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1900.5557 Document Copy of photos in a Seattle daily newspaper of Japanese aliens being taken into custody by federal agents as they walk toward the Immigration Stat5ion at 815 Airport Way in Seattle. Nipponese Taken in F.B.I. Round-Up Here 02 /22/42
1900.5558 Article The F.B.I. and local authorities made a sweep of homes of enemy aliens and arrested over 300 of them in the Seattle area. One hundred and one of them were Japanese, Similar raids were made at the homes of other enemy aliens all along the West Coast and as far inland as Arizona. 101 Japs Seized in Seattle; All State Now Defense Zone 02 / /42
1900.5559 Article Throughout the Pacific Northwest, people were urging the internment of Japanese aliens and their denial of employment on the railroads as Tacoma arrested six Japanese near the waterfront, although five were released. Even in Canada people in the Kamploops area were urging the federal government to stop the infiltration of Japanese from the coastal areas, and the Canadian Legion urged the govenment to intern all Japanese aliens. What to Do with Japs Agitates Entire N.W. 02/00/42
1900.556 New Bi-Lingual Program 10/16/1974 News Journal
1900.5560 Article "Singapore Joe" Fisher warned that West Coast people have been lulled into a false sense of security after recalling his experiences with Japan's forces in the Straits Settlement. He said Los Angeles had a large Japanese pop[ulation, and if he saw them waving American flags, the more he would be worried. When Japs Wave U.S. Flag, Look Out, Says Singapore Joe 02 /22/42 Seattle Post -Intelligencer
1900.5561 Article Enemy aliens in possession of contraband were to be arrested and detained after law enforcement officials made raids on homes of some of the Seattle area aliens. F.B.I. Leads Squads in Search for Contraband 02 /00/42
1900.5562 Article Internment into concentration camps was urged by representatives of California's county supervisors. In the meantime California attorney general Earl Warren denounced violence against aliens in light of an attack on Japanese aliens in Rio Vista and the murder of a rooming house proprietor in Stockton. Concentration Camps for All Urged in California 02/21/06 Seattle Times
1900.5563 Article Raids were made on homesof Japanese aliens, and the men were arrested because they belonged to pro-Japan organizations. Also, Gov. Arthur B. Langlie issued a proclamation in which the possession of firearms and explosives by any person of Japanese descent was prohibited. Members of Pro-Nippon Groups Held 02 /00/42
1900.5564 Article F.B.I. agents made raids in Southern California arresting a number of aliens and seized the Japanese settlement of Terminal Island and quetioned the Japanese aliens living there. Raids were made as far south as San Diego and east to Phoenix. Entire Japanese Settlement Seized 02 /20/06 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5565 Document A copy of a photograph from a Seattle newspaper shows a Japanese alien alighting from a car as he arrives at the immigration station accompanying by two county detectives. Taken Into Custody Here 02 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5566 Article In Oregon eight German aliens and four Japanese aliens were arrested after F.B.I. raids on several Western Oregon cities. Contraband was also seized at that time. 8 Germans, 4 Japs Arrested in Oregon 02/22/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5567 Document John Boettiger, a Seattle P-I executive, wrote an editorial, a portion of what is shown here, asking for tolerance for persons of Japanese descent and attesting to their loyalty, while stating that those who side with Japan should be ferreted out. LBoettiger, John Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5568 Document A Japanese alien is shown in a copy of a photograph from a Seattle newspaper walking with a Seattle police sergeant. Arrested b FBI 02/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligcer
1900.5569 Article Politicians warned of dangers from Japan including a possible attack on the West Coast in the wake of a Congressional hearing that began in San Francisco. Congressman Tolan of Oakland made the statement, and Earl Warren, attorney general of California, told the congressional committee that Japanese Americans were a menace because many of them had been educated in Japan and thus were indoctrinated in Japanese ways. Pacific Coast Faces Attack, Prober Says 02 /21/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.557 A Chinese-American visits the village of his grandparents. 250 Cousins Louie, David Wong Summer 1975 New China
1900.5570 Article Thomas, WA's Japanese Association and Thomas Japanese Language School were dissolved in the wake of the order to evacuate Japanese from the West Coast. Closure of School, Association Told 02 /00/42
1900.5571 Article Mrs. Dale J. Marble, president of the Seattle Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, waged a protest with the Seattle School Superintendent over the presence of Japanese American women as clerks in the principals' offices. She said there was dissatisfaction among parents, especially fathers at Gatewood School, over the employment of Japanese American women at the schools because of distrust. Jap Girls in School Offices Protested 02 /23/42
1900.5572 Article Raids by FBI agents along the Pacific Coast and Arizona netted over 500 enemy aliens who were arrested for having ties to enemy organizations, some having headquarters overseas. FBI Nabs 500 Coast Aliens 03 /22/42
1900.5573 Article Alameda Japanese began making plans to leave the town after it was designated by the Justice Department as a prohibited area. They thanked the town in two poems that were were featured in the town newspaper. The Alameda Japanese Methodist Church also wrote a thank you letter to Alameda. 300 Japanese Must Evacuate Alameda Tuesday 02/00/42
1900.5574 Article FBI agents made raids from Canada to the Mexican border in trying to prevent sabotage and espionage among enemy aliens, who were questioned and often arrested because of incriminating evidence. Contraband such as ammunition, binoculars, cameras, shortwave radios, etc. were confiscated. Coast G Men Quiz 6,000 Alien Suspects 02 /23/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5575 Article J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, said there has been no indication of sabotage directed by an axis government with only some isolated incidents. No Sabotage Found, Says FBI Director 10 /23/42
1900.5576 Article The head of the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, J.H. Dayley, said the state didn't want Japanese evacuees from the West Coast and added that they had no use for them after there was a proposal to move the evacuees to Idaho to work on the sugar beet farms. Idaho Farm Bureau Doesn't Want Japs 02 /23/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5577 Article Six men with Axis ties were arrested along with Nazi flags and banners by federal agents in New York state. G Men Arrest 6, Seize Contraband in Albany 02 /23/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5578 Article Roger Baldwin, head of the American Civil Liberties Union, protested the the exective order allowing for the removal of persons from military areas and requested the Los Angeles and San Francisco officers to assist Japanese Americans who would be affected by this order. Civil Liberties Union Protests Evacuation Order 02 /23/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5579 Article At a meeting in Victoria, British Columbia, delegates urged a boycott of Japanese businesses and anyone who does business with them unless the Japanese were removed from coastal and vital areas of British Columbia. B.C. Group Threatens to Boycott Japs 02 /23/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.558 Wing Luke Award Presented to FYA 10/16/1974 News Journal
