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Wing Luke Museum
2003.500.358 Book Forgotten No More: The Korean War Veterans Memorial Story Highsmith, Carol M., and Ted Landphair 1995 Chelsea Publishing
2003.500.3580 Book Taipei Fine Arts Museum Catalog of Collections, 1991-1992 1992 Taipei Fine Arts Museum
2003.500.3581 Book The Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art, 1992 1992 Taipei Fine Arts Museum
2003.500.3582 Book The Art of Yun Gee 1992 Taipei Fine Arts Museum
2003.500.3583 Book The Washington Story: A History of Our State Pelz, Ruth 1977 Seattle Public Schools
2003.500.3584 Book with English translation Masterpieces of Screen Painting: The Fenollosa Collection from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 1991 NHK
2003.500.3585 Book Budo: The Martial Ways of Japan Bennett, Alexander, ed. & trans. 2009 Nippon Budokan Foundation
2003.500.3586 Book Royal Ceramics of Goryeo Dynasty 2009 National Museum of Korea
2003.500.3587 Book History of Art: A Survey of the Major Visual Arts from the Dawn of History to the Present Day Janson, H.W. 1969 Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
2003.500.3588 Book American Dreams: Lost and Found Terkel, Studs 1989 Ballantine Books
2003.500.3589 Book binder full of local articles Local Articles about the Native Hawai'ian Community Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.359 Book Section by Victor Gardaya Impressions of Imagination: Terra-Cotta Seattle 1986 Allied Arts of Seattle
2003.500.3590 Book Describes and tells the stories of thirty Hawaiian gods and goddesses, including Po, Haumea, and Kamapu'a. Akua Hawai'i: Hawaiian Gods and Their Stories Armitage, Kimo 2005 Kamahoi Press
2003.500.3591 Book Kamehameha: The Boy Who Became a Warrior King Crowe, Ellie 2008 Island Heritage Publishing
2003.500.3592 Book Twelve traditional Hawaiian tales record the exploits of heroes with supernatural powers. Hawaiian Tales of Heroes and Champions Thompson, Vivian L. 1986 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3593 Book Hula Girl Mustapha, Gael P. 2000 Island Heritage Publishing
2003.500.3594 Book Surfer Boy Mustapha, Gael P. 2005 Island Heritage Publishing
2003.500.3595 Book Na 'Olelo No'eau No Na Keiki: Words of Wisdom for Children 2006 Island Heritage Publishing
2003.500.3596 Book Recounts how Maui uses his magical powers to slow the path of the sun across the sky, thus allowing crops more time to grow, fishermen more time to fish, and children more time to play. How Maui Slowed the Sun Tune, Suelyn Ching 1988 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3597 Book The life and death of the little cat Kalapana remind us that life is a circle without beginning or end. Kalapana Han, Carolyn Everett 2006 Island Heritage Publishing
2003.500.3598 Book ABC's of Hawai'i Asta, Sharon Lee 2004 Island Heritage Publishing
2003.500.3599 Book After a storm in Waipi'o Valley, young Kapono and his friend discover an injured sea turtle wedged between the rocks. The boys free the turtle and carry it back to sea. But before long, Kapono himself is caught in a frightening storm at sea. How will he be rescued? Kapono and the Turtle Bikle, Edie 2008 Island Heritage Publishing
2003.500.360 Book Hunger of the Heart: Communion at the Wall Powell, Larry 1995 Islewest Publishing
2003.500.3600 Book Explorations!: Ho'omaka'ika'i 2007 Kamehameha Publishing
2003.500.3601 Book Growing up in 1960s Hong Kong, a young girl dreams of becoming a writer in spite of conventional limits placed on her by society and family. Based on the author's childhood. Tofu Quilt Russell, Ching Yeung 2009 Lee and Low Books, Inc.
2003.500.3602 Book Presents chronologically an event to celebrate each day of the year, e.g. January 3, Birthday of J.R.R. Tolkien; May 12, the Cat Festival in Belgium; and October 24, United Nations Day. The Book of Holidays Around the World Van Straalen, Alice 1986 E.P. Dutton and Co.
2003.500.3603 Book Chushingura and the Floating World: The Representation of Kanadehon Chushingura in Ukiyo-e Prints Bell, David 2001 Curzon Press Ltd
2003.500.3604 Book Yellow Terror: The Collections and Paintings of Roger Shimomura Uradomo-Barre, Stacy 2009 Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.3605 Book Filipinos in Puget Sound Cordova, Dorothy Laigo 2009 Arcadia Publishing
2003.500.3606 Book The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook Tanumihardja, Patricia 2009 Sasquatch Books
2003.500.3607 Book In 1948, a 19-year-old Japanese pearl diver is in her fourth season of working hard to perfect the techniques of her age-old occupation. But her dreams of spending her life diving in the waters of the Seto Inland Sea are shattered when she discovers that she has leprosy. The Pearl Diver Talarigo, Jeff 2004 Random House
2003.500.3608 Book This volume is divided into three parts: 'Adaptation and Local Production in East Asia', 'Formats, Clones, and Generic Variations' and 'New Television'. New Television, Globalisation, and the East Asian Cultural Imagination Keane, Michael, Anthony Y.H. Fung, and Albert Moran 2007 Hong Kong University Press
2003.500.3609 Book Entrepreneurial States: Reforming Corporate Governance in France, Japan, and Korea Tiberghien, Yves 2007 Cornell University Press
