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Wing Luke Museum
2003.500.2305 Book Telling Lives: Women's Self-Writing in Modern Japan Loftus, Ronald P. 2004 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.2306 Book Fire Across the Sea: The Vietnam War and Japan 1965-1975 Havens, Thomas R.H. 1987 Princeton University Press
2003.500.2307 Book The Fiction of Tokuda Shusei and the Emergence of Japan's New Middle Class Torrance, Richard 1994 University of Washington Press
2003.500.2308 Book The Writings of Koda Aya, a Japanese Literary Daughter Tansman, Alan M. 1993 Yale University Press
2003.500.2309 Book Vietnam Will Win!: Why the People of South Vietnam Have Already Defeated American Imperialsim and How They Have Done It Burchett, Wilfred G. 1970 Monthly Review Press
2003.500.231 Book Jades and Dragons Der Ling, Princess 1932 The Mohawk Press
2003.500.2310 Book Ho Halberstam, David 1987 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.2311 Book Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu Bergreen, Laurence 2007 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.2312 Book Ho Chi Minh: A Biography Brocheux, Pierre 2007 Cambridge University Press
2003.500.2313 Book Behind That Curtain Biggers, Earl Derr 1974 Bantam Books
2003.500.2314 Book The Black Camel Biggers, Earl Derr 1975 Bantam Books
2003.500.2315 Book The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu Rohmer, Sax 1975 Pyramid Books
2003.500.2316 Book India: An Epic Journey Across the Subcontinent Wood, Michael 2007 Basic Books
2003.500.2317 Book Uneasy Warriors: Gender, Memory, and Popular Culture in the Japanese Army Fruhstuck, Sabine 2007 University of California Press
2003.500.2318 Book Beyond the Open Door: Contemporary Paintings from the People's Republic of China Strassberg, Richard E. and Waldemar A. Nielsen 1987 Pacific Asia Museum
2003.500.2319 Book Super Quick Origami Animals Robinson, Nick 2002 Sterling Pub. Co.
2003.500.232 Book The Great Within Collis, Maurice 1941 Faber and Faber Limited
2003.500.2320 Book Daido Moriyama Nishii, Kazuo 2001 Phaidon
2003.500.2321 Book Karma Sutra: Essays from the Margin Menen, Rajendar 2007 Saga Books
2003.500.2322 Book booklet in Thai about her life and death Galyani Vadhana, Princess of Narathiwat 2008
2003.500.2323 Book Urban Youth Programs in America Sutton, Sharon E. 2006 University of Washington
2003.500.2324 Book The Peninsula Question: A Chronicle of the Second Korean Nuclear Crisis Funabashi, Yoichi 2007 Brookings Institution Press
2003.500.2325 Book New Design: Tokyo Gomez, Edward M. and Setsuko Noguchi, eds 1999 Rockport
2003.500.2326 Book Naughty Kids: The Chinese New Generation Born after 1970 Fang, Fang and Jing An 2005 Timezone 8
2003.500.2327 Book Sensational Knowledge: Embodying Culture through Japanese Dance Hahn, Tomie 2007 Wesleyan University Press
2003.500.2328 Book President Fu Manchu Rohmer, Sax 1969 Pyramid Books
2003.500.2329 Book Hypotenuse: Poetry for the Commoner Crary, Mac 2007 Mac Crary
2003.500.233 Book Morrison of Peking Pearl, Cyril 1967 Angus and Robertson
2003.500.2330 Disk, Compact [Japanese Music 1] King Records 2000 King Records
2003.500.2331 Tape, Video Get Into Tibet: A Wonderland TVBS
2003.500.2332 Book Healing, Romance and Revolution: Letters from a Young American Nurse in 1926 China Buckmaster, Carolyn 2012 Book Publishers Network
2003.500.2333 Book Paintings and Calligraphic Works in Taiwan During the Ming-Ch'ing Period Chi-lu, Chen, ed. 1985 Council for Cultural Planning and Development
2003.500.2334 Book Paul Horiuchi: East and West Johns, Barbara 2008 University of Washington Press
2003.500.2335 Book Taiwanese Railroads 2002 Walkers Cultural Print
2003.500.2336 Book Japanese and Taiwanese Language 2006 Cultural Association Journal
2003.500.2337 Book The Introduction of Taiwanese Pronounciation 2001
2003.500.2338 Book Parenting Taiwanese 1990
2003.500.2339 Book The book includes 107 paintings by Taiwanese Folk Artist Chin-tien Huang Picturing Early Taiwanese Life 2002
2003.500.234 Book The Flight of an Empress Wu, Yung 1937 Faber and Faber
2003.500.2340 Book Building for the Arts: A Guidebook for the Planning and Design of Cultural Facilities Brown, Catherine R. 1984 Western States Arts Federation
2003.500.2341 Book Museums and Art Galleries Matthews, Geoffrey 1991 Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd
2003.500.2342 Book Chinese in Chicago: Images of America 1870-1945 Ho, Chuimei and Soo Lon Moy, eds 2005 Arcadia
2003.500.2343 Book Organizing Your Museum: The Essentials Nichols, Susan K. 1989 American Association of Museums, Technical Information Service
2003.500.2344 Book The Exhibition of Archaeological Finds of the People?s Republic of China: The Chinese Exhibition 1974 National Gallery of Art
