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Wing Luke Museum
2008.016.007 Booklet Trafficking of Women & Children: Challenges and Solutions Conference Angell, Elizabeth 2001 University of Washington Women's Center
2008.016.008 Booklet Redress! The American Promise Legislative Education Committee 1986 Legislative Education committee, Pacific Southwest District Council, Japanese American Citizens League
2008.016.009 Booklet Countdown: A Demographic Profile of Asian and pacific Islanders in Washington State The Washington State Commission on Asian American Affairs July 1982 The Washington State Commission on Asian American Affairs
2008.016.010 Booklet Profile: Yakima Valley Japanese Community, 1973 Kondo, Kara, ed. June 1974 Yakima Valley Japanese Community
2008.016.011 Booklet Report to the Governor on Discrimination Against Asians June 30,1973 State of Washington, Asian-American Advisory Council
2008.016.012 Booklet Wapato News Letter Ruiz, Julius B., ed. March 22,1952 Ruiz, Julius B.
2008.016.013 Booklet We the American Foreign Born U. S. Department of Commerce, Social and Economic Statistics Administration, Bur June 1973 U. S. Department of Commerce, Social and Economic Statistics Administration, Bureau of the Census
2008.016.014 Booklet We the Asian Americans U. S. Department of Commerce, Social and Economic Statistics Administration, Bur June 1973 U. S. Department of Commerce, Social and Economic Statistics Administration, Bureau of the Census
2008.016.015 Booklet Asian American Women Abe, Verna; Bruce Chan; Julie Hatta; Chaire Koga; Leigh-Ann Miyasato.... May 1976 Stanford University
2008.016.016 Booklet The Pacific/ Asian American Mental Health Research Center Pacific/ Asian American Mental Health Research Center
2008.016.017 Booklet Bridge: An Asian American Perspective Editors: Chin, Daryl; Bernice Chu; Priscilla Chung; C. N. Lee; Raymond Lum... 1979 Bridge
2008.016.018 Booklet East Wind: Politics and Culture of Asians in the U.S. Imura, Denise; Eddie wong, ed. 1984 East Wind
2008.016.019 Booklet East Wind: Politics and Culture of Asians in the U.S. Ota, John, ed. 1989 East Wind
2008.016.020 Booklet A Report of the Yakima Valley Asian American Task Force Pascua, Reynaldo Jr. July 1976 State of Washington Commission on Asian American Affairs
2008.016.021 Booklet Democracy Betrayed: the Case for Redress National Association of Japanese Canadians January, 1985 National Association of Japanese Canadians
2008.016.022 Booklet Social Solidarity among the Japanese in Seattle (Reproduction with a New Intorduction) Miyamoto, Shotaro Frank 1981 Asian American Studies, University of Washington
2008.016.023 Booklet Asian Pacific American Heritage Resource Guide For Washington State K-12 Schools 2001 The State of washington Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs
2008.016.024 Booklet Asian American Media Catalog Matsuoka, Pamela, ed. 2001 Center for Asian American Media
2008.016.025 Booklet Asian Pacific American Books 2007 2007 Asian American Curriculum Project
2008.016.026 Report Civil Rights Issues Facing Asian Americans in the 1990s: A Report of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, February 1992 1992 United States Commission on Civil Rights
2008.016.027 Booklet The 25th Biennial Silver Anniversary Japanese American Citizens League National Convention Souvenir Booklet National Japanese American Citizens League 1978 National Japanese American Citizens League
2008.016.028 Book Roots: An Asian American Reader Tachiki, Amy, ed. 1971 UCLA Asian American Studies Center
2008.016.029 Booklet Home Grown-Asian American Experiences from the Pacific Northwest Lou, Donna; "Raji" M. Ramulu; David Cassie; Ticiang Diangson... 1980 Asian Students Association, University of Washington
2008.016.030 Book Executive Order 9066 - Fifty Years Before and Fifty Years After: A History of Japanese Americans in Seattle Takami, David 1992 Wing Luke Asian Museum
2008.016.031 Booklet Thinking Theory in Asian American Studies Leong, Russell C., ed. 1995 University of California
2008.016.032 Book Shedding Silence: Poetry and Prose Mirikitani, Janice 1987 Celestial Arts
2008.016.033 Book Making Waves: An Anthology of Writings By and About Asian American Women Asian Women United of California, ed. 1989 Beacon Press
2008.016.034 Book Prejudice, War and the Constitution tenBroek, Jacobus 1968 University of California Press
2008.016.035 Booklet Dreams and Promises: Northwest Asian American Theatre 20th Anniversary 1993 Northwest Asian American Theatre
2008.016.036 Booklet Gidra Yoshimura, Evelyn, ed. 1990 Gidra
2008.016.037 Book Furusato: Tacoma-Pierce County Japanese 1888-1988 Magden, Ronald E. 1998 Magden, Printed by R-4 Printing Inc.