1900.5580 Article Aliens who come from Germany and other Axis nations were thrown into a panic after it had been learned that they were likely to be removed from the Pacific Coast states, even refugees from Germany who had fled Nazism. Also in Canada, Japanese aliens were being sent to do road construction work in the interior. Ouster of Aliens to Cause Heart-Breaking Problems 02 /00/42
1900.5581 Article Three Japanese inmates held on minor charges in the Los Angeles County jail were among the first to volunteer to give blood after the Red Cross established a branch blood bank there. Others among the 800 Japanese held there also agreed to participate in the blood drive. L.A. Japanese Offer Plasma Donations 02 /23/42 Seattle Times
1900.5582 Article The Red Cross meeting scheduled at the Seattle Buddhist Temple was moved to the JACL headquarters. JACL Office Scene of Red Cross Work 02 /00/42
1900.5583 Article The British Columbia command of the Army and Navy Veterans of Canada endorsed a resolution calling for the removal of all Japanese from the coastal areas of British Columbia. They had heard rumors of Japanese in fishing towns celebrating Japanese victories and were said to be loyal to Japan. B.C. Veterans Would Remove All Japs Inland 02 /23/42 Seattle Times
1900.5584 Article Japanese Canadians were urged to do their part in buying Canadian Victory Bonds despite the uncertainly of removal and the fact that they were never in the high income bracket. Japanese Buying Canadian Bonds 02 /23/42 Seattle Times
1900.5585 Article Approximately 600 enemy aliens had been rounded up in sweeps by officials in an effort to prevent any fifth column activity. Attorney General Earl Warren of California reported that Japanese aliens were living in proximity to aircraft factories and military bases, and these areas had been raided for suspicious activity. 600 Axis Aliens Held by Gov't. in Raids Reaching 4 Coast States 02 /00/42
1900.5586 Article J.H. Dayley, president of the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, declared that Japanese evacuees should be considered prisoners of war and that the people of Idaho had no use for them. Idaho Protests to Japanese Migration 02/00/42
1900.5587 Article Kibei (American born but educated in Japan) were given an extension in the survey they were to complete under the auspices of the JACL. This survey was to counter unjust accusations based on the Kibei's training in Japan and was completely voluntary. Kibei Survey Date Extended by JACL
1900.5588 Article Roger Baldwin, head of the American Civil Liberties Union, protested President Roosevelt's executive order allowing for the removal of persons from military areas and urged affiliates in Los Angeles and San Francisco to assist Japanese American who would be affected by the order. Civil Liberties Union Assails FDR 02/00/42
1900.5589 Document A political cartoon shows a little girl visiting her grandmother but in reality there is a wolf in the bed. The cartoon conveys the message that aliens and citizen traitors are looking for the right time to act while the woodsman who is supposed to protect the grandmother is asleep. And Alas!. The Brave Woodsman is Having his Noonday Nap Carlisle 02 /23/42
1900.559 Report on the Voices of Japanese American Redress Conference held at UCLA. Over 70 key players in the redress movement gathered to discuss the 10 year effort behind the passage of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. Giving Voice: Japanese American Redress conference in L.A. Omori, Chizu Oct. 1 - 14, 19 International Examiner
1900.5590 Article Gov. Arthur B. Langlie of Washington declared the state a "protective area" and asked that all Japanese turn in items of explosives, ammunition, firearms and any other items of destruction. In the meantime, Japanese aliens held in detention were to be given hearings, and if continued to be held were to be moved to Montana or North Dakota. Whole State of Washington Ruled "Portective Area" by Gov. Langlie 02 /00/42
1900.5591 Article Mothers of Gatewood School students protested the presence of a Japanese woman as the office clerk at the school and began a drive to have all Japanese American women employed as office workers be dismissed. Two photos of the women protesters accompanied the article. School Mothers Protest Japanese Office Girls. 02 /24/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5592 Article Federal officials meeting with the local Emegency Defense Council said there were no definite plans to evacuate Japanese from the Puget Sound area and that everyone was to sit tight until further notice. Nothing Definite on Evacuation Yet 02 /00/42
1900.5593 Article A county in Oregon now has only four enemy aliens when there used to be a colony of Japanese working on the Sumpter Valley railway on Dixie mountain but were now mostly gone. Grant County Has Only Four Aliens 02 /00/42
1900.5594 Article The Japanese Students' Club on the Uniersity of British Columbia campus raised $50 for the War Aid Fund after holding a Valentine's Dance. Japanese Club Raises Money for War Fund 02 /24/42 Ubyssey
1900.5595 Article A letter write to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer suggested that Japanese aliens be used as farm workers to alleviate the shortage of workers rather than have them interned in camps. Use Aliens on Farms 02 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5596 Article Japanese aliens from the Los Angeles area passed through Alamosa, Colorado on their way to work on farms in Colorado. It was reported that they would be interned and working at CCC camps in the state. California Alien Japanese Begin Work on Colorado CCC Camps 02 /00/42
1900.5597 Article A column authored by "bf" mentions the carticature of Japanese in contrast to Germans and Itaians, whose ancestral homelands are at war with the U.S.; the use of racial slurs against Japanese and how Germans and Italians are not similarly demeaned; the case of the Japanese office clerks in the Seattle Public Schools whose ouster is demanded by a woman in the Gatewood District. Main Street bf (Budd Fukei) 02 /00/42 North American Times (Hokubei Jiji)
1900.5598 Article The Federal Security Agency was assisting in the removal of Japanese aliens from the West Coast and getting jobs for them and having them start a new life. Federal Security Agency to Aid Evacuated Coast Alien Enemies 02 /00/42
1900.5599 Article Three hundred Japanese aliens living in British Columbia, Canada were sent to Jasper Park on the British Columbia-Alberta border to do road work and others are soon expected to follow. B.C. Transfers 300 Japanese Inland 02 /25/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.560 Part I: The Japanese American Century Part II: Filipino American Farmers - A New Generation Asian Farmers and the Pike Place Market: Cultivating the Soil From the Years Past Ritts Oct. 1 - 14, 19 International Examiner
1900.5600 article