2003.500.2345 Book Triumph over Marcos Churchill, Thomas 1995 Open Hand Publishing Inc.
2003.500.2346 Book Building Tradition: Gifts in Honor of the Northwest Art Collection Tacoma Art Museum 2003 Tacoma Art Museum
2003.500.2347 Book Student Atlas of World Politics Allen, John L. 2002 McGraw-Hill
2003.500.2348 Book Short Stories on Photography: The Joseph and Elaine Monsen Collection at the Henry Art Gallery Henry Art Gallery 2002 Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington
2003.500.2349 Book 15 Seattle Book: An Interpretive View of Seattle by Northwest Photographers and Writers Seattle Arts Commission 1986 Seattle Arts Commission
2003.500.235 Book The Motherly and Auspicious: Being the Life of the Empress Dowager Tzu Hsi in the Form of a Drama with an Introduction and Notes Collis, Maurice 1943 Faber and Faber
2003.500.2350 Book A history of the first wave of Asian immigration in America. Spacious Dreams: The First Wave of Asian Immigration Takaki, Ronald 1993 Chelsea House Publishers
2003.500.2351 Book Songs Children Like: Folk Songs from Many Lands 1954 Association for Childhood Education International
2003.500.2352 Book African-American, Asian-American, and Hispanic-American children describe their families' cultural traditions. How My Family Lives in America Kuklin, Susan 1992 Macmillan Publishing Company
2003.500.2353 Book A collection of twenty-five traditional tales from countries around the world, including Iran, Brazil, and Greece. South and North, East and West: The Oxfam Book of Children's Stories Rosen, Michael, ed. 1992 Candlewick Press
2003.500.2354 Book Celebrates Lee & Low's ten years of publishing books with multicultural themes for young readers. A Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Multicultural Publishing 2003 Lee and Low Books, Inc.
2003.500.2355 Book Belinda's courage is tested when she and her mother sit out a storm, hoping that their house will protect them from the rising river. A House by the River Miller, William 1997 Lee and Low Books, Inc.
2003.500.2356 Book Montana Mining Ghost Towns Fifer, Barbara 2002 Farcountry Press
2003.500.2357 Book America's Children: Real-Life Stories and Poems about Children, Past and Present Etkin, Linda and Bebe Willoughby 1992 Western Pub. Co.
2003.500.2358 Book Portrays a gritty game of street basketball, "Around the world," being played literally around the world, from New York to Australia to China, and elsewhere, and then back to New York. Around the World Coy, John 2005 Lee and Low Books, Inc.