2008.016.038 Book Quiet Odyssey: A Pioneer Korean Woman in America Lee, Mary Paik 1990 University of Washington Press
2008.016.039 Booklet Iva Toguri, Victim of A Legend 1975 The National Committee for Iva Toguri Japanese American Citizens League
2008.016.040 Booklet The Bill of Rights: 200 Years/ 200 Facts 1990 Fhilip Morris Companies INC.
2008.016.095 Newsletter After Redress', We Should Seize the Initiative' Mochizuki, Ken August 17, 1988 International Examinier
2008.016.108 Newsletter Cherry Kinoshita: 'She Knew She Was Right" Mochizuki, Ken Northwest Nikkei
2008.020.001 Newspaper Girdra Newspaper 1971 vol 3 No. 9 vol 3 No. 10 Vol 3 No. 11 Vol 3 No. 12 1972 vol 4 No. 1 Vol 4 No. 2 Vol 4 No. 3 Vol 4 No. 4 vol 4 No. 5 Vol 4 No. 6 vol 4 No. 7 Vol 4 No. 8 vol 4 No. 9 Gidra: Monthly of the Asian American Community Gidra
2008.020.002 Newspaper Newspaper Hawaii Herald Vol 8., No 3 Hawaii Herald, the: Hawaii's Japanese American Journal 1987
2008.023.001 Book 2 - Volume English Japanese dictionary Complete English Japanese Dictionary 1920
2008.023.002 Book Japanese English Dictionary Japanese English Dictionary 1925
2008.033.003 Book Book Hardcover Stratford Classics edition of The Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge Ancient Mariner, the 1926
2008.037.001 Documents Documents related to internment at Tule Lake and Pinedale 1943
2008.042.001 Book We Japanese: Being Descriptions of Many of the Customs, Manners, Ceremonies, Festivals, Arts & Crafts of the Japanese 1950
2008.042.002 Book English For Foreigners: Book One O'Brien Sara R. 1909
2008.042.003 Book Japanese Cookbook Kagawa, Aya 1952
2008.042.004 Book Japan - Friend And Ally 1951
2008.042.005 Book Legends of Korea Choi, Sang Soo 1951
2008.042.006 Book Japan The Pocket Guide Japan Travel Bureau 1947
2008.042.007 Book Kabuki Drama Miyake Shutaro 1938; 1948
2008.044.001 Book Quips from a Chinese Jest Book Giles, Herbert A., trans. 1925 Kelly and Walsh, Limited
2008.044.002 Book Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio Pu, Songling; Herbert A. Giles, trans. 1926 Kelly and Walsh, Limited
2008.044.003 Book Born in 1937 in a port city a thousand miles north of Shanghai, Adeline Yen Mah was the youngest child of an affluent Chinese family who enjoyed rare privileges during a time of political and cultural upheaval. But wealth and position could not shield Adeline from a childhood of appalling emotional abuse at the hands of a cruel and manipulative Eurasian stepmother. Falling Leaves: The True Story of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter Mah, Adeline Yen 1997 John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
2008.044.004 Book My Days of Strength: An American Woman Doctor's Forty Years in China Fearn, Anne Walter 1939 Harper and Brothers
2008.044.005 Book The White Pagoda Angus, Fay 1978 Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
2008.044.006 Book Secrets of the Chinese Drama: A Complete Explanatory Guide to Actions and Symbols as Seen in the Performance of Chinese Dramas Zung, Cecilia S.L. 1937 Kelly and Walsh, Limited
2008.049.131 Newspaper Article Article from November 27, 1949 Seattle Times titled "Seattle's Chinatown Newspaper" by Margaret Pitcairn Strachan. Discusses The Epoch newspaper.