2003.500.361 Book The Story of Union Station in Seattle Crowley, Walt and Heather Macintosh 1999 Sound Transit
2003.500.3610 Book The Asian in North America Lyman, Stanford M. 1977 ABC-Clio, Inc.
2003.500.3611 Book In this book, Donald Richie offers an insider's look at the achievements of Japanese filmmakers. He begins in the late 1800 when the incipient industry took its inspiration from the traditional stories of Kabuki and Noh theater, and finishes with the latest award-winning dramas showcased at Cannes. In between, Richie explores the roots and uniqueness of Japan's contribution to world cinema, illuminates the careers of Japan's rising stars and celebrated directors, and offers a fascinating view of the strategies and politics of the movie studios themselves. A selective guide in Part Two provides capsule reviews of the major Japanese films available in VHS and DVD formats, as well as those televised on standard and cable channels. A Hundred Years of Japanese Film: a Concise History, with a Selective Guide to Videos and DVDs Richie, Donald 2001 Kodansha International
2003.500.3612 Book Serve the People! Lianke, Yan; Julia Lovell, trans. 2007 Black Cat
2003.500.3613 Book Stick Out Your Tongue Ma, Jian; Flora Drew, trans. 2006 Farrar, Straus and Giroux
2003.500.3614 Book As the Japanese prepare to invade Singapore, an Anglophile Chinese family struggles to survive and preserve its dignity in the face of shifting loyalties of spies, expatriates, and nationalists. Breaking the Tongue Loh, Vyvyane 2004 W.W. Norton and Company, Inc.
2003.500.3615 Book Chinese-Language Film: Historiography, Poetics, Politics Lu, Sheldon H. and Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh, eds 2005 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3616 Book Sentimental Fabulations, Contemporary Chinese Films: Attachment in the Age of Global Visibility Chow, Rey 2007 Columbia University Press
2003.500.3617 Book This is a narrative history of the Chinese in the Americas, in six main sections: 1. Early connections between China and the Americas; 2. Contract and other Chinese labor in the Americas; 3. The major contributions of Chinese labor in the development of the Americas; 4. Early Chinese occupations, Chinatowns, and organizations; 5. Changes in the position of the Chinese in the Americas; and 6. The contributions of the overseas Chinese in the Americas to the motherland. There is also a preface. Meizhou Huaqiao Shihua Lu, Guojun 1995 Taiwan Shangwu Yinshuguan
2003.500.3618 Book Japanese Viewpoints: Expressions in fiction, poetry, drama, thought Meskill, John 1968 Japan Society
2003.500.3619 Book Egg in My Palm Shigeji, Tsuboi 1993 Yakusha
2003.500.362 Bruce and Norman Yonemoto: Memory, Matter and Modern Romance Higa, Karin 1999 Japanese American National Museum
2003.500.3620 Book Where the Torches are Burning Moua, Pos 2001 Swan Scythe Press
2003.500.3621 Book Representations of Power: The Literary Politics of Medieval Japan Marra, Michele 1993 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3622 Book The Samurai and the Sacred Turnbull, Stephen 2006 Osprey Direct
2003.500.3623 Book The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming Fukuoka, Masanobu 2009 New York Review Books
2003.500.3624 Book Although Natsume Soseki is widely celebrated as Japan's greatest modern novelist, he began his writing career as a literary theorist and scholar of English literature. He would later look back on his Theory of Literature (1907) as an immature and unfinished work, but it is in fact an astonishingly original attempt at constructing a model for understanding all literature through the experience of reading." "The Theory of Literature foreshadows the ideas and concepts that would later form the critical foundations of formalism, structuralism, reader-response theory, cognitive science, and postcolonialism. It remains an unprecedented work of literary theory, unmistakably modern yet also clearly (and self-consciously) non-Western. In a later series of lectures and essays, Soseki continued to develop his ideas. This material, some of it never before translated into English, is also included in the volume. The editors offer a critical introduction that contextualizes Soseki's theoretical project historically and explores its contemporary legacy. Theory of Literature and Other Critical Writings Natsume, Soseki 2009 Columbia University Press
2003.500.3625 Book Early Modern Japan Totman, Conrad 1995 University of California Press
2003.500.3626 Book Ruffians, Yakuza, Nationalists: The Violent Politics of Modern Japan, 1860-1960 Siniawer, Eiko Maruko 2008 Cornell University Press
2003.500.3627 Book The Tokyo War Crimes Trial: The Pursuit of Justice in the Wake of World War II Totani, Yuma 2008 Harvard University Press
2003.500.3628 Book East Asian Pop Culture: Analysing the Korean Wave Huat, Chua Beng and Koichi Iwabuchi, eds 2008 Hong Kong University Press
2003.500.3629 Book Hawaii and Its People Day, A. Grove 1993 Mutual Publishing
2003.500.363 Book Paper Daughter: A Memoir Mar, M. Elaine 1999 Harper Collins
2003.500.3630 Book The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade McCoy, Alfred W. 1991 Lawrence Hill Books
