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1993.300.165 Letters Two letters sent to a Mrs. Willis from a man named Ben from the Minidoka internment camp.
1993.300.166 Newspaper Hunt High School newspaper without a name yet, temporarily called "U Name It"published at the Minidoka internment camp Dec. 23, 1942. Dec. 23, 1942
1993.300.167 Poem Poem by Mrs. Katsuko Hirata during her stay in Minidoka internment camp. Hirata, Katsuko
1993.300.168 Documents Documents relatng to the dedication of the Minidoka plaque designating the camp site as a national historic landmark. A journey back to the beginning of an emotional relationship; Hunt camp marks sad history Tokuda, Tama; Marcantonio, Pat 11/6/1985; 10/ International Examiner; Twin Falls Times-News
1993.300.169` Document Notice of a semi-annual meeting of the Minidoka Consumers' Coopeative written by Yoshio Urakawa, executive secretary.
1993.300.170 Map Map of the Minidoka internment camp at Hunt, Idaho.
1993.300.171 Documents Xerox copies of items and papers distributed at Minidoka internment camp and saved by Ike Ikeda including programs, notices, letters, announcements, etc.
1993.300.172 Document Census roster at the Minidoka internment camp as of Sept. 30, 1944. Quarterly Census Roster Sept. 30, 1944
1993.300.173 Document Menu published for Tuesday, August 21, 1945 showing what was consumed on that day per 100 people for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
1993.300.174 Photograph Photograph of furniture (chest of drawers) made of crate material and greasewood by Kenny Hikogawa at the Minidoka internment camp.
1993.300.175 Photographs Photographs of the dedication of three monuments at the Minidoka internment camp site in Idaho on May 26, 1990 during the Idaho Centennial
1993.300.176 Maps Maps of Minidoka including administrative area, overall camp site, and area east of the Minidoka internment camp.
1993.300.177 Documents Cover of by-laws of the Minidoka Consumers' Co-operative and a certificate of membership issued to Mr. Kikujiro Mano.
1993.300.178 Documents Memorandum regarding usage of salt and three listings of the menu at the Mindioka internment camp in August 1945.
1993.300.179 Documents Two letters written by Masako (Marsha) Inouye and items from the Minidoka Interlude yearbook telling of the history of Minidoka.
1993.300.180 Document Certificate allowing indefinite leave for Sharon Setsuko Tanagi to leave Minidoka for Minnesota on Feb. 2, 1944
1993.300.181 Document Report of the Fact-Finding Committee on the planned closure of the Minidoka internment camp and its effect on the residents and suggestions on what needs to be done. Report to Myer from Residents of Minidoka, Feb. 19, 1945 Feb. 19, 1945
1993.300.182 Article Description of life at the Minidoka internment camp at Hunt, Idaho by someone whose relatives were at that camp. Life at Minidoka Maeda, Laura 1976 The Pacific Historian
1993.300.183 Bulletin Bulletin telling internees at the Minidoka internment camp what to do upon their arrival and the facilities at and policies of the camp. Information Bulletin, Minidoka Project, War Relocation Authority Sept. 10, 1942
1993.300.184 Document Pages from The Minidoka Irrigator camp newspaper of September 25, 1943. Includes a timeline of events occurring at the camp from its beginning in August 1942 up to and including September 1943, plus a page of cartoons featuring Dokie, the mascot of Minidoka. Sept. 25, 1943 The Minidoka Irrigator
1993.300.185 Documents MIscellaneous documents from the Minidoka internment camp pertaining to social activity, closure, release, resettlement, job opportunities, housing , sociological studie, etc. from the collection of Bob Ikeda, Minidoka internee.
1993.300.186 Article Essay by a worker for Morrison-Knudsen back in the early 1940s who was involved in the construction of the Minidoka internment camp at Hunt, Idaho and his impressions of the situation during that time. The Jap Camp June 1983
1993.300.187 Report Report made to the Spanish Consul, representing the Japanese government, by internees at the Minidoka internment camp regarding concditions, complaints, requests, etc. made by a committe composed primarily by Issei. Minidoka Relocation Center, Community Analysis Section, Field Report No. 250? or 252? Dec. 1943
1993.300.188 Document Report of the establishment of community government at the Minidoka internment camp in Idaho and its problems, complaints, difficulties and divisions that accompanied the process. Community Government in Minidoka 1945
1993.300.189 Drawings Two drawings by Eddie Sato of the Puyallup Assembling Center showing children at play and a mess hall (community dining facility). 1942
1993.300.190 Document Document listing people who are allowed a pass to go to all areas of the Puyallup Assembly Center and must return by 5 pm. James Y. Sakamoto, Ted Shinoda and Cathrine (sic) Shimizu are listed.
