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2003.500.2487 DVD Americans of Japanese ancestry in Hawai'i, their history, traditions and life today, revealed through an intimate portrait of the families of the Maui Taiko drum ensemble. Great Grandfather's Drum Lewin, Cal, dir. 2011 Opticus Media
2003.500.2488 DVD [About the 2008 Chinese Olympic Building] 2008
2003.500.2489 Tape, Video [Chinese fiction story about a man and a woman] 1975
2003.500.249 Book Articles from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on the Japanese community in the wake of the Pearl Harbor bombing Come Watch the Sun Go Home Chen, Chen,Ted King. 1998 Marlowe & Company
2003.500.2490 Book Portrait of Chinese America charting 150 years of American history from the Chinese frontiersmen of the wild west to the high-tech transnationals of today's booming Chinese American enthnoburbs. Chinese America: The Untold Story of America's Oldest New Community Kwong, Peter and Dusanka Miscevic 2005 The New Press
2003.500.2491 Book Outlines: History of the Chinese in America Lai, H. Mark and Philip P. Choy 1973 Chinese-American Studies Planning Group
2003.500.2492 Book The Dream of the Red Chamber (Hung Lou Meng): A Chinese Novel of the Early Ching Period Cao, Xueqin 1958 Pantheon Books
2003.500.2493 Book China: Lore, Legend and Lyrics Barondes, R. de Rohan 1960 Philosophical Library
2003.500.2494 Book Learner's Chinese English Dictionary 1979 Umum
2003.500.2495 Book Mandarin Chinese Dictionary: English-Chinese Wang, Fred Fangyu 1971 Seton Hall University Press
2003.500.2496 Book The Fabulous Concubine Chang, Hsin-hai 1956 Simon and Schuster
2003.500.2497 Book The River Garden of Pure Repose Boynton, Grace M. 1952 McGraw-Hill Book Co.
2003.500.2498 Book Chinaman's Chance: An Autobiography Park, No-Yong 1940 Meador Publishing
2003.500.2499 Book Names of Commodities and Other Appellatives in Chinese and English Lau, Chung Him and Yuan Lun Yao 1974 Lau Chung Him and Co.
2003.500.250 Book When Heaven and Earth Changed Places is the haunting memoir of a girl on the verge of womanhood in a world turned upside down. The youngest of six children in a close-knit Buddhist family, Le Ly Hayslip was twelve years old when U.S. helicopters langed in Ky La, her tiny village in central Vietnam. As the government and Viet Cong troops fought in and around Ky La, both sides recruited children as spies and saboteurs. Le Ly was one of those children. Before the age of sixteen, Le Ly had suffered near-starvation, imprisonment, torture, rape, and the deaths of beloved family members-but miraculously held fast to her faith in humanity. And almost twenty years after her escape to Ameica, she was drawn inexorably back to the devastated country and family she left behind. Scenes of this joyous reunion are interwoven with the brutal war years, offering a poignant picture of vietnam, then and now, and of a courageous woman who experienced the true horror of the Vietnam War-and survived to tell her unforgettable story. When Heaven and Earth Changed Places: A Vietnamese Woman's Journey from War to Peace Hayslip, Le Ly 1990 Penguin Books
2003.500.2500 Book "Around the turn of the twentieth century, and for decades thereafter, Oregon had the second largest Chinese population in the United States. In terms of geographical coverage, Portland's two Chinatowns (one an urban area of brick commercial structures, one a vegetable-gardening community of shanty dwellings) were the largest in all of North America." Sweet Cakes, Long Journey: The Chinatowns of Portland, Oregon Wong, Marie Rose 2004 University of Washington Press
