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Wing Luke Museum
1900.7441 Article A Wing Luke and a prayer Appelo, Tim Aug 31 - Sept 6 Seattle Weekly
1900.7442 Article Four Asian-American Artists Open Their Studios Johnson, Dave September 27, 2 The Asian Reporter
1900.7443 Article
1900.7444 Article The Year of the Dog kicks off with a howling good time in the I.D. Holdcraft, Leslie Feb 3, 2006 Seattle P-I
1900.7445 Article Contains info on different Chinese traditional cultural activities proposed to the Wing Luke Asian Museum. Chinese art programs Lee, Lynn H.
1900.7446 Article Exploring a culture's journey Craig-Works, Zachary April 18, 1995 The Daily (of UW)
1900.7447 Article Injustice and Remembrance Ayala, Leticia Summer 1992 The Urban Messenger
1900.7448 Article Seattle's Vietnamese celebrate Paulson, Tom May 1, 1995 Seattle P-I
1900.7449 Article Fire and rice Cicero, Providence Feb 19, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.745 Book and Article reviews Southeast Asian Refugee Newsletter Vol. 8, No. 4 Southeast Asian Refugee Studies Program Fall 1988 Newsletter
1900.7450 Article The Asian Factor Atkins, John March 20, 1996 Seattle Weekly
1900.7451 Article Contains info on and a list of honorary degree recipients who were OSU Japanese-American students during World War II 139th Annual Commencement 2008 June 15, 2008 Oregon State University
1900.7452 Article Program of the 1999 CHSA Gala Benefit Casting Our Voices: Chinese American Broadcast Pioneers October 30, 199 Chinese Historical Society of America
1900.7453 Article Pamphlets and brochures on Asian Pacific American programs sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute. Includes info on Singgalot, Home Spun: Made in USA, The Korean Americans: A Century of Experience,, Vietnamese American Heritage Project Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program Smithsonian Institute
1900.7454 Article Articles, booklets, and brochures on Japanese American Internment. Includes booklets titled "The Japanese American internment, 1942-45: A Lesson From Recent History" and "Asian American Historical Outline, 1750-1980" "Future of Education" from a Nikkei Perspective National JACL
1900.7455 Article Family assembled in Waldport Glaser, Gabrielle Dec 26, 2004 Oregonian
1900.7456 Article Mayor's race will make history Francis, Jamie May 4, 2008 The Sunday Oregonian
1900.7457 Article Overseas fingers type our medical records Watson, Paul April 21, 2009 Seattle Times
1900.7458 Article Letter to the editor in response to "Little Saigon Tales a Walk with the Mayor" Aug 5-18, 2009 Mail Bonding Nguyen, Hieu & Nguyen, Quynh-Tram Sept 2-15, 2009 International Examiner
1900.7459 Article Nisei defended liberty they did not possess Iwasaki, John November 11, 20 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.746 Book and Article reviews Southeast Asian Refugee Newsletter vol. 10, No. 2 Southeast Asian Refugee Studies Program Spring 1990 Newsletter
1900.7460 Article A collection of the column "The Children's Corner" featuring Japanese folk tales The Children's Corner McKinnon, Elizabeth S. East is East
1900.7461 Article Year of the Boar Greeted in Seattle McDowell, George January 28, 197 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7462 Article Import Service to gastronomes Burchard, Boyd November 26, 19 Seattle Times
1900.7463 Article Editorial: In the International District, there is a Chinatown Tsutakawa, Mayumi & Chew, Ron January 1976 International Examiner
1900.7464 Article Banking on Kindness Kugya, Hugo June 2, 1990 The Seattle Times Magaine
1900.7465 Article Day of Remembrance, February 19, 1942 Asian-Pacific Task Force of the Church Council of Greater Seattle
1900.7466 Article a series of articles featuring the history of the internment of Japanese Americans from the Eastside of Lake Washington The effects of Japanese Ameriacn internment of the Eastside Neiwart, David May 10, 1992 Journal AMerican
1900.7467 Article A Different Battle Bock, Paula June 13, 1999 The Seattle Times Magazine
1900.7468 Article 20 years after 13 murders; Chinaton longs to forget Eskenazi, Stuart February 18, 20 The Seattle Times
1900.7469 Article March 30, 2005 The New York Times
1900.747 Book and Article reviews Southeast Asian Refugee Newsletter vol. 11, No. 2 Southeast Asian Refugee Studies Program Spring 1991 Newsletter
1900.7470 Article A necessary way of life: Japanese prostitutes Woo, Vicky March 1979 International Examiner
1900.7471 Article Cultivating Compassion April 11-15, 20 The Seattle Times
1900.7472 Article The 27th Seatle InternationalFilm Festival: Life is looking up May 18-June 16, The Seattle Times
1900.7473 Article The Future of Asian Shopping? The carts are heading to kent Chan, Sharon Pian November 7, 199 The Seattle Times
1900.7474 Article "Locked up like animals" Neiwart, David May 20, 1992 Journal American
1900.7475 Article Escapee tells of prison-camp horror Harden, Blaine December 14, 20 The Seattle Times
1900.7476 Article This is who I am Turnbul, Lornet September 28, 2 The Seattle Times