1993.300.191 Map Map of the Portland and Puyallup Assembly Centers where internees at Minidoka were held prior to being transferred to Minidoka. Pacific Citizen
1993.300.192 Newspaper Newspaper Camp Harmony News-Letter published at the Puyallup Assembly Center on May 5, 1942 and August 14, 1942. 5/5/42; 8/14/42
1993.300.193 Newspaper Souvenir edition of the Camp Harmoney News-Letter, the newspaper of the Puayllaup Assembly Center, dated August 14, 1942. Camp Harmony News-Letter Aug. 14., 1942
1993.300.194 Documents Paychecks issued to the Heitaro Hikida family (Heitaro, Ray and Kai) for cleaning the latrines at the Puyallup Assembly Center. These checks were never cashed but kept as mementos of their stay at Puyallup. July 14, 1942
1993.300.195 Newspaper Sunday, April 5, 1942, issue of The Nichi Bei, a Japanese American bilingual newspaper published in San Francisco. April 5, 1942 Japanese American News, Inc.
1993.300.196 Document Bulletin I issued to the internees at the Puyallup Assembly Center ("Camp Harmony) instructing them on the facilities, policies, dos and don'ts, etc. of the center.
1993.300.197 Document Notice from the headquarters of the Western Defense Command and Fourth Army issuing Civilian Exclusion Order No. 18 excluding and evacuating people of Japanese ancestry from areas in Seattle. April 24, 1942
1993.300.198 Articles Articles from a newspaper and news magazine--the newspaper stating that removal of Japanese from the West Coast because of the war would result in a major loss of vegetable production in California, and the magazine article telling of the movement to the Manzanar internment camp by Japanese in Southern California. Removal of Japa Costly, Claim; U.S. at War: Moving Day for Mr. Nisei 3/11/42; 4/6/4 ----; Time magazine
1993.300.199 Photographs Two photographs of shiplap that was used for buildings at the Puyallup Assembly Center (Camp Harmony) that eventually ended up as building material for the roof of a house that was purchased by Glenn and Eileen Jones.
1993.300.200 Photograph Sepia print of Civilian Exclusion Order #67 ordering persons of Japanese ancestry to vacate the Tacoma area.
1993.300.201 Articles News articles from the Seattle Times about Japanese aliens leaving, the liquidation of Japanese businesses, and the construction of the Puyallup Assembly Center. 3/6, 5/1, 3/19, Seattle Times
1993.300.202 Document Directory of staff at the Camp Harmony Assembly Center (Puyallup Assembly Center). 1942
1993.300.203. Map Map of the Tule Lake Relocation Center at Newell, California, showing the configuration of the blocks and adjacent buildings and landmarks.
1993.300.204 Document Excerpts from Calvin Schmid's report on the evacuation of the Japanese from the Western Washington area, its effect on the area, and the opposition of their return to the White River abnd Puyallup Valleys. Social Trends in Seattle Schmid, Calvin October 1944 University of Washington Press
1993.300.205 Document Newsletter of the Skagit County Historical Society featuring Tule Lake internment camp and interviews with Chiyeko Osaki of Mount Vernon and Grace Sakuma of Burlington. The Days of Infamy Spring 1994 Skagit County Historical Museum
1993.300.206 Booklet A report on the histories of the internment camps with a particular emphasis on the Tule Lake Relocation Center (later segregation center) with maps and statistics. Tule Lake Pilgrimage August 26-28, 1994: A Report Prepared for the Background Informations on the Tule Lake Center Kojima, Takasumi 1994
1993.300.207 Document Manuscro[t for Song of Anger (Tales of Tule Lake) by Barney Shallit who was a welfare worker at the Tule Lake intenment camp and recorded his memoirs of his time there. Song of Anger (Tales of Tule Lake) Shallit, Barney
1993.300.208 Documents News publications featuring the Japanese American internment experience and an exhibit at the Wing Luke Asian Museum's commemoration of the event. Beacon Hill News, Northwest Ethnic News, Northwest Nikkei 1/29/92;2/92;2/
1993.300.209 Newspapers Asian Family Affair was a monthly Asian American newspaper that was published from February 1972 to February 1985. It covered the activities of the Seattle area Asian American community as an advocate for change and progress. Asian Family Affair 1974,1976,1977,
1993.300.210 Documents Newspaper clippings, newspapers, documents, etc. pertaining to redress, redress hearings, losses from internment, and other internment related stories concerning the redress movement. From a collection of Mrs. Ryo Tsai.
