcourt Brace and Company
2003.500.3293 Book Indonesia in Pictures 1990 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.3294 Book Photographs and text introduce the geography, history, government, society, and economy of this diverse nation. India in Pictures 1989 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.3295 Book An introduction to the land and people of India accompanied by instructions on how to read and pronounce the numbers one through ten in Hindi. Count Your Way through India Haskins, Jim 1990 Carolrhoda Books, Inc.
2003.500.3296 Book Ten-year-old Sakina talks about her life in a northern Indian village. A Family in India Tigwell, Tony 1985 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.3297 Book Based on true events in India in the 1970s, young Aani and the other women in her village defend their forest from developers by wrapping their arms around the trees, making it impossible to cut them down. Aani and the Tree Huggers Atkins, Jeannine 1995 Lee and Low Books, Inc.
2003.500.3298 Book An East Indian boy encounters frustration in school when he is told that his name, Ashok, is difficult to pronounce. Ashok by Any Other Name Yamate, Sandra S. 1992 Polychrome Publishing
2003.500.3299 Book Recently immigrated from India, Gita is looking forward to celebrating her favorite holiday, Divali, a festival of lights, but things are so different in her new home that she wonders if she will ever adjust. Lights for Gita Gilmore, Rachna 1994 Tilbury House Publishers
2003.500.330 Book Recently arrived in Seattle from China, musically untalented Yingtao is faced with giving a violin performance to attract new students for his father when he would rather be working on friendships and playing baseball. Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear Namioka, Lensey 1992 Bantam Books
2003.500.3300 Book Raising Cane: The World of Plantation Hawaii Takaki, Ronald 1994 Chelsea House Publishers
2003.500.3301 Book A boy gets help from a magical friend to compete in a sumo wrestling exhibition in this Hawaiian version of Cinderella. Sumorella: A Hawai'i Cinderella Story Takayama, Sandi 1997 The Bess Press
2003.500.3302 Book Using his knowledge of the sea and stars, Vahi-roa the navigator guides a group of Tahitians aboard a great canoe to the unknown islands of Hawaii. To Find the Way Nunes, Susan 1992 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3303 Book A collection of twelve Hawaiian tales about island men who became tricksters in order to survive and others who became riddlers in order to win a place in their society. Hawaiian Legends of Tricksters and Riddlers Thompson, Vivian L. 1990 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3304 Book Poems, songs, and illustrations depict the ancient customs and beliefs of the people of Tibet. Tibetan Fantasies Govinda, Li Gotami 1976 Dharma Publishing
2003.500.3305 Book Pictorial History of the Japanese in Hawai'i, 1885-1924 Odo, Franklin 1985 Bishop Museum Press
2003.500.3306 Book Asian-Americans in Hawaii: Selected Readings - Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Okinawans Young, Nancy Foon 1975 University of Hawaii
2003.500.3307 Book The Choy of Cooking: Sam Choy's Island Cuisine Choy, Sam 1996 Mutual Publishing
2003.500.3308 Book A Legacy of Diversity: Contributions of the Hawaiians, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Puerto Ricans, Koreans, Filipinos and Samoans in Hawaii 1975 University of Hawaii
2003.500.3309 Book With Obligation to All Ariyoshi, George R. 1997 Ariyoshi Foundation
2003.500.331 Book His Fathfulness to All Generations: Seattle Chinese Baptist Church Centennial 1896 - 1996 1996 Seattle Chinese Baptist Church
2003.500.3310 Book Ultimate Shopper: A Local's Handbook to O'ahu's Most Unique Shopping" 1998 The Bess Press