1900.7477 Article Grandma Erma's gift Stripling, Sherry March 14, 2004 The Seattle Times
1900.7478 Article Dr. King and King Street: the Connection Iwamoto, Gary January 7-20, 2 International Examiner
1900.7479 Article Re-elect Velma Veloria Committee to re-elect Velma Veloria
1900.748 Book and Article reviews Southeast Asian Refugee Newsletter vol. 11, No. 3 Southeast Asian Refugee Studies Program Summer 1991 Newsletter
1900.7480 Article Tokyo Noh Ensemble September 24, 1 University of Washington
1900.7481 Article Growing clout of Asian Americans Large, Jerry October 13, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.7482 Article A Fair to Remember Duncan, Dan May 17, 2009 The Seattle Times
1900.7483 Article A Guide to the Games: Beijing Olympics Aug 8-24, 2008 The Seattle Times
1900.7484 Article After Pearl Harbor, as the US imprisoned thousands of its own citizens in Internment Camps, more than 400 Japanese American students had to drop out of the UW. This is the story of some forced to leave and the efforts the UW made to protect them. The Stolen Years Part Two Griffin, Tom March 2006 Columns University of Washington Alumni Magazine
1900.7485 Article 45 Years Later, an Apology from the US Government 2000 A & S Perspectives
1900.7486 Article Article in magazine, Architectural Record, about Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen's remodel of the Kong Yick building for the new Wing Luke Asian Museum Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen turns the prosaic into the memorable at the Wing Luke Asian Museum in Seattle Pearson, Clifford A. June 2009 Architectural Record
1900.7487 Article Japanese Americans in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard Japanese in Ballard, 1900 - 1942 Harrison, Scott Edward November 18, 20 North Ameican Post
1900.7488 Article Japanese Ameican newspapers primarily published in the Pacific Northwest Japanese American Newspapers in the University of Washington Libraries Harrison, Scott Edward November 30, 20 North Ameican Post
1900.7489 Article History of the Left among Chinese in America prior to 1950 in San Francisco Historical Survey of Organzations of the Left Among The Chinese in America, A Lai, Him Mark 1972
1900.749 Book and Article reviews Southeast Asian Refugee Newsletter vol. 11, No. 4 Southeast Asian Refugee Studies Program Fall 1991 Newsletter
1900.7490 article Press Packet From Hollywood to Hanoi From Hollywood to Hanoi
1900.7491 Article Japanese American labor and Washington state oyster producers prior to World War II. Includes Japanese American innovations, where they lived, and racial discrimmination they faced. Transforming the Tidelands: Japanese Labor in Washington's Oystering Communities before 1942 Fry, Kathleen Whalen Summer 2011 Pacific Northwest Quarterly
1900.7492 Article Opinion article that explains why Japanese Americans should not get reparations for Internment. Six Billion Dollars to Finance a Japanese Relocation Guilt Trip (Part II) Stang, Alan March 1983 American Opinion
1900.7493 Article Article on Kenjiro Nomura, George Tsutakawa, Paul Horiuchi, John Matsudaira as current group of Japanese American artists but has history of earlier group Shunjaki Club which included Nomura, Tokita, Fujii and Tomita Seattle's Japanese Artists Callahan, Margaret B. August 1, 1954 The Seattle Times
1900.7494 Article Investigation of 13 people shot at Wah Mee in Chinatown/International District. 13 killed in shooting at Seattle club Pallats, Leonard February 19, 19 Spokane Chronicle
1900.7495 Article Reporter interviews local Chinatown/International District residents on the Wah Mee murders. They thought it was a safe neighborhood Manning, Sue February 19, 19 Spokane Chronicle
1900.7496 Article Investigation of the murders at Wah Mee. Includes a list of 13 people who died and the suspects who were arrested. 13 slain - survivor's tip leads to arrests Miletich, Steve February 20, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7497 Article Medical examiner conducts autopsies of the 13 victims of Wah Mee Massacre. A long busy day at morgue Hopkins, Jack February 20, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7498 Article Survivor of Wah Mee Massacre Bleeding survivor staggered to safety Hessburg, John February 20, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7499 Article Wah Mee Massacre was the largest single day mass murder in Washington state. Includes mention of one of the victims. The state's worst massacre Bailey, Gil February 20, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.750 Book and Article reviews, also Winter 1993. Southeast Asian Refugee Newsletter vol. 12, No. 4 Southeast Asian Refugee Studies Program Fall 1992 Newsletter