1993.300.211 Documents Documents from redress payments made to internees of the relocation camps during World War II.
1993.300.212 Document Speech given by Rep. Robert Matsui, congressman from California, in a speech favoring redress for Japanese Americans in the U.S. House of Representatives. Matsui, Rep. Robert 9/17/1987 Congressional record
1993.300.213 Document Washington State U.S. Rep. Mike Lowry's speech in Congress telling of what happened to Japanese Americans during WWII and asking that redress be made to these people. The World War II Japanese-American Human Rights Violation Redress Act Lowry, Mike 11/28/1979 The Congressional Record
1993.300.214 Documents Newspaper clippings, programs, newspapers, newsletters, etc. relating to the redress hearings (Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians) here in Seattle and what was said and done at these hearings.
1993.300.215 Document Papers from the National Council for Japanese American Redress headed by William Hohri which advocated a lawsuit against the U.S. government for the internment of Japanese Americans and remedies for redress and reparations. Hohri, William
1993.300.217 Document A bill introduced in the Washington State Senate to compensate Japanese American state employees who were terminated as a result of the Pearl Harbor bombing and evacuation of these employees from the West Coast. WWII Employee Reparations Bill (State Employees Compensation for Salary Losses)
1993.300.218 Document Excerpts from Yasuko Takezawa's dissertation in anthropology on Japanese Americans and redress presented at the 88th annual meeting of the American Athropological Association, Washington, DC, Nov. 17, 1989. Transformation of Ethnicity among Japanese Americans Takezawa, Yasuko
1993.300.219 Documents Proclamation from Charles Royer, mayor of Seattle, plus newspaper clippings on the Day of Rembrance program commemorating the time when people of Japanese ancestry were evacuaated and sent to internment camps.
1993.300.220 Document Cartoons drawn by Seattle Post-Intelligencer political cartoonist David Horsey relating to the redress drive by Japanese Americans. Horsey, David 1981;1983 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1993.300.221 Document An essay advocating for redress for persons of Japanese descent who were interned in concentration camps during World War II An Appeal for Action to Obtain Redress for the WWII Evacuation & Imprisonment of Japanese Americans Sasaki, Shosuke; Nakata, Mike; Miyatake, Henry J. Nov. 19, 1975
1993.300.222 Booklet A booklet describing the history of the Japanese in America and the causes of internment and the reasons for redress. The Japanese American Incarceration: A Case for Redress 1978 Japanese American Citizens League
1993.300.223 Newspaper Clippings Newspaper clippings of the Gordon Hirabayashi trial to overturn his conviction from World War II of breaking the curfew and evacuation orders.
1993.300.224 Document Gordon Hirabayashi reflects on his incarceration after his refusal to abide by the curfew laws for Japanese people and to evacuate from his home like the rest of the people of Japanese ancestry. Reflections from Jail Hirabayashi, Gordon Aug. 12, 1942 Pacific Cable
1993.300.225 Newspaper clippings Newspaper clippings from Seattle area newspapers covering the court case of Gordon Hirabayashi in his efforts to overturn his violation of the curew law and evacuation order. 1983-86 Seattle P-I, Asian Family Affair, International Examiner, NW Ethnic News, Seattle Times
1993.300.226 Documents Petition to U.S.Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and assorted news clippins relating to Gordon Hirabayashi's court suit to vacate his convictions in defying the curfew and evacuation order during World War II.
1993.300.227 Documents Papers, publication and articles dealing with Richard Murakami, civic leader of South Bend, WA; Dr. Mika Hayano, steroid biochemist; and George Tsutakawa, artist and sculptor.
1993.300.227.001 Article Fluid Art: George Tsutakawa Creator of Fountains Tarzan, Deloris 03/18/1984 Pacific Magazine
1993.300.227.002 Article Not Just Your Ordinary Fountain Maker Estes, Jane 12/24/1978 Northwest Magazine, Seattle PI
1993.300.228 Documents News articles on the contemporary Japanese community, nurseryman Junkoh Harui, and the state of Asian Americans in Seattle. The Japanese Connection; His Father's Roots; Yellow Seattle Rhodes, Elizabeth; Newman, Blaine; Chin, Frank 10/25/81; 6/17/ Seattle Times; The Weekly
1993.300.229 Documents Newspaper clippings, pamphlet, photocopies, etc. on various subjects such as redress, racism, population, Asian American studies, art, education, WWII veterans, ethnic media and social issues.
1993.300.230 Documents Bibliographies and catalogs listing books and pamphlets available on the Japanese American, Japanese Canadian, Chinese American and Asian American experience with the emphasis on Japanese Americans.