2003.500.2501 Book Hong Kong Surgeon Li, Shu-fan 1964 E.P. Dutton and Co.
2003.500.2502 Book The Gangster We Are All Looking For Le, Thi Diem Thuy 2003 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.2503 Book The Indochinese Experience of the French and the Americans: Nationalism and Communism in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam Dommen, Arthur J. 2001 Indiana University Press
2003.500.2504 Book East Main Street: Asian American Popular Culture Dave, Shilpa, LeLani Nishime, and Tasha G. Oren, eds 2005 New York University Press
2003.500.2505 Book Bamboo Among the Oaks: Contemporary Writing by Hmong Americans Moua, Mai Neng, ed. 2002 Borealis Boojs
2003.500.2506 Book The Newest Americans: I - L Indians to Laotians Pobst, Sandy 2003 Greenwood Press
2003.500.2507 Book Hmong in Minnesota Vang, Chia Youyee 2008 Minnesota Historical Society Press
2003.500.2508 Book Mother's Beloved: Stories from Laos Bounyavong, Outhine 1999 University of Washington Press
2003.500.2509 Book Post-war Laos: The Politics of Culture, History, and Identity Pholsena, Vatthana 2006 Cornell University Press
2003.500.251 Book Itsuka Kogawa, Joy 1994 Doubleday
2003.500.2510 Book A History of Laos Stuart-Fox, Martin 1997 Cambridge University Press
2003.500.2511 Book The Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir Yang, Kao Kalia 2008 Coffee House Press
2003.500.2512 Book A History of Cambodia Chandler, David 2008 Westview Press
2003.500.2513 Book Tilting the Continent: Southeast Asian American Writing Lim, Shirley Geok-lin and Cheng Lok Chua, eds 2000 New Rivers Press
2003.500.2514 Book The Vigil of a Nation Lin, Yutang 1945 The John Day Co.
2003.500.2515 DVD Non-fiction story of Yukiko Kubo Shiogi, Japanese teenager who was imprisoned with her family after Pearl Harbor, thus missing her graduation with Fife, Washington class of 1942, but never losing faith in her nation or herself. In 2002 she and five other class members fulfilled the lifelong dream of receiving their diplomas, claiming honors so long denied. With Honors Denied: A Young Girl's War, a Nation's Shame Gan, Mimi, prod. dir. 2003 KING Brodcasting Co.
2003.500.2516 Book Chinatown Family Lin, Yutang 1948 The John Day Co.
2003.500.2517 Book Looking Beyond Lin, Yutang 1955 Prentice-Hall
2003.500.2518 Book The Great Prophecies of China Li, Chunfeng and Tienkang Yuan; Charles L. Lee, trans. 1950 Franklin Co.
2003.500.2519 Book A summary of some of the teachings of Confucius. Contents: I. Introduction; II. The life of Confucius (by Szema Ch'ien); III. Central harmony; IV. Ethics and politics; V. Aphorisms of Confucius; VI. First discourse: Education through the six classics; VII. Second discourse: An interview with Duke Ai; VIII. Third discourse: The vision of a social order; IX. On education; X. On music; XI. Mencius. The Wisdom of Confucius Lin, Yutang, ed. 1938 Random House
2003.500.252 Journal Volume: XIV, No. 1, 1993; Mid-American Review Department of English, Bowling Green State University
2003.500.2520 Book Monochrome Porcelain of the Ming and Manchu Dynasties The Oriental Ceramic Society 1948 The Oriental Ceramic Society
2003.500.2521 Book Wares of the T'ang Dynasty The Oriental Ceramic Society 1949 The Oriental Ceramic Society
2003.500.2522 Book Celadon Wares The Oriental Ceramic Society 1947 The Oriental Ceramic Society
2003.500.2523 Book Chinese Jades The Oriental Ceramic Society 1948 The Oriental Ceramic Society
2003.500.2524 Book Enamelled Polychrome Porcelain of the Manchu Dynasty 1644-1912 The Oriental Ceramic Society 1951 The Oriental Ceramic Society
2003.500.2525 Book Sung Dynasty Wares: Chun and Brown Glazes The Oriental Ceramic Society 1952 The Oriental Ceramic Society