1900.7500 Article Background information of suspects and possible other crimes. Cops already knew suspects Friedman, Marcia February 20, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7501 Article Friends and relatives discuss victims, Moo Min Mar and Jean Mar. Shocked survivor: 'This is what, war?' Foster, George February 20, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7502 Article Neighbors and onlookers view crime scene, react to incident. There wasn't much for the curious to see February 20, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7503 Article Gambling practices in Chinatown/ International District. Discusses police involvment in preventing gambling and other crimes in area. Mentions tongs and gangs connections to gambling and crime. Those gambling clubs run day and night Hopkins, Jack February 20, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7504 Article Business leaders and government officials recall heyday of Wah Mee club The lusty old Wah Mee Club is a vestige of Seattle's past Parker, Laura February 20, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7505 Article Wah Mee Massacre described, mentions victims and suspects 13 dead in Chinatown massacre Gelernter, Carey Quan February 20, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7506 Article History of gambling in Chinatown/ international district Behind closed doors: Gambling dens flourish Gough, William February 20,198 The Seattle Times
1900.7507 Article Friends of victims, residents of International District are interviewed about victims and gambling operations. Shock, disbelief, and rumors pervade: Maybe they'll stop this gambling Suffia, David February 20, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7508 Article Gambling operations at the Wah Mee Club Tight security at gambling club Suffia, David February 20, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7509 Article Discusses historical mass murders across nation. Murder toll is largest ever in Washington, second-worst in nation Gelernter, Carey Quan February 20, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.751 Book and Article reviews Southeast Asian Refugee Newsletter vol. 12, No. 2 Southeast Asian Refugee Studies Program Spring 1992 Newsletter
1900.7510 Article Article reports on Wah Mee Massacre, and other mass killings in Washington State's history. Chinatown slayings largest mass murders in state history February 20, 19 The Tri-City Herald
1900.7511 Article Reports on massacre, mentions supsects 2 arrested, police seek third in Seattle mass killing February 20, 19 The Tri-City Herald
1900.7512 Article Article describes neighborhood, interviews community members. Chinatown block was 'peaceful' Fujii, Ann February 20, 19 The Tri-City Herald
1900.7513 Article Murder rates and motives in Seattle for 1982. 32 killings in 1982 February 20, 19 The Tri-City Herald
1900.7514 Article Discusses gambling games played in International District and historical murders in International District. Gambling a way of life in Seattle's Chinatown Woods, Rufus February 20, 19 The Tri-City Herald
1900.7515 Article Report on survivor, article discusses police search for information about killings Royer in Chinatown: 'Help us' Parker, Laura February, 21 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7516 Article Interivew with Richard Lee, a gambler who arrived after Massacre occured. He knew many of the victims, and describes gambling atomosphere at Wah Mee. Lucky gambler escaped death beacuse hew as late in arriving Webster, Kerry February 21, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7517 Article Community leaders address public concerns about gambling and safety in Chinatown. Chinatown leaders urge cooperation with police Friedman, Marcia February 21, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7518 Article Describes police interpretation of how crime was committed. Community members recall interactions with suspect Benjamin Ng. Wah Mee victims confident they weren't going to die Friedman, Marcia February 21, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7519 Article Police and city officials address concerns about tolerant policies towards gambling in International District/ Chinatown. Gambling tolerance policy? 'No,' says Royer Dietrich, Bill February 21, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.752 Book and Article reviews Southeast Asian Refugee Newsletter vol. 12, No. 3 Southeast Asian Refugee Studies Program Summer 1992
1900.7520 Article Information about suspects and stutus of survivor. Prosecutors will ask $1 milion bail Dietrich, Bill February 21, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7521 Article Owner of Wah Mee property says he had little knowledge of gambling in club. High-stakes gambling news to building owner Suffia, David February 21, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7522 Article Friend describes life of Chinn Law, one of the victims of Wah Mee Massacre A classic immigrant story: but with a violent ending Suffia, David February 21, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7523 Article Mayor and police chief urge cooperation with officials, ask for information. Crowd is unwilling to talk. Mayor, Chief came to listen but accent was on silence Anderson, Rick February 21, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7524 Article Residents of Chinatown/ International District discuss problems in the community related to the Massacre. Club deaths are hard to accept: 'It hurts,' 'I'm very upset, sad' Corsaletti, Lou February 21, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7525 Article Opinion piece in The Seattle Times calling for more investigation into mob-style killings and gambling practices. Policies leading to mob-style violence February 21 198 The Seattle Times