1993.300.231 Documents Newspaper clippings and pamphlets regarding evacuation, internmnet, camp life, pilgrimages, conference, and redress.
1993.300.232 Document Portion of dissertation on life at Minidoka Life at Minidoka Light, Jerome
1993.300.233 Documents Documents and papers accumulated by James McCleod, a college professor, about the evacuation and internment of Japanese Americans during WWII that were used as references for his teaching duties and possible article. Most of the information deals with Idaho.
1993.300.234 Document Summary of attempts to create self-government at the Minidoka Relocation Center with also a short segment on self-government at the Puyallup Assembly Center (Camp Harmony). Self-Government at Minidoka Reloation Center April 1, 1944
1993.300.235 Document Copy of letter sent to Frank Arase in response to his request to return to work at the Harrison Dye Works in Seattle upon return from internment at Minidoka Harrison Dye Works May 7, 1945
1993.300.236 Japanese American immigration regulation. Act to regulate the immigration of aliens into the United States. Aburano 1907 Chap. 1134, 59th congress
1993.300.237 Inspection card Aburano 1919 Sharon Aburano
1993.300.238 The Japanese American Population In U.S. By Region And State 1988 Asian America by Roger Daniels
1993.300.239 The Japanese Population In The U.S. By Decade 1880-1940 1991 Uncommen American Patriots
1993.300.241 My mother's passport to immigrate in 1919 from Fukushima ken to yokohama to the U.S. Passport Aburano, Sharon 1919 Sharon Aburano
1993.300.242 Japanese pioneer in Alaska-circa 1925 Frank Yasuda: Pioneer in the chandalar Reed June 1963 Alaska sportsman
1993.300.2424 Excerpt from book, p. 157-158, on Washington State Alien Land Law of 1921. Issei: History of Japanese Immigrants in America Ito Sharon Aburano
1993.300.243 Passenger list Yokohama to Seattle, 1903 1903 National Archives Pacific northwest region
1993.300.244 Map/ major source prefectures of immigrents 1880-1924 1973 The exreriance of Japanese Americans in the U.S
1993.300.245 The Furor Over The "Picture Bride" System 1973 The experiance of Japanese Americans in the U.S
1993.300.246 The Influx Of Japanese June 10, 1900 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1993.300.247 To Study Forests Aug 12, 1903 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1993.300.248 Vicious Japs To Be Driven Out October 20, 190 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1993.300.250 Total immigration to the U.S. 1973 The exreriance of Japanese Americans in the U.S
1993.300.251 Thirteenth Census Of The United States: 1910 1910 National Archives PNWR
1993.300.252 Picture Bride Photographs Sadie Yamasaki
1993.300.253 Issei Permission Slip To Go Abroad From The Local Government Or Ken 1919 Sharon Aburano
1993.300.254 Passport 1 Oct 6, 1910 Shig Ishikawa
1993.300.255 Mother of Amy Kobayashi Picture Bride Photograph, Yeki Osugi Amy Kobayashi
1993.300.256 Ads In Japan Recruting Japanses Labor For Hawaii 1900 News papers
1993.300.257 Document A law approved by the Washington State Legislature and signed by the governor to prohibit the onership of land by aliens. Alien Land Law Washington State Legislature March 8, 1921
1993.300.258 Document Congress passed a law prohibiting the purchase or ownership of land in the territories by aliens. An Act To Restrict The Ownership of Real Estate in the Territories to American Citizens U.S. Congress Mar. 3. 1887
1993.300.259 Document The Seattle Star headlined that Senator Phelan of California would replace Senator Gerry of Rhode Island on the senate immigration committee and would work to stem the menace of the Japanese in immigrating to the West Coast. Jap Bill Gets Setback Aug. 25, 1919 Seattle Star
1993.300.260 Document The Seattle Star reported that the Veterans of Foreign Wars had a proposal to stop Japanese aliens from obtaining business licenses and that this idea was to be presented to the Anti-Jap League, which would send it to the Seattle City Council. Frame Anti-Jap Ordinance Aug. 26, 1919 Seattle Star
1993.300.261 Document The Seattle Star newspaper reported on the naming of Erastus Brainerd as executive director of the Anti-Japanese League and the move to organize a women's auxiliary to the League. Women to Join Anti-Jap Fight 8/28/1919 Seattle Star
1993.300.262 Document Explanation of California's Alien Land Law and its implications as it relates to the Issei (immigrant generation) and the prohibitions that will take hold. California Alien Land Law
1993.300.263 Document What looks like an editorial in the Seattle Mail And Herald questions the allowing of Japanese students in the Seattle Public Schools while "American" students are left crowded and without proper facilities. Japanese and the Public Schools Oct. 1, 1904 Seattle Mail And Herald
1993.300.265 Document Program cover of Japanese Congregational Church's 70th anniversary (1907-1977) booklet. 1907-1977 70th Anniversary of Japanese Congregational Church
1993.300.266 Document The Washington State Legislature passed an Alien Land Law in 1921, and some of its features as it relates to Japanese aliens are presented here. Emergence of the Washington State Alien Land Law Ito, Kazuo