2003.500.3631 Book Chasing the Dragon: Into the Heart of the Golden Triangle Cox, Christopher R. 1997 Henry Holt and Company
2003.500.3632 Book The Cane Groves of Narmada River: Erotic Poems from Old India Schelling, Andrew, trans. 1998 City Light Books
2003.500.3633 Book Ramparts Vietnam Primer: "I Quit!" 1966 Ramparts
2003.500.3634 Book Little Saigon Parker, T. Jefferson 1988 St. Martin's Press
2003.500.3635 Book Chuang Tsu: Inner Chapters Feng, Gia-fu and Jane English 1974 Random House
2003.500.3636 Book The Chinaman Pacific and Frisco R.R. Co.: Eight Short Stories Chin, Frank 1988 Coffee House Press
2003.500.3637 Book Chinese San Francisco, 1850-1943: A Trans-Pacific Community Chen, Yong 2000 Standford University Press
2003.500.3638 Book My Year of Meats Ozeki, Ruth L. 1998 Penguin
2003.500.3639 Book Masking Selves, Making Subjects: Japanese American Women, Identity, and the Body Yamamoto, Traise 1999 University of California Press
2003.500.364 Book More Than a Game: Sport in the Japanese American Community Niiya, Brian, ed. 2000 Japanese American National Museum
2003.500.3640 Book When William Narciso Paulinha, a Filipino street hustler, meets Shem C, a disreputable, social-climbing writer embittered by his lack of success, the Feng Shui scam of the century is born. Fixer Chao Ong, Han 2001 Farrar, Straus and Giroux
2003.500.3641 Book Mulberry and Peach: Two Women of China Nieh, Hualing 1998 The Feminist Press
2003.500.3642 Book The Chinese Laundryman: A Study of Social Isolation Siu, Paul C.P. 1987 New York University Press
2003.500.3643 Book Contagious Divides: Epidemics and Race in San Francisco's Chinatown Shah, Nayan 2001 University of California Press
2003.500.3644 Book Karma Cola: Marketing the Mystic East Mehta, Gita 1990 Fawcett Columbine
2003.500.3645 Book The Post-Colonial Critic: Interviews, Strategies, Dialogues Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty 1990 Routledge
2003.500.3646 Book A Fine Balance Mistry, Rohinton 1996 Vintage Books
2003.500.3647 Book Funny Boy Selvadurai, Shyam 1997 Harcourt Brace and Company
2003.500.3648 Book Passport Photos Kumar, Amitava 2000 University of California Press
2003.500.3649 Book The Namesake Lahiri, Jhumpa 2003 Houghton Mifflin
2003.500.365 Journal Focus on Korean Literature Seeing the Invisible Stewart, Frank, ed. 1996 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3650 Book Cane Fires: The Anti-Japanese Movement in Hawaii, 1865-1945 Okihiro, Gary Y. 1991 Temple University Press
2003.500.3651 Book Vietnam: Lotus in a Sea of Fire Hanh, Thich Nhat 1967 Hill and Wang
2003.500.3652 Book The Book of Salt Truong, Monique 2003 Houghton Mifflin
2003.500.3653 Book The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures Fadiman, Anne 1998 Farrar, Straus and Giroux
2003.500.3654 Book Buddha Is Hiding: Refugees, Citizenship, the New America Ong, Aihwa 2003 University of California Press
2003.500.3655 Book Buddhist Churches of America: Volume 1, 75 Year History, 1899-1974 1974 Nobart
2003.500.3656 Book Presents a collection of short stories. This book features stories that cover a geography that spans hemispheres, and an emotional landscape that is wider still: life and death, desire and repulsion, freedom and humiliation, the body and the spirit. Phoenix Eyes and Other Stories Leong, Russell Charles 2000 University of Washington
2003.500.3657 Book Reading the Literatures of Asian America Lim, Shirley Geok-lin and Amy Ling, eds 1992 Temple University Press
2003.500.3658 Book Racial Castration: Managing Masculinity in Asian America Eng, David L. 2001 Duke University Press
2003.500.3659 Book Iron Cages: Race and Culture in 19th Century America Takaki, Ronald 1990 Oxford University Press
2003.500.366 Book Introducing to Mah Jong based on the rules and regulations of the Mah Johg Association of Japan Mah Jong For Beginners: Based on the Rules and Regulations of the Mah Jong Association of Japan Kanai, Shozo and Margaret Farrell 1967 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2003.500.3660 Book Asian Pacific Americans: A Handbook on How to Cover and Portray Our Nation's Fastest Growing Minority Group Sing, Bill, ed. 1989 Asian Pacific Media Image Task Force
2003.500.3661 Book Imagine Otherwise on Asian Americanist Critique Chuh, Kandice 2003 Duke University Press
2003.500.3662 Book Reading Asian American Literature: From Necessity to Extravagance Wong, Sau-ling Cynthia 1993 Princeton University Press
2003.500.3663 Book Orientations: Mapping Studies in the Asian Diaspora Chuh, Kandice and Karen Shimakawa, eds 2001 Duke University Press
2003.500.3664 Book Flexible Citizenship: The Cultural Logics of Transnationality Ong, Aihwa 1999 Duke University Press
2003.500.3665 Book In a thoughtful and stimulating contribution to the current debate about the meaning to the larger society of multiculturalism, Gary Okihiro explores the significance of Asian Americans in American history and culture. In six provocative and engaging essays he examines the Asian American experience from the perspectives of historical consciousness, race, gender, class, and culture. Margins and Mainstreams: Asians in American History and Culture Okihiro, Gary Y. 1994 University of Washington Press