2008.050.001 Book My Perfect Life Barry, Lynda 1992 HarperCollins
2008.050.002 Book The! Greatest! of! Marlys! Barry, Lynda 2000 Sasquatch Books
2008.050.003 Book Our Community, 1968: "Together - We Will Succeed" 1968
2008.050.004 Book Images from Sheer Realities: Clothing and Power in Nineteenth Century Philippines Roces, Marian Pastor 2000
2008.050.005 Book Asian-Amerian history Everything You Need to Know About Asian-American History Cao, Lan 1996 Penguin Books
2008.050.006 Book Poetry Light in the Crevice Never Seen Trask, Haunani-Kay 1994 CALYX Books
2008.050.007 Book Personal essays. Under Western Eyes: Personal Essays from Asian America Hongo, Garrett, ed. 1995 Doubleday
2008.050.008 Book AIIIEEEEE! is an anthology of the writings of fourteen accomplished Americans of Japanese Chinese and Filipino descent. AIIIEEEEE!: An Anthology of Asian American Writers Chin, Frank, ed. 1983 Howard University Press
2008.050.009 Book Asian-American Women Issues Asian American Women: Issues, Concerns, and Responsive Human and Civil Rights Advocacy Foo, Lora Jo 2002 Ford Foundation
2008.050.010 Book Anthology The Best of Bamboo Ridge: The Hawaii Writers' Quarterly Chock, Eric, and Darrell H.Y. Lum, eds 1986 Bamboo Ridge Press
2008.050.011 Book Traces the history of Asian immigration from the California gold rush to Vietnamese boat people, describes patterns of work, social adaptation, and family formation, and explains how they coped with discrimination. Asian Americans: An Interpretive History Chan, Sucheng 1991 Twayne Publishers
2008.050.012 Book The Color of Man Cohen, Robert Carl 1968 Random House
2008.050.013 Book The loves of Raymond Ding, a Chinese-American who wonders if one can be a lapsed Chinese "like a lapsed Catholic." He becomes the first divorced person in his family, but eventually finds true love with a half-Japanese, half-Irish girl from the Midwest who cures him of his ethnic angst. American Knees Wong, Shawn 1995 Simon and Schuster
2008.050.014 Book Geographical The Philippine Island Dr. Sigicsmond Der. Diettrich 1961 Nelson Doubleday, Inc.
2008.050.015 Book The remarkable true story of three young girls who cross the harsh Australian desert on foot to return to their home. Rabbit-Proof Fence Pilkington, Doris 2002 Miramax Books
2008.050.016 Book A novel Tangherlini, Arne 1999 The Leapfrog Press
2008.050.017 Book Instruction of how to dance Hula Learn To Dance the Hula: Step-by-step Instructions with 195 photographs O'Brien, Eileen, and Trixie Ichinose, eds 1968 Tongg Publishing Co., Ltd.
2008.050.018 Book Fiction and poetry by women Sister Stew: Fiction and Poetry by Women Kono, Juliet S., and Cathy Song, ed. 1991 Bamboo Ridge Press
2008.050.019 Book Introduction and anthology Asian American Literature: A Brief Introduction and Anthology Wong, Shawn 1996 Harpercollins College Publishers
2008.050.020 Book Home to Stay: Asian American Women's Fiction Watanabe, Sylvia, and Carol Bruchac, ed. 1990 The Greenfield Review Press
2008.050.021 Book "... about the transformation of Asian Americans ... into a self-identified racial group that is influencing every aspect of American society."--Dust jacket. Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an American People Zia, Helen 2000 Farrar, Straus and Giroux
2008.050.022 Book Growing Up Asian American is the first anthology of its kind and fills a void in the American cultural library. Editor Maria Hong has selected thirty-two classic stories and essays by some of American's most respected and loved authors as well as compelling and touching works from new and lesser-known writers. Growing Up Asian American: An Anthology Hong, Maria, ed. 1993 William Morrow and Company, Inc.