2003.500.2526 Book The Collector and the Expert Barlow, J.A.N. 1961 Chas. F. Ince and Sons
2003.500.2527 Book Peking: A Tale of Three Cities Cameron, Nigel and Brian Brake 1965 John Weatherhill, Inc.
2003.500.2528 Book Discusses the history, culture, and religion of the Chinese, factors encouraging their emigration, and their acceptance as an ethnic group in North America. The Chinese Americans Daley, William 1987 Chelsea House Publishers
2003.500.2529 Book While they work on the Central Pacific Railroad in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Chinese workers build an unusual railroad of their own. The Iron Moonhunter Chang, Kathleen 1977 Children's Book Press
2003.500.253 Book The Teahouse of the August Moon Sneider, Vern 1951 The New American Library
2003.500.2530 Book Char Siu Bao Boy Yamate, Sandra S. 1991 Polychrome Publishing
2003.500.2531 Book When the villagers hire a famous hunter to kill the tiger rumored to live in the woods, only one young boy wishes to protect the animal; and, in fact, the hunter knows more than one way to shoot a tiger. Tiger Allen, Judy 1992 Candlewick Press
2003.500.2532 Book Hsing-yao and Ting-yao: An Investigation and Description of Some Chinese T'ang and Sung White Porcelain from the Carl Kempe and Gustaf Lindberg Collections Lindberg, Gustaf 1953 The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities
2003.500.2533 Book Chinese Blue and White Porcelain 14th to 19th Centuries The Oriental Ceramic Society 1954 The Oriental Ceramic Society
2003.500.2534 Book A poor farmer's youngest daughter agrees to marry a fierce dragon in order to save her father's life. The Dragon Prince: A Chinese Beauty and the Beast Tale Yep, Laurence 1997 HarperCollins
2003.500.2535 Book Explains how Chinese writing developed and demonstrates how to write seventy-five Chinese characters, using detailed instructions and examples. Long is a Dragon: Chinese Writing for Children Goldstein, Peggy 1991 China Books and Periodicals
2003.500.2536 Book Sam must decide how to spend the lucky money he's received for Chinese New Year. Sam and the Lucky Money Chinn, Karen 1995 Lee and Low Books, Inc.
2003.500.2537 Book A collection of eight stories reflecting the gritty optimism of the Chinese who overcame prejudice and adversity to build a unique place for themselves in North America. Tales from Gold Mountain: Stories of the Chinese in the New World Yee, Paul 1989 Macmillan Publishing Company
2003.500.2538 Book Ethnic Islands: The Emergence of Urban Chinese America Takaki, Ronald 1994 Chelsea House Publishers
2003.500.2539 Book The Dragon King's Daughter: Ten Tang Dynasty Stories Yang, Xianyi, trans. 1980 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.254 Book China Flight Buck, Pearl S. 1945 Blakiston Company
2003.500.2540 Book Ancient China Sabin, Louis 1985 Troll Associates
2003.500.2541 Book Chinese Cooking for Pleasure Burke, Helen 1965 Paul Hamlyn
2003.500.2542 Book Free China Today 1974 Epoch Publicity Agency
2003.500.2543 Book A Leaf in the Storm: A Novel of War-Swept China Lin, Yutang 1941 The John Day Co.
2003.500.2544 Book Moment in Peking: A Novel of Contemporary Chinese Life Lin, Yutang 1939 The John Day Co.
2003.500.2545 Book Wings for the Dragon: The Air War in Asia Hager, Alice Rogers 1945 Dodd, Mead and Co.
2003.500.2546 Book The Battle for Asia Snow, Edgar 1944 The World Publishing Co.
2003.500.2547 Book Dragon Seed Buck, Pearl S. 1942 The John Day Co.
2003.500.2548 Book Victorio Acosta Velasco: An American Life Brown, Michael S. 2008 Hamilton Books
2003.500.2549 Book Letters from the 442nd: The World War II Correspondence of a Japanese American Medic Masuda, Minoru 2008 University of Washington Press
2003.500.255 Book China Cry: The Nora Lam Story Lam, Nora with Richard H. Schneider 1991 Thomas Nelson Publishers
2003.500.2550 Book Amber and her cousin Tashi long to see the Thunder Dragons that play hide-and-seek in the clouds during big winter storms, and they set off on a journey of discovery that takes them from an elaborate monastery to the top of the mountains, a place called the Tiger's Nest, and on to the back of a tiger with eagle's wings...the children pursue their dream and find what they sought, unravelling the mysteries of Buddha along the way. In Search of the Thunder Dragon Shrestha, Sophie 2007 Mandala Publishing
2003.500.2551 Book Court Life in China: The Capital, Its Officials and People Headland, Isaac Taylor 1909 Fleming H. Revell Co.
2003.500.2552 Book The Last Empress Vare, Daniele 1936 Doubleday, Doran and Co.
2003.500.2553 Book Embroidered Gauze: Protraits of Famous Chinese Ladies Hibbert, Eloise Talcott 1941 E.P. Dutton and Co.