2003.500.3666 Book Privileging Positions: The Sites of Asian American Studies Okihiro, Gary Y., ed. 1995 Washington State University Press
2003.500.3667 Book Asian American: Historical Crossings of a Racial Frontier Palumbo-Liu, David 1999 Stanford University Press
2003.500.3668 Book Who's Irish? Jen, Gish 1999 Vintage Books
2003.500.3669 Book Massacred for Gold: The Chinese in Hells Canyon Nokes, R. Gregory 2009 Oregon State University Press
2003.500.367 Book Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, and their significance for the west Three Ways of Asian Wisdom: Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, and Their Significance for the West Ross, Nancy Wilson 1966 Simon and Schuster
2003.500.3670 Book Finding Iris Chang: Friendship, Ambition, and the Loss of an Extraordinary Mind Kamen, Paula 2007 Da Capo Press
2003.500.3671 Book Presents a translation of "Fushikaden", the fifteenth-century classic text by Zeami, founder of the No theatre. After describing the art of the theatre, this book provides teachings on the aesthetics and spiritual culture of Japan. It is accompanied by an introduction and a translation of one of Zeami's most celebrated No plays, "Atsumori". The Flowering Spirit: Classic Teachings on the Art of No Zeami 2006 Kodansha International
2003.500.3672 Book The Cherry Blossom Festival: Sakura Celebration McClellan, Ann 2005 Bunker Hill Publishing
2003.500.3673 Book Growing Presence, Emerging Voices: Pacific Islanders and Academic Achievement in Washington Takeuchi, David T. and Shirley Hune 2009 University of Washington
2003.500.3674 Book Asian Americans in Washington State: Closing Their Hidden Achievement Gaps Hune, Shirley and David T. Takeuchi 2009 University of Washington
2003.500.3675 Book A Short History of Malaysia Miller, Harry 1969 Frederick A. Praeger
2003.500.3676 Book Strong Winds at Mishi Pass Hwang, Tong-Gyu; Seong-Kon Kim and Dennis Maloney, trans. 2001 White Pine Press
2003.500.3677 Book Japrocksampler: How the Post-War Japanese Blew Their Minds on Rock 'N' Roll Cope, Julian 2007 Bloomsbury
2003.500.3678 Book Twisted Memories Yuji, Kinoshita 1993 Yakusha
2003.500.3679 Book Courtesans and Opium: Romantic Illusions of the Fool of Yangzhou Anonymous; Patick Hanan, trans. 2009 Columbia University Press
2003.500.368 Book History Documents for the fiftieth Anniversary of Republic of China Asia's First Republic: The Story of China 1912-1961 Kung, Henry, ed. 1961 China Publishing Company
2003.500.3680 Book China Rising: Peace, Power, and Order in East Asia Kang, David C. 2007 Columbica University Press
2003.500.3681 Book A History of Chinese Literature Giles, Herbert A. 1980 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2003.500.3682 Book Origins of the Chinese Revolution, 1915-1949 Bianco, Lucien; Muriel Bell, trans. 1971 Stanford University Press
2003.500.3683 Book Speaking of Chinese Chang, Raymond, and Margaret Scrogin Chang 1983 W.W. Norton and Company
2003.500.3684 Book When the great god Shao promises Tiger nine cubs each year, Bird comes up with a clever trick to prevent the land from being overrun by tigers. Nine-in-One, Grr! Grr!: A Folktale from the Hmong People of Laos Xiong, Blia 2001 Minnesota Humanities Commission
2003.500.3685 Book In the order in which they are celebrated during the year, presents traditional Japanese holidays and festivals, introducing the foods, dress, gifts, decorations, and activities associated with each. Japanese Celebrations: Cherry Blossoms, Lanterns and Stars! Reynolds, Betty 2006 Tuttle Publishing
2003.500.3686 Book Despite a cruel stepmother's schemes, Jouanah, a young Hmong girl, finds true love and happiness with the aid of her dead mother's spirit and a pair of special sandals. Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella Coburn, Jewell Reinhart 1996 Shen's Books
2003.500.3687 Book A village of mice prepares for Tet, or Vietnamese New Year, as different numbers of mice give gifts, cook food, and celebrate in other traditional ways. Includes an afterword with facts about the holiday. Ten Mice for Tet Shea, Pegi Deitz 2003 Chronicle Books
2003.500.3688 Book Masters of Traditional Korean Handicrafts 2009 Korea Foundation
2003.500.3689 Book Modern Korean Artists 2009 The Korea Foundation
2003.500.369 Book Cambodian Grrrl: Self-Publishing in Phnom Penh Moore, Anne Elizabeth 2011 Cantankerous Titles
2003.500.3690 Book A history of China over the last two thousand years looks at how many of the ancient beliefs still impact life today and how many of the everyday products used today throughout the world began in China. China: Land of Dragons and Emperors Mah, Adeline Yen 2008 Random House
2003.500.3691 Book Follows the childhood of the 14th Dalai Lama from his simple life in a mountain village to the thousand-room Potala Palace and his perilous escape into exile. Boy on the Lion Throne: The Childhood of the 14th Dalai Lama Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody 2009 Roaring Brook Press