1900.5601 Article A congressional inquiry was held in the San Francisco Bay Area to hear testimony on what should be done to the enemy aliens in their midst and heard from the mayor of Berkeley and the city manager of Oakland, among others. No Hardships for Evacuees in U.S. Mind 02 /00/42
1900.5602 Article A letter writer to the Seattle P-I said that had Japanese Americans followed the teachings of Kagawa, they would be at peace with this country. With the country at war, he suggested that the Farm Security Administration lease land inland and allow the Japanese to farm it as a way to show loyalty and to protect them from possibly strife. Japanese Problem Giberson, .A.L. 02/25/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5603 Article Enemy aliens were being evacuated from prohibited military zones in California in areas such as Terminal Island, California and the process was being finalized as the deadline approached to empty these areas of all enemy aliens. In the meantime, a congressional hearing heard from Bay Area officials that the evacuation should be done speedily. More Enemy Citizens Ousted 02 /24/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5604 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post -Intelligencer suggested that instructors be sent to the concentration camps for Japanese to teach them the American way of life. Price, Nellie C. 02 /25/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5605 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer claimed that General Tanaka's memorial plan of world conquest included Japanese immigration to obtain monopoly control of various industries. Wurster, J. 02 /25/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5606 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer suggested confining all enemy aliens and all Japanese because he said their loyalty was questionable and that action should be taken now before any other incident like Pearl Harbor occurs. Kahan, Frank 02 /25/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5607 Article Plans were being formalized to hold hearings in Seattle to decide what should be done with the Japanese population on the West Coast and to consider mass evacuation as a solution. Alien Probe to Open Here on Saturday 02 /25/42
1900.5608 Article Leaders of the Gatewood district of Seattle Public Schools, led by Mrs. Esther M. Sekor, decided to petition the Second Interceptor Command to help get rid of the Japanese American women working as clerks in the Seattle School District. Army to Get Petitions on Japs 02 /25/42
1900.5609 Article An anonymous writer commented on the Gatewood mothers who were trying to force the resignations of Japanese American office workers from the Seattle School District and stated that these "patriotic" and "noble" ladies should be given a long vacation after their strenuous activity--say, to Germany where their efforts would be appreciated.
1900.561 Article Governor Gary Locke heads to Japan, then China for trade talks. As a Chinese American, China is a more personal trip for Locke. China is also a growing economic power in Asia, with the potential to overtake Japan's position of power. Locke: Japan First, then on to China Postman, David October 2, 1997 Seattle Times
1900.5610 Article Twenty-six Japanese American women working as clerks at various Seattle public schools resigned after protests from mothers in the Gatewood neighborhood resulted in a petition asking for their dismissal. 27 Japanese Girls Leave School Jobs 02 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5611 Article The YM-YWCA Forum were to have a speaker on "How Shall the Japanese Aliens be Evacuated?" at Eagleson Hall. The speaker was to be Tom Bodine of the American Friends Service Committee. Alien Removal YM-YW Topic 02 /00/42
1900.5612 Article A Japanese man who was arrested in a railroad yard in Spokane said only "No savvy" when questioned. After he was released, he spoke perfect English. He 'Savvys' Now 02/00/42
1900.5613 Article Congressman John H. Tolan arrived in Portland to plan for hearings to be held to decide what to do with the Japanese alien evacuees. Congressman in Portland to Conduct Jap Hearings 02 /26/42
1900.5614 Article Japanese American women who worked as clerks in the offices of Seattle's public schools submitted their resignations after some Gatewood mothers led by Mrs. Esther Sekor protested their employment saying their presence created a safety issue for the students. Japanese Girls Resign Positions in City Schools 02 /26/42
1900.5615 Article Some 5,151 enemy aliens had been arrested since the outbreak of World War II, announced Attorney General. Aliens Arrests Mount to 5,151 02 /00/42
1900.5617 Article An order was made to remove Japanese in the Pacific Coast ports of Mexico after there were reports of Japanese raids along the California coast. Mexico to Oust Japs Near Ports 02 /00/42
1900.5618 Article Preparations were being made to hold hearings in Seattle by the Tolan Comittee of Congress to determine the problems involved if evacuation of aliens and Japanese occurs. Langlie Will be Witness in Alien Hearings 02 /27/42
1900.5619 Article A poem warning of the treachery of the people of Japan was reprinted in a newspaper to show its relevance to today. Comber, Helen 02/00/42
1900.562 Article On his trip through Asia, Washington governor Gary Locke meets with Japanese officials over restrictions on exporting Washington apples to Japan. The restrictions make exportation very expensive, and only Red and Gold Delicious apples are allowed. Washington to Japan: Buy Our Apples Postman, David October 3, 1997 Seattle Times
1900.5620 Article An editorial in the University of Washington Daily reflected on how intolerance had taken hold in this country with this country engaged in World War II and cited the example of the resignation of the Japanese American office workers after some mothers complained about their employment. To The Mothers . . . Edmundson, Bill 02 /00/42 Univresity of Washingto
1900.5621 Article Letters to the University of Wahington Daily indicated there were pros and cons to the issue of Japanese American clerks working in the Seattle Public School at a time of war between the United States and Japan. While there were three letters defending their employment, one letter writer expressed the opinion that the women could be potential spies. Safety Value 02 /00/42 University of Washington Daily
1900.5622 Article At a hearing in Portland, Oregon of the Tolan Committee, a leader of the JACL pleaded to let people of Japanese ancestry remain in their locales and not be moved. An Astoria, OR official cited possible fifth column activity, and an American Legion official urged the removal of all Japanese to east of the mountains. A Japanese American farmer said he had stopped preparing for spring planting because of the possiblity of evacuation. Japs in Plea for Leniency 02/27/42
1900.5623 Article Japanese in British Columbia were put under curfew orders that required them to stay within their homes between sunset and sunriset. Curfew Order for Japanese in B.C. 02 /00/42
1900.5624 Article Twenty Japanese American employees of the California State Board of Equalization were suspended, and all liquor licenses held by Japanese were revoked. Calif. Suspends 20 Jap Employes 02 /28/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5625 Article The date for Japanese to turn in contraband was extended to Saturday, 5 pm. Contraband Deadline Extended for Japs 02 /27/42