2003.500.3311 Book Every Grain of Rice: Portraits of Maui's Japanese Community Goldman, Rita 2003 The Donning Company Publishers
2003.500.3312 Journal No. 73, Spring 1998 (2 copies) Bamboo Ridge: A Hawai'i Writers Journal Bamboo Ridge Press
2003.500.3313 Book Writer Paul de Barros documents this vibrant scene and weaves into the story the reminiscences of those who knew it best, including Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, and Ernestine Anderson. Rare vintage photographs and contemporary duotone portraits by Eduardo Calderon complete the tribute to the legacy of Jackson Street. Jackson Street After Hours: The Roots of Jazz in Seattle De Barros, Paul 1994 Sasquatch Books
2003.500.3314 Book Presents the basic tenets of these three Asian religions and discusses the religious history and experience of their practitioners after immigration to the United States. Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs in America Mann, Gurinder Singh 2001 Oxford University Press
2003.500.3315 Book Hindu and Sikh: Faiths in America Harley, Gail M. 2003 Facts on File
2003.500.3316 Book The Tea Book of Li Doyle, Michael 1975
2003.500.3317 Book essence of Taoism , which have for 2,500 years provided one of the major underlying influences in chinese thought and culture, Tao Te Ching Lao Tsu 1987 Penguin Books
2003.500.3318 Book With its origins in ancient India, Buddhism is a system of thought that has enriched the religious lives of billions -- and in more recent times, swept through the Western world as well. Now anyone who wants to learn more about Buddhism can go directly to the source, with this collection of original documents -- edited, with commentary, by a Cornell University professor of philosophy. The Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha Burtt, E.A., ed. 1955 The New American Library
2003.500.3319 Booklet Auction catalogue from Singapore The Path to Enlightenment: Buddhist Art Through the Ages 1997 Spink and Son
2003.500.332 Book The View from Within: Japanese American Art From the Internment Camps, 1942-1945 Higa, Karin M. 1994 Japanese American National Museum
2003.500.3320 Book Meeting Faith: The Forest Journals of a Black Buddhist Nun Adiele, Faith 2004 W.W. Norton and Co.
2003.500.3321 Book The Buddhist Tradition in India, China and Japan De Bary, Wm. Theodore, ed. 1972 Random House
2003.500.3322 Book Sayings of Buddha 1957 The Peter Pauper Press
2003.500.3323 Book Buddhism: Its Essence and Development Conze, Edward 1959 Harper and Row
2003.500.3324 Book An Outline of Buddhism Tsuji, Takashi 1954 Eastern Canada Buddhist Publications
2003.500.3325 Book The Zen Fool Ryokan Kodama, Misao and Hikosaku Yanagishima 1999 Charles E. Tuttle Co.
2003.500.3326 Book Song of the Snow Lion Stewart, Frank 2000 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3327 Book The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms Stronge, Susan, ed. 1999 Weatherhill
2003.500.3328 Book A History of the SIkhs of Victoria BC - Book One Wirk, Manmohan Singh 2005 First Choice Books
2003.500.3329 Book The Global Indian: The Rise of Sikhs Abroad Singh, Gurmukh 2003 Rupa and Co.
2003.500.333 Book On the eve of World War II, young Emi Okada gives up her baby for adoption, but her mother finds the boy and brings him home. "This crucial event ... dramatically alters the lives of Emi's parents, siblings, and, later, her children. Betrayals and secrets tear apart a family that is already struggling with assimilation, intergenerational conflict, and war." Why She Left Us Rizzuto, Rahna Reiko 1999 HarperCollins
2003.500.3330 Book A Short History of the Sikhs - Volume One (1469-1765) Singh, Teja and Ganda Singh 1994 Punjabi University Press
2003.500.3331 Book The Encyclopaedia of Sikhism - Volume I, A - D Singh, Harbans, ed. 1995 Punjabi University
2003.500.3332 Book Essential Zen Tanahashi, Kazuaki and Tensho David Schneider, eds 1996 Castle Books