1993.300.267 Document Copy of passport issued to Yasuhei Takekawa in 1920.
1993.300.268 Document Photo of four people--one man, two women and a girl--in traditional Japanese clothing before they immigrated to the United States.
1993.300.269 Document Copy of a photo of the Fukuoka Kenjin Club in 1927. Fukuoka Kenjin Club 1927
1993.300.270 Document Two copies of photos of the USS President Jackson, a ship that brought Japanese immigrants to this country. One shows men eating, and the other shows the sleeping quarters.
1993.300.271 Document A brief history of Japanese Christians in the Northwest with particular emphasis on the Japanese Congregational Church on the 70th anniveraary of the founding of the church. Beginnings: The Christian Movement Among Japanese in the U.S.
1993.300.272 Documents Photocopies of bon odror, a Buddhist dance festival for the dead.
1993.300.273 Document Photocopy of the winner of the NWYBL oratorical contest winner Mitsuyuki Yanagita.
1993.300.274 Document Photocopies of the moving of the Seattle Buddhist Temple from its previous location to its new site.
1993.300.275 Documents Photocopies of pictures of Fuyo Kai, Japanese Students Club and a Christian church rally.
1993.300.276 Document Photo of a kenjin kai dinner, most likely a new year's celebration, with row tables and flags of the U.S. and Japan displayed prominently.
1993.300.277 Document Photo of the Yamaguchi Kenjin Kai Junior on January 7, 1940. Jan. 7, 1940
1993.300.278 Document Photograph of a young women's club of Japanese descent in Seattle. March 5, 1936
1993.300.279 Documents Three photocopies of organizations--Japanese Student Club, Maryknoll parents, and Japanese Baptist Church Boys Scout Troop. JSC - 4/17/1935
1993.300.280 Document Photocopies of pictures of the Bellevue Japanese Seinenkai and Furuya Co.'s Sunday School class at the Seattle Methodist Church at 5th and Marion. Seinenkai 1927
1993.300.281 Documents Photocopies of pictures of the Salvation Army in front of the Oriental Trading Co. and Hotel Great Northern, women in front of the Fujin Home run by the Japanese Baptist Church, and the Japanese Baptist Church Sunday School pictured on the street.
1993.300.282 Document Statistics on the Japanese population of Washington state and Seattle and their occupations, plus Japanese populations of California and Oregon. Summary Statistics of Japanese Origin Population in Washington and Seattle, Before 1940
1993.300.283 Document Copy of a photograph of the Seattle Buddhist Temple at 1020 Main St. before it moved to its present location near 14th and Main.
1993.300.284 Document Photocopy of a picture of the Seattle Japanese Progressive League on the stage for some kind of program. The organization was the forerunner of the Japanese American Citizens League.
1993.300.285 Document Program booklet cover of the Japanese American women's reunion of those who attended the University of Washington before WWII. The event was held at the University of Washington Faculty Club and Nippon Kan on August 2 and 3, 1988. A Reunion Celebration of University of Washington PreWorld War II Japanese American Women Alumnae
1993.300.286 Document Certificate of Merit awarded to Mrs. Nami Nakagawa for completion of an adult education class in English. May 9, 19335
1993.300.288 Documents Copies of photos of the Japanese Language School graduation on March 29, 1936, of the school crossing guards, and of another graduation on October 18, 1925. March 29, 1936
1993.300.289 Documents Copies of photos of events at the Japanese Language School such as graduations, a reunion, group pictures, and visitations to the Japanese consul genereal's home and o a ship.
1993.300.290 Document Copy of a photo of former patrol guards at the Japanese Language School at a dinner party with Sgt. Kimball of the Seattle Police Dept. in attendance.
1993.300.291 Documents Copies of papers from Haruko Suzuki's enrollment at Broadway Evening School such as a receipt and homework.
1993.300.292 Document Brochure describing the Seattle Japanese Language School and what it offers. Seattle Japanese Language School
1993.300.293 Documents Copies of photos of teachers and the principal at the Seattle Japanese Language School.
1993.300.294 Documents Copies of photos of a Bailey Gatzert English class and the White River Japanese Language School Graduation.