1900.5626 Article A petition was circulated on the University of Washington camopus asking for the reinstatement of the Japanese American women officer clerks who were forced to resign their positions after protests arose from mothers of students at a West Seattle elementary school. U.W. Petitions Ask Reinstatement of Jap Girls 02 /28/42
1900.5627 Article Preparations were being made to hold Tolan Committee hearings in Seattle to determine what should be done to Japanese aliens on the West Coast, and a list of witnesses was being made up that included government officials, social service organizations, chamber of commerce, etc. Hearings On Aliens Open Here Today 02 /20/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5628 Article Indictment were returned by a federal grand jury accusing Thomas Masuda and Kenji ito of serving as agents of Japan and making speeches in favor of Japan. U.S. Reveals Details of Jap Indictments
1900.5629 Article An editorial in a Seattle daily newspaper commented on the Tolan Committee that was to hold hearings in Seattle and expressed confidence that it would be fruitful and would lead to solutions to problems that would ensue from evacuation of the Japanese. The Tolan Committee 02 /00/42
1900.563 Article During his trip to Asia, Governor Gary Locke goes off his itinerary to fly a kite in Tiananmen Square and shows his American side by asking his guide about her experiences during the 1989 student demonstrations. Locke Takes A Kite Break In Beijing Postman, David October 5, 1997 Seattle Times
1900.5630 Article The Seattle School Board accepted the resignations of Japanese American office clerks after there were protests over their employment. School Board Lets Japanese Girls Resign 02 /00/42
1900.5631 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer criticized the pressure put on the Japanese American school clerks to resign from their positions. He said it was similar to the way Hitler was treating the Jews. Japanese in Schools Wolfe, K.H. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5632 Article An opinion piece written for the University of Washington Daily urged support for the World Stludent Service Fund (WSSF) which would fund scholarships for Japanese American students who want to go to college from the internment camps. We Have It----They Need It Howell, Ruth 00 /00/43 University of Washington
1900.5633 Document Photocopy of newspaper photos showing Hawaiian Japanese training as members of the 100th infantry battalion. Don't Call 'Em Japs; They're for U.S. 02 /00/42
1900.5634 Article The Minidoka Mass Choir sang for students at Jerome High School and at a formal concert for the residents of Jerome and were preparing to sing at a Methodist church in Twin Falls, Idaho. Choir From Hunt Wins Audience 04 /04/43 Minidoka Irrigator
1900.5635 Article The Farm Security Administration was making plans to recruit Japanese American farm laborers to do seasonal work in Eastern Oregon and in Southern/Southwestern Idaho because of shortage of workers due to the war. Farm Security to Employ 5,000 Japs in Idaho, Oregon 02 /13/42
1900.5636 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-intelligencer said that living in Hawaii made her aware of the danger of the Japanese population and its loyalty to Japan and added that the war could possibly reach the continental U.S. From Honolulu Ryan, Mrs. Sidney Hall 02 /28/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5637 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said that the area should still be able to provide enough vegetables even with the removal of the Japanese and that the law allowing children of aliens to be American citizens should be reconsidered. Nisei Citizenship Drysdale, Charlotte 02 /28/42 Seattle Post-Ingelligencer
1900.5638 Document A photo in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer showed three members of the Tolan Committee--Carl T. Curtis, John H. Tolan and Laurence F. Arnold--who were in Seattle to consider the internment of Japanese aliens and possibly all persons of Japanese descent. Tolan Sees Early Ouster of Aliens 02 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5639 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer wrote a satirical piece in which he "lauded" the Gatewood parents who were trying to get rid of the Japanese American clerks in the Seattle Public Schools for their efforts in saving attendance and grade records from the mikado, which were so important in our defense effort. Satiric Pottenger, J.L. 02 /28/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.564 Article Governor Gary Locke meets with Chinese president Jiang Zemin, and talks about China's human rights recod and Boeing. Locke Meets with Jiang Postman, David October 6, 1997 Seattle Times
1900.5640 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer alluded to the Declaration of Independence to enunciate the principles for which we stand, and now we have women from the Gatewood schools trying to undermine these principles by denying these women their livelihood. National Principles Sullwold, Margaret 02 /28/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5641 Article John H. Tolan, head of an investigating committee on enemy aliens on the West Coast indicating that evacuation was imminent, urged President Roosevelt to name an alien property custodian and a coordinator for alien enemy problems. Tolan Requests Alien Action 02 /00/42
1900.5642 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said that there were a number of young women just out of business school who would be glad to take those jobs that the Japanese American women were vacating. She said if these excuses are used to hire Japanese women, next thing you know there will be Japanese American teachers in the schools. Betts, Mrs. Dorothy Stanton 02 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5643 Article Mike Masaoka, national secretary and field executive for the Japanese Americans Citizens League, said he was preparing all Japanese on the West Coast to evacuate their homes and making the sacrifice as a patriotic move. Japanese Preparing to Quit West Coast 03 /01/42
1900.5644 Article John H. Tolan, chairman of the Tolan Committee which was investigating the possible removal of Japanese from the West Coast, said that evacuation was inevitable after hearing testimony from various people. Congress Committee Holds Hearing on Evacuation Problems Marketl, Dan B. 02 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5645 Article Samuel Bassett, lawyer for Thomas Masuda, tried to get Masuda's bail lowered, saying the $25,000 was excessive; but the judge upheld the bail in Masuda's case of acting as an agent of Japan without registering with the state department. Lower Bail Denied Masuda 03 /01/42
1900.5647 Article Gen. John L. DeWitt, commanding general of the Western Defense Command and Fourth Army, said he was the only one to be authorized to speak on the evacuation of enemy aliens from the West Coastj after others had made requests for removal of aliens or had expressed opposition to any of them moving to their areas. Aliens' Fate Up to Army, Says DeWitt 03 /02/42 Seattle Post -Intelligencer
1900.5648 Article Earl Millikin, mayor of Seattle, said the people of Seattle were all in favor of evacuating all Japanese in the city in a testimony before the Tolan Committee. Others such as Mayor Harry P. Cain of Tacoma, J.W. Slpangler, Floyd Oles and James Sakamoto gave differeing views on evacuation in their testimonies. "We Can't Take a Chance on Another Pearl Harbor"--Millikin