1900.7526 Article Reporting on Wah Mee Massacre detailing events, immediate aftermath, suspects, and survivor. Final AMer on Chinatown Shootings Wilson, Duff Associated Press
1900.7527 Article Describes court proceedings for suspects Mak and Ng and their legal representation. Mentions Ng's family. No Bail for Two Held in Mass Slaying Esser, Doug February 21, 19 Associated Press
1900.7528 Article Describes Ng's past criminal charges and involvment with Hop Sing Tong. BC-Chinatown Shootings-Ng Duff, Wilson February 21, 19 Associated Press
1900.7529 Article Article describes Ng and Mak in jail. Judge denies bail to pair suspected in massacre Friedman, Marcia February 22, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.753 Bibliography: Nursing Research and Practice with Refugees Muecke 1990 Occasional Papers Number 10
1900.7530 Article Describes life and ambitions of deceased couple, Moo Min Mar and Jean Mar, victims of the Wah Mee Massacre. Deaths of a couople cloud a Chinese village's dream Fair, Don February 22, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7531 Article Editorial from Seattle Post Intelligencer calling for cooperation with police. City needs help to bring justice February 22, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7532 Article Report on autopsies of victims, supsects Ng and Mak appear in court. Article mentions Ng's family at court. Bail denied two supsects in 13 Chinatown slayings King, Warren February 22, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7533 Article Article describes possible struggle between young and old for control of profits in Chinatown. Mentions funeral preparations for victims of Massacre. Killing: Power struggle or freak occurance? Dietrich, Bill February 22, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7534 Article People in the Chinese community call for cooperation with police to find killers in Wah Mee Massacre. Chinese families call for justice in slayings Corsaletti, Louis T. February 22, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7535 Article Describes new conference that will charge Ng and Mak and funeral of the victim, Wing Wong. Chinatown Shootings Associated Press
1900.7536 Article Describes gunshoot wounds and lists victims. Mentions possible help from San Francisco Police. 29 bullets fired into 13 slain at club Miletich, Steve February 23, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7537 Article Funeral plans for victims. Funerals set for seven massacre victims February 23, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7538 Article Gambling habits of Chinese Americans prior to 1960s, and changing trends. Chinese gambling was declining until the '60s Sperry, Sam R. February 23, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7539 Article Describes suspect Ng's whereabouts before and after Massacre, mentions police reward for information ,and information about caliber of guns used. Killing suspect seen in restaurant Norton, Dee February 23, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.754 Training Southeast Asian Women for Employment: Public Policies and Community Programs, 1975 - 1985 Mason 1986 Occasional Papers Number 4
1900.7540 Article Article describes Ng's previous problems with the law. Suspect had past problems with shooting, robbery Nalder, Eric February 23, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7541 Article Article describes possible link between suspects Mak and Ng and earlier crimes, and facts about crimescene. Execution-style murders of 13 people stun local community McGuire, Terry February 23, 19 Beacon Hill News
1900.7542 Article Friends recall victims. Article discusses victims professions. Relatives and friends gather to share grief McGuire, Terry February 23, 19 Beacon Hill News
1900.7543 Article Article describes theory of how murders took place, mentions whereabouts of stolen money and funeral plans for victims. Killers waited inside for gamblers, police believe Corsaletti, Louis T. February 24, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7544 Article Newspaper calls for cooperation with police and crack down on gang activity. After the Massacre: Lingering danger: gun-toting gangs February 24, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7545 Article Details plans for Ng and Mak's criminal charges to be filed. Charges in mass killing expected Norton, Dee February 24, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7546 Article Associated Press article about victim Wing Wong's funeral and life. Friends bury murdered cook February 24, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7547 Article Describes charges to be filed against suspects Ng and Mak, also mentions unidentified thrid supsect "John Doe". Charges will be filed today for 13 slayings Norton, Dee February 24, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7548 Article Article describes police theory about how massacre occured, evidence police found at Ng and Kwan's residences, and applications suspects' families filed for permanent residency. Killers waited inside for gamblers, police believe Corsaletti, Louis T. February 24, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7549 Article Discusses gambling in International District/Chinatown and police involvment in area. Secrets of Chinatown Friedman, Marcia February 24, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.755 Article Obituary of Tsutakawa and retrospective of his life and work. Artist inspired by the East, influenced by European modernism. George Tsutakawa: February 22, 1910 - Decmeber 18, 1997 Updike, Robin December 20, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7550 Article Article discusses suspect Ng's personal life, previous convictions. Mentions court plans to charge Ng and Mak for crimes. One suspect in killings had trouble for years Miletich, Steve Feburary 24, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7551 Article Describes previous incidents in which police had difficulty dealing with crimes in International District/ Chinatown, and suspect Ng's criminal background. Victims wouldnt even tell of crime Friedman, Marcia February 24, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7552 Article Seattle mayor, Charles Royer complains about political remarks made in time of Wah Mee Massacre. United Press International. Remark in bad taste, Royer says February 24, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7553 Article Describes funeral and memories of victim Wing O. Wong. The first victim to be buried is called a 'devoted family man' February 24, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7554 Article Describes charging suspects Ng and Mak with crimes, finding evidence at suspects' residences and details about crime scene. Suspects face capital-murder charges Corsaletti, Louis T. February 25, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7555 Article Article discusses arrest of suspects Ng and Mak, police attempts to get tips from Chinatown community, evidence found at residences of Ng and Mak. Guns and $15,000 at homes of suspects Miletich, Steve February 25, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7556 Article Gang activities in International District/ Chinatown in Seattle, and other cities. Article raises question of tong reprisals and whether tongs played a role in Massacre. Mentions tong domain areas in Seattle. 'Gang war' feard after 13 murdered Corsaletti, Louis T. February 26, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7557 Article Article describes evidence witheld, possible alibi for Ng and plea of 'not guilty' by Ng and Mak. Pair accused of killing 13 in Chinatown plead not guilty Miletich, Steve February 26, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7558 Article Ng and Mak plead not guilty to Wah Mee murders, article mentions hidden evidence. Not-guilty plea filed for two murder suspects Suffia, David February 26, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7559 Article Article describes victims' lives in detail, mentions affects on Chinatown businesses. Massacre in Chinatown Gambling Club February 26, 19 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.756 Family of Korean American author Helie Lee (Still Life With Rice), reunited. Family's Reunion is happy ending for novel Reuters 12/30/1997 Seattle Times
1900.7560 Article Brother of Ng describes Benjamin, how Benjamin struggled after moving to Seattle, and the family's difficulty in coping with the situation. Brother's view of the suspect February 26, 19 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7561 Article Article reports on cancelled meeting and coordination by community organizations to address tragedy. Community Reactions February 26, 19 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7562 Article Article describes Mak's whereabouts after Massacre. Where was the suspect after massacre? February 26, 19 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7563 Article Editorial against gambling. A Lesson Gained From the Bloody Massacre Hung, Szeto February 26, 19 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7564 Article Article about victim Law's life and appeal for funeral funds. Need funeral funds for innocent victim February 26, 19 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7565 Article Article discusses tong activities in Seattle and West Coast, possible connections to Massacre, and history of Tongs in the area. The shadowy world of Seattle's tongs Parker, Laura February 27, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7566 Article Article discusses possiblity of illegal gambling in Chinatown/ International District. Illegal gambling in Chinatown? Friedman, Marcia February 27, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7567 Article Article describes court proceedings and Ng and Mak's 'not guilty' pleas and evidence linking suspects to crime. Mentions unidentified third man involved in Massacre. Defendents Plead Innocent in Seattle Chinatown Massacre Wilson, Duff February 25, 19 Associated Press