1993.300.295 Document Copy of a photo of the Seattle Japanese Language School in one of the first classes posed in front of a building circa 1910.
1993.300.296 Documents Programs, tickets and an ad for entertainment at the Nippon Kan Theatre in Seattle in the period before World War II.
1993.300.297 Documents Ads from one of the pre-War World War II Japanese newspapers in Seattle which feature the program of the Mimasu Kai at Nippon Kan Theatre.
1993.300.298 Album Copies of photos of activities in the Japanese American community such as a Yakaima baseball team (Futaba), a naval training ship from Japan visiting Seattle, and floats from the Golden Potlatch Festival. Executive Order 9066 exhibit: Miscellaneous pre-war photographs
1993.300.299 Document Copy of a photo of a Mr. Teshirogi celebrating his 60th birthday and others dressed in various costumes.
1993.300.300 Document Copy of a photo of veterans of the Russo-Japanese war at a party celebrating the 25th anniversary of the end of the war.
1993.300.301 Documents Copies of photo and articles about the Mikados of Swing, band in the Japanese community before World War II.
1993.300.302 Documents Copies of photos of events in the Japanese communit6y such as participation in the Potlatch Parade, Salvation Army Fresh Air Camp, Yamaguchi-ken picnic, and reception at Maneki Gardens.
1993.300.303 Document Map of Seattle showing the distribution of the Japanese population in the city in 1920.
1993.300.304 Documents Photos and copies of photos of items stored in Jan Johnson's Panama Hotel basement of belongings left behind by Japanese evacueees who stored them and never reclaimed them. Photos scanned in K:/Panama Hotel Original photos in Japanese American 3 album
1993.300.400 Paper School research paper on the government of Minidoka and Puyallup Assembly center during the incarceration of Japanese Americans during WW II Self-Government at Minidoka Relocation Center Kanaya, Dick 1944
1995.004.005 Book Chinese Language Almanac Printed on paper and bound with a thin, pale red string. The front cover printed on slightly textured, glossed paper is colorfully designed with a red background, an image of 2 dragons surrounding 3 pendants with a Chinese character in each, a rectangular frame with an image of 3 men looking at a gridded board with markers in an outdoor space with a tree, flowers, a bird and a deer and a small rectangular box below with a pink background and Chinese text in red. The pages are mostly printed in black with chinese text and line drawings. Some pages at the front are printed in red. Some pages at the back have both black and red print. The inside of the back cover indicates that the book was published by Hong Ming Brothers Printing Press of 24, Tai Wo Street, G/F Wanchai, Hong Kong. The outer back cover is red with 5 columns of Chinese writing in black. The book's spine has been covered by a shiny piece of paper with Chinese characters in gold and red against a green and gold background.
1995.004.006 Book Chinese Language Almanac Printed on paper and bound with a thin, pale red string. The front is colorfully designed with a red background, an image of 3 five-pointed stars with a Chinese character in a circle on each, a rectangular frame with an image of a man, a woman floating in clouds and a building with a bree, moon behind, and a small rectangular box below with a pink backround. Chinese text in black. The pages are mostly printed in black with chinese text and line drawings. Some pages at the front are printed in red. Some pages at the back have both black and red print. The outer back cover, printed on pink paper, indicates that the book was published by Tin Po Lau Printing Co. at 270, Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong. The back cover is fairly dirty. The outer vertical edge of the front cover is slightly tattered.
1995.004.007 Book Small book printed on lightly brown paper with Chinese text in black print; the cover of the book is a slightly darker brown. The front cover has a rectangle in black in the upper left corner with chinese characters, also in black. The book is bound together with thin, brown string. The book, especially the cover, is quite tattered.
1996.006.160 Book These booklets cover the Nant'ang or southern T'ang kingdom, one of ten in southern China in the period 907 -960 C.E.
1996.006.161 Book The oath of Hung Meng, a secret society in south China also know as the Triad society in the form of a poem.