2008.050.023 Book A love story A many-splendored thing Han, Suyin The New American Library of World Literature, Inc.
2008.050.024 Book Culled from hundreds of submissions from all over the country, these poignant, honest, real, and surprising pieces on being Asian-American address such topics as culture clash, body image, interracial dating, adoption, and stereotypes. Yell-Oh Girls! Nam, Vickie, ed. 2001 HarperCollins
2008.050.025 Book Erotic literature On a Bed of Rice: An Asian American Erotic Feast Kudaka, Geraldine, ed. 1995 Doubleday
2008.050.026 Book A novel Leave It to Me Mukherjee, Bharati 1997 Ballantine Publishing Group
2008.050.027 Book An anthology Half and Half: Writers on Growing Up Biracial and Bicultural O'Hearn, Chiawei Claudine, ed. 1998 Pantheon Books
2008.050.028 Book An anthology What Are You?: Voices of Mixed-Race Young People Gaskins, Pearl Fuyo 1999 Henry Holt and Company, LLC
2008.050.029 Book An anthology Fresh Girls and Other Stories Lau, Evelyn 1995 Hyperion
2008.050.030 Book Since the first three documented Chinese arrived in the U.S. in 1848, more than six million Asians have followed. Their stories provide a fascinating picture of diverse cultural attitudes against a common American backdrop. Asian Americans: Oral Histories of First to Fourth Generation Americans from China, the Philippines, Japan, India, the Pacific Islands, Vietnam and Cambodia Lee, Joann Faung Jean 1992 The New Press
2008.050.031 Book Multi-Ethnic Literature Asian-American Authors Hsu, Kai-yu 1972 Houghton Mifflin Company
2008.050.032 Book An anthology All I Asking for Is My Body Murayama, Milton 1975 Supa Press
2008.050.033 Book An anthology Gathering Ground: New Writing and Art by Northwest Women of Color Cochran, Jo, ed. 1984 The Seal Press
2008.050.034 Book Poetry Sharing Secrets Cobb-Keller, Nora Okja, and Carrie O'Connor, eds 1993 The Hawaii State Committee on Family Violence
2008.050.035 Book An anthology of Prose and Poetry Asian American Heritage: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry Wand, David Hsin-Fu, ed. 1974 Washington Square Press
2008.050.036 Book Comic book Big Ideas Barry, Lynda 1993 HarperCollins
2008.050.037 Book Comic book Everything in the World Barry, Linda 1986 Harper & Row, Publishers
2008.050.041 Tape, Video This film captures comedian Margaret Cho at home in San Francisco, in her first appearance at the Warfield Theater. The spine of the show is the appalling true story of her experiences starring in the short-lived ABC sitcom "All-American Girl," the first mainstream television comedy built around an Asian-American family. Although her character was based on herself, the network decided to revamp her appearance and her personality. Her kidneys collapse, her show is canceled, and she begins a descent into booze, pills, and self-loathing. Ms. Cho spins lack of self-esteem into comic gold, and the eventual resurrection of her own voice, her own shape, and satisfaction with being the one she wants. I'm the One That I Want Machado, Lorene (producer), Lionel Coleman (director), Margaret Cho (writer) 2001 Fox Lorber CentreStage
2008.050.042 Tape, Video A stand-up comedy performance by comedian Margaret Cho. Notorious C.H.O. Machado, Lorene (producer, director, editor), Magaret Cho (writer) 2002 Wellspring Media, Inc.