2003.500.2359 Book A San Francisco photographer documents the lives of 25 Asian-American artists Leading the Way: Asian American Artists of the Older Generation Poon, Irene 2001 Gordon College
2003.500.236 Book Spring Snow Mishima, Yukio 1973 Simon and Schuster
2003.500.2360 Book Tsagigla'lal: She who Watches - Washington Women, A Centennial Celebration Volume 1 James-Wilson, Jennifer and Brenda Owings-Klimek 1992 Judith A. Billings. State Superintendent of Public Instruction
2003.500.2361 Book Making a Difference: A Centennial Celebration of Washington Women Volume II James-Wilson, Jennifer and Brenda Owings-Klimek 1992 Judith A. Blillings. State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
2003.500.2362 Book Half the Other: Explorations of "Home" in America Chen, Jean, ed. 1996 Asian Arts Initiative
2003.500.2363 Book A Short History of Chinese Philosophy Fung, Yu-lan 1960 The Macmillan Company
2003.500.2364 Book Military Intelligence Service National Reunion: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II Military Intelligence Service Language School 1995 Military Intelligence Service Northwest Association
2003.500.2365 Book Ravi's Diwali Surprise: Teacher's Guide Kacker, Anisha 1994 The Children's Museum
2003.500.2366 Booklet Listing of Family Directory Members by Page Number and Alphabetically
2003.500.2367 Book Ethnic Dress: Origins and Influences - Costume Society of America, 15th Annual Meeting and Symposium Alterman, Gail M., ed. 1989 The Costume Society of America
2003.500.2368 Book Yearning to Breathe Free The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies 1984 The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
2003.500.2369 Book The Past, Present and Future of the International District Chang, Diana, Tomoko Matsushita and Susan Ulep 1998 Diana Chang, Tomoko Matsushita and Susan Ulep
2003.500.237 Book The World of Suzie Wong Mason, Richard 1982 William Collins Sons and Company
2003.500.2370 Booklet Allen Say's Journey: The Art and Words of a Children's Book Author Japanese American National Museum 2000 Japanese American National Museum
2003.500.2371 Book Asian Embroideries Asian Art Museum of San Francisco 1988 Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
2003.500.2372 Book Asian Pacific American Resources at the Smithsonian 1997 Smithsonian Institution
2003.500.2373 Book Color Me Ganesha, the Elephant-Headed God Asian Art Museum of San Francisco 1986 Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
2003.500.2374 Book Asian Religions - History of Religion: 1974 Proceedings 1974 American Academy of Religion
2003.500.2375 Book commemorative program The Bruce Lee Collectors Exhibit: The Beginning of a Legend, the Story of a Man Inter-Im 2003 Inter-Im
2003.500.2376 Book A Decade of Pattern: Prints, Pieces and Prototypes from the Fabric Workshop The Fabric Workshop 1987 The Fabric Workshop
2003.500.2377 Book Sikh Community: Over 100 Years in the Pacific Northwest 2006 Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.2378 Book Body, Speech and Mind: Asian Religious Images Marcel Nies Oriental Art 2006 Marcel Nies Oriental Art
2003.500.2379 Book A collection of folktales from around the world. The characters in the stories demonstrate courage, compassion, wisdom and other virtues. Grandpa's Collection of Children's Stories Book 1: Tales of Courage Koh-Lee Foundation
2003.500.238 Book Sayonara Michener, James A. 1954 Fawcett Crest Books
2003.500.2380 Book The Wing Luke Asian Museum: Community-Based Exhibition Model Chinn, Cassie 2006 The Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.2381 Book Peking Opera and Acrobatics Essence Cheng-Chiu Ku 1997 Koo Foundation
2003.500.2382 Book An eleven-year-old piano student describes her early interest in music, her first piano competition, her experience of moving with her grandmother from Los Angeles to New York to attend the Juilliard School of Music, and her aspiration to become a concert pianist. A Pianist's Debut: Preparing for the Concert Stage Beirne, Barbara 1990 Carolrhoda Books, Inc.
2003.500.2383 Book The idea that hands, feet, eyes, ears, legs, and arms all come in pairs is discovered by two Asian-American toddlers. Toddler Two, Dos Anos Suen, Anastasia 2000 Lee and Low Books, Inc.