1900.5649 Article A meeting of the Immediate Action Committee in Victoria, British Columbia asked for the immediate removal of all persons of Japanese ancestry and also for the implementation of the curfew law as well as the confiscation of cars, radios, firearms and explosives from among the Japanese. Remova All Japs, Victoria Asks 03 /01/42
1900.565 Visit of Penor Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist leader World Harmony Begins with One MacDonald, Sally 10/4/1997 Seattle Times
1900.5650 Article Five American Legion posts in the Seattle area urged the removal of all aliens from strategic areas on the Pacific Coast while the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) on Bainbridge Island made a counter-proposal on what should be done with the Japanese on the island. Legion Posts Ask Aliens' Ouster 02 /00/42
1900.5651 Article Washington state's attorney general, representatives of organizations and citizens testified before the Tolan Committee on the problem of Japanese aliens on the West Coast, and the attorney general urged immediate removal of all Japanees because of the possiblity of mob violence. State Officials Fear Mob Violence 03 /02/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5652 Article The Tolan Committee investigating the proposed evacuation of Japanese on the Pacific Coast received telegrams from governors of nine states that they opposed the movement of Japanese aliens into their states. The hearings were to continue in Seattle. Inland State Heads Do not Want Japanese 03 /29/42
1900.5653 Article Gov. Ralph L. Carr said he would be willing to take in Japanese evacuees if called upon and said he would urge two other governors to do the same. Gov. Carr Will Ask Other States to Aid 02/28/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5654 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligen criticized the pressure to emove Japanese American school clerks in the Seattle Public Schools and said it was unfair, unwise and contrary to American principles. For Pirnciple 00/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5655 Article There were still some Japanese American school clerks working for the Seattle School District, but they were on duty because they had to train and instruct their new replacements. Japanese Clerks Still on Duty 03 /00/42
1900.5656 Article A letter writer with just the initials R.T.S. suggested that the Japanese be put on a ship and sent to Japan because, he or she said, many want to go there and Americans don't want them here. Return Them
1900.5657 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer protested the employment of Japanese red caps at Seattle's train stations, saying that they should not know the schedule of the incoming and outgoing trains because he believed them to be disloyal. Japanese Red Caps 00 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5658 Article Kenji Ito's attorney entered a demurrer to Ito's indictment of acting as an agent for Japan in his trial in Judge John C. Bowen's court. Ito Attorney Files Demurrer 00 /00/42
1900.5659 Article Members of the state prosecutors' association were to meet in Olympia with army, navy and FBI representatives to discuss the state's alien problem. Prosecutors Plan Alien Discussion 03 /01/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.566 A Selective and Annotated Bibliography Literature of the Filipino American in the U.S Norell 1976
1900.5660 Article A number of people trestified before the Tolan Committee giving their views for and against the evacuation of Japanese from the West Coast. Miller Freeman, a local publisher, clained the Japan Society of Seattle was a fifth column organization and that its members were being played for suckers. Freeman Calls Japan Society 'Fifth Column' 03 /03/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5661 Article Dave Beck, president of the Teamsters' Union, urged the removal of all Japanese from the Pacific Coast as their contribution to this country. 03 /04/42 Seattle Star
1900.5662 Article Senator Mon C. Wallgren, Washington state's junior senator, urged quick removal of enemy aliens on the W Wallgren Asks Quick Evacuation of Aliens 00/00/42
1900.5663 Article Fred Niendorff, financial editor of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, mentioned the property that would be left behind if there was an evacuation of Japanese and that ethics demanded that people should not try to profit from someone else's hardship. Jap Evacuations Present Economic Problems of Note Niendorff, Fred 00 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5664 Article Article in the Seattle P-I revealed where Japanese and Japanese Americans would have to vacate in the state of Washington as zones were set up to remove them from strategic areas as a result of World War II. De Witt Reveals Plan to Move All Japanese 03 /04/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5665 Map A map of Washington state showed where Japanese aliens and Japanese Americans were to be prohibited from living as zones were created by the military to exclude these people from strategic areas. Where Aliens Will Be Barred 03 /04/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5666 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer asked why the Japanese were being removed from this area. She wondered if ulterior motives weren't the reason and that Japanese farmers were needed for the war effort. Japanese Problem 03 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5667 Article Japanese American students at the University of Washington were preparing to leave the university and wind up their affairs in light of the military order to evacuate from this area. Campus Japanese Face Evacuation 03 /04/42
1900.5668 Article An article in the Uniersity of Washington Daily by Jack Sheedy decried the persecution of persons of Japanese ancestry and said it undermined the concept of American democracy. Seattle, Wash Sheedy, Jack 03/00/42 University of Washington Daily
1900.5669 Article The Puget Sond Chapter of the American Association of Social Workers urged careful planning of the evacuation of Japanese persons and offered their help to the proper authorities. They also went on record as opposing evacuation of people solely on their race or nationality. Alien Evacuation Aid Offered 03 /00/42
1900.567 Directory of Philippine American Women Writers and Artists PAWWA 1994
1900.5670 Article Fred Niendorff, the Seattle P-I's financial editor, wrote in his column of the adverse effects of the evacuation of Japanese farmers from this area and stated that shortages and higher prices may be the result. 70 Million Pounds of Produce Grown by N.W. Japanese 03 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5671 Article A lette writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer asked for tolerance for all people affected by World War Ii, especially minority people who seemed to be treated like lesser people from the observations of the writer while she was hospitalized. For Tolerance Petkovits, Mrs. R. Carroll 03 /00/42 Seattlre Post-Intelligencer