2003.500.3692 Book In her lyrical narrative of a journey to Tibet on China's new "Sky Train," Canyon Sam glimpses the past through the eyes of Tibetan women - a visionary educator, a freedom fighter, a gulag survivor, a child bride. Gracefully connecting the women's poignant histories to larger cultural, political, and spiritual themes, she finds wisdom and wholeness even as she acknowledges Tibet's irreversible changes. Sky Train: Tibetan Women on the Edge of History Sam, Canyon 2009 University of Washington Press
2003.500.3693 Book From the hills beyond his garden, there sounded in Shing's ears the murmur of approaching death. Muffled and foreboding, it mingled with his uncertain emotions - the affection (or sexual desire?) he feels for his daughter-in-law, the disappointments wrought by his son and daughter, the tensions of his nagging wife. The Sound of the Mountain Kawabata, Yasunari 1970 Berkley Publishing Group
2003.500.3694 Book A tale of a green river whose current links the moods and fortunes of three women, three generations. The River Ki Ariyoshi, Sawako 1981 Kodansha International
2003.500.3695 Book Naked Tankiawa, Shuntaro 1996 Stone Bridge Press; Saru Press International
2003.500.3696 Book Chinese-English book about World War I History of Fire and Blood: Memoir of the 1st World War
2003.500.3697 Book Changing Destiny: A Commentary on Liaofan's Four Lessons Chin, Kung 2005 Buddha Educational Foundation
2003.500.3698 Book Responses Magnetic Hajime, Kijima 1996 Katydid Books
2003.500.3699 Book Includes Chinese, Babylonian, Hebrew, Hindustani, Burmese, Islamic, and Japanese literatures Literature of the Eastern World Miller, Jr., James E. 1970 Scott, Foresman and Company
2003.500.370 The history of Beijing Peking Cameron, and Brian Brake, Nigel 1965 Tokyo: John Weatherhill, INC.
2003.500.3700 Book Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Harrison E. Salisbury, gives firsthand reports of how the Vietnamese War looks from the other side. Behind the Lines: Hanoi Salisbury, Harrison E. 1967 Bantam Books
2003.500.3701 Book This famous classical Indian analysis of physical love and its place in the life of the well-rounded man and woman is one of the landmarks not only of indian literature, but of human civilization. It is frank and explicit in its descriptions, but highly moral in tone and beautifully poetic in manner of expression. Long a forbidden work, it is an indispensable key to the understanding of Indian civilization, as well as a delightful classic of world literature. The present edition contains the complete text of the original. The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana Archer, W.G., ed.; Sir Richard Burton and F.F. Arbuthnot, trans. 1963 Capricorn Books
2003.500.3702 Book Vikram Seth's novel is, at its core, a love story: Lata and her mother, Mrs. Rupa Mehra, are both trying to find - through love or through exacting maternal appraisal - a suitable boy for Lata to marry. Set in the early 1950s, in an India newly independent and struggling through a time of crisis, A Suitable Boy takes us into the richly imagined world of four large extended families and spins a compulsively readable tale of their lives and loves. A Suitable Boy Seth, Vikram 2005 HarperCollins
2003.500.3703 Book Hard Evidence Liu, Timothy 2001 Talisman House, Publishers
2003.500.3704 Book Chanrithy Him has unrolled the reels of her memory to give us this heart-wrenching memoir of surviving life under the Khmer Rouge. When Broken Glass Floats: Growing Up Under the Khmer Rouge, A Memoir Him, Chanrithy 2000 W.W. Norton and Company
2003.500.3705 Book Already the world has seen the political, economic, and cultural significance of hosting the 2008 Olympics in Beijing - in policies instituted and altered, positions softened, projects undertaken. But will the Olympics make a lasting difference? This book approaches questions about the nature and future of China through the lens of sports - particularly as sports finds its utmost international expression in the Olympics. Olympic Dreams: China and Sports, 1895-2008 Xu, Guoqi 2008 Havard Press
2003.500.3706 Book In Italian, English, and Japanese. Kyoko Endo and Toyota work together to create art. The Post Art Works of Kyoko Endo Endo, Kyoko 2005
2003.500.3707 Book Tetsuko Kuroyanagi is Japan's most loved TV personality. She has also been a UNICEF goodwill ambassador for over fifteen years. This book records the journeys she made in this important capacity to visit the world's most unfortunate children in fourteen countries from 1984 to 1996. Totto-Chan's Children: A Goodwill Journey to the Children of the World Kuroyanagi, Tetsuko; Dorothy Britton, trans. 2000 Kodansha International
2003.500.3708 Book Chloe is jealous and sad when her favorite uncle announces that he will be getting married, but as she gets to know Jamie better and becomes involved in planning the wedding, she discovers that she will always be special to Uncle Bobby--and to Uncle Jamie, too. Uncle Bobby's Wedding Brannen, Sarah S. 2008 G.P. Putnam's Sons
2003.500.3709 Book When the queen insists that the prince get married and take over as king, the search for a suitable mate does not turn out as expected. King and King de Haan, Linda 2000 Tricycle Press