2003.500.2554 Book Treaty Ports Abend, Hallett 1944 Doubleday, Doran and Co.
2003.500.2555 Book Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China Chang, Leslie T. 2008 Spiegel and Grau
2003.500.2556 Book Famous Temple in Beijing: Yonghe Gong Administration Office of Yonghe Gong 1995 China Picture-Story Book
2003.500.2557 Book Reflections Along the Wayside of Life Ronald, Judge J.T.; Mildred Tanner Andrews, ed. 2003 Shoreline Historical Museum
2003.500.2558 Book Queen of the Dark Chamber Tsai, Christiana 1953 Ambassadors For Christ Inc.
2003.500.2559 Book Kostbare Chinesische Keramik Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst Koln 1965 Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst Koln
2003.500.256 Book Spanning the years between the world wars, this tale of a young Chinese girl forced to work in a silk factory describes the sisterhood of workers she discovers there. Women of the Silk Tsukiyama, Gail 1991 St. Martin's Press
2003.500.2560 Book The Chinese Difference Kraft, Joseph 1972 Saturday Review Press
2003.500.2561 DVD Eighty-year-old Jimmy Mirikitani survived the trauma of WWII internment camps, Hiroshima, and homelessness by creating art. But when 9/11 threatens his life on the New York City streets and a local filmmaker brings him to her home, the two embark on a journey to confront Jimmy's painful past. An intimate exploration of the lingering wounds of war and the healing powers of community and art. The Cats of Mirikitani Hattendorf, Linda, cine. 2008 Arts Alliance America
2003.500.2562 Book The Art of Chinese Flower Arrangement: Past and Present Wang, Theresa Jiafong 1994 Council for Cultural Planning and Development
2003.500.2563 Book China's Destiny Chiang, Kai-shek 1947 The Macmillan Co.
2003.500.2564 Book The Yellow Slave Trade: A Survey of the Traffic in Women and Children in the East O'Callaghan, Sean 1968 Anthony Blond
2003.500.2565 Book China Revolutionized Thomson, John Stuart 1913 The Bobbs-Merrill Co.
2003.500.2566 Book Yang and Yin: A Novel of an American Doctor in China Hobart, Alice Tisdale 1936 The Bobbs-Merrill Company
2003.500.2567 Book Resistance and Reconstruction: Messages During China's Six Years of War 1937-1943 Chiang, Kai-Shek 1943 Harper and Brothers
2003.500.2568 Book Challenge at Changsha Hughes, Paul 1945 The Macmillan Co.
2003.500.2569 Book A Curtain of Ignorance: How the American Public Has Been Misinformed about China Greene, Felix 1964 Doubleday and Co.
2003.500.257 book Imperial Woman Buck, Pearl S. 1956 John Day Company
2003.500.2570 DVD In 1947, Japanese American basketball player Wat Misaka was the first person of color to be drafted into the NBA. Overcoming discrimination towards Nisei during World War II, he was a star player at the University of Utah in 1944 and 1947, taking two years off in between to serve in the U.S. Army ... The film has video clips from Wat's college games and his triumphant career, as well as rare footage of the Topaz Internment Camp. Transcending: The Wat Misaka Story Johnson, Bruce Alan 2010 Filmmakers Library
2003.500.2571 Book Chinese-American Workers Past and Present: An Anthology of Getting Together 1970 Getting Together
2003.500.2572 Book Life in Changing China BonBernard, Trudie 1987 Arnold Publishing
2003.500.2573 Book Fifth-grader Minn, the tallest girl in school, begins a rocky friendship with Jake, a new student who is not only very short, but is also afraid of the worms and lizards that Minn likes to collect. Minn and Jake Wong, Janet S. 2003 Farrar, Straus and Giroux