1900.5672 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said that the Japanese American clerks at Seattle's public schools lost their jobs and that the public should protest this action because the women were loyal and efficient employees. Against Intolerance Bonus, Albert D. 03 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5673 Article County prosecutors meeting in Olympia urged the citizenry not to engage in vigilante activity as they awaited the evacuation of persons of Japanese ancestry. Prosecutors Decry 'Vigilantism' 03 /02/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5674 Article Puyallup Valley Japanese farmers were letting their fields go fallow because they were to be evacuated soon, and they didn't believe white people would do this kind of work. Puyalllup Japs Hit by Order 03 /02/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5675 Article James Y. Sakamoto, Japanese American publisher of the Japanese American Courier newspaper, suggested the Midwest as a possible haven for those who will be evacuated as a result of a military order. Middle West Jap Refuge Is Suggested 03/04/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5676 Article A Japanese American man fleeing his girlfriend's husband, a Chinese, in a car was found guilty of reckless driving. Jap's Drive (With Wife of Chinese) Ends in Retreat 03 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5677 Article An article told of an orchestra leader who was having his dentures refurbished when the Japanese owner of the lab it was sent to was arrested as a result of Pearl Harbor, and the dentist who sent out the dentures was unable to retrieve it. The dentist was able to visit the lab owner and learned that the dentures were in a safe; and as the lab owner was giving him the combination, a guard overheard them and, believing sabotage/espionage information was being exchanged, had the dentist arrested. Notes of a New Yorker 03 /04/42
1900.5678 Article A columnist wrote that Japanese residents of Los Angeles had requested information on the workings of the city's water supply, and a Japanese consular official had even asked for diagrams. Durling, E.V. 00 /00/42
1900.5679 Cartoon A three panel cartoon shows an interpreter asking a Japanese alien if he is a citizen at the request of some law enforcement officer; and after a long winded explanation from the alien, the interpreter merely translates it as a yes. So He Says! Gale, (No first name or initial given) 03 /05/42 Seattle Times
1900.568 Liem's Aquarium and Bird shop and owner Djin Kwie Liem. Tiny Shop a World of Wonders Eng 10/9/1997 Seattle Times
1900.5680 Document A photo shows two women screening soil at a White River Valley farm to prepare it for planting, although the specter of evacuation has halted farming operations for most of the farmers. Their Future As Farmers Uncertain 03 /00/42
1900.5681 Article Japanese farmers in the White River and Puyallup Valleys were hesistant to do any more planting with the impending evacuation of all Japanese from those areas to come about soon. Planting Halted By Jap Farmers Welch, Doug 03 /06/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5682 Article The American Civil Liberties Union asked its branches in California to seek a modification of the evacuation order to remove all Japanese from the state and said it would assist evacuees who would contest the order. Civil Liberties Group to Contest Removal of Japs 03 /05/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5683 Article The county prosecutor of Spokane County warned that his area could become a dumping ground for Japanese aliens because it is outside the exclusion zone, and a meeting was being planned to address the problem. 03/05/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5684 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said the example of the school clerks resigning their positions was an example of sacrifice during the war and asked that they take leadership in helping evacuate the Japanese from this area. Task for Japanese Ritter, Harriett 03 /06/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5685 Article A survey made by a police national defense detail showed that most of the Japanese in Seattle lived in the Central District with many others living close or near defense units. Japanese Live Close to City's Defense Units 03/06/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5686 Article A reception center for Japanese aliens was being prepared at the Owens Valley in an area between Parker Dam and Blythe, California near the Colorado River. California To Have Centers For Aliens 03/06/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5687 Document A bulletin from the American Friends Serivce Committee gave suggestions on the evacuation that was to take place that would affect persons of Japanese ancestry and advised calmness and care in making decisions for the future. Bulletin No. 3, March 6, 1942, 10:00 am American Friends Service Committee 030/06/42
1900.5688 Document A photocopy of two pictures from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer shows one picture of a girl (Mary Okazaki) outside of a furniture store having a removal and evacuation sale, while the other picture shows three brothers (Lincoln, Taft and Grant Beppu) taking inventory at their store prior to evacuation. Problem for Japs 03 /06/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5689 Article The national commander of the American Legion, Lynn U. Stambaugh, urged the removal of all Japanese on the West Coast because their presence was a menace to the country. Legion Head demands Evacuation of Aliens 03 /06/42 Seattle Times
1900.569 Article On the Locke's international trade trip through Asia, Mona Lee and her father went to his childhood home in Shanghai. Once a large home that reflected their status as ruling elite in the city, the home has been converted to small apartments. Father Takes Mona Lee Locke to See Boyhood Home;'everything is gone' Mar, Rod October 9, 1997 The Seattle Times
1900.5690 Article With evacuation facing them, Japanese businesses in Seattle were preparing to close their businesses but were trying their best not to suffer huge losses and conduct business as usual until they have to leave. Whites Try to Buy Them Out at Low Price, Say Japanese 03 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5691 Article A news report indicated that Japanese authorities in Shanghai had arrested American and British newsmen and businessmen in retaliation for the way Japanese citizens had been treated by American and British authorities. Japs Retaliate by Arresting U.S. Citizens 03/06/42 Seattle Times
1900.5692 Article Lr. General John L. DeWitt announced plans for two reception centers to accept Japanese evacuees from the West Coast. One will be in the Owens Valley in California, and the other will be along the Colorado River near the Blythe-Parker Dam area. Army Selects Centers for Alien Evacuees 03/06/42 Seattle Times
1900.5693 Article FBI agents and local police made raids in certain Northern California cities in search of members of Japanese secret societies and a Japanese Association. Japs in Secret Societies Sought 03 /06/42 Seattle Times
1900.5694 Article Enemy aliens in the Albuquerque, NM area were rounded up by local police and federal agents and contraband seized. Many Aliens Taken in Albuquerque Area 03 /06/42 Seattle Times