2008.050.043 Book Malia of the Hawaiian Islands Queen Robinson
2008.050.062 DVD Charlie Chan film Charlie Chan at the Race Track 1936
2008.051.001 Video Tape cardboard VHS box with VHS tape; two Ronald Reagan movies: For God & Country and Jap Zero; cover image of a smiling Ronald Reagan in military uniform with movie titles; back cover has movie descriptions , video info, and black and white film still; For God & Country is 43 minutes; Jap Zero is 19 minutes For God & County & Jap Zero Adler, Capt. E.M.; Office of War Information 1943 GoodTimes Home Video
2008.051.002 Video Tape cardboard VHS box with VHS tape; front cover black and white image of three men sitting around a record player with informtion on film stars; back cover has video description and synopsis with black and white film stills Betrayal from the East William Berke 1945 RKO Pictures
2008.051.003 DVD plastic DVD case with DVD; "Daughter of the Dragon" DVD with Anna May Wong, Warner Oland, and Sessue Hayakawa; Caucasian couple printed in yellow with face of Asian female in green on front cover; back cover has DVD description and image of male and female couple Daughter of the Dragon Lloyd Corrigan 1931 Paramount Pictures
2008.051.005 DVD plastic DVD case with DVD film; front cover image of Caucasian couple in embrace, overshadowed by male figure with Asian features smoking cigarette; features stars Preston Foster and Brenda Joyce; back cover is color film still of three seated men in suits with movie description Little Tokyo, USA Brower, Otto 20th Century Fox
2008.051.006 DVD Plastic DVD case with DVD; Front cover image is of movie poster with illustrations of multiple figures - women in public bath, Caucasian male with gun; pagoda, woman in kimono decorated with flower with Caucasian male; Back cover has image of film stills, film description and information Sandy Dawson (Robert Ryan) has assembled a platoon of ex-army thugs to run pachinko parlors while pulling off bloody heists and armed robbery. The murder of a friend brings Eddie Spanier (Robert Stack) into the gruop, along with his beautiful mistress (Shirley Yamaguchi). But Spanier's behavior grows treacherous, and his loyalties become questionable, leading to a breathless, murderous conclusion high above the ancient city of Tokyo. House of Bamboo Fuller, Samuel 1955, 2005 20th Century Fox
2008.051.007 DVD plastic DVD case with DVD; front cover: color film stills of actors in film and image of Great Wall; bonus cartoon footage; back cover: Description of film with black and white film stills; 4 full-length episodes with Betty Boop cartoon extra The evil Fu Manchu and his minions set out to destroy the world and blacken men's hearts in these exciting episodes of the 1950s most maniacal series, starring Glen Gordon. Dr. Fu Manchu is fiendishly brilliant, wealthy, and out to make up for the wrongs he has endured. Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu Television Classics
2008.051.008 Book hardcover illustrated book; color images; children's story; approximately 30 pages; cover image frontispiece of person looking at a sign in a mountainous landscape Jingle of a Jap, The Thurston, Clara Bell 1908 H.M. Caldwell Co.
2008.051.009 Book Dead Yellow Women Hammett Dell Publishing Company
2008.051.010 Book Published MCMXLII; yellow mask with Asian features being stabbed in left eye by knife with green handle in the shape of a naked female form; mask has fangs and slanted eyes; keyhole logo; back cover is a map of the book's setting Chinese Red Burke, Richard 1942 Dell Publishing Company, Incorporated
2008.051.011 Book Chinese cook book; red and white cover with image of Chinese female in blue clothing cooking; image is framed by bamboo border; text is black and white on red; title font is highly stylized; frontispiece illustration with Chinese saying; recipes and illustrations, plus multiple essays; illustrated instructions on using chopsticks; back cover lists other publications from press; old price sticker with price obscured; inner cover inscription reads "From Jody to Grandma, 1983" Chinese Cook Book Au, M. Sing; Charles Lamb; Ann D. Goodman 1981 Culinary Arts Press
2008.051.012 Book small children's novel; large size print with illustrations on every other page; 317 pages; red cover; cover image is of man in suit with badge handling exotic-looking male figure in yellow clothing with blue dragon decorative border; man has long mustache, long fingernails, and fangs; back cover has green dragon coiled around badge with text "For Law and Order Dan Dunn SEcret Operative 48"; spine has title and author name; front interior cover insribed with name "Robert Mossman" Dan Dunn Secret Operative 48 Marsh, Norman 1934 Whitman Publishing Company
2008.051.013 Book Better Little Book Charlie Chan Earl Derr Biggers 1939 WHITMAN PUBLISHING COMPANY
2008.051.014 film Bridge to the Sun
2008.051.040 Book "For it has well been said that the most wonderful asethetic products of Japan are not its ivories, nor its bronzes, not its porcelains, not its swords, nor any of its marvels in metal or lacquer - but its women." Japanese Woman, the Japan Travel Bureau 1957 Japan Travel Bureau