2003.500.3333 Book essence of Taoism , which have for 2,500 years provided one of the major underlying influences in chinese thought and culture, Tao Te Ching Lao Tsu 1972 Random House
2003.500.3334 Book The Heritage of the Sikhs Singh, Harbans 1994 Manohar
2003.500.3335 Book The Sikhs Singh, Patwant 1999 Doubleday
2003.500.3336 Book The Voyage of the Komagata Maru: The Sikh Challenge to Canada's Colour Bar Johnston, Hugh 1989 University of British Columbia Press
2003.500.3337 Book The Nation's Tortured Body: Violence, Representation, and the Formation of a Sikh "Diaspora" Axel, Brian Keith 2001 Duke University Press
2003.500.3338 Book Sikhs and Sikhism: A View with a Bias Singh, I.J. 1997 Manohar Publishers
2003.500.3339 Book A Popular Dictionary of Sikhism Cole, W. Owen, and Piara Singh Sambhi Curzon Press
2003.500.334 15 Seattle Book 1986 Seattle Arts Commission
2003.500.3340 Book Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita: The Song of the Transcendental Soul Chinmoy, Sri 1973 Rudolf Steiner Publications
2003.500.3341 Book Feng Shui Handbook: How to Create a Heathier Living and Working Enivronment Chuen, Lam Kam 1996 Henry Holt and Company
2003.500.3342 Book Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao Chia, Mantak 1983 Aurora Press
2003.500.3343 Book Volumes I to VI The Sikh Religion: Its Gurus, Sacred Writings, and Authors MacAuliffe, Max Arthur 2004 Low Price Publications
2003.500.3344 Book Fighting for Faith and Nation: Dialogues with Sikh Militants Mahmood, Cynthia Keppley 1996 University of Pennsylvania Press
2003.500.3345 Book The Sikhs in History, 2002 Singh, Sangat 2002 Singh Brothers
2003.500.3346 Book The Sikhs: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices Cole, W. Owen, and Piara Singh Sambhi 1985 Routledge and Kegan Paul
2003.500.3347 Book Intimate Immensity: Recent Works by Patti Warashina Warashina, Patti 1996 Fova Galleries
2003.500.3348 Book A Critical Handbook of Japanese Film Directors: From the Silent Era to the Present Day Jacoby, Alexander 2008 Stone Bridge Press
2003.500.3349 Book Lupicia, Fresh Tea: Tea List Lupicia
2003.500.335 Book Rizal Park: Symbol of Filipino Identity: Glimpses of 'Pinoy' Life in the Pacific Northwest Corsilles, D.V., ed. 1983 Magiting Corporation
2003.500.3350 Tape, Video A group led by documentary filmmaker Les Guthman travels up the Mekong River through Vietnam and Cambodia, towards the extinct city of Angkor. Churning the Sea of Time: A Journey Up the Mekong to Angkor Guthman, Les (producer, director, writer), Susan Kleinberg (producer) 2006 XPLR Productions
2003.500.3351 Tape, Video 10 Years of Outdoor Installation Art
2003.500.3352 Tape, Video The Cultural Faces of Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs
2003.500.3353 Tape, Video The performance masterpieces of Taiwanese dance, music, modern theatrical arts, and traditional theatrical arts. Grace and Beauty of the Century Performing Arts in Taiwan 2004 Council for Cultural Affairs
2003.500.3354 Book In Chinese An Old Master Seeking Dreams with His Delicate Hand: National Craftmaster Mr. Tsai Hsin Lin - Best Temple Ceramic Artwork
2003.500.3355 Book Modern China through the Eyes of Tianjin: 100 Firsts 2007
2003.500.3356 Book Beautiful Zhuhai: Album of Post Stamps 2003
2003.500.3357 Book Shanghai: A View of the City 2001
2003.500.3358 Book Regional Powerhouse: The Greater Pearl River Delta and the Rise of China Enright, Michael J., Edith E. Scott, and Ka-mun Chang 2005 John Wiley and Sons
2003.500.3359 Book Dazu Rock Carvings of China 1991 Wan Li Book Co./Chongqing Press
2003.500.336 Book Beyond Heros and Holidays: A Practical Guide to K - 12 Anti-Racist, Multicultural Education and Staff Development Lee, Enid, Deborah Menkart, and Margo Okazawa-Rey, eds 1998 Network of Educators on the Americas