1900.5695 Article Seattle Japanese were winding up their business affairs as they prepared for evacuation of the city and a move to some other place but didn't know where. Seattle Japs Packed Up and Ready to Move Welch, Doug 03/07/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5696 Article Civilian agencies of the government were cooperating with the army in preparing for the evacuation of persons of Japanese descent on the West Coast according to the orders from the Western Defense Command and the Fourth Army. Coast Alien Resettlement Plan Revealed 03/07/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5697 Article In The Nation magazine a writer wrote that the West Coast was pretty jittery in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack and that jingoists and reactionary people are fanning the flames and scapegoating Japanese and Japanese Americans to show hatred toward them. West Coast Perspective Fischer, Louis 03 /07/42 The Nation
1900.5698 Article There were approximately 15,000 persons of Japanese descent in Military Area No. 1, and all the counties in this area except two--Island and Wakhiakum--have no Japanese aliens. 15,000 in Area Face Evacuation 03/06/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5699 Article An editorial in a Seattle newspaper stated that there are disloyal as well as loyal people in the Japanese community and urged the community to help weed out those who are disloyal. The Japanese Problem 03 /08/42
1900.570 Article Governor Gary Locke's ancestral village gets a new road, toilet, and electricity to celebrate his visit. Village Goes All Out for Locke's Entourage Postman, David October 10,1997 Seattle Times
1900.5700 Document A photocopy of a picture in a Seattle newspaper shows a line-up of aliens waiting outside the main Seattle post office to get their certificates of identification. Enemy Aliens Line Up to Register 03 /00/42
1900.5701 Article Enemy aliens lined up inside and outside the main post office in Seattle to get their certificates of identification, which contains their fingerprint and a photograph. 2,000 Enemy Aliens Yet to be Certified 03 /00/42
1900.5702 Article A citizen called the police in Los Angeles to report that he/she saw a group of Japanese huddled together and said it looked suspicious. The police responded to find the group playing a dice game. Jap Crap Shooters Didn't Look Right 03 /00/42
1900.5703 Article Mortgage bankers claimed the evacuation of the Japanese will have a bearing on future property values, but it won't be near the problem created for automobile owners due to the lack of gasoline and tires. Effect on Property 03 /00/04
1900.5704 Article Three American Legion posts in the state of Washington urged immediate removal of all Japanese aliens from the West Coast as the best solution for our national defense. Legion Urges Alien Removal 03 /00/42
1900.5705 Article Twenty-two agencies were selected to assist in the evacuation of Japanese aliens and American citizens of Japanese descent, and a committee of eight will coordinate with Lt. Gen. John DeWitt to handle the evacuation of the Japanese people from the West Coast. 22 Agencies To Assist In Jap Removal 03/08/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5706 Article The army chose a spot in the Owens Valley owned by the city of Los Angeles and said it would use the place as a reception area for people of Japanese descent who were to be evacuated. Army Picks Land To Resettle Japs 03/08/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5707 Article Drew Pearson wrote in his column that Sen. Hiram Johnson of California wanted to evacuate all Japanese in California, but he said nothing about people of Italian or German descent. Other senators accused Johnson of playing politics. Washington Merry-Go-Round Pearson, Drew 03/00/42
1900.5708 Article Japanese men evacuated from British Columbia in Canada would be used on a highway project from Edmonton that would lead to a connection that heads to Vancouver. Japs From B.C. Will Be Used On Highway Project 03/08/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5709 Article Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt was quoted as saying that the Japanese on the West Coast were understanding and accepting the eventual evacuation when she was asked about American citizens having to leave. 03/00/42
1900.571 Article Governor Gary Locke, his wife Mona, and his parents visit their ancestral village during his trip to Asia. They are welcomed by family and by the government. Locke's Reunion: Standing Room Only Postman, David October 12, 199 Seattle Times
1900.5710 Article A letter writer to the editor of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said he lives where some Japanese families reside, and he said that if they were moved to the Midwest or elsewhere as the fanatics in the Seattle area urged, would they jeopardize their children's happiness by committing acts of sabotate? Carrie, Donald 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5711 Article A Japanese American writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer affirmed his Americanism and asked to be judged as one. Arita, Kenny 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5712 Article Twenty-three enemy aliens were rounded up by the FBI and local authorities in Seattle and Port Angeles. There were twenty Japanese arrested and they were accused of having contraband and being members of pro-Axis organizations. FBI Nabs Aliens With Munitions 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5713 Article Japanese laborers working for the Port Townsend-Southern Railroad were arrested following an explosion that destroyed a speeder, a tool shed and two old coaches and sent to Seattle to be processed by immigration officials. 9 Japs Arrested in Peninsula Blast 03/09/42 Seattle Post-Intell8igencer
1900.5714 Article A professor from the University of Washington proposed the idea of parents adopting Japanese American children for the duration of the war after careful screening rather than sending them away somewhere as the evacuation plan prescribes. Jap Adoptions Proposed Here 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5715 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer who said he was from Hawaii but now living here claimed the Japanese people in Hawaii stabbed this country in the back because they had been nurtured in Hawaii and some of the Pearl Harbor attack pilots were wearing class rings from McKinley High School in Honolulu and the University of Hawaii. Lani, Dave 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5716 Article The King County assessor's office was working overtime to prepare tax statements to show what soon -to- be- evacuated Japanese owed on their personal property. An accompanying photo showed county employees working on the statements Assessor Prepares More Bad News for County's Japanese 03 /09/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5717 Article In Nothern California the national council of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) pledged their cooperation with the government's evacuation program. Also, arrests of members of Japanese societies aiding Japan were now winding down. Meanwhile, Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt reminded Japanese farmers to continue farming and that those aliens who voluntarily evacuate should not be hasty in selling their goods. Nisei Pledge Cooperation 03 /09/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5718 Article Announcements were to be forthcoming regarding the property and inventory left behind by Japanese evacuees. The government was to safeguard everything, and the evacuees were expected to entrust it all to the government. Those who could voluntarily moved inland were encouraged to do so, and those still farming were warned not to plow under their crops, whcih were needed by the American public. Army to Safeguard Japanese Property 03/10/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5719 Article "Quick Collect" orders for property taxes were issued by the County Treasurer's office on orders from the assessor's office to Japanese property owners before they could sell their property due to evacuation orders. Jap Property Orders Issued 03 /00/42