1900.7568 Article Focuses on historical role of tongs in Seattle. Secret tongs came with early Chinese Parker, Laura February 27, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7569 Article Article presents evidence that gambling in Chinatown may be illegal, discusses difficulties police have in dealing with Chinatown gambling. Is Chinatown betting legal? Friedman, Marcia February 27, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.757 A celebration of Aikio Kurose's life as an educator, peace activist and political campaign manager was attended by the governors, former mayor and 700 other folks. She has inoperable cancer. Friends Gather to Again Feel Akiko Kurose's Touch Kugiya, Hugo 12/30/1997 Seattle Times
1900.7570 Article Editorial about crimes in Chinatown, gambling and reluctance to help law enforcement in Chinatown/ International District The silence in Chinatown Dunsire, Charles February 27, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7571 Article History of bribery and corruption in Seattle government and police department. Questions whether police practiced a tolerance policy towards gambling in Chinatown/ International District. 'Tolerance policy'? Murders rattle skeleton from civic closet Moriwaki, Lee February 27, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7572 Article Article describes Seattle Police's attempts to prevent gambling before Wah Mee Massacre. Vice unit has 'free hand' to gather gambling information Corsaletti, Louis T. February 27, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7573 Article Article describes funeral customers at the Mon Hei Bakery and the crime scene at the Wah Mee. Interviews community members about potential tong involvment and discusses businesses in the area such as Liem's pet shop. Parade of black suits: 13 killings leave a mark Anderson, Rick February 27, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7574 Article Hop Sing Tong leader Victor Yee discusses tongs' role in the community and denies accusations of tong involvment in murders. No involvment in murders, say Hop Sing tong leaders Nelson, Glenn February 27, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7575 Article Police involvment in bribery and potential continuation of tolerance policy. Murders rattle old civic skeleton Moriwaki, Lee February 27, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7576 Article Police attempts to prevent gambling, and what is regarded as legal gambling. Vice unit has 'free hand' to gether info on gambling Corsaletti, Louis T. February 27, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7577 Article Lion dance for lunar new year. LIon fares poorly in Boar's year Cartwright, Jane February 28, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7578 Article Article inveriews people in the International District about massacre and possible motives for the murders. Fear haunts Seattle's Asian district Paton, Dean February 28, 19 The Boston Globe
1900.7579 Article Lion dance to celebrate the Year of the Boar. Celebration overshadowed by Wah Mee Massacre. New Year fete lifts a glum Chinatown Sherman, Bruce Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.758 Report Report on The National Diet Library in Japan: Its Organizations, Functions, and Programs, from the World Conference on Records and Geneological Seminar, in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 5-8, 1969. A Brief Description of Library Programs in East Asia, II Yoshida, Masao August 1969 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1900.7580 Article Article describes Wah Mee Massacre, lists victims and discusses victims' association with Bing Kung Tong. Describes suspects backgrounds and court proceedings. Police search for third murder suspect March 2, 1983 International Examiner
1900.7581 Article Businesses hurt by Massacre. Wah Mee Club murders 'definately' hurt image of District March 2, 1983 International Examiner
1900.7582 Article International Examiner remembers the thirteen victims. A short biography of each victim. We lost thirteen March 2, 1983 International Examiner
1900.7583 Article Describes squence of events, crime scene and suspects. Mentions new information about body identification. What happened down here on February 19 March 2, 1983 International Examiner
1900.7584 Article Opinion article expressing concern with how the media responded to Wah Mee Massacre. Expresses disapproval of stereotypes and the media portrayl of Chinatown/ International District as a secret and dangerous place. The temptation to lapse into stereotype and insensitivity March 2, 1983 International Examiner
1900.7585 Article Article discusses possibility of ending Task Force on Asian/ Police Community Relations, and whether the task force was effective in its goals. Should police task force be dismantled? March 2, 1983 International Examiner