1996.006.167 Book Four different chapters of war affairs in China in the early 20th century in Giang Su and Che Giang. 1924
1996.006.168 Book How to Write Formal Letters
1996.006.169 Book How to Write A Letter
1996.006.190 Book Tung Shu, Almanac 1916
1996.006.197 Book Revolutionary Commentary 1928
1996.006.217 Book Essence of the National Language of the New Era 1921
1996.010.529 Book Black and white photographs illustrated book with Japanese and Kanji captions. Each page is printed on one side only. Masterpieces of Japanese Dolls Kampo Yoshikawa 1938
1996.010.530 Book Japanese dining customs and recipes. Sukiyaki: The art of Japanese Cooking and Hospitality Fumiko South Sea Sales
1996.010.531 Book Japanese restauratuer explains the cuisine of Tokyo. Owner of the Ten-Ichi Tempura restaurant in Tokyo. The Special Foods of Tokyo Isao Yabuki Foreign Affairs Association of Japan
1996.010.532 Book Information on the significance and areas to see spring blossoms in Japan. The Annual Cycle of Blossoms in Japan 1926 Japanese Government Railways
1996.010.533 Book Suzuki Harunobu Franz Holzschnitte 1956 Der Silberne Quell
1996.010.534 Book Brief overview of culture of Japan Japan: A Brief Sketch 1953 Japan International Press
1996.010.535 Book Images and text on Japanese tradtional arts and crafts. Folk Crafts in Japan Soetsu Yanagi 1949 Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai
1996.010.536 Book Japanese accomodations Inns and Hotels in Japan: How to Put up at a Japanese Inn. H.S.K. Yamaguchi 1939
1996.010.537 Book ABC of Japanese Art Board of Tourist Industry 1937 Japanese Government Railways
1996.010.538 Book Written instructions with black and white photographs. Cha-No-Yu: Artistic Japanese Tea Ceremony, Headquarters of the Ura Senke School Sen Soshitsu 1948 International Association for the Advancement of the Japanese Tea Cult
1996.010.539 Book Travel guide about Japanese Ikebana Floral Art of Japan Issotei Nishikawa 1936 Board of Tourist Industry
1996.010.540 Book Book on the family in Japan in French. La Famille Au Japon 1942 Board of Tourist Industry
1996.010.541 Book Overview of Children's holidays in Japan Children's Days in Japan Tamotu Iwado 1936/1941 Board of Tourist Industry
1996.010.542 Book Japanese festivals for children in French. Les Enfants Au Japon Tamotu Iwado 1942
1996.010.543 Book Japanese Food Japanese Food Kaneko Tezuka 1936 Board of Tourist Industry
1997.003.001 Book Picture Book Album Photos of Japanese American families in the Seattle and Portland area. Captions and information written in Japanese. The book has a string binding, opens left to right. It has an olive green cover with an illustration of Mt. Fuji and gold writing. The front nad back covers are torn, frayed and flaking. Kotaishi Denka goseinenshiki kinen kokoku shinmin shashincho [Photo Album of Subjects of Japan Commemorating the Coming of Age of the Crown Prince] Publication information: Preface dated Taish? 8 [1919] 1 volume, unpaged except for a small section at the end listing people whose photographs were not received. The final page of the book has been heavily damaged and the portion containing the colophon (with the editorial and publication information) is for the most part missing. However, I think we can conclude from what little remains and of the final page and other information that the book was published in Seattle in 1919 by the ???(D?h?sha). Holdings information No holdings are reported on OCLC Worldcat or on NACSIS Webcat (a comprehensive union catalog of libraries in Japan). A Google search (in Japanese) produced no results. It is possible that some library in Japan may have a copy of this book - most likely in special collections - and the catalog record is available only on site (traditional card catalog, book catalog of some kind, or an accession list), or perhaps through a local online catalog which must be specifically accessed. In addition, we cannot rule out the possibility that a copy may be in a library in North America and is simply "uncataloged" or in special collections of some kind with minimal processing information available only on site. For now, it appears that the copy held by Wing Luke is the only known publically available copy. Information supplied by Scott Edward (Eddy) Harrison, February 17, 2012 Kotaishi Denka goseinenshiki kinen kokoku shinmin shashincho [Photo Album of Subjects of Japan Commemorating the Coming of Age of the Crown Prince] 1919
1997.040.001 Book History of the Chinese Baptist church Seattle Chinese Baptist Church Centennial 1996
1997.041.001 Book Book bound with hard cloth cover, made in Japan, title: Fujin Mondai, by G. Mumeo. Drab olive green cover embossed on front with stylized leaf and flower design and on back with circle. Spine has dark blue cloth dovering with title of book in gold embossed Kanji, smaller print Kanji and Hiragana below. Painted in white over lower characters the number 396 0. Inside front cover a single diagonal open pocket holds library card with title, author, and borrower;s name and date checked out and barracks number. Dates from Aug. 31, 1944 - August 4, 1945. A smaller leaf page is glued on opposite the card and records same check-out dates. On the title page is stamped, on top, "Minidoka Japanese Library". One page 473 is stamped in blue with "Made in Japan, Taishodo, Seattle Wash.", a Seattle bookstore. The title "Fujin Mondai Sixteen Ko" is "Women's Studies 16 Topics."