2008.051.041 Magazine Black and white magazine Japan's Black Dragon Society Jap Blood Cult 1942
2008.051.042 Book Yellow Peril (Japan) and Bible Prophecy Gilbert, Dan 1943 Zondervan Publishing House
2008.051.043 Magazine Article on Japan's planned resistance Popular Science 1945
2008.051.044 Magazine Our Enemy Young, James
2008.051.045 Book Book Japan and the Pacific Theatre of War Chen, Jack 1942 Lawrence & Wishart
2008.051.046 Book Book Small paperback Quick Reader. Bushido Pernikoff, Alexandre 1943
2008.051.1011 Book The Passin'-on Party Effie Graham A. C. McCLURG & CO.
2008.051.1012 Book Betrayal from the East: The Inside Story of Japanese Spies in America Alan Hynd Robert M. McBRIDE & COMPANY
2008.051.1013 Book Rickshaw Boy Lau Shaw, translated from the Chinese by Evan King Reynal & Hitchcock, Inc.
2008.051.1014 Book Little Sister Snow Frances Little The Century Co.
2008.051.1015 Booklet A press booklet advertising the movie The World of Susie Wong The World of Susie Wong
2008.056.001 Booklet Nisei Veterans Committee booklet on the Nisei Veterans to commemeorate the opening of the remodeled Memorial Hall in 2008 NVC Memorial Hall Dedication 2008
2008.057.010 Book French English disctionary Owned by Yasuo Nikaitani Cestre-Guibillon Dictionnaire
2008.057.011 Book Book of 3 lectures by John Ruskin Sesame and Lillies Ruskin, John
2008.057.012 Booklet The Song of Hiawatha Part I Riverside Literature Series The Song of Hiawatha Part I Longfellow, Henry W. June 9, 1886
2008.057.013 Booklet The Book of Culture Lane, Harriet 1922
2008.057.014 Book Foreigner's Guide to English Beshgeturian, Azniv 1921
2008.057.015 Book Home-Making Miller, J.R. 1882
2008.057.016 Book owned by K. Hanada Lumber and Log Book 1916
2008.057.017 Book The New Japanese English Conversation Self Taught
2008.057.018 Book Typing book owned by K. Hanada 614 Weller St. The New Rational Typewriting Sorelle, Rupert P. 1923
2009.001.001 Book Folk Painting Yoon, Yeol-su; Wonjun Nam, trans. 2002 Yekyong
2009.001.002 Book Earthenware and Celadon Pak, Youngsook, and Roderick Whitfield 2004 Yekyong
2009.001.003 Book White Porcelain and Punch'ong ware Kim, Jae-yeol; Moonjung Choi, trans. 2004 Yekyong
2009.001.004 Book Buddhist Sculpture Pak, Youngsook, and Roderick Whitfield 2006 Yekyong
2009.001.005 Book Dictionary of Korean Art and Archaeology Whitfield, Roderick, ed. 2004 Hollym Corporation
2009.001.006 Book Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea: Tradition, Modernity, and Identity Kim, Youngna 2007 Hollym
2009.001.007 Book Seowon: The Architecture of Korea's Private Academies Lee, Sang-hae 2005 Hollym
2009.001.008 Book Palaces of Korea Kim, Dong-uk 2006 Hollym
2009.001.009 Book Korean Landscape Painting: Continuity and Innovation Through the Ages Yi, Song-mi 2006 Hollym
2009.001.010 Book Modern Korean Ink Painting Chung, Hyung-Min 2006 Hollym
2009.001.011 Book Maedeup: The Art of Traditional Korean Knots Kim, Hee-jin 2006 Hollym
2009.001.012 Book Seasonal Customs of Korea Shaffer, David E. 2007 Hollym
2009.001.013 Book Buddhist Sculpture of Korea Kim, Lena 2007 Hollym
2009.001.014 Book Buddhist Architecture of Korea Kim, Sung-woo 2007 Hollym
2009.001.015 Book Traditional Performing Arts of Korea Jeon, Kyung-wook 2008 The Korea Foundation
2009.001.016 Book The Collection of the National Folk Museum of Korea Chang, Jong-soo, ed. 2007 National Folk Museum of Korea
2009.001.017 Book 100 Highlights: National Museum of Korea [in Korean] 2006 [in Korean]
2009.001.018 Book National Museum of Korea 2007 Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea
2009.001.019 CD National Museum of Korea: Digital Museum 2.0 2007 Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea
2009.001.020 Tape, Video An overview of many different forms of Korean art, from shrines to Buddhas to the Great Map of the Eastern Realm. The first disc is DVD for all players, the second AVI (Audio Video Interleave) for computers. Korean Culture in History 2008 National Museum of Korea
2009.001.021 Disk, Compact Chronological Table of Korean History and Map 2008 National Museum of Korea
2009.005.001 Book A memoir of the American-born daughter of Chinese immigrants who lived within the traditions and fears of the Chinese past as well as the realities of the alien modern American culture. The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts Kingston, Maxine Hong 1977 Random House
2009.005.002 Book Madam White Snake Ellis, Myra, ed. and trans. 1981 Federal Publications
2009.005.003 Book In the City of Contradictions Chiang, Fay 1979 Sunbury Press
2009.005.004 Book Anthology of Chinese Literature: From Early Times to the Fourteenth Century Birch, Cyril, ed. 1967 Grove Press, Inc.