1900.7586 Article Mayor Royer and Police Chief Fitzsimmons ask Chinese community for information at the Chong Wah Benevolent Association and the Alliance of Chinese Association. 'First and highest priority' will be to bring murderers to justice March 2, 1983 International Examiner
1900.7587 Article Article describes another murder and burglary to which Ng and Mak may have connections. Detectives follow tangled paths from Wah Mee Nalder, Eric March 2, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7588 Article Article discusses long term causes of Massacre and raises questions about what the Seattle Police and School District are doing to help immigrant youth. After the massacre: what the Asian community needs from the City of Seattle Boren, Rebecca March 2, 1983 The Weekly
1900.7589 Article Article describes police efforts to identify third suspect and prosecute crimes. New Police Theory in Seattle Killings, 3rd Man Still at Large March 2, 1983 East/West Bridge Publishing House
1900.759 Article The author describes how he and his family was sent to the Japanese American internment camps. He talks further about life after the camps, including how his mother sent care packages to Japanese relatives after the bombing in Hiroshima. Lastly, he relates all of this to the attacks on 9/11. "Proving loyalty" Matsuda, Larry April 1, 2002 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7590 Article Article describes John Loui's funeral cermeony and highlights of his life. More than 250 mourn Chinatown slaying victim March 2, 1983 Beacon Hill News
1900.7591 Article Opinion article questioning the crimes' relationship to gambling, tongs and higher crime rates in Seattle. All of Seattle will mourn the massacre March 2, 1983 Beacon Hill News
1900.7592 Article Letter to the editor. Reader says paper should refrain from publishing information until courts have dealt with the case. Letters to the editor: Coverage of Chinatown suspects should wait till trail March 2, 1983 Beacon Hill News
1900.7593 Article Article describes medical examiners' points of view, and how they reacted to the task of identifying and doing autospies of vicitms. Job well done in massacre's aftermath Marshall, John March 4, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7594 Article Police create a special task force to deal with Wah Mee killings, investigate a burglary in Blaine, Washington, where Mak and Ng worked. Police form a special 'Wah Mee Squad' Foster, George March 4, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7595 Article Discusses survivor Wai Y. Chin's background and involvment in previous gambling operations in Chinatown. Explains 1976 FBI raid in Chinatown/ International District in detail. Chinese survivor seized in '76 raid Miletich, Steve March 2, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7596 Article Discusses survivor Chinn's condition, lives of victims Henning Chin and Chinn Law. Interviews tong leaders about their perspective on killings, and describes how Massacre has affected area businesses. Chinatown After Feb 19 Tragedy March 5, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7597 Article Editorial piece advocating a safe International District and continued patronage of area businesses. Side articles mention police search for information and ask for former gamblers to come forward. Editorial: Lets pull togethre for Chinatown's Peace and Prosperity Hung, Szeto March 5, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7598 Article Letter to newspaper. Author expresses dissatisfaction with the Chiense community, he hopes they set a better example and are more charitable to other people. Shock and Shame Chou, Simon March 5, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7599 Article Letter to the newspaper. Author expresses resentment and shame that people now associate Chinatown with crime. He hopes that people will move beyond stereotypes. Protect Chinatown's Dignity Huynh, Ha To March 5, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7600 Article Letter to the newspaper. Author expresses debt to early Chinese who built Chinatown and hopes that those with information will give it to police. Rebuild Chinatown together Lu, Kwok Lai March 5, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7601 Article Letter to the newspaper. Author expresses concern about the paper's position on gambling. Counter Point Wong, Pui March 5, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7602 Article Placard to place on bulletin boards or store fronts. In Chinese and English reads: "Let's Pull Together For Chinatown's Peace and Prosperity!" Let's Pull Together For Chinatown's Peace and Prosperity! March 5, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7603 Article Article discusses history of gambling and tolerance policies in Seattle. Toleration of gambling? Here? You've got to be kidding Faber, Jim March 9, 1983 Seattle Weekly