2003.500.2384 Book The Conspiracy and Death of Lin Biao Ming-Le, Yao 1983 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.2385 Book The Warlord Bosse, Malcolm 1984 Bantam Book
2003.500.2386 Book From 1954 until Mao Zedong's death twenty-two years later, Dr. Li Zhisui was the Chinese ruler's personal physician, which put him in almost daily - and increasingly intimate - contact with Mao and his inner circle. For most of these years, Mao's health was excellent; thus he and the doctor had time to discuss political and personal matters. Dr. Li recorded many of these conversations in his diaries as well as in his memory. In The Private Life of Chairman Mao he vividly reconstructs his extraordinary experience. The result is a book that will profoundly alter our view of Chairman Mao and of China under his rule." "Dr. Li clarifies numerous long-standing puzzles, such as the true nature of Mao's feelings toward the United States and the Soviet Union. He describes Mao's deliberate rudeness toward Khrushchev when the Soviet leader paid his secret visit to Beijing in 1958, and we learn here, for the first time, how Mao came to invite the American table tennis team to China, a decision that led to Nixon's historic visit a few months later. We also learn why Mao took the disastrous Great Leap Forward, which resulted in the worst famine in recorded history, and his equally strange reason for risking war with the United States by shelling the Taiwanese islands of Quemoy and Matsu." "Dr. Li supplies surprising portraits of Zhou Enlai and many other top leaders. He describes Mao's perverse relationship with his wife, and gives us insight into the sexual politics of Mao's court. We witness Mao's bizarre death and the even stranger events that followed it. Dr. Li tells of Mao's remarkable gift for intimacy, as well as of his indifference to the suffering and deaths of millions of his fellow Chinese, including old comrades. Readers will find here a full and accurate account of Mao's sex life, and of such personal details as his peculiar sleeping arrangements and his dependency on barbiturates. The Private Life of Chairman Mao: The Memoirs of Mao's Personal Physician Zhisui, Li 1994 Random House
2003.500.2387 Book The Art of Chi Kung: Making the Most of Your Vital Energy Wong, Kiew Kit 1995 Element Books
2003.500.2388 Book Chinese Profiles Zhang, Xinxin and Sang Ye 1986 Chinese Literature
2003.500.2389 Book English and Chinese Idioms: A Comparative Study Chen, Wenbo 1982
2003.500.239 Book A Hawaiian Reader Day, A. Grove, and Carl Stroven, eds. 1984 Mutual Publishing
2003.500.2390 Book Hong Kong 1986: A Review of 1985 Knight, Bill, ed. 1986 Census and Statistics Department
2003.500.2391 Book The Travels of Lao Can Liu, E 1983 Chinese Literature
2003.500.2392 Book The Book of Internal Exercises Chang, Stephen T. 1980 Strawberry Hill Press
2003.500.2393 Book Behind the Wall: A Journey Through China Thubron, Colin 1989 Harper and Row
2003.500.2394 Book China Calls: Paving the Way for Nixon's Historic Journey to China Walker, Anne Collins 1992 Madison Books
2003.500.2395 Book Explores the lives of Mao Zedong, Teng Hsiao-Ping, and other Chinese government officials whose lavish lifestyles and intrigue rivaled the emperors they overthrew. The New Emperors: China in the Era of Mao and Deng Salisbury, Harrison E. 1992 Little, Brown and Company
2003.500.2396 Book Deng Xiaoping: My Father Deng, Maomao 1995 BasicBooks
2003.500.2397 Book The story of a rich Chinese young man who escapes to Japan to avoid the revolution. He marries a Japanese girl and they live happily in peace until the war. The Patriot: A Novel Buck, Pearl S. 1939 John Day Company
2003.500.2398 Book Largely unexamined until recently, the Asian American Movement has been active for more than two decades. William Wei traces to the late 1960s the initial genesis of an Asian American identity, culture, and activism through which members of this pan-Asian group could assert their right to belong to and be respected as responsible members of this society. The Asian American Movement Wei, William 1993 Temple University Press
2003.500.2399 Book A Brief History of Chinese and Japanese Civilizations Schirokauer, Conrad 1989 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
2003.500.240 Book Articles from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on the Japanese community in the wake of the Pearl Harbor bombing Jasmine Mukherjee, Bharati 1991 Fawcett Crest