2003.500.3360 Book Linyi, China: Historical Cultural Town, Mountain and Water Town, Commerical and Trade Town 2003 China Photographic Publishing House
2003.500.3361 Book Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, 10th Anniversary 2007 Government Information Services
2003.500.3362 Book Shanghai: The New Millennium 2000 IMCE
2003.500.3363 Book [Chinese Art Work]
2003.500.3364 Book Children's picture book. Iroiro no Hei 1936
2003.500.3365 Book An Illustrated Catalogue of Famous Masterpieces in the Collection of the Nezu Art Museum 1955
2003.500.3366 Book Japanese folk songs. Minyou --Furusato Nihon no Uta-- 1994 Nobara Sha
2003.500.3367 Journal Issue: 96 Idemitsu Museum of Arts Bulletin
2003.500.3368 Book Chinese Art from the Nakagawa Art Museum Nakagawa Korekushon: Chuugoku Toubin no Meihin to Gendai Ega 1995
2003.500.3369 Book Chinese Art Nakagawa Korekushon II: Nihon Chuugoku Kokkou Seijouka 25shuunen kinen 1997
2003.500.337 Book Commemorates the unveiling and dedication of the "Go For Broke" monument to Japanese American soldiers who served during World War II, Los Angeles, Calif., June 5, 1999. The Unveiling of an American Story 1999 100th/442nd/MIS World War II Memorial Foundation
2003.500.3370 Book Chinese Art from the Nakagawa Art Museum Nakagawa Korekushon: Shin no Shicoutei Doushabaten 1997
2003.500.3371 Book Old Karatsu Ware. Furukaratsuyaki Ge Mizumachi, Wasaburou 1973
2003.500.3372 Book A book about Ancient China. Kodai Chuugoku 1968
2003.500.3373 Book A beginner's guide to the different styles and wearing styles of a kimono. Kimono Kitsuke Nyuumon Yamano, Aiko 1980
2003.500.3374 Book A book of Chinese Lacquer Art Chuugoku no Urushi Kougei 1970
2003.500.3375 Book Origami Dolls: Representing Japanese Tradition
2003.500.3376 Book Totsuka Embroidery. Totsuka Shishuu Sakuhinshuu Totsuka Kiku 1980
2003.500.3377 Book Japanese text book. Xiandai Ribenyu Shiyong Yufa Chen, Xinde
2003.500.3378 Book Folk Toys: Appreciation and History Yamanaka, Noboru 1954
2003.500.3379 Book Treasures of Ancient Oriental Art: Special Exhibition in Commemoration of Tokyo Olympics 1964 1964
2003.500.338 Poems of 18th century Chinese woman He Shuang-qing Leaves of Prayer Choy, Elsie 1993 Hong Kong: Chinese University Press
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2003.500.3402 Book [Paintings of Japanese women]
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2003.500.3406 Tape, Video Using music, still photographs, and video footage, this documentary presents an historical record of the fateful day of September 11th. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and other members of his staff, such as Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik and Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen, recall their memories of the day the World Trade Towers were attacked. Many survivors and victim's families are interviewed. In Memoriam: New York City, 9/11/01 Home Box Office (HBO) 2002 Home Box Office (HBO)
2003.500.3407 Tape, Video Examines the pain and anguish that racism has caused in the lives of North American men of Asian, European, Latin and African descent. Out of their confrontations and struggles to understand and trust each other emerges an emotional and insightful portrayal into the type of dialogue most of us fear, but hope will happen sometime in our lifetime. The Color of Fear Lee, Mun Wah (producer, director) 1994 Stir-Fry Productions
2003.500.3408 Tape, Video Tells the stories of the Asian American garment workers whose contributions and struggles made Seattle the outerwear production capital of the world for nearly a century. Includes interviews with many of the women who worked in this industry. If Tired Hands Could Talk: Stories of Asian Garment Workers Gee, Shannon, prod. 2001 Wing Luke Asian Museum
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