1900.7604 Article Author describes gains that Chinese community has made over the years, worries about how the Wah Mee Massacre will affect their image. Hopes that people come forward with information. Editorial: The guilty deserve the death penalty Hung, Szeto March 9, 1983 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7605 Article Seattle City Councilmember Norman Rice says that Wah Mee Massacre has brought out stereotyping behavior, and that Chinatown/International District is an asset to the broader Seattle community. Cliche is out of place
1900.7606 Article Wai Y. Chin, the only survivor is expected to fully recover, though a brief worsening in his condition led doctors to wonder if he had been poisoned. Doctor expects survivor of massacre to recover fully Miletich, Steve March 10, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7607 Article Details about survivor Wai Y Chin's life and escape from death. Wah Mee survivor saved by gambling table Nalder, Eric March 12, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7608 Article Student confirms that he loaned Ng and Mak a car before Massacre. Suspects may have had student's car Nalder, Eric March 12, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7609 Article George Tsang discusses his persective on Chinese "tradition of silence" and the need to talk about Massacre, cooperate with police. Chinese cannot remain silent Tsang, Gregory March 12, 1983
1900.7610 Article Article discusses survivor Chin's medical condition and potential poisoning attempt. Hospital staff feared survivor was poisoned Miletich, Steve March 9, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7611 Article Police in Los Angeles and San Francisco assist Seattle Police to find third suspect. Chinatown killer is sought in California Foster, George March 12, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7612 Article Rick Anderson writes about reporting difficulties and responds to International Examiner's accusations about stereotyping and language issues. Great Wall: 13 murders left Chinatown ringed with silence Anderson, Rick March 13, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7613 Article Article interviews anonymous, formerly troubled youth who robbed Bing Kung Gambling House in 1977. Anonymous interviewee is now out of trouble and working, he discusses difficulties that new youth immigrants face and why they join gangs. Chinatown: Tongs have little control over today's street youths Nalder, Eric March 17, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7614 Article Chaplain comments on the motivations of the Wah Mee Massacre, and condemns excessive greed. More Than Money Atienza, Max D. March 15, 1983 Filipino American Herald
1900.7615 Article Article disucsses gambling in Chinatown/ International District, and how Massacre has affected the practice. Also details police efforts to gain information in the Chinese community. Wah Mee investigation enters fourth week March 16, 1983 International Examiner
1900.7616 Article Author remembers Dewey Mar, one of Wah Mee victims. I'll always remember Dewey Mar's devotion to the Sonics Iwamoto, Gary March 16, 1983 International Examiner
1900.7617 Article Sole survivor and witness Wai Chin is released from hospital, police record testimony as a precaution, citing Chin's continued poor health and possibility of an assasination attempt. Chin's account will be taped Miletich, Steve March 23, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7618 Article Wai Y. Chinn released from hospital. Information about suspects Ng and Mak's arrests. Massacre survivor out of hospital Foster, George March 19, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7619 Article Discusses video taping of witness Wai Chin. Precautions won't cause fair-trial concerns March 28, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.762 To present images that will shape in a fundamental way the perception of the Asian Pacific Islander male. Asian Pacific Islander Men 1991 Calendar Human Ties Productions 1991 Human Ties Production
1900.7620 Article Prosecution and defense debate merits of allowing video taped testimony of survivor Wai Y. Chin Prosecutors ask OK to tape testimony of massacre survivor Gelernter, Carey Quan March 23, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7621 Article Article names 3rd suspect as Tony Wai-Chiu Ng. Interviews family members about Ng's whereabouts. 3rd suspect named in Chinatown slayings Suffia, David March 30, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7622 Article Article describes third suspect Tony Ng's possible connections to the crime. Police name the third Chinatown killing suspect Miletich, Steve March 31, 1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.7623 Article Describes how suspect Tony Ng may have been involved in Wah Mee Massacre, and where he may be now. Third man charged in mass killings at Chinatown club Nalder, Eric March 31, 1983 The Seattle Times
1900.7624 Article FBI begins looking for Tony Ng, the third suspect in the Wah Mee Massacre. FBI officially enters hunt for slaying suspect Nalder, Eric April 1, 1983 The Seattle Times
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