2003.500.2400 Book The Nature of the I Ching: Its Usage and Interpretation Ponce, Charles 1970 Award Books
2003.500.2401 Book The I Ching: The Book of Changes Legge, James, trans. 1963 Dover Publications, Inc.
2003.500.2402 Book The Making of Asian America through Political Participation Lien, Pei-te 2001 Temple University Press
2003.500.2403 Book Foreign Cultures 48: The Cultural Revolution, Volume 1 MacFarquhar, Roderick 1999 Harvard University
2003.500.2404 Book Foreign Cultures 48: The Cultural Revolution, Volume 2 MacFarquhar, Roderick 1999 Harvard University
2003.500.2405 Book The Quest for Love of Lao Lee Lau, Shaw 1948 Reynal and Hitchcock
2003.500.2406 Book Preston Singletary has straddled two unique cultures, melding his Tlingit ancestry with the dynamism of the Studio Glass Movement. In the process, he has created a distinctive and powerful body of work that depicts cultural and historical images in richly detailed, beautifully hued glass. This book takes a retrospective of his work. Preston Singletary: Echoes, Fire, and Shadows Post, Melissa G. 2009 Museum of Glass
2003.500.2407 Booklet An exhibit book on Chinese life and labor in the West, produced by the High Desert Museum, Bend, Oregon Gum San, Land of the Golden Mountain: An Exhibit on Chinese Life and Labor in the West 1991 The High Desert Museum
2003.500.2408 Book The Melodrama of Mobility: Women, Talk, and Class in Contemporary South Korea Ablemann, Nancy 2003 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.2409 Book Up Hill: The Settlement and Diffusion of the Chinese in Seattle, Washington. Chin, Doug and Art Chin 1973 The Shorey Book Store
2003.500.241 Book [Book on Zuolie Deng's Chinese calligraphy and paintings] 2009
2003.500.2410 Journal The Annals of the Chinese Historical Society of the Pacific Northwest, 1983 Lee, Douglas W., ed. 1983 Chinese Historical Society of the Pacific Northwest
2003.500.2411 Journal The Annals of the Chinese Historical Society of the Pacific Northwest, 1985-1986 Kaplan, Edward H., ed. 1986 Chinese Historical Society of the Pacific Northwest
2003.500.2412 Book Contemporary Chinese Literature: an Anthology of Post-Mao Fiction and Poetry Duke, Michael S. 1985 East Gate Books
2003.500.2413 Book The Struggle for Indochina Hammer, Ellen J. 1954 Stanford University Press
2003.500.2414 Book Deadwood Gulch: The Last Chinatown Sulentic, Joe 1991 Deadwood Gulch Art Gallery
2003.500.2415 Book The Theater Experience Wilson, Edwin 1976 McGraw-Hill Book Company
2003.500.2416 Magazine Volume 15, Special Issue, Fall 2003; 15, Fourth Quarter, 2003; 16, Issue 3, 2004; 16, Issue 4, 2004; 16, Issue 5, 2004; 16, Issue 6, 2004; Media Inc. Media Index Publishing Inc.
2003.500.2417 Book The Art of War Sun-tzu 1994 Barnes and Noble
2003.500.2418 Booklet Exquisite Chinese Paintings, Ceramics and Works of Art Hong Kong Auctions International (NY) Inc. 2004 Hong Kong Auctions International (NY) Inc.
2003.500.2419 Book An Indonesian Frontier: Acehnese & Other Histories of Sumatra Reid, Anthony 2005 Singapore University Press
2003.500.242 Book Charlie Chan Carries On Biggers, Earl Derr 1987 Mysterious Press
2003.500.2420 Book Atlas of World History Black, Jeremy 2001 Dorling Kindersley Limited
2003.500.2421 Disk, Compact In Chinese [Chinese DVD]
2003.500.2422 Book Dreams of the Golden Mountain Lau, Pok Chi 2002 Pace Publishing Ltd.
2003.500.2423 Book The Chinese American Family Album Hoobler, Dorothy and Thomas 1994 Oxford University Press
2003.500.2424 Book The Making of Modern China: A Short History Lattimore, Owen, Eleanor Lattimore 1944 W.W. Norton and Co.
2003.500.2425 Book In Tagalog Mga Lutong-Bahay Guzman, Gloria V. 2003 Anvil Publishing, Inc.
2003.500.2426 Book A mouse goes to the sun, cloud, wind, and wall in search of the strongest husband for his daughter, only to find him among his own kind. The Mouse Bride: A Chinese Folktale Chang, Monica 1992 Northland Publishing
2003.500.2427 Book An Outline of Chinese Acupuncture The Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1975 Foreign Languages Press
2003.500.2428 Book Discusses reasons for immigration of the Chinese to the United States, their problems here, and their contributions to American life. The Chinese in America Jones, Claire 1972 Lerner Publications Company
2003.500.2429 Book Seattle Chinese Yellow Pages Seattle Chinese Post 2003 Seattle Chinese Post
2003.500.243 Book Articles from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on the Japanese community in the wake of the Pearl Harbor bombing Wife Mukherjee, Bharati 1992 Fawcett, Crest
2003.500.2430 Book Dim Sum at the On-On Tea Room: The Jewelry of Ron Ho Ho, Ron 2007 Bellevue Arts Museum
2003.500.2431 Book Tells the story of three women--Jung Chang, her mother, and her grandmother--whose lives and fortunes mirror the tumultuous twentieth century in China. Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China Chang, Jung 1991 Simon and Schuster
2003.500.2432 Book For God and Country: Faith and Patriotism Under Fire Yee, James 2005 PublicAffairs
2003.500.2433 Book The Art of the Chinese Potter: An Illustrated Survey Hobson, R.L. and A.L. Hetherington 1982 Dover Publications
2003.500.2434 Book Stories Not to Be Forgotten: My Journey Through a Chinese Village Wong, Sam 2005 Sam Wong
2003.500.2435 Book Letters from China Strong, Anna Louise 1965 New World Press
2003.500.2436 Book The Five Thousand Dictionary: Chinese-English Fenn, C.H. 1963 Harvard University Press
2003.500.2437 Book Ennin's Travels in T'ang China Reischauer, Edwin O. 1955 The Ronald Press Company
2003.500.2438 Book Enemies of the People Thurston, Anne F. 1987 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.2439 Book Museum Management Operations in the New Century National Museum of History 2002 Huang Kuang-nan