2003.500.371 Book A mighty and valiant underground army over 2,200 years back Emperor Qin Shihuang's Eternal Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses: A Mighty and Valiant Underground Army Over 2,200 Years Back Li, Bing-wu 1994 Shaanxi Sanqin Publishing House
2003.500.3710 Book When Heather goes to playgroup, at first she feels bad because she has two mothers and no father, but then she learns that there are lots of different kinds of families and the most important thing is that all the people love each other. Heather Has Two Mommies Newmand, Leslea 2009 Alyson Books
2003.500.3711 Book Describes the challenges faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered teens, offers practical advice, real-life experiences, and accessible resources and support groups. GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Queer and Questioning Teens Huegel, Kelly 2003 Free Spirit Publishing
2003.500.3712 Book In this variation on the Cinderella story, Ash grows up believing in the fairy realm that the king and his philosophers have sought to suppress, until one day she must choose between a handsome fairy cursed to love her and the King's Huntress whom she loves. Ash Lo, Malinda 2009 Little, Brown and Company
2003.500.3713 Book After falling in love with Japan as a little girl, Erika becomes a teacher and fulfills her childhood dream by moving to a remote Japanese island. Erika-San Say, Allen 2009 Houghton Mifflin Company
2003.500.3714 Book Highly refined and intricately detailed, Southeast Asian designs are widely recognized for their beauty and striking visual effects. This archive contains more than 100 distinctive images, selected and exquisitely rendered by Marty Nobel from a variety of artifacts. The area's principal countries - Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia - are represented. Southeast Asian Designs Noble, Marty 2003 Dover Publications
2003.500.3715 Book This inspiring activity book takes children on a journey through Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand, comparing and contrasting each culture through myths, tales, and informative text. Children wil enjoy learning about traditional art forms through five exciting activities - a batik print, dance headdress, shadow puppet, mask, and gamelan instrument. Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand Grisham, Esther, Michael Rabe, and Christine 1996 GoodYearBooks
2003.500.3716 Book Anna May Wong was one of Hollywood's most well-known Chinese American actresses. Between 1919 and 1960, she starred in over fifty movies, sharing billing with Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Marlene Dietrich and Werner Oland. Her life, though, is the prototypical story of an immigrant's difficult path through the prejudices of American culture. Born in Los Angeles in 1905, she was the second daughter of six children born to a laundryman and his wife. Her life there fuelled her fascination with Hollywood and, in 1919 she secured a small part in her first film, The Red Lantern. Her most famous film roles were in Thief of Baghdad, Old San Francisco and Shanghai Express. Discrimination against Asians, though, was commonplace and when it came time to make a film version of Pearl Buck's The Good Earth, she was passed over for the role that was ultimately given to the Luise Rainer as producers thought Wong was "too Asian" for the role. In a narrative that recalls both the pathos of life in Los Angeles's Chinese neighborhoods and the glamour of Hollywood's pleasure palaces, Graham Hodges recounts the life of a Hollywood legend. Anna May Wong: From Laundryman's Daughter to Hollywood Legend Hodges, Graham Russell Gao 2004 Palgrave Macmillan
2003.500.3717 Book 8:15 am, August 6, 1945. Six miles above the city of Hiroshima, bomb bay doors snapped open to release "Little Boy," a code-name for the world's first atomic bomb. In an instant thousands of lives were destroyed, while the city's buildings, books and paintings caught fire and burned. The survivors discovered later that the bomb had permanently tainted them with its invisible contamination. Keiji Nakazawa was six years old when he experienced this holocaust. He survived to write and draw this story. I Saw It: The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima - A Survivor's True Story Nakazawa, Keiji 1982 Educomics
2003.500.3718 Book The Land of Bliss Song, Cathy 2001 University of Pittsburg Press
2003.500.3719 Book School Figures Song, Cathy 1994 University of Pittsburg Press
2003.500.372 Sun-tzu: The Art of War Sawyer, Ralph D. 1994 New York: Barnes & Noble
2003.500.3720 Magazine Volume 94, Spring/Summer 2012; 95, Fall/Winter 2012; Culture and I Samsung Foundation of Culture
2003.500.3721 Book History of Japanese-American Protestant Christianity The Eighty-Fifth Anniversary of Protestant Work Among Japanese in North America, 1877-1962 1964 Nanka Kirisutokyo Kyokai Renmei Shuppanbu
2003.500.3722 Book Poems and paintings by Tomihiro Hoshino, an artist who although is paralyzed from the neck down, paints with his mouth. Road of the Tinkling Bell: Paintings, Poems, and Essays Hoshino, Tomihiro; Kyoko and Gavin Bantock, trans. 1990 Kaisei-sha Publishing Co.