2003.500.2574 Book The China Story Utley, Freda 1951 Henry Regnery Co.
2003.500.2575 Book Chungking Dialogues Mousheng, Lin 1945 The John Day Co.
2003.500.2576 Book Through the Bamboo Curtain Grey, Beryl 1966 Reynal and Co.
2003.500.2577 Book Popular Chinese Cookery Burt, Alison 1972 Octopus Books
2003.500.2578 Book "Tell the World": What Happened in China and Why Liu, Binyan 1989 Pantheon Books
2003.500.2579 Book It Is Dark Underground Loo, Pin-Fei 1946 G.P. Putnam's Sons
2003.500.258 Book Huang Hsing and the Chinese Revolution Hsueh, Chun-Tu 1961 Stanford University Press
2003.500.2580 Book A Mortal Flower: China Autobiography, History Han, Suyin 1966 G.P. Putnam's Sons
2003.500.2581 Book Door to Chinese Festivals, Feasts, Fortunes Jones, Anita W. 1971 Mei Ya Publications, Inc.
2003.500.2582 Book A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers Guo, Xiaolu 2007 Doubleday
2003.500.2583 Book Chinese Acupuncture Points Liaw, Luying 1985 Washington Acupuncture Association
2003.500.2584 Book Acupuncture and You Moss, Louis 1966 The Citadel Press
2003.500.2585 Book Loud and Clear in and Election Year: Amplifying the Voices of Community Advocates Minch, Holly, Kim Daddow and Laura Saponara, eds 2004 SPIN Project
2003.500.2586 Book A Community of Contrasts: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States 2006 Asian American Justice Center
2003.500.2587 Book A twelve-year-old girl who knows little about her Chinese heritage is sent to live with her grandmother in San Francisco's Chinatown. Child of the Owl Yep, Laurence 1977 HarperCollins
2003.500.2588 Book The New Face of Asian Pacific America: Numbers, Diversity and Change in the 21st Century Lai, Eric and Dennis Arguelles, eds 2003 AsianWeek
2003.500.2589 Book Shanghai Lawyer Allman, Norwood F. 1943 Whittlesey House
2003.500.259 Book Imperial China: The Decline of the Last Dynasty and the Origins of Modern China, The 18th and 19th Centuries Schurmann, Franz and Orville Schell 1967 Vintage Books
2003.500.2590 Book Colour of Asia Gigon, Fernand 1955 Frederick Muller
2003.500.2591 Book Describes the topography, history, society, economy, and government of China. China in Pictures Feinstein, Stephen C. 1989 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.2592 Book China the People Kalman, Bobbie 1989 Crabtree Publishing Company
2003.500.2593 Book Presents the numbers one through ten in Chinese, using each number to introduce concepts about China and Chinese culture. Count Your Way through China Haskins, Jim 1987 Carolrhoda Books, Inc.
2003.500.2594 Book An introduction to the history, geography, economy, people, and culture of China, the third largest country in the world. China Jacobsen, Karen 1990 Childrens Press
2003.500.2595 Book The Magic Knife: Folk Tales from China 1982 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2596 Book Describes the discovery and development of silk, the life and work of the silk worm, and the uses and varieties of silk thread. Let's Learn about Silk Petersham, Maud 1967 Harvey House, Inc.
2003.500.2597 Book Treasures to Hold: Chinese Snuff Bottles 1992 The Canadian Craft Museum
2003.500.2598 Book The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry Fenollosa, Ernest 1936 City Light Books
2003.500.2599 Book China Fights Back: An American Woman with the Eighth Route Army Smedley, Agnes 1938 The Vanguard Press
2003.500.260 Book "In 1894, George Ernest Morrison started a journey which was to take him from Shanghai in the east, through the heartland of China and into Burma. Alone and dressed in Chinese clothes, but without speaking a word of the language, Morrison travelled by foot, sedan chair, mule and boat, several times nearly drowning. One hundred years later, Angus McDonald... set out to follow him. Often travelling where no other Westerner has been for fifty years, McDonald found both change and, in some places, a way of life virtually unchanged since Morrison's time"--Back cover. The Five Foot Road: In Search of a Vanished China McDonald, Angus 1995 HarperCollins
2003.500.2600 Book Third volume of Han Suyin's autobiography. China from 1938 - 1948 Birdless Summer Han, Suyin 1968 G.P. Putnam's Sons
2003.500.2601 Book The Conjugal Dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos I Mijares, Primitivo 1986 Union Square Publications
2003.500.2602 Book The Marcos Dynasty Seagrave, Sterling 1988 Harper and Row Publishers
2003.500.2603 Book Medals and Shoes: Political Cartoons of the Times of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, 1965-1992 Roces, Alfredo, and Irene Roces 1992 Anvil Publishing, Inc.
2003.500.2604 Book Reports of the Fact-Finding Board on the Assassination of Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr. Apostol, Eugenia, ed. 1984 Mr. and Ms. Publishing Co.