1900.572 Article Governor Gary Locke's trip through Asia included a trip to his ancestral village Jilong, trade negotions, and a trip to Shanghai. With him was Republican Senator Alex Deccio. Locke Draws Near to His Past Zimmerman, Rachel October 11, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5720 Article Registration of all Seattle Japanese was being conducted by the Seattle chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) to provide their own listing for the purpose of keeping family ties together. Two photographs show people registering. Japanese Here Prepare for Evacuation Copeland, Sidney 03 /11/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5721` Article A produce shortage was seen as likely with the impending evacuation of all Japanese from the West Coast. However, the process was to be done on a piece meal basis, so it was unclear if there would be total evacuation as was announced early. 03 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5722 Article The Seattle Reserve Bank, a branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, will be the agent to help those who are to be evacuated settle their business affairs. Offices Here to Deal With Jap Property Niendorff, Fred 03/12/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5723 Article A car containing two Japanese and two German aliens was eluding local authorities after it escaped the border patrol at the town of Republic, WA. 4 Enemy Aliens in Auto Hunted 03/12/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5724 Article Buckets of sand left on every floor of an apartment building in San Francisco to fight fires were suddenly filled with water instead, and the culprit was a Japanese houseboy who said he thought that water was better than sand in fighting fires. Japanese Sandman Finds Out the FBI Isn't Asleep 03/12/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5725 Article The way was cleared for the evacuation of Japanese from the West Coast with the appointment of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as custodian of the evacuees' property. A reception center has been established in the Owens Valley in Southern California to accept 10,000 people in a 5,000 acre area. Jap Removal to Start Soon 03/12/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5726 Article The World Student Service Fund was planning to set up scholarships to aid alien students evacuated from the West Coast who had been University of Washington students. Although the group's funds had been earmarked for Europe and China, it was felt that the need was stronger at home and thus the change in priorities. WSSF Drive Will Help U Evacuees 03/13/42
1900.5727 Article A student at the University of Washington, Sophus Keith Winther, wrote an open letter to the Japanese students at the University offering to give them information on their work or helping them contact a professor; he said to write to him if they had any questions. To my Japanese students 03/13/42
1900.5728 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, a sergeant in the Marines, mentioned how, while many are doing their patriotic duties, some are taking advantage of the war such as price gouging, and even harming helpless people such as the Japanese American women who were forced to resign as school clerks because of their race. Sergeant Speaking Logan, Sergeant J.J. 03/13/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5729 Article Japanese Newspaper and Magazine Publishing in the Pacific Northwest 1894-2006 Harrison, Scott Edward 2006/ /
1900.573 Article A profile of Rainier Valley. It had high crime rates and poor housing, but today, the crime rates are low and housing is being updated to standards. There are also ways to improve the area including LINK transportation and growing business. Rainier Valley: Community is on the mend Higgins, Mark October 11, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5730 Article Two Filipinos attacked William Yamaguchi at 4th and Madison with one of them threatening him with a hunting knife. Filipinos Attack Seattle Japanese
1900.5731 Article A man posing as an FBI agent entered a Japanese American home after the girls refused to let him in. He pulled an outside electric switch, then entered by breaking the glass on a rear door. He locked one of the girls in a closed before fleeing. Man Posing as FBI Agent Attempts to Assault Jap Girl 03 /13/42
1900.5732 Article Nearly 200 Japanese that included language school teachers and Buddhist priests were rounded up in Southern California after raids were made in that area. 200 Japs Are Seized In New Calif. Raids 03 /14/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5733 Article Japanese residents in Seattle soon to be evacuated went to the Federal Reserve Bank to make arrangements to be protected from price gouging and being taken advantage of. A photo of Mrs. S. May Nakashima showed her filling out a form. Japanese Here Ask Help of U.S. In Settling Property Problem Niendorff, Fred 03 /13/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5734 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer asked if a previous writer was being ironical or brutally frank in suggesting that the Japanese here be treated the same as the Indians. She mentioned that "Negroes" were still being discriminated against and that "whatever we soweth, so shall we reap." Japanese Problem 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5735 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer stated that the evacuation of the Japanese should not be controversial and that to let the authorities take care of it just as it would be done if the whole area had to be evacuated, and the people would be accepting of it. Japanese Problem L.A.O. 03 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5736 Article The North American Times, a bilingual Japanese paper published in Seattle since 1902,. was closed by U.S. Treasury Department. Japanese Paper Closed by U.S. 03 /00/42
1900.5737 Article A proposal to use Japanese Canadian men to work in highway construction received the interest of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce who heard the British Columbia premier tell of his plans.. Japs May Help Build Link In Alaska Road Welch, Doug 03/14/42 Seattle Post-Intelligerncer
1900.5738 Article The Western Defense Command under Lt. Gen. John DeWitt announced the formation of the Civil Affairs Branch to assist Japanese with any problems relating to their eventual evacuation from the West Coast. In the meantime, the FBI continued its raids in Caifornia of suspected enemy aliens and detaining them. Alien Control Force Set Up for Coast Area 03 /14/42 Seattle Times
1900.5739 Article A Pan American Airways pilot said that there would probably be a "Jap" army organized in California and that they would be ready to strike just as he said they did in the Philippines. Jap Army in U.S.Likely, Says Pilot 03 /15/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.574 Syllabus for class at the University of Washington Asian American Stereotypes in the Media Duque 1997 Syllabus
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