2003.500.244 Book The Flower Drum Song Lee, C.Y. 2002 Dell Publishing Co.
2003.500.2440 Book China Called Me: My Life Inside the Chinese Revolution Chen, Percy 1979 Little, Brown and Co.
2003.500.2441 Book Stand by for China Poteat, Gordon 1940 Friendship Press
2003.500.2442 Book Forbidden Games and Video Poems: The Poetry of Yang Mu and Lo Ch-ing Yang, Mu, Ch'ing Lo, and Joseph R. Allen, trans. 1993 University of Washington Press
2003.500.2443 Book An Outline History of China Gowen, Herbert H. and Josef Washington Hall 1934 D. Appleton and Company
2003.500.2444 Book All We Are and All We Have Chiang, Kai-shek 1943 John Day Co.
2003.500.2445 Book Chinese Materia Medica: Vegetable Kingdom Stuart, G.A. 1987 Southern Materials Center, Inc.
2003.500.2446 Book Chinese Materia Medica: Insect Drugs, Dragon and Snake Drugs, Fish Drugs Read, Bernard E. 1982 Southern Materials Center, Inc.
2003.500.2447 Book Chinese Materia Medica: Turtle and Shellfish Drugs, Avian Drugs, a Compendium of Minerals and Stones Read, Bernard E. 1982 Southern Materials Center, Inc.
2003.500.2448 Book Chinese Materia Medica: Animal Drugs Read, Bernard E. 1982 Southern Materials Center, Inc.
2003.500.2449 Book The China Guidebook de Keijzer, Arne 1980 Eurasia Press
2003.500.245 Book Hawaii's Story Liliuokalani 1990 Mutual Publishing
2003.500.2450 Book Chinese Art, Vol. 1 Bushell, Stephen W. 1914 Victoria and Albert Museum
2003.500.2451 Book Chinese Art, Vol. 2 Bushell, Stephen W. 1914 Victoria and Albert Museum
2003.500.2452 Book Immigration to the United States explains the immigration experience of four different groups of people, the Irish, the Chinese, Mexicans and German-Jews. The theme explores some of the reasons people immigrate, the challenges they face and how immigrants influence the life and culture of their new home. Students use the specific content and vocabulary within the book to discuss and examine these big ideas, or key concepts. Immigration to the United States Pile, Murray 2005 National Geographic
2003.500.2453 Book Interpreter of Maladies: Stories Lahiri, Jhumpa 1999 Houghton Mifflin Co.
2003.500.2454 Book Race and Ethnic Conflict: Contending Views on Prejudice, Discrimination, and Ethnoviolence Pincus, Fred L. and Howard J. Ehrlich, eds. 1999 Westview Press
2003.500.2455 Book The Henry Eichheim Collection of Oriental Instruments: A Western Musician Discovers a New World of Sound Hsu, Dolores M. 1984 University Art Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara
2003.500.2456 Book Perspectives on Chinese Cinema Berry, Chris, ed. 1997 BFI Publishing
2003.500.2457 Book The Art and Architecture of the Indian Subcontinent Harle, J.C. 1994 Yale University Press
2003.500.2458 Book Hawaii 1959-1989: The First Thirty Years of the Aloha State with memorable Photographs from The Honolulu Adverstiser Daws, Gavan 1989 Publisher's Group Hawaii
2003.500.2459 Book Two children describe the family tradition of playing mahjong. Mahjong All Day Long Lo, Ginnie 2005 Walker and Company
2003.500.246 Book Articles from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on the Japanese community in the wake of the Pearl Harbor bombing Asian and Pacific American Experiences: Women's Perspectives Tsuchida, Nobuya ed. 1982 Asian/Pacific American Learning Resource Center and General College, University of Minnesota
2003.500.2460 Book First Act in China: The Story of the Sian Mutiny Bertram, James M. 1938 The Viking Press
2003.500.2461 Book National Museum of History: Major Holdings of the National Museum of History 1987 National Museum of History