2003.500.2605 Book Bayan Ko! 1986 Veritas
2003.500.2606 Book To Be the Poet Kingston, Maxine Hong 2002 Harvard University Press
2003.500.2607 Book A young Chinese-American woman is driven into a mental asylum by her family's reaction to rape by her father. They know he did it repeatedly, but they refuse to acknowledge it, saying she is inventing. A clash of cultures, in this case Oriental family solidarity versus Western individual rights. Monkey King Chao, Patricia 1997 HarperCollins
2003.500.2608 Book Friendship Dinner 1995 Chinese Information and Service Center 1995 Chinese Information and Service Center
2003.500.2609 Book The New Book of Chinese Lattice Designs Dye, Daniel Sheets 1981 Dover Publications
2003.500.261 Book The Boxer Rebellion Bodin, Lynn E. and Chris Warner, illustrator 1996 Reed Consumer Books Ltd.
2003.500.2610 Book Stories About Chinese Herbal Medicine Sinorama Magazine
2003.500.2611 Book Years of Caring: The Story of Nikkei Concerns 2010 Nikkei Concerns
2003.500.2612 Book Traditional Chinese Textile Designs in Full Color Research Studio of the Northeast Drama Institute, ed. 1980 Dover Publications
2003.500.2613 Book In Chinese The Creative Chiao-chi Ceramics Works Lin, Kuang-I
2003.500.2614 Book In Chinese Moulding Life in Colorful Clay: The Art of Taiwan Chiao-chih Pottery
2003.500.2615 Book reprint of exhibition catalogue Journeys Made?Journeys To Come: A Pictorial History of the Chinese in America 2001 Chinese Historical Society of America
2003.500.2616 Book Ekiben: The Art of the Japanese Box Lunch Kamekura, Junichi 1989 Chronicle Books
2003.500.2617 Book Nihon no Matsuri to Asobi: Japanese Festivals, Games and Activities Handbook Warner, Susan and Karin Zaugg 1999 The Children's Museum
2003.500.2618 Book Being Japanese American: A JA Sourcebook for Nikkei, Hapa...and Their Friends Asakawa, Gil 2004 Stone Bridge Press
2003.500.2619 DVD Kash: The Legend and Legacy of Shiro Kashino Matsudaira, Vince 2011 E-Shadow Productions
2003.500.262 Book Lanterns, Junks and Jade Morrill, Samuel 1926 Frederick A. Stokes Co
2003.500.2620 Book The Taiping Revolution Compilation Group for the "History of Modern China" Series 1976 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2621 Book The Rise of the Chinese People's Communes Strong, Anna Louise 1959 New World Press
2003.500.2622 Book Chinese Fairy Tales and Folk Tales Eberhard, Wolfram 1938 E.P. Dutton and Co.
2003.500.2623 Book In San Francisco during the 1850's gold rush, Chang, the son of Chinese immigrants, wants a pony but cannot afford one until his friend Big Pete finds a solution. Chang's Paper Pony Coerr, Eleanor 1988 HarperCollins
2003.500.2624 Book Shirley Temple Wong sails from China to America with a heart full of dreams. Her new home is Brooklyn, New York. America is indeed a land full of wonders, but Shirley doesn't know any English, so it's hard to make friends. Then a miracle-baseball-happens. It is 1947, and Jackie Robinson, star of the Brooklyn Dodgers, is everyone's hero. Jackie Robinson is proving that a black man, the grandson of a slave, can make a difference in America and for Shirley as well, on the ball field and off, America becomes the land of opportunity. In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Lord, Bette Bao 1984 HarperCollins
2003.500.2625 Book Fifteen-year-old Joan Lee and her family find the adjustment hard when they move from Ohio to West Virginia in the 1920s. The Star Fisher Yep, Laurence 1991 Penguin Books
2003.500.2626 Book A collection of twenty Chinese folk tales that were passed on by word of mouth for generations, as told by some oldtimers newly settled in the United States. The Rainbow People Yep, Laurence 1989 HarperCollins
2003.500.2627 Book West Coast Chinese Boy Lim, Sing 1991 Tundra Books
2003.500.2628 Book The author retells a story heard as a child, one of many invented to explain the landscape on willow pattern china, popular for the last 200 years. In this, two young Chinese lovers are punished by one's cruel mandarin father. The Willow Pattern Story Drummond, Allan 1992 North-South Books Inc.
2003.500.2629 Book A panda visits an American girl and teaches her about China. When Panda Came to Our House Jensen, Helen Zane 1985 E.P. Dutton and Co.