2003.500.3723 Book Biography of the artist Tomihiro Hoshina, an artist who although is paralyzed from the neck down, paints with his mouth. [Title in Japanese]
2003.500.3724 Book Information about kites in Cambodia. In Khmer [Title in Khmer]
2003.500.3725 Book Book II and Book III. Intermediate-level textbook containing reading selections from plays, short stories, diaries, speeches, essays and travelogues, with English/chinese vocabulary. Comes with pamphlet "One Thousand Basic Chinese Characters introduced in Read Chinese, Book I, II, and III." Read Chinese Wang, Fang-yu 1970 Yale University Press
2003.500.3727 Book Winnie and Helen have kept each other's worst secrets for more than fifty years. Now, because she believes she is dying, Helen wants to expose everything. And Winnie angrily determines that she must be the one to tell her daughter, Pearl, about the past--including the terrible truth even Helen does not know. And so begins Winnie's story of her life on a small island outside Shanghai in the 1920s, and other places in China during World War II, and traces the happy and desperate events that led to Winnie's coming to America in 1949. The Kitchen God's Wife Tan, Amy 1991 G.P. Putnam's Sons
2003.500.3728 Book Laos: Culture and Society Evans, Grant, ed. 1999 Silkworm Books
2003.500.3729 Book Totto-Chan, the Little Girl at the Window Kuroyanagi, Tetsuko 1981 Kodansha International
2003.500.373 Book Quick and Easy Chinese Massage: Pain Control and First Aid Manaka, Y. and I. A. Urquhart 1988 Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.
2003.500.3730 Book An Introduction to Chinese Civilization Meskill, John T. 1973 D.C. Heath and Company
2003.500.3731 Book In the 1950s, young women posed in a convertible roaring through a tropical landscape. A university student dodges police batons to snap a picture at a political demonstration in 1998. This title argues that the photographic practices such as these have played a crucial role in the making of modern national subjects in postcolonial Java. Refracted Visions: Popular Photography and National Modernity in Java Strassler, Karen 2010 Duke University Press
2003.500.3732 Book Contains a translation of the key Buddhist text that follows a Buddhist priest and student as they guide a deceased person into afterlife, chronicling the progress of the soul through death and rebirth in three stages. The Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Great Liberation by Hearing in the Intermediate States 2007 Penguin Books
2003.500.3733 Book Published on the occasion of the eponymous international symposium at the MAK Vienna, 3-4 September 2010 in the context of the MAK exhibition Flowers for Kim Il Sung, May 19-September 19, 2010. Exploring North Korean Arts Frank, Rudiger ed. 2011 Nurnberg : Verlag fur moderne Kunst
2003.500.3735 Book Paglawig Ng Panahon Guzman, Gloria V. 1998 University of the Philippines Press
2003.500.3736 Book Unlike the many ethnic groups classified by the Chinese government as "minority nationalities," the Hakka are officially included as part of the Han Chinese majority. The Han label obscures Hakka identity in some ways. Many Hakka know - although few non-Hakka do - that numerous prominent Chinese are Hakka, including China's paramount leader Deng Xiaoping, Taiwan's president Li Teng-hui, and former Singapore prime minister Li Kuan-yew. Colorful images and stereotypes of the Hakka abound in folklore, popular literature, and tourist brochures, as well as in academic and missionary writings. But despite the obvious importance and distinctiveness of the Hakka, until now no detailed, comparative analysis of the meaning of Hakka identity has been published. Guest People will be of interest to sinologists and scholars of Asian studies as well as to anthropologists, sociologists, and others concerned with ethnicity, migration, nationalism, and the cultural and historical construction of identity. Guest People: Hakka Identity in China and Abroad Constable, Nicole, ed. 1996 University of Washington Press
2003.500.3737 Book Travelogues: The Greatest Traveler of His Time, 1892-1952 Holmes, Burton 2006 Taschen
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2003.500.3740 Book Na Kaikamahine 'o Haumea: Daughters of Haumea, Women of Ancient Hawai'i Jensen, Lucia Tarallo 2005 Pueo Press
2003.500.3741 Book A fictionalized biography of botanist Lue Gim Gong, the "plant wizard" who created Florida's orange hybrids. A tale of the Chinese immigrant experience narrated by three women, one a daughter of black slaves who worked with him. By the author of Thousand Pieces of Gold. Wooden Fish Songs McCunn, Ruthanne Lum 1995 Penguin Books
2003.500.3742 Book Escape to Gold Mountain: A Graphic History of the Chinese in North America Wong, David H.T. 2012 Arsenal Pulp Press
2003.500.3743 Book Nowhere to Be Home: Narratives from Survivors of Burma's Military Regime Lemere, Maggie, ed. 2011 McSweeney's Books
2003.500.3744 Book The National Folklore Museum 1985 The National Folklore Museum
2003.500.3745 Book "This is a new English presentation of Confucian wisdom as contained in the Four books (Si shu) .... Confucius was not a philosopher, for his thoughts and truths were not derived by logic. Rather, his wisdom reflected good common sense and insight inherited from his forefathers." -- Preface. Confucian Wisdom for the 21st Century: a Selected Rendition Kong, Shiu Loon 2009 The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2003.500.3746 Book In 1784, passengers on the ship Empress of China became the first Americans to land in China, and the first to eat Chinese food. Today there are over 40,000 Chinese restaurants across the United States -- by far the most plentiful among all our ethnic eateries. Now, in Chop Suey Andrew Coe provides the authoritative history of the American infatuation with Chinese food, telling its fascinating story for the first time Chop Suey: A Cultural History of Chinese Food in the United States Coe, Andrew 2009 Oxford University Press