1997.041.002 Book Book, "Joshin Manyo" by Takeda Yukichi. Cloth bound book with blue cover and red spine, title written by hand in white paint. Inside front cover is paper pocket with library card with borrower's name, date, and barrack number. Dates from April 18, 1944 - July 28, 1945. Inside front page is cover page of handmade paper with printed green grasshopper and black seed. Above this in red ink is stamped "Minidoka Japanese Library". Title page has photo of bas-relief Buddhist figure with title printed in Kanji. Text is in Kanji and Hiragana. Joshin Manyo=Literature Poetry
1997.043.168 Book How to Write Letters
1997.047.001 Book Kang Xi Dictionary Set
1997.047.002 Book Letter Composition Manual
1997.047.003 Book Letter Composition Manual
1997.047.004 Book Expressions for Correspondence
1997.047.005 Book Letter Writing Manual
1997.047.006 Book Four volumes of Confucian classics. Lun Yu or Analects of Confucius; Zhong Yang or Doctrine of the Mean; Mengzi or Mencius; Da Xue or Great Learning. The Four Books: Lun Yu, Zhong Yang, meng Zi, Da xue. 1968
1997.047.007 Book Bible Sheng Jing (shen Qing) 1965 The Bible Societies in Hong Kong
1997.047.008 Book A History of Canada David T.H. Lee 1967
1997.047.009 Book Magazine has several reproductions of painting of water bottle. 1970
1997.047.010 Magazine Use Freedom 1961
1997.047.011 Book History of Christianity 1928
1997.047.012 Book Letter Writing Manual
1997.047.013 Book The Scriptures in Song
1998.006.001 Book The Chinese Cook Book: Covering the Entire Field of Chinese Cookery in the Order of Serving, Nuts to Soup M. Sing Au 1936 Morley's Co. Ltd.
1998.007.001 Book A - C: Vol. 1-3, Brown paper covered books with illustration of children, inkstone, and ink stick on the cover. Interior is printed in red ink and each page has three top illustrations and below this the character repeated four times. D - E: White paper cover with maroon ink with illustration of young boy on the cover. Interior has three rows of characters in red and the brush strokes numbered in arabic numerals. Calligraphy Shanghai Book Co.
1998.042 Book Semi -Hard cover book opens left to right, "The North American Times 1936 Edition Year Book" Cover is dark green with gold printing. The cover is somewhat worn on the edges. The title is in English and Japanese kanji. The Title is in English on the top in horizontal lines and the Japanese title is vertical with two lower horizontal lines. On the spine are two thin lines on the top and the bottom, the year "1936" and the title in Kanji. The front page has an over leaf and is the same as the cover only in black ink. In the front there are 42 pages of black and white photographs of the Japanese American community. There is a business section with advertisements and a listing in Japanese and English of Japanese American businesses in Seattle, and Washington state and the Pacific Northwest. The Book was published in Japan. The North American Times 1936 Edition Year Book 1936
1998.056 Book Hard back Japanese book, "Thus spoke Zarathustra" by German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche Hardback book with mottled dark gray paper cover. The title is embossed in gold along the spine in Japanese. The book is in Japanese, and it opens from left to right. Inside on title page written in black pen in English is: "Arima Sumio 1923 Seattle, Wash." Inside the title page is a picture leaf and then a black and white photograph of Frederick Nietzsche. Translated by Jiro Abe. Thus spoke Zarathustra Frederick Nietzsche 1920
1998.074.0 Book Chinese History Stories: Mongol Invasion 1939
1998.074.001 Book Gung Min; Public Civics, Upper Elementary 1953 Chi Sheng Book Co.
1998.074.002 Book Guo Yu; National Language; Chinese 1952 Chi Sheng Book co.
1998.074.003 Book Suan Shu; Arithmatic 1952 Chi Sheng Book co.
1998.074.004 Book Suan Shu; Math, Upper Elementary
1998.074.005 Book Elementary Natural Science 1952 Chi Sheng Book co.
1998.074.006 Book In Chinese, Chinese History 1952
1998.074.007 Book Di Li; Geography 1952 Chi Sheng Book Co.
1998.074.008 Book Beginning Writing Models 1936
1998.074.009 Book New Civics 1947
1998.074.010 Book Popular Educational Readers 1937
1998.074.011 Book Novel The Story of ____: A Love Story 1916
1998.074.012 Book Children's Reader, Teachers Copy 1928 Chi Sheng Book Co.
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