2003.500.263 Book Peking Story: The Last Days of Old China Kidd, David 1988 Aurum Press
2003.500.2630 Book China the Land Kalman, Bobbie 1989 Crabtree Publishing Company
2003.500.2631 Book Havoc in Heaven Tang, Cheng 1979 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2632 Book Describes the customs and history of China. China the Culture Kalman, Bobbie 1989 Crabtree Publishing Company
2003.500.2633 Book Chinese Cultural Activities, Vol. 2 ARTS (Art Resources for Teachers and Students) Inc 1981 ARTS Inc
2003.500.2634 Book Norman Ah Sing is a successful, newly-arrived Chinese grocer in the San Francisco of the 1850's. He is thrilled to be in the Land of the Golden Mountain--America. His delight prompts him to invite all to celebrate the lunar New Year Dragon Parade: A Chinese New Year Story Chin, Steven A. 1993 Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers
2003.500.2635 Book Describes six-year-old Ernie Wong's preparations, at home and in school, for the Chinese New Year celebrations and his first public performance of the lion dance. On the Chinese New Year, six-year-old Ernie will perform his first Lion Dance. An intimate look at a Chinese household as the family shares a proud moment with Ernie. A strong supplement for its immediacy, its vibrant color, and its sympathetic look at a Chinese family. Lion Dancer: Ernie Wan's Chinese New Year Waters, Kate 1990 Scholastic Inc.
2003.500.2636 Book Despite a greedy father and lazy brothers who try to conceal her identity as the real cook in their restaurant, Maylin manages to receive the recognition she deserves when a governor from China comes to a New World Chinatown. Roses Sing on New Snow: A Delicious Tale Yee, Paul 1991 Macmillan Publishing Company
2003.500.2637 Book When her family moves to New York from Hong Kong, Mei Mei finds it difficult to adjust to school and learn the alien sounds of English. I Hate English! Levine, Ellen 1989 Scholastic Inc.
2003.500.2638 Book A collection of poems that reflect the experiences of Asian Americans, particularly their family relationships. A Suitcase of Seaweed and Other Poems Wong, Janet S. 1996 Simon and Schuster
2003.500.2639 Book Monkey's Conversion Gao, Mingyou 1985 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.264 Newsletter Summer 2004 BIJAC News Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community
2003.500.2640 Book Trouble on Black Wind Mountain Xu, Li 1985 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2641 Book The Coming of Pig Fang, Yuan 1985 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2642 Book Friar Sand Joins the Pilgrims Fang, Yuan 1985 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2643 Book Stealing the Magic Fruit Li, Shufen 1985 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2644 Book The Yellow Robe Monster Zhang, Wen 1985 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2645 Book Lotus-Flower Cave Han, Shuangdong 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2646 Book Monkey Outwits the Lion King Lin, Chuanxin 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2647 Book Catching the Red Boy Gao, Mingyou 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2648 Book Monkey Gets Rid of Three Demons Tang, Guangyou 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2649 Book Battle in the River of Heaven Ding, Yuzheng 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.265 Newsletter Asian Counseling & Referral Service Asian Counseling & Referral Service
2003.500.2650 Book Monkey Raises Havoc in Jindou Cave Xu, Li 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2651 Book The Motherhood River Fang, Yuan 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2652 Book The Womanland of Western Liang Fang, Yuan 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2653 Book True and False Monkey Gao, Mingyou 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2654 Book Borrowing the Plantain Fan Zhen, Huan 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2655 Book Battling the Nine-Headed Monster Zhen, Ping 1987 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2656 Book The Demon King's Pouch Qing, Ya 1987 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2657 Book Crossing Qijue Mountain Wu, Tingjie 1987 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2658 Book Stealing the Golden Bells Xu, Li 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2659 Book Seven Spider Spirits Wen, Chengde 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.266 Newsletter East Asia Resource Center Newsletter Henry M Jackson School of International Studies
2003.500.2660 Book Three Man-eaters on Lion-Camel Mountain Liu, Zhigui 1986 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2661 Book Monkey Saves 1,111 Babies Li, Min 1987 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2662 Book The Bottomless Cave Feng, Youjin 1987 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2663 Book Country Without Monks Zhen, Huan 1987 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2664 Book The Ogre of Linked-Ring Cave Zhen, Huan 1987 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2665 Book Goodness Brings a Downpour Wang, Yanrong 1987 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2666 Book Yellow Lion Steals the Weapons Sun, Jinchang 1987 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2667 Book Capturing the Three Rhinoceroses Liang, Hongye 1987 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2668 Book Monkey Defeats Jade Hare Mo, Xueyi 1987 Foreign Languages Press
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