2003.500.3747 Book Throughout the late eighties and nineties, a gang of young Asian refugees cut a bloody swath through New York's Chinatown. Born to Kill: The Rise and Fall of America's Bloodiest Asian Gang English, T.J. 2009 HarperCollins
2003.500.3748 Book The rise and fall of an unlikely international crime boss--Sister Ping--and the intricate human trafficking network she created from her business in New York City's Chinatown, together with a panoramic tale about the gangland gunslingers who worked for her, the immigration and law enforcement officials who pursued her, and the generation of penniless immigrants who risked death to realize their own version of the American dream. The Snakehead: An Epic Tale of the Chinatown Underworld and the American Dream Keefe, Patrick Radden 2009 Doubleday
2003.500.3749 Tape, Video Prince Nithakhong Somsanith of Laos was initiated early in his childhood to the arts of the royal court, notably the art of gold thread embroidery. Today he commutes between France and Luang Prabang where he continues this creative duty that ties him to the land of his ancestors. This documentary follows the artist in his work as he presents ancient techniques and the symbolic meanings underlying one of the Laotian court's crowning ornaments. Memories of Gold, Memories of Silk Choron-Baix, Catherine (director) 2003 Wattay Productions
2003.500.375 Book The Book of Five Rings Miyamoto, Musashi; Thomas Cleary, trans. 1993 Shambhala Publications
2003.500.3750 Tape, Video Explores the portrayals of Asian men in American cinema, chronicling the experiences of actors who have had to struggle against ethnic stereotyping and limiting roles. The film presents a critical examination of Hollywood's image-making machine, through a fascinating parade of 50 film clips spanning a century. The Slanted Screen: Asian Men in Film and Television Adachi, Jeff, prod. dir. 2006 Films for the Humanities and Sciences
2003.500.3751 Tape, Video The traditional Chinese 24 seasonal periods are a guide to natural order and remain significant in modern life. This DVD convenes four subjects, including artifacts appreciation, seasonal flower arrangement, seasonal regimens and artistic education for parents and children. It also explains the cultural meanings of the 24 seasonal periods from the perspectives of astronomy and from those of the Chinese and Western calendars. Users can memorize the name and order of the 24 seasonal periods by singing the Twenty-four Seasonal Periods song. The 24 Seasonal Periods and New Life Volume 2005 Winland Media
2003.500.3752 Tape, Video IRIS CHANG: The Rape of Nanking is a feature-length documentary film about a young woman's journey to bring one of the darkest chapters of history to light. IRIS found numerous rare documents during her research. The discovery of John Rabe's diary was one of her most important contributions to this part of the history. She was always an unflinching fighter for justice, truth and human rights unitl her untimely death due to suicide in November 2004, leaving behind unfinished dreams: to make an epic movie of "The Rape of Nanking" before the victims and survivors of Sino-Japanes war voices disappera forever. Iris Chang: The Rape of Nanking Spahic, Bill (director), Anne Pick (director, producer) 2007 CN Entertainment
2003.500.3753 Tape, Video A dramatization of the life and work of the current (14th) Dalai Lama and his ongoing struggle to regain independence for Tibet. Kundun De Fina, Barbara (producer), Martin Scorsese (director) 1998 Touchstone Home Video
2003.500.3754 Tape, Video A collection of memories from Chinese Canadian men and women who created fundamental political and social change in Canada by volunteering to take part in the Second World War. Heroes Remember 2007 Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society
2003.500.3755 Tape, Video Fists of fury (ca. 99 min.) -- Chinese connection (ca. 107 min.) -- Return of the dragon (ca. 90 min.) -- Game of death (ca. 100 min.) -- Bruce Lee: the legend (ca. 88 min.). Bruce Lee: The Master Collection 1999 Tweniteth Century Fox Home Entertainment
2003.500.3756 DVD Remarkable People: George Tsutakawa Walkinshaw, Jean (producer) 1994 KCTS Television
2003.500.3757 Tape, Video Full version (15 min., 49 sec.) -- Short version (5 min., 2 sec.) -- Recipe version (5 min., 36 sec.) -- Animated full version (14 min., 55 sec.) -- Animated short version featuring recipes (4 min., 55 sec.). The Food of Japan: Culinary Delights for the Body and Soul Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
2003.500.3758 Tape, Video The Andrews Family and the Japanese Baptist Church of Seattle 8:28; Civil Liberties in a Time of War 13:02; Japanese and Filipino Americans on Bainbridge Island 5:57 Short vidoes by the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community The Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community
2003.500.3759 Tape, Video Lt. Michael Grayson, a bigoted Texan, is assigned to train and lead the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, composed mostly of Japanese-Americans. Go for Broke! Pirosh, Robert (director) 1951 Blair and Associates, Ltd.
2003.500.376 Yankee Samurai is about Americans of Japanese ancestry who served secrety in the Pacific, wielding a weapon unique to war- language! Tankee Samurai Harrington, Joseph D. 1979 Detroit: Pettigrew Enterprises, INC.
2003.500.3760 Tape, Video Tells the story of the formation and heroism of the 100th Battalion/442nd Regimental Combat Team. The segregated U.S. Army team comprised mostly of Japanese Americans, became one of the most highly decorated military units in United States history. Going for Honor, Going for Broke: The 442nd Story Johnston, George Toshio (producer, writer, director, narrator, editor) 2006 George Johnston
2003.500.3761 Tape, Video A child's perspective on the Japanese American experience of WWII. Take Me Home: A Child's Experience of Internment Palpant, Andrea (writer, director, producer) 2005 North by Northwest Entertainment
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