2009.005.005 Book Cantonese Bruce, R. 1983 Teach Yourself Books, Hodder and Stoughton
2009.005.006 Book An aged Chinese grandmother tells some Chinese folk tales and legends to her grandchildren. Tales of a Chinese Grandmother Carpenter, Frances 1982 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2009.005.007 Book Captures the tone of everyday life in an American Chinatown, describing its bachelor society and focusing on a young couple who must reconcile their dreams of married life with reality. Eat a Bowl of Tea Chu, Louis 1979 University of Washington Press
2009.005.008 Book In the Sea of Sterile Mountains: The Chinese in British Columbia Morton, James 1974 J.J. Douglas Ltd.
2009.005.009 Book Number One Son Leong, Monfoon 1975 East/West Publishing Company
2009.005.010 Book The Curses of Third Uncle Yee, Paul 1986 James Lorimer and Company, Publishers
2009.005.011 Book The Chickencoop Chinaman and the Year of the Dragon: Two Plays Chin, Frank 1981 University of Washington Press
2009.005.012 Book "Chink!": A Documentary History of Anti-Chinese Prejudice in America Wu, Cheng-Tsu, ed. 1972 World Publishing
2009.005.013 Book Longtime Californ': A Documentary Study of an American Chinatown Nee, Victor G. 1973 Pantheon Books
2009.005.014 Book Sunrise: A Play in Four Acts Yu, Tsao 1978 Foreign Language Press
2009.005.015 Book Favorite Children's Stories from China 1983 Foreign Languages Press
2009.005.016 Book Art Ensemble 86: Chinese Canadian Artists, July 26 - August 21, 1986 1986 Chinese Cultural Centre
2009.005.017 Book Race Relations and the Chinese Canadian Community - Some Approaches: Suggestions on Organizing Seminars and Proceedings of Race Relations Seminars, Toronto 1983 1985 Chinese Canadian National Council
2009.005.018 Book Who Are the Chinese Texans?: Stories for Young Readers Martinello, Marian L. and William T. Field Jr. 1979 The University of Texas, Institute of Texan Cultures
2009.005.019 Book Labor history of the Chinese in America Chinese Working People in America: A Pictorial History Wei Min She Labor Committee 1974 United Front Press
2009.005.020 Book Traces the history of the Chinese in the United States focusing on their struggle for acceptance by the white population and their contributions to the development of their new country. An Illustrated History of the Chinese in America McCunn, Ruthanne Lum 1979 Design Enterprises of San Francisco
2009.005.021 Book The Chinese of America, 1785-1980: An Illustrated History and Catalog of the Exhibition Lai, Him Mark, Joe Huang, and Don Wong 1980 Chinese Culture Foundation
2009.005.022 Book Because of the road sweeper's belief in him, a dragon saves the city of Wu from the Wild Horsemen of the north. Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like Williams, Jay 1976 Four Winds Press
2009.005.023 Book Johnnie looks forward to weekends when he visits his grandmother, who lives outside the city of Singapore in a little house in an orchard, with only her animals for company. Based on the author/artist's childhood memories. At Grandmother's House Lim, John 1984 Tundra Books
2009.005.024 Book Describes the astrologer, parasol vendor, tailor, spice grinder, firecracker shop, open-air opera, and other small businesses operating in Singapore several decades ago, as seen through the eyes of a small boy. Merchants of the Mysterious East Lim, John 1981 Tundra Books
2009.005.025 Book Chin Chiang has long dreamed of dancing the dragon's dance, but when the first day of the Year of the Dragon arrives and he is to dance with his grandfather, he is sure he will shame his family and bring bad luck to everyone. Chin Chiang and the Dragon's Dance Wallace, Ian 1985 Douglas and McIntyre