2003.500.2462 Book Historical Study A-81: Chinese Emigration in Modern Times Kuhn, Philip 1998 Philip A. Kuhn
2003.500.2463 Book Chinese American Names: Tradition and Transition Louie, Emma Woo 1998 McFarland and Co.
2003.500.2464 Book Ten Mile Inn: Mass Movement in a Chinese Village Crook, Isabel and David Crook 1979 Pantheon Books
2003.500.2465 Book Program in Japanese and English about 4 puppet plays: Meiboku Sendaihagi, Koi Musume Mukashi Hachijo, Ehon Taikoki, and Yaoya no Kondate Unknown Shuzaburo, Hironaga
2003.500.2466 Book The Committee of 100 Presents American Attitudes Toward Chinese Americans and Asian Americans: Including Conversations with Americans About Chinese Americans and Asian Americans 2001 The Committee of 100
2003.500.2467 Book Japan: The Coming Social Crisis Woronoff, Jon 1981 Lotus Press
2003.500.2468 Book The Anatomy of Dependence Doi, Takeo; John Bester, trans. 1981 Kodansha International
2003.500.2469 Book Discusses the paradoxes of modern Japanese society, the contrast between group emphasis, individualism and a strong sense of hierarchy and the highly egalitarian school and social system; describes the government, assesses politics, and evaluates their democracy. The Japanese Reischauer, Edwin O. 1984 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2003.500.247 Book Articles from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on the Japanese community in the wake of the Pearl Harbor bombing Slow Burn Murray, Sabina 1990 Ballantine Books
2003.500.2470 Book The Japanese Way of Doing Business De Mente, Boye 1981 Prentice-Hall
2003.500.2471 Book A Concise History of Japanese Art Swann, Peter C. 1979 Kodansha International
2003.500.2472 Book Health Care in Japan Powell, Margaret and Masahira Anesaki 1990 Routledge
2003.500.2473 Book The Art of Japanese Management: Applications for American Executives Pascale, Richard Tanner and Anthony G. Athos 1981 Simon and Schuster
2003.500.2474 Book Japanese Etiquette and Ethics in Business De Mente, Boye 1993 NTC Publishing Group
2003.500.2475 Book Work Ways: Japan and America Takezawa, Shin-Ichi and Arthur M. Whitehill 1981 The Japan Institute of Labour
2003.500.2476 Book Business in Japan: A Guide to Japanese Business Practice and Procedure Norbury, Paul and Geoffrey Bownas, eds 1980 Macmillan Press
2003.500.2477 Book Labor Relations in Japan Today Hanami, Tadashi 1981 Kodansha International
2003.500.2478 Book Bridging the Pacific: San Francisco Chinatown and Its People Chinn, Thomas W. 1989 Chinese Historical Society of America
2003.500.2479 Book Communist China: Ruthless Enemy or Paper Tiger? 1962 Greenwood Press
2003.500.248 Book Gathering Ground: New Writing and Art by Northwest Women of Color Cochran, Jo, ed. 1984 The Seal Press
2003.500.2480 Book Chinese Journey Myrdal, Jan 1965 Pantheon Books
2003.500.2481 Book Mao's China: A History of the People's Republic Meisner, Maurice 1979 The Free Press
2003.500.2482 Book Hua Yuan School Chinese Floral Art Yang, Julia L. 1995
2003.500.2483 Book The China Cloud: America's Tragic Blunder and China's Rise to Nuclear Power Ryan, William L. and Sam Summerline 1968 Little, Brown and Co.
2003.500.2484 Book The Official Guidebook of China China Travel and Tourism Press, ed. 1982 Lee Publishers
2003.500.2485 Book Jem Chen Han's paintings Our Magnificient Homeland: Homeland China
2003.500.2486 Book This book is a history of Chinese Americans in California. Longtime Californ': A Documentary Study of an American Chinatown Nee, Victor G. 1986 Stanford University Press
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