2009.005.026 Book New Canadian Kid: A Play for Young People Foon, Dennis 1982 Pulp Press Book Publishers
2009.005.027 Book First published in 1946, this autobiography of the well-known Filipino poet describes his boyhood in the Philippines, his voyage to America, and his years of hardship and despair as an itinerant laborer following the harvest trail in the rural West. Bulosan does not spare the reader any of the horrors that accompanied the migrant's life; but his quiet, stoic voice is the most convincing witness to those terrible events. America Is in the Heart: A Personal History Bulosan, Carlos 1979 University of Washington Press
2009.005.028 Book Naomi Nakane, a child of Japanese immigrant parents, is interned by the Canadians at the Beginning of World War II when she is five years old. Obasan Kogawa, Joy 1981 Lester and Orpen Dennys Publishers
2009.005.029 Book A Japanese-American's personal account of growing up in Seattle in the 1930s and of being subjected to relocation during World War II. Nisei Daughter Sone, Monica 1982 University of Washington Press
2009.005.030 Book In the aftermath of World War II, Ichiro, a Japanese American, returns home to Seattle to make a new start after two years in an internment camp and two years in prison for refusing to be drafted. No-No Boy Okada, John 1979 University of Washington Press
2009.005.031 Book Woman from Hiroshima Mori, Toshio 1978 Isthmus Press
2009.005.032 Book Yellow Fever Shiomi, R.A. 1984 Playwrights Canada
2009.005.033 Book This book is a largely photographic history of the Japanese who went to Canada from 1877-1977, probably from a museum exhibit. A Dream of Riches: The Japanese Canadians, 1877-1977 1978 Japanese Canadian Centennial Project Committee
2009.005.034 Book The Third Americans: A Select Bibliography on Asians in America with Annotations Tong, Te-kong 1980 CHCUS, Inc.
2009.005.035 Book Artists' projects which focus on Asians in the New World Yellow Peril Reconsidered Wong, Paul, ed. 1990 On Edge
2009.005.036 Book Hanai: An Anthology of Asian American Writings 1980 Department of Ethnic Studies, University of California
2009.005.037 Book Asian-American Authors Hsu, Kai-yu 1972 Houghton Mifflin Company
2009.005.038 Book Yardbird Reader, Volume 3 Reed, Ishmael, ed. 1974 Yardbird Publishing
2009.005.039 Book Opening Doors: Vancouver's East End Marlatt, Daphne and Carole Itter, eds 1979 Ministry of Provincial Secretary and Government Services
2009.005.040 Book AIIIEEEEE! is an anthology of the writings of fourteen accomplished Americans of Japanese Chinese and Filipino descent. AIIIEEEEE!: An Anthology of Asian American Writers Chin, Frank, ed. 1975 Doubleday
2009.005.041 Journal Volume 29, No. 2, 1973 (Asian Americans: A Success Story?) The Journal of Social Issues The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
2009.005.042 Book HomeGrown: Asian American Experiences from the Pacific Northwest 1980 University of Washington
2009.005.043 Tape, cassette Poets record themselves reciting their own poems for a workshop, which turned into it's own form of art work. Pan Asian Holiday Tour Syquia, Luis, ed. 1981 Community Information Network, Kearny Street Workshop
2009.005.044 Book Echoes from Gold Mountain: An Asian American Journal Asian American Student Association, California State University 1979 Peace Press
2009.005.045 Book Inalienable Rice: A Chinese and Japanese Canadian Anthology 1979 Powell Street Revue and The Chinese Canadian Writers Workshop
2009.005.046 Book Roots: An Asian American Reader Tachiki, Amy, ed. 1971 UCLA Asian American Studies Center
2009.005.047 Book Counterpoint: Perspectives on Asian America Gee, Emma, ed. 1978 UCLA Asian American Studies Center
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